The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin on June 18, 1859 · Page 1
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The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin · Page 1

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 18, 1859
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VOLUME XL MILWAUKEE, SATURDAY MORNING, JUNE 18, 1859. NUMBER 224 DAILY JNEWS. SHAKPSTBJN & LiATHUOP. ..josim UOEIOT. stft BPI no, os tusax BT«ICT, »«i» wiijata aousi Dail/ Psper, published every morning, except Monday •Tti-Wetkly Pojper, Monday, Wednewlay and Friday, ftet-Vly Paper, every Tuesdsyinornlng. ........ TEBMfL OF DAILY PAIfRR, . $T,00 Dally Paper for one year, payable In advance. ' I. TEEMS OF TBi-WKEKLYPAEEE. Tri-WeekJy Paper for oneye&ri payable in adrtnce .*8,BO T&IMB OF THE WEEKLY PAPER. Weekly Paper forone year,payable In advance...»1,00 ttATJES OF ADVERTISING IN DAILY Ten lines, or less, of Nonpareil makea aijnare. «1,00 2,00 2,50 8,00 BJ60 4,00 I do. Swr.ks.... 5,00 1 square, Iday,.. 1 do. Sdays... 1 do. 8 days . 1 do. 4 davt .. 1 do. ftdavs... 1 do. 1 week... •/I-, do. 2 v 1 mnare, 1 month... $6,00 1 do. Smonths.. 10,00 1 do. 8 months.. 12,00 1 do. 4 months.. 15,00 1 do. Smonthi.. 16,00 1 do. 9 months-. SO,00 !1 do. 1 year/... 80,00 Rounds & Lang don, A»VI ICTISLNti! AGENTS. 165 Randolph Street, are emOiorimed to receive Adeertieemcnti for Oiii and <ill the leading Papers of the JforUaeett,-and are the OHLT and si- /LCSIVBXT auOioriftd Agaite f n the XorOuoestfot a majority ofthtrr*. mar4 IN TOWN AND OUT OP IT. MARE M. POMEROY, Editor. ' !*(ctcarolo£rfcal Record* for June 17, '59 Lept by C n OARDI \ EE * CO., Druggists, 18 Spring street. THERMOMETER. 6 A. M. 2 P. M. 66-c s «1 <- a or. n 67° a for Teleffrapfi and Commercial matters see Fourth Page. • Hood sells household furniture at auc lion this morning at 10 o'clock. AN KN-KXJULAB DEMONSTRATIOH.—Hitting a fellow bim in the eye with your fist. ' The J.inesrillt- Times says sereral editors were IOOSH and risiting in that city the other day. Some of them were in this city and in the samt ftrfdtcawertt. • SUPPER —The German printers of this city have resolved to celebrate the birth-day of Gutenberg, at Bielfitld'e Hall, on the evening of the 25th, '.iy d supp-r and ball. VEBT NICE.—A lady sent aa yesterday some handsome ripp cherries. They were beautiful, bat not half so tempting as the cherry lips of the fair and generous donor. • We havt) bseo presented with a new wash basin. All we want now is soap and a clean towel.— Madison Argv<. It rathar strikes us that yon want washing —at all events it wonld improve your appearance. WIDOW.—\V« noticed a widow ont In the front yard to her house, the other day giving <ii eetions about cutting the grass, grow! ing there. We never knew the meaning of the term "grass widow" before THE FOURTH AT MADISON.—Great preparations are being made to celebrate the 4th of July at Madison. On that day the M & M R R. will carry passengers to and from Madison for hall far*. young man aged 18 years, married in New York the other day, and after thinking the matter over two hours, enlisted in the navy. He said, that come to think of it, be did not believe it would suit him to be tied up at home 1 EDIEORIAL FEAT —An editor down in Illinois, while running to a depot, stopped and kissed an old codger's young and pretty wife. She remarked, as he went off, "that she bad 1 rather be kissed by a stranger, as he would not stay 'round and 'blab ' " Godey's Magazine ia just received at the new news depot, corner Main and Wisconsin gtreel, it is a"beautifal number, contains the latest fashions for the summer O&ll and get a copy. WM E TUNIS & Co MILITARY SPIRIT —The Dane fonnty cavalry left Madison the other day to visit the farm of Mr Robbins, a few miles out of the city. Mr. E, met them on the road with abont fifty of his agricultn a! laborers, armed with pitchforks and other similar agricultural implements, who escorted the cavalry to Mr. Bobbins' residence, where they were provided with a bountiful repast. SHALL BUSINESS.—An exchange says It is small business for ladies to fool their time away playing with a poodle dog Granted, but we have heard of ladies being engaged in smaller business than that—hunting for fleas ? They also appear to think it a small business, as we never heard of one who could do other than "look doivn" ») Ho engaged in it. AUKEE LIGHT GUARD. The members ofthe Milwaukee Light Guard In the city, are hereby ordered to appear at the Armory this Saturday Evening, at 8 o'c lock precisely. By Order of the LienL C ommanding, THOS. H. SCHTJTLER. Corpral VALUE OF ABSENCE —A Western Editor who formerly .resided in this city, wishes to know if "New Fork is virtually beyond all moral , redemption." The said JSditor having ceased to be a resident among as, we should emphatically answer No.— New Tori: News. Good joke on " skimmuV' of the Sentinel. How if the Newt will tell us if New York is morally beyond all «nrfuou» redemption, ,the whole question will be settled. Y Coot.—Barnnm denies that he was hit with oranges, eggs or onions, at Oxford, England, when he attempted to lecture there. He gays some of his audience groaned and hissed a little, but he took the affair in perfect good humor, and told them that as an old showman he begged to nay, that, baring paid their money they might take their choice —vive the entertainment themselves or let him do it. The audience concluded to let him do it, and at the close all were Well pleased. E.