The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on October 10, 1974 · Page 2
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 2

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 10, 1974
Page 2
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S ED/TORIAL Vinyl chloride risks foreseen Vinyl chloride and polyrlnyl chterid* (PVC) fora a cotnpftU* fiat to the chemical Industry, In this, wnmtoy trine different Qrtns make tlM monomer MM! 11 companies prodttce PVC. Their combined five bUBoa pounds of PVC to jut* over • fourth of fee world's tocally, Dow's Oyster Creek Division has a high-volume vinyl chloride uolL Across Highway 3SX, Shlfltecfa is building a plant to convert this to PVC, Last week mis Industry was shaken by a federal order that required that after next Man, l, workers are to he exposed to no more than one part of viny I chkrkte to a million parts of air breathed. Barter in the year the federal government had imposed an emergency restriction of so parts per mflBon on the industry after the daatttt from a rare type of fiver cancer by wakeis exposed to vinyl chloride over a tang period of time. In view of the time the effects have been known, both Industry and government have shown a lack of concern for worker safety and health, nation*Idc and worldwide. There have in fact been apparent efforts to evade standards by concealing the Ondtags, About is years ago, Dow Chemical On. research showed that animate exposed to 100 parts per miffion vibyl chloride developed slight Uver damage. The company began t educing tte level in its own plants to SO parts, Dow published Hs research lepoils in 1961. Oifaer producers chose to iguure these conclusions, aad comply instead with theSM parts per miOiao recommended by a Yale University study. This was also me standard snggesfed by the Manufacturing Chemists Association study. 1Us level was concurred in by the American Conference of Governmental HygienUts, after Dow's report. OSHA made the standard law in 1OT. ;, Dow made fuitbei tests from whfcb the company concluded that ^300 partr exposure for a lifetime _ could -.cause * liver changes In >Ail HARVEY NEWS It was another tour year* before the gpverftfnent hygtenlsts recommended towering the fMtrictiont to 300 parts, accordtag to a Wall Str«*t Journal report. la 1M7 the Manufacturing Chemists AsMciation flnanced a Michigan University study that faQcd to pinpoint effects of rtnyl chtorWe co worker health. bat (^vJUunieiHkHl a level of SO parts, "Other than Dow, whkb had already Instituted mtoctiont in air level of the monomer," the Journal reported, "the rest of the industry to the U.S, lgnored the Italian research that showed other harmful effects of exposure was after many delays disclosed to American chemists and, the Labor Department, but for the next year OSHA made no move to lower the S»» parts, It was about tte same in Europe. with exceptions. Great Britain set a level of 300 parts in the 19«*. and West Germany set a level of 100 parts in 1970. based on Dow's ittl research on animals "No other section of the UJS, or European industry foOowtti Dow's lead," according to the British periodical New Scientist*. 