The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on July 10, 1923 · Page 3
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 3

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 10, 1923
Page 3
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TUESDAY, JULY 10, 1923 THE HUTCHINSON NE"W"3» .'AGE THKi'.li. CLOSING OUT THE FOLLOWING LINES OF MEN'S DRESS AND WORK SHOES We are closing out a few line* of men's shoes and oxford*. There is absolutely nothing wrongwith these shoes and the reason for our scling them out at a sale price is that we are going to carry only three styles of men's shoes. $8.00 Men's shoes, Brown Calf, Goodyear Welt Sewed Sole, Rubber tipped heel $7.00 Men's dress work shoe, Flexible welt sole, rubber tipped heel, Munson last $7.50 Oxfords in Big Boy's sizes. Goodyear welt sowed soles and rubber tipped heels... AT $5.00 $5.00 Finest grade of Brown Calf, 5.00 FIRP0 AND WILLARD TAPER OFF TRAINING Principals in Thursday Night's Fistic Encounter Ready for Chance at Title, New York, July 10.—Luis Angel Flrpo suspended flEfio activities today and devotod himself to less strenuous preparation for his encounter with Jess Wlll-.ird on Thursday night while enthusiastic gentlemen from various points south of the RloGrando flocked the local ticket offices to scramble for choice points of vantage In the big pine arena at Boyle's Thirty Acres. Wlllard also started on a wludup program of light training. While both, of the boxers had their final workouts yesterday, the final hitch In the path of the bouts was settled by the granting of the permit by the Jersey building inapoctors tor use of the arena. Phoenix hose to match. Have you noticed our windows? We close at 5 o'clock except Saturday. OTHER GAMES IN THE SOUTHWESTERN LEAGUE Bauer Is Right And Blanks Pennant Winning Refiners Muskogee 18, Independence 3. Independence. Kan., July 10.—Poor pitching and -poor fielding on the part of the locals enabled —Muskogee to pile up fifteen runs and take the second game of the Berles hero, 15 to 3. Score: MtiMkogeo j Independence al> h poj ab h po Haley, Olson, Ha Oorirnn, lit WllllWl. If Ilabbltt, of Hrate-lvle. rf Hem lie. .lb Forest, a Hunter, p 1 1 tlahn. of 2 2 Mitchell, 2b 3 11) Flaher, lb 0 H Mason, sa 0 2 Wrenn, If 2 0 Evana, rf 2 2 Sch'nfilt, 3b 3 7 Moora. c ' 1 0 Cose, p •Caton Totals 0 2 1 5 0 11 0 -1 3 2 0 1 3 1 0 4 0 0 0 « 30 6 27 Totals 42 14 2" Seore by Innings; MnskOfOB 2f)D 000 441-4—15 Tnrlepcntlenec . .000 010 020— 3 Summary—Runs, Haley 2, OlHon 2, CoiKau 2, Wetzel 2, Ita.bbltt, Dranchle, Hemce 3, Forest 2, Mitchell, WTonn, 1'lnlier. 3-buna hits, Wranu, Corgan, ltrauchlfi, llonipe. Stolen baaen, Olson, Wetsel. Double pl-.iys, Mitchell to PLiher; Iln.ley to Corgan. Left on bafles, "Aluako- Boe r>, Iiulepenilenco 0, Struck out, by C'a.-Hj 4, bv Hunter G. Bases on balls, off Case 5. off Hunter 6. Wild pitch. Case, Time of trame, 2:00. Umpires, Shaney and Smith. Hutchinson Rookie Scores His Second Shut-Out Win. SHOCKERS HIT 'EM HARD Got But Eight Blows off Battenfield, But They Were for Seventeen Bases. TOO MUCH BAUER Coffeyville— AB R Kahdot, 3b 3 0 Glass rf '. 3 0 O'Byrne 1b 1 0 Matthews 2b 4 0 Rowe cf 4 0 Dorland ss 4 0 Mare, If 4 0 Bentley c 3 0 Eattcnfield p 2 0 Totals 31 0 4 24 11 Eherirf Batten Held suffered the snmo l'ato as Joe Victor yesterday, the Hiiorkcrs malting it two straight from the first season -pennant winning iEel'in«ra by winning S to il. Albln iBatinr, youthful lowan was lust as much of a mystery to Coffey vllle a .3 he as on tho last visit of the Javalown athletes, holding the thorn to four hits and not, a run. 