—In Toronto. C. W.. on Saturday a fire occurred on the premises of Smith & Burke, doing damag- to the amount of $12,OW> to $16,000. No insurance. - In Gnelph, C. W , on Friday, a fire broke out in John Alexander'* ware rooms, and d fl etroyed the 41oc£ known as Plait's building tons $10,000- The saw-mill of A. L. Brooks, at Lowell, Mass., was burned on Sunday, ioss$10,000. In Concord, N. H, on Sunday, the old South Congregational Church, Norrig' bakery and fire dwelling houses were destroyed by fire. Loss $20,000. ' HI8XBIK8 Ot JAJflSVILtB.—Without doobt, Janesrille, the capital of Book county, Is.a pleasant place to live in, but we could no more think of taking Bjp a residence there, than of mowing btntey with a straight handled soy the. Borne lime since, tbe doge * little while, the irfnyor police to xnuzale all the went mad ; then in issued orders for tbe dog owners, or'feed the canine proprietors on poison, on penalty of being shot The police, rather than be shot, obeyed the orders. Theniuc court honseloot unto itself a fire, and its Bite now) mourns in ashes. The next misfortune was worse than all the rest, ,as the gas company asked pay twice for gas. From this we judge that JaneB- "ville is such a dark place, that .the people use gas there all hours of the twenty-four. If Rook county had not given such' a -republican majority last spring, we could sympathise with them. But now— The dogs are dud -with the men, alas ! And now ?iis said, the/ have no pai : Bat from our ey.w we c«. not etrftln * A tt ar of pity— (we tried In vain,) Because lut spring— fAry spared not Pair.t .' UPON AN EDITOR. — On Sunday atternoon, as Louis A. Allen, Esq. local editor of the Daily Press, of Cincinnati, was returning from a visit to tlie German musical festivities, on Rose Hill, iu an express wagon, tie was seriously injured I y a villainous assault with a slung shot, in the hands of some persons who occupied the same vehicle. Of the cause of the assault he is totally ic»orant,and was not aware that he had in ui.y war incurred the displeasure of any person, uotii ue was by a blow, .whioh was followed no by others in quick succession, wlncli rendered nd kept him for some time insensible. He was left by the roadside, with ten severe wounds about his head and face, vruere he was bund and cared for by some firemen, and hen sufficiently recovered, sent to bis borne. it is thought he was mistaken (or some other jerson. ALMOST A FUNERAL.—Wednesday about noon, a lady of this city, returning from a morning drive, on approacbiiie tbe room usually occupied l>y herself and husband,heard voices. She stopped, listened, placed her eye .0 the key hjle, and saw, to her horror, a woman standing on tbu floor, and her hiiebanr] in be same, room, fixing a shawl un-i her shoulders. Enraged at the infidelity of her husband, sbe went to the hall, took down a loaded shot ;un, returned, cocked the euM.<i[»-n--il suiiden- v the door, and deliberately nhot the strange woman )u the back. Her husband screatned, ben the excited and abused wife fainted. On laving returned to consciousness, bh»- learned hat the woman who had supplanted her in he affections of Mr. , was one of those 'rames for exhibiting shawls aud mantillas on which he that morning had hrouehl up from the store to have re-trimmed by his wife, n her usual tasty style. Not flndinc his wife n, be was looking at the figure., and fixing it up as a surprise for her, when her sudden jealousy ike to have t-ost him his life The amount of I is, that there ie no safety fur a married man o meddle with a Btlaug-e lady, rveu if nil* 1»made out of trood and in ri' . MELANGE.—Un tbp ooeit«ion of the late editorial convention several of our •itizens did honor to themselves l-y the kind attentions Bbown to tbe members of tbf pr.-s? visiting Milwaukee, an.I al^-o deserve thauk.i for helping the city editors entertain Uieir friends and brethren ol tbe quill. Mayor 3 age out-did himself, we like to have said, but hat its not it. At all events he took a livuly nterest in the editors, and feeling a just pride n tbe •' fity of bricks" and it* eood r»pnta- ion, contributed liberally of his time and means to mafce their visit a pleasant one. Not in editor here on the occasion will ever forget 4r Page's kindness and attention, and they all hope that some of these days it may be in heir power to do him some favor in return. Among our other citizens, we mention tbe names ot Alexander Mitchell. A J Langwor- by, Esq., Col. John Davis, M. J. Thomas, iol. John White, H. 0. Wilson, Col. Dickinson of the " Albany," and Mr. Kean of the New- lall, who took pains ta make the editors feel t home, and feel that it was good to be here. Wednesday afternoon, they visited different larts of the city in carriages, placed at their disposal by tbe committe of arrangement?, ind appeared to enjoy their ride well. Th«y Mailed the B«llevne garden*, Best's extensive leer cellars, and other plares, returning in ime for tea. Thursday after the convention jad adjonrned, Sheriff Langworthy arrested tbe entire lot, placed them D omniboss^s, and accompanied by several of our citizens, visit«d by invitation, the Seventh Ward High School, better known as HcKtndley's school. They were welcomed by Master Edward Johnson, in a really beaatiful and exceedingly appropriate ittle speech, replied to by Hon. C. D. Robinson of the Green Bay Advocate, George Hyer of the Madison Patriot, and Mr Kreaer of the Orad Aue. Several songs were sung by the school, and some of their very interesting cal. slbenic exercises