Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on February 16, 1888 · Page 4
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 4

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 16, 1888
Page 4
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THE ETEHIKG GAZETTE: THURSDAY, FEBRUARY ifl Frost Knit, H. H. Frnomnn has been on the sick list, hut is sround njjain. Tom Kiiroy had a valuable oo* kHied, Sunday lust by ft freight train • " knocking it from the track. Ed Myers is happy over a » pound boy. Come to stay. Wm. Wilkinson has] rented In Gait and will move here the first of March Mrs. Jaa. Robinson is quite poorly, be'.ng troubled with neuralgia. Erne Hewett of Hastings, Neb. called on his friends .in Gait and Como last week. John Hurley, formerly of Gait, but. now at Sehaler, Iowa, was married last week. John can't you send a box of cigars Una way. S—, the batchelor from;the north end of town, has .had one leapyear proposal but being so modest and bashful and the proposal being so sudden he did not catch his breath till to late to accept. Try again. . Roth Da via,'of Tarn pico, has rented a house in Como and moved In. The Como quilt festival waa well patronized and the Sunday school la made richer by several dollars. W. II. Carruth waa the lucky one to draw the quilt lie Bays his understanding was t at a girl was to go with the quilt, bat he being a young bashful man did not demand his rights, but now wants the contract fulfilled. R. D. Davis' little girl has been quite •ick with measles, but ia now much better. Jo Hoak move on the Donichy farm, near Empire. Again Empire wins our loss. Ren Barret has sold his borso to Mr. Dart. It had a little too much life for Ren to handle. The lecture by Mr. Parker laat Saturday evening was very good. W. E. Truman ia wearing a standing collar. Aak him what ia up' and he .will aay a 85.00 girl at his house to buy soothing syrup for. Quite a parade passed through Gait one day this week in shape of 8 or 10 colts tied in a line; the head of one tied td the fly brusher of the other. ETEP. From Coleta. Eeb, 14 —Rachel Crouch baa not yet returned from Iowa. ' New moon and fine weather. A "social hop" at Philip Lenharts to-night. Literary exercises at Hazel Green to-night. Sales are ripe, and fast being harvested. Mr. Chas. Longdon and Philip Leuhart will have a large aale Feb. 22, on the formera farm, three.milea north east of Coleta. Johm C. Mefater to.'k a trip to the "hub" to-day. " . Miaa Sarah Wood visited in Coleta over Sunday. Lon Wood has gone^south, and will visit New Orleans and other points of interest, alao a brother who lives there, Mr. Frank Goodel, of Fulton, is the guest of II. C. Ulmer. • Our worthy townaman Humphry Anthony, was married laat week .to Mtaa Phoebe Bush, of Sterling. We extend our heartiest congratulations. Mrs. N. C. Styles ia quite ill with affection of the lungs. •• Mrs. Crouch and daughter, of Iowa, sister-in-law of Scott Crouch, are visit"" ing in and around town. Miss Nellie Beats, who has been suffering with the prevailing disease, . head and lung difficulty, is out again. D. A Slick's children are all improving. Tuesday, "St. Valentine's day," yon can find them from one cent to 91.25 at Fehrensen'a drug store. Mrs. Nettie .Over was in Coleta Wednesday, and attended the wedding at H, C. Ulmer's. Mr. Fritz and little daughter, from Fulton, are visiting at J H. Becker's W. H. Colcord IB busy insuring, David McComba lost a horse, valued at 8160 last week. Miss Moreland preaches in the M. R. church tonight and each evening -the remainder of the week'. . Mrs. H. P. James ia quite ill at her home at Joseph Hanua's. John Djets our lively auctioneer, will move from Malvern to Coleta this weak ami occupy the Grandfather Ulmer house. Miss Nellie Styles is able to ride out after a week's illness. The leap-year is upon us when eligible bachelors take, too. Mr, Olint Manning and family will so-jn become a portion