Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois on October 15, 1930 · Page 16
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Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois · Page 16

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 15, 1930
Page 16
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Questioned in Diamond Shooting Cuban President Acclaimed by Troops at Rally · Supreme Court Justices at White House iautU i t invuvti){ittiin( thu shootint; of Jutk T (};i Diamond, New king, U i k n u d thttt th( nee j(' H1 (f 1 * tpr!t chtnC bodyfiuml anrt hiuui wwn ilmn jail ui(fht hours betoic Diamond ·wns truppud in Yoik hoh'l m u t ( , ijnvinK flip wnv for the assays int. Manon h ( l l n » K i l l , who IcH. UinimintlH loom » N w nimitlcs lulrat tin shootmc H wui ittiovu in hotu!»|iinrU)i s dun UK qui'Slionirik' Point, w h t t o t t u y do not ttniik that nho cufinptiwl fo ;it Diaiimntl on 'a(Hit,' think, ( h u t -ho may hnvo i)t*n th» dorartlo Mm hado of i tiba, and hiph offieen* of scmv fttirt admitiistiahon wr* pneits ot 2,oO() privates in thp Cubun in my at * hi (? a Wast hold at. ( a m p Columbia, the hip i uban army post n«ar Havana. ( ubn The -.oldur^ timd^red the l*resideTil and hw aids 1hc bitjikfiist AH a rHumlcfttiitwii ot their loy«Uy to thf goveruiimnl Tlif Pr«tid»»t ti seen Ifcrp wi the LiMltU! Of his hOstH After Laura's Crown Steel Helmets Stage Gigantic Demonstration V A A \if ]unt« ti lt*lJ i Mujnbers vt Ui« tittchcnl court in the IJniUiti SUtts uro sen htrt an they paid thur annual virtil to thu White Hoax* to inform PrpHidtnl Ilouvi*r, that the Supreme Court IE now in susnion find performing th* judicial tiu»i- n?f* of thf nation, thev ar« 1 tjn r Standing) JUHIICBK iulh^rland. BuNnr anl ScHlcd J u K 1 1 1 * P JRcvnoldV Holmes, Thipf l u H f u f Hughes, Envoy to Switzerland and Wile Revolt Leader of dotuhu i Ely Piiinc 3r Aiinutic i In an endeavot lo lieLUi the lO'-i hour ttanseontineiitul flijrlil iciurd for worn u i fhcn, sii ri'tuntlv by Laora Injralh, Mrs Keith Milltr, Bntish uvmtrix took otT from C u i t i w field, li J, lor Indmnapolii, Ind, on htwt k(t of hci trip 10 Pacitic coast Twenty hours fnr thw w a n her (fojJ nnd ·Jlu (b sttn he it in di/sid (ockpil of hor Th* Pu'tidertt of the Rio drandtt do Ku), JJt (uliuxe), bai of tht* Bvu^ihat tionarv mtned ioicti on Sao Paulo Thu presidents of the ^tate has Wn n$ named by the tnmiHte) ni thf mtenor Osvat io Arunhu who is the ih»?f of the i t volt Awioiiir the Aimills 1pt) board the S ? l,tif^\( l t(i, \ \ l i i n m New York Citv thi nthur i l u ^ «n» M « t ' IMfi nnd » i f I'nitud MulcB AIM^O*sBtiot t« h w i l / r l » n l U d ' f'r \ i-." (.all on Praiidcnl HUOM t at ih* White HOHM jfi'J t t m i v M ilipl of ,i ni | Mi, Vht* SVMKA ( H | n U I Ten Tons of Powder in Blast DOX Tries Out New American Motors Near Rerlin ol I.W xiuit \^ar wtro wilnoaisd ut Cabkiu v d(.tfOlly whdi thy '^ttrl lldtntlti" n[ Gotnumy slaKc?tl « pnuult utid dcmtnisLnition w h i h wai altcndpd by thi ihrci 1 nw of the i t-Kmsui, I'tinuB Kittl, AuKti^tf ai»i Otkar V i t w ot th* UMHI !!«((· w l i u h hc«dutl the jiroi Msum pant the box from whit-h tin i r l t t i d f K i u n 7 Selilti vu w t d purado, m«j h« seen ohiiivi. Released for Second Ceremony What a Number on «my test aswiod that there nii't ^tiy doul)L aliout Ihc number U' liuiig iinknky m Mm mmrt ol llonry Bittdn lobovp), tap LHIII of the J'HO fsortliwciloni 1 n i \ c r s i t y inutball tcnm Upon p r i f t t i n p the fotttfre in l')2', h* wus awarded the mmiboi 1 f, that -iftmi jtiii ht line a mutt.)