Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on December 28, 1948 · Page 2
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 2

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 28, 1948
Page 2
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Lull in China Calm Before Peace: Milks he of north ° f What By HARLD K. MILKS Nanking , (#)_Write off all O f a n °^ tl l ° £ the Yangtze. reds have it . appears to be the calm before the peace P / pi "£ and Ti entsin are jammed W1 th well fed, well armed national soldiers. But their wUh- drawal into those two large cities has ended their active participa- - Thcy are ff in Tientsin, Pei, Kalgan and Tangku, Tient- sin s port, are waiting— with a pretense of defense activity— for * negotiated peace. Keep Troops Busy A north China trip completed Fnday convinces me that the na- tionahst will to fight is completely gone north of the Yangtze In Peiping, and Tientsin a frantic effort to build defenses and con- Pillows Cleaned and Renovated By Lyons Exclusive Process Removes dried perspiration, broken quills and dust. Old ticking replaced if desired struct atrongpoints apparently is designed to keep troops busy and out of mischief rather than to prepare to meet the red troops of Lin Piao. There are repeated instance of National Gen. Fu Tso-Yi's unit's withdrawing into the large cities without even a contact with the Reds. In one instance a local commander, well established for defense in an area outside of Peiping received the surprising order, 'You are being attacked by communists. Withdraw immediately " StiJl No Reds Puzzled, he complied. Three days later there still was no sign of reds in the area he formerly held. On the communist side, too, there appears reluctance to force the fighting in the North. Lin Piao and other high commanders evidently prefer to await desertions from the Peiping and Tientsin garrisons rather than to fight into the cities. Peiping is filled with historical treasures and the other commercial and industrial prizes. Chinese and foreigners alike in north China do not question that the communists will take over both cities. The only question is when—and the majority seem hopeful that it will be soon in order to save the people such suffering as the people of Mukden endured before it fell. Food For Soldiers General Fu seems to have ample food stocks to feed ,his soldiers. But food prices for civilians are zooming in Peiping, indicating an approaching shortage. Peiping has been without electricity since the reds seized its power station and cut the supplementary lines to Tientsin. Tientsin is facing a complete lack of water from its municipal line because of the power shortage. Boughton Resigns From Draft Board in Hancock County Garner—Hancock County Coroner Kenneth F. Boughton has resigned from the Hancock county selective service board and John Appelhons of Britt has been named to fill the vacancy. Appelhons and Boughton are both veterans of World war II. LeRoy, Minn.—Mrs. C. Bennett of Chicago is visiting in the home of her daughter, Mrs. K. 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