The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on July 10, 1923 · Page 2
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 2

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 10, 1923
Page 2
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PAGE TWO. THE HUTCHINSON NEWS. TUESDAY, JULY 10, 1923 JJ-I.SMITH-) Choice Meat Cuts for Hot Weather Dressed Fries Venl Leg of Lamb Veal Liver Barfed Hnm Roast Pork Roast Beef Order Early Squnr.h Tomatocg Lettuce Celery Peach''a Red Plums Cantaloupes Radlshc* Cucumbers Cau'lfiowor Rhubarb Api'lcota Pears Watermelon* iPECIAL- Soap Phone 1500 "THE FflRNDBt.L STORE" 7 5. Main NEWS TELEPHONE IS "4400" NOW MORE OWN One Vehicle to I Now, Si: X'-u- York. .1>ili July 1 totaled ]•>. a :v.irvo> jU -A <••. ;j« t*f;i.i Of 2.! ' i t<'t-:J, an int'cii. v<\ lh« ix-u-nrix-r thus lii'li fipuvos v,"ill slu; v mi 'iJon or morr. Kvt *ry Ktutt.' h;ii torod than on .! u! thirty-sewn stav over tho fin til K>: TlltTd now Is oi MOTOR CARS. very B.5 Persons •/ey Sho\y3. 1 (.*.-• • Motor curs anO n ihi' Vnitrd States H.I'iS, at'i.-ordins: -to ut-U"l. This w:ie n .(•! ihu Ju'.y 3, 19"2. - of nboui 23 in*r i ulrf:idy him 1 pftMS- li''i2, high mark hv atlr.2 tho final IS23 !"iiu)>?r gain of 1 liioi'O vehicles rfpi 1, a year a-po. v/hi' ft afroriily liuvo Rnru? 2 U.uil. motor v oil ink 1 for That is the Call for New Branch Exchange—"No. 3" Not Used in Future. Tho now N T O"WR teloi'liorto number la In, o little whilo Tho Now.q \B to movr; to a Aev location «nd for tho couvenicmee of tho telephone ox- ehmiizt*, for tho convuBlenoo of pooplo "ft"ho (-all. that tho beat possible eorviee may he expected and given, it has been found neecsaary to select a n<'\v iph'jdinnrt number. Thfw hum bnci] ilono, Tlh 1 new number in 4400, Tilts la tlie way to pay it: "1 Vriy-frur hundred." ll v, ill he ea^y to remember. For a Long Time. P ! ,in tho firnt telephone system was (':-;,;i)li:tiied In Hutch,unon, inort* *than {Vilv y.-;i:^ ;ti;.o, No. 3 has been The N''\\.A number. IHit It has been fount! jK-f'.v.i ry, I..r {jjo CuJivenlomio of the Iiaii'-h?- of the office to have tt private br.'utch U'k'j'hoito exchange iW Tin* .Wv.'^-^nililinji a;id a mmibcr of trunk iim have h:}i-i\ ins-tailed luto the u -i- t'rom the eeatral office of the_J ithw. «t"rn Hell company at Second i Wu!!iii' stre.-«t«; and ail of tho calls Th" .\\'tt's nuiy easily he haiidled. ;!•-• :'u'ii:-(» No. S is not for The -.vs. ):.,.;ead .'invalid cailinp the •ev i;::iy call 44,0o and ask for tin* \ mor the individual -wanted •etion will bo Quickly ><I:ib one H thl.<=: It. is ..•allln: in Oil ••I'K'U" in tho future for any. ; Tito NewB. .«y to remember. Just like "4400" or "Forty-Four Hundred.' every S.5 pt-f^unji In the rnittsl States. Thi^ in <he era whf-ri the offkv boys (ire the only poi'rourt in t.oui(.' p;ita.blt?h- UientH who do ui.y v,ork. K'A Mint- to Quit joking about the shiftlefSMiesH of Office boy.i. 1 > 1 !t* 1 tho fuel, thai only sixteen in-bfH 1 , 5 ; of the Carey l^ai'k Golf as* stK-iat ion (] null tied for the litmdioap o!:un:piom;h;p tonrnanuuit, the event will run- off, it ii* announced by Swrretary Hob lUrtstutier. It bad been hoy^ri Ur.a -IS vmild enter. Pairings fer the tnurn-ameut with liandioips ur* as fojlsi'jvs: Keni:t-t.!i i.'ba^e, 10, vs-. Jotiep-li CJi,x>d- paM-r, 2.T Wilbur XIahol.--, IP, rs. Tom Hotjaii, 2S. IJen I-namhoni, 19, VB. A. • W. Tii'tfie. 2fi. ...d. I!, Mi-Klnnoy, 34, vs. A. K. Tuttln, 22. C\ U. Krway. 21, YA Ikrb BuHard, 13. lic-ii llo^tntler, 14, vs. Geo. Allison, V, W. 0. Smith, 13, vs. O. L. Kakin. 