The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin on June 17, 1859 · Page 4
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The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin · Page 4

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Friday, June 17, 1859
Page 4
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BY TELEQ-R A P H. 1 •»****? w *** & «* *•*>-. w »»• *> •» *« =^ __>*. *' C ^- J - J -*r:}«alM8 l 7»Sbiu. J EM—inaetlr. and nominal at l,(X)Ql»iO- REPORTED FOB THE: DAU.Y SEWS, AMUSEMENTS. tAST ..ii-A.-ii.-i* .- t? REPORT, Steamer Sank. ' :- : -. -f MEMfcHiw, June 16," The Beamer Grape H Shot with-,a,: .cargo from Cincinnati to Portemnth, sunk on 'Saturday Hear Van Bnren on the Arkansas rivet. Boat aad cargo total Joss. - : "-'•'•' • ' ' Se-rore .Ball Storm.- :: ; « ;;: BAITIKOE*, Jane 16 A severe hail stonn prevailed at Qooaoston Baltimore ooanty, thU evening, oansing con- fflderable damage. The bail stones wereverv large. The storm? in Baltimore was accomBa- nied with strfd lightning, * high wind, and torrents of'rain. .. ,, ..... •COfiN— tcaroe »hd »te>dy, Receipts «48 bni; itlp- »«nti 126 bus; i&lu 160 but 'uVbagf at TJSc: 40 bnilnr »t«»0. V-...:| : '•: :•• •:•'-' •---• B*ELEr— nominal »t 60ffi«0c. : ^pTATOE3— In, good demand at to adrance. R«- oelpU8*bu»; e»l M 95bui common at 80; fo boi common at 85. ' ^ BOTTEB-more active and better. Firkin at Wail; roll 19Q14 nto two tan» firkin at : BQGS-r2c better, and In reqaeit a •"* IDES— ileady at fprmtr price! ; »; dry 14fi>l«. wo tan» firkin at 10® H. loail^. green 8®T, , Tfe damage bj the .hea'vj frost, whiph we notloed last week, was mnoh more extensive than we BL pposed at that time; A great deal of corn was completely killed, and manrare now busy in planting it-over. Potatoes were out to the gronnd,bnt are reviving again. Beans, vines, fcnd grapes were totally aestroyed, and all iind» of frait more or less inj a red — Burlington ffazettti. AKTEKNOON KEPOKT. From Waablngton. WABHISQTON, June 16 The Na,ry Department is advised, that as no apprehension of immediate danger to American interests at Tampico, the U.S. sloop- of-war Saratoga left that port for Tera Cruz on the 1st inst. HIB6WINES—firm at 20* . EecelpU ICO bbl.. SrRAWBtHBIES-plenty at 10£tl2o per quart. '• WOOL—more active and a .hade better. Salo- Itu common at 20c; 100 lb« )j blood at 81c; 990 Jb. ft blood at SO*; 165 bus X blood at 88; S.45T Ib. % lb. oommon at B5®28; 40 Ibi do unwashed at 20; 65 Ita i common at 26; T8 Ib. dp at 28. Total .ale. 6,850 lb.. Rnillroad 8«o«ipTi XT Li Ofioau ,; « 06 oat , B^To^o^'^ flour; 8oa«k.a.beij ID cord, wood; 6,100ft famber- o cattle; 16 ho£«; 447 lb. hides; 1..610 do .nndrle Riicnm » MD.WAOTO & Missisum Ban. CT bbl. flonr; 1^04 bus wheat; 82 do oau; 848 d T0.ib.hldj*; 300 do butter; 81,406 do .undrle.- V beef; 4 lambs. DB, KANE'S ARCTIG VOVAGES FOR ONK WKKk MORE, — OOHMBHOIHG— :. Tliiu>day EVe'g, \fiiine 1 6, IiinM«rr "-;•••'™" u *«"J«»"*"n, at.tne uallery irS^ .V U 8 eKO»t«eet, London, and uo:ver«all y pronounced by . AmerloRn , nd Hamper, cr ,, „, t •ubllrce creation of art err r exW Jted. T. p. FAIUNG-i'S «rcat Original Iitnslration of Dr. Kane's World Renowned ARCTIC VOYAQES.. '" Engilih and"b-inlih Eearche. for Sir John *«• Frigid Z.nie, execu'ed by the great 1 **^orge Vlelgle, Esq., from original " ic spot rellr» of the Arctic Expedition j Arctic i>, celebrated dog y, (the onl) sirrlrorof 0r. Kane'. S»qnlmanx DOM us l rlnrlnghl. journey) the beamlCol Ksqiuinaxdog "Wolf" presented by Lad) franklin to Dr.' Kane', comp.i ou, Mr. Tho». Hlckey. » -.., Ac. y Boon open at T: IvUbltlon at 8 o'clock: and ,el ^"ST 01 ? ",* ° Mtpr ' ; 8 «ardajr alternoon at 8 STATEMENT ,: ; of Buffalo, on the 8d of February, 1819. Made to the Secretary of State, Wl.coBJlr', pnnuarit to the ^tat- . | uin AID*, -.-•;• 1. The name or the Comply b TO* Mutual Intiir< BtM^B^rtf.*^ 01 Loc ' ud )n Baffsl0 ' L CAPITAL. ^ . 2. The amont of authorized' capital .. ,. ...„. «WO,000 3. The amount paid up 198,290 *• II. aiM*m- • MEDICAL. JPATENT MEDICINES' "The Interesting' N=i,»tlTe of Dr. Kane'i last ' for"«al l0 at bT *"' " com P &nion > Mr. Tho.. i'ST^tl 87 4,216 87 19,000 • 46/47 31 Fire at Galena. GALES A. Jane 16. Tlie Classical Institute in this city, together with the contents, was destroyed by firs last night The library was partially saved, though ir*a damaged condition. Loss $14,000 In- snronoe §6,000. Explosion of a Locomotive. ZANESTILLE, J me 16. The locomotive AntslopR, a coal burner, exploded at Campbell's Station on the C 0. K this morning, killing fbarl.