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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 1

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 10, 1923
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CALL TEL. NO." 4400 FOR THE NEWS EWS CALL TEL. NO. 4400 FOR THE NEWS VOL. XXXVIII. HUTCHINSON, KANSAS, TUESDAY, JULY DAYLIGHT BANK ROBBERS MAKE A $3 ,000 HAUL Burrton State Bank Visited at Noon by Three Bandit*. HAD HIGH POWERED CARS Started We*t From Burrton After. Locking Cashier and Assistant in the Vault. HARDING TO SEE CRASHING ICE Naval Gun to Take Some Shots at Taku Glacier, Alaska. IS PART OF THE PROGRAM To Spend a Day in Juneau Then on a Three-Day Voyage to North End of Pacific.. THE LIEUTENANT s BIFFED DOMINIE Knocked the Clergyman Through Door of Boston Church Office. KISSED LIEUTENANTS WIFE Preacher Admits Taking Her for Ride and That He Kissed Her "in the Meadow." , The Burrton State bank was held up and robbed today by armed, masked bandits who scooped up all available currency and silver and escaped In high 'powered motor cars. Tha bandits drove u black Stutz louring car Into town and were said to have a Cadillac touring car parked outfdde ot town This, It la preHimicd was for emergency. The exact amount of the loot was not knuwn but Oscar Johnson, cashier estimated It would be right at *8,fl00. It as Just nt 12:110 and the bank was empty of customers when two masked tmen entered and ay*the -point ot revolvers forced the cashier, Mr. Johnson and Fred Collins, Uis assistant Into the vault. They then grabbed &\[ of the cash in Right and Jumped Into the waittng car In which oue of the armed men sat at tho wheel waiting. Last Seen Four Miles West of Burrton. Wlicjj last seen the two cars were speeding west from Burrton at the tate ot CO or i>D miles an hour. Traveling men who arrived in town shortly after tho robbery said they passed the bandits four mlloM west of Burrton. The robbers had come to Ilurrton, robbed the bank and slipped away be fore a goneral alarm could be given. Coming at the time they did, thoy caught most of tho people at luuch- eon. Tho police and countv-anthorltles of Hutchinson were notified and ivero keeping a sharp lookout for the bandit cars. According to Oriputy Sheriff J. K. CBurgesB the bandits wore iastt seen turning south at Kent, six miles oa»t ot Hutchinson. It |H prr-suuiod they Intended doubling back and going to Wichita. x Bank Robbed In Oklahoma. Miami, Okla., July 10.—Two armed and unmasked men entered the First Stato Uank of llerulce, Okla., 30 miles Bo .itn of hero this morning, lockod Cashier IS. C. Ferguson* and his wife -In a vault and escaped with all the money lu sight. The amount missing lias not been determined. A third member of the bandit gang waited In an automobile while' tho robbery took place. A hastily formed posse Is reported to havo tho - robbers sur rounded near .Alton, Okla. LEVIATHAN IS ON THE OTHER SIDE ATLANTIC (By Tho Associated Press) Aboard U. S. 8. Henderson With President Harding, July 10.—A spec-! tacle of crashing Ice was. planned to thrill President Harding and his party as the Henderson approached Juneau, [•tho capital of Alaska, this morning. Five -Inch shells fired from a navy gun on the Hendorson wore to shatW tho lee walls pushed out. Into Tuku Bay, 35 miles south of Juneau, by the Tnku Glacier, sending glistening masses crashing and tumbling Into tho water. The program ot tho president's tour of the nation's northernmost territory permitted 24 hours In Juneau, arriving at 1(1 o'clock this morning and departing tomorrow morning for Seward on a three-day voyage across the Gulf ot Alaska at the north end of the Pacific ocean. NEAR MEXICAN RECOGNITION New York, July 10.—Wall Street heard rumors today, that differences between American and Mexican members of the arbitration committee had been settled, and that recognition of the Ob' regon government might be announced by the state department at any moment. Rumors Not Supported. New York, July 10.