Denton Journal from Denton, Maryland on April 2, 1898 · Page 1
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Denton Journal from Denton, Maryland · Page 1

Denton, Maryland
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 2, 1898
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1845. A Family Newspaper: --Devoted to Local and General Intelligence, Agriculture and Advertising.--Independent on all Subjects.--Subscription, One Dollar per Annum, in Advance. 1898. VOL. 52, , .A^IR/IID 2, 1898. Home Office, N. W. Cor. Charles Lexington Sts., RESOURCES, Juue 2?, 1695. Paid-up Cnpitnl S750,000 00 Surplus 3M,00000 Reserve Requirement and Undivided PioflK 2i',767 30 £l,337,7b7 30 THE OLDEST AND STRONGEST SURETY COMPANY JN THE SO VI 9. - o Becomes surety on bonds of Kxecutors, Administrators, nnd in nil undertakings in Judicial i'roccocfings. Docs nothing to conflict with tlu business of Inwjv rs. Accepted by the United Kt:ito= Government as sole surety on bonds of e v e i j description. Becomes surety on bonds of Sheriffs. Registers of "Wills, Clerks of Courts Collectors nnd other oflicinU of Statct, Citins and Coimtifs. Also on bonds of contractors ,md employes of .Bunks, Mercantile Houses, Railroiid, Express and Telegraph Coin]) lines. nnd on those of Officers of fraternal Orgnni/ntions. HERMAN E. BOSL.EK, EDWIN WARFTELD, SECRETARY AND TREASURER. PKEMUEHI For Pull Particulars Apply to BEWEESE 0WEHS, ATTORNEYS-AT-LAW. DENT 027. MARYLAND. TUNIS' MILLS, TALBOT COUNTY, MD., -MANUFACTURERS AND DEALERS IN ALL KINDS OF- Lumber and Building Material. Shipments made direct by vessel to all points on navigable water, to inland points by rail. ' Sue Money by Purchasing Direct from Manufacturers, Hortli Carolina Pine, Our Specialty! ,IE DEFY COMPETITIQS II CYPRESS SHIHG1ES. Saw Mill Daily Capacity, 20,000 feet. Plaining Mill Daily Capacity,.40,000 feet. STATE AGENTS FOR PI B^^Correspondence solicited. Orders promptly filled. FARMERS! LooK to Your Interest apd Get Our Price? Before Selling. OUR Who Are Prepared to Pay Fullest Market Value on Delivery. P. H, GOLT, WYE STATION, QUEEN ANNE'S E, E, W. H. DENNY, WYE STATION, S. N. SMITH, WILLOUG HBY,- a a « a it it n it W'F PETilNTNfrTON ^ ^ w. t. "flH^^ 1 ^. j HILLgBO]BOj EUGENE LYNCH, DOWNES, W, H, ANDERSON, DENTON, H. 0, HOBB3 ,-HOBBS, W- R. PETERS, HIOKMAN,- W, S. LORD, GREENWOOD, C. BURTON, MILTON, , E, W, INGRAM, LEWES, Direct Telephone Connections With Queeostown, Sacks Furnished, lULUl'I. COMJE3HWM. HOPPS CO., " QUEEHSTOWH, MD. I -^- 1 BALTIMORE. MD. HOUSE UHLER. --DEALEKSIN-- SEASONED PINE (ORIGINAL GROWFH) - -; Framing Sawed to Correct Sizes; Shingles; Laths; Flooring; Siding; Lime; Hair; Cement, Etc, AT OUR COAL YARD, AT THE RAILROAD STATION, Will be .kept on hand a supply of First-Class Morea Stove Coal.' It is the best! Farmers are informed that we furnish Kerr Bros.' Wrightsville Land Lime. Now is the time to give yonr order. Satisfaction guaranteed. FOR THE NEXT SIXTY DAYS I will have a large line of both GOLD AND SILVER WATCHES / AT ALL PRICES, FROM $3.00 UP. -- ^5g=*-Persons having watches in need of repair will do -well to call on me. T. 1ST. SMITH, Ridqely, f\4. NfcWSPAPLRflRCHIVE® -- . QUEEN ANNE'S RAILROAD CO u-: ix j:n-JicT MAR n, isos d. IBALTO.FERRYI w Lcav. P.M. 3 15 Arrv. I s . SI. 5 J j Leave A. M 5 4o Arrive A. M BALTIMORE Arrive A. M. 1050 TO j Leave. A. M. Arrv. P. M n 15 J-iPllV. P. M. S 15 QUKENST'N. 8 20 li 4o Railroad Division. Lcav Leave P.M. A . M . G l r e 21 f G28 f 834 AC 43 C 4 3 f 547 0 5 2 ^6 55 7 0 1 7 11 7 19 f 723 f 7 2 7 7 34 f 7 41 f 7 4 4 