were gone through with, af- er which the visitors left, profuse in their >raise of tbe Seventh Ward school, Mr. Mc- <indley as a teacher, and the gentlemanly and ady-like conduct and bearing of the scholars. ?rom here they visited tbe elegant residence of Alexander Mitchell, where a sumptuous, mprompta entertainment was spread before tbem. Ice cream, oak. and strawberries, with a few baskets of champagne, disappeared rap- dly Mr Mitchell never yet did a thing of this kind by halves, and nn this occasion he lot only showed tho respect he entertained for he press of Wisconsin, but did much to add o the pleasantness of their visit. Before they eft, nine hearty cheers were given for their lost and hostess, when amid regrets that Mr. rfitohell was not an editor, tbe party loft for the Newhall, and at 8 o'clock, left by the City of Cleveland, for an excursion to Grand Ha ren, and from there to Grand Rapids, to r,'- .urn this morning by the early boat. Col. Dickinson, of tbe " Albany," set a ta)le with a fine lunch, and all who wished had only to walk in and help! themselves to tbe best the House afforded. The absence of all tbe principal, editors of tlie English dailies, prevented the other editors of those papers from showing them all the attention it was their desire to, still we trust none of tbem suffered from neglect, and when they next risit us, we will do much better for them. IMPEOTKMENTS.—From a table prepared by Caleb Wall, we learn that the cost of the new buildings now in progress in this city, is seven hundred and twenty-two thousand three hundred and fifty dollars, or deducting differenceiin cost of labor, and $140,. 000 for public buildings, thirty-three thousand eight hundred and fifty dollars in excess of I lib improvements of last year_ There are many small buildings not reckoned in, and in all probabilttiefl,,* hundred thousand dollars may be set down in addition to the above, on that account, either now contracted, or to be during the summer , The following is jiPocm, rend by M. M. Pomeroy atthelntw Editorial Convention, written Vf J. 0, Bichmond. ' Pen, Pulpit, PreM. Thou trinity of powers I Triplets of glory! Ball I "tbe teeming hours Labor*d through ages of gigantic strife Kre yet these princeFS ftruggleiJ Into lire I Ah, travailing time, rewarded well for woes— Thy babcj of might were barn with mUhty throe-, worth veil the price; for, priceless children, they Are the true Monarches, tfieirt th rightful sway— These hold the «oeptre—DO* tielr tsttiei throne All tiironei on earth allow; tyrants alone ' •"Sta "d justly trembling, blasted by the rod. Which men, fcy'Uiefe, almost, can wleldJor God, ' Nay, more, con wield it quite; fof Go'd, by clay ; .Bring) Jorth His judgments here day after day; lear follows y.w, to ager, ag-s more Come, DjMifap richei upon tlme>.poorshort; VVrallh, wisdom, wit, Immorul truth embalmed; .A r ow>, lightnings ahot to cleange, ncu>,tempe(ta calmed. Here, t»rsrit»numbled— Vitre the baptlve/r««f,' 11,119 are brougnt loir, and villeyl raised; decreed By God or old, Bach purpose ripens" fast, Shall • ver rlpon more while time shall last. With founding tongues, thete through the world shill P>— Lift up the honest poor, l»y daitards low. Enacts t -by Heaven-spurned, and hell-rejected power, Mammon and Money, tport your Insect hour, Here.on God's earth, buiiBty^ur accursed sway— Dingrace call lioiinr, darknnt turn to day, "Put swett for bitter," in that Holy \Vord, As In old U Be the Seen »nd Projilitis heard, You. thrones are crumbling; for the Powers are come To give the man merer spetch and strike tbe sinter dumb. PSs. Ptrurr, PECSS ! Uall I triple! Powers, go on Yi,ur warfare three-fold, bpt the conquest one. The IBB : at winning midnight, Piets dream, And pour bleat Vision-, like a flowing stream, Aitown the ages : Lo ! the immortal bnrd Raves hi rare raplurr* L, '' \ i ' unshared; TI.e herd In gaping v u uu..^^..i tuclaltns : "The roan it nt&d" whosu uyei thoi t wondroua names, ".Star,*" Is the highest term the ijnoble crowds Gun give hit ey B whoat &OOL Ifl In the clouds, L-,f-n mad ravishment his glances go, "Pram «« tli to Heaven"— »»id not our ghAk-ptaro •0, •'From Ueavrn t • trarih"—percbibce our Shakapeare knew, Which way hit wejt, and lo "flne freely too." Tlitn let tin!. PCLPIT ull; alasl 'tis dumb, Tl e ijulpit QOW, good lack! la not a "Jrnm," Thoti£h lite it, oR In cords securely bound, i'h cti e'eu thojgii beaten, given forth nought but Sound, Ei c i spastic" &i inda^A ol yore, When felupliBh PtirltAiia cduld m&be it roir, ibunder thruugh tbe trenibting Uritisb re ilm, Tyrants lo ti-i pli-down, and thrones o'erwhel n. The Pulpit ! Ah ! it Aoa a sacred power, An Inujeoceto nield till ume'fl ll^t bour tlte angel stand on sb ~re and sea, And tjerald enilleaa day— K rrnlty ' fiernion£, not essays! pr^vcbliig mus lie true ' Not politics 1 KeUglou-C.tivor s DUW Mus: fl >ck 10 truA, ai lait, sp.-k- In Oo !'• n *me \\ lieri, thus fa<, vanity and Utft o//am« Have le.l our priests the lemp^e l«i proiane ' Pen, Pulpit, Preiii, >hall now make m >r-.a t *rlric.- Aud all go lame, just where the Hand.ils (xi.uti. Turn lio», oh Men, God's n.lghtj- rlv, r In To cleatiflt (ills Augtrau stalile Irom htr-lin i o.l'a mer is '.he [ircup ' The hours were il«rk, Midtilght uf Oiidilleflme is cjme, l<i! li&rlc, A vuice is heard on llaly'i* lair plain ere uow t nias, b gi>u and tyrants rtHrn, Voice of a saiiu indt-t-d, a weilde.1 man ; A PrldBl—a ictddfd Priest, w.