The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin on June 17, 1859 · Page 3
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The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin · Page 3

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Friday, June 17, 1859
Page 3
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_ BUSINESS DIRECTORY The following List of Business Houses and Manufac- "Mini AitKbliRtuneat* ire among the but and moat .' rr-ipectlveJinanf business. ;- ' .J, M, GROSSMAN, tttCHITECT A- SUPERINTENDENT, Q1TQ1E-NO. M ypDKG'S HEW BLOCK. Plans.and Speclncaliona for all kinds of Bttlldlngs amtah^ at short notice and CD the most liberal terms. ISAAC KINCiSLKY, «AS/& STEAOT PIPE FlT'l'EK, NO. 891 K&JBT WATER STREET, WHOLIBiLI i«D aETAl'L CEALlatS^ Q4S/AND STEAM PIPES, • GAS, STEAM AND WATER 000KB, GLOBE AND CHECK VALVES, GDAGE COOKS, Bo., Alwaya on hand, s large assortment of « AS Fl X » C B E S Work done in a workmanlike manner, at short notice fcnd lowest prices. _ Je9-dly N. L,. OHISWO1>1> & CO.. BBTATL DI10JKS II LADIES 1 , GENTLEMEN'S AN 0 CHILDREN'S BOOTS, SHOES AND GAITERS, MASON STREET, oxitc the Walker Honce. H . W K 1 N B K K N N E K , MAfcTOTAOrCHEa AKD DEAJ<IB U BOnTS, SHOES AND GAITEKS, NO. 24 SPfiING STKKET, «> ii p o » 1 1 c Amoric an Rouse myll ffiooi & Shoe Store, !%0. 4S EAST WATliU S i'UEET, JOHN FHELAN, KfclBPS alwayx on hand good custom made Boots and Shoes. All Kludfe or Ltadlet 1 cxnn Geutlcmeu's liooU and Shoes made to ordei in the l&test etyle and warranted to griTe satialacUon aprSS — Binders'BtocV, Printing Ink and Flit Papers, alwajg^on hand In .large qqantltje*. .Anuioi qnnnro In'ihlt ti»*fA*f miirim ': - '*:.-' ''', No. BAST WATER 8T., J KNEEL AND'S BLOCK , K it: . . . ADVENTURES ... .- 4 4W.. € ARSON, The Nestor of the Rocky Mooutaiiis, From facts narrated by liimself.. Just received by u.i ; ..-.i;.; ,•?.: a JgraiOgtAJUt) ft Oo.%i Kc!tbaek>« B.eatl Pencils, V '•' FOR BALE BY' TJfiKUY & OLKAVEK, BOOKSELI.KKS AXCt K'tVATIOVERS, 167 £a«l Water vtrtet, AUkomtket. E hare jut received -a full supply ot these Cele- W E W U O L E S A I. E D II C « « I S T , NO. 8B EAST WATER STREET, Hag just received a full supply o Celebrated Union works Cylinder Glass, manufactured at Cleveland, New Tork. Transpor*«<l entirely by vessel, It comes In perfect order, and ena bles me to sell at low ratee 1 hare permanent arrangements u< sell thlt l>ri*nd of Glass hereafter. El a r |> f r Brothers, (KmtWliKJied in 184S,) UOL'SE SIGN, SHIP, CARRIAGE AND ORNAMENTAL »'altiii-r», <.luziern A 1'aiicr-HiMi jri>r», IMITATORB OF WOOD AND MAJtBLK, PiO. 39 ONE IDA STHEET, A FEW WORK EAST OF TDK MARES'! BOUSK. brated Pencils from the manufactory of-!. J Rehhach, In Regensburg, iiayarla. TheyJU e carefully assorted, and each grade la distinguished l y a popular brand. Particular nttentton In called to \.he "Opnosi turn Pencil, "(.round black gilt;) and to the "People's Pencil," (round rrd giTtp also 10 the"Enfinerr's Pencil," ^uexagon gilt.) All aS vhioh vdl be found EUp«r1- or to any other penc 1 in the market. Always oahaod.a complete assortmeJit of b*&ck and colored lead pencils of all thedeairabl* grades A discount allowed to tfce Trade proportioned to eitent of orders. api29 ALUBONE'S DICTIONARY OF AUTHORS. A Critical JHctionary qf EnyLitth. LitfuUurt <md British anS American Autho-s, linny and d< cetuedj from tkt Earliest A- cvurita toUt* J/w/ die ofttittiiiielet'.tn Century. c'"«-tain tny Thirty Thonxand Bioyraphite Literary Hotice*, u itft Forty Price 16 SECURITY! If k UB DWELLING,Storeor MerchandUeinsuredf tl not, call Immediately and get them Insured In the following "first Olau," old established and prompt paying Companies: JETNA. 1NSUKA.NCK COMPANY, Of Hartford, Connecticut, 1NCORPORATKD IN 1819. 