Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on February 24, 1959 · Page 4
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 4

Pampa, Texas
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Tuesday, February 24, 1959
Page 4
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.4 THE PAMPA DAILY NEWS filst TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 24, 1958 Yeaf Bi-District Game Tonight Pampa, Coyotes Clash at 8 p. m. By RED ORIOGS Daily News Sports Editor Pampa has won 27 straight games this year, but they won't mean a thing unless the Harvesters make it 28 tonight, Th" Pampa cagers meet, the Wichita Falls Coyotes tonight at 8 p.m., in a one-game bi-district playoff. The contest Will b* played in Harvester Field House. The winner of tonight's game will go into the regional playoff later this week, probably against the Odessa Bronch- os. For the loser, the season will be over. The Harvesters, winners of 40 straight contests over a two-year span, and defending state champions, are heavily favored to whip the Coyotes and take a big step toward another state title. Tha Harvesters move into this gams with ama-lng shooting per- centre 3 of .508 from the floor and .713 from the free throw line. Four of the regulars are averaging 10 or more points per game and three of them have hit more than 50 percent of their field goal attempts. Owls Out Coyle Wlnborn has led the Har Wins Gloves Title FORT WORTH (Spll — Johnny Clannch, a Pampan fighting for Abilene, won the Texas light- Tester attack throughout the reg-! jpht championship Monday Mlar season, with 431 points and a| nignl , n thg Co]f|en G , ovea f , na]s _ .500 shooting percentage, \\inborn i Anolnc! . Top f) , Texas {ighleVi Cavl Mac!? Lnyne, Bob Gimlorf. ancl| M( , CTurc Qf DuniaSi copped the Charles Minor are all averaging i he ., vvweislu lillp 10 or more points per game, and clauneh had t rol ible with his 6-5 all except Minor are shooting over opponcnt) A1 Conzales, in the the .500 mark. ! finals. Gonzalez kept Claunch The Harvesters hit equally wellif rom landing very many solid from the outside or from under blows, but once in the second the basket throughout the year, rO und Claunch moved inside and and their fast-breaking offense has a staggering right to the worked for wel'. over 60 points per head. That may have been the dif- game. ference in the fight, which Ciaunch The Pampa defense has also took by decision. bsen excellent. Using mostly aj McClure, who was state runner- shifting zone, the Harvesters'have I up last year, moved up a step forced most of their opponents to J this time. He went to the national Bhoot almost entirely from the out- ( meet last year as an alternate, but Bide, and have used their height to will be eligible as a champ now epoil many of shots. McClui'e won a hard-fought tie- ipoil ill all/ ui HILTOC nti«*.o, - « • . n The Harvesters, averaging 6-3 in, <**<* l ^>' ^ 6le Peterson, a 24o height, have filno controlled t h e P°"n^ '" the heavyweight fin- boards in all but two or three;»>*- McClm-e landd