'The reasons for this international confusion are obscure." The effects of the vinyl chloride trc apparently very slow. accumulating for a period of many yean before becoming damaging. Had the »6i Dow findings been generally recognised, the effect! would have been reduced for tern of thousands of workers. Bat abo, there would haw been available the observations of more than a decade of the effects at tte lower level. Then there would haw been a basis for determining whether still lower levels were required. when the cancer ection was discovered, government reacted with a drastic cutback to levels for whkh there was no basis derived (ram actual research, but which might prove operationally unfeasfele. Will states pass rights amendment? Equal righto for women, tat fa* CCB- sUntUoBao> foanurtecd. mat* be raiifkd by as stale legtsbtarcs. Afler seven yean, the tmtudtiKnt fa sun five state* short «f raliflcatlgn. If rati&*tim is oat official by M7f, Ibe A couple of stales. TCBOMK* aad Neomka. whka had voud far the ammdnMTit, aow have changed their mind*. Beth were negatively taflucsxxd by some nudvfiahBciMd Sack as (he wooufl who ftwtltf f or aad gal a Job as a "ttrakepmen** «n Uw Soulbtn Pacific RsttrMd aad then, when she hurt her back carryfeg a heavy load, sued 0» raflroad. Aad wot! Slop aw if t'ro wrong bat it ocean to ne that many waawn do not Nppart W«BMW'S tJb ort*atotioo»-din«tly. Yet aaanrtKit b (be iccrel coo- attom»as of aB waam to a ton, saaB liag iht • : to cajoy whatever •ptcial deference is atltl •vaOahte w dwca whila aOvwitg the more mffiltH wancn out (here on the OriaiBa* lo hsttlt and Meed (or equal la the cwt» and eoa»J cat* i» einptorBwnt and more boovvcf bOfeUtd, bar* » dtspropcrUooatc orobtem »djmtHg ta mibUry We Wcaxra to th» N*ry trt with ocycbiaUK fvubtant at (ear une* the rate for Kary oxn. Wtrtlt moil or aB these profcinn* «wid credaiv mtBtary Mrvtec. tht di*|tr«OMilMat« ndnerabtlity t» *trc*» ntmlicm aeaean iaraotromUM* Tte cn«tnM«r»]r Mvroundiiig mate- female equably In alhktic* wa» overheated. Now we dbMrow (hat MOW gir*i art betltr Uttle U*jpw bnctefi ptayen lhan »»te boyi, ttttl molt are not, aad (he cream can tome l» tat lop lotaing the *part. Mod of r^hti tow proved to«Bd or coa»eoneoaal. Yet the meat ooxfeu* ibaiet of wxtwn-iA adirtrUnec aad ia Job *enfertty~-remaki navmedled aad there i> a» profxri thai a new lew CM (fcuUow old pndtifMaiueaa it's good that we tun a lew OMT* ytan to (Mas. about tt. B«™ •^•^^•W tttfiitliniiil law is goJag la cast aasm pjirtBdgst •« w«U as via apaw. TO» bic«>c» • t*« warthy of wry A .,- it Catttvay'* Amy ts aow ,bnth —— and wannn to the ^ JS^P^fSf JHBS^p ^WW ^^a»"fW^ *^ "^S pp; tft THE BRAZOSPORT FACTS . -, M» Ml *•*» f»r» •*•*-toon" lrM> "A» wo MY in RuMlan. tint lotto. T1IK FACTf Comment and Opinion* THVfWIMY.OCT W.WM Pag*f MERRY GO-ROUND CIA covers scanda involving officials togHtlsri*. .," «H4 rtMi*.*tt «sji «j ft* CM**! fa* Ntt Mr tow (in *rt M DBJI anril «**»» ts ia* #>A *m»»««» DM rtu *»** etuti** AjAAlf^DMI <ilfti(f1(Elf ^IWMNHlf V9S) atlAV HM« «IM« * «a*W«*i«* tHW» INrtSW* ***.. A WMVMttN* *«*» ****«•! to* OA l«»uswrf mt«ta tie (»»«"« * fclMMMWHMt *ft»« «MIt * CIA Slw MrMl >m«M **«««*«• tut *H ****** _ *«« V A WORD EDGEWISE ** Let pardons He, face real issues *• . few* 'ifttf«t» wfa^flfcMWt to OH' Hi) »"* te ter rnn **•»(>» 4W W a* wtlir- ***« 0y JO»IS P HOCMC Wi«i t MiaxMted Nr*. »fter Uw Nfcww Ok* tit* Itw baoa* on Om bat ottattv deoid* by o«rd»aiag Watttgalwr* awl <b»U dodgers aoa*. a Mtmbcr of rvnder* tot fly crvw-fltej, ultirr *fl. w* *» M ffitmt a* r«»( ol ««« A* lewtf M ;«*)• (oatMu* t jow te«* to Mt at juur U*» at «» mmwr «»»y Atj« v^w* M'* dhm« I* Iftw MM? »*fc a* eft* »»** »t i .MnrwnM* *« miw «t Oht Ct* Site SB «wmftiKii » a* Ho ! mntal Tfcrt, (we* fMt* DM? Mi^rpntrioCx sinrfevt sS flfl^er ttWv w wto)t ahe i were <U(Us* « *ut to Ci«M4»?** OM of OM «wn orteuMr W«»W * M tt, l«n«, »• Itot cMw JMJ Mfc jtwwtf * br»«* nCT*ni h» *#fcftt«M Mir dento «oriud«d itet I «» MM •aatrd w# e< dm* wlMm tw »w» -" At e» mart fe* mm*. fc» dttl Ltocate w •ad&ur f'T* flit, Sow k«t *orf .