-dd<.d» how can A Phist' a Laua Priest, huw, married b ^ ThciJionk.Si Francis we.Id^d Foterly ' Mile, li^e a VTIZIQ all nusoufiht lia I ti'-at: A wriodertr, scorned on e.irih, » damsel lorn — .Noli* .tm(£til lier hand, from ei ery d welling spur n*d, leii (.ii a-nes—ditrk bill-r woes she leari,*.••!, . , l,cr s ul buill up l-y jailtt tn dj rui-il all to conquer, by aelf-cunquest too; CLIOD'B -cltool the drtinsei'H soul Nad raised L' .til nhe n urnrd ih» enrUi 1 tht- crl,w.l amazed l!eheld Ih s mnld lorl.irr.; a | I'jrnm r.tlV', ri tineleas she roame*! o'er railry, city lull, And nonewoulj own, n^'iie claim lirr lor hid wlft — money-£r«-ed, anaintion lus a of hlr, it . (fuide i all f)t tniUion; nil declare Such wutcasi I'&vcrty nu borne ^i;i!l (hare: All wished the u.»'d unlov. ly with ih? ii--a.l He comes, »'HO had not "wliere t<i lay hich^K'l" — Poor as h, rr-ell, thr Lord of all below, Toold gain no home to whic'i llimaelf could f>~ Creator of ihe worlds ' Now BE is tbere U'ho pave Ihe b rda tbeir wlnra lo cleave the ft r, Hr. WHO to f.-xes gave their hi.mcs 1 i imi..- — Itt WHO lu men CHTe LI'8 *SD LIGHT A5.D (OCL*. owi ' Uls u » u l e.'-"*.;I etl LOl Hut not "a Mile, 1,0- a jut," rill all GiJ ' won!, iitetl.t broad HUX' Hear vrho ha« enr-'" I ut »h, a » -rid l To ca ch the rtoru irom T: .ill, un.l L f; ,.e t our (I.- r !-• ••'! '.- w. ,1 ill .- uul: n-l u i!c. VHKI-T AKD THh P-'.»h N.'tlia:,? I.i,-t»'nr- Non< callrd I'lm b f i wli'i ln> at HTVrs j .t,r No man i »-u, «- Him >,p^; e I';. d * ti M oi"(, Nunr hltli nu n uam -,ri n r t otifr. r t i ' p ,. r out - st, sc rnf,l aiij M.^'hu maid, Came Ir^oiblinf b, i • r l.*ir.. "B^ n 't afraid " Lo, IhOd art m.n-," He 'T *d, and I thy Life, Take Ihre.uti I'r.v-ilv I .1-- us' «Ifr ' Tny nuuii-l I- &.f*tr<t, ('•<•**•••{ urc llir- (> >,.r rorlo' urit-Rrtl, I open ni-w K 'i.or, iV hlch none 6 v iall hli I nil Tiinr imse f stiall .lir^ Tli s if ij"d's lir-Ld.i. '• " .J'ie-> f <rVi. *c.i, *i-r/." le. tl>e h,-am, ••' - - .. ir«mtilint ol, t jrr.l r^or ,il tier L'>ni was l-,,,rii, ^Irahi, The bleased will the Hi, ss.-^ w* ked until, I'hls 1» your hour; arm p.-w, r ,,' darkne» '" fiil Quite U|i tl,- rnea»ur» .,f vr.ur Uiri. r. fi r, ll 10 the C o«i y..ur Tt-acti:-r V»,,rM ' b.-f i ^ow lltf new life, b;,uj:h !•) iiiir ^1, - 5 breaii,, Hi brrath t H • la.l nix.c.i- , itnll.-l b:eat rd.'" and ihe bira»-e,l brid<- ca^e m >n EDITOBIAL j CONTSKTION. *— The Editorial Convention Is unquestionably a failure— that fs, it is not "^nteel"— not; "the thing"— tlte ''higher orderi'ldo not patronize it. Neither Gen, King, nor |Col.- Robinson, nor Col. Sharp- stem, are preserit. Gen. King delegated his office to a young lawyer anxious for a splurge. Col. Robinson's, place, is supplied by d leatned professpr— of flrfe know jpot what— and Col. Sharpsteinand [tue elegant Mr. Cramer left their snbs to entertain the country printers with pit tickets jndpeivnntsj and betook them selves to somy iiaBhtonable watering place to escape the smB^lj of; new. leather and Jew oloth- ing.whlcb the tpbeting was expected to bring together.' 'Eve^| thC'Secretary ofthe Convention is only an Mnatear editor, not one ofthe dirty-lingered iype-iliokera, which make op the great bod* i of those present —Madison Patriot -I ,| ' Wu am sorry;our neighbor at ifadison should so far fot-gpt what constitutes good breeding and gentlemanly manners, ai to give place to such an article as the above. It is untrue inspirit, unjust, ungenerous, ungentlemanly, uu- loofced and uncalled for. Mr Cramer and Gen King went away of their own accord, and but one ofthe two wonld have taken an active part in entertaining the editors, had both been here. Mr. Sbarpaleiu was suddenly called away on business, a circumstance he regretted, as be greatly wished to meat th« editors her*-. Col Robinson a«ted as President, and th' Secretaries weru OhJdrge Hyer of tho Patriot, and Horace Ruble«i;of the State Journal, both duly elected rast year. The editors attending Were aa well entertained as the Newhall oould entertain, and are well pleased with their visit, and i/ tu« "sub" or the Patriot had been here; he wonld havu been treated like a gentleman, even If what his article indicates — As to the smell of Jew clothing and n-w leather, the Press of the State will no doubt feel greatly obliced to the Patriot for its -Wo jlearn that Rer. Mr. Spees has resigned the Pastorate of the First Pfrsliyterian Church in this city. He Is now visiting in tbe central part of New York Slate. • • • • • Ltoa is town —We are glad to see the familiar and good looking face of that good hearted democrat, Hon Lion Silvernmn, in town. He reportH the di'Oiocrucy of Ozaukee ail right. ice. creim an<i confectionary eatablishmeot on East Water street, is all the rage. He has a neat tidy place, keeps the best I-scream iu tha,clty, the choicest confectionary, and is withal a right down good fellow. WOBTHT op EMULATION.—By the telegraphic column it will be seen that the city council of Kenosha haa resolved that the city will piy the Interest on th« city bonds issued in aid ofthe Kenoshaand Rockford R. R., in which the railroad company was default, » i. will at ouca we presume proceed to levy t necessary tax to do it. STOCKING Up.—WH notice U H L i.,.. berton E.-q., is getting in a very heavy «to k. of Woi>d and Hay of eioellent quality at his market, corner Went Water and Clybourn streets, and WH nolic-u hU srgu advertises hi.s office (with Mabbelt & Breed,) open at all hours. This will be a very great convenience to all who are busy through the day. He is a very fair dealer and will, no tioabt, u»t his • hare of trade. • ""N suggestion, and we hope will apply some of the new leather to ths backside of the editor who stays in tbe Patriot sanctum aud bowU. FULL HOCSE—The Newh.ill is ju-t as near fille'l iiow-a-.laya, d.