Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on February 16, 1888 · Page 3
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 3

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 16, 1888
Page 3
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THE EVENING -GAZETTS: THURS-n A 0 0 92 •** if) ID 8 a 03 * 9 > •H V 0 X 8 •n .x * 0 0 0 . 0 C. a S r * « d (8 o 0 9 Evening Gazette THH ETB-rtHO OAzirrrs can be hart »t »11 the newmitAnitii, PrleeTwo CKSTB. THURSDAY, FEB. Id, 80CIETIEHJAWO X o J 9 A & Corninthian Lodge Knights of Pythias. Regular meeting. BRF.VITIKM. -—Horn to Mr. and Mrs. Harry Carter this morning, a boy. —Mr. George I.. Werntz la eonllned to his house by illness. —Mrs. P. N. Ed wards la still confined to her house by illness. —Wind from the south today, and somewhat warmer than yesterday. —Services in most of the Protestant churches tonight at the usual hour. —The Tlubbard case la on hearing today. Quite ft number of witnesses are down from Sterling. " —The sun pitched Into5the snow today and the result was considerable moistnre on the surface. —Miss Minnie Caughey is now convalescent after a long siege of fever, and is able to take some little exercise walking. —A. new barn will be built at the county farm just as soon as the weather will admit. It will be the size of the present barn. —Misses Jennie and Annie 'Smith gare]a leap year partylast nlgbt.and the time passed vary delightfully. A very nlcn supper was served. —Because a man pays two dollars for a sleigh ride, that does not warrant him in taking twelve dollar* worth of use out of the horse In speeding it beyond its ability, or in pounding it beyond its deserts. —Here is the latest through the telephone: "Send me a ton of coal." "All right; anything else?" "iTes, send me a dozen bananas." "All right; we'll give "em to you. "Much obliged; but don't throw 'em on the coal before you weigh it; can't afford to eat 'em at the price of coal." / —Mrs. W. A. Goodenough, living two miles west of Morrison, sends us a bottle of preserved green gages, put up by her 25 years ago; the fruit raised on John Goodenough's farm in, Elllsburg township, Jefferson county, New York. That is a goodenough housekeepers record for anybody. —Chronological: Today is the anniversary of the surrender of Fort Donolson, in 1802. What associations that event awakens! It was one of the first Union victories of the war, and it the beginning <-t the fame of Grant, which grew brighter and brighter from that time onward until the surrender at Appomattox. — Tuesday evening while the {congregation of 'the Broadway M. JE. church were at prayer, a chandelier containing six lamps, fell to the floor, striking in its fall Mrs. James Buzzard upon the shoulder, and sha has been- suffering severely ever since in consequence of the shock. Her little daughter by her side received a cut on the head. The flames of tho lamps fortunately were extinguished in transit. —Mr. Walter A. Osmer; brother of Mr. Sydney T. Osmer, and who is city civil engineer of Logansport, Indiana, lost his wife by death, at that place, F(*. 10. last, her disease being lung fever. She was about so years old. She leaves two children, aged respectively 6 and 8. She is praised highly by the Pharos newspaper of that icity, as wife, mother, neighbor, sister and friend. —Mr. Milton Klllposie was in town yesterday. Mr. K. is a gentleman, who travels about over the continent and sells his "poems." Killposie IB uugge- tive,— killjpoesy, for instance. Yet, there ia the first name Milt n, with all his glory of immortal verse. Mr. Kill- posie has a pack on his back and that pack la filled with his own poetry. It may not be as classic aa his namesake's, but he ia just as proud of It, never-the- less. — Bessiewlshes to know if the 25th of December is really Christ's birthday. Answer:"" The precise "day and year even arc unknown; but aa Joseph and Mary came up to Jerusalem, in otied- iince to a decree of Ctusar Auguatuu, and aa Judea'a bills and valleys are and were almost impassible in winter, it is thought that he was born In the spring time ;lthat. it would',be in that season, aay May, when roads were good, that the emperor would be most likely to convene