-s Turner, firtrnaa and scalding ttie cni>iiirer liadly Passenger trains were not delayed liy the accident. Democratic Stato Convention. MlLLEBGEVILLK, G I. , June 16. Tbe democmu. Stall convcntinn wind, runt hern yesterday, nominat.'d Mr Brown for Governor, |.y acclam»tior Rusoluiions were I MARINE _ RECORD. 1839. -aj™^., *?Il^t??^-..7^~ ™ •' i lainiy rewired. Kor fortbi r p&rt cul&rs "" *~ M P i. O \ M K N T . *5O a JHonth and:, i f :xpense« Paid. 1 A N th AO n IT ' lnte<1 ta ' ' ery tol<r -rt the Un AIlRJVIiD. Jen ISra. w New » ' C0rae Prop Ogontt, Flood, Chicag v ' , e » D< ew Turk City, enclo.lng one I'^tage Bump. jeii -aft w— cm Uroadway, . wli! Ohl0ll(t0 ' 10 ° bb " •" tallow, 84 jjkgs nuadrl,., 23 p»... 8,240 Piop Mayflower, Langley, Chicago Smtr Snielle Ilutlln, Two Rivers ( chr J A A Stronacli, Olto, Msnl.lee Scl.r Lnt.c M»r, McKird, , Erie, 476 ton. coal, **>< .,.„, ord. Ki«ti H»«-l, ''liompn n SlieLo vran 2-1 t.'ti ra^, .. Barber, Nel>on Man tire <tu M luml,. r, ],• ,,asi Lily ol Crevcland. Ixjuter, Grand daven, 1C mill. 4 cask. llqn,,r,i a... 8 co..«e» do, 11 hblj 1'nuoni.gon, Wilkins, Oi nG GOODS BUTTON'S! _ tprji^ AlWfcRlCAN Cli expreRsrfitt oonfidenoe in the alrililj^jkud pain- ' Otism of Mr Buchanan, and approving of the ' ?, ci " principles of hi.< inanpural and annual tnessa. ' Op M " h * g«s on the .sul'ject of Mavery. ' l<>mnpv.,ud. 4 c..el hats, MJIIC l..t,., 45 M • 8tn.r On., Wjudilng^on Matter.. WASHINGTON. June 16 United ,Stnt«s war v.-ssel.-. Lnavent, Wv. ' "' p ^ f and Lancaster, wliit-li ar. ta oampej" se , f r ,,j, ugo •?r, Bavim. n, lireci, llay. 125 M lamber wk, l',,eat:, Buffali,, 128 tot,, m.u. « i.i. ASH I). Jrn. 15T*. '' Cleveland,, Orat.d U.i- 4u •« , L . "M bw flour ' 9t ' r ""* '"• I " her ' 1S wis :.'«.!., hat-,awu>. Imffau, 1 n BAND: ^.'HNlell ANY . 1.1. Oaih on hand. 2d- In the hand, of and due from aeents A other. Sd. No real eitate 4th. Pond, held bv the Oo. TB. 1. M. 8. B. R. bond., l*M» 2. Toledo, Nonralk t Cleve. bond... 4,000 8. N. I. E. B. bond., 8.0CO 4. Slock. : O. 8. 6. 10,000 Jjorth io,487 50 D. H. 6. 8,000 worth 9,16596 8. N. York At 6,1.00 do 6.18,600 . worth 26,903 76 6. Debit due to the Oo. «e- cored by mortgage on un- eneambered real estate, worth double the amount of mortgage -.per «che- dule" bearing 7 per cenl. lutere.t n« 437 ]» 6. Debt, otherwl.e .'cured by ttocka. mortgage, and Insurance .crip of thl. and other companle., and Interest on 64^1314 7. rebts for premiums, con- .l.tlng of bills receivable, 85,824 78 8 All other .tcnrltle. \M claim, due'the Co., .alva- ge.,ve.-«el., 4c 80,£6I 87 V. Feriioual property owned by the Oo , steam Tup, Pumps, Ac. 2n,63) 71 TotalA.let. 494.6356S 111. uaBn.mar. 6. The amount of liabilities due to banks and other creditor.. None, ezcepl- >ng what I* contained in No. 10. C. I.os.e> adjuited and due. '• do do and not due. t>. Losses unadjusted. Sup- pose.l to be al the cxt,-rit almut 9. Loasea In sn.pelm,- gamu a. No. 8. 10. All other claim, again.! the company, Ind rl.lunl halanc-s unclaimed dlrl-, aii-1 redemption ol .Scrip uncalled for K. J OiM N' T HO M S O T* /*') ."v KKOM tLcErs;, ;^sopcac., ... 5 ,j .i - :. flee at 85 Market square,nt>«!» near OiieitH nt^, ^llw.-. kee. It tli'.- treatment and curt of «Terj .peciea nf ,1'rivate li'^ea-ii- with out the uae .-.f percu-y Tt>e u^ . ^ . _ fortuiu'^j should lie l»it'ti<:-'t 1 \lr 13 i^;g/r-.elecllnij hi» j'hy-1-Un, t« It III tDtal^le, yet Inconuover* ., thai nianv syphilitic I'V.^i. -._..«.— made tni^erahle with minfl conithntlona by raal-treatment fro ii inexii.-nencr> phyllclanj in general practice; for it \> a poio Kenerilly conceded by the he«t iiyp>illogrK|.|ieri, tha toe study and management of ihrse complaint i should engrou the whole time of tho.e trho irould ire competent and raecesiful In tlie'r treatment itntl core. Th» mexperleoced general practitioner hnvinj neltter op- portnalty nor tln>e to make him«elf sufficiently acquaint, ed with their pathology, commonly pursues one syntein of treatment, Ui mo.t ca«e. malting an lndi.crtmie.ate u.e of the sntiqnateil anil dangerous weapon, Mercury »lore caution, however, .honlcl be oaed by ttie syphll tic patient In eonsuiting nominal physicians of the ad vertliing cla.., aj nine-tenth. ..f th™ rtrc imp<i«teni who aunme French and other mme. ind an-without any cla.m. to medical tnoirletliri- Thene ;:n.ay^h ^a, cal. Infest all largeeltlej. an.l by iu"»ni of their lylni; advertl.emenu aod pnsiers, iliey i-,.inc- the unwary to enter their Peter Funk shop.. » D .