Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on April 15, 1897 · Page 1
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 1

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 15, 1897
Page 1
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1r - t- \f STEELING, ILLINOIS THURSDAY, APRIL 15. 1897 $1.50 A YEAB. MO. no .IT ,1:4? a. p>. 8*1 p. m. irp...... T2:«, (&rf.)... -^.-™ -_™. ...... ..u. t*:S3 p. m. pMsenger......—. m;!5 p. n. ' ^>4*» ««*«j»fci««-,...«» *7t9p A.d. wiss'*mr"~"~-^~; r <; r ' ...... "[3K» bin." t-...^ •*!«? ft.m, ig«r(leave).. Wi65a,mi o. H, Des MalewPkAswJgex",™' ia'.93 p. rn| ;o. 12, Clinton P8S»«jj$K-.i.ii.— $8:08 p. m. r O, 116, FtOlghti.><i».»..5. i'j^..- i.^ •*8:*5 p. m. O. ftANAHAN, LiW AND PATMTS. [ft AcOna?*! Matte STERLING, DIDSHEWEAEAWM? THE REASON MRS. TRIPP DIDN'f COME TO STERLING, rroiKui--.-..-'-'--" j-->.----- -D.KJ p. iu r, tDfttiy MCfipt 8n»(l»f. Jflanday only "^-,-i.( elC,&tomjay. W» A> MAB8H, AKtnt, £UHLn:aTOH-& QtriKoi ET, HENRY C/ WARD. LAWYER. SUItB S, ACADEMY OP MUSIC BLOCK, .'_.'.._ STBRLINq, ILLS. on MondajB ana ratem eech weak. J. W. ALEXANDER, ' ' . Attorney at Law, Notary Public, and Jaitlce of the Peice, STERLING, • ILLINOIS. «Umi promptly ^Mended to. Before to Mrrt Rational Bank of BtcrUj>«, IUlaoU, Cabinet Torn Down «nd TFI» Snatched Frnm Her Head—Mr. Trlpp Writes Sol Seely aad Explains Things—The Medium to be Here late This Week, 4V ,. ..„.»-.— T .~-— »l'ifr8ighr...i.4! • Ho 7 make* elose ftomKyatSou at Denrook with *-vin« (or all gtmtflmi on Mendota and Clinton KUtti kino 8a«uin» and Dutmqne, So, ED make* OIOM oonttectloiu with mala line tint at QaJfttoorg, Jwtli «ut and west; for Ttty, OmabS, Denver, etc., eto.; also for connecting with train No. 4 at Itook CnmAL EAILWA7 AT DKON, ^OOIHU BOU'f H. - -~^' JARV1S D1NSMOOR, LAWYER. Special Atteallon to Chancery Matters. • • • . v OverBrowo'i DrBjStore.cor.Sd* LocoBt, . ^ XTU . . _PW!<.TDally,taoept Sunday-,,.,-. ,si25 a, m ThK««hP68»^i3alli;....-. 8:37 a.m BIoomlnatpnI?aaa.,tDftUy .except Sunday 4;EO p.m MendotaFfelght.DaUj'.oxceptBunday.n :46a. m oi^UM . GOItfO NOBTH. < ' JjUval Xftoa*i ASaii/1 OA.UCUH *~HAMU Frelgbt, Dally, except Sunday. • Veterliiary Surgeons. \ ' ^^• r _/^_-^.'^__^^ r j^___^_^ .« O. HOOVCRi D. V. 8.. •-OHFICE-:.- •';',. AT MEYERS ft BSHL^MAN'S, DRUG STORE. ' • -Hospital, Cor.ThirdATO.andFUthBU: . • , BarrtewnTeL,.Be8ldenpe,80i Office, 16. :. BesJdenoe. Slitli Are.. Nortb ot aterllnx School. WALTER N. HASKELL, LAW AND PATENT ATTORNEY. (Money to Loan.) ,^;. -— 5TBRUNO, ILL,.Beal Estate and Inaurauoe. .. . Real Estate,' and: FtT-e; Iri" '" ' ' ., . Hone but BellAbl* Oompanlec B«preo«nt«d. IH AOAUJBUrir teCBIO BtOOBt. v ' ' e. - ']"•;•»';•••' -:••::';• ; " _ 0B. C.' Veterinary Surgeon laid Dentist. 'Office and Veterluarluniftt Wright & Go's •- Uvery and-BQiittlinsr in* B . wtltcsWe Harrison Telephone IB .-•• ;•••.';5. j. WICKBNS; •':.'