Denton Journal from Denton, Maryland on April 2, 1898 · Page 2
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Denton Journal from Denton, Maryland · Page 2

Denton, Maryland
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 2, 1898
Page 2
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! NITON JOURNAL MELVIN, STEELE 4. JOHNSON. EDITORS AND PROPRIETORS. SATURDAY MORNING, APRIL 2, 1898. EDITORIAL NOTES3. "With tke close of the week tho aspect of a (Tails between t h i s c o u n t r y :ind Spain has grown m u c h darker and move t h r e a t e n i n g . On Monday List t h e President sent to Congress the report of the Court of I n q u i r y , which was formed to i n v e s t i g a t e tlie destruction of! t h e b a t t l e s h i p Muiue, in H;iv.ui;i harbor. This report was a veiy v o l u m i n o u s ono. Perhaps all the facts which our G o v e r n m e n t w i l l ever know concerning thp.t sad catastrophe were'narrated in it. Aftfi- describing the wreck, n resume of the report says: In tlic opinion of t lie- Court, llus cftuct could In\e been produced onK 1\ llm explosion ol a mine ^ tu.Uccl iii'ler the bottom ol the ship nt alKjnL frninc No Is ntxl SOIIILX\ OIL tile port siclt ol (he *hip The Court finds llic loas of the Maine, on the occasion named, was not HI any respect due to fault or negligence on the part of a-.iy of Ihe officers or members of the crew of said vesst.1. Ln the opinion of the Court, the Maine \\as destroyed by the explosion of a submarine mine, which caused the partial explosion of t w o or more of her forward maga/ints The Court has been unable to ahtain evidence fixing the responsibility for Ihe destruction of the Maine upon any person or persons This with the growing belief that the Maine's dreadful mishap was the result of design on the part of Span ish officials has aroused public sent i m e n t to the danger p o i n t , and re straiut is w i t h difficulty secured. While it is now pretty well believed t h a t the destruction of the American battleship Maine could only have been accomplished by Spanish connivance in Havana, m a t t u i s , aside from this, are fast u e a r i n g a crisis, which may end in a clash of arms in the next few days. The people will not longer endure the i n h u - manity which is practiced in Cuba, and Spain lias, it is stated on very high authority, beeu warned that the practical concession of the i n d e - pendence of Cuba can prevent United States i n t e r v e n t i o n , and t h a t Dothiugelse can. This independence means the releasing of the province from all real Spanish authority, though still allowing the old country to n a m e the governor, who, however, will h a v e no oppressive authority. This is looked ucon as America's last suggestion. If Spain rejects it then the dogs of war will be loosed, and the wrongs of many years will at last be righted, and the settlement in f u l l of the Maine imi*- ^^h sacre will doubtless TO demanded. The question, ""What ails the Churclif" is going the rounds. We answer: "Nothing ails the Church;" but tUL'rn are lots of people outwardly identified with the Church who misreprest nt her life and character. The Chun-It (we w r i t e it ·with a capital) is composed of converted, conscientious consecrated, self-denying, neighbor-loving people, and nothing "ails" such a Church. The other sort of folks are uot the Church.