of our Inhabitants. • Moving day has arrived; a sure aian of spring. Laat Wednesday evening at the residence of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. H. C. v Ulmer, occurred the marriage of their daughter, Frances 1 L, to Chaa. Deeta, son of Wm. Beets, St. The Invitations were extended to only the near • relatives. They received many rich and useful presents. They start out in life with brilliant prospects, and may-their fondest hopes never be blighted, is the wish of "ye scribe." NEXT. Communication. While some are making wry faceson account of the scarcely of crops, Adam I/elnback a friend of mine and a go- ahead farmer of Genesee Township, two miles south east ot Coleta, has he saya every reason to be satisfied with th« yield, which follows to wit. corn $56 bushels at48 centa, wheat 766 bushels, rye 109 bushels, cattle amount 8306, hogs amount 8809, poultry worth 8100, and other things in proportion. This it what a Burks county boy did, and some other 1'ennsylvaniana no doubt can do KS well, viz, Roy Witmer, Art L**rh«st, Henry Helens and others; If there are any others let us hear from them through the GAZETTE, My friend Phillip Nice has just received a letter from his father ia MaPhenon Co. *s€ wbo informs him that they are plcwiog *ud harrowing and towing, and go UMHI ftiiA (So i&«wi*e. FRHEMD. •c n Frost Miss Annie Rped returnfd home today from Iowa, whpre stm has be^ti teaching school the past sit months. Walter Reed will go to California soon, where he intends to spend the summer. The farmers are on the move; many of them changing their base from one Farm to another, for better or worse. Benjamin Deets has moved on to the Urove farm. John Pmetz moved on Monday from [I.- E. Gerdes' farm to one south of Rock River. Joseph Hoak moved this week on ;he Crawford farm J-j mile west of Empire. John Bowman will move on one of Jacob Miller's farms, "the old Raithel place." M. J. Ryerson is going on his land In [owa, to improve it, this' spring. T. S. Shirley will speak in the school house here on Saturday evening, Feb. 18th, on prohibition. Come and hear him. Charles G. Seidel attended the farmers' convention at IJixon. Con. Tire >'ODFRN- I'riaoili.-i for February s filled with usci'iil hints for h-iiFe work. It improves with crpry mini- 30 r. THAT nruonr little magazine Good Jheer ia very welcome in our house- iold. it contains something enter- ;alning and Instructive for every member of the family, and is doing good work with the moral tone of all its articles. From fen rose. Esrom M. Wade, of Freeport, 111., and Miss Amelia Detweiler.of Penrose, were 111., united In holy matrimony hy the Rev. E. Brown, of Sterling, 111., on Thursday, Feb. 14, 1888, at 1:30 o'clock In the afternoon at the residence of the bride's parenta. Thoae being present were a few relative, it being a private wedding. After the ceremony a relishing dinner waa served. In the evening the happy couple were serenaded by a party of about twenty flve. The bright couple left the next day for the groom's home near Freeport, 111., where the reception will, be held on Thursday, the 16th inst. The presents were beautiful. from Jordan. Feb. 15.—A three hours' discussion by the Jordan jointers on "roads to reform" through the political school of temperance, came off as announced with Oliver Talbott as chairman. The meeting was large and lively, but too ahort for a total unravel. There should be another trial, aa the strippings is all cream. ' ( The Lyceum Friday night waa one of usual interest. The question In dispute was "ballots for women," and tho verdict "nay." Miss Horning gave a/air view in a well written easay on "True politeness." Our Jordan Juveniles atill read aa they go swinging around ^he circle. They have already half-mooned" the town without an eclipse and expect to come out full. Our aupervisor is practicing penman 'ship—over the left. His atyle is not as fast and fancy perhapa aa that.