'He was never In "Burlous danger at auy time, not a Refiner getting past second nase. Battenfleid was mighty good in the firm two innings The Shockors registered aiot a hit and although Umon and rick "got on base in tho two frames each -was mowed down trying to steal Battenfleld's support faltered In the third and so did ho. Le-men's Single Scores Two. Knhclot threw out Danka to alart tho Inning but Wales lived ou Dorland'e boot Ilauer retaliated for Batten- flokl'o hit, which had been "the Refiner's first, by poking a Texas league ovor third base which three fielders Bought In vain. Both runners advanced on a pa^asid ball but Shoots walked, filling the bases, Foster hol.ftod to Kahdot but Lemen singled cleanly to right, scoring Wales and Bauer. Lemen stole second. Solomon walked, filling the bases again. Shoots scored and tho others advanced a .peg on a - wild 'pitch. iPIck grounded to Matthews, In only two Innings did moro than four batsJnen face Uauer. In the third Hutchinson— AB R Shooi3 as 3 2 Foster, 3b 5 0 Lemon £b 4 1 Solomon cf ».3 0 Pick if 2 2 Goode rf 4 0 Banks 1b--r 4 0 W?les, c 4 2 Bauer, p 2 1 %illna 8, Bartlesvllle 0. Rallna, Kan., July 10.—Houlton held Burtlesvillo to four hits and Sallna took a shutout hero yesterday, 8 to 0. In tho third inning Bruner was jerked aTler he had Issued a walk following two hits, Rogenold, relief tosser, walked two more, forcing across a pair of tallies. An error and a sacrifice fly Hont over throe more. The Sallna players ran the bases wild. Score: Dartleavilli Sallna ab h po ab h po HnUer, 2b 3 0 2 Ilentfrow, 2b ,'1 0 2 Willis, It 4 0 2 CJeryjld, ss 4 12 Vranlt'off. cf 3 0 1 C'hesbro, lb 5 2 10 OaKhlon, lb 4 0 10 Mlili-r. cf 3 1 1 IIi-vliiK. et 2 0 0 Hrautlgau, 3b 3 0 2 KlnB, 31) 3 2 1 UVst'aver, It 4 3 3 Hack, ss 4 1 1 Sarlund. rf 4 0 0 Fisher, c 1 0 2 Dunn, c 117 Lamb, c 2 1 6 Houlton, p 4 0 0 Unmer. p 1 0 0 KcgenoM, p 3 0 0 Totals 30 I 24 Totala 31 3 27 Totals 31 8 8 27 12 0 Score by Innings: Coffayvllle 000 COO 000—0 Hutohlnson 003 001 31x—8 Summary: Earned runs, Hutchinson 1. 2-baio hits, Foster, Goode, Banks, Kahdot, Dorland. Homo runs, Pick, Lemen. Sacrifice hit, Bauer. Stolen bases, Lemen, Pick, Shoots. Left on bases, CoffoyvlHe 7, Hutchinson 6. Passed balls, Wales, Bentley. Wild pitch, Battenfleid 2. Hit by pitcher, by Bauer, Battenfleid. Strike outs, by Bauer 3, by Battenfleid 2. Time of game, 1:40. Umpire, Wilkinson. Iturtli^vllJo «100 (ii )i> 000—0 0 i HnllniL Oir. 000 20.\~!i O I Summitry—2-b:is* iili*. a -r ;.M, Ch : Mlllor. SutM-lfUxt hit, lHmti. Stolen 0 I l-'UH'.-a. Kent frow, Woslonhu^cr 3. Dunn, Houllfin, G«rnlri. l.atnli 2. HILSC- un balls, off UVUIUT 4, off Rp.genokl I, off Kaiiltou S. Hit by pitPherl btdl, Kentfrow l.y Meg .•noli]. KtTUv'k out, bv UrutUT \'.> by Ht'K cnoUl 3. by Houlton T. Hits, off Itrmjer, ^ In iwo inning, l.oft on-bn ;i -rs, r.;irtl «.H- vi!!r; l<l, Sal!n;i II. l'a*st<l t-all. f.;itnb. Wild i pitch, Jiruiiftr. Runs, tiet ;i.Ul. i .'in?H • Ivo, Miilor, llifinfl(r<in 2, Wo-stenbavor S, I>unn. ICrror. Casliion. Umpire, (Jiith r !t:y. 6L« SOUTHWESTERN LEAGUE. W. I/. HT'TOHINSON- 4 1 fiaimlpa 3 2 Pa.llna 3 2 Topoka , 2 3 lmi£"l.<Smlcnc« 2 S Cuffeyvlll* 2 8 Bci-tlesvlUB 2 8 Muskogee 2 8 rob .800 .600 .600 .400 .400 .400 .400 .400 NATIONAL LEAGUE. )V. Li. New York 43 25 Flt-tsburKh 44 27 g lnolnnatl 42 28 rooklyn 38 34 Chicago 4* 36 St. T,oula .- 36 41 Uostim 23 50 FblladvlpliU ^...22 61 AMERICAN LEAGUE. New York SO 28 Cleveland 39 36 riilladelpliln 37 S6 Cliloaso ••'M 35 DBtroft 35 38 St. r.otll» 34 39 Washington 32 41 Bo«ton 27 41 AMERICAN ASSOCIATION. St. Paul 49 Kanaas City 46 LOUIHVIHO 40 Ccdurnbuj) , 3« Mllwuukoa 28 Inillanayolls ..... ....34 MlmiRHliolls 30 Toledo « 28 .003 .620 .5112 .628 .620 .455 .306 .301 Pel .685 .r ,20 .507 .600 .479 .406 .438 .897 PoL ,6«l .834 .81} .49) .474 .468 .40"; WESTERN LEAGUE W. I.. Prl Wloblta 46 28 .0:13 Tulsa ........ 45 34 .Cka Oklahoma City .......42 .14 ,f.M Omaha . ...41 36 .M Dft, Moines ..'