__, a ««cittv a* traefwiai and dnvrM M Ow Utfted Slat» «(HMMr «• rurcto* la k>0c ewr * taw* Wtttf H<«*g 0»i tteeogtoot UWbtwxBnrt ert« war » *» (feK - T*w) bfc* OMtt ,* Di!r«tm or l» tfenrt. I k«ftf At* turr«f far . ******&, wwf Hv *nA «<n»** -tttitl lor bnnuoa Uncoto twd IMHTT ( M puMMie lar t««g«nc». At tfatan vlctery tac*K» *»mu*A». tat cap priority *•* **<*«vt(UjiiNwt tHK KMtV HH HIC Wktfc Ott* ta mind. M u» wuiminr Mr, pwdw tHAi iodhoiUr itatt tk» pBOBtoBoi wi}t tbttr «7»«w <w>nm«il Owl <r» Memo w»«rt «(> Manmntr. I h»*« mr»«r dnaoud (t» tntommm at Mr KbiM'* tfhiu* 1 wWdwd. *nd wwpc Mwid*. M Ljndort JrtMon, •to Ml U» VMte Haw* ander very dtoVrwrt tt» hat OH *IB to ftn. Mr lft» nmcwr* in «ufc (ftx NwAft at «• cwQMMMfty II » *» t teMv MifcM*. Inl rt hM tmnt ti»«mik * «fc«** of (wAiiciU MM* MXCUl «»ftaifMl« Tfcw OKUtter at KtlHMR^. •( IMWH lUMNMtr. tft* «fc«Xin< rf Ik* «i*tl »i«M» vgttam *t aim Crmil 3nct*tv, 0» jntutft fwohrtwm. *• WM. «M( tta« ««tersjM». tVr to Uwl »» ntfvtanl «» M , tal Mm w« MMM MOW ter OW WN«rt» toMwi &» Mi «fe»r (br *cka *Mf «m*ic*<fcwl till: II(Hd Hi\r»H|*t *WirtU*l. I******. 4Ml OM »»tt »« WWIMKT ^-»14* »Utt,«« itMWt ilR» t» *ftt> TV ift«gr%Mtet t***m «*^> nw.*im «»t>4 t«*v.*ti sftw Ik* Hwl *** M Ow taii|M»g. * ttutaM I* *< OMT tow tn A> *«K> ««*«»• s* limit- r*wl*e« Iktat fhnti <MM> MMltuhf Ik Ml a rwaldaeof hat* ud Uw cult of a risM-wing martynd Mm W«fc a tirak* of nfai pen PrvalditQl r ord txnmunfcied tMr ttody podUc InMt itol tataiwa To repent. pottOe* to ne4 a ta*e aHWr. Umghl «* JoMi Uifcaea. thai propJM «f tk« AM TI*MNM tes mm*. In J<MI»' ««r4i. u> "W Uw dwd bwry Oittr drad " AM! Okr r «M d M THE WOffRV Q/N/C stayswat *«4 to ia« MtrMtJMMl Mint Communism's record, blotched by failure BUSINESS Pan Am employees battle for company w MO CASE »«*4 d I * W Dr and S*r* H*» t)«««l *«t Ukr MAat Mtrbftag in it* of U* CIV DM* »> KAUtl IZARI) MIAMI, (API ~ Tto tightfer (eder»i hrtp u> s»vt enemealraBy trw&W Pan AmarNaMi World Airway* to net rvatrktad ta «»«wUv» sv««a. It anw lavolvm p«9pt* btaiad nwtrvaikM desks, in maawUaaacf hnagata aad «* Uxrwiway*, MkelhecMroUvas. lk« (to enalayaas aranwUagtaUMrwtfa^MitraUoa't ntwal l# grajat aa anxtsjiftey suiafdy laal Pu An hH aaid to cmial U It* «rvr«t (4tra itm I tavt offend ts per cant of lattr ukrta* at kaa* M ll'* goitg bfyaJKl *e Jab,'- *ald "U*t a caaaf . Tto is ito Aatcrican way Kmybady to jpuftteg logMtor." Ttoy aay Utoy'rt act rampangmag far a fntaraJ «Mdy ( but tar an end t» what dkaoter BlMtMW I***'* A*MCUtMM l*r IT***, te MIO\ fi«tr«rily a cnaatiat to* of "*> yM atMwid to tolerMted ia a drf*»i« ttoi octurrwl Mtwaea a own atonal and a CkrHtlM tuintanf/ Tto I!MHIHMBIII. MMg aOwMiir, w»t taHntwIfclM tfal IBiHliBnttlTV "i» ia hn furtiag tn«4. to fwiaMd let tastir at iae laiieaeajiry aad said' " 'CoMMmntani pwU a MW «Mt «* e*«ry Ma*?' To wtelca the aiiitnantry i «M ««lr wtut UK *M4Ml to * tetv Mrtof But draw JH» i«(U«N(. 0«v. *a "»'» pnAah^ to»t that va «Wt Set Oat TVhil fj " HiM Jf'ftf*** cargo dspsrl' Uw Imt don't was* tutaidy. But '^^^P* » , . SattMnt JBaVatt .Mhw Int w wHi war|dwi4», Ai«4 I««B art It attwal p» *»*? •» *» U«tta4 atatas payfi* ...... Am to p*M, i'aa Att twug highir Usslaf ISM «t lJ|«nia flue**- apr Jaar- ewl" "Pr IHM AMtacUon brtmen Ite »w»T" CttMMjDKttM r*iU» IAMB? if Bradtavd HIM by »«»iaf CmwiMiatim ««whl Uttna ttey "arvwutr . - 4siitf ter prtttte p«vmty rigast, ******* HgM «MT U*w mm lf*yc« whte. MMJiar uoVitr bin K» lake tt t rajat oj» IpJits) thia tip uJtT ttrw year* «l «g«, *»» MM** «* twrtWt tryiRg tt WM tat ' ««**• tneSl 10 tsi taa m W^^ *^ ^* *K W aad lasMan ^^^^ <K^Snp^«^^p> IBM* <t* tiy l« iab« **ay A* nrwairte of lay barofr vwtun abiwe Urn*, tto Mad (w my teeMft Fansciea ifl La«k aad VUttkal T * if ^i^'^'^ Br w- 4 * * ^^Mw

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