The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri on November 11, 1916 · Page 4
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The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri · Page 4

Chillicothe, Missouri
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 11, 1916
Page 4
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"TTKS, THE CHILL JCOTHE DAILY CONSTITUTION, Dr.Price's BAKING POWDER Sixty Years the Standard No Alum -- No Phosphate AT THE CHURCHES C. B. C. NOTES K- i-ftT* ·^ t ·K ' J 1 E*l In anticipation of a victory o\er the Mutes, a big get-together meet ing of the student bodj was held m Chapel Hall last evening I Our second football team returned last night Irtom MeadMlle where! they easilj. captured the big end. o f ' a 19 to Q game Chapel visitors j esterday "were Pro! Lewis, Palmer Milbank and I H O M E S For Sale 5 room divellng on paved stree*, not modern except electrict lightb Small barn Price 3 000 S loom new rmdern home on paved street, hot water heating sjstem One of the nicest homes in the city Price $5500. ' 7 room, new home, close in on pa\eci streets, a fine home at $6500 8 room new modern home on paf laved stieet, fine neighborhood, $3700 ' o loom dwelling, electric lights, n e r u 1 * oom cottage on paved street A oargrin at ?1250 Many others If you w a n t to buv property, come to us It is our spec- laltj We have anthing you want Gil! Ryan N side square Chillicothe Mo Misses Nina Sparling and Leah Anderson A call w as received -s esterday from a Southern school needing a teacher ot commercial and stenographic branches Will Mmton of the commercial department left yesterday to accept a position with the Harnsburg State Bank, Hamsburg Ark Thursday Raj Baiker ot the Telegraphy Department left for Omaha m response to a call from the Union Pacific_ The same day R C Barker ot Ho^se City, Texas, enrolled for telegraphs George Gltfason was favored with a short visit jesteida^v it om a former school mate. Miss Bessie Scott of Lucerne, Mo She was accompanied by Miss Erma McConmck of this city M B Tates, class '14-15 advises ot an advance in salary to $800 per month w i t h the Handel Company at Miisselshell, Mont New students to report are W A J Stewart Gorman, Tex ; R C Bar. kei, Horse City Tex , Neva Ada-ir, Selling Ok'a , M G-. Thompson, Jefferson, Okla , Geoige C Butts, Chillicothe, Mo Mr Butts graduated from the Chil licothe High school last sprmg_ Foi the past six months he has been in the "West w h e i e he found an enor mous demand foi business tiamed joung men PERSONAL AND LOCAL XXJCCST ST. PITCHES--Otflce 916: Kes. 15O7-W DR. J. L. JOHANSEN Dentist Chiropodiist (Foot Specialist) Corns 500 Club Nail . ..75c Callouses 50c I'ammer Toe 50c to 75c Ingrown Toe- Bunions 50o nail 75c Nails trimmed propeilj 50o Massage of Toot 50a Special attention and care given in all cases Calls answered promptly in-all paits ot the city HOURS 9 a m to 5 p m -- FRANK B NOR HAN SAM M JARVIS Norman 6c Jarvls FUNERAL HOME EKBALITERS a^d - Day Phone 417 FUNERAL DIRECTORS Night Phones 153 - 569 EMPIRE Steam Heated G R A C E C U N A R D SCIENTIFICALLY VEXTUjATDD F R A N C I S F O R D Ir the EIGHTH Episode of 0' The Rin --ALSO-"THE ISLE of LIFE" A Big Five Reel Bed Feather Play WITH AN ALL STAR CAST S T O C K T O N ' S O R C H E S T R A -Shows at 7:15 8:30 p. m. PRICES 5 and 1O Cents Mondav--MAE WALSH m a Triangle Play "HOODOO ANN " and MACK SWAIN m a Keystone comedy, "Bi. STOKE DELIVERY. TM TM r , Tuesdav--BILLIE BUEKB in bis Super Feature "PEGGY' Special Reduced Round Trip Winter Tourist Rates Jacksonville. Fla. _ Savannah, Ga. ^Mobile, Ala., New Orleans. La. _ Pensacola, Fla.. DAILY SALE Until April 30, '17--Return Limits May 31, '17 CHOICE SCENIC