28. Frank Holdron, 15, vs. JT, W. Donovan. 20. —x— The nmtf'hea UMed must be played tills woek, rtirrts to bo dep^mitexl in tho boy at Carey park by (5 p. m. .Sunday, t.^irdii f.iiowinK tho 3mle.3 whero han<lt- c^npH will *bo used may bo 'had froaii ?.tr. Hostuiler at Young's Slioo etoro. —-X— TtV* lack of cnntostfttils for tho hnuilkap ehanadonfailp U due to the poor i\;iidition of the entires. Tho city has never tflvon !t the p:\>por altoti- t;tm slnt-e the flood and tho rank weed growth has nuule pcxul I>!ay inipos- wibb 1 . f^-edfurn nre forced to ts'p^n-.l a great deal of time hunt ins for lost L-alM. Tlte greens aro : aL^> in \yoov ^ihnpe. - X— The new Irrigation plant installed ns a. «ift to the, Country elub by f';n;ir;;e (Jauo I;> he ins used regularly r.ov;. Thr> Country elub mnrso has prae?icaiiy reo-ovtred frojn the effev-.ts of the tr«Kn:**nt Cow crouk floods and \H in i;oe^l shape, '" Cecil Stnnv. who baa he<Mv traveiinj; l i n»!>s ; ;!on;il nt (Iron, 1 BeiHl. STai ford ami Kin«b-y is fipurir.i; on coming hr .re as prc:fessioual Co,r the munioip-ai course if y -o:\io arrange incut ea;i be made with tin 1 city. Burns, who lias visited In T!r.:rhtn .~nn was medalist in the (ltiall- ty\::a round for the women's city e;iai:ip.ioi ;;'hip of Kansas City yesterday. Slu a shot an Sti. . — A Newton golfer reoontly prevented another player from killing; a bull snake that bad crawled out on the newly clipped fairway to staflt a p> pher. Tho friend -of the snake picked up Mr. B. S. and carried him gently Into the rough, tho while talking baby snake laruruaju* mixed with pigeon yolt b 'ni^uage- to his twiakeship. The suak»eo m ed Io under n tand and beeani^ quite doeilo If not indeed much interoHted, and coiled around and inspected the golf bag, sticks, •ba 118. etc. On tlie next round this Colf e r ^1 icod a 1 ong drive into th a rou :-h on that same hole. When he e-une to the place where "he thought hi* ball nitent be, there was the. bull snake with his head a ftxat in tho air, and kis body coi 1 e d around a half r]»zea balls> everyone at which bad this snake charmer's Initials on It. Ix>nd on: for public art e;n cies. An Advantage. English women candidates office have the advantage parod vath Ameriean .vonien of •bk* lo choose .their constttuen- DP.MPSEY? WILLARD? F1RPO? t*Jt, Luifl Angtl t'Upo, the Arci-ntint Wild Man. who mepl- Jess Wiliiird, right. In tka Jersey CitJ bowl . bucltgrpuiia, with James J. JeBrlfji. beow, the probable referee. SECOND CHAMPIONSHIP BOUT OF MONTH ' WILL PUT FEATHER CROWN IN JEOPARDX Hose! Hose! Hose! We Have a Complete Line of—• HOSE, SPRINKLERS, NOZZELS, ETC. . Priced To Suit Your Purse. HOSKINS & YOUNG HARDWARE—TIN SHOP (Home oi FRONT HANK. Furnace) Phone 3752 , 22 First We«t EXTRA LENGTH PORCH SWINGS Many Dealers lipsilale to recommend a LONG POUCH .$$W£Slm>r\ aw,!sf(J —l«n«vlnA tho fniilM.v of Hielr goods. fnifflrTY? RNYDBR QUALITY—lOstrn Jcugilw, avfl ninrte In our j Wmarm'f r owu I''*"'- punraiiteod to 'bo built up'to a olr-.ucln.rtl fiot flown to a prloo. ' r ''' c ChBlns ana tho Hanging BO vrilh Extra Lcngtlis. THE SNYDER COMPANY PHONE 181. 