0»h Capital and Sorploa >1,SA7,920 08 IIAItTFORD INSl'KANCE COMPANY, Of Uartford, Connecticut, INCORPORATED IN 1810. Oaah Capital and Surplus, tT88,682 00 llOMi: INSUUANCK COMPANY, Of New York Oily," Cash Capital and Surplus,. $1,077,990 40 IIOVVAKU INSURANCE COMPANY, Of New Tork. INCORPORATED IN 1S26. Oaah Capital and Surplus $858,950 32 PIlUiNIX INSURANCE COMPANY, Of Hartford, Connecticut, Cash Oapltal and Surplus,. 1419,084 C6 1.AMAK flKE INSURANCE CO., Of New York, LSI. Capital and Surplus,. (269,069 33 HKSOLUIE INSURANCE COMPANY, Of New York City, Oaah Oapltal and Surplus, »34«,M» 68 CITY PIRf? INSURANCE COMPANY, Of HartJoid, Connecticut, **^ Oash Oai'ltiil acil J»urpln», $308,«31 48 1 solicit buutness for the above named Companies, entirely upon tlieir own merits and responsibility, nnJ refer to their prompt and liberal settlement of all bosses heretofore, as a guarantee fur the future. Policies in- dued without delay. W I1KNUV HOLLAND, Agent. JW.K UOU.ANP, Ass't. Northwest cor. Main and U I 1 . MAIIHU»LL, Surveyor. Wisconsin da.. MUwauKi-i:. septi I!uiled Stales .«.«* F.lun.Co. .-ijCAPrTAL flliO.tvOO 00 29.658 00 Ottu-e, under Mitchcll'B Bank, corner ol East Water and Michigan streets, HI1L IF-d DKKE H76'i 'ONSW. JON>;« & WHI'l'KHKAD General Land and insurant Ag«nt« KU-iAUIE» I'llil.K, At., OFFICE, corner of Heed und Oret-uD atreeu, Meyrom-'t Bloct, Filth Ward. Will atteau to the buying and selling of Real estate. Insuring Goode bud Uuikdingb m reaponHibie Companies, AUend to the Collection of Accounts, olaklug out of Deedfc, Mort^apes, Oontracth. Lt-kses, Ac. All Colloctiona made on accounts placed iij our hand wi'll be promptly paid over. A. O. JO*«c ...... .iy^ ...... aOBSUlT WXITKBtAH. s<'HN02CKM. A BKLNOTIO, COMMISSION MtKCHANTS. Real Estntt and Money Broken, NOTARIES PUBLIC, MILWAUKEH, WI8CONSIJ>. j Omc»—Nc..4 ilarkel 6t)tnire, opposite the Old Post- I 1 NDESPENSABLV m-cessiry to at* who Read, all who Write, &U Cleiyymui, &I1, all Lawyer*, Scientific tnd Lite^ftrv Men, Merchant* nod Farmer.., Manufacture re and Mechanic*. IT IS A HOUSEHOLD COMPANION. FURNISH KD BY VIKK KLA\1» A €?«., BOOK A STATIOMUHa, JOIsUKKS, 13.'' hast Water itrttl, J. A. Helfeudtcin, E. Sanderson, Mo»c« RneeUn.1, R. 8. I>»Kirett, Kimncl Hale, O. t>. Dousroac, LI L Palmer, Kdwm Townsend, Hi'lomoti Adlt-r. J. A HKLKKNSTkUN,I > re«l<lent. G. D. DOOSMAN, Vice President. W. T. PALMKR, General Agent. S. O. W«MT,Secretary. ,u«j 8. 8. DAOOrrr, Trea»urer. H. L. Piuut, Attorney marlO of I.b w [[, [From Theophius Parst-ns, I. 1. It , I'ro! Harvard Cnirersity.! CiKBhtttOK. Jan Ei, !Sf>9 UkAH Hlh —1 tiave had tf.o UTNI * ..lutue of yt-ur l>lc- tluuaij fur nunit-daya. awd have sul afierf myin-if thut your vi an it excellent, aod thai you bavt tarried it out vith very preal industry nod u lUi guud juilgtueijt.— Tht- fullueas fctd aoi-uracy of its tn.ormat ion concerning modern authors anil their worka, are indeed rcniaripv- blf. Tc lUiy one who desire lh- koiwUdtri- >our bonk purfn^rU to g.vt—and what educated tuati d«*>e* uolf — It must h« of frcM interest a d \alue. Hespeclfulty, Ac , THKOPUJLL> PARKKR. F. Austlrj All.b.^c, Esq. Mll.W AUKKK tJITV J.\>il KA^CF CO., OFFICE In .Hiictiell Building, M tell I Ran. »l. MlLWAlKKK, WlBOOBlUB. i'/'/ A A' / A'/iA/./ C A h'lTA I., • - J2c HI,IH)<) t a*h Paid in, $IOO,OOO. u i u t c i u u ti • E. TuwKHiO'-i K- &• OOIKJV.UI, H. KHLBBRAOKT, ] It KKI-!.U,,^, J MfMPBKKT, .'i»»Kpe F HILL, J. S HiKKIh J.H.OOKDJOv Ji-H MOEiiiT, OHAB. GKIBBKEU, 1-. tVmtiTooi, X Gnu bfiui. K. TOWNSKNI), Pr^Kident. A 1. \VALEATH, ftecrvtai>. H L. PILHU, Attorney and Marine Risks titen m current rate*. Offict- ar27 D. C ORSON, ATTOKNEV AT LAW. AJ$ remove^ to Office, M fi, State Bank Building, corner ot Eas' WRUT and Michtpan rtreet, Milwaukee. JBO. L DOKAV DoKAN & Attorney and CoanseUors t Law. |may£2j.... WISCONSIN roir, S Ireii8t*ut> tl.YPITALIATfr W ILL find at my office a Repistrf , .'pen tc tlieir tn- EpectioD of Bonds and Mortpape? and other securities offered for salt Penon* wiahinr to obtain Loans or having Uondh. Mortgagee or other Becurltiea for salt, may find it to their Interest to fil* sntli mt the.r anpllcatione or statementi. C. BOHLEY, ylt Opposite Walker Honse. OOOJJ CH-ANCJt:. HOI T SE A?