--E!z. The promoters of the gold m i n i n g industry in the Eighth district, known as the Cecil county "Klondike," are negotiating with A r t h u r Reynolds for th9 purchase of a portion of his f a r m . The syndicate desires to secure about forty acres of meadow land along tho Oetoraro for the purpose of erecting smelting works where the mineral taken from their property could be refined, in- stnad of being sent to New Jersey, as at present. Ex-Chancellor James L. Wolcolt, of Delaware, died suddenly, of apoplexy, at his home, in Dover, last Wednesday night. He was in his usual health when he retired, and was dead when Mrs. Walcott w e n t to his room the next morning. He was 57 years old. The number of employes in or connected w i t h the House of Dele gates is double that of tho session of 1394, when the Democrats were in control. It is said that Caroline's quota of men now available as soldiers in case of war with Spain will be 2,035. . ^^ · --· Americans are the most inventive _P_eople on earth. To them have been issued nearly 600,000 patent*, or more than one-third of all the patents issued in the world. No discovery of modern years has been of greater benefit to m a n k i n d than Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy, or has done more to relieve pain and suffering, J. W. Vaugbu, of Oakton.Ky., says: "I have used Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoaa Remedy in my f a m i l y for several years, and find it to be the best medicine I ever used for cramps in the stomach nnd bowels. For sale by Hugh Duffey, Eillsboro; R. J. Colston, Ridgely; W. E. Brown, Denton. For the benefit of persons desiring to visit Wilmington, the Pennsylvania Kailioad C o m p a n y (Philadelphia, W i l m i n g t o n aud Baltimore Railroad Company) will sell special excursion tickets on Wednesday, April, G, from all stations on the Delaware Division south of Porter to Wilmington and r e t u r n at rate of a single fare for the round trip. These tickets will be good going on regular trains on April 6th, aud good returning on regular trains ou April Gth or 7th. Alexander Gadd.GuyBryan, Chas. B. Furgnson, of Chapel district, Talbot, and Lewis Whitehouse, of Easton, are all waiting at the same hotel in Seattle for the steamer to take t h e m to St. Michaels, Alaska They expect to leave April 15th and reach Dawson City June 1st. N f c W S P A P L R f l R C H I V E ® -- . PHILADELPHIA, Monday, March 28, 1898 PROFOUNDLY IMPORTANT TO BICYCLERS Humber Bicycles Reduced Last summer we contracted for the control of the Philadelphia, New York and Atlantic Coast territory for the sale of Humbers. In December last we approved of the '98 models, and the works at Westboro, Mass., have ever since been steadily turning out by hand-work the admittedly best bicycle built in any country. The price and the lowest that can be afforded foi such high quality of carriage work was fixed at S100. We contracted to pay S500 as liquidation damages for every machine sold for less than S100. We have now delivered to us all contracted for of these splendid carriage-made and finished bicycles, save two or three hundred, all made to be sold at SlOO and equal in all respects to the $115 standard of last year. And Now This Has Happened FIRST--The world is bigger and stronger than any two men who make contracts. It has knocked down the plans of bicycle makers and their prices. This year is not a 8100 bicycle year. SECOND--We kept the price to 8100 until the other day, when we persuaded the makers to let us drop the profits this year. For three reasons: (si) That they might keep the works going steadily. (b) That the public might not lose confidence in safety of bicycles from the numberless machines on the market this season which have been made to fit a reduced selling price rather than match the old standard of quality. (c) The Humber Company have discovered that the doing away of expensive stores, offices, advertising and traveling salesmen reduces the cost of producing the wheel and they can make just as much profit as formerly by selling through our houses at even lower prices. THIRD--We were