-> ever a. guo<i llou-l was There are stoppiug there, besides their regular custom, which is very larcc, a large J^~FaoiT.—Strawlx>rrws an* now sntling for 30 cents a <juarl in tjni city ; black map- berrlo—tho first of this Season—at 30 cent* ; rtpe cliern'es, t ha first in tlie market, at i.'i cents a quart for one kind, and 30 cent* for another. LANDS AND WATEfi POWERS. 49O.OOO AC'KEM OF Farming mui Pine Lind*. TlRXIBLE TBAOBDT.— Thursday evening a man by Iba name of A'lara Riltiir, li». tag nine miles out of tha city, uu tlj.> n«w road, between Che Howull nad Kilbourn roads. 8 SLKCTSD ;enra I.«n.l.i in ihnt Sta FOK ar rtTF. . Fox and Wmconsm .mprovomi'u-. ijo asaaalted his Wife with an fulling hea<l Udly, and then shot her, but ali-> ana still living laat uvaninfr. He then shot himself, and died iuataotly. ,' th« DIED On Thursday, 16th Inat., WU,L'» rf., E. P Doii.ilJ.4on, ntft-d 8 yenr*- Thf frlelidi <tf tlm family are li'fii funeral (Porc»t iloms) from \br\r reBidfuc J&ctrjfon itrt-at, ou Saturday , the ISth fn«t ,m l At Low linju ., '1'H K Cunjprisint,' Prurie ,iml Hani flp ty Vr (N. LAN .i ilr' ,i -ii :liei Pin« 3'H t. 1' 1 "> i |. v /.»l,,,m.. I ..... .• IN - :11 ... 4\.tn "t \V,,,-.. n si- l.nir»("r » tie nit ih4 ce, No MS i I :he .-,,-iiMi v .1 VV \11-.K , n KJISI... > VV NEW ADVERTISEMENTS AvrTn>^r VM.C or FI*R.\ITI HI-;. W ILT, be n-.ul %t K^od'i Auct.i>n Ro..m', Nn 4 Bprine <t., 01 Saturday mornlnn:, June Htn, it 10 u'clock, a genera* .tasorim^nt ^f huuaer.alii furniture. 1,1 tht* \V , Canal iftn-'h in . Luke*, ««» uun ^oi>. r-i;'ly t.i in rr-. .. J^?~ Tlivt; P , >v- is rn«y r»M 'i^Mir-«l -MlTlf. k.f^.,1 .( A I'M'!-'" ' lV -i Sales positive. Terms caafi. J HOOli, CITY ADVEHTISBJVIENTS LA CROSSE AND MILWAUKEE UAII, 150AI >. 1859. «FKINCJ AHKANCil^MKN'i . IK T IH? .' l.-ltli. -lie Str-ri I lor ,1 I T^ial ; ST KTKS TI.4 II. A A.\'L> U.^'LY AI./. h'.ltl Li T( > I .A < K< >s.s l . <an II,.; r>n anil * I'PI K IJ IVISM ." er MonJ i^, Jum ^nth 'l,naiugthc(ir» n dLo,lKH. Two Through Expreas Trains Daily. Sevnral ministers, atieTidinc a Unitarian ronli-r- ence, a hundred ^ditory att,-n'iing K i^ouven- I BUBNUAM'S COMMERCIAL COLLEGE.-At Rock- ! lion h «re, and a lario- nutuU-r of eiciir«ioni? ford, Illinois, is one of tin- Iwst aud most com i 'rum Cliicasoaod Cincinnati. I.KAVI. Ml L.WAI Kl. r., aOM PfPuT fDOT OF riitxTNtT ^TK'. H plete commercial Institutions in tlit; oountry It was fouod-'d in Jane]85fi. and i* dr-s'gn". to prepare yount; m«n for th# various l>u»in>*4< purnaits of lifw \>j a thorouglily practical aud scientific course of iustrcctinn in sinsl doublt-,-ntrj liook kw-ping, practical penman ship, t>u«in«-«9 urllhineun, Liguer matli^matics. VulM) AuEBirt —Among th>-^tiitor attending tbf convention,i.i N. C. Eawki.oftL ni'le awake }'iniag Ajtierie*, pahlisli^il at Del- | , , Jtield. tii' it about 18 year* nf a^-, " pickexl I ip j ' his knowl'-tlge n( printiue, C'lt tjp^ I •uoaph tA^t-thrr Ui nLarr. a par>.r two y-a . Tl. :iud !:•»< M \ND 'J:;i M commercial law, &c., &c Several nf iu atu- ' Sluce ' allli liaa evt " r 81nCM lwn pu | '"»«in« JQ d^nts from this college, ar« now Bllinif VHry ' * s sliar P a par»>r a-i thr-r- is in ttie Stat- for I important positions, and the bnsin^ss edui-a- ; i " cl "' 3 W " h "P H '" h " ar " f '"'" h - r ""'^ f ' lion acquired thiTe r^nd-rs a person fit to fill ' one of our UrK " clt ' P a P-". »* "• almost any -Ution in lilV, vrhnre a knowl^.ii;,. of business, liook kwpiu^ and accountine :ir» 9;36 A. Tivic'- itxily rich wny wtlh i h >• 111 n ur«atn I'.u-k't l ompany 1 ^ \i-\v ni;il >pl>-ndid I nlti-il Slut. ~ »l,iil I.iu nf Sli-HiniTM lo ,V fi i>lll St. Til u : tt lid i u !•• I in i'd i:»! • p«iinl>. t^tf~ Ptj»3en,ceM, iiy taking tin* r nue, * -i JH/- • IN 1). I.«IOI>1(II H. N' U. full, u dull »i, nod L '•-, Each distinct department of l«>ok keeping erobracinr- individual and p:»rtuershipacnonnts tiKTcaritile and mauufactorini;, li.iTiking and I'Xi'lianpH, commis.tion and forwardinc, railroading, 8>ainl«oaling. &c , is taueht in au HH- tirely nnsrinal manner Transactioua ol i-very deacripiiou are verbally civ» D studenta to por- form upon tallies a new mo.le of trainini; never licfore intrn-iiu-eil into a ('oinuoroial Collep- in tlie West, with whicb the-usual stereot vprd cmirne Wars no <-omp\ri.-on for praclicitiililv. Sin lent- fun ent.-r at atj\ ti:u,< nnil ronipl-tr l lie r.uiMe Hi p|e,i<ur- H ere I.,-jn k . i,o -U-» nr- rinsejnent to mterf-re with their prut-res' -They have also Ihe prinlee^ ,,( reviewmi; at inv time. Her.-on.i r.f ordinary • abilities i.m • I'ljilete tli- I'ourse in from ten t,> twolv.- .ind oompetei.i 10 .in busin^i-, upon -ri, riliti.- H"BBIBLF, .- mnrniii^ '.'.Uharice ] years old, lirini; with ' rlbENI — Ve.-ler.lny j ml/ .1 llttl- s -irl iix ' er widiiwtfii nio;h-f. on a!< ri" in ih- i,,,n.e. in : N( )TICF-. trying to k'et her little k:tten rr nn in 1,-r the ! stove, ly Jtiilile Illeanil »fllt 4 lei^ ut tile ,(t«'.--i dHplwd, aud it lipped nver, rate hi nn h. r .inn under it The weight of the ator.. hel-1 her fast, while ;i kettle of boiling water was npilt lhat "he ,-nuni.t recover MKHM > JOH N R' i lI'-IULL'l'I'KT— His Ho Mm J L I. r'.u.TE rBEKiiiixii— r ri.Ur. Jun- 17 --!•'• Wenifullan. disorlerlv. Mn —I .* < ind . •-!< l.