%D LOT FOR SALE < IttlAC*. a HE anderelprirO will Bell hie House and Lot, DOV l. occupied ILJ a Tar n by him, eituated on Mam st M j Racine, WtsconBiti, near the Steamboat L&ndug and < th* R A M. K. R Depoi The house ie loc»ted on the best place-, aud the House ae well a* the vltua- tioo of the Lot, would anpwer fur any branch of bust- nes& ( eapectally for tfholcaalt Kiorit, which branch li already nor projected at that very locality Thost irhc like to ro&kf a pood bargain, are requested to apply at tine undenirned JOHN BaRTH Racine, Janua.j »*., .»&». jan«7-<JGm , D D , Ediior N. V. Observer ] NEW VoBt, Feb. 3, lN*»9 LtKBTLBJiCK — The first volume of your frr«-«»t Uicilon af) of Authors, I havt peru&ed with aetoDtBhment & d de,Hght. It la juBt what I have long desired U- have, and IIBV-- t^oupht for in vain. Thousands of clerpjmen, istudeMa, and hi) luerari aad inlelluent mm. mnht winL to have jii«l tils work, and thtv wtl] have it, when they le arc H la m the world U descrvrfl t.'it in OB. cordial reception, and 1 cru>t that ihr tuihor and the publisher* have the ,iir(.'ect reward for their outer- prise and labor Vourstrul>, ti Ghildfl A Pel. r»<»n. IDL wan, Jan 4 •, ]8ft9 MT r»KAb MK . —With t'-tler kuowled^c of your bi>ok from rt-)-eateJ f-fastt uj-or. it, I am a.ih»tm--d 10 have wrHletj j ou eo rouimoL) I nee »J. at k r>- wk-dprnen! of MB nr»t rrc l|>i ufalMht- 8t^reh<«uv ( "f jtiiert-*unf and readab:^ m*U r the "U.ctic.nnry ^ : A«I!M r-" at-t- e t n»c tlie niosi rapnvagr.j- The f *•••) IK«U. induiiir) , and slall of brratir*'n3'-iit ;ijei~r!i, nmn; icn. t •'< • ». id n i't b« eu pasdt-d, Mid <t » il rnkkt- t>r tuu H repaint Kin vrr\ enviable. I shall try t. ruku nmer>de u^ p'irit fur in i Kpl'ureutly inapprecMhtivt cril nckDcw .i-dgni' i,t ul the aoquisit ofi v* ith many Blncere thantt ftT iht prut- 1 h^r, -in H,r I'Ook. 1 rennvlL, mj dear elr, Yt-ur*. fa t' ful. v N P WILl IS £. Austir. Alllbone, Esq. ma\l& -nAK IM-: AI%O FIKI-: INM KAMI. T \UK. undwrhipned U prepared to takt- Marine Rlsts and Fire Risk* on i rodace in store, in the North Western Insurance Co., c>f Oswepo, New Yr>rk, al as low rat** as by reliable Companies. Tin- n-[,utattoi, of this well-known, lon^ eatabllsiird Company entnlra ; iu> pabhc confidence. HORATIO HILL, Apent, nor8 al i ffice of ». A J. F. Hill Quaker City I u MI r .sun 4:0., 0* H II 1 1. AIM ! IMIIA. AUTaoaiZLD CAPITAL, . .*Aoo, ( <tu PAID CP CAPITAL AND AHSKTTS ..... 2:7, sw Qfflc*, F-rtinklin Buildinj, ,\\>. 4"« llulnut *trerl, A Lumber Vessel* for Hale. Schooner Fashion., 224 tuns Schooner D. Newhall, 11*0 tan*. Bcow Bcbooner £uffby, 168 tuns The above vessele will be sold «t-rerf low prices for Batlsfactorr »ecarlU. Good title. TAYLOR A JEVFETT, Buffalo, He* YarL. Enquire of B B. JoBt^, MH *wikee, Wisconsin, febii \\OOD A\I> H\\ 'O. H. LAMBKKTON H A6ju-< opened, tor tht benefit of all who may become Jii« easterner*, a Market for WOOD and HAT at the N E Corner of Went Water and Ctybonrn Sireet>, (Office n-lth Messrs Mabbett * Breed.> His Stock of Wood Is large, Dry and Hard, (Cut and Split or nncm ) Hl» ftock ol Hay U of the BEST QCALITX, and BALED IN Q IDDOKDKR. Each will be delivered u> anj pan ol tht City on tl,« SHORTEST NOTICE and the LOWEST TERMS. N. B — Wood Pedlars, and those who ah'p large <jn unities of B»T wDl always fend It to their advantage to buy of os- We irill eell so tbal dealers may make a handsoitie profit iiy selling on the street. may!9 . G H LAMBKRTOK. GENTLEMEN'S FUKNISH%. NEXT DOOR TO A. B. VAN COTT'S. H •"*•. «? - fe- •9- K . H U S S .0 IP '0 A Hi H 0 L. FROM sXoCNUS A I.AIV«'I>ON, General Advertising Agents, 105 MAXVOLPff BTSKE3, Who are authorized to receive Advertisements for this as well as al! -of the most