•''•-. REAL ESTAtE DEALER. »ABM LOAXft A BPJBO1AMY. ! Office flyer Rosenthal'i Clothing Store, H.W,CornerFijrtATB.andTnlrflBt. ' '.''' . L, Real Estate, Mrs. J. M, Trlpp, the spiritualistic medium, who was to appear In Sterling last night, was unable to be here on account of troubles in Chicago. The Chicago Evening Dispatch contains the following concerning the matter: "A blonde wig, said to have been taken from the head of Mrs. J. M. Tripp,"of 3007 .Indiana avenue; and which is now In the. possession of F. Arnold, of West Adams pointed to jubilantly by three conspirators •who broke up a "seance" pn West Mad- ison^treet the other night as convincing evidence that there is no such thing as "speerits." "Mrs. Tripp is a "medium" and with her husband, gives materialization "seances," in which the counterfeit presentments of departed friends and relatives appear to view, besides prov- Jng-their-presence-by Blate^writinga and- JavaterioUB-knockingSr^-The:abUity-tir effect a materialization of the supposedly ethereal bodies has made Mrs. Tripp and her husband "high cards" in a wide circle and their matinees have been largely attended and pronounced wonderful. "A deep-laid plot which was sprung .Thursday night, however, has resulted in'some questioning as to the genuineness of Mr. and Mrs. Trlpp's most effective act. ./ ';' "The.plot was figured out by-Mr. Arnold, hls ; slster, Mrs. Dudenhaver, who 'lives' on r >'West Madison street, near Loomis, attorney named Williams. : '-."~ ••;':- •'."', ," 'We invited Mr/and Mrs. Tripp to ; the Dudenhaver home to give a seance' said Mr. Arnold, 'and they were told to Bring all their scenic accessories and ' '.e their,best show. Hams who prosecuted Jennie Moore. When the,dear girl does come,for God's sake do not let any one Into the room, who will make a disturbance'; another shock will almost kill her. * * * * The newspaper articles are simply lies. All they saw .gr heard was the hair that the woman claims to have gotten off Mrs. Trlpp. 'We have since learned that the parties were a very low set. There was one man present who admits he saw nothing out of the way on our part; You will likely see bur side in the papers, Assure all friends It Is a fake gotten up by people not spiritualists. No^ one of our friends give credence to the story. Mrs, Tripp will be at your place In the latter part of the week. KILLED BY THE CARS WILLIE SHULTZ MEETS WITH A HORRIBLE DEATH Strack by the c«ri Near Deer Grove •ad Killed Instantly— Head Ground to a Jelly— Coroner's Jarj- Held Sunday— Details of the Accident. THE PLAY "ALABAMA." Dr. Q. A. MUELLER, Physician and Surgeon. Offlcn—AcsuWmy of Moilo, Boom ». Be«ld«ixo»—308 JTonrth Ave. 'Olfice Boon: »—Ji a. m. f »-* P- BJ. i t— 8 P. r—Herroua and Women'a W. Q. CAROLUS, ft. D. Diwcsei ol the Lirer, Stomnch, Bovdi aid Kidneys treated tac«B»tBlly. Offlw Hwr» i to 4 P. n., and 7. to S P. n, Office and Bwldence, 406 First Areone, STERLING, ILLINOIS. ^ FRANK ANTHONY, fl, D., PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON. '*/'.- OFFICE CQIU Jjit AVB, and FOU8TH ST. > \ fiestdence W, Wider, Ave, B and Fourtl) street, * ' STERLING, ILLINOIS. ~-f > (f' Insurainipe and Rentirig ,JE. :: M; Ebersole; '" Galfc House iJlock.'' ' __ -- spondod, and announqed tfe,the circle in the darkened parlor of ^e Dudenhaver home that they w.qu^td open the performaoce with .an ^verture - of aplrlt rapplngs, and woul<!"oloBe .Hepry IVntteraon Buys It Is A Most Ilean- v drul Work. : ./'After witnessing "Alabama" at Macauley's Theatre, Louisville, Henry Watterson wrote: '"The Wooing of Hiawatha is no more lovely and con- .tains no more true poetry than does the wooing of Mrs. Page by Capt. Davenport in, Augusta Thomas' sweet- toned rpmahce of the'South,' "Ala- bama,'^nori8"the Blbllcal-fitory-of-thr Tetnnrortlib prodigal son more ait'ecHF ing in Its simplicity, more true in its