The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois on July 10, 1914 · Page 10
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The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois · Page 10

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, July 10, 1914
Page 10
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T H E D E C A T U K R E V I E W - Friday Evening, July 10, 1914. \ DID PiUVkTE IS NOW STATE Scroggin Son Bank Incor porate. for $100,000. ,,, Pll "' I 'f l h » M , , ,,,,., ,»- i. tv ^ r^"] fVr u ' n t M r * * 'i-" 1 ? " . l I . k H i e m V , i t . · · ' i I Mr m t «r. le.»e Hl«h! of U««"'J, ""J! l h . « i ·'· ' U" f o r m e r . p n r i . n l Mr a n d W r » t t i l i - i i H n hi I n "i" 'l' v r-» lr "" Ml, ,.,, -| P , O v e r III and \ . l m a \ \ h l t a k - r i i . i i l II r ^ ' H I In M n v i a n , i i « M,. lir. l . l i « a n d c l l l d r e n Jf, ?,'^V|, r . l'i ·'· ' i l i r t t r i n f i t p u e n t a Mr a n d Mn i m V ' n ' ' . ! M " · - m V i » "an'l "Son^ " u h M . .. v v. M'KINl-EY TO SPEAK AT FORSYTH i n , a Decalur M»llor H i i f n r I f a t u r a r - a n t a it ( i t i f * k ie*t o f h i t par*" 11 * M i l l ul I I n '(in I \t . K I i i i r t i h o n a i l c h i l d r e n , i .1- i n l i i i i H e *""' In t h i r ,t H , f I n.i R p a r e n t * Mr i vi . u i 1 1 n I « i e r » n 1 \l · Km I M i « nnrt c h i l d r e n o Hi- K » u f i h w U r n i e r i v M i t » . i Hi · i ^ " m r t a } , l ^ I w i* r i l « llv ha» l eel j , r , r t i i ) I nl M e n d n , i v f r I i f nl K I f i n i M I H i t i i In On r "' v »r , u i « t M nl i t r I v «nd H u n u * i I i n W I. n n I u k.on I M m '.M I l l U h l it Ml All! urn « . n i t ^ l i i t i -n I n M ' «n f l a t ir M I i r l f * « K . r c o f M n n l l r . . f M r n i l M r « W I I » nrn»1 to 1 nit Ih* I Mr Hi 1 Mr eorc* Jacob! In thl« city M C Burton of Mtniflfia l« spending: a jw «»y§ thl« week ulth hl« «on Qrover 3urton and famllv Mr ana Mra Bert Traushber and dioghl" ,ur!l(» spent thft Fourth In Mt Zion Mr and Mrm Homer FrT returned home alurdav from Cainrr w h e r e they etpent a iw flays vlnltlng relatbev Karle O r l f f l l h who haa a poBltlon as ook kmper In "on Worth Tn and « n o HI bi»«n thff riient of hla mother Mra Al ce , r l ( f l t t v and other relatives In this city or aom» time left Mondaj for Fort « a v n e nd where he. « ' l l be the guest of his irolher JeMe Orlffltli and f a m l l v for 8 .w day« before returning to Texas Mrs I-»otis and Mia* Cecelia Desprea of MB r|t ana Mr Ljon s granddaughter Hlff I uclle Uon of Phlcago returned Snt- i r l » \ from a ten dave ilslt at Snl or ;prlngi inrt Mlla Belle McHenry of Moweaqua, was a Mrs Ferr-na. Hooker irho has been suffer ng from h m l n g three honrs broken In her ,rm a l n u t mr vtf^t ago l I m p r o v i n g M nnd Mrs Jones Geddes and M'sg VH. ... Purr vifrf t h e gueste of relatives In Decatur Mr nnd Mrs To* Stombaugh and daughter *r« th" ini'Sta of Mrs =«ren» Hooi" Mr* \ l^fl O r l f l t h of Hue Mound Is 'he O ue»t of Mr« Allt-e firlt'lth and Mrn. =ersnn H o o v e r I h l c u e r k M r nnd Mm Jameit G^ddet of thlp rll^ ,,,!(! nil res Mm \\ all«i-» of Florida nnil MINI \da nilla nf Derntur wer« thf ««" f I m n k S i m i a n and f a m i l y n o r t h of ime Mo in 1 F u n i l n j ni» M» ' W l l l a r f l who han keen the r'»" ,,( i,, r . B l . r Mrs John Drcvi In ^ew Turk i l l v f r t h e pn't fnvv m o n l h s returned to h^-r rinnif In t h i n clli T u e n d n ^ ilBH I ilia Fiirlfprt h irK nnd tohn Fi rte hiire rf~ h p 1 t h e n*TM!