ROUTES--STOPOVERS ALL POINTS $47 82 San Antonio, Tex. _ $36.18 "$46.90 El Paso, Tex. - $46.2S $3757 Albuquerque-, N. M $4418 $37.57 Ft. Worth, Tex. _ - $26.78 "$37.70 Galveston, Tev. _ _$36.1S Jacksonville. Fla., via Diverse Routes $50.82; via New Orleans, froo.S2. Havana Cuba, via Key West. $88.70: via New Orleans $86.05 including Meals and Berth, on Steamer. Honolulu I H. and return from San Francisco or Los Angeles. $130.00. San Francisco. Los Angeles. Portland and Seattle over Di- vezse Scenic Arnercia's Wonderland' Eoutes--Return Nine Months $93.08 As for other Low Bates--Pleasure to Serve. PLEASURE TO SERVE. Can Phone 95. R. B-JORDAN, Agent, C .B. Q. Christian Science. Services are held In Gucby Hall, N Washington street, Sunday morning it 11 o clock Subject Mortals and Immortals Sunday school at 10 a m Presbyterian Church. Divine services, Sunday morning and evening Morning worship at 10 45 Subject o£ sermon, "A Head long Fling at Jesus " Evening wo* 1 , ship 7 30 Subject of sermon, 'An Evening Guest " Sabbath school 9 30 Chmstian Endeavior meeting at 6 30 p m You are cordially invited to all of these services. Paul Heiligman, minister First Methodist Episcopal Church. Sunday school at 9 30 a m. Preaching at 10 45 a m by thp pastor Theme, 'The Realities of the Unseen " King's Herald Band at 2 JO p m Epworth League at 6 30 p m Subject, "If They Cannot Believe In Us, Will They Believe in Our Christ " Preaching at 7 30 p m by the pastor Theme, "Our Eternal Destinj ' A cordial Welcome Special music James R Harper, pastor Christian Church. 9 3 0 Bible school, R B Jordan in charge 10 45 Morning worship and sermon 2 30 Meeting ot officials of the church 6 30 Christian Endeavor 7 30 Evening worship and sermon Mrs Rogers will sing the follow ing songs Morning--."Lead Us All the Way," by Bnggs, Evening -'Over the Line " Sermons--Morning- "The Kingdom of God"; evening--'America's Defense " Sectional Cottage meetings Wednesday evening A cordial welcome to every meeting is extended to you First Baptist Church. Our revival meeting, which was plaaned and announced sometime ago Tiill properly begin tomorrow The morning subject will be "What will be most needed during the next four years" at night the stabject will be along evangelistic lines Horace W Cole, the evangelist will arrive Monday evening and preach at 7 30 Cole is a regular warming stove of the "Hot Blast" variety Let all the folks wh o want to get warmed up come around Sunday school tomorrow at 9 30 Preaching at 10 45 A Workers meeting at 3 30 In the afternoon Young people's meeting at 6 30 and preaching at 7 30 We always have good music. It will be better than usual tomorrow We wfll be very glad to see you and you will be welcome to all these services Warren P Clark, pastor Dr W W Giaves of St Louis %Mll be the guest o£ Dr J C Shelton ovtr Hev F B Elmore is holding meetings near Cliula Mrs. Ben Melvin returned last night from a two week s visit in Macon Mr and Mrs M Jewell of Chicago are guests\,at the Sojmour Wiglej home Mr and JVLrs_ Theodore Gary and Mr. and Mrs Ross Larabee of Macon spent Friday night in the city wit'i friends Mr and Mrs Steve Nonis are expecting their daughter the flrst of the month to remain until after Christmas Mrs I* M Girdner and daughter Mary went to Chula today to attend the chrysanthemum show and visit relatives Chas P_ Sauer leaves tonight for market in the interest of his stationery store He will! be joined by his wife in St Joseph William and Orville Browning ai- rived last night from Chicago and will be guests of Chillicothe iriendb over Sunday The former is en route to California to spend the winter Mrs. E B Brinley of Bloomington, 111 , who has- been Msiting her fathei, Harry Webster at