—At the offices of tho Mexican financial agency, it was said that nothing supporting such rumors had been received there, but It wits "hoped they were true.' " A GREAT FALLS BANK FAILED TO OPEN DOORS Boston, July 10.—Outeut. WesVy McLaren Hague, U. S. N., admitted today that ho had engaged In aacuffle with tho Rev. George Lyman Paine yoster- lay In the course of which ho knocked the clergyman through thn glass panel ot a door In tho of fleet) of the Oroater 'Boston Federation of Churches on Deacon Street. He said his anger had been aroused when the clergy man "after admitting that he had kissed tho lieutenant's bride of two months, had Insisted that It was merely a display of fatherly affection. Gave Him a Thrashing. "I believed ho needod a thrashing, and I gave It to htm." soJd Lieut Hague. "I considered the matter had ended right there and wtwit It to end there." The Rev. Mr. Paine, who Is execu tivo secretary of tho church federation, said 4-liat ilaguo had attacked him through a misunderstanding ot occurrences while the lieutenant -was on duty at Ilaltlniore. He offlcated at the marriage of tho lieutenant to Miss Prlaclllu Itedgrave of iBaltlmore while ho wag assistant rector of Christ Bplacopai Church, Cambridge. Shortly before the mai-plnge ho baptized Miss Redgrave and he says that when he kissed her alter the ceremony, Lieut. Hgue did not offer any protest, "Going Through the Rye." While tho lleutennt was away R.«v. .Mr. I'aine took Mrs. HagiiB for an automobile ride to llelmont. He admits that while they wero going through a meadow ho kissed her on the cheek. Tho cleryman asserts that It was merely a paternal and friendly act. Yesterday Lieut. Hague visited tho office of the church federation, Ignored Rev. Mr. 1'atno's outstretched hand and swung at his eh-in. The two grappled ntxl the clergyman crashed through a glass door, .sustaining several cuts about tho head and arms. Tho Rev. '.Mr. Palna Is 'married and the father of two-sons who ure students at "Harvard. 10 Z 1923 LAST EDITION. 4 O'CLOCK NO. 281. SUCH SUSPENSE But. President Says the Prize Fight There Was Not Cause of Its Troubles. And British Officers Are Waiting to Arrest Members of tha Crew. (Hy The A .sBorlateil Pros*)) Cherbourg, France, July '10.—The giant liner L*'Vluthau arrived here today on her first trans-Atlantic voyage as a passenger ship under tho Amer ica'n flag. She landed 800 of her passengers here and continued on to Southampton. Scotland Yard Waiting. (By The A (fcM«iate .l rvefla) Condon, July 10. — Tho expected arrival of the LcvliiUum at Southampton late today .s "attracting Interest far beyond shipping circles. - The great liner's pre-war antecedents, her disputed claim to the world's record tonnage, and Tier cargo of reputed millionaires on the present voyage have all been widely discussed In the newspapei -H, and the reported Impending arrost of a large proportion of her Sew for desertion has also augmented public curiosity. Four^Scotlaml Yard detectives loft London" for Southampton yesterday with about 200 warrants which presumably are to be served on men accused ot douertlng British Ehlps -when attracted by higher wages offered lu the United States. MANY MOTOR ACCIDENTS. of Chicago Has Had a Largo List Them In the Past Few Days. Chicago, July 10—Tho toll of deaths caused by automobiles within the past 48 hours here, today stood at eleven porsons, seven of whom were children, six motor fatalities occurring within six hours yesterday, ot which tour •wore children. Call 69 for our,service car. land-KingBley Motor Co. iRag .UNFILLED STEEL ORDERS. New York, July 10 Unfilled orders of the United States Steel Corporation on June 30, made public today, totalled 6,336,261 tons, a decrease of 596,090 tons under those at the end of May. WEATHER AND ROADS Oreat Falls, Mont., July 10.