« of t h n d " a t h or t h e n f a i l e i rinrod 1-urt-w-iihurK w h l i - h n i i i r r ' d In O V i n h o m a 'nt irdav luh 4 Mr riirle«pnli«rK hnd hren 111 for sevcril ienvi .110 10 old a*" Ho VH, a former and l l v r d a m i l h n e s t ot M n r o n for «. nurchfr r v t f l i N before p Inc to Oklahoma Mr ni d Mr* Orov er tlnrton e n t e r t a ' n e d · I rl nil I oil!" In I h H -llv l u l v 4 Mr» H u r T t i r i m m e l a n l r h l l d n n of Maroa M r . Mir- Mani'ield ' Pecntur Mr nnd Mrr Farn"«t l l n n l i n g "f Pcnlur Mra Blarkburn and Vr» M nrn of Dernuir i \ i l i n l ' r of Mi-rnn people walked to th« | r t t e r n '·mr homi " i t u r d a v e v e n i n g to -IT f l , dl«l \n\ nf f i r f works ' Mr a n d Mrs Fd H o g n n of Dri-atur weri- t h R I " » I H "f relative. In MRCon a f f « d n v s th lv" nul«i k Fourth w«. .pent In Macon Thnro wire no accident" ana a number of Macon venple a t t e n d e d celohr«tlon» In wirroundlns i n w n imi^ffmm^i^f^^^^^^^ Excellent Underwear Afld Hosiery Values For Saturday OAKI AND OFFICFR SHOT BY BURGLAR Packing House Market W H l i n m Saturday Chickens. Both Phones 4644. Sales Spring 18V2C p'ir liiifl ,njr i i i u n d bacon 16c and 1 1 .in l i c k nnd Mo\lev'" 2 pound* for ii h i ' I nul In ( 1!°^ i ' i" i|(p n | t n i '" r ? ( lion c n i i t i x r In i'f I'PH N u i - l n ' ^ h p"llv ^tt'.ik I n Ii polk sh'iulclcr rr - i '·· · I t a n loin poik rhop \ c'il -l( \\ \'i ill i n f i ^ t , choirr rut's . 35c lOc and 9c 12c ( h ' n i' «iiir!ir CIIH rl rojrulir hnm^ 1J C ( l u i K t «n;ur nni-rt picnic hams i i i / Ml I n - l i nnd smoked sausage in S il! pn! k . . · · ' · · '.· ' , Open ill dnv e\rrv Thursday. We carry a full line of rolil (ofik' d niont^ I am Zeph--with farrve I've met Wherever I've been knownj That'll became ! alwiy§ was A fnend to every home. Let Zeph Show You Everybody should eit more of the light, digestible Bread, Cakes, Biscuit and Pies that can he made so easily with Do it for Health's Sake--for the sake of your pocketbook, too. Zephyr Flour contains the fond elements for the making of strong-minded, strong-bodied, vigorous men and women. Good light bread is better than loading the stomach with the heavy foods that are hard to digest and it costs less. Two great facts. Get the HaWt--Eating Zephyr Flour Good Thing* Is High Living at Low Cost SPAPFRf Ladies' Union Suits 25c Ladies' fine union suits, sleeveless and lace knee, all sizes, this Saturday only Men's Fine Union Suits 50c Men's union suits in athletic and balbriggan, short sleeves or sleeveless, knee or ankle length ; this Saturday only Children's Union Suits 25c 600 children's union suits, all sizes, well made, as a special Saturday we offer 25c Ladies' Vests 3 for 25c Children's Gauze Vests 3 for 25c Ladies' sleeveless vests that 200 children's gauze vests, stay on and make you com- all sizes, on sale Saturday, fortable. Buy OK/» ^ or S^(* them, 3 for £C for ^" v 15c Infants' Hose 2 for 15c 500 pair of infants' hose, in red, tan and black, that sold at 15c; Saturday only, 2 pair ,. Children's White Hose 2 for 25c One lot of children's white hose, made of superior quality full shank and pearly white, this sale, 2 pair Ladies' White Hose 2 for 25c Ladies' white hose that give excellent satisfaction, look hke'a 25c quality, this sale, 2 pair Men's Silk Lisle White Hose 25c Men's fine silk lisle hose, in all sizes; a fine hose for Summer wear; Saturday only ,. $1.00 LONG SILK GLOVES 69c 300 ladies' long silk gloves in black, made of superior quality silk. These are gloves that are fiom broken lines that represent $1.25 to $1 50 values; this sale 25c Lavie Face Powder 19c The famous Lavie Pace Powder, made by Ricksecker, in white, flesh and brunette, sold at 25c, Saturday 19e lOc Toilet Soaps 7c All toilet soaps, Colgate's, Risley's, Hudnut's, etc., that sell at lOe a bar, this sale ... 