enough punch- games they have played. The Parn-:« to win the first two rounus, bu regulars, with their height, are »°ne of them seemed to hurt 15 ' - «... i Peterson, a Gainesville High ».nri Minor, s-u. Layn», has snagged the m o s t ]OVC ,. hand riR | lt hm ran into some : rebounds this year, 2S6, but Gin- tl . oub , e in Ule lhird round dorf and Coyle Winborn have also ~-— grabbed more than 200. and Craig Wlnborn has nabbed 182. Coyote Summary The Coyotes, depending heavily fen defense, have won 17 games I'P-M'-t'P —In the photo above Miami's Bill Lard, No. 32, fi^hls for the ball with Medley's Rodney Margrave, No. 31, as Bob Roland look on behind. At ri^ht, Sam Harris of Miami flys in for a lay-up while Bill Wip^ins makes little effort* to stop him. Action came in last night's 54-45 Hedley win over Miami in a bi-dislrict tilt at Ilarvt'stor Field House. (Sports Photos by Marvin Olson) this year while losing only four. They were undefeated in eight district games. The Coyotes lost twice each to. iRESULTS I'nlted Press International SYDNEY, Australia (UPT)-—- The UOyotes «»i iw.ce eacniu: Martinez, 158, Glemlal.-. 1 Quanah and Denton. teams the' w Vn h Harvesters have beaten twice 1M Ho ,r vwondi Calif . (12i ; each. Wichita Falls beat Quanah FRANCISCO itJPIi Paolo once, 47-42 in, a alls, but outpointed Flash even then Quanah outshot the Coy- |Elordp _ 13 _ 0 Pnin ^ M (10) otes from the floor. , NKW YQRK (UpI| Chirf> The big man on offense for the iVelez 13glji p uerlo RJ CO , out- Coyotes has been Garland (Bubba) | pointed Ros " pr Harvey 140'.., Ber- Balley, 6-1. Bailey has averaged; mudn )10) about 20 points per game through-j pROVIDENCK, R.I. (UPIi out the season, as he hit consls- ; T O mmy Oarrow, 1,'!3, Claremont, tently on both long set and jump N H ^ outpointed Pat O'Brien,; shots, and driving layups. 1 Dublin, Ireland (lOi. i Gerald Phillips, 5-8, has beenj MOBILE. Ala. (UPI) — Tony Wichita Falls' f'.oor leader and Dupas, 145, New Orleans, out- second leading scorer. He has av-; pointed Billy De Priest, M6, Co- eraged nine points per game, is aliumbus, Ga. (lOi. great clutch player, and hits well on a runn'ng jumo shot. Other Wichita Falls starters are Leland Allred, 6-3; Aaron McDonald, 6-2; and either Johnny Wai- brick, 6-0, or Steve Deal, 6-1. The Coyotes use a dell-berate, By STARKEY WHITEHORN ball-control offense, and shoot Sou mostly from the outside. They use T mostly a shiftinq /.one defense, hut Basketball Results •Southwest tlethodist ,"i6 Arkansas SI Western 76 Arizona 51 P 0 N. Tex. St. 53 iiii/ov*.v o. oiiin-i**-; ti"n <. \.»»--*<.4»-j»-, i^ft i v-ji 11 a /() % i c*\ occasionally switch to a man-to- H ouston ' 77 Drake 6B man. ,\y T ex - s t _ 8S Midw'rn (Text 82 , , , |F:. Tex St. 51 La mar Tech 41 Harvesters Firing For .508 Average If you wonder why t'le Harvea-jage, .560. '. ters have won 27 straight games'; T.iroe of the starters are above this year, consider their shooting the 200 mark in rebounding, and a percentages. They finished their fourth isn't far off the price. Layne regular schedule with a .508 mark leads, having- taken 2S8 off the frwn the floor and .713 from the boards. Coyle Winborn has captur- free throw line. Jed 250, an.i Gindorf has grabbed Another fact that brings no pom-:238. O:-aig Winborn has taken 182, fort to Wichita Falls coachea and and Minor has snagged 97. players, is that four of the five| Craii , Winborn made the bi?