—George H. Stanton, president of the Stanton Trust and Savings bank ot this city, which failed to open tor business'yes­ terday, made emphatic dental late last night that there was any connection between closing the Institution and the financing of the Dempsey-Glbbons- championship fight at Shelby, July 4. L. Q. Skelton, state superintendent ot banks la here today to 'investigate the bank's affairs. Stanton -was o»e of the prominent Great Falls men who assisted In raising the second $100,000 that was paid Deinpsoy In his guarantee of 5300,000 to meet Gibbous for the title. Conditions Following War, Tho bank's financial status at this time, Mr. Stanton said, was due to the condition prevailing following the world war, together with a lack of confidence on the part of depositors after tho failure of two other banks here. H1B Institution, he assorted, Is solvent, entered Into liquidation voluntarily and decided to close Its doors because of inability to moot .obligations at tho local clearing house. Every depositor will receive his money, lie Bald. The bank had a capital of $250,000 and deposits of 1600,000. THE TURKS SEEM TO HAVE WON HANDS DOWN But Real Peace in the Near East Doesn't Seem on a Solid Foundation. NOTHING SPECTACULAR IN COMING STATEMENT Prime Minister Baldwin of Great Britain Will Have One on Thursday, (r.y Tha Asso -Muted fresO London, July in.-—E.tcept tor satisfaction that the apparently interminable discussions at Lau.sanne at last 'have 'been ended In aome sort of an agreement, there Is little gratification (hero over the outcome. Speaking generally, and allowing for approval of certain details of the settlement, the opinion of the newspapers is that Turkey won a substantial victory and obtained immeasurably 'more . from her nominal conquerors than would have been thought possible a few months ago. "Tho historian will sot dv»wn with amusement the slender resources with which Turkey's representatives have defied and huUled 'the allies," says tho Morning Chronicle; and this typical of several other comments. That Wio settlement is likely to advance the progress ot peace in the near east or lead to an Improvomei.i In the general European situation Is nowhere confidently believed. UQU0E !S FOUND ON SHIPPING BOARD SHIPS A WRITER TELLS OF BOOTLEGGING Chicago Daily News Gives Fact* About Liquor Along Coast. TOOK BOOZE TO CHICAGO Made Trip in Bootlegger's Motor Boat, Then on Liquor Schooner and Into Jersey. (Hy The A .«*oi -lntrd rr.'<p) Chicago, July 10.—Hum running along the south Atlantic seaboard had assumed such tremendous proportions that the Inhabitants of poverty- stricken iittlo island* have become rich almost overnight and the section has become known a 3 "HootleRRunr Paradise." the Chicago Dally News said today In a copyrighted article describing conditions along the Florida roa.-d. In tlm city of Nassau alon", tile article said, official rieariliKs of liquor bound for the fuited Slutea lu- cieased from 37.R21 galUms In lit 17 to t.3t0 ,-l 4:1 galliin .-i in 11122. The- wriior accompanied by a bootb'Kg -r named "Terry" as :;iml,\ told of vlsftnif; the rum Heels, talking with the rum run- tiers helping transport tho lliiuur and of distributing it. In the Lulled Status. How to Get a Drink. Miami, first stop of the inve^'l- gators was deHcribi 'd as "a city where, if you feel the need of a drink and i!on't happen to have your own flask with yon, all you need to do H wait, in the «!i.;ole of a palm tree until a resident eoines ;ilon^. u*k him when; yen ;i;er. and If ho lsn l ill I ell you where to all tile whiskey you at five dollars a DID NULL TRY TO SAVE Believed Aviator Made Effort to Save Brother Officer From Drowning. WHEAT PRICE HAD A SETBACK TODAY Call ; Kln^sle Pittsburg—.Clear, roads good. Emporia—Clear, roads good, Satina—Cleur, roads good. Wichita—Clear, roads good. Coffeyvllle—Clear, roads KOOd, Ottawa—<31ear, roads good. Topeka— <llcar, roads good. Arkansas City —Fair, roads coo*. Kansas City-r-ClBar, roads good. Hi^chluson-^Cloar, roads food. (By The Associated Press) London, July 10.