| UN mercifully Ueei-i antf poison them with mcrcnry. Penonj living at a disuoce i lh- com.try are more apt to be dupe.l t,y the lyiapr ,..,tic-. .1 ,,uaclt. than citizens. Dr. J. TBCHI«J.I ha. received m-.|.«:.U f>-.-n hi. father, Dr. Wm Thoni-un, .,f l : i.r,i II n,,,. »h., h»< practiced over "0 j par. nn ' „ v i. es .->'-. i : fulluresof th-best !'h«.',M ln , i.. r,,, , . ',,,' T 1( , ', , re«pectfully ad.ise ihe pul-'i ..-,,,.. ,,,...,| ,., ,,,. "Periodical fllr M|,n'-.i,-. ,. l .„ .: , , t .,„ ..','. ,,..1,,.,, siao who can treat mch case, scientifically nn.l «u'<-'.- '-.tally. Spermatorrhcca or Seminal Rmi««i<,r<« ihero-- quence t.f .elf abuse, treble,! ».i.h ..-, . n(li .,, without the tue of murderou. Instruments. All disrate, incidental to (emalea treated with iur ,» The new French Shield recently Invented in I'.-- const\n'ly on hand. "Pio Unfnr'ansle Man's '', • can be had by »ddresain B Dr W m . Thim.on., Ohlcni-' llltroln.Boz 7S,an(.'inclo a ini; foor ,'amp. or 13 ceit-i THE GREATEST AYER'b I p IT p T) i, \ f^' OUhKK\ y^ ^ECTOK.VL, ^ NQH-- Nope 6, a; ;• 10,-67 7s '"ol/.ol Hand, • r j-4 j» f ANN'M-ATKNT PABCHMf NT LEITER Col'VlNU i-lX lloo.., a K>n, i mppl,. ,, , ,„ ,, nre ,. hor ^^ h I I .-ilr II* P. hrii part of tbe Paci&c- squadron, u-ill . -n C'hin i in view of out unse-ltUi nil,,.:., u,.^ thai', ooantrv. It if known iustrtH-ti,.n> bar,-alreaijv -been forwarded in ,,ui minx- r 10 di-.uiu.d r~r>. aratinn fur tb- wmng> ooinrniued. Thnre I B nn jiroliaMlitv that the M-dn.jrm ' neao fl-».[ will !»- morwised. tioo of Ihe d«ih of LietHennnl Du-r, In Flo- : f . The view., of the Administration ar lo the ! D! rigbtf of uaturahz-d miz-na wuo tuar return ' -v to Europe, and s bowi,, K . bow far U,, v'are em,, i Pl tied 10 ,b,- prul-ri,on nf ll,,. Gove-rnm-ui were yesterday prouiulgat-d bv G--o-ral ID a letter from the State IVpanmrnt t o A V Hofer ol Oiuoinnati The Secretary stat-s thai " this Gove-rnitiein will Dot hiU-rfrre in c^e- i " where individiinU volunuriiy Mum to counl i ihe p-rind ol i States »-,, ,, n>. :«, 1 hui... an,l wayoi. oatchc, Huiun, Two iih e >'. .-.. •-• bbl, liquor, li do i i Kheal, 81 !9p«o, mnarif. ^ I] bblc flour. 66 ba tt mdrie., 6. pk^s d 0 16lB I ^- l»ereb> j;lven tum ail tl . ,, me,-! br J.rr« me i at ttie on w i hin tlnei- > carp !rimll .m thl. fun,i» il(|,,,aiteil -or tlir . ..e, t Lie n, tef Will be {.'iv.-n u| t cla' Ion. I lilvauVee, Mure). 12, IS. sl '•. I'FIST. IK CLKAVhK '•"•7 Ka»l Water ltrr .t. auter.'irne«l circulating • Bunk" al Miiwaukie. i the l-ank Comptroller - ol tin. notice ir .h.l . ption of Raid '-ircul.\- .e said Banting A R»<>- I. IUKIITH., rtL »T 1'irni.o. Jf»« UTII. — P r> ' bli'i 0 .ur. 6 i.isi.i ast,™ . .j .., t C'O. ii-a.-iicuri.-rs lealer. .n » iiMliiifi - i . |de«, A- >->. <• T -l,.!^ • , Wool. *'c •STH,\V-;U. TV,:i! Lial.illilc, IV. MISCU.LA1KUUH 11. The (ireattat amount insured in of fire r ales U the usua l.m.t t.u »hOil I >i» tlO.Ol>ll On Vr^!l-lj IKKI ifl tb • u-ual limit, IncluJ ujr (, 1*. uross .miant of premium^ rec Wmconsm f,,r l|,e r urrto[ », l'S9, »7^6^8. 1^. The markt-t value of t, ,,»ck. The iv,up»iiy ha. no »to<:lhol.:er.. U,, ,cri,, „,„« , „„„,'.. Malu ,| plan b, Its char er , ,,n»t.tute« us cap.-aian.l II.,value of sc. p varit. accor,im k . i, is.ue. 14 Dividend, ' pi^r cent on Ita oui.ttndmn " LV Tl« ch»rtrr . r art of iDcorport,,,,, .,f ,, II) . . s e: t .. JAME- 0 KVAM.v. F, A • FcsTipni vj, r >.. r , ia r j. DISCOVERY OF THE AGE. M R. RBKNKDT, of Roibury, ha. 4U=overe.i ,n , or utir i.omrnon pastor t* wpp«ia a r^mf'ty • i'i V b.t'*\ KIND ( >K Ml 'MOK Tha wor-t Scrofula Jown" ; u a comaiou Pi •: DB. HOOFLAND'S GERMAN BITTERS, ASD OR. HOOFLAtfD'S BAU9AJIIC CORDIAL, The great standard medicines of lAi priumt aye, have acquired their great popularity only through yeart of trial. Unbounded talu/ac- tion is rendered by them in nil ctua; <ind the people have pronounced them worthy Liver Complaint, Dyspepsia, Jaundice, Debility of the Jfervous System, Diseases of the Kidneys, and all diseases arising from a disordered liver or weakness of the itomach and digestive organs, are speedily and permanently cured fjy the GERMAN BITTERS. The Balsamic Cordial Has icyuirtd i reputation surpassing that of my nmilar tm- paration extant. It will rtir', WITEIOCT FAII,, the most severe and long- standing Cough, Cold, or Hoarseness, Bronclxitu, Ta- flaenza, Cronp, Pneomonia, Incipient Conaumption. und has performed tht most astonishing rur-s •VT known of Confirmed Consumption. A f'Ul '{OS'S Ulll jij'l ,lt :rl,'4 • 'I --- t ,'i,l cure tht most inert Dtarrbosa pr»r,,:t tn ./ rfor rirtur.1 ntr '.lio rr--*;.,i..i,i .f rt n'i. KBKN ii .N .'HIT >| ( VB. \It>llTLKV, Kfw»...