willing ourselves to drop almost all the profit this year to make a wider constituency for what is undoubtedly the finest wheel extant. . FOURTH--We now settle upon this new scale of prices for Humbers made to our order to fetch us $100. The price from now on of the Humber Roadster is $73 An extra charge of 82 each will be made for brake, mud guard and chain guard. FIFTH--Whoever has purchased a Humber of us at 8100, please come back and get the refund of 827 on each Humber purchased at either of our stores. SIXTH--This advertisement may be preserved as our agreement to protect our buyers on the prices the entire season, say to July 1. SEVENTH--Our stock on hand, while it embraces all the sizes, will soon be scattered in New York and this city, and in a very short time those who want Humbers will not be able to get them without waiting. EIGHTH--Telegrapliic orders and orders by letters will be piomptly filled m the order received, by setting aside the wheels, quality and fmi?h being guaranteed in every particular. The full list of prices follows: , BUMBER ROADSTER, $t3 HUMBER CHAIN LESS, $125 HUMBER TOURIST, $75 HUMBER RACER, $125 LADT HUMBER, $?9 DIAMOND FRAME TANDEMS, $160 HUMBER COMBINATION TANDEM, $169 Falcon Bicyles at $22.50 Falcon Bicycles were sold by us, in Philadelphia and New York last August, at $20.50--the women's at §27.50. 'I he selling was very large. It was considered as an introduction sale--to popularize this long-known wheel that vast business this year would follow. And negotiations were looked forward to for making us exclusive handlers of the 1898 Falcons. Sopiomising was the outlook that, late in the fall, the company made us a thousand wheels with which to open the new year's selling. It is these wheels that we offer now--though at much lower price than we or the company intended--because our completed plans for 1S98 did not include the new model Falcons, which our experts reported were changed, though not improved. These 1897 ^wheels were built of the very best materials--materials gathered for use when the Falcons were $75 wheels. FALCONS, FOR MEN, 22, 24 AND 26 IN. FRAMES ) FALCONS, FOR WOMEN, 20 AND 22 IN. FRAMES j Enameled in black, maroon and green. The wheels are sold under our usual broad guarantee. JOHN WANAMAKER Mrs. A. Inven. residing at 720 Henry St., Altoo, III., suffered with sciatic r h e u m a t i s m for over eight months. She doctored for it nearly the whole of this time, using 1 various remedies recommended by friends, a n d was treated by the physicians, but received no relief. She then used one and a halt bottles uf Chamberlain's Pain Balm, which effected a complete cure. This is published at her request, as she wants others similarly afflicted to know what cured her. The 25 and 50 cent sizes for sale by Hugh Duffey, Hillsboro; R. J. Colston, Bidgely; W. E. Brown, Dentou. « · ^ The Milwaukee Harvester Company announce that they have in stock, in Baltimore, Md., a f u l l line of repairs for their celebrated llyht- runniny Binders and Mowers. Also that they have iu the bauds of their agents, Smith Bros., at Ridgely,Md., a larger line of repairs for these machines than is carried for any similar machines sold in the county, notwithstanding the statements of tho agents of o t h e r machines, who have knowingly misrepresented them in this particular. MILWAUKEE HARVESTER Co. Two years ago B. J. Warren, * druggist at Pleasant Brook, N. Y. r bought a small supply of Chamberlain's Cough Remedy. He sums up the result as follows: "At that time the goods were u n k n o w n in this sec- lion; today Chamberlain's Cough Remedy is a household word." It is the same in h u n d r e d s of communities. Wherever the good qualities of Chamberlain's Cough Remedy become k n o w n the people will have nothing else. For sale by Hugh. Duffey, Hillsboro; R. J. Colston, Ridgely; W. E. B f o w n , Dentou. DIED. HAWKINS.