Jlarcelme is expected Tuesday for a short visit with Mrs Bertha Oliver belore returning to her home ]SO DOUBT ABOUT THIS I Foley C. tbartic Tablets are just a plain hone.t. old-Iashioned physK Thej act pro iptiy and ellectively on the bowels \\iUiout pain, griping or nauses The- keep the stomac', sweet, the live- active, ana the bowels regulai _ They banish biliou ness sick headacu»s, soui stomach indigestion Sold e 'erywhere THEATRICAL. R W Strehlow will enterta-in the Olathe Mute Foot Ball Team with, i line party at the Empire Theatre tonight CHAPEL FREE--NIGHT PEONS 44 3O1; DAY 397 F. A. MEINERSHAGEN SON UNDERTAKERS and TUNERAL DIRECTORS H. L. KECKE, Licensed E ibalmer. CHAS. GIBBS. Asst. Burke at Empiie Tuesday. Billie Burke in the big supei-teat- ure photoplay, ' Peggy," will play an engagement at the Empire Tlieatie Tuesday, Nov 14th This, screen drama is not a continued serial but is a complete photoplay in 7 ieel^ Admission 5 and lOc ·Burlinoton LIVE STOCK MARKET. (By United Pren.) Kansas City, Mo., Nov 11 --Cattle receipts 500, m'arket steadj Steers $6 75 to $11 50, cows am heifers $4 50 to $7 50, stockers anc feeders $5 00 to $7 75, calves $6 00 to $10 50 Hog receipts 2 , 0 0 0 , market steady Bulk of sales $ 9 5 0 to $ 9 9 0 , heavy $9 80 to $9 95, medium $9 65 to $9 00, light $9.40 to $9 85 Sheep receipts 1,000, market steady Lambs 11 00 to $11 75 ewes $7 00 to $7 75, stockers and feeders $5 50 to $10 25 Proanca Market. Furnished by Henderson ft Son Produce Co , 801 Locust street, ChU- licothe, Mo : SPRINGS 15% HENS 13 % ROOSTERS 9 DUCKS 1° EESE 10 TURKEYS . · . . . 20 EGGS . 30 BUTTER FAT ... . . "34 BOLI/ES * ROGERS. Dealers In Hides, Tallow, Wool, Purs, Beeswax and Feathers. Salt Cured Hides, flat No 23, and No 22 . . . 21% Partly Cured Hides . . . . 21 % Green Hides 20 Bulls a n d Glues . . . . 1 7 c Deacons $1 58 t o $2 00 [kunks 25c to E Horse Hides Nos 1 and 2, lull mane and tail $ 6 5 0 Pony Hides -3 00 No 1 Tallow 9e No 2 Tallow 8c THE PIONEER PRODUCE BUIER8 Of CHTLMCOTHB. SWIFT COMPANY ALWAYS PAY HIGHEST PRICES FOR PRODUCE AND CREAM. Today's Market. HENS '. 1*~ SPRINGS COX TURKEYS DUCKS GEESE P S BUTTER EGGS CREAM . .15 9 . 20 . .10 10 26% .. .30 . 34 BIG WEEK EXD PROGRAM AT THE MVJETIO TON1GHI The management of the Majest'c Theatre announce "the program for tonight to be of excellence and ha\f added two comedy lecls t othe regu lar program without raibing the admission price The feature picture ·vMll be A comedy diama entitled Miss Petticoat, featuring the beauti ful and talented-; Alice Bi,id, known to all the fans of the movies and cod- ceded to be one of the bright hght- of the cinema attractions She will appear in a five reel comedy, that critics piaise, and is heiald as a big picture In addition the two eoraedj pictures will be pleasing and th» musical selections by the talented musicians under the capable diiec tion of Prof Wieland are well worth the price of admiss on Shows are announced for 7 00 and 8 30. THE GREAT GRIFFITH HYPXOTIT SHOW S The Majestic Theatre announce the Great Griffith, the marvel of the age in the science of hypnotism, as the at traction at the local play house ne\t week Man w i l l remember reading the articles m numerous papers concein mg the arrest of Mr Griffith some time ago in a city in Indiana ami were interested in the power of hypnotism that he possessed and used to an advantage to secure his freedom from the city officials Mr Griffith will present an entire change of program each night The young lady now undergom,; the hypnotic sleep of 48 hours m the Mixon drug store window, will be removed t o the stage of the majestic theatre and awakened Monday night at 8 15, -where her every action and detail will be explained The