-stl-if-! -• .iriink. I..I.-1 ?1 u. I • -'\S II S'-\ . I- > r l n _' I.: J h.-r-- i tilt I lin i S: Kr,-ii Luui:-.-. w.i- ..['[er Uni 1 . LU icin-i-. '.ir Wh..-Il lie Im.l tn pat .* "l II. 1 • . .' i ,|.. ' MKlo §14 ''I \notK.-r ,i I:.- Miutli :»u, .r el. r ,--.i i 1'itt. w^^ t.rnii^iil. up f.-ir *i--iu!' -r * M ) l K ' T" T 1 " at n:Je^^ H « >di-w t--n thr i>iasle>l Nh rr lve huridri-il yerirn, t er » iLarj lee il iu the dcsrr , anil llu ^-..jiir- i aired, ion ire<l ptill ' Ah y*«. -lifl' r.tiirrd u./v il-»r l...r,i'. TV! 10* "r-lc trie 1 . to few ' T., f t T — In none ' 111 Fiaoris 'A»si>J carur, Arnl (.It for hff. thr llrsi.lale, & ti*m- Ol h./ly |.a»M'-r,, aiiil w ih barr,:np I hi, lunged wiUi ijer the marrli*t r e vnw to styii. « h», uncc the Bride of I, IP ajored I ord, Now, by his servant's heart alike adored, l&oun 1 by the flacrej t *• 'o Heaven (irilaui,- jlTrS mighty pianti" to her nK'lberls pa:np Children Bpnnp fjrUi t iilr ftee bante i-oui • And wate up llaly— no > wttli drum And hie, and cannutj'a fitful, (jodtra* r',ar .r rang so loud tn Italy's bnphl snore, Aa Lhou great "OoiiB^T DITVHE." The wit ^f all tht ages, WIB.IO n, lore, lit tl ^hlloaophy combined ' genius sa 1 me, oiurri and poured red h(,i on wnihii.^ tiuie .mmortal bard ' thy manuscripi unfurle ', lire Press came forth — droa.l caal ,t oVr the »'>r d Tyrajiu and demona from their seat* were i.uried »> Petrarch came . Boccace, aias ' twee; t yle, Why bleeda the soul, where pleased the ts t« ujaat And Ta^so followed, in the HOLT WAJI. [*m,le ' To tell how Godfrey won Christ's sepulchre ' w Artosto sintrs of knights and tlarae* Less and lesa ho y grow the poets flamefi, Alas ' Ala^ ' when shall ?l Francis come ' And tell Italia of the learlu doom, \\hrch ever foll-iws rapine, Bin and war, As NUW we hear the cannon boom irom alar, And trumpet* sound ' O. call her hack U life, And Italy bt freed, through biood and atrlle f so the will of i*od, to puuinh men. W ho oft cliaat-st-a, forcet and s n again ' Hut now the lid* of giory [ oui the land Where Poverty to Francis give her hand, ftolled o'er the Alps ' great Gutenberg hs,s The Wort of Works be.,eaUi tbe living son , Printing all hail! all hail ! thou mighty I'reaj, LAST OF THE TBBfcK. yea last, but not tin- uc«s [n hoar all days, woea, tears, l-lood, gronns and strife, And battles, wars, called heroes mt<> U!e , U'er Delds ol dead ihey strode to cruel fame Aud bridle ileeji In blood, inscribed th-ir uatn- fearful banners, snatched from f-'ory Mars-; Kor none were great except by bloody wais, Tear a, wars, strife, blood, groans, death, m idt heroes ; Think ! hat POWEES mate great men now* PRESS, PaiRTKK ' lt,s An article is being copied by every di/mocrauc press in the State, staling that immediately after th» late fire at Horicoo, Judgo Larrah"« gave orders to his clerk to supply some ten or twelve families, who were left almost destitute by the devouring element, with a sack of floor each—to fiay nothing about it, and make no charge of it , that tire flour was distributed, &c. The Horicon Argv*, after copying lh"i paragraph, says '• We l>ave observed tbe alujve paragraph running the rounds of the papers, for some weeks past; and only notice it now for the purpose of saying that the statement is not Correct ''— Weyawncga Herald. Tbe Horicon Argu* did not give the impression conveyed, but said " the statement is not correct in every particular, as besides giving way the flour, he offered each sufferer by the ire a five years' lease ofthe water power, and lot to build & mill or sliofi CJL, free of all charge " The Herald is, wv hope, manly enough to retract . Uon.l |,,<,i.| I- iil.uiu>-<l, m pri ;i "-. - it) lo S'100 rwr wt-k, inoliid- ,ng washiui;, firn an.l ligFit.-. Thp whol^ HX- ii-ns" for th- full oourx? iniluilim; l«>ar,l, 'uilion, stationrry anci diploma nr^i not *-x<•««•! ."ixty-Dr.-_i_ir H-v^niy Jullars Th-r-aill U- pojuiLir in,I s> i 1-11 ti fir- Lft'tur-n, ili;rin.- th- 'all iin.l «int«r, I<ii;t-Ilier wuh ih- rr^ular talul- ; rw 'hi h h- w.i.1 flii-,1 ?'. U' v><> KIBE I.itI-. t;, H I'-'partmi'ot of Mil . r^n, prejK-iri%ti'in« to hands-imelv ent . r i-a^o drenien n--xt w-i-k \ '.-•, i! jnd other int»r-?siii:_- -x r..,,,. \ all-I a goi>-l '. iroe u, ay {,. • ~ i p.- ind the Kire i 'urn pan i,-* of (' oursev upon i-ouimercia! law polnioal e<'ono- ' , . , ' , tbenj ul ihe 1-r-ot ai,'l ••*?., ' h-adqnirt-rs at the! ••t am tire engine, drawn l.y horded. at the (riving of an aUrtn, Wii! !>. j f.-iiture of th- 1 IT, and • ,- .-ity. .uup - tl.. I'll,- . JO IIS I. »l "«r. ti Kl Kl K r".K r T-ui.i I ,,t my. mercantile ,i I li in I The editor ofthe New York hiMr-n great piiinling r-prejentmg Kiue'* ihi'.ition a t $- * l " <" vD « o an artn, wi! ,e ih- pnn. ipa /."nyuirrr. revprit-ivrilirji; in ih. afl.-ruooii of a I pleasant day, pays llli •• The day i? fine, and there is n .train "f .— ,. ,- . .. martial mu s ,c in the street , m,n and boy, are , *& KA>K ' AacT " P ^-" R ^-' i-rowdini; th* sidewalks, fair heads ar- loi>king ''xv afternoon, »lx>ut on- thousand out from the windows of Hi- houses and stores, v: -iied th and up through the su-eei.. march platoons of . soldiers, elegantly irni formed and challenging! Ar '' llc the admiration of all, for their military bear- I ^ mng's Hall l! will li~ <wiu -i'i:bit*l ing, and the beauty and precision of their ! for ladies ind children thi a at movementi What the occasion 1 Are we . ,1 . . , , , ., , going to war, and is this a detachment of our ' Ur *" ° ol ° ck ' & ° d - thu " V< ' D "^ at lb " Q3ual suindiuii army, ordered up to guard Union u °uf for whoever sees fit to attend. W- never *aw so life like a Panorama as is this, and Mr. Hielge, the artist has made a reputation that noi our standing army" and the occasion is a j wl " u " v " r di " Ni?w Vork flhi PP'n?, Qover- vcry common one. i nor ? 