delineations of the strength of "the ties that bind" than is the return of Colonel, Preston's long estranged son to .hlsTfather, broken with grief, and to his old Southern home." ,Mr{ Thomas chose widely in choosing:; &__Southern plantation for the scenee.of his play. /The South ia the most picturesque part of our country. The social order at the South was a hundred times more romantic.plctorial and-lnteresting than any social order at the North either is now, or ever has been, Much also depends" upon climate. It affects character and manners, as well as atmosphere and • foliage. The people in this play soothe and charm you by a certain languor which is full of repose.. The purpose of the author """ *" "\the jBaay, .indolent, drifting Shultz, of peer Grove, aged seven years, was killed by an east bound train on the «Q" road, a short distance west of that place Sunday morning: The unfortunate little fel- 4ow was a brother of Miss Shultz, who has been working at the residence of H. S. Street, of this city. The father, the boy and his younger brother were walking on the track enjoying the pleasant morning. As they approached a culvert, just west of the town, they saw the train coming in their direction. The father-took the younger son in hia arms and stepped from the track, supposing that WHlie would be able to take care of himself. It seems, however, that the boy was dazed or paralyzed with fear, for before the horrified father knew what the situation was, the train struck and kille_d: -thelittle fellow; IN JUDGE WARD'S COURT. Bns!ae«fl Transacted «rh*re Burin* Hanging. Leave orders, at.residcnce, 205 West Fourth St ordracr— — ~- — — •- — r-V.-*-. 1 -^* FRANK; Ri«3LE.v , . ordrgpacardto Groceries, Conf^ctioi?Qry, Cigars and Tobacco^' f PRICES THE LOWEST. ; ' ' J. P. KEEPER, ff JANE REID KEEPER, V PHYSICIANS AND SURGEONS, OPPICfc AND RESIDENCE; 408 Flirt AYenua, : Botb Telephones. . #reRUNq, v^ ILLINOIS. A. C. SMITH, M. D., PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON. -Up Stairs, 8 E«t Third Street, Q?« Perry's Drug Store. ^ lOeaWBtoAtWina. ' greatcabinet scene, in which the form of a departed woman would, fora brief time,- be shown to the view of the f a- voriad mortals there assembled. "We sat through the? rapplngs and slate writings without; ftying to Investigate, but when tbfej cabinet scene came on we were prepared to look into matters.' ,. ' _ ; ;• "Mr. Trlpp'drew tbe'curtaln of the little cabinet apart.and'a figure, topped by a yellow aureole of hair, and clad from head to foot in white gauze,—appeared to view. the more alert and expe ditipaB'epergy of Northern enterprise. The BobfBl; complexities, Individual allenatii|l^and the changes and sor- ^wisely ch'oeiBn^as a back-gcbund setting for the piotnre.": The charactera in. the play are .all true to life—not caricatures; In fapt,-they were nil .taken from people Wh'pni.jSdr. Thomaa met at or.,in the neighb'orhQod-of.Talladega; -Alabama, the plac& where the BceneB'of the play ar^'iftid. The play will be presented ^by^the Clement Bairibridue Company ;at"thB Academy of Mu.elc, Monday evening April 28. WQQDM Etl'j ; Sb ARE_ AT— F-U LTO N. The morning was foggy and the engineer did not see the persons on the track in time to stop the train. The head of the victim was mashed to a jelly and waa unrecognizable. Death was instantaneous. Coroner Baird, of Morrison, was sent for and he