23-25-27 West Sherman. Champion Eugene i_nqui. left, and Challenger Johuny Dundee, right. Tho second champlonsliip bout at n hectic month Is scheduled for July, 2S or 80 .ivlwti Kujjeno Criqui, .numth- old feathfrwelght rhamploa, risks bis liflo In tho ring with Johnny Dundee, perennial challenger of champs. Criqui declares ha will bo In better shape for Dundeo than h" was for Ktlbane, due to the fact that ho now has become thoroughly acclimated. Which ought to cheer up Dundee. National League. At Philadelphia-- R-'H.M. Pittsburgh 200 000 000—3 a 0 Phlbidelphii ...0'W OM Six—1 10 0 llatti-rles- -PlttsburKh, Morrison and Schmidt; Philadelphia, Behau and Hwline. . At ^Boston— H. H. E. Chicago &02 001 100— i 15 Boston 000 000 100—1 5 4 Batteries—OMcaso, Oslwrne and O'Pa'^ell; Boston, Earneg and E. Smith. At Brooklyn— It. If. E. St. Ixniia Oil 000 100—3 S 2 Brooklyn Ill 002 OOi—5 10 1 Batteries—St. LonlB, Sberdell and Mc-CJurdy; Urokiyn, Vance and I>e- berry. At New York— " It. H. E. O(nclnn«0 200 300 S0O— 6 31 2 Neiv York <C>0 034 22x~13 16 1 Batwrlei^-OLnoinnati, Bcntou, Keck and HarErave; Now York, Kohl, Scott and tlowdy. TIME TO PUT IN AN ORDER FOR TROUT Ed Haas is to Go to Colorado to Take Them Out of the Streams. St. p or le Sh.-ll tti" ]•; o'.v th.'it P..ul mi.-' ~;H'KKM1 rid in ..u tlruhtr the .it- .I IMTIJ] aiMl !!'[.U aalch 1» un tli- pr-jof mil'. .••.bio a ami 'Je t &<m\o. "i'Ut but e>:p:v !ity ca:; *\\\ aK'^d "utatriiii !i:hod, cut ',vr wHli^LH tloin^ that -Itj a i-r, evun and rt (Living 1'OIT- {!UI fi-- thcu.ii oni-w out r-^i.-'hcd Bin claity. The lit. Paul battler took Dompsey's BtlfiV.i-.t to the Jaw, the baclt ot the nci.:k, tljt,- midriff ami oth.-r im.-illion-.i ot tho anatomy v;Mcb ordiuaiy ref- ereoH call loul territory mid was thero at tho flnliili. Not only Uiat but lie kept. iKx-klajr av.a.v ami thmish IJIB li!o*.v« jnay ha\o larked Ble-am ho ahovod more gloves Into I'-'Uipsi-y'B face and body than lie'u men tiluea ho left the Bhlj.yai.ln. N ':.-.v the 'MaimBBa Maulor wlionfl inauiiiif;-- to be oh-aritablo—seeuia to have d-'terlorated, faces the probpoet of iiH ctiin; the winner of Uie battl-d of Kiaiita at tioylos' Tldrty Acres. VVlll.ird wiii waltfh In the nelfrlibor- •liooil of HO ki]o;;iauis v/hlch In American butcher Bheps moans 210 pounds. Ftrpo -will woigl) well over 200. Neither la in a class with (Mbbon, wten It comes to 'boxing: a?jl!ity, speed or craftlne;.!! but Oh, Gerald, how fchotto boj.-i i-s;i t' On': KOOU wallop from either would second a loco motive back mi 1U hind wheels. Of courao Dempsey v.'cn hla man killing title by cmilni; the big folioim Uowii to Ills ult» and thou fhittoiiiiin .them in a nvintl or two. Rulliy, elow- ! miiiiiii: i'l-'ii'-in'-tlis they wore und for tlie imi.-t I 'u.-r ho\a %viio Btiould have 1 1M--.--1 with a i-arnivnl troupe for they had :!.« "Jii ^lvli«r" bab-lt. 'rie- fuct P-Linpney v.-rus V.nock- 1I-L' tl..-:n tor a ri.w of I'Uwl hidlun -pa- Itt-t.'t,-- ii,::rt iiieve tu le-rei-en tho hich viivlu:? • i-'.eil-. it'i-rt of bis c.pponeii''-s l.ur liiil ..--.Ml :/ide. r l."« In hl.i ixi'.-k. P.:t-- ' Tbr v.oi-M knowA iiov,' that I>i'Uir-- ibej''^ i^-"li i - in tile same clafw wit"' 1 .. 'tlis ol-J gray iuare---"lt ain't wnat It iisf-1 to i,.-. ' -And t:i addition to the : wurid Ltenii i.'.v knu^'ii it, V.'iUard ikjiows it and l-'in> : -' - wouldn't ^naki- mucli difteii-iu-e to the .-\j-gen- : tine bull whether be knew It or not. I Juist -how this knowledge will aft feet JJeinpi v 'y isn't known of course. 