Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on February 24, 1959 · Page 3
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 3

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 24, 1959
Page 3
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\ Statements Fly in RiDS Nation's Capitol (Continued from Pafcft 1) surety of the O.D.R. by land, sea or air." Oo*e Gnml Will Macmlllan journeyed into the snow-covered Rmsian countryside today to pay a visit lo "Atom City" at Dubna, some 50 miles WASHINGTON (tit 4 !)—Sen. Hn- In kindness and in a. reasonable _ . ........ b'ert H. Humphrey (D-Minn.) itaid manner." west of Moscow. It was a trip of today White House Press Secre- Both Humphrey nnd Symington'strange contrasts, difrlng which tary .Tames Hagerty "ought to be are considered candidates for the the prime minister's party got a ashamed of himself tor accusing i 960 Democratic presidential nom-jlook at aspects of Soviet life fome Democrats of headline-hunt-'(nation ranging from peasants in norse- Ing In the illhcsa of John Poster Dulles continued Lo receive the.drawn carts to the world's biggest Dulles. , daily radiation therapy started j atom-smasher. ' . a Hagerty reacted to statements last ' Friday. The State Depart- 1 Earlier indications had been - hush^fiv agery reace o sas last Friay. e ae epar- by Humphrey and other Demo-| mcllt saic) Monday there have^hat the Macmillan - crats urging ' President Eisenhow-l been .. no siRng of adverse reac-j talks had revived the short-lived er \n appoint a successor to Dul- Uon at this stnge to radiation i "Geneva spirit" that was gener- les immediately by telling news- treatment" and said there has nled by the Big Four •summit men; "U is remarkable what peo-| becn - a -gradual increase in the ; conference" in that Swiss city in pie will say to get their names tirne interval and nrea of abclnm-, l flr ' 5 - inal exposure' 1 In the radiation. Moby Place in the newspapers." ; Humphrey said Hagerty "knows belter than that." "The decision as to the secretary of state is distinctly in the hands of the President as I (initially) snid," Humphrey .declared. "No one could wish Dulles a more speedy recovery." Sen. Stuart Symington (D-Mo.t wag the other top Democrat call- - ln e iop. u n-..\u.* .i^..»..i.r , „„„,.„„» „ ^••.-..A ing for the naming of a successor chapter will meet in the Top O'ipossibly con d to prevent a hnd to DUHM. Humphrey said he wa S ' Tc ,.U Masonic Hall, starling world war," Khrushchev rcpl-cd. ask-sd a question about what Sy- : Thursday. Tho Chapter can now Both the official party n c «»Pa- minglon had slaled and "I reolied hold vvnPU ly meetings. j P*<' Pravda and the B"^""" 6 " 1 - The Top O' Texas Scottish Kite! newspaper I.vestia printed the Association met with the DeMolay text of apeechw made by Khn«h. Chapter Monday night and voted chcv and Macmlllan at the din- to meet on the first Tuesday of i ncr , Statements made ,'by the two ! men Monday night oozed good I will. | "Our interest is peace." Maci millan told Khrushchev at a din- iner at the British Embassy Mon> I day night, "In spite of all the dif jficulties and obstacles, let us com bine for peace.' 1 "It would be a disaster to all The Top. O' Texas DeMolay mankind If we did not <o al we 'd Ivy fighls For to Of Krebioien tty noBKRt aRAM 1 tilted Press International Since the telephone was in* Iroofuced, there have been ar» gumcnls over who invented it. Friends of Elisha Gray, who began his experiments in 1807, maintained that he had made a working model several weeks before Alexander Graham Bell did. Gray applied for a patent a few days too late. Bell was granted a patent on March 10, 1876. Gray and his supporters unsuccessfully attacked the patent in an infringement suit 'before the Supreme Court. © KncyclopcOla Drltannlca "•'. ANSWER ,_ From Pago n that forecasts of Moscow-Peipins; each friction were "wishful thinking.":point and serve He said it was unlikely that either!advisory board. Russia or Red China would allow j E. E. McDowell differences lo outweigh the prao new chapter dad. I and eeo-Hoh to r.a present at. meantime, he said, tha "hopeless" cancer cases