8 Island Ca-'tle G»rJen, the storm at sea fbe Milwaokw Light Guard (it was last and in fact everything attempted is so near Saturday when we walked up Rro.tdvray, after , , thinb:ng of the standing armies of Austria and P orft!Ct lhat on " forsrtt9 for ih " titDM ' . whsri< France,) had come donu to visit their brother voluuteer companies of New \ ork, a company of the?7Ist regiment were nscoiting them to the place where were to (K. extended to them 15 31 Square { We are not going to war ; Uniou Square is Well enough guarded by the statue of Washington , those platoons of soldiers are the hospitalities of the. city and this was all the occasion—merely playing "oldiW, lhal is all WISCONSIN MAN DROWNED — Un Jlon is. The ice—the itiebcrgs—th» froz-n ,ap( ear- ance of every thing—the coiXume of the sailors—their mode oftravel—th.,- scen-s by day, and moonlight—the stars twinkling as naturally as possible—the rising moon—the north ern lights—the views of ships and men in their raoit difficult and trying times, all ten.l {55~Prof Ben Silliman, jr>. testified be- bre the Hartford committee haviug the gas matter in charge, that the long continued action of fire on the orifices of the gas bnrners caused a sensible enlargement of those orifices. It is natural that there should be an abrasion der the circumstances; and gas consumers may find it good economy to throw their old burners into the street, and put in new gas tips occasionally. There is another principle that also operates in this matter. Wo become habituated to tbe nse of gas, and insensibly turn on from year to year a fuller sqpply. Cincinnati Is about twice the size of Milwaukee, and handsomely located on the Ohio.—Cincinnati Corre pondeit of the Ml- •waukee Newt. Milwaukee lias about fifty thousand Inhabit ants; .Cincinnati two hundred and thirty thousand. In wfiat arithmetic did ha karn that fifty was half of two hnjndred and thirty. —Cincinnati Enquirer And we should like to know what arithmetic gives Cincinnati two hundred and thirty thousand, or a hundred thousand more peo« pie-than the Census retum^gfyes? We turn inynirtr now and ask for news. day last, a man named James foody was lost j lo make this ' aq " '*• lho mCHt lif<1 like P an °overboard fnun the schooner Gertrude, Myers, rama " yer 'ih'»'t<-d '« luis ^ouutry. We are Captain, and drowneii, off Kinderhook Point Phased lo see it continually drawing such good He is supposed to have hailed from Sheboygan, Wis STILL LIVING —The Wisconsin states that Mr Galloway's son, who was injured Thursday hy being run ov^r, died yesterday. The ITixcotuin was in error, as tho attending physician informed ns last evening, that hopes are entertained for the boys recovery FELL FEOU A BUILDING—Thursday a boy 12 years of age. whose name we could not learn, fell from the new huilrting in West Water street, nearly opposite Smith's planing mill, and it is thought was fatally injured. He fell from a height of about 30 feet. houses, as it shows that our citizens have a taste for the beautiful ami instructive. T h" time occupied. In exhibiting and ezplaoing it is about one hour. FRIGHTFUL ACCIDEMT.—On Thursday afternoon a little boy abont 13 years of agp, a son of Mr. Kilbonrn, who keepi a confectionery store on West Water street, near the Hotel Landa, fell from a brick boilding four stories in height, and broke his skull and both of hie arms. He was playing on the top of the building when hd fell. It is doubtful if he lives William D. Merrill, editor of ths Prairie du Chien Couri-.r, received a telegraph dispatch from bis home Thursday evening, staling that his brother had been dangerously burned, by an explosion of alcohol, and that he was dying. Mr. Merrill left for home by tbe first train, where, on his arrival, we hope he will find his brother not as dangerously injured as is feared. jpQy~ClNCINNATI AND CHICAGO ExCUESION- ISTS.—YtBterday some three hundred excursionists arrived on the noon tram, from Illinois and Ohio. They put up at the Nowhall, nil- ing that institution to Its utmost capacity.— The dining hull was filled for an boor and a half, over eight hundred persons dining there. Some of them left on the evening trains—others remained over tin this morning. MILWAUKEE CITIZENS' CORPS. — We observe that this well-drilled and fine-looking military company havn again got their former Captain, E. F. Townsend, back into the company, but only as an Instructor. J L. Hathaway resigned, and Lieut. Kimball now has the command. Capt. Townsend is to instruct them regularly every week, and we have no doubt that under his efficient management the company will prosper more than ever. We hope such may lie the ca*c. They have a beautiful uniform, and there are «ome of the best-drilled men in their ranks, lhat theie are- in the city, and It is the wish of all to see them do well, as we have no doubt they will, with Capt. Townsend fnr their Instrue- Monday eveuiug they Intend to t arn out about thirty-five muskets, and take a trip over to Qrand Haven, to meet the Light Guard on their return home from New York oily, and to escort them back to Milwaukee in a becoming manner, after their triumphant "Expedition" to the east and back. The Corps will take along with them several of the members of the Light Qnard, who were unable to accompany them to Now York, and also several -citizens It will be a delightful trip, and tha Light Qnard will, wa feel as snred, appreciate tbe courtesy, and long re member it. The Citizens' Corps also contemplate getting up a Target Excursion for the Fourth of July. They will have some $60 worth of presents, and will go ont in the country some distance to have tlie match. The Milwaukee Cadets, we have already stated, purpose going to Chicago on the Fourth of July, as guesti of the Cadets of that city.