f 7 4 7 7 C 5 f S O J 8 10 f 8 18 f 8 2 1 ' 8 2 o 830 8 4 3 f 8 5 3 002 9 11 9 21 9 23 S) 20 9 32 f 9 KG 9 4 j 1002 10 12 f l O 17 10 2« JS1033 f 1 0 4 ) 1048 f 1061 11 15 f 11 24 11 30 f 11 38 11 41 f 11 4o 1150 P. M. A. M . Queenstown Bloomingdale Wye Miils Wiiloughby D it C June. Queen Anne Hillsboro Downcb Tucknhoc Denton Hobbs Hickman Adamsville Blaiichartl Greenwood Owens Banning Deputy Ellenda'le Wolfe Milton Whitebboio, Drawbridge, Burton, Le\\ es. Arrive 8 04 f 7 57 f 748 f 7 4 0 A 7 29 7 27 f 7 2 5 7 2 1 f 7 1 9 7 12 701 G 54 f 6 50 f 64G G 4 0 f G 3 2 f G 2 8 f G 2 4 G 1 8 f G O G 600 f 5 5 2 f 549 f 545 540 A. M. P. If. Arrv, P. M. 550 f 6 4 1 6 32 525 6 15 5 13 o 11 500 f 5 0 3 4 55 4 4 0 4 2 9 f 4 23 f 4 18 :4 10 f 3 6 7 f 3 03 f 3 4 9 3 43 f 3 30 320 £ 3 1 2 3 09 f 3 05 3 0 0 CONNECTIONS. "A" connects at D. C. Junction for points on the Delaware Chesapeake Railway. "B" connects at Greenwood with Delaware Division of the Philadelphia, Wilmington Baltimore Railroad FOR Sonford, Dolmar, Salisbury, and points south. "C" connects at Ellcndale with tho.Del- awnro, Maryland, Virginia Railroad FOR Georgetown. "E" connects nt Greenwood with the Delaware Division of the Philadelphia, Wilmington. Baltimore Railroad. I. W. TROXBL, C. C. WALLKB, Gen. Malinger. Gen. JVt Puss. Agt. DELAWARE AND CHESAPEAKE NORTH. Mail. Pas. A . M . P . M . 6 45 1 40 55 160 708 207 7 18 2 1 7 7 24 2 24 7 31 2 S3 7 42 2 43 7 62 2 54 8 03 3 04 810 311 817 "3 18 8 23 3 24 826 327 8 36 3 37 8 45 3 46 i. M. F. M. Oxford, Trappe, Enston, Chapel, Cordova, Queen Anne, Ridgely, Greensboro Goldsboro, Henderson, Marydel, Slaughters, . Hartley, Kenlon, Clayton SOUTH. Mail. _Pas. A. H. V. M. 1153 7 4 7 ,11 42 7 37 1124 720 1112 708 11 04 7 02 10 54 G 65 1044 646 10 34 6 30 10 24 6 26 1016 C 19 1008 612 10.00 GOG 9 C7 6 04 9 48 5 56 938 647 A. M. P. M. Connect at Clayton with Deh-wareDi-vie- on of P. W. B. R. R. H. F. KENNEY, General Sup't. J. B. HUTCHINSOX, General j^Ianagcr. R. L. HoLLU)AT, Superintendent. Chester River Steamboat Gomp'y Fall and Winter Schedule. Beginning November 1st, 1897, the steamer Emma A. Ford, will leave Chester,own at 8 a. m., Monday, Wednesday and B'ridny, stopping nt Rolph's, Booker's, Quaker Neck, Bogle's, Queenstown and Kent Island. Leave Baltimore 10.30 n. in., Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday for same landings. Steamer Gratitude will leave Centre- villo 8 n. m., Tuesday, Thursday and Satin day, stopping at tho landings on Corsica river, Jackson's Creek and Rock Hall. Leave Baltimoie 10.30 a. m., Monday, Wednesday and Friday for the same landings. BSfSpeeial trip to Hook Hall find return on Saturday's only. Leave Baltimore 3 p. m , Leave HOCK 5.15 p. m. GKO. WAKFIELD, President, J. E. TAYLOR, General Agent FIRE Is yonr -Home, Furniture, Grain, Live Stock, or otter Property Insured Against Loss by FIREORLIGHTNING? If not, if you will apply to one of the Agents of tte tat Co. iWii insurance Co OF DOVER. DEL. you can obtain insurance at low rates. The Company is Mutual,'find you will only pay what the insurance costs, as any amount in EicessofCost ¥iflte Returned in DivHs or at termination of policy. WM. DENNY, Secretary. K. PLUMMER, Agent, Greensboro. J. B. FLETCHER. " Preston. TO THE PUBLIC! I desire to inform my friends of Denton and the public roundabout that I will bo at the store of STEW ART BROS., in . BEHTON EVERY TUESDAY, whore I will be prepared to take orders for all kinds of JEWEL- BY and lo make repnirs. All work will receive prompt attention, small repairs being made before leaving town. Orders