--On Sunday, March 20th, John Alvin, i n f a n t son of J. E. and Mary B. Hawkins, aged 15 months and 20 days. Active, reliable men to solicit orders for Emit and Ornamental Nursery Stock, strictly first-class nnd true to name. Permanent employment; f^ood p a y. liusiiioss easily leaincd. State age and occupation. Write nt oncofoi" terms nnd territory. Es- tublislicd thirty-two vears. THE K. G. CHASE CO., South Penn Square, Philadelphia, Pa. · Subscribe ior the JOURNAL. A LARGE ASSORTMENT --OF- SPRING* · * 8 GOODS A Well Selected Slock of HATS AND CAPS. All Uiu Latest .Stales in und Straw Goods. DRESS CU-OOIDS. All-Wool Serges, from 32c. to 50c. Mohnira nnd Hcnriettus, fioin 3'2c. to 70c. Novelty Suitings, all-wool, l i \ m 25c. up. A G rent Varii'ty in Children's Men's ami "Women's SHOES. A Good, Solid, Indies' Shoo for M. A Large Stock ot Men s Youths' and Boys' CLOTHING at Very Low Prices. Furniture, Glass and Queenswaie. In fnct anything the public may need in our line, nt populur prici-s. a Special Jlmnre for Potatoes and Tomatoes, a Hock, Bone nnd Fish Mixture for Bumes. We me scllins; the AD1UANCE PLATT Platform Hinders, Mowers, llnkos, Etc., which arc Guaranteed in c\ory respect. MILLINERY OPENING SATURDAY, APRIL 2nd, in charge oi' MISS CLA11A SEWALI . ANDERSON-TOWN. JID. DRY GOODS. I ha\c a good line of Dress Goods, Calicoes, Percales, Ginghams in many shades and styles. NOTIONS. A full line of Notions, Dre-s Trimmings., Braids, etc. SHIRTS. Men's Fine Shirts, Neckwear, Collars and Cuffs. JEWELRY. I can please you in a Clock, Jewelry, or anything ot the kind. HATS. I have in stock Men's Hats in m n n y colors shapes and styles. CARPETS. Cnrpets, Mnttings nnd Oil Cloth kept in stock at all times. SHOES. Men's, Ladies' nnd Boys Shoe^ in nil the latest styles, nt prices to suit nil. FURNITURE. If you are t h i n k i n g of buving Furniture-, I can save you money. Money saved is money made. HARNESS. I can plonse you in Carriage Harness, Collars, Bridles, ll.ilters. "Whip Lap Dusters, etc. TRUNKS. I linie trunks in nil si/.es nnd nt nil prices. If }ou nro thinking of buying n Sewing Machine, n Washing Machine or Wringer, Fence Wire, Poultry Wire, Cultivators, Plows, Lime, Salt. Pine and Coal Tar AT LOWEST PRICES, come to mo. I keep everything kept in n General Store. No Trouble to Show Goods at Any Time. I solicit your patronage, W, R, BREEDING, WILLISTON, MD. New All through the store--every de- Sprif)2 partment crowded with good, StocK new anc ^ k est styles for spring wear. Ready-made clothing, latest styles and patterns of leading New York makers of Suits, Spring Overcoats and Trousers of all kinds and in all sizes for men, boys, young men and little boys. A Custom Department anxious to show you how well we can please and fit you, and what good work we can give for moderate prices. Furnishings, popular styles, popular prices, big stock and big values. Hats, all kinds, all sizes --men's boys' and little boys'. Agents in this territory for 'Dunlaps,' best in the world, the standard of good dressers. Shoes --men's and boys'--good grades,young men's styles and best makes. Dugan Hudson's Iron Clad Shoes for little boys. One low price plainly marked. Money refunded or goods exchange. We mean to take good care of your trade and influence. JAS.T, MULLIN SON, Sixth and Market, Wilmington. THUSTBB'S SALE OP \ A I . U A I 1 L K REAL ESTATE, SI I'L'ATKI) IX 'I HE TOWN ar Denton, Maryland. U NDER AND UY V I R T U E OF A decree of the Circuit Court for Carol i n e county, sitting us a Court of Equity, pnoocd on the 2otli d:iy of February, 1898, in ii muitic