-r ' L ri. * an? >fh«r r«itif>'t* " Croup, Whooping tough, r'jm COLD IS THE T ' k's< medicines ar* prepared l >t \i-KSON i C.J., .V« 41-t tphm, /'j., ,md are iu l >tj f}r t/i ftu. I r e i of Boi: per n-Ul .,, ' , rnv ' rip ,j Oo mpa . ,,|, n i. The sij/wfur* v/' if outside UTipprr 1- llii*. will i-le » • •= s r^ n. n r M '.. EvERT i// 'ind Ayer's Cathartic Pills NTATt. OK , i ( "*A^TK in o the en~in ^ 18U. ri »t , ;i rf»rl[ Charges a- d take hrr i« -—Ito^ Rockr', Cnitfd COMMERCIAL. GKO OODFKIV. ^«..T -It,,.,,. ., Kl Ug , <o tb.,u,. ,f t,,, u.,.-,.., u , k -. ke , „ becommf u.or, pi.ntj . though rtl! tempi le u. I f) i the TBI tr /v e« d hi, be „ E Binp-.e to repori ^"Leat Wai mort- hctivt- lor mllliiit:, LhiL n hi** however v-1 rati.r-i ,i U i graiui rem*ii< ruir-r-r d prictt Pu.biors are atiil $0,1*? i.t 16 i ^nt <Mg||( varlillu| |[| Olc currency ,. .. combat t phi «»I>P no ftt- it the lirijr K 11. Rice, which • t. ruakt; tlie eflurt. j «X|>e.-lmet.tinp mui the t ew J WuCLD o&ll the tioDfl C L; TVI.K '' h Cow, ubojt 7 je provp firoperty. p : * H. B. K.1RBV, > Stable. NUlr; , r.-r' <• I lOK'K 1 I.Uy r. celr nf bj- L- \VI.xiCO.\SI v -l-CRf.TAEY'.4 ut M A&ISGS, Ma v .11 , 1 Satisfactory .MJ.O,- having been furn'»h«.l -o'me tint trie mutiiAl Insuran.p Company r.f DtiJT«|. beinu an inrur-nce ino>rporate.l bjr Hie State of Aew'Vorn having compiled with ttie requ rrment of ,e-t•„„ .,„, , An *cl ent.tle,) • An net t. re|;ulat- Inruran.-e C-,ral.a me. noi i,,_-.,.p.. r i,.<i by th, Mil P ,,f W,,.-,,n, n" ui. prove I March IT. lsl». .„.,,.,. D( ...„ alj ^ ^ Mate Trea.u-y the sum „[ ihree per cent, on the irr. «. amounl ..l premiums reieiycd In lbe Juie .if M l.con Now, therelnre. in pur.o.nre ',.[ the ,'-'t a f'."?.."{ T 1'nvld H Jonen. .Secretary u' Mai,, u f „, .,.,, „, 1V ',, ' ronsm. do her, by c.itilr that W F. Hu d of Milw.u M, f he b. dill, author i .1 by ,,id C ui|.»r.y, mar t.kf ricks, receive premlumi »nd Iraonact in- b'u-me-. ..r an In.uraiice A KN1 ' for ,a.d Comp-ny In ll „ Stale. from tl.U dale, unti: ihr flr.l day of Janmry ] Kfiij " .hen-,,1. i !,.», |,,. r ,util., .el mi , 1%r ,,l ' and ^IBurd the irr^at seal if u.. t *tnl.- ,i Or.e „„ r .- -i , , »*rriuiu»*l lo cor ranted Vo care *: • intf.i to cor« rnnn ng t),« haJr. -\re warr»nt*d bo cart • eraptloni of -\rranted t , i Is 'u, Ho I i • - u . i, i lif J i ; . I N V I (i OR A i'/;r i \'ri- \> j. V DR o Ir •riu [L the Ca M.j. 1 jeU-Ilm i ol in Maoisun thi J n KlCMiLE?, slant Seer, l.i-'y o' r*tai , ett .. f <j olrn tlj atui b -Tl,. market Io , nour ! "-P „,„ n> ar.u ahna m sue,, a ffi!ujn e ^r-.c, i, opentt.j and c,o.,n f a dn.,tl, .gbo.t. tweuty-lre (, e .rl;., thai; ctn ,.c.« hl . pai.ed. '-o 10 tl.t !. cv> trithoal any a , t u that, ">, chnlce K u ..i Itutler e* 'Tl Ull "tl.r, wh .- l ! , qj.T!;t.y .rkel alei." and (juailly w»rr*nied 1 =• t.t '... k'l pirn of tbc free JUIJV u. U.DYARD, In i. -r a il *V me Dri,ler. 161 K»-l Wat. r . ireel additi .ei, .bu ,ig ., it . r ,, aft . r . lp> can w al rna.ut.Lry ' I T.entv-Dve feet .d.'. mere..,, t). ,„ u,e re, continuet t be some Mu Butter aj« K|ig» have pom ,ho. , moderau also a u.!. . a-. lt , «l,i,W 0 ll«..e Kmi ,,, C1J po,ed of a, i)rict , , u ,. ber«t,,f.,re. h ,,,i ,,. ,,, a lltt , O,. rnut. I, . 6.860 Ib. a, and iiu^j^S lor roiuTOo We.u-j,,r. «hat_ q our exchanjres for iu pbaset of ibt trau, e^e f dem»i,a. acvanced a and n, oue lfc to from lbe •eu t u,e lel.ett. , I ,(,,. | o , , Wil eapacilj one i..urib .,r in .re, »i,,i ,dj n..lhll.^ li t*, 0 inr.oenliti tX|>el>»'-e F«t.« LA» SppIBIOa.