«e.«t Harvester regulars are averaging jp d ; v idual splash in the last week 10 or more points oer game The of , hp ,. e ., ula ,. KMW}n as hl , _ SI . „, fifth man. Craig Winborn, i s not (H , , y pojn(s against piainview to far behind at 8.4 per contest. !ea<1 the tea , n ' in s ,. 0 , 111? , 0| . ,h,. In additicn, three of the five firsl (in)e However winborn cool- ftarters are hittin? more, than SO ed off j mme( jiately and was „„. percent of their shots from the ab!e to sr . ore a «, ainsl Amarillo. floor. Coyle Wintorn leads the Anolner outstand-'ns; individual psrcentaies with .560, followed bv feat pl . oving there's not neces.'ar- Bob Gindorf with .543 and Ma< l< iiy anylh i n? lin !iici;v abwit nnni-°r Layr.J with .812. Charles Minor is 13 was Minor - g 13 for 13 at lhe hoopin? .481 of his shots, and { ree throw line. g YVlnJaorn if averaging .477. the freft throw line, Minor has * * * .xne almost automatic. He hit ,, A «.,.--, —. i A , 13 •trftifht fbftrity tossse, last HARVEST TIMI weefc. tp ba^)jt his Reason, percent- f se to a wfaQp^Pg .W8, Also above Value fg ft t|> a\>^. ,750 »t tjie J30.US* line are Gindoif, Winbom, Cy Jjoyle Winbpin, .773. >38. and Coyl» WJtpgSOMj cojniiflHe« to lead,Winborn, Cr. |h« t«aw ift *11 4t'ori#^ depart• I Ti mm» BlftD* »*cfpt <»'** tbfov pei-cent-: iViat t. Itf Iw* talij*4 481 poiflts, »ni Terrell . jrf 17-8 P#r fWB*; baa Cooper ,„ _ t!»« masl fleW fo»l». l&8. McGioJre tb« Jftcst Irsa tbjcows. 109, »n4; ; C:ijter pen-eat-jWr»y 188 151 9U 108 83 27 ao 9 4 S i t 109 76 1UI 7-J -Ci 24 24 15 7 9 2 i 4*1 378 23! 281 209 78 $1 33 15 12 ' 10 i 17. S H 0 10 8 8.4 Recent report from Woody Pond, Gump and Fish War-: den at. Canyon, revealed tiuit'there \vere thousands of iT.<hj lost recently at Buffalo Lake. Warden Pond stirinis: d lhe \vas due to the lack of oxygon in llie v/alcr. The lake is Icnv at this time. It was 1'roxen over in most parts. c:;eept where the ducks and i;eese kept the water stirred so that it didn't, freeze, during liie last exlreme cold v.-eallie;-. \V;:rdi'ii ! Pon'd said Iheiv .nils! licve In-en a near 1'i'l [jei\-'i!l kill <>M shad due to tli:- tor.s <;f theni thai f'nal-'d to the Irmks i,-:' the lake. Theiv \\ere al.-,o many eali'ish, hofii l'lall)e;id, up to foi'ty pounds, and cha.nnel cat as small as five inches in length. The rejH)rt v. as that even though there was a ;/reat lo : •• .to the piscatorial poptilaticjn, tin- yam:- !i--h ic;-^ u'as sirral! enough that the treinondous kill on the shad added up to a beneficial act of nature to III- fi^hf-mian. Months cif.;o the 'l'e\a- (^aiv! ( . ;inci ]'":-.'i v'urnini- M.II. tin- dor the su|)ervi.sion of Aqintic !i,f»io •:!