Influential and largest circulating papers throughout the entire Nonh-West. 04] SIEEBJFJF'S SALE. [New STATE OF WISCONSIN, I Circuit Oonrt, MnwaaV-M County. ( James 8. Brown, acalnst Ernst t. Heraberg.Joslah A. Noonan, Peter McNab ana* Andreas Eeye. Foreclosure. f"N vtrtne of and pursuant to a judgment rendered In X said Court, In the above entitled action, dated January 13,1855,1 shin expose for sale and sell at public auction, at the Post Office In the city of Milwaukee, on Saturday, the 2d day. of July. 18o», at the hour of 2 f-U,J>I that daj.the following, described mortgaged premise B, or so much thereof as may be necessary to r»lse the amount ot said judgment, Interest and costs, together with the expenses of sale, to wit: " All that part of the west half of the south^est quarter of section number nine (9), In township seven <7>, ol. range twenty-two t22), bounded asfollows, to 'wit: commencing At the sonth-westjcorterol'said w^thalf of the southwest quarter of section nine (B): runningthence east on. the south Jlne thereof tea (10) chains; thence north ten (10) chains; thence west ten (10) chains io the west line of the.sald quarter section, and thence south ten (10) chains to the place ofi begUmlpg, 1 cpntalnlag ton (10) .acres, subjeck, Jiowever, to one half thewldih of a road, on.the Bouth and west boundaries thereof, said road being one chain In" width." Dated Bheriff's office, Milwaukee, AprtU, 18M. :• ; TBOHASL.OQDM, 1 Pl'ff's Aitdriwy. f. aprl-3mllnSw . Bbetlff Mil, Co., D tFATJLT havinp been made 'In Ihe condition of a certain promissory note, .bearing date Setewber by VV.'B'. B ., A. 0. 1867, executed by '. Blbbard and John 6. Harris, and a)|» In the condition of aoertaln^eMOT mortgage of «fe-tame'date-eJEeiutea by said Hlbbard and Harris ^wcnrg tlie payment ot«ald note. j'i$jitlei Ii hereby g^VfiO'W "ill'jiirtlrt Ini*re5te<l that we ihal 'ggpose for nale.and^BeJU-on .Tdftda/t "tilt 4^1'^aj or JULY, A. D., 1W9, it 10 o'clock In'the'forenoonof tbaf daj, at the SprJu ttjeet brtdKB,'ila ,tta Rlty etjIIICahi. kee, the 8ehot>iier*WUU4m u H. "B.epbenj, her masts, MwiprUa, mlU, boat, anchor, cables, apd all.olher oeoenarietiiheteuntb appertaining and belonging, .to •atlify the amoont rematolrig dae on said not* 4Hd mortean together with the costiandexpenietof asJe. M08E8A.JAift8.aiia: .V-. • 308WB JAME8.T:.. . :': :^.J ' '" Mortgagee!;;.. *, ~ * tyW. W.'B»ow», Agent. - BtrrLM. BOTTBICC & OoTTEnx, Attorneys. .-; mayiB-dtt ' . . . .,. . -. , _ SF.W Jl VENILS B V CAK'l KKS. LICt AM) ADOLPiltfl. Aunt Judv's Tales Parablt-e from Nature. Mo ten In the 8uc Hearr. . Fanny, the Fluwer Girl L'rjc.e Jack tht Fault K>lter. Pur t>n.'.c by TERRY & CLEA'VEK, may It 167 Kasi WaU-rsi. N E W B O O K S — AT— TKRK1 & ri. 167 £^4^7 WATKH ^ ARTH'S Travels ID Central Atnca, 1 vol., abridim]. Ltvm^stot/e Travtle ID houlti-ri. Atn<h. 1 \oi SpfcerftK-UB SermoDs, 5th serio Uighci Oljrlstlaij Life. n>a>15 ' rf IHK Buhner ber t.a« t,^, n up) i»;ntf«i aprnt forj this i M. Company fur M i. vauk'-e ard Tictnii). Risk* tak^n on a* (avi»r& p -ir it-rm- t»» uiiif-r*it>lc C.-mpanie.* J AMICS .•* U HITE, Apetit. Office, c ii.rr .-,( Kapl Water -.nd Uurotj ftrrrtF, ip itntrn > vet ;tie Martnr I at.k ma>'Ji» BY STATE AUTHORITY, - WISCONSIN OKNKKA1. INSURANCE AGENCY I fHABTEH UAIv HHK I > N. I . Hartford, Conn. CASH ASSETS t ........... |«41,i66 8^. •VOHTH A.MKIl K A> f I H ». IMS. < <>.. Harlforrt, Cent.. CASH *HHETS ............... »8S4,8«' ()« w B AWS. FIHF: i%s. »•«., Of Pltufield, Masa. CA SU A83FIT8 .............. »2(ft,6S)9 41 CO^WAV FIRF. I!