-t>f our county clerk and superintendent, yet hia manuscript can be read as well aa the scribblings of some lawyers, Your Montmorency man says the tt, O. P's are afraid of fanatics. It is true, and while we are at the top of the ladder, we are not airaid of the pig climbing up, but don't like his rooting at the bottom—steady-. Last Friday they had a "fair—view' 1 of the work being done by Mlsa Horn- ing'up in the old Burger district schoo' No 7. Quite a number of visitors were in to hear the pupils discuss the pleas ures in.tlie new house compared to the same in the old. It ia pretty generally conceded that Ripley Stauffer's defence of the Third Party at the political meeting mentioned above was the beat speech of the kind we have had this winter. He aays he wants a chance to knock another round out of Hughey's ladder. Our Jordan Standard correapondents aeem to be vielng with each other in writing enigmas; as they both read the GAZETTK why don't they learn of ua and call "certain" Individuals by their right names and take the poundings we deserve. The monthly recitations by the pu pila of the Stone school came off last Friday with but three blanks out of forty. The selections were 'all prosaic, each containing a moral, or pretty atory. .. Jordan market for. hay and grain aa price made yesterday at Baer's aale, b^ata Chicago. \ .' GEO. From Harmoa. , Samuel Smith Is very sick with brain fever. Miss May Cady is very sick. H. C. Boyd's child age 18 months drank some concentrated lye from a can and Is suffering greatly from the effects. . . ' Mr. Michael Kelly expects to move to Sterling about the 25th of this month. John Frenks has rented a farm from Louis Long in Nelson. A. J. Curtis has started a feed niill on our farm. The ladies sewing society meets atMrs. Ive's Feb. 15 afternoon and evening. James Fank was driving his team across the railroad on a brisk trot when one horse caught his shoe on the rail and fell throwing Fank from the wagon and bruising his face. J. T. Swan has just returned from n visit to his old home at Feoria. J. W. Mlkesell expects to start out on the road selling carts next Monday. Now Inimrmnco Agalint Epidemic*. Mutual organizations to-Jnsure ngaiast epidemics nre being established in some of the lurRo manufactories of Sheffield, England. Each workman contributes 8 or 2 1-3 per cent, of hia wages, and in return ia (rnarantced a payment equal to hl» average wages should he be obliged to quit work on account of any epidemic in his family. The proprietors of tha manufactories have charge of the funds.— New York Sun. Cattle. A manufacturer who make* tool* for dahornUig cattle.^c»n not produce them fo*t«nout;b to moot th» demand. On* I*TB» stockman h*a be*n d»boraio 3,000 •.'•The b?st on earth" can truly be said fH-rfitrsc 1 !' (ilycorinp Salve - a speedy cum fuf^cuts, bniis"s, 8ca!rts, tmrrtf. ores, piles; tettfr and all skin pnip- ions. Try this wonder lioaler. -2~< els. Juarnntepd. O. A. Oliver <t Co. And now is over the season of payety with ninny for the winter. WOULD vor HF.LIKVK itV We are laily guaranteeing Kemp's Harsaparllla to thepeople for cleansing the blood. of life. Price 31. A It. Hendricks. r,K THE NOKTH American Review for February is a very remarkable number. It covers a wide range of subjects and discusses living questions in the most instructive manner. Thia publication linds a welcome in every cultivated household. YOUNQ MOTHERS do not know what a wise and reliable friend they will have if they send for Babyhood. This s not a magazine for infants, but about infants and it tells all that should be known. It is published at No 5 Beekman St. Mew i'prfc City, THE FEBRUARY number of the new magazine. Woman, is on our table. We are pleased with it and to us it seems to fill a long felt want. A real homa magazine for women; gotten up in the most artistic style and filled with de- ightful reading matter, will secure, as t deserves, a long and prosperous life. A