•-' Leo !,r\\'i:v r.rl the lake of a K* va ' pei'c"ii! of c.nv, liulfa'o, laikii'^h anrl !iy- ht'id.s of th«'S!- species. This lake .--h(;uM ivally produce this spring and summer. This Is Farewell Column Oi liilUt-e ('(Hint v furnishes one of e!s>- the in.:,i pMpf-r >i. xli'. i.nn!. (if the inu.-t bi-aii!i!lil ni('diuin-;-ij'.i.'cl _At th.s t-.:--i' In-- r-i:-:inii is i;- :r,i; ilaki-s in the (ill ire I'Hnhandle. Lust rim in !!;•• O !,ir.-. .-e C';ii;.;y li-i year liu- l.i'--.e didn't fiinusii fi.-.her- iild. T-i • L/.-.-.-fi i iVuniv X •. .•men w.!'i much p'.i-.-isure. Howt-v- Tne I! -:n;.:i:!l «' ui'lv N '." -' '-' ' er. the IH:.U w. u -j only recntly n-- McLi-.i.-i .N'cv.s. m. 1 ti." 1' ' r 1 • hiiiit iit the lime and had nol tci'ii am! S!-.^'.i-:t ;. ij.i-i-j.-. slo.--Ued vMh fi.-'li for mans 1 months I will s'.'ii l:.---p i.i-:it:ii? :' nr' Nov.' the t-n anil Iwelve-incii cliv.n- as lunif as i ..- • :.- :••!' i">">-i'. n-,-- nel r:i':s ! ; ;:'! weie in the 1 a K '• f-r in;-"--.' -i '.'. •'! i '.'•'•:'• li"' •':!..-i have li;.'l .-•nfficii-n' tune to gi<r.v It i> ,-|ii:.-:i!: :i ! -..:'.y tiii"-s ''> > :tl to t\vj ;H'I -1 !lin'.--i.:.ii-ni"is Also. d'.-..-|i a.' •';,- ,|---',i ar.'i nv to ;;. i the. him !i tri.-.-J i!-.'-'" increased in u:i\ .'-oi.,.--' .1: - '.-it v, ,--i;.l \n- ^ that th:s In!;-- '.vili l.e .1 fish--i iii.-jn';< I- : ' <•: ' >.- '.-•' >'.•. (•<-..- ,-' r; • •• •' I.s c-iliinui, "Panhitndle fiut- .-ne su i.f.or Life." (.;i the wry i.'.if lie- '.I'.->M I rc-m!y I 1-; t-ive.l v.-.-.d fn m ':.-i;-.- ;-;^i'". Alfurd of Diriris !:i:ii tin- nnrnas W;- .1 papir would no lunger '.-'.';•.' Pan- 'lu, ; -.••• handle Ouidn.-, : - L:f:- T->.'!ay ! fniimi . i T -.; out tiiat t:i«? Pani|:a Uaily :» e \v s tiK-i-- ..i :"i rno .• .r'--M-:; woiilil i;u l'i!i^' - r inn Ibis ijiildo«r anv \)\'t-<- t:ia:i tl:--n j i--: in i i If tii<- tc.'iie:it nf i.l:es:.' inn-:-i an-- a::] f;-'h-.:i- .\!v ui;--s ',<',. ! inlert-K;ed m Uio f'ltuif <>( this t- llu 1 ! t"-- j.-.-r < .-iii.' ; | '.-r, iWildl'tV infiii mat.'ai. lin-u ;. o u nf iiur. ! !ii^ au.j f • r-.' 1 jini.-.riit i-on'.-'.i yi''ir local K'';Hi'. ;«>. \ in ins i'ip pii ' 'f '"' •'and u'Jvi.-i- liii:i of you:- in't-ix-'-l. .':i i <-i|.--l by no i-ti.i-:- pi: I. Costs $2 to Raise Game Many l;nH-.-i during the yt-ai t;-<- :ii..n, t>-!"re f(i^:j;^:iiu 1:1 t' 1 av-.'i-aice Claim- \ n is ;-s!:-.-i| by i: -.-- of tj.> <i(,.<^;:' i\ •; a •. ..: h- ;lll"! -..•-!!-.i ill J.:up.'1g.:til:X X-'"--- bil'il-l (•••: /:-l!-" i:i!l. bilds 'ij'.I.ul. pi.•••»•'.Hi'v. U.!-' ;-;•'.• f. ,j- t 1 ,... pi . I • <- . ichiickar paitri-i;;.', <•' .-1 if H !-• i;a : '•••'.•. t.--: i;;:!':;i- or '.!';'-> .11^ i.-t nt-e-led. Tiie answer is sav. I '--.-i- .,;• i-x •:•-.- - jye.-i. Heiewilh i.< .siiimutnl Ss-i.-- ''..:,• ;.:i-m.! :n .-ip'. 1 , .; • ..i I lion I of the U;.H.;.I ments -. o.,; i.-r g,m\,- a.i.iii-I !•.: ' "Any pc-json, Jum v»" coipoia.- purpose, shall obta.d fif.