left this citi- for Deer (,}rove about 9:30 o'clock. A jury was selected, composed of the following gentlemen: Martin Coleman, Foreman; H. C. Pott, James, Connelly, William McNeil.Thomas Langdon.and E. H. McMannus. The Inquest was held at 2 o'clock Sunday .afternoon, and, after careful investigation, the jury returned the following verdict: "William Shultz came to his death by being run over by a C. B. & Q.train, going east from Deer r (5rove, at about 0 a. m. of this day. His death wes accidental." -•; • - The.dejad.-k^oy, waa'.a.bright.little lad, beloved by^aU—who-knew—blmT—His terrible-death is a sad affliction to his family and u source of deep grief to all of their friends. The accident is a shock to the entire'commnnlty and has .cast a deep gloom over ail. - The heart^ felt sympathy of all is extended to the aorrowing relatives of Willie Sjaltz. WEATHER CROP BULLE.flN. PROBATE COUHT, EsUte of P. F. Sheldon. Claim of Laura M. Sheldon for 83,150.13 allowed. Estate of Edward White. Inventory filed and approved. , Estate of Martin Eyeraon. Will offered and admitted to probate. Estate of John Marehang. Report of oenservator filed and approved. Estate of Henry Brothersqn. Claim ' of John Blean for 82.50 andRobert L.' Burchell for 0138.78 allowed. Estate of Nancy Hatnlln. Inventory, filed and approved, Estate of Margaret SchmitterB, Claim of M. M. Royer for 8256 5fl allowed. Estate of M. P. Fulfs. claim of J. Y. Lehman for 84 allowed. Estate of Martin O'Neil. C^im o£ S. B. Diamobd for 840.50 allowed. Estate of Amanuel Florence. Will offered and admitted to probate. Estate of Thomas K. Facey. Will admitted to probate, letters testamentary thereon issued to Elwln B, Fac,ey.' MAItRIAGB -f ~ --— T —-»j »~SH! JJt^ frAf.\J l'4±.-\ O *l|-7f> -J •— Jl William Pigg, Sterling, and Mildred A. Jackson, Rock Falls, John R. Quick, Kewanee, and-Louie Mary DeFlleger, Annawan. itEAJC, ESTATE TRANSFERS P. H. Llngle to Anne M. Lingle, lot in Sterling, $1. . . Hale Johnson to. P, T. VanHorne» lots In Sterling $1,70(5. H. P. Kepley to Hale Johnson,' lot* •in Sterling, $1,600. T. D. Stevens to Christena Wolber. lot in Como, $60, - *' Mary Faiest to Christena Wolber, lofc In Como, 8105. • Guilford Langford, to Guilford: Langford, Jr., land in Albany, $1,200, • C. L. Camp to J. K. Shatwell, et al, land in Erie, 83,300. -.•••„ Arbella Camp to same, Und in Erie/ $3,050. .............. -Agnes Champion to George E. Hari- ing, lot in Sterling $350. •. , .^ J. M. KIdd to E. 0,'Kldd, lot In Morrison,. 8400. • , ••-..• Adelia Fisk to James B. Gait, lotto Ifext to. Bfter.^.Carter's, E.'Thlrd St. 0* t • -»•• ,•••'".•'{' ! , \OCALand;; A » INSTRUMENTAL K For Terms, enquire at Aldrich'8 Music • ; Store, West Third Street, : Best of ^mi is "Attorney Williams noticed that the lower part of the'-gauze had been caught up, Bhowlng;a black skirt lining beneath. He leaped to the cabinet and tore it down. At the same Mrs. Du. denhaven snatched the wig from the alleged spirit' showing the real hair of. Mrs. Trlpp. * • : Mr. Tripp, wh'ile calling on Mrs. p»ui deuhaver for protection, became excltr e'd and threatened to shoot Attorney WJllIains, The flcreams of the "spirit" added to the confusion, and the mem bers of ;the circle who were not 'next 1 were thrown into a panic. "Finally a Mr. Whiteley turned on •the gas, and there in the ruins of the pablnet sat Mrs. Trlpp ^on a pile of gauzy