his people at the capitals of the their several provinces. , —The Citizens Association met last night in the Council rooms and elected the following officers, all of whom are re-elections, except J. V. McCarty : President, George 8. Tracy; Vice President, J.V. McCarty; Secretary, G. T. Elliott; Treasurer, Eugene Scale's; Executive Committee, V. S. Ferguson, L. E. Brookfleld, A. C. Stanley, L. C. Thome and D. B. Strlckler. Reports were make on the upper dam overflow matter, and matters of general moment to the city;,consldered. The question of a government building also was spoken of. —Overheard from the editorial room hla morning: names only fictitious. Sam, hand me that abootlng atick and '11 make that form trim." "Bob throw ,bat man into hell." (a stereotype cut of some patent medicine; hell lathe epository of old type) "Jo Where's the devil?— "Dlstributln 1 pL" "Ben slug ;hat column." "Hurry put a head on ;his." And besides these there were confusing sounds of leads, dupes, takes. aorta, chases, racks, cases, atands, alleys, justify .and other words unknowable to auy gave printers, while ever and auon there broke oat ia stertorous tone tout single word "copy." this last ifae mortal kvtmiaa of Imlf the *diton —Sheriff Keefer and Deputy Sheriff Fuller brought up the jury In the Hub bard vs. C. B. & Q. case on the 10:28 train today to look over the ground in dispute. They returned oh the 1:10 train. —Cold weather out iu Los Angeles and coal up to from 820 to 825 per ton, and that so poor, according to a paper of that city, that it takes two hours to hent a kitchen, up. People suffered greatly while the cold lasted, while men on wages found coal a luxury almost beyond reach. —Frost this morning took on strange freaks. In some places it was "spotty," anil inclined to be globular in form; in others it was flakey, and in others it was fine impalpable and very dry,— three separate and distinct manifestations of it in one morning and within less than a half acre of space. —There were a large number of the frleuds of the late Mrs. Ueulah Gid- dlngs gathered at Mr. S. P. Giddings this afternoon to attend the funeral services over her remains. Rev. M Post officiated and spoke earnestly and feelingly of the virtues of this estimable lad j, now gone to that reward for which she labored so faithfully for upwards of sixty years. Her remains were interred in Sterling cemetery. —Sterling Lodge, No.. 300, I. O, G. T., met last night and completed its organization as far as possible. The next meeting will be on Wednesday evening of next week, at the hall of Pearl Lodge, A. O. IT. W., in '.Union block over Oliver & Co., and It Is hoped Hi lit all who wish to assist in raising the' fallen, and keeping others from falllrg will rally to the work, and bring the Lodge up to be a power for good In the community. The regular night of meeting has not yet been settled upon. —"Politics" is informed that Jackson was not entitled to the Presidency in 1824 by reason of his plurality vote; the law is that Congress shall choose some one of the three highest candidates. If it had meant that the man receiving a plurality of votes should be elected by Congress, it would have said so. Jackson and hla fr .ends did insist at the time and for four yearsjaf- terward that be WbS entitled to it, but this was said to deceive the Ignorant voters, oil whom there were many more proportionately in 1824 than[l888. —Mr. W. M. Ulllon, of the Northwestern Barb Wire Company, and Mr. J. ArJ. Zeller, of the Rock Falls Barb Wire Company, are at St. Louis in attendance upon the barb wire manufacturers' association. The meeting ia for the purpose of fixing prices and establishing friendly relations with Washburn & Moen. The manufacturers refuse to pay the royalty any longer. Aa the Washburn & Moen folks' royalty amounts to 8390,000, they decline to give it up; as an Iowa decision declares they don't have to pay, the manufacturers-wish to keep that 8390,000 to themselves. Washburn & Moen don't feel like going in with the others so long as the royalty ia not paid. Except amity be had, there is not much chance for a pool. —Memorial exercises were held In the court house at Morrison Monday evening over the