— While thero are! no Indications of ths precise nature! ot tho statement to be made in parliament Thursday by Prime Minister Baldwin concerning tho reparations question, official spokesmen here say there will be nothing spectacular L^ibout the government's declaration. The statement, they say, will aim at setting openly before tho world tho views of Oreat Britain tor the economic and political restoration ot Bur- oi», Tha doors will be left open for full co-operation between Great Britain and Franco. Even should it prove necessary tor the British government to take Its own lino, it. Is ipolntod out that twice already has France taken individual action regarding Germany . without consulting Groat Britain, and that this has not resulted in any breach. HOT IN TOPEKA. Topeki. Kan, July 10.— The wwatW bureau rvported a tan*. pcrature reading hero at 2 p. TO. today of 97, (quilling tho high mark of tho season. Prediction - that thermometer would ga still hlghar waa mad*, Washington, July 10.—A new element of uncertainty In tho ship liquor tangle has been brought to light by tho receipt here ot reports of the appetuuuca of Intoxicants la tho saloou of certain tshipplug board vessels during those portions of their trips He outside the three mile limit. -Shipping board officials apparently do not doubt the truth of thesp roporta but they are uneoruin as to the pollco powers of ship officers to interfere with such liquor drinking by pasBen- gors BO long as no member of any ship's crow Is incolved. In every case reported, it Is «ald, tho passengers not only provided the liquor but did the serving themselves. Bo far as tho officers and crews of shipping board vessels arp themselves concerned, Chairman Farley said «k day that tho order issued last October forbidding them to possess liquor while on duty atlll remains in. force. FIRE IN LONG BEACH. Fire In tha Signal Hill Oil District of California City. Long Beach, (Jalit., July 10.—A loss of approximately J175.000 resulted from a fire started la the Signal Hall Oil district early today by the explosion ot iTSflO gallon tank of gasoline in tfc* plant of the CHimoro ilefilnlDf company. Tha flames wore oonfinad to the Glltnore plant and the adjoining Kogeiw-Bdmrd Drill company. I Are you iaaorodt U not, battar tat tho Ktoksl J*«w »v . Tort Stanley, Ont., July 10.—The fishermen of Port Stanley—more than ! a score of them—were out; on. Tjaicaj 1 ; Brie - again today, gathering their catehea—and scanning the rippling surface tor Ueut,. T. B. Null, mUsing aeronaut, or his body. Organized senrch for T,leut, Null, companion In tho naval balloon .V-Ul '.ns of Lieut. L. J. ltoth, whose body wan found lu tho balloon basket yesterday, has virtually been abandoned. But It waa a fisherman who found tho body of Lieut. Roth, hanging from I ho basket Into the water, and the umnllcr craft are slowly patrollng tho fishing, grounds hopeful of writing the final i llttl chapter to the story that began at Indianapolis July 4, when tha"A-6l>93, with other balloons, started In tho national elimination race. A Heroic Act. Some of those who Btudled fragments ot the water-soaked log of the A-8698, found in the rigging of the gas bag when it was picked up Saturday, pretond to see In the few decipherable entries an heroic eplo of lake and air. Piecing out the log as beat thoy can, these lake men l>elieve thoy can reconstruct, with fair accuracy, the flight, the storm, the wracking of the balloon and the death of the two naval officers. Lieut. Null leaped overboard Into the storm-tossed lake, giving himself as human ballast In an effort to save the life of Lieut. Roth, the pilot, according to tho story thoy aee in tho log. Tossed All Ballast Ovsr. Tracing the flight, they boliovo a storm Thursday night or Friday morning drove the big bag perilously close to the waters ot tho lake. The two lieutenants tossed overboard all ballast. Th'e bag roao, but, caught In the fury ot the storm, was again forced toward the water. — Clothing and everything remaining that could be thrown