left with Stewart Bros, will be carefully attended to. I thank you for past favors, and hope to receive n continuance of them. M0SES THE JEWELER. With the Additional Floor and Shelf Space Our cn«tomnrs can more easily ninke mi evnniimition of tlio Spring Goods which urc being received almost clnilj. In the Dry Goods Department Sonic line Dress Goods, are now shouii, and many "-tyle" ol 01 fnhrics are in block. Notions and Ladies and Gentlemen's Underwear, Slore shelf-space than ever before is occupied with Shoes, the stock being varied; nil selected with care, and the prices will strike JOLI ns surprisingly low. Recent wholesale purchases also include much tliat is desirable in tlic line of Carpets, Mattings, c. Here are 50 rolls of matting, and it is going at 10 to 2i cents pur yard. Handsome Ingrain Carpets now sell at 27, 30 and 40 cents per yard. "Workingnicn will find here n. heavy stock of Farm Clothes, which will at once attract their attention. The lignres sell them quickly. J.H. NICHOLS SON, DENTON BRIDGE. Wall Paper, "Wo have just received a new l i n e of Wall Paper--all new Spring Stylos -- which wo are offering nt Bottom Prices. "We would be pleased to show anyone our styles and prices. for Paper when you can get as good value in your own town ? We linve also received this week n fine line of LADIES' FINE SHOES We stake our reputation on these Shoes, ns all of them tear our name. We would he pleased to have yon cull and e:»amine them. We claim to lend in Notions and Gents' Furnishings, Come in nnd look over our stock. ' . MAIN STREET, DENTON, MARYLAND, 8Sr\Noticc Our Windows.] Carpets, Strav/ Mattings, Rugs, Oil Cloths, AND FURNITURE Headquarters for Drive-well Material, Plows, Wheelwright nnd Blacksmith Supplies, Building Hardware; Carriage, Wagon, C a i t a n d "Plow Harness, Paints nnd Oils, Tinware, Harness and Shoe Leather, Washing JUa- chines, Belt Lncin«, and Steam Packing. TWELVE mi FILLED WITH GOODS! I haVe a large stock of Barbed Wire Cable Wire Buckthorn and Ribbon Fencing, Poultry Netting, c. TILGHMAN HARVEY, Burrsvillc, Md. Money to Loan. PRICE S2.25-READ ON! No. O83. Brass Trimmed White Bn- amcled lledsteacl, roaao in t,48,42and 30 inch widths--length 75 incites. It has one-inch pillars, two inch brass vasea and caps. This bed retails at from 5 to Gdnlhus. Buy of tho maker nnfl savo the middleman's profits. Our Catalogues are mailed for tho asking. Complete lines of Furiiitme, Draperies, Crookery, Pictures, Muroie, Stovea, Refrigerators, Baby Carriages, Lamps, Bedding, etc., arc contained lu tlicbe books. Our Lithographed Carpot Catalogue showins: all goods in hand-painted colors is alsofrco; if Carpet samples are wanted mail us Sc. in stamps. Drop a postal at onco to tho money-savors and remember Hint we ]»ny freight this month on tHircbnses of Carpets, Imce Citrcniim, Portic-r* And Rugs amounting 1 to 90 and over. Julius Mines ft Son BALTIMORE, MD. AUCTION SALES! -i The Greatest, Fairest and Largest Horse- Dealers that Maryland Has Ever Known Are. FOX SONS. Wo M'll more horses and can SHOW YOU MORE HORSES than you can lind in any stable in the State. DON'T MISS OUS AUCTION SftLES! Yon will wonder how cheap we sell horses. E\ en horse offered is Sold for What Is Bid, And you c.ui tuko tliein Iioine, and if mis- repiesented ship them back and get your money back. THE LARGEST HORSE DEALERS II MARYLAND. M. POX SONS, A U C T I O N E E R S AND PROPRIETORS, 315-320-322 NORTH ST., Wheeler Transportation Line DAILY STEAMERS FOR Great Choptank, Trappe and Tucfcahoe Rivers. On and after January 1st, 1897, steam- 3is w i l l leave Pier 5 Light Street Wharf laily CM'epl Sundays at 7 p. in., for Ox- brd, Trappe, Cambridge, Chancellor's, Spcr.