therein pending w l i o i u i n George A. Dfttkync and George Al. ItutMini, trustees, were complainants, and Enoch George, infant,,1111(1 others weie respondents, (lie undersigned, as, tiustecs, w i l l soil by public auction in front ot the Court Ilou^c door, in the town of Denton, Aid., on SATURDAY, APRIL 9fh, 1898, between tJio hours of 2 and 5 o'clock, p. m., the following renl ostnle, to : All that Lot. Tract or Parcel of Land, »ituuti! imxstlj in the to\v n of Denton, Caroline Count}, and State ol j M a i v land, on the East side of the County ro.ul and Fifth Street (or Horsey Avc.), leading from M a i n street of tnid town to "Williston, Md., vui J. \V. Korr's, nnd is the same tract or parcel of hind whereon the lute \Vm G Horsey died, and which he dc- A ised LO his diuighlcr, tile lute Mrs. Dr. Enoch George, and which she devised to the said George A lloukync nnd George 211. Rus^iim in trust for her son Enoch George, J r , be the quantity of land what it may. The above tract or parcel of land will bo sold in building lots, one of which lots is improved by a Urge two-story dwelling and nuccssnry out-buildings. Sevcj'tocn of these lots front on Fifth Street and llorsey Ave , nnd have « frontage of 50 tcet to each lot, except two which have a frontage of (il feet cnchnnd one with n frontage ot ICO feet, 7 ot the above mentioned lots have a depth of 200 feet each, and ten have n depth of 160 feet each. There (ire 28 lots fronting on Sixth street extended. Lots on East side of this street hiive a frontage of 50 feet nnd ft depth of 190 feet each. Lotb on we«t side E ido of Sixth sticet extended have a frontage of 50 feet and vary in depth from 100 to 200 feet. There arc 21 lots fronting on Lowe street extended having a frontage of 00 tcet each and the greater minibar of wliicl'. h:ue a depth of 1'JO feet. 16 lots front on Seventh street extended and have u frontage of 50 feet and ti depth of 190 feet each, 5 lots front on Eigth stieet extended and arc the snmu si/o as those fronting on Seventh street There arc also two Jingo lots En-t of Eighth street extended, of sufficient sUc for trucking and pasturing. For title to the above real estate, see Item 3 of the last Will nnd Testament of Eva M. George, lute of Caroline County deceased, and iccorded iri the Orphan's Court for Caroline County unions; the Wills Kecordi of said county A plat of the above tract divided into building lots as the same will be sold, can be si'en at the office of the Clerk of the Circuit Court for Caroline County, by calling on George A. Deakync, one of the tuislecs; said pint will bo exhibited on day of sale and each lot particularly designated and numbered thereon, and exact dimensions of each lot given. This plat u i l l afterwards be recotded among the land records of Caroline County for the convenience of the purchasers. TERMS~OF SALE. Tho terms of sale as prescribed by the Court a re: One-third of the purchase money lo be paid in cash on day of sale, nnd the residue in two equal instalments of 12 nnd 24 months from day of sale (or all cash at the option of ths purchaser); the credit payments to boar interest from day of sale, and to be secured by the note or notes of the purchasers, with sureties thereon to be approved by the said trustees. GEORGE A.DEAKYNE, GEORGE M KUSSUil, Trustees. Jonx "W. CLARK, Auct. OF V A L U A H L K Dividend Notice, This i- to give notice that Burton W. 1'arkcr, by a decree of the Orphans' Court for Caroline county, sitting in ICquitj, wi'.s appointed trustee lo make snip of the real estate of John Prattis, deceased; that the suid trustee has made sale of siiid renl cs- t-ito, and icportcd the same to tho said court, ai'd that the said sale has been duly ratified and continued, and the