late Hon. John V. Eustace, judge of this circuit. At the last term-of this court, Messrs. O. F. Woodruff W. H. Allen and J. E. Mc- Phorran were appointed a committee to draft resolutions and memorial upon bis life and work. Mr. Woodruff accordingly presented resolutions supplementing them with a speech.. Then Mr. J. E. McPherran offered a memorial of peculiar strength and beauty in a speech that won for him the highest praise from all who heard it. He paid a just tribute to the memory of the deceased in language that was chaste, pure and elegant. Fitting and feeling remarks were likewise made by Hon. James Dlnsmoor and Mr. William Barge; also by Judge Grinnell, who ordered the resolutions to be placed on the records of the court and a copy to to furnished the family of the deceased. —Country correspondence is always read by the subscribers of the localities whence the articles come flrst of any ' ; '>|—The farmer is the principal aim of petty sharpers. Elsewhere we refer to a grocer gamo being played. When it isn't one, it la another. The only hope of the farmer is to have no deuls with a stranger—if the deal looks inviting. Men don't go around the country enriching farmers to impoverish themselves. Mterllng Boomlnjr. Call on P. T. Vanllorne for plans and specitlcations for all kinds of buildings and cut of same. tf See the new ad of N. Carpenter & Co. tf You can Bee a splendid lot of spring styles of woolens of latest designs at Jacob Eisele's. They are regular beauties and no mistake. Be measured for a stylish suit at moderate prices. g Chance of Bnalnrss. I would respectfully announce to my numerous friends and customers that I have transferred my entire interest in all merchandise iu which 1 have been dealing to Mrs. T. W. R. Stambaugh, who will continue the Wall Paper and Window Shade trade at the old stand. For past patronage and favors I return thanks. In behalt of Mrs. Stambaugh would solicit a continuance of your trade. Yours, Respectfully. 1 - Jos W. R. STAMBACQH. lints tor Hole. I will offer for a few days my remaining 4 lots In Park Place at a bargain as 1 want to dispose of them. Call on GEO. W. CUAMBKRLIN and learn terms and prices. C. GOSHEKT. ' : __ ' tf The good templars will meet on Wednesday night Feb. 15 at half past 7 o'clock at A. O. U. W. Hall over Oliver'* drug store to complete their organization. New Fating; I!onnc. S. Mann has started a new eating houso at No. 300 1st avenue. Meals served at all hours, at reasonable rates. You can have made at Jacob Eisele's a fine fitting spring suit from his just received latest spring styles of woolens of all designs, A big stock to choose from. Call at once. U . Kier has several cases of nobby new hats just arrived; also beautiful new colored crusutrs. Call around. 2 Try St. Patrick's PSlla and compare their effect with any other Kind made. They contain the good propertied of the older preparation In the market combined with the most valuable medicines discovered in modern times. As a cathartic aud liver pill, St. Patrick's are perfection. Sold by Strlckler & Boorse, . tf The Drummer Boy of Shlloh, Feb. 21. - tr More substantial benefit can be obtained from a 60 cent bottle of Dr. Biglow's Positive Curs than a dollar bottle of any other cough remedy. It is a prompt, safe;and pleasant cure for all throat and lung troubles. For sale by O. A. Oliver. PEOPLE'S COLUMN. tSfVfe will Insert three lines In this col--«t uran onetime for 10 eents, or lor 40 cents a week. Each additional line will be 5 cents & single Insertion, or 10 cenU a week. FOB BALK. A T Montmorency stock farm, 2H mllen south ofBtcrllnK; Forty shoals, price from $3 OB to«8.00. •ervlce. One tirade Angus bull, old enough for W. M. Dillon. 8 ri'H'lEK flne colts.—one Shackelford, one full I brother to Newton's trotU'r, and one Cleveland buy. Enquire of J%cob Elsele, Jr. 2 Sew Addition to F.nut Bock FallB. lfl/1 LOTS for sale lit n great reduction and J \)\J on easy terms. These lots Bre 53 by 178 feet. Now Is tuu time to buy. Apply to W. N. Uaskell & Co , Exclusive Agents. (tf A T auction, on the W. H. Whlpple farm, on the 2lst ot February, at noon;cattle,horses, shouts, tools, wagooB, and buggies. . 