? «n liw hip, the TitU vear he Iroke n l(ir iind now thtn year he is c n n h n i d to l'hi HBO hospital with 'mnllpoj: I3ntnp tcnm Mill tie \M(.( 111(1 t«l ]I«i deinian nninii! onuitiis, supplanted iMth muie pownlul American motor*, the titanL DO^. )tit|? cl l- Itytntr bout in the world, n seen ht'te a^ she suar« aloLL on a lust fitj(ht, sporting her m w motors, near Bctlin, f J p i m mv Ship IH being taiefully (heckfd for proposed tians- Atlantic flight to Ijmlid Matcg, and iminensi 1 citift li expected to ahnttct all exulint; rcuMiit tor the itK In III * Natuie niav bo mitrhticr ttian mini, Imt wlnti inun putt hm mmd down to it, !». can «io ihtnitu in a pt*tlv hie w t ' ^ i Thu tf)in*ini'"w upheaval, which diK)kn'd a great rotK *nl! at Ki'lly Bull, rTM* 1 qutiiry, at Portland, Oregon wan cauwcd by ('n \*w of dvn«niti» skillfully p)awd th*jc f\» the puipon" of reriu'intf (hi». Ki^nl 8|»«t« wall io a hc«p of crwltod »ionc and dn-M Ho* it woiW ·« i'»-iil\ bo ·tft n Noted Caddies in Women's Practice Tourney Canoe Tilting at Georgetown Plenty of Fun Wh*u it was kiwiwd that ici«mony pnrComiwl in New J«is,ey tnu yw»r witd rwf weordod Kriittk and Klla .Ferniskea, ohUmud coiwt oidn r4l^«*tnit thorn Irom Ihfir coils m L«s Annelid, to [wimit them to he remarried, thor*bv makmfi then marital Miilui !e(;al and HIT -men dnrinR wcond teremon^ I 1 rank is -under a oni to fourteen fe f"? Xorgcvy, ivfaile Ella who is ^eivinjf scntonco on p. will bo tetoajed ntxt month. , , ,, . , . , ,, and rnatij « lall into ths -walf-r wns had by sophomores find Ireihmcn of Georgetown nm- ·verity, when they lompetfd in a ranoe tiltins contest, on the Potomai nvcr at Washington, D C tiftf we see one ox the victims getting a fish eye view of the contest alter having been dumped ov«t. won handi down In plav pnot tu Uie start of the 14lh national amateur women'* «ol( ohamiiiiHWhlp tournament, g ·women entrant* staged an impioujmu tourney, with dome of the nuint»rjdi»g male Rolfera it' Here at thu LOT Angeto Country club durlnjr nlav are ). \» r. T.CO Ifeg«l, with and Willie Hunter with Glenna Collett, defendinf champion. "I THOUGH Police Invest! Scuffle Stab NASHVlLLi; ' rtlvntorloUB i-tab Cox. «uhp*na'"J fund* look pi"* '" )rl r ., ... hf« h nipht, poll" Co* prefid Tsli-phon" rtnus eomtllton throat had hem to have tpfr inK pource oc fo ronnty pilnmr Hull. Deniocra'l' Hewitt i polK-e en that » «roii[ of Hull cempiii M wan found twfoie mldntKV Joe? of blood ar hla thi'n ·[ thought h*" R* anld to hav being cmili'l 'r Cox toM p flu no ronnn 1 ! ·it nit on him «i c IBM rni an~« 1 a 1 - f HI* cittipilRn eomnittl" 1 he-it i Cox iintl he \ hotel mom Cox jtl ns a (i»ih*itnf [ lH Irknnon ' mv friend* I* li\lr»B t" 1 rod Hull" tp»ilnnn\ b f u n d ei rod denied ink eh cnntu Citinpatjrn Thuiwlv Inltcrd v l t h Co ll he »»· in » (lie Mtmai Hull (40flO hid «( Hull Nft'ti l( tn thn eount One vti«lon nbout cnnti nnci lion tt The piimilm. iticnl VLU( polko I eni|ioi« ftt si (lon* tn ill* i REBELS C I Instilment To Ga Fn Kto « . n v Oil lit ) i i \ " T k" fnll.ii (n mnpent r ii '111! 1 Sl I t , tlif n|ilt | **^ ill- 1"- ! , ""I'h nt rl ti In the i i n t i thi «. n i l( , , -i (CoprrifU 1930; by Piette* Attentlc Phot«^ THE l!j fulr M »nri tOCAL D ni J ( yi to todt

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