..t...40 40 .600 Kloux City 33 42 .428 St. Joseph 34- 46 .430 at .860 with one down Buttonl'lcUl singled ani! . Knh(lt)t walked. Olaiia and C>'Byrne I wont out on Infiokl l'llea. In the fifth %vith tv,-o gono BattonrHild waH foil by a pitched ball ami lAahdot shot a. shari> ono which darted hotwoen Shoots' Iocs, it didn't look like the transplanted ouifiultU'r had n chance to got it and it wont for H hit. Kahdot was forced at aptond by t>his». Got But Two Earned Runs. Tho donioBtles' first earned run camo In tho sixth v,-\mn", with two gono Rldlo Pick uarkiMl one ovor tho fence. Three more scored hi the tsovonth that wery not fated nnd a second earned , run came In the eighth. ! In tho seventh Wales lived on Matty's iboot and Bauer sacrificed, Wales KohiK to third on the play which drew Kahdot in. Shoots shot a. single into center "where no one could get it after being robbed of a hit on his previous trip up by a circus catch by ISM Mara. Shoots nwlped second, Foster noised U) Kahdot bjit ljemeti sent, one over the, battlements. Solomon, trying desperately for hla hit a day popped weakly to'Dorland. In the' eighth Pick walked and stole second. Olaaa -took Ooode's line drive •but btttvka doubled' to de .ep left, scoring (Pick. DiuiiiB went to third on a wild pitch but Wales popped to nor­ land after"Battenfleid had developed a wild stiv.alt, roaultlug in the passing of Bsvuer and Shoots. NEW YORFPROIOTERS HAVE BURIED HATCHET Now York, July 10.--Tex Ttlcknrd and Tom O'ltourko, rival boxing: promoters have burled the. hatchet suf- ilciently doop to meet for discussion of a 'bout between .lack Uompsey and I Harry Wills, negro nexnr, It was dis- I olosed today. O'Kourke, who claims to hivo Wills under contract, for Ills next appearance, and Ricltavd. who lays claim to Doinpaey's sorvices. In the east, indicated tho match waa probable provided Jack Kearns the champion's manager, could be iuduced to see the linht. proiqot«:rs •proti.-ssol to believe a rcinpssy-SVIUs bout would Prove a bolter drawing card than a match between Dentpaay .ami eillter Uuia Angel Kaws Blank Yankees. Topelta, July 10.—Hill Mitch.'11 had his hooks breaking in fine shape yesterday and Topeka took the second game of the series from the Hapulpa Yanks, 5 to 0. Topeka put over three 111119 by clean hard hitting and the Yanks threw in a couple more for good measure hy hootlng tho ball at luopportu..' ; ; times. Tho score: Topeka Sarulpa lb ab'h po 4 1 ' 4 0 4 0 4 t 31 6 24 : V/iUI; Holly, :ii Srott, cf l-'llnein, ys iMt-veland, 3b Funk, c t'crratt. If Adair, vf Matthews, p, . Totals Snore by innings: Saimlpa ']V>l><;ka Sunlnl'.il y—Kann-d 2-buse hits. JIatthev lilis, Napier, Benn. tTUcrlfit'e hits. l J orr Knc.aye:c ,Sa< rlflce fly, un balls, off Mltclioll 1. Strui'k out. by Mitchell i Wild pilches, Mitchell 2 Hapulna 7, Topeka 7. 1:30. Umpire, Goes. N'apler. cf Slruhm, 2b nick, 3b Hoi-kskopf. II Clabautfb. rf 0'C'onriell. If Kneaves, Menn, o Mitohell, p Totals ab h po 1 4 3 1 1 1 0 14 0 1 2 1 1 0 3 6 0 0 32 3 : 000 000 CO0--0 110 012 0&X--5 •una,- Topeka 3. O'Counell. 3-bas,) Home run. nick, tl, Matthews, Strohm. off Maillit-wx 2. by Mutlln-v/s 2. l.el'l on biuses. Time of Kanie, BUCKETEERS HOT FOOT IT OUT OF CHICAGO NOW §0rirfg lranft (Elotljeri Knox Straw Hat* ""^J \ • Boriax-Phelpi Straw* ; Manhattan Shirts m i "0k Well tailored comfort for hot weather The well tailored suit for summer is unusual— and highly desirablel Few men can be satisfied with the rough and ready tailoring and total lack of style in the usual summer clothes. For the man who values good appearance always, we have Society Brand in the cool fabrics; tailored, styled as smardy as the best of spring wear. Superior Underwear $1.00 and Up. Holeproof Hosiery for Men and Women. HE FANNING BJ This is Since the "Law" is Digging Into Some of Their Transactions, Cliirago, July 10.