-Ury, Clark's, Choptrtiik, Lloyd's, Dover Bridge, Kingston, McCurty's, Gancy's, Todd'sl DowncV, Towers', Williston, i'lickahoo Bridge, Kpeso's, Coward's, Covey's, Hillsboro and Queen Anne. Arriving at Oxford the follow ing morn- ng in tune for connection w i t h the Dela- ,\iiio Chobupeake "K. R., and. at Cain- ridge with the Cambridge Seal'orcl 11.1?. Ucturnini; w i l l leave Ilillsboro, iMon- lays, Tuesdays, Wcd-iestlays, ThuisJajs uid P r i d a j s a t 10 a. in.; Covey's 10.30; JowurtVb 11; Williston 1 p. in j Gimcy's 1.80; McC.irtv's 2; Kingston 215; Dover Urid-e 2.30, Meillord's (OliopUnk) 4; Clink's 4.15; Cambridge 7; Truppe 8.30 mil 0\ford 10 stopping at intermediate andiiigs, a r r i v i n g in Baltimore early the ? ollo\\ing mornings. Stc imer lo.n-cs Hillsboro Sundays at 6 i. in.; Coward's, 7 a. in ; Williston, 8 n. in ; Mcdloid's (ChoptanlO 10.30a. m.;Cnni- biidgo 12.00, Tiappe 1.4-3 p. in.; Oxford p. in , arriving in Baltimore at 830 p. in. Sundays. Fieight received until G p. m. daily for all l a n d i n g * E. E. WHEELER, Agent, Pier 5 Light St., Baltimore. B. B. COUGK, Ascnt at Williston. The Steamer Greensboro (CAPT U S. IJitocKVA.Y, MASTKR,) Will ply between GKIOENSBOKOUO11 and BALTIMORE Weekly, touching at nil landings between Greensbor- ough and Dcnton. On nnd after July 1, stemner will leave for Baltimore ovety Monday FKKIGHTS JLODEKATE, CAPACITY AMPLli The patronage of our merchants and farmers solicited that tliis line may be made a success. Full information by inquiring of GEORGE F. DILL, AOKST, D. S B HO CK WAY. MAM-SH, Groonsborough, ifd. Or 1IA11KY A. ROE, AGENT, Den ton, Md. rge granaries always ready to re- REED'S TO GET BARGAINS in is THE PLACE HARNESS! I have money to lonn on llrst mortgage on real estate, in sums to suit borroweis. slioit notice. OSCAR CLARK, Don ton, Md. If in need of a n y t h i n g in my Illicit will be to your advantage to examine wlmt I have to show before puiclivsing elsewhere. My stock includes Dusters, Sheets, Fly Nets, Ear Tips, Whips, Harness as low as S7, Hnnd-mndc Harness to order, Collars, Bridles, Axle and Harness Oil, Whip Sockets, Pads of all kinds. repaired and cleaned at W. S. EBBD, Dtmton. Md. THE CHANGING OF THE PREACHERS o Nun]-.\ij]ioin^ri] I'lM'siiPlng Kulur't--Main IIiiiiitrri.iL Changes. The W i l m i n g t o n M. E. Uouferencc closeil i l s session ;tt Lowefa last Monday a l t e i n o o n , to m e e t at Cambridge one j o a r hence. Among- tho ap p o i t i t m e n t s there ure some surprises, b u t a l t o g t b e r t h e w o r k o f ' t h e C o n f e r - ence m e e t s w i t h geuui.-il approval. The l i s t of a p p o i n t m e n t s f o l l o w s : W I L S l I X f t T O N DISTRICT--ROUT, \VATT, FliUMDING ELDER. Bulliel and S u m m i t (Clie 6ity--G. !S. Couowny. Charleston--L. E. Poole. Cherry Hill--G. P. Jones. Chesapeake City--II. A. G. Western" eld. Chester (Booth's Corner)--W. F. Dawson. Cuiistiaua-- W. P. Taylor. Claymont--to be supplied. Delaware City--H. S. Thompson. Ebenezer, Md.--(Supply) W. T. Hammond. E l k N e u k -- W . H. S. Loller. Elkton--A. S. Mow bray. Hockessiu--T. B. Hunter. Hopewell aud Asbury--J. F. Anderson. Murshalltoii and Stantou--T. H. Haiding. Mt. Lebanon (Rocldand)--W. H. Ben ford. Mt. Pleasant and Union--E. H. Deriicksoii. Newark and Wesley--F. C. Mae- sorley. New Castle--R. Irving Watkins. Newport--Jnlius Dodd. Northeast--W. A. Wise. Perryville--(Supply) John Jones. Port Deposit--W. P. Compton. Port Penn--To be supplied. Rod Lion and Glasgow--J. T. 1'rouse. Rising Sun and Sylmar--S. J. Morris. Rowlandville and Mt. Pleasant-Supply) W. E. Greenfield. St. Georges--E. H. Collins. St. John's (Lewisville, Pa.)