'But to .Mcssra. W'lllard and Ftrpo It means 'lull". considerable. Thou atcai'i shouM Mr. IVmpsey decide to jou^ii WtiUard around ho'd probably ftnd it more difficult tban wrestlins with the ]Tb-pound tllbbous. In case Flrpo dofoaU Wlllard and Dompe'-y F.hould BO f»r forget him — us to try ioi!f:li j lious!n{r ~$Mth that yoiini^ sent, Mr. i ;, irpo miR'ht forget tor the notice that ho was uupposod to fight and ton.i Mr. Dempsey aonie- wb^re out in the five dollar coats. Pirpo IB a young man who really doesn't know Just, ho-w powerful he Is and rontibiutf by Demjisoy uiiijht have a tendency to make him Inijulsltivo. Hempcey had to sock Wlllard until ho was arm wintry bofero Wlllard wuc- eumbod at Toledo and between tdao Wllard of then and now—despite advancing time- -there are several para- tump* of Improvement <tocordlng to eastern critics. That being tho cue, U Beeras tltat Mr. Dempsey who had to bolivar his "Iron Mike" in wholesale lotu at Toledo may bavo to drat 'eru In fey the carb.-ad if he ever meets Wlllard a;:ain. BHI then Papa 'rime may bo kidding Jess and one r-oiid'smack may jiut him "horn du combat," as the SeueKam- biar.ti say. Til- exact composition uf jaws an tunii-ii out in Argentine isn't known; however the battering ram propensities ef i.tie fist.'i turned out do'.vu tliero is i-.(-.'l b' Kirpo hapliens to rei.cli the button betwt-en J. 1 VMMps..-y'd weaves Boy, wherc's that boy, call the ambulance. Of course Deinpuey may ntep into the rliiu vvitb the F'irpo-WUlard winner und knock hint Into the Atlantic somewhere beyond tho three-mile limit In less time than It takes a boot- legttor to land a car^o of ho-och. James J. Jeffries, former heavyweight champion anil about the same size aa tlio^pvlnclpals lu thu Jersey City fracas, vvlll be t3ie third man In fho ring If Promoter Itlckard has bib say. He has made all arrangements for Joff to handle the .bout, but reports bavo it that the New Jersey fight cummisHioucra 'will t»ar him because of the rrtrulatiousj TVhleli provide that a Jersey man must officiate In Jersey. However, 'Vox Rlplturd. haa a way oi liavlng Ills own v-'ay In things pugilistic, and It Is almost certain that he never would have announced Jelf aa the referee unless all dlfficultfea had beon utraightened out, Dompsay'K uo.xt claflls probaWy will •be lu tho ea&t, Now York or Jersey and they have comuiteBbiua there which may or may not see fit to have Jimmy Dougherty or »omo other oi Domyscy'a 'bosom friends referee. Think that over. Aa lar aa Wlllard and Firpo are concerned you can HTlte your own tlekat on tho outcome because we're iu J Uu Corbett'e elaioi aa a ntokar. American League, At Cleveland—- R H E Boston 000 200 003—i 6 1 Cleveland 100 00 0 000—1 10 1 Batteries—Boston, Plercv and Pfcl- nlch; Cleveland, Smith and O'Neill. At Chicago— R H E Washington 000 00 1 000—1 7 0, Chicago 000 1 02 23i—S 11 1' Batteries^—Washington. St^lgwlck and Ttuel; Chicago, Leverette and Schalk. At Detroit— RUE Philadelphia 040 001 100—6 30 1 Detroit 100 031 000-5 13 1 liatteries—Philadelphia, Hasty and Perkins; Detroit, Cole, Johnson and gassier. At St. Ixjuis— R H E Now York 201. 500 010—n 12 1 St. Louis 100 000 011-3 6 2 liatteries—New York, I'ennoek and Hofmann; St. Louis, Davis and Sov- ereid. ~ Western League, At Wlehlfo— R HE Oklahoma City 001 301 020— 7 H 4 Wichita 32-1 401 21x - 17 22 2 Batteries—Allen and Lutz; Gregory and McMullen. At Tulsa— R II E St. .losupli 000 320 001— t; 10 1 TiiIBS ..: 004 11! O.'i— S 12 1 Butteries—Ledbetter. Hall, Liudberg and Pb-reo; niae.k and Crosby. ]>SM Molnef*-Omaha, train late. Only three scheduled. American Asaoclatlon. At Kansas City— R H E Indianapolis ...Out 104 131—11 15 1 Kantian City ...101 000 110— 4 14 2 Uuiterles; Caldwell, Dawson, Salod- na, Carter and Skiff; Cav-et and Kreuger. At St. Paul— n H B Coliwubus 011 000 W0— 2 7 2 St. Paul 020 000 lSx— 0 8 0 Batteries: Palmero ana Elliott; Mer- rlt and Allen. Minneapolis— It H E Toledo 880 005 000—11 18 0 MlnneapollB ...000 001 