—The »te»,er Illlno.. which le/i Oniouayoo on Kndaj, arrived at Detroit uu Mon- dnj i-vcnine w,lh copper f fum th, M mn e»ota, Kver- pr,eD Blur), Pbcouli, Q a | ncr , and other Am-ncan m,n«, Hi u.n, Troo, t,, f Vr e |lin K , ol , , C »r,.d,.n) mn, •-r Londor.. England. Sb, report, thr .cl.oonor Cape Horr, a rr ,,ut,d .Love .),«. ( . k na!,on Sunday mornm,. The p.,p Hers M.,nt c omerj at.d Norlnern L^l,n,av. also arritea—the former bnnginf fW IOL. or. or tUe Wyandot tc Wnrtu So stj I tbe fret Preit T -;' L'uiied Ptite« «-.h,.oner Watchful, Captain I.een lying l, e - e .r,me t me, p,iulii,tr ,L-!i on ber .ummer crui.e l»»t e. enln e , • the .it-tit l.ou.e eupplie. l,,r ,»,,, Kr . e Ont.ri,! .awrencc Sl, e „ ,„ heautifu trim loot. b> nt«l a» a p,n —Buf f C (.) Al I. A N 4 KIUV... |. „• an ennrriy n, . ^V Krer .-I.. Knjfllsh nr, ] Ainer J B W E J i. n^l Bj'lcndid j*f"L RY ! v 4 \ c: o T i •> * • *>r E;i*i iTatfr ( . T .rf Wi9Gon#in titrt.rl*. liKVing laiejt disposed of most of mj former stor*. i Jt <-TCiJe.i myself m searching at U.« C.aatcrn Markets Si y a «cl M>,r,. and ouiet Sale, to-dar w eri .;_ 5(Hl lb, Nanvtto three quarter blood al 2iS.3^, m , , bl hi! , hlooa ^ ^ 2 Ibfi ttiret-quarters blooo ai C7 ToLtoo, 15rj! — W ...<,! Bl Loots., 14TB — i: ASK AISCOI. Mica to ^ ua»-i«hed »,,ld a, S6 _A («.« .ma,, , 011 , old ud, ty and condition. I'ulle* l,, n la rB » to the pre.,n, beinfr l,,g,.er ,„ toefr would purchase at. A manife.t country.- 1 ,*-n,Oo Glob,.. The market |. quiet Arrival,, moderate, buyen are not ovur anxious, mauuturturers are not vt-ri e»irer t buy pricet raujfe lion, Zu&il | or very choice sami'.l . Sandiutky ltt.jister s Wi. "".mpi .. The market i. hardly opened a. yet Competition Prom .e, U, be brisk an,o, 1|f the buyers of Ihl, count/ an,} the pr,,,,,ec, l, Jllkf ,. lr , or .,„„. frovun ^ ^ good (.noes — Wareau A' m Yorker, Ith Wool. not«-,th,.audln s the damaRln e prospect, of the fcuropem, .„, wool ^ y., appear, to b-ar r. very fair price We noticed a fin, ,«,, Bo | a t( , Barlow i Goodyeai tin, wee, ,„, 86, per lb. Prom .pectoeT, we have weii we Judy, tt,M our farmer, a e taking more paint thit ne^on than u !ui l with the.r clip 08 a Mtie extra p»i n! nukes gun, » differ.uce In the ur)ce -' Barry ( Mich } /'tnnecr, !,)« J ' 6- srpreJtfi, }4tk W»'B« Faixijc .» Uu tal..-Th«: Port Clinton fOtuoJ L'emocrat learn. Irnrr Usherm-i, |n thai V:c,nl- «i, w|,o I ,,vc had orca,ion lo nonet the rl.e and fail nf -au,r ,, the l»«. ii lM „ h a. IMI.n,l,y . nc, th, fir.! 01 Apr,,. «T cr .el.. t Ihree Incbe. , week, whirh would mak f the water ja.t two feet than nunng ii-.t .ummer Tbe nsl.ermcc makt lh . uoie froo, the-r P«unJ .take., no. , ,„ , wo ,„. more , lmber aoove th. v ater than they did prerlou. to April tntu 13" The lollowln? venaels passed Detroit en th, 14th: Which have, beer, Imported and minufacture.l since the '»"t pan'r | ),»v, aljo purcha.ed a largt «or« ,,i Lidies' *nd Gentlemen's Watches^ tb icoVetDeriU acknowledged a. th« mo.t iupcnor by EAGLE STEAM FOUNDRy. — AITD— ACH i N i: wo i: i-; s riUTON * MlUonil. Pro,r. r ,..r, •NO. 88 i.^ns, :(ot), tovi uu.i .nu K 8 T W A T K K H T K K K T TlO W >cts bei.-w Uie La Orout BL. R. *A«rXAC!T( ttB 81 BAM ENGINE,, Mll.Lh, CiTr C..M/ra..Li aa's ii/n.-a , nntract nepartni -nt, M.l.auler,June li. IsM) '( i3 V l*S '»' ""i"' lh " C " mmon C "" 5rl1 o' JuneS-h Oo umj i M ooef. ,.f il, t . K.^-l:t . via..', t. bai,. Wa^^,. p'ree'aid etdewal. ., 'ro . .-J i h ^,r t^.v „ l.n. ,,f Walker', a^M.,,- t aL.l'and t , rl ',» r lh , p,«;l; ai^'r 5 ! "•.'.;;:..:•.'" % . n .V;^r Irn r>•• •; *l 7rd°' 7 "' * ' ! " C "' Wtlk ' r '' ''"•'- '.Tl'Tlo, .''•' Tl. W.lker .tr.el .r. 1 , J.walk. l. r rr .,|,,j ,„ ,„. --t.l.l .l.el graj.. ,,,, r , .ue^ain. r-iweeu F.r.t an I 8.1th Avenue-. , er.a,red, »n I the north ...lewalk fp.m r- .1 Aveno- t,, th- we,f line nf W.lkrr'. P,,|;,t al.j,' lt..n W u-.nkrj In accordance with the ejt.m ate of ,;.r Litv t.ngir.eer ..n tile in the C..mplrul n\ otcr. Uwnei. ..r acciit. of ,.ro v ,.ity ,utere s l-d In U,e .bo», "»m'!,,' ml>r0 " ment " *" " e " tlj ' oot'fle.1 lo make the . n HI- In thl. office, w.ihin twent! ..r.edavif t.'ic j.ut , rat; n f ,f th 9 no u-e, r theSlrrel Conitfi'.si er. ,,t the Elifblli Ward will cau..« the ,»nir to i e J an 1 charred lo the r«pecuv, ..,„ accord,n,, t., I... 1' J^^ * L'H.GARDINTER. r,>lle CIRCriT OOCBT, I Milwaukee CouMy, W,«. f i by I Dee . • I ful t, . • . coumr/ .- h ,"- 1 dolt e llevu.' . . are j n r dj.ev • A > pecur- 1 ,, LO It) nv.,:- rrtt-'jl i.>... ,-aJ line. a. ban 1 .r. ta the u. «-, *l,..^ •, '.imi • >I-ni;»t,rw >,.. . ,. -^u.