prices of admission throughou: the entire week will be twenty-five cents for adults and fifteen cents loi children Should See »r. Prettyman. Every one who finds his faculties dull and falling or his physical powers flagging from overwork or from other causes, should promptly see Dr Prettyman His treatment will re. move physical ailments and restore the shattered debilitated system to its normal condition m a speedy and satisfactorj manner The doctor has made some remarkable cures in this vicinity His methods ot treating eye, ear, cata?rhal, chronic and nervous troubles have been very suc- ressful You ran always consult him free of charge His next visit, Leeper Hotel, Chillicothe, Mo., Monday, Nov IS BABY HAD WHOOPING COUGH Mrs Sam C Small, Clayton N M writes- "Mv grandson had whooping cough when hp was three months old We used Foley's Honev and Tar and I believe it saied his life He is now big and fat ·· Folev'= Honey and Tar Is a fine thing to hav? In the house for whooping coueh, :roup, coughs, colds Sold every where Apples For Sole Good Gano and Ben Davis apples at Dr Campbell's farm Sprayed T O - N I G H T ONE O? THE BRIGHTEST STARS OF FILDOM MISS ALICE BRADY In a Five Reel Comedy Drama "MISS PETJICOA TS" --ALSO-A KALEM COMEDY j\ SELIG COMEDY "THEIR TAKKI.G WAYS " ' TOO MANY CHEFS" MUSIC BY THE EIGHT PIECE LADIES ORCHESTRA THIS BTG WEEK END PROGRAM OP SEVEN REELS WILL START ' PROMPTLY AT 7 00 4.1-.D AGAIN ABOUT 8 30 ADULTS 1O£; CHILD 5^ ALL NEXT WEEK COMING ALL NEXT WEEK 6 NIGHTS 6 COMMENCING MONDAY, NOV. 13th The Great Griffith Hypnotic Comedy Company The show with a 1000 laughs. Entire change of program e^ch evening. Admission: Adults 25, children 15. NOTICE ! The undersigned Company has taken over the property and business of the RILEY PENNOIL 0, today,and are ready to furnish their superior quality of BRITELITE Kerosene SUNFLOWER Gasoline With prompt service. A trial will make you a satisfied customer. Call No. 194 and your orders will be filled promptly at wholesale prices. Cudahy Refining Company fruit n9dwtf The New York Store Tomorrow Morning we place on SPECIAL SALE-100 Ladies Fall SUITS and 300 Ladies COATS At Substantial Savings on Former Prices The Suits will be divided into 4 lots: At $25.00 for choice of all suits iu the stock, many weie $35.00 and some up to $42.50. At $19.50 A ]ais,e assortment of $25.00 values At $15.00 In this line you wilt lecoa^nize many oi the seasons best $20.00 values. At $10.00 Just 16 Suits m tlus lot, all of navy blue, double seia,e, well made, well lined and worth $15 00. NORTH M1SSOUK GREATEST STORE. THE COATS At $25. Tn this J^oitmenl \ ou w i l l finrl moie tlian 100 different kinds of beautiful uen coats. now iivcs A ou the choice of our most ele- £ant ffodjls, developed m silk velours Baffin Seal anJ Yukon Seal, many are elaboiatelv fm tuinned and «old foi $6000 and ^65 00 wo o ie a lar«e and beautiful assort i"Tit of Oiii finest cloth coat* as well as plushes Hut J i e plain or eiaboratelr trmiiod At $] 9.50 and $15.00 L ^ You rua choose fro n a yieat assortment of Silk Plush "?. Wool Velou s, Chmchi'la, Zibahnes, Plaids and "Mix kros all of the n showna m cater values than \ o ' e~ peel at rLese two populai prices. _ . _ J 0 now Coats of iiobbv plaids and woo' A f HI 1 1 1 '^ixt'nes ten bio, ^irls, misses and Young rvt ^J.v. Also for $10.00 Each we offer 27 coats tioni last fall, cut full lengths and sta pie styles -- most of these coats aie beautifullv tailored oi flue black bioadcloth, na\ v cheviot or uiens ser°e'aBd 1 2 of the loi aie iulh luud with heavv satin and sold POI- y~i 00 each the balance were $20.00 each -- sizes 36 to 43 bust NEWSPAPER! J.H-. NEWSPAPER!

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