ovurboard, was removed, but the danger did not lessen. Then Lieut. Null, true to the traditions of the American navy, leaped from the basket and sank from sight, believing that the balloon, relieved of his weight, would rise and giva Roth a fighting chnneo for his life. - Leaped to 8ave Pal, Later, Lieut. Both began hacking, cutting and chopping at the ropos that hold the basket to tho bag. Ills only hope of safety lay in getting tho basket clear from tho bag which, buf- fetod by a wind ot gale proportions, was dragging it through tho water. He succeeded but was probably so weak from his exertions that he waa unable to toko advantage of tho small measure of safety provided by keeping Inside tho basket, and was tossed about until ha drowned. An indelible pencil was used la writing tha log and tho words in most cases are but a purple blur. Tho story of the tragedy, as pieced together hero, is based on the condition in which the bag and basket were found, the weather, the direction of tho wind, and the few decipherable purple scrawls in tie iag. Burled In Cedar Raplda, Cedar Baplds,.. Is,, July 10/—Tha body of Lieut Louis J. Hath, naval balloonist, who lost las life on L&ka Brie, will fca brought to Cedar Raplda Chicago, July 10.—Wheat underwent a sharp setback in price today and for the firBt time this season the September delivery sold as low as $1.00 a bushel. Much of the decline came after announcement of the arrival in Chicago of the first car of new wheat received here from the 1923 crop. MAY BE COOLER IN EASTERN KANSAS SOON K .msiiH City, Mo., July 10.—Tho ti'iiiperfituru holt', which lias bc<*n ox- fibyivo for suvoral '!;iys, may drop a foulght, and thenj is <a chanco for some thundor-.sJiovvors, 1*. Connor, local wtalher foivcasior, sulci today. At 7 tt'clnck this morning, Mr. Connor said, a nln:Ui drawn around Ivsin- xus City, St. Joseph and Omaha would have embraced the hottest section ot tho United. Htatos*. It was 80 hero and at St. Joseph, ;iwl 82 in Omaha. BUND BEGGAR WAS A MAN OF WEALTH Begged in Sioux City and Omclin and is Partner in a Well-Paying Roominghouse, Omaha, Noh. July 10- A blind man, hogging alma from tho hurr>iug Mc on Sioux CUy'si busiest si roots in .•rib.-4 can find a IIOOIUM one Minst'lf, lu: w Kt). Vim can buy w.mi. In Miami nu.irt." ll;i vuti.'t ami Nassau ;iM hut two of t.h" [inns that. \v.>r •. flnodiiiK Urn l?u.t»'rt Start's with liquor, MI:I)O nt it from AimMU-an diBtilb.-nnj. Then Bounht Liquor. "And whr.n w»> wevo r^ndy l.n turn to Chican"." th'i article dfrbir.'d, "wo JiM't l.hi; i'Morida cua:;t. in ;i bnot- h'fci'or'B mnlf>rbi>:tt, moi ;md brxmiod a mm schooner loiub'd with --.'MJO cutu-s of Scotch whiskey, rude ibis i '.hit> 10 tho New .Icrso.-y coast, bought ion cane* from ?ho ntptain, landed it a!o!iK with y.uo* nthi-r, cjiHcti on rii»> J-.T- coast, iruckt'd it to N^'ark, packnd in into tnwiks and shlppt/d 11 • lo Chicago, and .".old it to "Tcrry'y •' J '••i.stomcrH. Nobody interfered with jus or (IIM'HUOIUMI u>i; it wa.i all in tho trio d-aytimo, and a proHi»*roim un- \ day';* work." The nahamnn, povorty-idrirUcn b-'- j fonj prohibit ion ami with m vjoac.-* niaculately dreaded landlord, living lu fuse in a wt'lt-furnirihod a/cw-timuit at nis'ht, is tlw. Htory HH rchitml by Sioux City pollco of Charles 8. Han- nuin, who for years has UHIMI thu ofo- Joct of ]>Uy to klndhoarted residents of that city and Omaha. Olio day ho wiw followed and arrr-s!- eu on a disorderly char^n. The fine, wua $100. Tho polite wcro a.yfoninjicd to MOO -him pull out his walhu and pcol off five twunty dollar Hn wan held, and today InvoHtlKatloti di^iclos'd he la a partner in thn conduct of a well .paying Tootnlughouai?. Aiding hiiri in this venture, It was related, I* a Mr. Hubbard, whom ho clarified a» "roiulttJince inari.'' The monthly rent mouoy, Hujhard nays, is "quite lnr«'t'* and each mouth, Hannum either cornet* j- to Omaha or .recetvey hla Rharo by mail. from miilh all --simrcc. >n dollars. i of li 'HH than half a (f'uiitlnuod on I* a so 9.) GUARD WAS STABBED IN M'ALESTER PRIS0K TWO WERE KILLED. This Was When a B. 4. O. "Train Struck Automobile on a Crossing. Trenton, 111., .luly 10.