\SI BANCE «'i»., Of Con war. M&». CA8U ARSJT8 SHIPPKKS OK l'KODUc:t C AN Bup|,lj tb^nselves with Billi of Ladms at TEURT 4 CLEAVER'S. may20 16? E&st Water etreei. BOOKS. O UR stock is the largest ID the Wat. We sell every Book at the Publisher's price. We can furnish to order any book which exists, either In the English or other .languages. We receive oev buokj &s Issued frura Ihe Press. I1ATIPDF..N FIKE I N NCR A ,\CK « o., Hprlnfrfielti, M&BA. CASH ASSETS O1RAHD FIRF I > S. lOnl'A> i. Of Philadelphia. CASH AUSETS. . . . J2M.7S9 n J, W. (/'rain, OrFICE, NO. », MAKTIN I1LOUK, OP STA1KS, mar26 MUmnkee, Wisconsin. jan20 PTRIOKALN!) A CO School Hooks. MILLINERY GOODS. W r. have every rchof*! Hook ID demand, and •« them at wholr-sfcJe or retail. i PTRlCKUiNfi i 00. BIND MAGAZINES ! W E are prepared to our Blndjry u> Bind Magumes, Periodicale or anyth-tng else In the form of a Boos., In neat aod durable styles, al low rates. JaniO HTRICKLAND 1 00 iu Dry T1IA 1MMEKBE STOCK Of W Stereoscopic Views. E have reclred a fine lot of Sterescopic Vlewi embracing rleirs of Interesting localities In B.ITSSIA, SVt'ITZEKLA.M), SPAIN, KGYPT, NUBIA, GBBEOE, \TURR.EY, JBELAA'D, 4i'., £C Also a large variety of nev American Vlevs tie* and very desirable strles of Stereoscopic Instruments. STRICKLAND i CO , Booksellers and Stationers, aprl 134 East Water street. SIXTH VOLUBLE WISCONSIN REPORTS STRICKLAND A OO, 134 East Water street. For sale at feblS PIKE'S PKAK. A NEW MAP, showing the Route to the Gold Regions In Kansas, just received by STUIOKLAND 4 CO., febl» 124 East Water stri-jl ~~ NOTICE THE IIVSPECTOU OF FIftH. A PPOINTED by the Common Council of the Olty uf Milwaukee, In pursuance of An Act of the Legislature, approved March 17, 1K58, hereby gives notice th»t be Is now furnished with the proper weights and brands for ihe d-je performance of the duties of his office. By the said **Act"lt Is made the duty of all persons dealing In Fish to give notice to the Inspector to have the came duly Inspected and branded before packing. M'. Smith will be fonnd at the Nev Warehonse of Ueurs. John Furlong i Son, Booth Water St., Walker's point, where all notices are requested to be left. UUva-kee, May 7,1859. maylO JOHN SMITH, Inspector. Eyan & Jenkins, OOUNSKLLOKS AT LAW, BANK BCILDINC, Oorntr Kant Water and Michigan tU., Milwaukee. mayS _ Jaine* A Swain, OF THE LATE FIRM Of MAQIE & SWAIN, WILL remain at the old stand wbere he will be pleased to welcome thefpatrons of the establishment aprl2-dtf _ « _ CHARLES QUENTIN & CO. S SABLES QOENTIK * CO., corner of East Water and Vason streeu, Mllwauiet, Wisconsin, have for •aeklXstate, In the City of Milwaukee, In large or .tmallpareels. Building lots In every Ward oft h Oily, -of all sties and prices, for bnslness or resldcnc ana an f«uy terms. Also, small Farms of from B to 20 Dcrra.-near the Olty, for gardening purposes. Also, severaUhonsands of acres.of the best farming lands ID Wisconsin In quantities to salt any demand. .feb28 JHARLES QUBNTIN * CO. WESTERN UNION -' . ,-i ; -i . i . . . •,—AND— • ' ' . • Wi»iconsiu State Telegraph. •'.?£ 'til/Office, Frt* Democrat Slock, IfUwauket. i 7 Con sections with all Mnes East. mH^,Wisconsin Btate tlnet ran from .Mllwaukei to -A; fc»Crosse,Fondan Lac and Waupnu, on Railroad Sootes. Also from MUwaukte to Janerrille, Jtadlson, WatertowTi and Prairie da Chlen. Stations at all 1m, portant intermediate polnti. ! If O.mev boon from 8 A. u. to 8 T. M. maylw-dtf A.WELLKB, I\o. 187 E: st Water Street, MOST BE C1X58KD OUT O1NT CJES! BY THK ASi-IGNKK, — so— (ireal Bargains maj be Expi ctetl aprK-dtf JCMEPH CAHV, Assignee. i:MTK«> NTATKS ITIAKSHA !.'.-» HAI.I-.. Lycurgos Edgerton, ] In the United States Dli- rs. Itrlct Court District of Wlnthrop 0. Lord and f Wisconsin. Qeorge lx>rd. J Ln Equity. I N pursuance aod by virtue of a decree made by the District Court o' the Dnltid States for the District of Wisconsin, on the ninth day of May, 1859, in the above entitled cause, I shall sell at Public Auction, at the office of the Dnited f tales Marshal In the City of Milwaukee, in this District, ou Friday, the fifteenth day of July, 1S59, at three o'clock In Ihe afternoon, the following described property, to wit: "Out lot'U,' number twenty-one [21], In the Tillage of Waupacca, in