The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on November 27, 1975 · Page 19
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 19

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 27, 1975
Page 19
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Voice *»• ,)«minu«j from Page t) who traveled to Victoria for th« game and ilayed until the end. And to I)H> hundred or so that left thrws minute* before the game wa* over, why did ymi bother to i.'orne? You know, you hundred f^KMild gel together with •*ie ItW that every school t Ims Mitybe you could work something out MI that if you left Uirw rninut** early from enough games, ymi could get fr«» admission into a game I mean, alter all, you did pay for those three minut** and you didn't UM; »^-»n Htifrjy ymi •Oiiif lyjj* of It I* a K<j»wi thing, fot >wr s.ak«-, that Marihitll didn't C'lWwvt 'MI fXM* of bis >aM#S» Y<AI wmild tnu&n) *fvi»t y«u ft* Onvf again. want a ftound buslnws flijproach In government? now do we convince them that they mutt weigh cnch expenditure and decide how bvttt to Rp«nd tlw money available, and not upend more than U available? Many Uk-a* and projects pfientt'il by our iawrnaki'in and other public official* are gtxxl in the Idealistic ma*;, mil *'v must learn to pick and ehoow, and not attempt to do all project* pr»ented An Individual may desire a new car and a vncatjc/n in Kurope, but if lutvh are n«>t rtvaHiiMc for t*ulh, then WM- must \M! eliminated M> *uh 'S grt our hack «fi i Iw »<.>und (his Judge, citizen clash over county pollution office THt BRAZOJPOHT PACtJ T, tiiuf, tKU«*6*v, MOVBMtt* if, Vft <.'ounty Judge K K 'Ht«-w»f inH Mr* -Shitrrim -Stewart UiiK wf-«.|(, • WP <iif («rt «<«iu( tci txral (Ins horse pvirryttme wp t«rit(rni«5ii(.>(K'r* ''ifurt (o fund a ttMinty {iol|(ili'/n <:t»iUijl ofJict- i! VfXH (n treat* m IV7i Mrs .St«r*A/i .»/ I.nk«> JftcKvuil, S.iii',1 Siif f.'Jt * 'Af have bvi-n tfivi-ii >,\ir the 'n«r budgeted at 110,000 She what wa* th* jnir- <.- of putting !h)s IIO.'WO in the trt«)ge( Mrs Stewart t(H?n asked that lh<* furul'i put in !he twdgft in 197!> IK> left and itot ftpwit for othtT general fund purpo«e«. Tin: court iilvj iHKlgHed fur the pf*llutiw nffic'-fur 197^ Mrs at DM- i«i»}gct said s! would n<;w cot! Ml,!*.*} to sljtff the "ffi< <- am! contract ft/r !hr frail) !;<r«-«;tc«J i! J K*thj N li', I Protection good, a resident says To 'Hw Ka«rs.s Fur tb* TVta* inwst <4 h*- 'he ti»M>. for iii! *.I run I.K.I! Jot Shr r'ri(i:n ftrs! ir; i'i;s '.<i fund the- what »hr <-<) a ncf-d frjr lixal ii Luntrol i-tt- i'. Mr 1 * Me* art Good coverage, mintstef says •*«H)](} i'.»»! I i'j .'.».».' {jff )<r»ir !') f'.,iff Hif ?.a/!tr ,i jr.- 1 •..«;! * 1 agenciwi do not the p^r&onne! to ,-itcly enforce lhes« regulation*," Mr* Stewart told the court, "and an; permitting slate prison farms in the county to pollute streams Judgf HrevMrr contended ;i county officer and the ditfrit.t attorney could iwt fill' <ii\ state ."igciicics from Mrs .S4«-v,;irt cwi!'