—Moro than fifty o)'ornl^ht brokei '3 and ihucketeers have either coased business or fled from here Blnce a grand jury inquiry was Instituted Into their operations, according to Hobert McMillan, assistant state's attorney who is eoiulitcting the investigation. More than a dozen of the blRgest brokerage houses drawn into tho investigation have publicly announced their closing while 'Scores of tho small Places have jumped before the state could reach them, bo said. Real Hard Luck. "Just my luclt," said the prisoner, as he throw tho magazine across his cell In disgust "Nothing but continu- oed stories, and my execution'*! flxt for next Friday."—Key of tho House. And now for the Bartlesvillo Bearcats. EnMey Barbour expressed the belief v»hen here the other day that the Bearcats would be the team that must be beaten for the pennant...He conceded the Shockers a mighty good chance to do this providing the pitching staff Is strengthened. The Bearcats will be here for three days starting tomorrow at 3:30 and tho fan3 will see a much stronger team than on their last appearance. —x— The Shockers go to Topeka Satur day tor a three gamo series and from there go to Independence to meet the Producers In a trio of contests. Mose Solomon was hoping hard for another tlmo at "bat when Ilattenfield got wild In the ninth. The "shuruff" hail succeeded In stopping Sol's batting streak In four previous appearances. Solomon had hit safely In fifteen consecutive games. —x—Solomon has not been nearly as sure with the willow of lato as he was | earlier. At the same tlmo Pick and Shoots have ben much more consistent hitters. The Shocker line-up yesterday was a patch-work affair. It in­ cluded.a pair of cripples at that, 1'urtell Is out for a few days because of neuritis In his throwing hand and that necessitated tho uso of Shoots, fleet tooted center fielder at abort. Eddie UahkB played first yesterday despite his "Charley horse" and did right smart job of It. Goodo, \vith"an itifocted foot, wont into right, field anyway. * —x— . Pans can well be enthused over Banks' showing at first. . The' home town boy has shown the stuff and If he can get his log oiled so that It doesn't bother liim he'll got tho regular assignment. That will send Solo mon to right flold. Mose in center yesterday-did not look very good. He is too slow for that position especially when fans arc used to a flash Hko Shoots. —X— When a pitcher can causa a oatter like Irish O'Byrne to hit three inflold balls, two easy pop- ups, he's right. The ex-atate leaguer managed to raise one to Pick on his fourth trip up. —1— Bobby Rowe, rooklo center fielder for tho Refiners lias bean hitting 'am hard until ho came here. He has one inflold hit to his credit In eight trips to the plate hero. corned they have won but ono from tho Roiinors at Coffey villa. Tho Java- 1JJ town boys have registered but one do- !• .dsivo victory however. The count for |* tho season gives tho Shockers 7 wlnsiJJ and 6 defeats with Coffeyvlllo. |° Barbour protostod that CoffoyvlHe j jj played "Babe" Erwin, outfielder as a g rookie when he had bad previous pro- 1 H BASE BALL! Hutchinson vs. Bartlesville 3:30 P. Pitiful Plight. "I felt n groat sympathy for him After all, his oaso was more serious than mine. The bishup was coming to marry, him the next day."-—ITroni, a «oriai stuu in iba SaatUa %lmt Nothing would be sweeter than Shocker-itefiner series for tho league championship. Judging from all indl callous to date, it should be easy fo the town talent. Thay haven't lost a game to the Mattymen ut Gano park UUP season. As far as that Is con- feljslonal experience. The Muskogoo manager's protest may bo a sour grapes oxamplo. He tried out Brwln and roleasod him before the season began. He promptly inado good with tho Refiners. Carl Shelby plana to go to his old homo town In Missouri to rest the remainder of this season. Fans will bo Just as well pleased, for as suro as