— They will, of courso, have a tip-top time. .•>!. .-a M.4* -. 'J 113" .%» 1:5 « *-. - -l 173. lu ;.3,:io SS4, 'J 1811.14 >p-rr 7 aa T-ir 1<<> 31 93,43 140 71 14C.73 70.S7 71X37 140 7S 95,7il 140.73 140. 73 140.75 140.7S 140,75 14U.73 lu'.TS 175.2J IU 'M ''i :r.4i 5i in H H*ertrl'< a.l.lltior,, E. L'H l> \RDIN > H. NOTICK. ClTT OiiyPT»nI ;.S Contract'nt, Mil , T Ilk following ta a iahedulc of Ion fr bl&n jtreet. from Ntnlh itreel in i '••..« . u. 4-. i9 51 .VI s Su Block 14, Ix.vj fr-»nt.ntf in B^ti. ifio Plan* K.-ii.l . TfutonU ^lr-*t In lh« Ninth vv«M if il.e t. y if M ankee. »n«I shoving the tuiouni whl.-h ai^ri ,i v.l be banetlted b/ graveling qald fltr*et «n,l planning \:; curbing the an r,.ilow« JOHM L.ifBKNHlIlIli.H. H. KI-fcCSmTT, SI.-T*. C'imrri i?,, n-- Block 17 IS 16 19 IS 20 Vll jcl»-il3l L< L. 18 1 IS 1 1-2 I Firm, In Vll^l' BeneQLi. $11250 152.60 132,30 152.30 132.30 162.50 K. L'H. Block 17 IS Ir) ID 15 14 .f M , |13-i,iii liJ 50 CITY ADVERTISEMENTS. NOTICK. Crrr C^MPTBOLLKH'S OP-FII-K, i Contrict Department, Milwaukee, June 11, lsi9. \ ^ KALED proposals will be received at ihi.i ilfl<-e, uu > til Thursday, June Ifl, it lU A. M., Tor furni^hiaK tti^ following narued .irticlea for ihe use And ^t;t>;ii^l^^ •>( Bridges, vi*. : Ca^tini?3 per lb; Bolts an-« Nuta per Ib , Spikra per Ib; B«bt>ei or Compoii'.nn M.-ITI pt-r :t>, Wrought or Forged Iron per lb; Steel work (»»-r Ih; Jrii:ti Screws per piece, and work per day, dtung up castings. je;^*-d4t E. L'H. ^ARDINEK, Comptroll-r. NOTJCK CITT CnapraoLL*B*3 0?rici, i Contract Department, Milwaukee, June 11. 'S'J f B T resolution of the Commoa Council, adoptrri June 6ch, 1859, the recomm^ndatlnn af ihe street Com- mlsitoaera to grade North alloy to the ejtabtlsbeu irrade running through block 163, Iu the decoaj War't. t it ordered. That laid alley be graded to the e^tabllahed irrnde, according to the estimate of the Olty Engineer ou die In thU offlcd. Owners ol property In said alley are hereby uotlneu to m&ke such Improvements with'n 2O <la>« from tfLi date, or the Steeet Commissioners of the Second Ward will cauie the same to be done and charged to the re- ipectire lots according to law. B Y r , ., . , „ „ -1th. x: ;j. .,,,,- ,,^ , :,, - .^ir-fi O .( Mnw. Jell-d6l S. 1,'H. (iARDINSB, Comptroller. Crrr Cour*rROLixa'd Omen, i COXTKACT D>piami3T, June U, '69. f . ropossls wilt be received at this office, un- kJ til Friday, Jane llth, at U o'clock i. n., for doing the unfinished portions of the fol owing work ordered by the Board of Alderman, Oct. 4, IS5S, and c -n- curred by the Board of Councilor!, Oct. 11.1858, 5'z. To grade Seed street and sidewalks to the established grade, from Florida to Vlrg>nla street, in elm Fifth Ward, and the street planked wltti two 3 feet track* of plank and Ihe si-'ewalu planked. J..14-d3« ~ B. L'H. WABDINER, Comptroller i urnci I CITT COMPTBOI.I.IIU) urnci l ' Contract Departmentf June 16, t^5tf. f S EALED propo-als will be recelTeil »t this ofDce, until Monday, June SO 1SS9. 10 o'clock i- v., for & ling the cribs and street at ihe Klnneklnnink Bridge. A sufficient amount of earth will be required to make the* bridge passable and sale. jel(-d3t • E. L'H. GARDINER, Comptroller. BOAKDEKS. A FEW Boarders can. and good accommod»tloc« at 326 Main it., second door north of Onelda. Terms reasonable. 100 ', In store, for sale. UTTOS * PLAKIKTON. npr C ty Knit tun uf this :i Hi:-, .mil JHV^O tl Wir.l ..f lacil. iiv:.,r.l'iin ; j .j- .Irtt ^Ki\ LEU proposals trill he O t.l Fnd ,y, June IT. It»1 the nulsaiiccs ixrini; -I ir.H the Fifth .V»rd, n r.-nivln 'i llnmlir.l, l )y 'Illi .< .r .,11, the 'Jui 'lay .1' U»v, IsftJ, »-z L.,i 1. rii,,,: K :. N ^ j. block 7. S * ". ''I" 1 -" ", - v ^ 'J. U",,-K ' .•* i l-, fi »-k 1, lot 1.'', ohiok 7, N i ^ rmi, i s, i u t ;. i, ,„:» KI, ,,,, , 3.ock ••; !»-« ". M<""« I; l"i lu •* 4; "i ll, moeii » U.t I-, ul'ick 4; N i l, nlo. k Ii, d i I, tilnclr. Ii. K.I f,, block 3; l»it 7,li!oc< i, lot H, IN.-U lil^ i.,t l. ,,!,,, k !•> lo. A, blo .u ij, uloek i'J; lot lo i>l».-i{ j; 1. i, 13, IS, U, 13, ID 11 an-l lu, iilo.-.g JS t. bl.ckr-3; N. S '.!; S <i -J. III. 11. 1 j. 1:1, U/nl'.....?! N, lots 4. 3, fJ, block S4, lota i, J j, i, 5. ri ; •* vmt S iv, t e» 21; lota 10. II ;in,l 12, bl,,,-k .IS, N , l, N , j ^1^' ; , aud 9, block 1U1; W 14 of s, W 14 ,,f i •, s ,,,'J ^ i,| 0 ,'-u »S, Iut3 4 and 5. block a. lot i, t, ,,, Jt i;, , u ,-j' o,,,,^ 21, lot 'J, blo.-k II, lot 1, block 7 Ullvtauker Proper. Lou -, block 7, lota I, -J and J, block ii: u,i ^ i n ,( 'i, blocl S; lou «, 5 and 11, block 3. Walker* Point. Lois 4, S and l!, blo.k S4; lot Ii), block r>, iu,..;k », KM of W IM of M ^ •>< II, ami ri il of W l.'u .if ll ,„,! 12; lot H, bliiok H; lot IU, block 14; lot 7, liliMjn i-i. lot S, block 11. E. L'H. li.VSDINSR, jel5-illt City C.Mnptruller febS JAPON1UA, 80 tuns for sato by 0. UAlialNGTON, • Ac 5 centi. per 100 Ibs.

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