the County of Wanpacca and State of Wisconsin; also a tufflclent quantity of Water Power lo be taken oul of the Waupacca River, at the dam erected across said River, In the village of Waupacca, to propel three run of stones lor Souring purpose> at ill seasons of the year." Marshal's Office, Milwaukee, May 17, 1859. mayl8-law6w M. J. TUOMA8, 0. S. Marshal. UNITED MTATEN mAKHIIAL'N *AI,E The Farmers Loan * Trust Com 1 pany, vs. TheMllwaokee A Superior Railroad Company, City of Milwaukee, John Sujwart, Johann D. A. Allenling, Christian Uahm and In the U. 8. District Court for the District of Wisconsin. In Equity. Gottfried Wootsch. I N pursuance and by virtue of a decree maQe by the Dlstrlat Oourt of the Dnited Btatea, for the District of Wisconsin, un the nineteenth day of March, 186V, In the above entl.led cause, I shall sell at Public Auction, on Tuesday, 2nd day of August, 1859, at 8 o'clock In the afternoon, from the steps of the Custom House, In the Oity of Milwaukee, all and singular, the mortgaged premises mentioned In the bill of complaint In said cause, and described as i "All the following, present and In future to be acquired, real and personal property and real estate ol the said defendant, the Milwaukee and Superior Railroad Company, f-at Is to say, all of the first division of the Railroad of said Railroad Corii- pany defendant, from the Olty of Milwaukee, to the City of Green Bay ID said State of Wisconsin, a distance of one hundred and twenty miles, Including the right of way, and land occupied by said first division of said-road, (subject to Ihe tight, title or claim, which the said defendants Stewart, Allerdlng, Hahm and Wootsch, or either of them, may have had at the time of making said decree, to land upon which said Rail* road Company nas located Its way, and for which no compensation has been made to ttum,) together with the superstructure and track thereon, and all rails and other materials used thereon, bridges, viaducts, cut- Tens, fences, equipments, necessary depot grounds and biuldlngs thereon, belonging to the said Railroad Com- jany, and all rolling stock, engines, tenders, cars, tools, materials, machinery, fixtures, and all other personal property appertaining to said first division of said road, and all rights thereto, and interests to be ac- qnlredto:sald defendant, the Mllwaakee and Superior Railroad Company, together with ihe name aad ftuc- Uoni appertaining to the said first division or said road all tolls, rents and Income to be had or levied there- from, and all corporate and other franchises, rights and privileges of the said Railroad Company in or to or concerning the game." Marshal's Office, Milwaukee, Wls., April 6,185}. M.J THOMAS, Dnited States Marshal. District of Wisconsin. XsUfORB, TAX Drn t HAMU.TOI, Oosapl'u Solicitors. 1 aprtl-dtl ' ' . ' . .. - ,.. A -.-• /-tAMPHENI, Burning fluid, Spirits Turpentine, al- Mil,, Wat. & Baraboo Valley O N and after Monday, April 4th, and until farther notice a Passenger Train will leave Milwaukee Worn the depot,foot of Second street, Tor Pewaukre, Uartland. Pine Lake, Oconotoowoc, Watertown, Lowell, aod Ool- umbns at 4.20 p.m., arriving m Milwaukee al 1133 a. m. Passengers arriving at Milwaukee by the Milwaukee i Chicago R. R., La Crosse A MII.R. R., and Mil. * Miss. EL R., or by boat, can proceed to the above places. Connections are made at Watertown with stages for Lake Mills, Jefferson, Waterloo, Hanchetville, Sun Prairie, Cottage Grove and Madison. Also at Columbus for Lodl, Mertmac, Atsego, Fall Rive-, Let-d's Corners, Hamden, Lowville, Dekora, York, Arlington, Bristol and lor all points lothe West and North West. Paibengers arriving si the Junction from the above places make connections h the Milwaukee A Mississippi U. R., Tor Janesville, Madison and Prsilric dn Uhien uud kt Milwaukee, with roads to the South, West and North. apr« S. H. MERRILL, Superintendent. SUMMKK AKKANOKMKN'l. R