--T. S. Holt. Zion, Md-W. R. Mowbray. Wilmington: Asbury--Ezra Tinker. Br.audywine--J. TV. Easley. Cookman--John France. Eastlake aud Elsmere--J. 0. Syp- ierd. Epwortb--F. B. Short. Gro.ce--Henry Baker. Harrison. Street--R. T. Coursey. Kingswood--E. S. Mace. Madeley--V. P. Nortlirup. Mt. Salem and Riddle Memorial-H. W. Ewing. St. Paul's--W. L. S. Murray. Scott--F. P. Han-is. Silverbi-ook--E. E. White. Swedish Mission--Fridolph Soderman. Union--J. D. C. Hanna. Wesley--W. W. Sharp. DOVER DISTRICT--C. S. BAKER, PRE' SIDING ELDKR. Beekwitli--E. H. Miller. Bridgeville--W. G. Koons. Burrsville--L. T. MeLain. · Cambridge--E. C. Macuicbol. Camdeu7-C. P. Slieppard. Cannon--J. W. Fogle. dlhureh Creek--T. N. Given. Crapo--J. W. Gray. Denton--Z. H. Webster, Wesley (Dover)--Alfred Smith. Armory (Dover)--Howard Smith. East New Market--H. M. Thurlow. Elleudale--W. H. Keuney. Elliott's Island--F. E. MeKinsey. Farmington--I- G. Fosnocht. Federalsburg--T. W. Valliant Feltou--T. C. Smoot. Frederica--T. A. H. O'Brien. Galestown--John L. Johnson. Georgetown--Adam Steugle. Georgetown Circuit--J. T. Van Burkalow. Greenwood--C. H. Williams'. Harrington--T. E. Terry. Hooper's Is.iud--W. N. Conaway. Houston--G. P. S m i t h . Hurlock--T. F. Tabler. Lukesville--Joseph Buckson. Leipsic--C. I. Stengle. Lewes--W. L. White. Lincoln--J. A. Biewington. Little Creek--A. H. Covey. Magnolia--J. D. Kemp. Milfbrd--L. E. Barrett. Mitton--W. J. Du Hadway. Nassau--J. D. Reese. Preston--0. S. Walton. Salem, Md--H. E. Truitt. Seaford and Bladesville--R. K. Stepbenson. Vienna--Harry Taylor. Williamsburg--J. H. Wilson. Williston--F. J. Cochriui. Woodside--H. M. Green. Wyoming--J. E. Graham. Zoar--Eben Welch. EASTON DISTRICT--F. W. CORKRAN, PRESIDING ELDET. Bayside--(Supply) A. L. Gray. Ceciltou--J. A. Arters. Ceutroville--E. C. Atkins, dies wold and Bethel-- Ed win Gardner. Chestcrtown--C. A. Grise. Church Hill--J. H. Geoghegau. Clayton--0. W. De Venish. Cordova--J. M. Mitchell. Cruraptou--J. W. Prottymau. Eastou--R. H. Adams. Galena--A. P. PreUyman. Golts--(Supply) Irwin B. Taylor. Greensboro--Aloyoius Green. Hillsboro--F. F. Carpenter. IngJcside--Oiuer Jones. Kent Island--S. P. S l i i p m a n . Kentou--Robert Roe. Marydel --M D. Nutter. M i d d l c t o w n --I. L. Wood. M i l l i n g t o n -- D . F. Waddell. Odessa--W. 0. Huist. Osloid--T. B. Cooper. Piney Neck--(Supply) J. B. Mei- ritt. Pomona--T. R. Van Dyke. Queenstown--W. 0. Bennett. Hock Hall--J. P. Outten. Royal Oak--James Carroll. St. Michaels--G. W. Burke. Smyrna--C. A. Hill. Smyrna Circuit*--L. W. Layfield. Still Pond--E. P. Roberts. Sudlersville--J. M. Lindale. T«lbot Circuit--J. W. Talley. Tilghman's Island--W. W. Chaireb Townsend-- Albert Chandler. Trappe--Frank Fletcher. Tunis Mills--W. E. Wright- Wye aud Starr--(Supply) C. K. Morris. Worten--George L. Ellis. SALISBURY DISTRICT--T. E. MARTINDALE, PRESIDING ELDER. Anuamessox--J. W. Jones. Asbury--(Crisfield)--C. T. Wyatt. Berlin--H. G. Budd. Bethel--W. B. Guthrie. Bishopville--F. E. Bloxton. Cape Charles--Warren Burr. Chiucoteague--C. W. Strickland. Crisfield--J. P. Otis. Deal's Island--G. W. Bounds. Delmar--G. W. Towusend. Fail-mount--L. P. Corkrau. Frankford--J. S. Wickline. Fruitland--(Supply) W. E. Ma th- ews. Girdletree--H. C. Turner. Gumboro--G. W. Bowman. Hallwood, Va.