said court, by its order, is about to declare a dividend on the proceeds arising therefrom, now in the said trustee's hands. All persons h a v i n g claims against the said dccr-ascd are hereby warned to (lie the same, for audit, with the Register of Wills for Caiolinc county, with the vouchers thereof legally authenticated, on or before the 28th day of April, 1898, or they may othcr\\isc, by law, be excluded from all benefit trom said funds. By order of the said court this 22d day of March 1898. Test:--KOB'T J. JUMP, Register of Wills for Caroline county. mar2G-3t. Road Notice. We, the undersigned, taxpayers of the Eighth election d'.strictof Caroline county hereby give notice that thiity days after tins dnte we intend to petition the County Commissioners to lay down and open n new public road b e g i n n i n g at ·»· near Ucacliamp's Bridge, on the road loading from Willi'ton to Concord, and running thiougli the lands of Mrs. Elizabeth Bcachamp, Win. F. Liden, and between the lands of E. JI. Garey and W. C. Andrew until it intersects the county road leading from Two Johns to Jones Corner. WM. V. LIDEN, A. HOWARD, W. II. \VRIGIIT, EDWI^ M GAREY, \V. C. ANDREW. March 19, 1898. Seeds and Plants For Sale, CANTALOUPE SEED A n n e Arundcl, (Enily.) Improved J e n n y Lind, Norris, (Late.) KED BASPBKRKY PLANTS Miller, Cutlibort, Brnndywinc. LUCBETIA DEWBEKKY PLANTS. STRAWBERRY PLANTS: Glen, Mary, Clyde, Enormous, Lloyd's Favorite, Brandywine, Jlichel's Early,Green ville.Lady Thompson, Tennessee Prolific, G a n d j , Bulmcli. AT KKAbONAiiLK TKRMS. KICHARD T. CARTER. REMEMBER! REMEMBER! Kcmcmbor, and in placing j o u r order for Strawberry Plants, don't forget that I have nil thi leading standard and new varieties for sale, nt prices that will attract you. Call and see mo or drop me a card of your wants, when I will name you prices. I can also supply you with Miller Raspberries and Lucrctia Dewberries. GEO. E. SAULbBURY, S-19-3t. Dcntoii, Md. S TATEMENT OF THE NEW YORK LIFE INSURANCE CO., OF NEW YORK, N. Y.,'TO DECEMBER 31,1807: Total Admitted Assets §201,410,835.41 Total Liabilities 183,518,335.4'J Net Surplus 17,893,409.92 Income in Maryland 269,789.81 Looses paid in Maryland... 203,279.17 S TATEMENT OF THE PENNSYL- vania Fire Insurance Co.. of Philadelphia, Pa., to December 31, 1897: Capital S 400,000.00 Total Admitted Assets 4,992,430.00 Total Liabilities 2.893,930.00 Net Surplus. 2,209,1284.00 IREAL ESTATE, IN THE First Election District of Caroline County, Maryland. Hy virtue of a power ol s-ile contained in a moitgiige from John K. Middle ami Martha A. Uicldlc. ItU wife, and \Yillinm Biddlf and Ainolia Middle, Ins \\\ c, to Andrew Chirk, bum ing d.ite llio 12th d.iy of Mtircli, 188J, and recotded in Liber L. II. G., No. -1C, folios 37!), etc., .1 land rei- ord book for Caroline county, .Maryland, the u ndci signed, nssiignee ot taid mort- gagee, will sell nt public sale at the Cou t lloute door, in Denton, Caroline county, jMaryland, on TUESDAY, APRIL 12th, 1898, between the lioius of 2 o clock p. in. und ·1 o'clock p m. of that dny, the following pioperty. to w i t . All llioso tracts or ptir- ceK of land situ.Uul in llie Fir«t Election J)i»tiicl of Caroline county, M in land, and more fill I \ described in ti will" from James JJiddle to John K Biddlc and "William Middle, it being the «aine land described in mortgage trom suid Biddies to Andrew Clnrk Xjot 3NTo. 1 contains about 3-3 Acres of Land, more or less, and is imprcvcd by a Two Story Dwelling and Outbuildings, a small Apple and Pencil Orchaid, and a small Tenant House. Xjot INTo. 2 contains about 51 Acres of Lund, more or less, and is improved by n Tvo-Story Dwelling and Outlmildh s^s, also an Apple and Peach Orchard, etc , and is ndj.icent