are all but condemned to death. "I am doing this not lo be an heroic political!, because I actually may lose popularity in some quarters," Douglas said, "but because I see nothing to -be lost by a fair test , . « and everything lo be gained." Delver Rites Set Thursday Slit TttB.PAMPA ¥eaf TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 24, 1 Britain Retains Military Bases On Free Cyprus CHICAGO (UPJV-Dr. Andrew C. Ivy launched a fund raising campaign Monday night on behalf of the controversial cancer drug krebio/.en at a dinner attended by movie actress Gloria Swnnson and; o ^^ Lpfors w|U he he , d Rl _ g ^ ^ Sen. Paul Douglas (D-T11.). . ; 2 p.m. Thursday in Lefors First-! B H lish ba !, PS , and Britain also The tlnwersity of Illinois physi- BaUst c , ll]n , n wim Rev Luther; __ k , th e rjght to ins1 . al) a ologist also warned that f the!_ ""' <- 6 Interment services for George O. Delver. Infers, will be held at! LONDON (UPI) — Publication of the Cyprus agreement reveals thai. Britain will retain extensive military facilities on the island after it becomes independent, in addition to its two existing bases, Two more areas will be held National Cancer Institute does not ; Berry officiating. 'number of radar stations on i Mr. Delver, born March 16, 1898; ,,.„,„.(„ east Mediterranean is- act to give the drug a "fair test," L Cov4nRton ; K y., died at 12:45J. a "* te *' C M " 1 supporters of kreblozen will seck jT d morning in Highland Gen-j ' , h legislation to force a test. < } Hn Ua , foUowtng an uiness Two other nation s w. 11_have the Ivy told guests at the testimonial ] Qf snvera , wee ks. j right lo slatlon lro °P s on OP' 113 dinner in his honor that a "tax-} _..j c , )ad been employed as a .-Greece "' ith 95 ° men and Tljr " exempt form of organization" will | nurnpcr for the past 20 years by| k fy w ' Un 6o ° .,7 be organized to raise at ear , be organized to rase at o.« $350,000 to finance production of ! p ro(U £ lioni and Sinclair Refining ; arm y- 60 P cr ce , ntFrGr f ek . in ong;in mnro i „. and 40 per cent Turkish. more, krcbiozen. iCo. "At the present rate of usage,! ° Survivors lnch|de his w , t e> Although all three ,of the natiom Mainly About People •rndlcates Paid Advertising Tommy K. Turpen, enginemnn, r nomic of m^n Senate Republican and follows the prescribed ritual ; a Leader Everett M. Dirksen the Senate that propaganda, plot ment of low I IM I I I I I > "•• • '« I |"-"t » |H| ... -. . will ap-i A spokesman for the British third class, USN, took part in an " DeMolay; said the talks between the two; an (j. su bmarine warfare exercise i heads of state were going "veryii as t week off the coast of Southern named the! well." '[California. He is the son of Mr. •ill be his! It also was announced they willj an( | Mrs. Frank Turpen, 925 Bru- meeting! not concern themselves with cul- now. .ie sces'tural matters affecting Britain _,__ o) j s |>,,tf Vi painpii, ntlencled runs smoothly land Russia but will save these fori a j^ynes. Inc. company conference ....... „. „„„„,.,. sxlrV ivors mciune nis w i i e,, . . . " . . , , , „ „, all the krcbiozen now available! Grace . one son , Bob C. of Kd-! wnlch arp to^mamlain troops on will be used up next summer,"i mo ' nf ,/ okla ..' f 0ln - daughters, Mar-, c VP r " "" u ' Ivy said, "and those patients now' ,,,_., a M>phj]lips of Pampa. Mrs. ! lanU • dependent on it will be left w|lh-: Bin|c Hlnt!5 of San Die g O , Calif.,j hish °P ^sKarios - a probable out it." i Ml . ' r,i P nnn rmwhmn of Bakern.i nr « preaidcnt of the island state Glenna Coughror, of Bakers ra. , - jfield. Cnlif.. Miss Marilyn K a y - « a 5'« " will not join the Western Convinced Of Value meld, (."am., MISS Aiaruyn tvayj •>- •• He said studies of about l.f>00| De]ver of Amarillo: one brother,!alliance, arsons treated with the drug 1 ", * ,-,-, -, r ?—i rv,i_ .1 In an have convinced him that krobiozen "is of value in the treatment of some cancer patients." FLU WARNING-tJ.S. Surgc6n General Leroy E. Burney wafi»» ihat it is "probable" that outbreaks of Influenza sweeping Europe »nay strike the Un-ited States, He recommends that physicians give flu vaccinationJ , to aged, chronically ill, preg* nant women, hospital staffs and working groups where absen* teeism would cause disruption. persons treated with the drugi w j Delver of Loveland, Colo.;! In an interview, Makarios. who WHAT'S IN A NAME CHICAGO (UPlt — The lota jl *" "" I..I..