-w!ftl Harris arid (fiilvcsSon (,'ounties an- cjifori ing the Mate w)iy ibr- 'lid f/.i! file ;i v.n! <<r KO ; " thf district at t/ftTrt-y Mr>. SU"*art 'said i!ii- '<!;<! ;i/i( v, i*ii ID < T. t ,• iJiiri duplication of effort with «t;»t»; agencies. He also wantwj to know why, as citizens, those complaining did not file with the district attorney. Mrs .Stewart said private citizens are not competent enough to conduct k*t.n on which to bsif* a pollution suit. Judge HrewCT said h«? was not %'iing to spend lirrif.'dt>K:u&&tnx the matt<*r ''unl«<t some change of opinion by ih<- court i* C»)MMUNfTY HOSPITAL OF BRAZOSPORT Alma Vfscr, Clule Mrs. Jesse Allen (Charlotte Lucille) Longino. Jacks f)n Mrs. Eddie f Wanda I>ou) I>aw«m, Frccport Mrs. John Charles (Lynette E!is«) Lackey, Frccporl Mrs Warren David (Susie Jenell) fnman, Laiw Jackstm ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••B Facts Classified Ads Get Results «•••••••*•••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Mrs .Stewart had commented that ihtr would k^j (//rnintj back until H«oO if f;w-«-sviry to get fund* fi/r '.he olfir-e f!^ p*».!',-r iff the Ktrw JUpdtsi O.urt-h .,•/ in !fw )i'*»f, 1 fUlif '.ub-fli.lU-i! t*'.- hulltilf, ifjff l-M 4fVlC;rs 1 1., Angleton Council... Beoch... r. '**" ?<•:' -i-cc, '^FK • "P.. ..::.u-'-*. ;.'^::; ( .;j.'i | '..^r ^1«.!"<i '..'. ,'.-.i.-i'. «'.;M.- ?•»' («'.«» i.".r-; ;,•:.. ;:..;0!h When funds end, An argument against <'*''stop spending! park at Bryan Beach pv"';^ " *''^< 7 •.= TV«- i'.,,-'* 'T_. T^._ t ^ ,. ,-*•-.. ,. . t . , ir>-trt.S ««,'! ,.<i 4 U •J-.rf-'.r • ;«!.-.«! r j<--. ! ,'v 4 1 r : r -x i.; nt.'.'«r:ii ,.F, .t [••<."•>; J.fAfi: j\ Sift At, jir,-, i 'i • i«; I.:T: <«:».• ^'r(,-<•'.,: :<>:A?.-:.;- f : Y , ;; ,, .,,,,...- 5. , ,, .. .^^.j. '• S1 ; A> ''> , , '•••* >:::.^";.i'•,'•*• ;,^ :.' ^,A) .alJ-^rr ..j-var,^ « ,„,,, ;F .. f , J? c ,.,.,, ^ ,M! t«-Ar.;^ If. i'XiV ;hr ;^,!.... t: ..,,- ' ,.,; ...,;, _ 1r(f j ! :..<• (>;-.',« ;x'T VELASCO CALL 233-2304 Fof Times No Passes - ('it;, a;.'! - (if.iui'-d f'ir Salco D I"-' M" <''i;n»i!issiofit'r Dixi th .1 (if* MJlip Utiik !'-'! U'.r i.'i"!.<:ir 'ttrn-r;! to J!,>::« !• ^ifififi! 'J, .'i fwVfaur Plraturv... 'j,'( i !;.;!'.(-<• of H «rA<.', >*..'! !»•;• r,"f-r;jfijj.8 .si ii-.wMun a '•'> •' '•i a '. «- £ •„, >i r r fv r'.-i r :•. ; .. <-;•,.••<•- ---• '.'- i.u<(f..} s;v Windshield broken !-. ?'}',}•:>;!•<-1;7 \ra»4-. 'H^ ..•(!.•, ;,drr 1 :r.;»:r.-i:.>- •nf»,r;;,'^l 'he- r-'.iin<,! f> h..<J r(-,i-:vrrj in!.;: :i:.-i! ;i...;.fi,-.,-,:..-. !h,.: !;,<: r ; ;> » frj-Lsc-,: ;'•••: ,1'. to fxtf,-! 1 ,,; ". .: '.'...; Uprl;,ti-- |.»T' ;'«. <'• :iip.r..>..-!vs.;'it- ('!;«?; :u\ '*>"," '..,':.i^i *JM.-,»;- ; !}'^in VII-:!P,I vet a-. • •. |i !> StoT»if"» -.r-i'Sicr (;,c;. <j;-, k .*.»r.-vcr 1..J-.J I.-ir ,;i .'i > '«-',!ri- il 'rtfuilld WTtl't if j I,,.- ,^.f, < 14ll -^ •}..,. ,., \l, ,. ;•;<-,",,, ;•-,. f. ,1,1 •••*l <-v<-,jirVr !(wr *<•«,!«-,» {;».«; r.^ f ',.--!>::-,i«:. 0<T» ,u-'.:j J. <y^h:ri<! ..»' >v.. ; <..«i'i ;f»nm<l!i squalor IH«\»K-« ,f [ nt . r jj, r ,,.. rt r , i;i tj f ,«, ,, II,,-.dr i-.v! Uvr, l-rtvkrti SELECTED STOCKS KATHARINE „ v , . HEPBURN /^JK / >w-' ROOSTEH COGBWaiH LAKE I 6:45 & 8:45 Tommy is for everyone! |V.» Jonrt Avf \rnrr \al I lr>4 \tnfr Til ( . hr\ *lrr tk>u f c.rti Mutut t n Hunklitt I i/< l .LAKE II ON GALVESTON ISLAND „ JAY LEE & PRINCESS !.4-i!.ir;i •• ri V.S!<-vj.;. I| ( 0!,.