-i Miami, 54-45 Free-Shots Decide Bi-District Title By RICK Daily News Editor Hedley High's hustling Owls couldn't hit Worth a hoot frorn^ the field but they didn't exactly give a hoot that Miami couldn't either, and parleyed sharp free-throw firing with a steady defense to pluck the Warriors head-feathers, 54-45 here Monday night. Hedley f s heads-up display of defense wasn't anything new, however. The Owls, sparkled with the same fine ball- hawking they've exhibited all season for Coach Don Haskins, a product of Henry Iba at Oklahoma State, often referred to as Mr. Defense in the round-ball sport today. It was a class B bi-district fracas performed before some 950 excited Harvester Field House spectators who rocked- and-rollecj during a torrid first half tempo that saw the score change hands ten times and LoopiV Lesley Miami (-15) G. Anderson Lard I./. Anderson Harris Bowers Cunningham Soil?; Totals HPillny (54) Lesley Roland Maddox Wiggens Hargrove Butler Tutu Is Score by quarters Medley Miami Officials : Bobby Gardner. IK " ]>f 1 1-2 5 1 0-1 •! 6 5-9 5 3 0-0 1 ?, 7-10 0 2 0-1 1 n o-o o IB 13 23 18 fK f» pf 7 12-13 2 2 2-3 4 3 4-6 0 4 2-2 2 1 0-0 5 0 0-0 1 17 '.'tl-'14 U 9 17 1-J 16 — 8 1'! 13 I", — IP; 3 2 17 6l 13 4 ; 0 15 IP 2fi 10 10 2 0 M 54 •15 Scott and Don Kentucky Cops Number 1 Spot NKYV YORK f UP! I-The Kentucky victory which snapped Auburn's 30-gnme winning streuk shot cats tied on three occasions before lhe Owls spurted ahead by . six points at intermission, 26-20. The Warriors of Coach Bill Hines were down by nine points early in the third quarter, 32-23, but roared back with little Jimmy , Bovvers, Miami drop-kicking specialist in football last autumn, paving the way to only a five point ' deficit by the stanza's end, 38-33. The Warriors let a golden op- 10jportunlly to overhaul the Owlg slip JQ I away In the early moments of the < 2'fourth period when they pulled within only two field goals, 33-35, and gained possession of the ball. But one of many bad passes fell astray into the arms of a Headley defender and from that point on the Owls began to pull away. Bobby Lesley, who played for Borger High's B-team as a sopho- j more two years ago, hit three field j goals and a couple of charity toss- i es as the Owls broke the game j wide open, increasing their lead to 111 points at 46-35 in a matter of; : two minutes. : Lesley paced scoring for the, .night with 26 points on seven i jump-shots from, the field and 12 of 13 free-throws. * i Hedley made only one more > 30-gnme winning sireux fiek) j, oa , n ., 6 lhen { ,, d tne p,,,.. Coach Adolph Rupp's Wild- ple W; ,, Tiors . bllt Mi(tml nit only back into first place in the 13 of 2a f,. ee .j,h 0 t a wn U e the Owls •*••••"*•—~*-—^| *~~-~~~-~-~~*-*--*--r*. j were death from the house line, Top Ten j swishing through 20 of 24. Both; XK\V YORK (UPIi The United outfits committed 18 fouls, Miami Press International major collie losing-its high point producer, Lar- b.-iskftbull rulings (first - place ry Anderson who tallied 17 points, votes .md won-losl records for the night, with 3:41 left in the Feb. 21 in parentheses i:! game and then losing Gerald An-! Team SCIIOH: Kiiglef. 