LETTEH is before us which says; 'Please tell me through the columns of four paper If Francis E. Hpinner the treasurer of the United Btntes who' wrote that funny signature to treasury notes during the war is living." He is, and though upwards of 80 is lively as a cricket. He spends most of his time in Florida, we believe, but he hails from Pennsylvania. Mr. Spinner, to his eternal honor be it said, was one of the first to afford employment to woman at living wages, when he was treasurer, and he always treated those in his employ courteously and affably. He once told the editor of this paper that of the hundreds and hundreds in his employ, not one ever stole a dollar, although they had ample opportunity in the countless millions they handled. His practice of employing females was followed by others, and the treasury department ,today has more female than male employes in it. MODKSTT is a virtue which we admire in women and it is also commendable at times in a man; but in public affairs or in politics of any kind tlie modest man, stands no more show than the follow with the short pole in. persimmon time. Not only must ha possess the'glft of asking, but he must have it in the superlative; must ask often and persistently; ask in faith, nothing doubting; ask it of 'light; ask it of assurance; ask it with the air of "you can't put me off, you know; for I'm here to stay." And ask, too, for everything that cornea up, whether you expect to get it or not; ask in the knowledge that you'll not get mure thau one per centi of what you demand, out in. the feeling that you ought to have about live times as much as y u ask for. There is no exaggeration in this: it is true and pos Hively true, that the man asking for nothing, gets nothing; that he is set down upon, flattened out, "squashed." The politicians will use him when convenient and kick him aside when he ain't needed. Wherefore, O people ask for all that comes up, and ask for things th«t don't come up, and be thankful for quality of asking. When you see a man that got an ofllce without asking, for it (a paying ofllce); and when you. see a city get a government or State building without asking, for it, you will see what no one else has ever seen,|and what no one else will ever see again; wherefore, O people, ask and ask fervently; for it is only by asking and asking and frequency and frequency of asking that you will get anything. Education Among; the Chinese. Aa a people tho Chinese males nee better educated than nny other race of people In the world. Education to a certain extant ifl compulsory for "all Chinese males, although the mass cannot do much more than read and write; still to that extent they are nil educated. It, hns been the policy of the Chinese government for hundreds of yeara to select a certain number of boys from each district and educate them for historians and writers. Theii work is never completed, for as long as they live and are able to do anything they continue to study and write. Kvery flve years they pass an examination, and, according to their proficiency, they are promoted to office or rank. As a rule no Chinese can hope~to attain prominence in any civil or mllltarjt office pertaining to the government unless he has succeeded as o scholar, for the Chinese believe no man can succeed as a scholar unless he hns ability, and if he possesses ability, why then, as a mutter of course, he Is a suitable person to hold office; but no matter how high ths office may bo, he must continue his Btudles, the duties of life office being generally performed by a deputy.