-I ••*.••, ...«.. u ..«w 'jCheer Club is celebrating Its [studied a.t Boston University in eighth year remembering the for,.1946-IT, credited U.S. pressure be-| gollen ' in hospitals and InstitU- -. .- — i tions. but it doesn't have to wor- With further research and de- Carmichop] Funeral Home w i t hi a K 1 ' ecrnf?nt hammered out this r y about remembering what its velopment. Ivy said, the drug| Henl ,y vVetsel. Robert Howard, j month by Britain, Greece and na me stands for. "may turn out to be more effec- 'clarence Butnim. W. J. Braley, j Turkey. and six grandchildren. , Burial will be In Fall-view Ceme. '946-17, credited U.S. pressure terv under direction of Duenkel- hin(J ih e scenes for the that the procedure runs pnroouuy ; emu jvu^-"ri uui. • -•« - — :a j^ynes. im . i.uuipa.uj HJMI^J ...••.i- Senate Republican ami follows the prescribed ritual; a sub-group. in Houston this month. Pt . \T Dir^ksen told^P'-or'nmuTs i Macmillan and Khrushchev ,,, llr „„, ,,»„„ al the Rlue Uon- •h7t there mav be a ! All DeMolay members are urg-; Monday indicated their willingness; nctl tnnigh t. Try our food.* nlot in RuW's shin- o,l to att-nd the Thursday meeting; to discuss trade and cultural rela-j „.„„,.„ rorh nin will lead n ills- -.nricpd microscopes iso that they may become famil- tions white admitting that difficul- | cl , ssion on lhc "Cyprus Question' P "' " ' " ';. " * * !„,! tine cHIl rnmain**H nn hnth IPR'JOS. «* »-. ,* n t; v*» ^f Hi*t /Mii-rnjit 1 PV'oriiS JHCIJL ^'i IV*»T-|/I. *«j^»j ....-.-•. --.-,-- ,, projectors and electronic demon-jiar with the new lo.lge^ strating equipment to this coiin-| — try. He said it "would be easy '"'iM-..., £,l*A Ctf»AII$ deed to use equipment intended ijj^gff \ftf% jivUI for schools and colleges and part' of a plan to convince people here ** • at home that Russian equipment is better, her teaching methods tics still remained on both issuos. Another indication the are superior, and that she has so The Development Committee of ( been much apparatus of this type as to' a proposed 10-Countv Panhandle, ^ be supplying this country out of Girl Scout Council will meet at " Meeting Postponed surplus."' i p.m. Friday in the Panhandle Ut-1 A mpetinff of the District House. Six members of the lypnis Question at a meeting of the current events - lalks iclass tonight in Ixn'ett Memorial were going well was Macmillan'fl|j^,^.,.. u .y 'fhe°s. sponsored by decision to cancel an elk hunl pr.o-j (i le Pampa Adult Kducation Group, iposed for Wednesday and to ho!d| will mcel at 7.30 p.m. i further talks instead. Observers j ;\||,< s ,| an Martin, si.v-.vear-o I ri said thin indicated c o m m o n t i all ghter of Mr. and Mrs. Tommy ground for additional talks hid l ^i ar ^ ni former Pampa residents now living in Monhans, is a houseguest in the home of her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. C 1 y d e the cilv, and i iiinv >viii. vn.t .«..' .j< ii""^ • l.,iarnnCr jTiulimil. w . .J. j:3(*inr_v,| j five and provide a. key to finding policy Outline, Claud Nichols,! | the cure of all cancer?!." I Fred Brown and Monroe Voucher i A » Q ••• j "Who is to be responsible if we :scrvinK as paU-hearers. ^AlSS I OG I O I cannot continue with at least the; -- —- ;«TI«»»** • *^«^ • *v present extent of krebioxon's; A naf/x Virl'Snil'c Uise?" Ivy asked. "Cerlainly not I. MUIU flLlllll J ! "What sort, of pcr-son would ' |*». |be if I did not fight to keep tilis KllPC i experimental work goin? on." : llliv«> experimental work goine Miss Swanson. one of the spnn Speak Here Mrs. Malva Andre, founder of the club, says the name lolft "doesn't stand for anything." It's just a pretty name we thought of," she said. A public relations meeting of POLICF, SUSPECT KOOSTER5 KAISERSLAUTERN, Germany ,(UPT) Thieves who raided a. near here left five f AllRS J^WB.nPOn. fine f ?l LIU' t>(» ni- r uui.-1 «i i or.:) v n,^£^ j'j. "«»'.