--(Supply) J. S. Sozuian. Holland's Island--J. M. Collins. Laurel--David H. Corkran. Mardella Springs--(Supply) T. S. Barrett. Marion--F. X. Moore. Millsboro--W. S. H. Williams. Mt. Pleasant (Laurel)--Wilmer Jaggard. Mt. Vernon--T. F. Beancbamp. Nanticoke--E. H. Nelson. Newark, Md.--(Supply) Baynard Wheatley. Onancock--Asbury Burke. Parksley--George F. Hopkins. Parsonsburg--G. E. Wood. Pocomoke City--C. C. McLaiu. Pocomoke Circuit--(Supply) W. G. Strickland'. Powellville--D. E. Willis. Princess Anne--G. T. Alderson. Quantico--(Supply) W. R. Gwinn. Roxaua--D. F. McFaul. St. Peter's (Oriole,- Md.)-G. L. Hardesty. Salisbury--C. W. Prettyman, with Walter E. Avery as assistant. Selbyville--M. R. Hackman. Sharptown--W. R. McFarlaue. Smith's Island--G. R. Neese. Snow Hill--S. M. Morgan. Somerset--D. J. Given. Stockton--(Supply) G. W. Hastings. Tangier--C. P. Swain. Westovei-- (Supply) T. G.Eiswald. Whitesville--H. S. Dulaney. R. W. Todd, agent of Maryland Bible Society. Vaughn Collins, principal of Conference Academy. A Word to liuskiiesH ]\Icn. One reason why we advise specific advertising as better than general is because of its twofold results. You get immediate -returns; you know whether or not yaur advertising is effective; and J F OU get all the general benefit yon could possibly derive from geueral advertising. You cannot trace the results of general advertising except in a gen- oial way. I f a t t h e ' e n d of a year, or a number of years, you Lave been successful, it is fair to assume that your advertising has been of some avail. On the contrary, if your advertising deals with particular items to bo taken at once, you can see an immediate effect or you don't, and according as you realize immediately or otherwise you are able to judge of tho effectiveness of your advertising--Dry Goods Chronicle. Man} 1'coplc Cuniiot Wrlnk coffee at night. It spoils their sleep. You can drink Grain-0 when you please and sleep like a top. For Graiuo 0 does not stimulate; it nourishes, cheers and feeds. Yet it looks and tastes like the best coffee. For nervous persons, young people and children Grain-0 is the perfect drink. Made from pure grains. Get a pack- ago from your grocer to-day. Try it in place of coffee. 15 aud 23c. Many School Children sire Slutdy. Mother Gray's Sweet Powders for Children, used by Mother Gray, a nurse in Children's Home, New York, Break up Colds in 24 hours, cure Foverisliness, Headache, Stomach Troubles, Teething Disorders, and Destroy Worms. At all druggists, 25c. Sample FREE. Address, Allen S. Olmsted, Le Roy, N. Y. A n u m b e r of orchards iu Anne Arundel county have been destroyed by the San Jose scale. Republican MlbscitHlon at AniiMpnllK. from the Suvifay Herald. "Beca.iso of the iiip;li.:iiliiliios of t h e Baltimore and Ohio Railroad the R e p u b l i c a n s have practically lost control of tlic Legislature. Instead of a pood \vorkiug majority' in the House, the party can now only*. claim a respectable minority, a n d " unless there is A speedy change in the policy a s i m i l a r state of affairs will prev.iil in (he Senate." The gentleman who made this statement is ouo of the leading and most influential Republicans iu the State, as well as a very conservative politician. He had been discussing police leoganization with some friends in the corridors of the State House at Annapolis, and it was while commenting on the visit of Senator Wellington that he thus expressed himself. Gathered about him was a group of politicians representing various sections of the State, all of whom agreed with the speaker as-to existing dissension, but some of whom did not understand why the