—Sun Francisco Cor. Chicago Herald. . Chicago'* Cheap Restaurant. "I do most of my business in the last two days of tho week—Friday and Saturday," said the proprietor of a cheap restaurant in the neighborhood of some of the largest mercantile houses in the city. "Do you account for thatF" "Oh, yes; it la very plain. You sec these big business houses pay off all their clerks Saturday night. During the first tew days of the week the yonng fellows have plenty of money, so they go to the high priced places for their meals. Along about Thursday or Friday most of them are nearly out of money, so they have to retrench. Then they tome here for their meals. By Saturday noon I have the bulk of them. . "I think It argues pretty well for these young fellows," added the restaurateur, as if be felt that he ought to say something In favor of his patrons—"It argues pretty well for theae young fellows that they would rather come down a notch in their living than keep up the stylish bill of fare and rntf in debt for it or steal to keep it up. "—Chicago Herald. ' Curtain* and Carpet. There arc lace curtains In the parlor* ot Bobert Garrett's $1,000,000 Baltimore mansion which coat taoO a yard. 60018 ot tint carpsu on tha floor* are actually worth their weight In gold.—N«w York World. Shall we have manual training in our schools? THK KEV. GEO. H. THALER, of Bourbon, Ind , says: "Both myself and wife >we our lives to KHILOH'S OONSUMPT- ON CURE." O. A. Oliver & Co. 1 The night school nourishes apace. Cnoup, WHOOPING couon and Bronchitis immediately relieved by Shiloh's "ure. O. A. Oliver & Co. 1 Let the law be enforced requiring attendance upon schools. SHILOH'S COTJQH and Consumpton Jure is sold by ns on a guarantee. It cures Consumption. O. A. Oliver & lo. 1 May the spring yield us many enter- irises. • Beware of worthless imitations of Dr. .Jones' Red Clover Tonic. The genuine cures headache, piles, dyspepsia, ague, malaria, and is a perfect torilc ind blond purifier. Price 50 cents. For Rale by O. A. Oliver. Shall we get .that government build' ' Formerly physicians confounded rheumatism with gout; but they are now known to be distinct diseases Rheumatism attacks every age, gout jnly adults. But whether you may lave to cope with the one or the other, Salvation Oil will be found equally efllcaclous. It kills pain. Price 25 a bottle. f. Slavery of soul public opinion. is cringing before The London Truth fears that overdressing is a constitutional defect In America; this may be so, but there ia one thing England cannot help acknowledging,—that we have the greatest remedy for asthma ever known.— Dr. Bull's Cough Syrup. In the winter "78 70 there were 68days of sleighing, a trifle longer than the present period; but this having already endured nearly CO days, we may go beyond that. A Family Blessing. Simmons Liver Regulator—the favorite home remedy—is entirely vegetable, and is the puriest and best family medicine compounded. No error is to be made in admitiistpring, no injury from exposure after taking, no loss of time. It is the best preventive medicine, and safe to take, no matter what the sickness" may prove to be, and in any ordinary disease will effect a speedy cure. tths The reign' of the coal dealers has been long. • ^HOSE-ACHES RHEUMATISM. NEURALGIA • OR KINDLED ILL! BETTER HAVE V A Proclamation! Dr. I. Gay Lewis, Fulton, Ark., •BT»I— "A year ago I bad blliou* fever i Tutt'i I'llU were no highly reeeommended that I used them. Never did medicine have a happier effect. After • practice of a quarter of • century, f proclaim them the beat ANTI-BILIOUS medicine ever used* I alwayi pro- •crlDe them." Tun's Pills Cure All Billons Diseases. 1,200,000 LADIES HOW WKAB THB COBSET. , Elennl. P«rfoctly HuUhtal, ud Ux. le ktuma to tha Ufcd*. Doublt Bane! Double Seaml Doublt Sttell ONE DOLLAR. SOLD EVERY'WHKRE. Bortree Mfg. Co., Jackson, Mich, H AVE YOUR BOOKS BOUND AT THE i Wonder* »x!»» In thoiimnd n' fnrmi.l-.ntars mrps-ivd hy t IB nmrrplt nt InvpRtfnn. Ihrvtf who rim In ne«l ot profltal>!f work itmt csn bf clon» whit* living nt Immp should at nno.o send ibclr addri-w to Hnl Iptt * Co., Portland, Mnlne, and irp'ivi; frfo. full Iniormatlon h^wtjiHHfr fw>x, of ail ni^s, can trim frnm $s to 1:5 pi'r day nnd upw-ird* WIITPVPF I ineyilvB \on nr? atnrtcrt free. Capital n^t