garments which she had not had time $6; conceal and which ^probably fofnied her theatrical wardrobe for effecting lightning changes., I "The meeting broke up without a formal adjournment, and, in spite of the protest of Mr. and Mrs. Tripp that they were the victims of a foul conspiracy, th,e blonde wjg was retained by those ••who had planned and executed theafctposure," Directors Tbo'i Island liptjh Co '' ; - Instruction oa Violin, Cornet, Piano, Mando- or any Wiad or Stringed Instrument " A KORN, ; :- : Musical Coiiducipr Keystaue Reg. Baud and Sterling Concert Orcb. Hardin'a Muaic Store. OF 'There wast*'! town Wediiefij 'tne M. W.A1 aj Office today,;.jAp.iflW.timer,an 'impor> tant matter 'was' b^g.,;^i8cusaed, thfe flUli, balmy.airpfqu^ pretty flttlei ,e\iti- urb was broken b$ jibe JFbud clamor'-pf the fire bell. The Woodmen aese^bled looked at each-other jn-terror. ? ; . "Rock Island M^-.tsoine up 'again/' said oneof^h'etn'., • •'••'.'ffi-';. ' '• :..: ;• "Sure thing,'" said anotlfe/, uu'dgra.b- bing up their'personal effects and ,the Woodmen records, everybody made a dash fpr the back door, -and "ekun" OUt. ••- ' - . '.'-);> ! -'. ; " ••" •••••-/'. ' . -_ Arriving out doors, it was found that the kitchen of He&d Officer Hawes was on fire and thafr pie gallanfrnW laddiea were .fighting. ; Jt"for'aUItbey were" worth, The. flr0y,.w>s ^oon put out, without much a^iaiage to the kitchen, and the frlghteoed. W.oodmen. went back to their duties; Condition of Thlnffs for the Week End- Jngr April is. A ;;--j Tho past .week was cool,' wet .'.and ploudy, the temperature of the,;^tate averaging from.2 0 ^to 5? below the no>^ mttl, and. rainfall running;froia a of an iaob:4» rh'ei __ the State 'exceedln^'tn"«i >Bormal' : .: fall.'v- Sharp, .frosts r ac'cnrr'ed 'on- tfa^i n^ornfny'pfrtae.jfltli'^rftb-, jih'abn'S to fo ar' DOES NOT AFFECT OUR MILL. MB. EXPLAINS THte F. eOCHRAN, •Dentlnta. W, PECKWIT«» OFFICE, THE NewCig^andNewsStand In Q^It Mquse BJock has In stock the finest line of Havana and Domestic Cigars in the city. Also «**«U line of TOBACCO, «n4 solicit goma ol your NEWS AMD P8RIOPICAL ooast out m efae kv& ^ptsMgd. He Tails Mr, Seeley Tliat the Dispatch •'Put Vlf * Job" ou. 'Km. : The following are extracts- made from letters addressed by J, M. Tripp to S, M, Seeiey, ot this city, the first being written before the above took place: . Chicago, April 4-,* * * * An attorney nuraed Williams ig a frequent attendant at our seances, Mrs, Tripp suspects him of coming there to make trouble *•***. April 13- * * *• * The Diepatch crowd tried to get up a sensation they put up a job, and a paor one at tUst. One WQiottn n^duosd a buuch of h»ir that would have disgraced a uepo doll. Hoae of our M%&&$ mtq nffeeteti, to Manager W»»l»bu.n S«yg the t^apcr Mill WIU Kim a, vaual. "The unfavorable report made by Receiver George P. Jones, of the Columbian Straw Paper Trust, will cut no figui'8 with the operation of the mill at this place," said Manager Washburn thia morning^ ..whilQ talking, with a STANDARD reporter. ' '-Our lease runs for a considerable time yet, and until it expii es the mill will be operated as it has been since we leased it from the receiver." The speaker then explained that the cause of the shortage in receipts waa occasioned by the inability of the receiver to place all the thirty- five mills, which composed the trust, in operation, and the necessity ot keeping up repairs and iagurance with money received from tnosr'th&t beeiu leaded. "You <?a» s&y." f »* sseioe time is. mma s» it &&» 4^ and^pggy.