to the town of iM.irydcI, su that it is convenient to railroad, stores, school and church. These lots will lirsl bj offered separately und then as a whole, and will he sold in the way bringing the most money. At the Siyn of the Crystal Globe. TEEMS GASH. Title papers at expense of piuchaser. OSCAR CLARK, J. W. CLARK, JR , Assignee. Auctioneer. J. H. C. LEGG, ATTORNEY-AT-LAW, CENTREVILLE, MD. ASSIGNEE'S SALE OK THE VALUABLE OF THE LATE WILLIAM M. DAY, IN THE SECOND KUSCTION DISTRICT OF CAROLINE COUNTY, MIX By v i r t u e of a power of sate contained in a mortgage from William M. Dny and Rebecca A. Day. 1m wife, to James T. Wood, beniing date the 28th dny May, 1878, and recorded in Liber J. W. T., No 40, folios 182, 183, etc., a land record book for Caroline county, Maryland, and by mense assignments assigned to John H. C Lege, on the 3rd day of March. 1898, which assignments are duly recorded at tho foot of the said mortgage, in Liber J. W. T., No. 40, folio 185, one of the land record books for Caroline county, Maryland, the suid John H. C. Legg, us assignee of the mortgage aforesaid, will sell nt public auction to the highest bidder, in front of the Hotel, in the town of Greens- borough, Caroline county, Maryland, on SATURDAY, APRIL 9ft, 1898, between the hours of 3 and 4 o'clock p. m., All those tracts, parts of tracts, or parcels of land situate, lying nnd Suing in the Second Election district of Gnroline county, Maryland, called "Mason's Hazzard," "Aimer's Park," "Dobson's Westmoreland," or by whatsovcr name or n nines the same may be known or called, containing 300 ACRES OF LAND, more or less, and is also bettor known ns the farm uf the late William M. Day, of Caroline county, Mnry land, and is improved by a good comfortable B R I C K D W E L L I N G H O U S E good Barn, Carriage House, and Corn House, and other Outbuildings, and has a young Peach Oicliard on it, iri good condition, of 1000 trees, and is only about 2 miles from Bridgetown, 4 miles from the town of Goldsboro, about 5 miles from Grcensborough, and about 7 miles frjm Ridgely, so that it is convenient to railroads, stores arid churches, and there is n school within half a mile of the I'm in, and the land is of good soil, fencing is in fair condition, nnd there is n growing wheat crop on said farm. Terras of Sale. One-half of the purchase money in cash on the day of sale, and the balance in twelve months from tho dny of sale; or nil c ish, at tho option of the purchaser or pur- c-hiis rs; the credit, payments, if any, to be sucuicd by notes or bonds of tlie purchaser 01 purchasers, bearing intc:cst from the dny of salo, pnynblu in bank, and secured to the satisfaction of the undersigned assignee. , Further particulars made known on dny of sale. JOHN K. C. LEGG, T. PRANK SMVAIID, ASSIGNEE. Auctioneer. N. B.--Arrangements can be made with the undersigned by which the sum of $1,000 00 of the purchase money can remain on mortgage, if the purchaser so desires. J. H. C. LEGG, Attorncy-at-biWj Ccntreville, Md. Ordej^Nisi, Jesse A. "Wright, Mortgagee, vs. James H. Webb and Wife. In the Circuit Court for Caroline County. In Equity. ORDERED, Uiis 18th day of March, 1898, that the sale of the property mentioned in these proceeding:, made and reported by Jesse A. Wright, Mortgagee, be ratified and coniiimcd, unless cause to the contrary thereof bo "hou n on or befoie the 21st day of May, next, provided a copy of this order be printed in Caroline County, once in each of tlncc successive wecta before tho 20th day of April next. The report states the amount of sales to bo §280 00. CHARLES W. 1IOB75S, Clerk. True copv--Test: C H A R L E S W. HO BUS, Clerk. Order Nisi. T Pliny Fisher, Assignee, vs. George W. Eaton and Sydney Eaton, his