re- | inilrixl. Brim" have made over f<o in n slnirlp i d»y at ton work, Ail tn.iowd. dwtf i S. M. BEECHER, PLUMBER, STEAM —AND— GAS-FITTER. Iron, Lead, Oulvert and Sewer lr*ipe. A roll Mae of Bru« fiottt*. Rneinr TrtmmLngra, A< . Pump« and Pump Repairs, OM jid Oil Fli- tares. SHOP OPPOSITE POST OfFICK ON FOURTH HTKKKT WHY DOES noisome manufacturer make a soap that is cheap in price, and good in quality, has often been asked. Thnf question has been practically answered by Messrs. N. K. & Co., of Chicago, who have happily combined quality and chcapnessin the Santa Claus Soap. .It washes so well and so easily, that it will not make the weekly washing A CAT astrophe to be dreaded. Santa Claus Soap has been thoroughly tested, and for all kinds of washing, whether linens or laces, dishes or clothes, floors or curtains, knives or sheets, woolens or cottons, it has no equal, and—it is cheap. If you do not want to DIB before your time and have life go HARD while you live, avail yourself of whatever lightens and facilitates labor. A good soap is a household, necessity. Wherever Santa Claus Soap has been sold, the testimony is the same, viz.:— "it is the best." Your grocer is an enterprising man and probably has Santa Claus Soap; if he hasn't he'll get it for you. Special Sale for 2 Weeks. JcS JcrC. Tsi"bl© a/rtd. Corsets. NOW IS YOUR GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY To Purchase these Goods at Much Less Than (Regular ^Prices. We have Just Opened New Prints, New Ginghams, New Black Dress Goods, New Stamped Scarfs, Splashers, Tidies, Tray Cloths, Pillow Shams, New Linen Collars and Ruch- ings. W© can save you 25 cents per yard on every yard of Black and Colored Dress Silks. WE ARE THE CHEAPEST DRY GOODS HOUSE IN STERLING. Be.t in the World j BUTTERICK'S PATTERNS ( Best in the World, N. CARPENTER & CO THAT HACKING COUOD can be BO quickly cured by Shiloh'a Cure. We guarantee it. O. A. Oliver & Co. i Fourteen persona in jail. CATARRH CURED, neaith and swee breatU secured, by Hbiloh's Catarrn Remedy. Price 60 cents. Nasal Injector free. O. A. Oliver & Co. 1 States' Attorney Stager secured conviction of all the parties indicted by the grand jury. Renews Her Yeuth, Mrs. Phoebe Chesley, Peterson, Clay Co., Iowa, tells tbe following remarkable story, the truth of which is vouched for by the residents of the town": "I am 73 years old, have been troubled with kidney complaint nnd liineness for many years: could not dress myself without help. Now I am free from all pain and soreness, and am able to do ali my own housework. I owe my thanks to Electric Bitters for having renewed my youth, arid removed completely ali disease and pain." Try a bottle, 60c. nnd 81 nt Strickler & Boor- sea Drug Store, Case of Hubbard vs. C. IV \ Q. on trial. Worth Knnwinx. Mr. W, H. 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No regular boat could pass the sho.ils to come far enough utf the Tennessee river for the purpose; besides, If he asked the Roverument for a ffunboat the war might end before he could get it. He found nn old mule ferryboat. This he patched up, and mounting a gun forward set her nflout under the name of the "Gunboat Tennessee." There Is something ludicrous in the military gravity with which ho gave his Instructions to its commander. When one considers tho Immense resources that were placed nt the disposal of other generals nnd the makeshifts of Mltchelj working with nothing except wliat ho could improvise, there ia Bomothir,K more than ludlcroiia in this order. It is pathetic: "CAPTAIN: You are placed in command of tho Gunboat Tennessee, now lyinj? at Whitcsburg. You will find one piece of artillery on board the boat. You will take on board a crow of armed river men from yonr own company such ns you may deem necessary. You we nlso authorized to take on board volunteers from the detachment of the Fifteenth Kentucky, now at Whitesburg. Go prepared for nny emergency to work yonr boat should ~the horses and mules be killed." The Gunboat Tennessee did good service. Stonm soon replaced the mules, and the peculiar looking craft continued to patrol tlm river till Gen. Mitchcl left the country.