2017 .','7 ,j i lli'.'li Ir.liwdunl (Jaine: Claude .Bradley. l!i IKIOV,- Boy:,. I.'-G Hivh Iii'iivi.hial S.-iv's t.'lraiili' CI'I'V I.KAlil'K ! Hi;;h Team Game: Bi u n o w Tain W I. W I. Bo >' s - 75 :': M, Ca:hcrn King 1 :i I'aikv.-av Hi'. Slip. I I) ?'.'• 13 ' :•• ' ' '•:! i- 1 :'. '•'•'•'• I.'! 'I MI • .. ( |.-...i,--,» '.', \ 2:) Hi 1 •.T-,!'.',,').' Hii-i-!,- '< i 2<i Hi i I'KTKOI.KIM IMM-TKI.U. ,'.'.'. l":,\. ' '"' , ;, o 0 ,,; i i.KAMK i-" ,.., V.'.relis n 1 !'>'•• •••' .- 'I' 1 '-"" W >• W 1< ,-,, , ,'.' ,-,..„. ' n -I K) " 17 I:,--.B Sn!v,-nt 1 .'! 20 8 ' • , -,'• ; .,, jus. :', 1 '<< 18 1 i' I!'":'/!'I 1 0 2(1 K i ,,,'., K,...;,,!,> ;• i 'X is (Mjot Kiiinl-: Xo 2 .", I 17 11 . •"....,. v •.,'.' ' :: 1 !7 I- 1 r ''''in'- 1 ' -t " 16 1-' •-, , ., . ., :;,ni]-:i] i o in -'i V. I-.' Wn-rxM o i ifi 12 V J..',!.;,'- . ('n. ( n If, 21 'C.,',,t Kia.-iks No. 3 '.', 1 1C, 12 ;';>;>.;'' i'i r, II 22 .!. M .In'ur-.-ir -1 n 1 I 17 ,. i -.;... 1 ;\ i :•,'•• :"'.'. l'< '• " : i IM:I>I'!Y o > Hi irt (•'• ..,,.'(,. ' i -, i ;>, in '_'-; <V A. Hiis'p-1 n 1 '•> 18 P ,'• ,. . ;i , v M j s "H Cnh<!t Kiai;):s No 1 135 L'.'i \..,.,,, ] -,,,- (-,, o ! 7 L'H : llif-'h Tram (iainc: <' 11. ll.ovei. .,, M . ;h ''""'"' •"'''' ! '" : '' V< KV '" i " ' b n,,h T,;,rn Serios: i\ R HO.-V"l! ', T'-:;:. <;.mi,-: Ti-x K-. ans. pr - '-" M " - Hi -ji linlivi.ii.ial (I;ini:'- Dorothy •"."s (' A Husifd. L'Ol Kr'ii .Si'i.c-i 1 Uiiiuthy D.IVIN, ('. A. Hus;i-l. :")V.: 1. Ki-ntiicky (IS) OI-'J) 2. K:ii!>.iis Stntf (l.'t) C.'l-l) 3. Cincinnati (3) (18-?) I. X. Carolina (1) (17-'!) •1. X. Carolina St. (19-8) (!. Michlgtin St. (1) (I.V.'I) 7. .'Mississippi St. (22-1) X. Auburn (I) (1(1-1) ». California (17-4) ID. Bradley (!!)•:<) 11, Texas Christian. 39; 12 Louis, :!7; 13. West. Virginia. !•!, T.'tiill. 13; 15. M.irqilfitl ' Ifi, Maryland, fl; 17, Navy, « St. Honaventuiv, 4; 1'J LouinviMe St. l-ioiiMVrntlll-f, 4; lil, Lollisvilli!, 3; 20, St. Mary's (Calif, i, 2; 21, Washington, 1. SOI-del-son momenta later with f ive personals. Hedley lost PvOdney Margrave via the same route. Bowers had 13 behind Anderson's 17 for Miami while Bill Mndtlox and Bill Wig-gen.s both chipped in with" ten for tha Owls. The win moves Hedley Into Friday and Saturday's P.egional tournament at Canyon with a. state bal- ','I,S ',' 11 17!) 10!) 98 HH IH 12; ! IS. , il: ' h I 1 •••••:'. ' 'I :-' erics: ..!. l ; nit«il Press Iiiiernalioiiiil college basketball ratings tod:i\- by a slim ntiii^ui over Kansas State. T}-.:' fotir-teain race for the national championship s!iowed .Sibils of gniiig i i.cjht ciov/n to the final games of the regular season, two wi'pl'.s h«'in e North Carolina, last va>ok'.M leadei. dropped to the No. I spot this week and Cincinnati moved up one notch to third place. Volleyball Team Plays Phillips St. toiirnnn'tyit bid lying in the *4; ' ance there. The game's outset was slow nnd- sloppy with both clubs appearing, jittery and nervous and committing many mistakes and mental- miscues. There was 2:23 gone on tlii- clock bcfoiv Bowers found hi.s,. larjfflt wilh u