^,, ,„. j , i .,. ! p .vtA^n . »fn« jr. ,-,- -, r-".l 411,1 r- ^ --H.. : I tloi T u. ' ar b»t>- '.-'trn i *j"iu •*,..* f. u.: tj .' Ii . li'l ' ^ s. .od a » H.A'.TIKO j u can o- j t.» 1 y!tem dot^ m- -hff acr'.n- -,r. -r OOGV -: , -: fTeeaiah, and , '"artslfmeat y i •••-. H area .. . * l/Altl ^f t, ,- , ^r'y idapie | - Prepared t~>y Dr J Mi^ laleua against J»<-oli Had. tl. . /, l '.n-ir . \V 1 -. A i Bute of W,«cons.n, tr. Jacob Uaff Y 'OC are hereby summoned and re.iuire.1 lo the cotnfilalDl in th been filed in the office or t of the C< unt »rtion, which hu thli d»y Clerk of iht Oirrun Cour;. Of the C. unty nf Milwaukee. ., .„„ Cll /„, „ "l . au^e" ant to. erve a copy r,f, nar ,„..„„ ,, , h .. „„, ' r ,ber. ,, their office. ,„ ..,., r ,™ - thin twenty d.,. ,rt, r ti,, wrvice n- th . ... TOU n,' f ,,„, MILL ut.AHl NO, uo!t.-k. PFLK I'KIVINO hi ?"'""* tetmer I "' D °"' P ro P e11 "* Nonbern outgomerj-; echooner. ». Robinson, Ethan Al. It AI i. M A 1 MA « •[ K Jts. lu.n,Et.iii PiciFiCiTlo«.-Tlie Buffalo Commercial «a.vt. In remarking upon the recent cor.flici between t h« r great TrunV of^pwd, stretchtng from ">e A Untie Cities of New Tort, PniUfleiph,. and Bal- tlniore, lo the M,.Bl.,ip,,l *, rw , Uiat it t a, replied In an adju-tmem which w c are told, 1. upon a ba,i« w ,lch protect, tb e right, and tnternu of each, and that promi.e, t.o be enduring. There 1, much con K ratula- t'on over tin, revolt, and everybody l,,ok. upon II a. t 'tep In the ri^bt direction. W e are anxlou. to .M long ll can be maintained, bu t., RAILROAD «n.i BTUMHOAT CASTINGS, IRON COLUMNS, every var,«, of Job Work, In th« tot Bu.jdmp,, • beal manner, «n . Me mo«l liberal terma The attention ol Mill-.>vn>rt and owners nf Water. Power, is particular!; ran • to the 'TtJTTLK '.VATKK you, eiciusn-r of tr,. o.j ,„ .„,,,. you fa. loan,.,.- the. »,d .-..M.-ianl . . the pl.inl ff In II,:. at „.., , , Court for ihe re),,- ,j«nan. lei in ih- e ,n- , , Dated M.y 16. !Si9 ' ' „. , , nor,E k PAISF, miy2-.i-la.-fi. l'u,r,u,r. A,,.,r ,ey..M I STATK t,F WlilOON^IN i Milwaukee l«i.nty. f" In Probate In th* matter ol the r..tale o' Henry Bre,. r ,| r rea.-d " 8l ' " ,,n, Kvr r To Ki, . OtiliCl l» ni.-- THE ST JD1ADE3J Horn bj Kings or Emperors. - " "< s '»ry Hrese, . . the County nf Milwaukee , died intestate on or about the Su, day of Mar, 1, ivi' nd praying that Tieodore Ke ' tt.i ,. that one Henry ,, A Ur A A Ur ALT. 'r L L .IliAI'.i A HCAl'TIKI 1. Ht AD A ttt ATllf, L ,,, A|> , - !1AIK II 4|K AXD i^l Meuio.d p-». ^ M,,,,. t, . ..- • • M , .- . -I'l KN'TlfL |N ; i i. '.-me. P A a r: u . DR. '[•If LIVER FILLS. \\-i- •....- . ,.. minlstrator "n the rotate p, be app,,, n ie. al, I deceajed plication be heard be AJ. order for three succewlv Th< iui ertrao: coutalnf an Wen which ft wuh we could t.,,.roughly drive Into tbe beads ol our Wl.con- "in wo ,1 erower,, name],, that It will p,y to take pain, and prepaietbeir product, fur market, and not •ell any more dirt than cm b. aroldea. To .how how VVUcons.n wool .lands ea-t. We lv f the fnllowin extract from a letter Iron, Bostor , June lath, to on of our dealer* "vVt think you will be nal.- in your purcha... If mad at early | M , Be a«r,,,'j pr , ce! . Ir yoo par<;ha3l . we trut 't. your .t-lectUu, Uiat they will prove more favorabl than other lou we have had from your State, which have a l«r ser quantity of l and heavy buck fleecy ths we g( ,i f rom anj , ot her , oct | OD , The remedy lor th, M.OV. complaint I. In |the bands of our grower., and w, hop, „ Wlll ue lpplled- We al.o give tbe following extract from another Bo. ton letter dated the ilth, to one ol our dealer. It «ay, I bave Been «on,e pretty large pile, of money wkich have been brought back from Michigan, which went out to purchase wool. Turtle, are more f nd more in. di.po.ed to operate at all. Money t, tightening up here. Wholesale market. TECKEDAT Kvnmo, June 18. FRElOHTS-flrm, with ,ome «ctlT:ty. Bohr W B Ogden. wheat , 0 o.wego u 6c; flour to Buffalo, via Grand Haven,.20o; wheat to Buffalo 4c. FM)DE-Inaotlve and drooping. Beceipu 811 bbl.- «dpment»33Sbbl. No .ale.. Bpring ciira. «.oo es 6,a —nominal. fire PLOnR—steady at 6 28. fe«c.lpu 100 ubl.. WFEAT—extra qualltle. bet|*r, but No. 1 drooping. Kwtlpti 1,046 bm; ahipnenti i,B8l) bu§. Sale*—1,830 biu Ko. 2 on private I era.; 1,800 btu good Bo. 2 at 1,00; 130 bn. Wo. 1 at 1,12; 360 bo. No. 1 at l,12Jf; 800 bu choke No. 1 at l,lf; lou-bu. «ctr« Ko. 1 at V8; 480 bm do at 1^30; eso bn. do »t 1,80; 1:00 bu. do at 1,81; SSO bn. do to .tore at l$i;*SQ DM e*tra «t l^Sj 600 bn.donbleextr«»-t 1,86; Ml,8Wj BOObtu .f»»M1^8;100 bHiVrblt«wittt.ratl^O,«»bMde ^S?