«»•, tuy vii fi v-jv.ji.jvi L.T VV».»UIIL V Y w IML \r\ . . Ifiors of the dinner, said in a brief !i Bill i Hutchinson, in, killed in an; the. Texas State Teachers Associa- ^uf rk pn" Sth p° v - to i e 'talk that she also is "a. fighter."; auto accident at 3:25 p.m. on Feb.'.tion has been switched to the " . . • iShe snifl. "We of the public must 1 22 In Arkansas City, Kan., will be Robert E. Lee Junior High Audi- e ° aj 'stand behind our officials and give held at 4 p.m. Wednesday in High- 1 torium. The citizens of Pampa are them the courage to fight for land Baptist. Church with Rev. M.; invited to hear Miss Helen P o e, •things that arc right like krebio- B. Smith officiating. !a noted speaker and world travel- 1 Mr. Hutchinson was born Nov. :e r. ScnatP "Personal Fight" J5. 1039 in Arkansas City and mar-i The meeting and reception will j comeback. reported today. DBRBV FOK LADIES CHICAGO (UPIi — The derby is making a d o u b I e-barreled POLICE Committee has been until March :',. up oi Texas fJirl Scout Council .end, ncciii'dirnc t» Mrs. N. (ContlmiiMl From rage 1) ward Amarillo. The Ducket., pur-! The .lel^'aii.m Js zled by the whole turn of ,nvnt*. ; M. U Tuy|..r Al..«. ' r0 ' 'V.; ,^; put the problem in police hand.. .Mrs. Jul.n I ol Jr. I. JI. "• It Is believed whoever Mole tl'.e'and R. M. Hohrman, nil of lam- cars is headed west on Highway pa. and Bill Talbcrt of Miami. 66. The car he now drives or) Bruno Ix-ewen of Borjter «, have rcs ,-,Uert in a delay was driving at last report •- is a chairman of the Development _____ _ __ 1950 black'Mercury with 1959 \Vis-•:Committee. Mrs. Ncslage is sec ' consin plates, K74-550. 'retary. Bov ." i >Vl ..P^'lin nccordmcr lo . I!ob Curry, chairman of the Santa Ke Dish iit. The nifcv-iiiiK was CM I led to re- vio\v th« pencil work un the lOftfl- 1960 Council Program. Hnwevcr, some c.onflicis of interest, involving tonight's basketball game carrying his ried on Dec. 11. 1957 to Marilyn take place at 7:30 p.m. Thursday. '"personal fight" for krehiozcn to Sue Whitener. He had resided in'according to Wendell Altmiller, a Douglas of Bernard L. Salesky. president of a hat firm, said Monday his com- Head The Ncnvs Classified Ado. She plans a two-months' vis- .Jan rftiiniPd homf with ?\1r. and Mi.-i. Martin on .Sunday, al'U-r 111-,- VlLUl U~.lllMl OV>.-r Hir- Wl^rk- f-iui with ttu-ir sou and ilaiii-'.iiter- in-law. Kev. Williiim K. Wc-st will he the guest speaker for the Public Affairs Banquet to be given by Business and Professional Women's Club tonight at 7:30 p.m. in the City Club Room. Kead The News Classified Ada, Ihe Senate last August when' he p'.impa'"for the past two y e a r s.' PHS teacher. ' ' | pany is developing a "he-she" der- proposed the time; n<> tilled ?H- where he was employed by his fa-! Resides touring Europe and Rus- by for ihe ladies. tMitifii :illv. Th» ."rr,:iti>r ur-',fd Ilia! • !hcr-in-l.-iw, Ifprltert Whitoner, in'^ia. Miss Poe h:.i« sludied In New '.'00 "pi^••urmhly!>•';••."' ran,- f>r the Wl»i«ner Milling Co., 625 S. Yotk City and Dallas. ,->)-«<- be li^.i i)i Use !•;-:! wllh ; \V^st. ''•'"• "••• ' '''i ' '"'' ii"i"ir~ T~'T~ lOu to )„• tivai,-,! v/ifn l,r^r:.wen' In addition to Ms wife. h« is :»'i,| (!»• c.t!i-r mi) v/.in ru:''.villv ^i! vived by H two-w^ks - old •,r,-,-pinl)l t > nu-thodH cf ladiation diiimhler. Ten,.' Lynn: and his nnd surgery. father. Herman Hutchinson of Ar- Dou"-las said most of the con- kannas City. troversv has brm beiwe»n tho Ruiial will hft in Fairview un- Public. Health Service and the Xa- der the direction of Duenkel-Car- tional Cancer Instituto. In the michael Funeral Horn?. Miller-Hood Pharmacy Better Prescription Service FREE DELIVERY imAlcock MO 4-8469 Reg. Package Assorted 200 Count Size JELL-0 2 for Giant Size BUDDY'S All New Duncan Mines Assorted PORK CHOPS Lean Northern Pork White Swan COFFEE Kinibcll's— 18-O/. PINEAPPLE PRESERVES Uquid—Twin Pack TREND U.S.D.A. Gov't. Inspected Calf Liver Chicken O' Sea—8 TUNA POT PIE Tasty Sea PERCH Cmno-—Keg. Kail PAPER TOWEtS Bird's Eye— 10 Oz. Chopped Broccoli While Swan Pure K« l d—10-Oz. 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