000— 1 2 $ Datterleu: Giard aud Apderson; Sohnuer, Ayroa and Mayer. At Milwaukee— R H B Louisville 200 ISO 010— T 14 8 Milwaukee ... .042 102 OOx— 0 12 B Batteries: Soiheron, JSotell, Koob and Bratten; Schaak and BMnault. * WtKtorn Awoolatlon. Sprlngifield, »; McAJegtar, S. „ Honryetto, 1: Bald, 4. Fort Smlti!, 4; Ardoioroy9. Southern Association. MorupMs, 2; Nanhvillo, 8. Mc>bilo, 6; New Orleanti, B. Altlanta, 4; BlnnlnKham, Z. little Rock, 8; Chattanoosa, 9. Texa» l.eaoue, Dallas, 4: BJircyoport, 2. Wichita FajlB, 7! Fort Wolth, 4. .Gnlveston-Beaumont, ruin, lillT^a* «4^jnd» t^vi,ailtin>.i. Want some mountain trout of the speckled or rainbow kind? Then stop Into the .Midland threat re and place an order with Ed Hauft, manager. Bd, his wife and child, are 0 i to go to Colorado soon, starting next 'Saturday noon, motoring. They are to drive to Denver for a little while, then Into the fastnesses of the Heckles, casting a line or tvvo into the Beaver, tho Little Catamount, the Big Catamount, the Tarry AH. the Platte, the C'rystai and up to Chceseman's iLim, alt lu the Rockies, part of theFhi fishing waters being over the Continental Divide. Afterwards they are to take a cabin at. Green Mountain Falls where Home of their three weeks vacation will be spent. fcki is anxious for orders for truot and can supply the photographs of many fln«' catches, for he -will take a camera along. His brother, Harry Haas, will have charge of the theatre- during the vacation. ROBINSON'S SYNCOPATORS AT MIDLAND NEXT WEEK Aggregation of Melody Artists to be at This Hutchinson Playhouse. Robinson's Syncopators, called "The Greatest Jazz Band on Eartji," will he tho big feature attraction at the Midland Theatre nEOrt weok, according- to an - announcement mado by the Midland irtanaRtroent tills morning. Tiiis aRgreifation of tmc-lody artists, nine ia'numbcr, hail from Chiciviso and are -playing tit tho Newman Theatro thls week. They wore sn (rood that Newman Theatre patrons requested their return ami after their engagement here they will return to jjansas City for an indefinite ensitjromeiit. 'Phcy -will play daily at 8:30, 7:30 and 9:30 .tr.-.ra. and will have- a complete cliang"e of -<pr<o-s"rf'.ni on Thursday. Thin Is really one of the big atitracttona of tho season for Hutchinson fan-8 nnd after hearing theee boys you will know exactly what the mcafi- Ing of Jazz- io. Gift of $10,000. A gift of {10,000 -has (been received by President Arthur E. Morgan of Aatioch Collage, from Mrs. WUla-nl D Straight, of Now York city. The money -will be usod to erect a factory building, near the college and private enterprises will fce invited to occupy It and provido employment for students. THE NEWS TELEPHONE, 4400 MKXV BOBINSON'S SYMQPATORS ••nittlonal Negro J«u Band dlrtct from MI D E A Pi D For Laundry and Dry Cleaning Service Phone 107 or 108 FAMILY WASHING. . Let us relieve you of this tiresome task this hot weather. The price is very reasonable, our work is the best. BUNDLE WORK Items you want washed and ironed will have our careful attention. You will be pleased with our service. DRY CLEANING AND PRESSING Highest quality work and service at reasonable prices. Let us show you. American Steam Laundry s 125 West Sherman. 107- —-~ PHONES — 108 THE HUTCHINSON NEWS Delivered by Carrier, 10c Week Conscience warns «« as a friend "before it punishes us a$ a judge. 1 •—Stanislaus*. Select a Jenkins XJictrola Ylctrolis tl), Ml. Victrolas, $25 to $725. J.W Call or Write, R. P. Holland, Manager

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