- powerful, durable and ec<- r inveni'icl—not liable to by let or .backwater, and t IRCL'IT OOL'KT, COUDU nf Columbia, John Furlong and Morgan Furlonj-, mtainst atj, Oaroilne C. Vnet, sIn Elver draulic Company, Edward Joy, .—For Rolief Oorn. not served.) t we look upon u a, uned to be a Bh or, lived ,unoerb,o the J'if<l&h A. Noon&n, arrangement, for tbe canal McN&b and Anjier Jackson .labli«be.l rate, » long w.,., and margin for a fair profit. Bui It I lor the railroads to do less money the UM, day May, eighteen bun red anfir y n lne tn the the oflice of the Clerk of the i ,ru.i Court („„'„!, Colnmhia, a, the Olty of ! , tag,, and ' to Tr/e "a copy of your answer u, the -,„) complaint at hi, offlce In , TELEGRAPH. •w Vork IMarkeL VOHI, Juuel6 afore.atd.thc plalnli,,. ,„ t hl , OIBCUIT OODRT, I 'unty. f Milwaukee Oo Cbarle. W. Wlllai |, Plaintiff, William Smith, Henry ee'nruTben, Laclu. E. Walt John BUFFALO MARKET. nor demand and «i '.76 lor e ate from or good to c ,olce extra I wauaee, witnin twenty day. aft or the .-rr| •xtra Mich., In- I elusive of the day ol such extra, I an.wer the complaint within the time Wltne.. the Hon. A nhur McArthur, Judde of il. f tbe Circuit Conn for .aid County of MU, ikee, ' HOOKER * RPANGBNBEBG, I'lal tiff's Attorne ey., Slllwauatee, Wl.con,ln ' °° I td Ham.*,'l, U V eC<>lTlDg "'"Wf °' ">«e eelebra- Uver- H»mi, the best In tbeU Ited State.. Those who JOHN W. LLDYA&D, Oroci r and Wine Dealer, 1CI East Water .treet. received at UONN A QROByfl. It i« Ordered, That said mt at ihe Probate Office, in the Cm of Mllwaak^"on •he 6tfi day of July, i. D . 1859 at iu o'clock a n ' And It ..further Ordered, That ,,,,t,ce of ..Id appll. <lon and bcaririe be |ri<en by publishing a copy ol this .N'ATl Kt - ncno earh week, In said th« Milwaukee News, a new,pip cr pnot^, , city, prior to reld hearinir. Hy lbe Court. J .14-1.«8w ALBKBTJlMtTn, Counly J u ,, f , 1062] s •EiiiFK-s ISAM:. [>cw« STATK OF WISCONSIN, , Circuit Coun, M.lwaukee Ooucly f Johaun Georgkmd, ) _ a P* ln .* 1 Judgment and pale Me- Ohrl't-,ph Joh.nn ^ Be r f chamcs Lien and J.cub Eier. J I N virtue of and pnr-uant to a jadsnuent rendered l n said Coun, n the abore cnuiled .ctlon dile,iih. l.lhiUy of May. 1S69, 1 .h. I c.po.e for .aUand .ell al Pubic Auction, at the Po.t-Offl- ., in th« Ulty of Milwaukee, on Nil I tl r«l u y, i|j c . ' 23^ di. i- of July. 1859, at the hour of i r «., ol that dar pur«uaot toChip-.r l.-aol the llevised Statutes tot tied "Of the L en of Mrchanics.nd oih s r«." the fnllow. Ing described pre-nlst. t , wit "A cerlain buil.lini; .llnale on l..i No. twelve In block No thirty.four, in Walker's Pol.l, ,„ ihe Fifth War I, ot l!,« Olty of Miliauke. Count, of Milwaukee and Stale of Wlscnnxn, and al.o all the rlKht, lltle and mtere.t of u.e defend-in! Jwcob Kier in an-l to sa,d premises on th.- 17'h day of May, 1S59." Date.i 8herlu"« O,1ice, Milwaukee, June In, HM>. HOvttB ^ SnnOE.DKau. I A. J. LA Vid WOR r H Y, Pl'ffn Atl'ys. ( Sh'ff. .M,l. Co., w'lj. i i II, CAS Hi. l-RK-K-KVtJ IN/ALLIIII V CAN ll K I' li' - Hi V K 11 I • I \ I ; I n L V CAN t! r '' K K- k 1 \ c. i, I N I A I I I I' M CAN .it. i Ht -KR . £.11 i ,, (L/ii, "v I'-'TH THK i,ii,.'rt 1 nj 1,1 i ,1 f . M 'Til "!1K BuTll :,l Tu Tlifi itR'ATtxr AGK TII THE '. K >. .1 r K- l A t, t Pi' THK iihKAfh.-T Ai,t' T" r IK (,UMI I-.-I .Mi,. BV fSlMi »-|,,) D > li.uit RK-.1 "^ ' • |Nli "oi^-- ii .111: Kt.--: I'H.NAM,.\T. i OK.N.IM. \ r i LTHK 1 laSANTKD * T H \ x , i • "WTH ASH iK"» Ml A.N.i . ll AU-I Ktfrniil.- . IT AL.-O It KM inc., ( n AL't) KMT .M.:- PRBVENTK ITS PRIVKNTS Il!< PHKVKXTS li> Pi;;. v, STS irs ,,;KY ,,,,.. ii: , v n UK Tu ir- N MC T< ' i r- N A r Tu ITS NAVI- " " " ' Ur r-.'rr.c.-.: \V, .-,.:..Dr. r V crnul ^ ;.. u:-.-. -.-:• ,.i! «• :- ,j: r .- : - TUi F..r ,-,-. .vu::u.-. '-• iij™y- ,- •- f'i.-orv - 'inicii I 1.INU. COVERS THK BALD UtAlJ OiiVKRS THE nil . in ,n CuVKKa THK h >L j.r v it.