3* C ORD wood, hackberry and 84.00 a cord, delivered. ' Frank Co< hran's, o! Keuben Hamsdell's- asb, for sale. Leave orders at Helen &. Detweller's, or G OOD light bob-sled >-nd Enquire at this office democrat wagon, tf A LK Brewery and fixtures for sale. Oeorge K. Rogers, Sterling, Ills. AddreM, FOB KKIXT. T WO dwelling bouses; will be vacant March 1. Apply to J. A DeGroH. 3 R ESIDENCE of E. W. Edson and the store room under Farwell Hall. Apply to J. A. McCune. tf D ONT sleep out of doors when you can get a comfortable house for Irom six to icven dollars per month, of F. B. Hubbard. tf .•I -n! I .l.(.V/ Very, i Very / ' Pretty, O FFICES torrent In Bell block, being desirable, and finished In elegant shape. Apply to J. K. Bell & Bon. tt Knight*. Attention 1 Work In 1st, 2d and 3d rank to-night. Grand C. C. of Illinois Jurisdiction is expected. All Knights ure requested to be present. By order L. G. SPIES, C. C. WANTED. A SUITE of rooms on ground floor, by an el- dfrly.lady. Apply f»r particulars to Mrs. J. W. R. BtttinbauRU, No. 213 1st ave., cterllng. S be.items now and then In them which may not be of particular interest to town people, they always contain more or less Information of general interest, and serve as records of the movements of population, sales of property, births, deaths and other events transpiring; in the country. The-practice'of record- Ing the doings of the various localities of the country while comparatively recent is a growing one, and no one can now find a dally newspaper, or i weekly 'one, but follows it. One of the leading Chicago dailies has from one to two pages of this correspondence In every Sunday's Issue. The GAZETTE'S days for publishing most of it's country correspondence are on Wendesday and Thursday. —A boulevard episode; S has a 'quick stepping, long reaching horse U has a far-reaching, swift stepping animal. B. to 8. "If it weren't agin' the law I'd bet ye ten dollars mine can out trot yours." 8. to B. "If it weren't agin' the law I'd take ye up." U. to 8. "Tou put ten dollars on the snow a hundred feet a head of the stopping Hue and I'll put one there. Then we'll go to the other end and race down and the one that gets to the money pile nrst takes It." T'is done. Back they go; they start and t'is a neck and necker all the way. Scarcely sborten- ,ng speed out they spring and engage in a tussle for the two tens. Each intimated that the other had pocketed U; but they h du't. A ragged tramp had seen the movement and as they were irott'ng to the starting point be stepped up to thaf, money and transferred it to hi* pocket. When they got (here ho was half way down town, sauntering along M unconcernedly as Utough be'd never done a wrong action in his THE CHILD RECOVERED;—My little girl, aged seven yeai s, was afflicted with a severe cough and cold. She could not sleep but coughed almost incessantly. I was induced by a friend to try Chamberlain's Cough Remedy and was atttontshed at the immediate relief it gave her and the cure it produced. I would not be without it in the house for any price. I have tried many remedies for coughs and colds, but this is superior to anything I have ever tried. Prof. J. M. MEHAN, Capitol City Commercial College, Des Moiaes, Iowa Bold by Strickler & boorse. tf ' A large stock of watches, clocks and silvetware at Clark Giddings & Co's. Also they do One watch repairing, tf The Boston Store is located on Third street, opposite the First National Bank. If it were not cold weather and unpleasant to stand for a moment out on tne street, you could tell where it was by pausing a moment to see where the crowd of buyers goes. It is there that you get bargains every dav in tjw week,—always something attractive that Is sold at a way down bottom figures, besides selling everything ia the dry goods line at the lowest prices, the best of goods and the latest styles always In stock. ' i Don't forget that Keeney & Harrison have a few plans for houses and 'are agents for Asbestos fire proof roofing and metal shingles. See samples. The value of thought cannot be told. Just so with the. best of everything. Take Dr. Blglow's Positive Cure for all throat and lung troubles, if you appreciate a speedily and thorough cure. Pleasant to take. CO cents and 91. For sale by O. A. Oliver. B Silver Aefe w DETROIT Free'Sf Fuller's Book Store, r>. J. Offl*e !