Shelby caught on elsewhere ho would get right and there's no getting around tho fact that when his knuckle hall Is working Shelby has no poer In the league for effectiveness. —x— Tho Shockers now have 12 plnyors On the roster but two or throe now pitchers are somewhere onrouto. A pitcher who could also servo as a fielc'Or* would not bo amiss, (loodo is a very good fielder but a right bander would be bettor when a southpaw is pitching. None of tho other members of the present staff is suro enough as a hitter to bo good outfield timber. —x— Several members of tho Muakogep ball team blame a large and gaudy sign In center field for poor stick work at homo. They say the sign hurts their eyes. Thoy could write alibi for Aloxandor, late Shocker try-out down in Mtrskogeo, —x— Fans at Ooffeyvlllo have launched a benefit fund for Normaa Bitts, most promlslns of Matty's rookies who lias been seriously 111 as tho result of a ruptured appendix. Sitta won 't get Into th» game again this year and a fund will he raised for him. His hom« la In Cleveland, O. —x— George Wiltigrod a.nd Pat O'Byrne of tho Coffeyvllla team are making tho prosont trip via motor. They are traveling in Wllllgrod'g flivver. They will leave this evening for Sallna, —x— Manager Matthews of tho Rofluors it probably the only manager In the loop who. hadn't taken on strength for he second season. He may be forced to It if ill luck pursues hlra. Right now his team, is weakened by tho absence of 3ltts, Babe Krwlu and Billy Rogell. It In reported Ted Waring expoct-j to get Frankenhoff, a fence busting outfielder and "Happy" Campbell, nee of his pitching staff of 11121 and 1322 at Independence. Kranlt'-nhol'f nlso played for Waring at Independence. —x— "Wild Bl«" MHoholL ex-Santa Fo shop leagner looks like a real Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, July 11,12 and 13. GAN O PARK M, LADIES' DAY FRIDAY maBiiiiBiiiiiiiiBiiiii K M a • M % BBBBM NHXT WEEK! ROBINSON' I S.NCDPATOBS SeniiitlQriikl Negro Jax* Band dlraot from M I D L A THE NEWS TELEPHONE, 4400 comer this year. In three game* he has allowed two runs. H« stopped Barney Cloveflatid's tilu* gera yesterday, shuttiug them. out. | Topeka need not teal so badly ' over Pierce getting knocked oat by S&pnlpa. The Yanks will giro any loft bandar the same mo<U- clno generally. It Is th* one team in tho league whose batting strength is in right handera, —x— Three Bhut -onte in the league yesterday. Houlton of Sallna, MltoheU of the ICaws and Bauer of the Snookers turned the tricks. IBOSB Barbour ot the Met* »irltc(h*l Corgan to first bone yesterday at Independence la pl»oe of Olajriba-ooJc, —I— Jack: WlUrlnscm it Stamt about a* popular with fans here as was Harry Womack last year. The veteran catcher pops the izame up a lot and hla good nature radiate* to the players. The two games with the (Refiners have been wholly lacking In crabv blng. And bo It said for Juok, he misses darned few, evan from, th* standpoint of the hleaoher wolveai —x— Just for fear someone has overlooked the fact, the Shocker* have estabMs'hed a season's record by playing two straight error- loss games. We'll have a lltU« more of tho same, plea-se. —x- The Vow York (Manta finally broke the It.-d Jinx, beating (Miiflnna 'i > tenia;.- a ;l."l' losing Six Mraiy 'nt Muiaii's entry. Th» automobile has made all tho state a neighborhood.—Atchison Glob TMdeweave No metal can touch you Buy Wldeweave PARIS for their style; wear them for their comfort. Long wear in every pair — always higher in quality than in price. Say "PAIUS" when you buy. "iOOOHounof Solid Comfort" A STEIN & COMPANY Chi!fW« HICKORY C.™™ CWCAOQ NEW Ycmx Will Be Dry In th« Fwtu-is. InilicittiijU'.j tic. 1 ihaf Klit^luni! nlowiy will Hi-prn .'ii'h «'ni:t;-- • A; cuns (.*.'- t ' • H '.vi •>'•: <•;'

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