AIXRO ADS & TRANSPOR'N Kaviae & Mississippi K. iT. OPKfH TO DAVIS, 9O MILKS. (14 JIUts from frtenort.) ON AND ACTES MONDAY, DEC. 6, 1868, Trains will run as follows, viz : OOINO WIST. Leave Racine for Davis*— freight t Ace., 9 A. «, Leave kdclne for Helott — P^sncnger, 3 r. u. OOINO EAST Leave Bdoit for Racine — Passenger, 7:^0 A. H. Leave DaVU for llactrje — ,'rtigM A Ace., 9:So A. n. Passengers by taking the '. A «. train o-n the Lake Shore Railroad at Milwaukee, connect at lUciiie with train to Davis ; arriving at Davis at 3:flO P. H. Stage leaves l>«vh lor Freeport on arrival of tram. &3u A H. traia^frooi Davis connects at R&clne with afternoon traina on the Lake Shore bX)lruad North aud South. f3T* r>ei£Lt f unvaried with Jbpalch. decH KullLUT UAHR1S, daperuitemlant. Pittsburgh, Fort Wayao & Chicago 12/4 £0 l Ki&{& — VIA— MKJHIGrAN CENTRAL — AND- G. Western (Canada) Rail-way . rnxRAlNg leave theOreat Oenlral Depot, footofLake J. street Chicago, hs follows : 4:OO :t. HI. — DEjtTOIT AOCOUA10DATION,(Su.,- dayi eicepted), arrive at Detroit 6.00 p u. 7:OH A. *l. -CINCINNATI EXPRESS. ;Bund«). excujited ) Arrive &t Indianapolis 4:0n r. »,, Cincinnati 8:80 r. u. B:I>O A. II.— LIOHTNINO tXP!LK»8, I 8undays e«. cepled,) arrives at Detroit 7:00 r. M., Suspension Bridge or Buffalo 4:00 A k. ; Albany 3.1)0 r. M , New York »:00 r Mi; Boston 1 1 p. M. | t':<»O P. .II.-NILK* AOIOMMODATION, elr.ei.l : 8:(HJ F. .fl.-NHW YORK AND BOaTON BXPRK.-.-, | (except Saturday.) Arrive at Detroit : 7 .5 A v .; Bjapeitslon Bridge or BuITalo j 4.30 r. »., Albany 4:00 A. •.; New Tork I 1U;UO A. M ; Hoaton 2:00 r. M. '' S;l>O f. .V|.— CINCINNATI AND LOUISVILLE KX. PKI&S. iticept Saturday.) Arrive at Oinolnu&Li 9:to A. M. t Loutsvlllo 4^JO r. H Onr '.rain OL Sunday M S:OO r. M. TNc saKlA.M aujj"u r. H train aoonneclal Far • *!t), thv Buffalo & Lbke Uurou Hallway, for BuQa... ao<l n!> puintl. e'.st, st Torooio wall Grand Trunk R&:l- wny. ti Kin^su^, O(f Irnaharg, Montreal, W«ebt-c ai^J all po-.ntb in Canada fcast, Nortliern Vermont, Ni*w Hampshire and Maine §3f~ Baggage cheoc.1 through. Through tit kett fat sale al the principal Rallroa<i office! In the Went, «.n i at the general office, corner Lase A Dearborn streets, opposite the Tremonl liou*e, <'hlcagu, and at the Depot, foot of Lake street. R. N. RICK, Bup'l. b. J HPILDIX. . <»mi Pasn Ac'l aprla Uclroil A: Kailway THR Hleamer t' le vela&d will t&Atr __ her place 1C line of the Detroit t Milwaukee hailwvy, on Monday, the 14th Marrh. PasBfngen utshlni; thrC'U^rh tickets can be supplied oo and after Mood*}- next, at )!3o Kast Water Htrert, or at the office 01. the J"Ck of the Di'troll A M.l«auke Hallway Co.— Due DO'ice of the time of departure will W (ftven. Tina will niaAe the shortest, cheapest and ,jmcWr«t r ute lo all i>uiuu ta.l mar 1 ) SUMMER ARRANGEMENT. VI il \vaukce tV Mississippi RAIL KOA1J. THi: 1SHOKTEST A.MU MOST liXI'LJMTIOl «, IIOITEI I, a 1 roust- , , Wmona, Read's Landing. Red Wing, I'UESCUTT, ST, PAUL AND fT ANTHONY CliniiEc ol Time, Monilny, April 4, IH'iH. 1ST TH Al\ LKAVKS M 1 1 .« A F K EK 11 M A M., Irrring «t Jaoraril ; 'J 3u >' M . M».I1»..D 3 i', P M , Pralr;c J a llhufli 1 1Ptl P M »\innt-rtlnfr wth Ui^ PrMn« ilu Chle^ and Ct. P»al Pukrts, «h ch lt«Tr Pr»lrlr ,lu Chlcn on ihc irrivil ol ihc S:0« P M. Train. , •>V TKAI\ TII1.W A 1 KFE 5 iV' P M Arnvir.p «l J*GVF». , 1- 5 JS P M., Majnon ln-mi I' M aj auj- other Koate WILLIAM JFHVTR. (jei.'i 8uperu.u mlf LA CROSSE AND MILWAUKEE HAIL ROAD. SJ-MUNO AKKANOKM tN'l . : «..lil i ...UTII-WEHTEIIN I'MTKl* s-r.\TK* in All A KXPHESM A\D O.\LY ALL HAIL RUl'TL' T< ' i,A CROSSK On Il.f I §•:•!• B tllSMSMI'Pl RIVEH, OD Mul alter Monday, April -M k . Two Through Express Trains Daily, , l. K.\ V 1. M 11. W A I; K KK, FROM KEPOT POOT OP CHMTNUT BTKKKT, AS rou-owd : *2:43 A. n. aud t2:45 P. .M. Tram* arrWc at Ul!wauk«r al 9:3O A. M. AND :3:.iO r. M Clove connectlotis art made at LaCrosse. Ttt'irr dnily ouch WHJT \viih the Mm- Spleiidid I ntlrd snu» * Mail Line of Si* > aiu^r)> to A from St. I'ttnl nod mtrrmrdialr poiut^. ^gr~ Pfc»*«n((frii, Oy takVn^ tht» route, w^! 