—Eil-ward Bauer, 16, of (Hsrmantown, 111., waa •Idlled and lila father, Dr. John Bauer, WUB aotioitHly injurofl, whon their au- tomobllo was struck yesterday by a fast train of tho Baltimore and Ohio Railroad. . 1 for our service car. liaglaiui- Motor Co. WEATHER REPORT. Temperature Past 24 Houre, Flrit National Oullding. 4 r. M . . .94 0 l». M ...93 8 A. M 74 8 V. M ...88 S A. M 8T> 10 P. M ...S3 10 A. M !8 13 Midnight.. .. .80 1! Noon 83 2 A. ,M 77 a I'. M U« Maximum, 95. WEATHER FORECAST. He Had Tried to Stop Fighl Among Women and They Turned on Hint. HE SENDS BACK MONEY PAID FOR OIL STOCK Promoter of Company, Under Indictment, Returns the Sum of $23,289. MrAtetor, Okla.. July 10.- (Via i:ud waa Btabliivl with a pair of ! .ii i: ~m a,'i-itl w.;re hr-aten and fur- InSlnre w;i;i rlt.^tn.iy»>,J by wniufn in- of tho Oklalioma state penltmi- j liary "*''»' Hirncil ou guai'da who '. ^i» f i,;ht to end a riuan-fl hi.twci-n s^v- j r;ul of llio ivoiiifft yosti-idiiy, and |i ! 'a-^i!d a KcaL-ral riot In thu «"mieu"ii A REDUCTION IN THE PRICE OF CRUDE Oil (Ooatlnued oa Page ».) Kansas—Partly cloudy tonight and Wednesday, probably scattered thunder Bliowfirs lu east portion; somewhat cooler In northeast portion. LIFE DOESN'T orrChi Miow To *XT A HOir\£ RUN WrtEN THE BAt>E^ ARC FULL." Fort Worth, Ti»x„ July 10.--rV.le- ral UlstrUt Atiorney Zwoltel Tm ^day reneivnd a I23.2K9 check In a lnii..r whloli loiiui'.sted that tbl.s aiuouiu. b^ returned to a coriabuKmuii tl f stm-l; holders who purrha.-iod titoi-k In I'm: OulohltH Simirkovi'r t^lll conuiany. The letter waa standi by .1. It. Yelt, untler Indictment in connection vith reported illeRal oil operailtms aiul \K. O. B. Miller, who at ono time wan ln- torettted in the company. The }2:i,2X9 was rof.olroil In stock flubrfcr [ption3 after a letter had been Bent out under Yett 'B name, according to lutorinntlon received from the district ationiey'a office. The letter from Miller and Yott said that llu latter did nut authorize this Htep being taken and therefore doalruj that the munoy be returned. Porter E. Ulenn, who helped pro- raoto the Oulchllu Smackovnr Oil company, is under federal Indictment for purported Illegal oil actlvltlu. BUDDHIST ABBOT IS TO GO TO ROME SOON rillsliurfrb, P«., July. 10.—A reduction of conta iu 111'.' lii'ico ot tun jirliH -ipjil i^riuina of crude oil was announced at ihi> opening of the inarliot today. The new prices are". New Yuri! transit and Bradford dhltrict. i'i a barrel; NatiotKil transit, Snutiiw,.^. I 'l-'.in -.Aylviiuia, I'lurciia idpidmc and Huciicyn pliieilne, $2.75. Other reductions wore: Cabell, 21 cent ;4 to $1,50; Homerael. 15 cenlH to 51.10; Soinorsot light, 20 eciii-a lo $1.5e; HaKluid, 15 cents to 75 cent*. BETTER BUSINESS. Mew York, July 10. —Salea of principal department stores of the country In May average nine per cent In excess of a year ago. Thi» Japanese Minister Will Study Subject of Roman Catholicism. Toklo, June 21.- •nu.ddlslsts who opposed the exchaugo ot diplomatic representations -between. Japan and the Vatican, thereby roesntly causing th» diet to vote down a pruposal to sond a Japanese minister to tha Paval oourt httVs decided to seud 0119 of thoir abbots to Rome to study th» irhola subject of Jlomau CathoHolmn. Tha abbot will tall In July, probulMj going first to AjnarlCA. CHANGE IS MADE IN NEWS PHONE NUMBER The News telephone number now Is 4-100, Call for that number and ask for tha department wanted. For some time the telephone company has been switching, calls for tha old number "3" onto tha No we switchboard regardles* of the fact that the number Is no looser userfl. A different number has been Hated In the book but this la being die- continued effectlv* today and for quick lervlce CALL. +400, J

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