- n,|, ,-, i , , ht-ir remeilu-s . misery l>v th.. ill Hi NHEKIKF'S SAI.K. STATE OP WISCONSIN, I Circuit Court, Milwaukee Oo. f Jamea Ktnott, against Kphralm Mariner, Thoma. Heed, Reuben A l.a«b iram Farmer, The Globe Bank, Ida Jane Uwn ex' :ulor and Kphraim Mariner, and John J. Orion' ,.i eculor. of the la.t will and teslamenl of All'.ft,, L«wl,, deceased, Martha Lewis, Sarali Lewis, Mary Win".' *-»""•" "*-". Klltabeth U.UI.. Uwl., VV- lllam J Uwl., Ida Jane ,«wl. and oilier unknown heirs of Allbjon Lewi., ileceawd, and Irhabmi 8mlth. ¥N virtue of and pursuant to a judgment rendered It iftih l«« a f t 'J n ,, be '"X"" """ed action, dated Marcl. lotn, ISS8, I shall expose for .ale and sell at Public Auction, al the Po.t-Office, In the Olty of Milwaukee nn K» t •• »*• n» -•_•_« . -^ _ ""»cc, n> UAI i BKtn THK SCvLI' FKuSI i|".t "t?>-'v^^" THK SOALP PRIJM All l'lSk."l-t« THK BUALP KKtiM Al.L III-K"*^' rtOLU 11%. ALf, DKUIti,|iT» " ."01.11 I!V ALII UKllii.UsTS." JOi.u ny ALL EIRI i,iii r rs SIJLI) liV Al L HKl W,|>T^ AND BT U J.'\VOOD 4 L'O. I- • r Me.l . ., r 'S i Li,IN, , - hour of 2 r. «., of lhaf day, the fol- ""^TK de>crlbed Preml.e., to wit: The south half of lot numbered nine (i). In block numbered thlrty-.even (37), In Third »ard, of the City of Milwaukee, County of .V^" r A uk ?L" >d St »' e <" Wl.con.ln " Office, Milwaukee, March 19, 18S9. LANOWORTHY, Sh'ff. Mil. Co., Wl.. iu MAKKKT ST., HT LOOIS HI HAKKKT SI , cT. LOU I.' 114 MARKET si , ST. LOUL*. AMI „'.: u,,, (; ,., v ,, N AMI -|,j i Kii.\|,w.%y' ,s Y \ N Ll J1J IlKllAlyVVAy' \ y AMI 31- HKHAllWtV N Y ' 1 bo a. .tor*llv,- IB ^ u i .,, i, large, muaiuin, i.n.l sciaii, ,he retail, for one i .iUr , r »n> least twtnt) per . . i t ,;.•„„ _,, reUlls lor -wu 4t' e^pi n bottle O. J. WOOD 4 i,.)., l-r,ipr le i,, r , Y Tl',y », lhl i "'*' ' V V " VVlri ' a "-" - '••~»";i."in,nl an<l 114 Market su, .Ht. u>uii Si- Sold by (,'. lUUiJlNOTON und ,.,, ., .. r .,-^.i and Fancy Good. Dealert. ii',irl HAI.K. r> ut \\ ISCONSIN, ,.un. Milwaukee County ( .*l.luey Shepard, I I. do.iar ,,c , l'.-.mer I. Vel., ,n Web-ter . M !,-,„,„, -I-. H U K . f H , a «. „, . ".<« « p . and tedium holds at . the umall. !•• h i-i.^ a quart. , ' »3,00 a • r New ... I ;..k» r .c. M . •nir::-;rr- lirecruu T;ic:r "la^ uuiu i N' v'rtue of mil .ia 'I Court In the ah, : .n. ai the I'o-t-othoe l.-'.l:- V. ' ( "r-vi.c-.i I.-. \v,'H-n u; ^ ' ^:tli rhc P<'puLirir\ '- T -, H r R , in the City t>- Necessary to rils- th. a terest mil co.t», lo^ether '-r S onm,-h he.e,,r u ,„„, muni ..f v, ,| i,,ii, u ,,,, , •lib :he .xpe,,,, j , ' Si OHT AN!) U I-. A !: 1 \ Arcliilrcf, 1. re JUNKAI J BLOCK, LaiL^'SaoiiK., W H Tw A , - f " L0 ' t Pnwm 0. 'E. DiVroaTB, « rminra, Loms 8. MACK ____0-Jom L _ ' ; rbM DORh hi.wrx -i..r,, iur ,«le • an^ 1 ^ - j j.'-... l numb-r sixteen ll«) anir ihi- , n-t .,, j r ' ih U . n i' r S"w nii:> '''" 1 "'-" ck '""?-"»'iffc'', i .ng on ramar^.-k • treet. hetw on KI'M»"',"!,' •iTr-nruin n Si. h s and Mat eu, all in ,|,e OR. P. A. CADWEI.L, Formerly of Toronto, C. W., no* of Chicago, 111 rminenl and .Wilful operator on the . , „ EYE AJ«» F.AR At No. 98 Randolph, corner of Dearborn .treet i. ! , „ ™ r "t« »'?.«'« ""b« "ay ofrestorlnr ' tVunt ,, •• J Dated Sheriff '.omce V Iwwtee, A,r,M ,be waj LOST SJGHT AND estorlnr 10(L!^^ E ^ri r ^, r •»'- mKRRA JAPoNIOa, 80 ton. for wlcTy" rets — o. HARRINGTON, At a cenu. per 100 lh«. UILL.AKD TABLES AL.K OHKAP. win .ell four blind for mnnlhs «n,l tfin'km, >f i." i"^° m h *" red Instantly bv dtlieL' '"^1!* I 1 /' thelr « i K ht The best proof « to how . reqalred for .n uo «l MlEltlFiV** SAI r STATE OF WISCONSIN. , Uircult Court. Milwaukee Oounty. ( Jiuie. S. U.-o,,,, J 03hua Ualhlwa/ .„., r>iu3t A. lanerson Smith and Alfr.,1 Fo.tclojtire. , •iprrcr,:fr' i'.-c--,-., rLF\(!\«, H, : Pir;^-., ; ,., ( fullv eiiiratrai f.,,. V curs, .inj riicv \v • andividcd rime .1 'heir m.inut'.u:rurc. AiJ t :ermined that f) r M Lane's Celt- Drated Vermifuge and Liver P;JJ ; ihaJJ continue to occupy the high position they now hold imong the great remedies of" thr ^.iv.^hev *iil' continue to spare neither rime lor expense in procuring the Besr tnd Purest material, .u;d compound them in the most thorough manner. Address all orders to * PlfifflNU BROS. Pittobargli p a P A Deaiars uid of Clirk'. ' Block number twenty-eh/M (23), o ir. adJiiion. InUwElKhth W.,*d o?Tno city of Jll- Wi.'ro'Si'n C0antjr of Ml '»»n«ee, and Mate of Dated Sherlir, Office, Mi!»au»e«, April l.t, 1»3 ,,. e l*' Bn,. Pittsburgh f r hem a trial, <r, w«l Ihrin , '' of the r ^ii? in,m jiliun vnr^ r hHlr , nr ^ n trie I. /rr-^LH-^ti ^ "« WlHhliHf 'O j;lv. tow«a """ ' f P '"' rwony may!

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