frcf-throw to open- .scoring for i-iiiier outfit. Miami moved to a -1-1 edge, fell behind, 5-1, and then the two sides swap- • ped baskets until Hedlev managed' a »-8 quarter advantage. It was still nip-and-ttick in the se. onrl period before the Owls b*- gmi to Win in up just before the :nlf i mission bu/./er. After the half the Warriors pin up a stubborn and stiff fight of it but never, had what it took to catch the hisjh-flving Owls, a defensive minded C4iiint that won 30 of 34 pre-. vious games and permitted the; opposition a stingy 31.8 gcoring" average. 1! : .-. I:,. -. i ...i-il C-ini'': M. 1 : : ' \l--\\' Jl.MOK f(Mm VM)K|{ V!-'\V >I..N«)K I.I•• Mil K '''Mill T. am \V I. W I. 1 » 'Ji Aii.-v .IniniH-i.s 0 I 21 l. r > ' I u 19 17 1 : J , IH 13 1 3 17 IH 4 0 IT I'.t 1 3 13 23 3 1 11 25 r..-- ;.• r.-. i: .\vler< r.rii-i' '•* •<•• H'.-.-S I)- any b'..i n.y !,el i .,.' " ,,,' . .,-,',,- ,; u; - H'-i: T" Mil Can;.-: .le'.s. »'.I2 • , ;.- j'n , " ilo'ii.:..-;. T.- Mil Si-l'i -s. .lets. -'"Ol ;.....- ;.-.i| !„• \-.n'ii! llign J::i! v;..!i;al I.J.-.IIH-: Marvin ;,:, : -.'- ..-:•,"• •<»;.• of H:. n- .-n. .)'•'.-•. l!)i i ; . .,• ;.::,.!! fiini i.: Hi-; 1 ''i'li'al Series: Marvin ••• '.; •-. ., .-:-,!. ., i:i cnS'.- i i ! '' .in ''I.. J (:'.'•*, -i !- I'HILI.II'S T'ne Piinipa Hisli School vollycbali girls will play. ,1'hillips h'- 1 ! 1 !' at I p m. Tlieie will, hi- only one game. In two pre.-' violi.s practice t;aiir'-, I'iiinp.'i de- > feated' Phillips, Ki-6 nn,| 1S-7 ; Probable slurtmt; lnu-iip f o r Piiinpa will be Aim Lindsey, (iaye ; Vanderburfi, and I\-i-,-e I. a y n e, ^pilivis; aiui I'lisH'.s Buiress, Knn:< K::l:i-k. anil .Sherry Tnyyei- •tups i l'ani[>u team, co.-ti-ls'.'d by i a lJair;hf rty. is rated arnoPs< liie lop volleyball teams in the .s'.ah'. Pampa was second in the slate last year, and most of last veai's ulavurs are bai-k. Head The New* Classified Ads. A<1 vt.-rl iM f nt Men, Women! Old at 40,50,60! Want Pep? Want to Feel Years Younger? 1)1 MHI lil.iiim l'ilijin(.-'l. uurii-oot fi'flillg (ill J .1 .- -n,nu, .iiiu/ril .il a I'llle IJfp- |i.n^ > i w.lli O.trti 'l(in>i; TdliirU lias (tour. t..>nlii in in .u) nr.:ii jt 41), 3O, 60, ii.r in>n. . it. . lU \'.taiii.i) lllll |.I»I-P1- _ _ , il'To- (I li- \ I..,, (* u«l .y lor new IM'JP, vim, v.nri ..,i t , :.u; 1 ur -..tlr, a'.t ^-xid uruggiM* In Plinpa. <|t Cntncy Drug i-. , .. : • i ••• \ -. - :-i i ••i.-.i- ;-M ;..,:-. ;i • i -i i !.- r n 4 ; • If ;ai ; :•,;:. ; .-iii.-l.i • '•*!•' ' '>'•'• ' :1 "'l ^ b ilit :. .- .,, .-:i.- r i.-. Dr. R. F. Thomnson CHIROPRACTOR Hour-, by .%|ij>nmliii"iit 8 tu 1.' -1 - ° to 5:'-9 Tl. ir: d,iv-S.(.t. 3 t3 12 809 N KailarU ' MO 4 7<»7G Check Your TV Tubes FREE! We Hove Complete Stock o* TV Tubes If Replacement Needed Mier * Hood Pharmacy .MO i 8»li'> WRESTLING SAT, Feb. 28 8;30 P,M, Top 0' Texas Sportsman's Club Main Kvt-nt— <i£IGKI, vs. fl.K 1 out of 3 falls — 1 hour Sewi-uuU— TVBU MV^KA vs. TOIUIV Opeu — \\M Ked H»'rry vs. Bay Tkkt'ts o» Sale »t I.KMN^S UKPT S

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