• Book ys.Ua, OY«T th« r*e* Office. Tb<! Dackman, Buzzard, win take partt&i to ud from Sterling to Dr. Pollock's offio* . into of charge. f ortfc «f 8Ur!i«j Hi Rsei Mil hi p«rt; toU u liiilj Sivi! 100 Lots in Sterling Ia IB Days. i Few Bargain n sold W. CKAXBKBLJM. ACADEMY OF MUSIC, STERLING. ILL. BARGAINS IN ACRES, ''Bargains in Lot*. Bargain*' in House* and Lots. S/lUr, Biildiiji In Itli ul tail r The Present Prices will not be continued \ lODg fora Boom Is approaching. THE PLACE OF ALL Exquisite! OHOIOEST AND BEST HOME-MADE POINTER SKATES! SKATES! SKATES! CUTLER, Y, CUTLBR-Y, CUTLERY, HARD WAR!" & STOVES, • At my new store on Third street, opposite Jacob Klsle's Merchant Tailorlag establishment. Lewis D. Wynn. DID YOU EVER? Perfectly Lovely I IMPORTEDTOBACCO All the Brands of CHEWIN8 TOBACCO- INDEPENDENT GROCE1R. THE Our Mtock la too lance and must be reduced at onre. Warranty with each Instrument. Gospel temperance meetings will be held in A. O. U. W. rooms, over Oliver & Co's. drugstore, every Sunday at 3 p. m, until farther notice. Everybody Invited. • ^ ' 8 Hnmmlt Place. Only 10 lots yet to sell: Every one who has subscribed for one or more of these lots and not paid their first payments must do so at once, or we shall feel warranted in selling to some one else. Best bargains ever offered in Sterling.. .Lots 8100 each; $10 cash and the balance at 85 per month, for 18 months, without interest. GEO: W. CHAMBERLIN, Agent. tf . Academy of Music. Pay Vonr T*x». Tax books for Sterling township are now open at Sterling National Bank. Parties are requested to pay their personal taxes on or before Feb. 20th. I will be in the Sterling National Bank, evenings, beginning next week, from 6:80 to 8:80 o'clock.. WM. A. CONNELLY, dwtf Collector. "Velvet" and "•».» Two choice brands of cigars. Sold by dealers. C. H. Seloff, manufacturer. tf 85 00 to 910.00 per Month. CUT KATES CONTINUED. "WERTNTTZ CO.,, This is the way the La- dies talk when they ^. c-S- look at our superb line of Salt Iloiue BloeiL. GROCERY , Is the most Independent Grocery Home In Sterling. We make our prices *nd Mil GOODS SO LOW Th*t prices astonish every one. All (roods •old at the lowest living prices; no over-charging. A child can 'BUY GOODS At the BF.K HIVE as low as a grown person Thelareest and finest stock to select from; every thing first-class. A large stock oj Fin*Out, Pl«g andBmoklng TOBA.CCO'8 •ought before the recent advances. Tbc BKK HI VK customer* get the benefit of the low prices before the ad-ranee. A large • stock of OUt Edge CLKARINC SAL -OF- The 0. B. & Q. U. B. will sell round trip Laud Excursion tloketa at greatly reduced rates, on Feb. 2tst and March 6tb, to points in New Mexlcti, Texas, Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama and Louisiana. Tickets limited to sixty days from date oi sale. Special atop- OTW privilege* allowed. For further. information tpplf to Tlok*t Agent C B. * Q. £. R, WOOLEN GOODS, FOB THE NEXT THIRTY DAYS, Cloaks, (Blankets, Shawls, Underwear, GLOVES & MITTENS, Hosiery, Leg gins, At ** ud BO Cent* per Gallon. Book Candy Drips, para white, at 78 Ceat* pnr Gallon, EOCENE OIL Non explosive; the best oil sold In this market, at as low price as Inferior oils are sold elsewhere. Don't be deceived and buy low test oils and run the risk of being burned up.. Remember yo» buy the —AND— DRESS GOODS, At ft ucrlflofli, to mak« room tor btg Spring Stock LJETSTDMAN'S At the BEB HTVK. Bnow Flake, Paragon, and Kansas Winter Wheat: all Holler Patents and all Winter Wheat; makes better and whiter bread- keeps moist longer than Spring Wheat Flour. A genuine article In Pennsylvania Buckwheat Flour 11 Ten thousand pounds sold last season ; Blx thousand pounds sold so far tiiLs sea- ton. This flour has no equal (n this market; la made by tuo IK test process; paten! nulled; no black specks. A fine stouk of Canned avd Qried Fruits. California Fruits of all kinds; The Genuine Down Kaat MAPLE SUGAR I Teceaa »*« tm to fWtoec cents OB aver* (an worth yc* buy at the BS8 HJVK, R.L. BKK suvis

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