-A !.i«.f .l.u ii•..,;, Term paper business booming ^'Hll.AUKIJ'HIA iAI' ^ His prrifntiif* at Ihr f'l I 'nivorail) of South ! I i 'arultna *T«u!d tw pfmKi nf I IT*-) old Ji'hr. Ma^nr fcl>t- M ;l g (< r s ( u il i i- il •it South 'Hwn he took a *dling insurance "1 |l a ItK." hr nayn "They lo p»it me into But (he l tuil r tiling got mi* > ,(S : HP drst t.ulf (III Hnu i ^ Man cw Nalco J I IVnrrv 1'hlllip* I'rlrolrum He I*;».H run mil of Thr I) A . Ihc ST4JC.I that just (ir. u* He heard then IVnnsyhiinia had written a law i»<-llnv^ ti-rm (wpt'i'si Ideal Hi' M*t up slwip in Camdcn, N J . just across the DC la war «• Hiver from nsns(x.iny for quit insurance Via a n<n*s(up<»r ad he Mumbled onto an iilr^ ll might, ho thought, to it money-malur: wll term (wmcrs lo college stuiU-nts n, popular rock song fills Magec*« paneled suite of offices as the youthful entrepMreur — in jeans and casual khirt - intones, 1 "Wherever there's a I demand (or something, you'll be able to sell your luct. ..There's always it a demand for term !r«. There always will Magee's firm. Collegiate Uesc-arch Synleins, i» four years old Its founder laughs when he admits: "Yea, i gum if things keep going the way they * have I'll make a million "VVp (Hit iidvi-rtisi'mcnls up at IVnn 'Hiey &«U us a iHter .saying the diMnet attorney was going to investigate us if we ever come back," he &aid "Hut things now arc different That was two years ago Now they don't car*.' what we put up as long an we don t put staples into live trees " Before Mageg sells a term paper, the customer has to sign a purchase agreement on which there is a disclaimer, ''with this purchase i have no intent to defraud uny school " "We sort of expect thetn to rewrite the paper I'd bt< afraid to use it just as 1 got H," says Magec. "Every college bookstore in the country carries Cliff's tH«oin>l !'•»•» lifvi (-((uri iii Hii'ht-rford. \ .1 ,nui l/.s AtiiJi'U's. rl.ums nis isn't "tr>i;'j{ t'i s thi- ilifferwice if we do U or the kid's rixitnmjU- tliH-s it ' How iituHit friitiTnitit'x thai have tin-in on filr? Or the politician who lui> hu hpi'cchch written him''" .MagiH>'» caUiogUf thousands of terms \Vhiitcvor ihe Mibjt-ct, if ht> doesn't have it he'll gi-t it For instance No 7U38-A. "Nigeria 1 * Agriculture Bconumy," is five pages loiuj, written from :hr«w sources and costs the buyer JT 50 with a M charge if you want same- day service. It ctMt Magix 1 $7 50 to have the (MtfX'r written Krce-lancc writers, jobless coll e go p r (i I s . schoolteachers, house wives These make tip HIS Mil On- ul AUU. . He pays them a penny u word. The writer pen* the paper and sells U once Magee can sell it 100 limes. "It's just good business," he says. BUDDY KIRK" ORCHESTRA | r u rnftu. and w en*- c f l Sunday Dinner Show O.LKJ r.M< I>\M !%<• i-ti'M NJ »i f * vr r > *tk>n» (or t ir *l ><• (.ri-vp 4 l" nj( |V< |>.| I) i j in o r.d I ll llff I.* ^ru.^o I an>on BUDDY KIRK STEAK HOUSE ENTERTAINMENT The exciting climax of Sheriff Buford Pusser's own true story. 9C? ALL NEW CUBE to 9VKr *2 For Times Can NO PASSES Carload Suspended t*5-*15l A TRUE STOfTT Presents Seven Alone -;; Ltrt't"• VX=.!!N AlO)RAr A?i!( CatiNGS OCAN SMITH BRAZOS TWIN .BtixomcE OPENS CLOSK it:M VPRICES. REGULAR V^l ! The terrifying motion picture from the i terrifying No, I be*t Seller, WS sacra MKYRKS 7:00 '^"$ 10:45 "SLAUGHTER HOUSE FIVE" (R)9:10 BRAZOS TWIN 1PLU 9:10 THE rHuHTrWGt

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