wife. In the Circuit Court for Caroline County. In Equity. Ordered, this 23d day of 3farch, 1898, that the sale of the property mentioned in these proceedings, made and leportcd by T. Pliny Fisher, assignee, be ratified and confirmed, unless cause to tho contrary be shown on or bcforo thi 26th day of May next, provided a copy of this order be inserted in some newspaper printed and published in Caroline county, once in each of three successive weeks b'cfore tlic 24th day of April next. The report states the amount of sales to be §96.00. CHARLES W. HOBBS. Clerk. True copy--Test: CHARLES W. HOBBS, Clerk. GETTING ACUAINTED * 4- WITH 4- "THE GLOBE," Baltimore's wide-awake and progressive Clothiers, Hatters and Furnishers, wants to make the business acquaintance of every reader of this paper. "Coming events cast their shadows before." A "coming event" that will interest and instruct you is the issue of the spring- and summer edition of . THE GLOBE'S ^CATALOGUE!* which will be published and ready for distribution about the latter part of March (perhaps sooner.) When you've carefully read the catalogue you'll be lots wiser. We think you'll like "THE GLOBE'S" way of transacting business 'cause its a fair, square and honest way, so different from some stores. All we want you to do is to SEND US YOUR NAME AND ADDRESS AND WE WILL MAIL COPY OF OUR CATALOGUE TO YOU AS SOON AS IT'S READY. 8 West Baltimore Street, three doors from Charles, BALTIMORE. MD. Peerless Machine Shops, EASTOItf, MD. PEERLESS TRACTION ENGIfctS, PEERLESS EPARATORS, PEERLESS SELF-Ft, UE^S, PEERLESS WEIGHERS AND BAGGERS, PEERLESS SAW MILLS, PEERLESS PORTABLE, DOMESTIC AND STATION RAY ENGINES AND BOILERS. OUR GUARANTEE: We will guarantee our Peerless Threshing Rigs will do more work and letter worx than any other make of machine on the mark side and side and take the best f T . Stackers by the carload. Rep:vr.n repaired, re-enameled and nicklc-;l it cl For particulars call on oraddref-. 'v r ^ j G. M. Telephone call No. 35. Near P. W. B. R. R. Depot. CARRIAGES! BUGGIES BINDERS, MOWERS BRAKES! H AVING just completed a large warehouse, I have on band a complete "stock of Carriages, Spindle Buggies, Diiytons, Speed Carts, Faun "\Yngons-oneand two horso. THE QUEEN OF THE HARVEST PIELD'is the OSBORPsJE COLUMBIA BINDER and beyond an doubt stavds without a peer. The No. 4 Mower is the lightest draft. All-Steel Hay Hakes and Kay Tedders, with bicycle nnd interchangeable wheels; Disc Harrows; Spring-Tooth Harrows. The machines nnd implements are all in stock now. And don't forget {lint Osborne Implements succeed where others fail. I am in a position to quote yon the very lowest prices on everything I handle. Am I-IEADQtJAIDERS FOR BINDER "WINE. Give me ft call, and let me give you a few points on prices. H. M. THOMPSON, - - HILLSBORO, MD. ··vi ! pi' them \ «o Imperial ·ic'ics. Bicycles aso.iable prices. FOR SIXTY-SEVEN YEARS I] HA VE BEEN MANUFACTURED. Year ly Year they have "been Improved. They are better now than ever before. Indeed, they are as near perfection as a machine can be made. Hence the great demand.' Call on the agant, Jonathan Evitts, DE1TTO1T, decided to discontinue the |t U If A\illii}ery Business, .RI.I, AI.I, MY MIU.INKKY STOCK, CONSISTING Ol' HATS, RIBBONS, UTC ,| 11 H A! G0S7 FOR ^ IF YOU W A N T BARGAINS |j CASH! || it if NOW IS Y O U R CHANCE! Mrs. Clark will still have charge of the Trimming Department. W. E. BROWN. Denton, Md. P|l:!N f »§· For Sale, Money to Loan. Miller KnspbeiTV, line hard plants, nt I Imvo money to loan on ftrst mortgage- S2 00 per thousand'. Addrsss on real estate, iu sums to suit borrowers. F. L. STAMBAUGH, Ridgoly, Md OSCAR CLARK, Denton, Md. WSPAPfcRI

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