—Life of O. M. Mitchel, Astronomer nnd General. i NEW METHOD OF TRE4T1NG CHRONIC DISEASES. DE PEW PLAGE, Established and suceessnilly conducted by IJr. H H.liel'ew & Bon, who are prepared to treat all the moit complicated forms ol (mouse, both Acute and ChroDlc. This Is not a sanitarium or hospital, but ft home where patients can be caifd for while being treated by the WKW .1IKTHOU. All diseases peculiar to WOMEN, diseases of tbe UK1NARY and HKXUAL OKUANS, every form of NEKVOU-i DISK*«K8: al-o of the HTOMACUandUVEH. PJLESand FI8TOLA are by the MEW SIKTHOW RADICALLY mm. The advantages ot the KRW METHOD over all others are, Immediate relli-f aud complete recoverv. a» the cases reported proves. By a NEW. METHOD ol diagnoses tlioy are enabled to treat many canes succtBStully by letter. They will visit putlonU In any part ot tue country on short notice, lor a reasonable fee. Their methods are unlike nil others aud will cure when everything else falls. No letter answered unless accompanied by 4 cents In stamps. Address, Or. II H. DKPEW A ISO SI, ' SOI Fifth Avenue, corner Third St., Clinton. la. tthi-w ATTENTION! I Invite your attention to the fact that I bave ' WOKTH OF BOOTS i SHOES 01 the very best quality, which I will s«]I at and bcfow COST, as I wish to retire from btuluess. I kindly Invltu everybody, and tspecla'ly my old customers. to cuir.o and pi oat by this sale. This ta no aUi.'lipOoiiy affair, but It Is & Fair and Square Sale, And u I have a lama itnck ot Plmt-Clau Boots ui<l Bbwa.Tou will h»»e » chance to g«t tuch bargains that wore tuvvr bwii ol tutor*. -' But Tfcird •**««*. To Trade. A well improved farm In Whlteslde Co. of 140 acres to trade for Neb. — or Kansas lunda. Strike quick if you want it. It Is desirable. tf . F. B. HUBBARD. Sckiffmacker, Hai-o on hand, a "big stook of Live Cedar (Posts, fho lest Jtfichigan Soft (Pint Lumber, all kinds of (Building' Jdu,terial_ Sash, Qoors and(Blinds, Coal, Lime, Cement, Hair, etc., etc. Everything at Lowest J&ar- ket (Prices. A biff advantage in dealing with us. is that you can get your loads ivith- out going over the railroads. HI cent kind of »Qnar« and flat *>lua> eta. for garden fencee. I net received E. B. PACBY & CO. PLUMBERS, STEAM & GAS MM H AVE NOW IN THEIR EMPLOY MB. JOHN BUCKLEY, recently In tha employ of J. 8, Johnstoue aa Plumber. WeaJao have arrangements with WALTER A. FACKY, an nxpert Plumber, now with K, Baggot In tbe best plumbing establishment In Chicago, In caao of any fine or el tra work, to assist us. We are • prepared to make contracts and furnish material for all work In the Plumbing, Steam and Gaj. Kitting line: and ke-p In stock Iran, lead and sewer pijw, brass goods, pumps, Sic., so.; everything to ue found ia a llrstclass establishment, at rvasonuble prices, aud we are now prepared to • do work In a fatlsfoctory manner and guarantee < all work unit material as represented. T. K. FACI'jy, who lias been 4u business here • almost continuously forlho last thirty-two years,. will superintend the work. His qualification! KS a Mechanic are too well known to need comment. •• SHOP AT T11K OLD STASiO FACfY BLOCK. STfBUN8,lLl. for 1SS! Is bettor than ertr. «nd rboald te In >f »vcrT ppnon contemplating bu _ ~..i_-.» >f evcrr prnon contemplatng PLANTS « BULBS, 0 I? C |> A g 1 1 B 8 § ------ talol 1 Colored pUtej, cfUluetntlons. Hid ornrlT UO ftftt. (dllai rtmt to buy, and wh.n to cct It, tod Burning lowed wicufbrhonMtjood*. Price of GUlWt odlylOotou, ft Cen Jtted. Inline IX o. 1. s IKW1N McMANHJAL HAS OTABTBO A I aow dnyr, aud la prepared to do all klndji of "•••Hua. ftftviog bounotoUl K«>i» <u>d plaoo* u* 15 *-, l*"» ««»«» »J Metoa * 8a<;» Hwunr J«lin»oB'» iincttj. -~JS3

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