railroad company should be charged with the responsibility. "Because," was the explanation, "the heads of this corporation, with the view of fuithering their own interests, have been trying to control legislation, yet lacked the political judgment to pilot their schemes to victory. Had they kept hands off, police reorganization might have carried. The bill, as originally framed, did not emanate from this source, but after it had been introduced the railroad politicians adopted it, made some changes to suit themselves, and then tried to ' Eorce it through. "While I believe it would haTe been good politics to have reorganized the Board, I thmk it would have been better politic to have abandoned the scheme when it was found ;hat the opposition was so pronounced that the passage of the bill was out of the question. Had this course been pursued after the first Republican caucus, there would probably have been no dissension in the Republican ranks, aud the majority iu the House and Senate working together could then have enacted laws that would have benefited the party and made it stronger'." The Country Editor. He is the packhorse of every community, the promoter of every laudable enterprise, the worst underpaid aborer in the vineyard. Counting his space as his capital, he gives more to charity, his means considered, than any other member of society. He is a power in politics, a pillar of the church, a leader in the crusade for better morals. He is pre-eminent- y the friend of humanity. Line upon line, paragraph, day by day, tie is embalming in cold type the facts from which the Herodotus, Facitus, Sismoudi or Macauley of the future will write the history of our time. He fully chronicles our advent into the world, briefly notes our uprisings and our downsittings, and sorrowfully records our exit., We are all more or less--generally more--his handiwork, and the creature should not be ungrateful to his- creator. Without his generous and enthusiastic labors most of us would never have beeu here; when he tires of us, most of us will return to private life amid rural scenes propitious for secret meditation and silent prayer.--Exchange. Orphans' Court Proceedings. Judges Moore and Orrell wer« on the bench in the Orphans' Court last Tuesday, and the business of the session was as follows: "^ Martha L. Barcus aud Charles S. Barcus, administrators of Greenbury Barcus, deceased, presented a list of sperate debts, interest account and final account of administration; approved aud passed. Anna Bell and W. A. Bell, administrators of Thomas W. Bell, deceased, presented an account of sales; passed. Gcorgfi M. Russum, attorney, filed a bill of complaint aud petition for the sale of tho real estate of Rufus C. Harris, deceased, and a warrant to appraise the same was issued to A. Pierce Redhead aud John W. Can-oil. Frederick R. Owens filed application for letters of administration on the personal estate of Horace Gibson, deceased, and consent of next of kin was filed. i The Homeliest IHnu In Ueiitou, As well as the handsomest, and others are invited to call on any druggist aud get free a trial bottle of Kemp's Batsiuu for the Throat j and Lungs, a remedy that is guaranteed to cure aud relieve all chronic and Acute Coughs, Asthma, Bronchitis aud Consumption. Price 25e. and 50c. Do Your Feet Ache. Shake i n t o your shoes Allen's Foot Ease, a powder. It cures Corns, Bunions,Chilblains, Sweating, Swollen feet. At all druggists and Shoe/ Stores, 25c. Sample.FREE. Address,Allen S. Olinsted, Le Roy, N.Y

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