^:iOatfi . -^.. .... .. .Wg-inab been pre- je.nted >exc.epfrvfti 'ea^ -$nd northeast " /l " w+< "- *wnf*e -,bpe;third'to. bne-haft ^;'^Gardening, potato 'and • plowing hav.e also been ... The poor condition of winter wheat i- rye and, IB still further confirmed—mu5h damaged, wheat Beri- ousjy. Grasses are starting well, but have made slow growth the past week owing to lack of sunshine; forest trees are leafing;and fruit blooming in the southern section.' - '- .-" Nottl)era Section. >•• ,In the northern aeetion the week was cooi and cloudy, with little precipitation—one to four inches of snow—and the temperature .averaged 2° to 3° below normal. The soil hae dned out slowly and work ia still delayed; a few gardens have been made, about one- third of the oats sown and some plow log done, mostly on high or well tiled land, Later reports on wheat, rye and clover confirm those of last week, generally .poor, much winter killed. Grass is growing slowly; vegetation generally backward; foreat trees are budding, fruit trees showing aijght aigna of life. " , _^ . . Elgin: J. W. Hippie.-Very little plowing done; no seedling; QQ gardene made or planted as yet, nights oool «nd the ground frozen moet every morning. Fenton: Thomaa McLaughlin,—Cool weather, spring backward; farmers have begun sowing oata; ground wet and heavy plowing; winter weat is almost a total failure. S24.QO Chicago to New York and return. Lees than via. other roada. Limited $8 hour train via, tha Hickel Plate Tickets on ssle Apll H3rd to William Farrell to George Butzer, land in Portland, 850. ; J. M. Bent to Emma J. Childs, flota in Unionville, 8930. .Minnie L, Newton to George W, . Burch, lots in Gait, 81,850. x Thomas Bobinsqn, Sr. to William E, Morrison, lots in Rock Falls, 825. -y Lura E. Bishop to E. G. Stevenson* lot in Rock Falls, $1. . ;;,;Michael Callahan to Elizabeth Iteefe, • itod in Hahnajpan t j i Montague to Joseph Montague, land in Fenton, 8800. ' ;'F, D, Ramsay to Dora Peter, lots ia -pulton, $4,482. ,V County of Whlteaide to H, A. Stur~ tevant, land in Fent6nj c $13i. 'George Berge to Mary E. Sootch- brook, lot in Tampico, 850. Sarah Albertson to Jacob Swartley, land in Sterling, $1,179. PLEASANT -SMILE. ot Eveu Jle Secured at Some of the ' . . targe Blcyclu Factories. A Sterling bicycle dealer.whp recently returned from a visit to Chicago h-id occaaion. while tbere to vieic thu bicyole factories. -"Why, they don't give you a pleasant smile^t the large coucerns,' said he. "Thfy are nil four weeks behind their orders t*ud the trade has only started for the geaepu. Despite the fact that new factories have sprung up everywhere, demand is even greater," tions of rich colors blendid with true artistic taste. ' The sociable was ended at a late* hour. It waa BO highly successful that a second will be givm aomeUme ^ in the near future. - • QUEER STEERS Pair Out K* 0< , A8»»tt»t, 88 Hours for ....^i. ~& &r,'^..vj,] A pair of three-y0ar-o!d Jersey steers were shod in a Blponiingtpn black- smitii ehop aod the wofk attracted a big crowd. The animals are very tame and gentle and are on their 'way to Sells Bros' circus, in wbieh they race against a team of horses. cau out run

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