7c 5c Pearl Buttons, 2 dozen for 5c 5,000 pearl buttons, fish eye and plain, made of very fine quality fresh water pearl. Sold at 5c. this sale, 2 dozen for. $1.50 Parasols 89c 200 ladies' fine parasols in white and colors, fancy and plain, a regular $1 50 quality, $2.00 Triple Hair Switch $1.00 Fine triple hair switch, all colors, sells at $2. 89c DRESS CLEARANCE $10.00 Street Wash Dresses At $3.95 i? _ _ . _ . . , _ · i* uTM«4- W»IIIAC ftf flia aAaanTI. A TiTlfi IDC Oi f ecU. One of the best values we have ever offered, and coming right at this time, when you have weeks of wear ahead, should make them doubly attractive. Every dress worth double the price and a number worth $10.00. Special .«.-.* ·.· «'r r r*« · A Clearance of Silk Suits At $10.00 To those who have wanted to own a fine silk suit, butfld not fedbiM poyfag $26 00 to $40.00 for one, this announcement should appeal immediately. These suits are from our regular stock and were purchased to sell up to $40.00, and are the best values wa were able to secure. Every one a new model of the latest style and at this price should not last very long. Special 50o COF.SET COVERS CHILDREN'S COATS ONE -HAU PRICE In ordar to make quick disposal of all children's Spring Coats we offer you choice of our entire stock at just half the regular setting price. SPECIAL 25c. A special purchase places us in possession of a lot of fine Corset Covers at a price far below their real value. Lace and embroidery trimmed in very pretty designs, a-regular 50c O K « value--Clearance sale ,.. i*O\s CHOICE OF ALL SPRING WOOL SKIRTS SOLD UP TO $10 AT $2.95. To close out quickly all remaining spring Wash Skirts we have decided to place them all in one roup regardless of selling price or cost and sell them at one price. Values 3»9 up to $10.00. Special.. .-.,. «P« · Pattern Cloths ISO pattern cloths !n the fine Irish linens, satin damask, with borders all around. All beautiful designs. Values up to $3.50N All sizes np to 8x12, divided Into two lots at d»-| ^4 K $1.95 and .-.«. «tH.«4t«J Lunch Cloths Pare hnen lunch cloths and table tops, warranted all pure linen goods, some are hemstitched. All 75c values to close out at OQ^ once at each....... Ot/C* $1.25 Lunch Cloths 69c 36x36 pure linen ranch cloths with hemstitched edge. Also 45x45 pure linen table tops, excellent for breakfast cloths, etc, best $1.25 values reduced for July clearance sale for Sensational Suit Bargains For This Sale At la*t we come to the final Clearance of an Spring and Summer garments, and the prices we have placed on them will move them oat qnickly. COATS Values worth up to $22.50, your choice to close out $5 SUITS Values worth up to $35.00, your choice to close out $5 $1 GOWNS 75o. Theee gowiw are regular $1.00 and are made of fin« cambric and crepe in an the different st?U*{ Clearance sate price-. $4.96 BLACK AND WHITE CHECK SKIRTS $1.93. Here is a chance to own one of those popular black and white check sktrtB. Made of cotton basket weave cloth and sold at $4.95. v Special ............. f 50c Dresser Scarfs 19o 50 dozen of drawn work and embroidered dresser scarfs with hemstitched edge. Also pure linen tray cloths, round centers and Mexican drawn work scarfs and centers. values up 1 Q/» to 60c, choice.-...-. JLJFV' r lOc Linens 3%o 25 dozen of round centers with scalloped edge. Also fringed, napkina in lOe Talu«6 for. . i Japanese Nainsook Just received, another case of that popular Japanes* nainsook, the ideal fabric for dainty underwear and children's dresses. It comer 42 inches wide, a 35c value for Jufcr learance, a 10.$2139 ."SPA.T'FTU

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