1 »aT« '.CO mild ID dlBtanct and 1^ Uuun Ume, fri*ro Chtcapo or Milwaukee to La OroMf or Ht. t'aul, over any ouber roal«. •Mondays «iceplcd tgandayi exccpted. MUwaQlie*, April 24, 1&69 KO\VI> II. <*0«»I>RICII, (1HANGK OF TIMEO N and after Uooday, April 4tb, tralofl oc the Mil- wsakee, Wmtertown 1 Uanboo V»llry Railroad, will arrive ID Mllva,akee at 11.35 A . v., and depart at 4:20 r. M , arp3-dtf _______ S. H. Mf BRILL, dnp'v. 1859. ~ HEW AND FAVORITE ROUTE aanrcu TBS AOIM II-\V*>T DETROIT & MILWAUKEE R, R (Now opened to Lake Michigan.) 1HD J9w{ft Lum-frttrure Mml-t'lasi Stunner*, '•City of Cleveland." & "Cleveland," (Thoroughly refitted for this route.) O N AND APTEB MONDAY, June 6th, 1858, Passenger Trains will run as follows : OO1NO WKST: Night stall. Mixed. Express. P. H. A. M. A. H. Bap. Bridge, depart . . 9:20 4:40 10:30 A. v. r. u. r. K. •Detroit, depart. 7:00 I*) 8:00 •Oswego 1 arrive 10:50 7:40 11:80 r. n. A. M. St. Ji.hns, arrive 12:lu 9:86 12:80 A. M. Grand UapMs, arr 8:10 2:80 8:05 •iirand Haven, arr 6:0" 4:SU 4:30 A. M. • Noon. Noon. Mllvauk ee, arrive 2:61 12:00 12:00 (iOINO KAST = Milwaukee, depart •Grand Haven, dep Grand Eaplds, arr Bt. Johns, arrive Owosao, arrive •Detroit, arrive Bus. Bridge, arrive Mail t xpr's r. K. 8:00 A. at. 8:00 . 4.-20 «:40 . 7:55 11:40 r. M. Night Mixed. Expr's. Noon. IfcOU A, «. P. M. deb't 8:30 fi:80 10:30 A. •. 106 6:20 A. H. 4:50 11:20 6:80 A. K. 4:00 •Refreshments—Howl In Depot at Grand Haven. Boat will leave Milwaukee on Saturdays at 8 p. K.— for Saturday Night's Express passengers west, but 3 A. M. train will *jr leave on Sundays. Trains leave termini dally, Sundays escepted. THK TELEGRAPH UNE is uow open (or PuttUO Bo- (IU88. I CONNECTIONS. AT DETROIT-GREAT WESTERN RAILWAY for all points East—SIICniGAN CENTRAL and MICHIGAN 800TDERN RAILROADS, and CLEVELAND Line of Steamers. AT GIlANp HAVEK—With " HURON " Steamer for CHIOAtK), tc., Ac. AT miLWAjDKEE—With the UI88I88IPFI, LA CROSS K, OUlOAQO, WATERTOWN and HORICON RAILROADS, for all Important points West and Northwest, and on illssisslppl River, and 'with Steamers for Pens on Lake Michigan. Passengers for Great Western Railway go on the Kail- way FUST SnAtUa, at D. it M. R. Dock, leaving Dock at 8:00 A • , 12:00 Noon and 7:30 P. M. S1011T TRAINS have SLEEPING OARS attached. The Company's Time-Tables can be hat) at any of the Buttons. W. K. niJlB. Gen'l WmuAJi i Foun, Ticket Agents, 280 East Water ft WK. GainiM, Freight Agent at Oomoany's Dock. H. 0. WiiBOM, General Western Agent. D. i U. K. Offices, June, 166! ]e9 HOUSES, T ; 0 .KKNT. seTerslBjIck and Frame Houses to rent oe very reaspjiable Unns,. We have also for sals a vast quantity of real estate, ro-slstlngof Bomei, lot 1 , Improved and unlmproveij Farms; School Lands, to. W«bare » artes'near the Olty, with House, Barn, *;., for the wmaU rent of |80 and taxes. : GRMOR7*CO., majl i ' KA1JL S£4»AD. /I'tHlO tie*- ami direct Route now open LO New York, Washington city, Cleveland, Dunkirk, Builalo, Niagara /aJls, ocd alt eastern cluea. Omcicii.aU, Ooiumbas, Day too, Springfield, Urbaui, Z&ceaville, fctfUbeuvillt?, Newark »3ti .Vhetfi.UK. and all luter.or towns of Ohio, r*ean- ijJvania, V tr^.nia, MaryUa.i, N*w J<-n.~y, Ac. on* tirauO t uhroUru It. R. Line BKTWKJtS GIUCAUU AJ.D THfc .LsUJT. §2fii r * Thoar ilt-airiJA(t L.. ^o l>j> I'ns Rude will be j»*r- licul&r lu.J enquire for Tit ki u • .*, V»r\ \Vnym-, UiTrly t»vi -.JiiitJ Lite annojiiiice oj rt.i-hrr kiag lUuir bag^ftge. VA'^/Ai /.A-i TA" DKl'VT t*> (-" J *V £< A'tfA' A" 7 /M/i 1, .1*5 / »LLO 1*^ cnOO r. n.—Nigtit KxprrbJ, tlailv, Palurlaj i cjtreptrj. 6:0u i. M.— Morning Mall and V^prtaa, a&..y, riunjayi -Wiih bat one change of ;ars to P\ttabargh. connecting directly wiin iraius ..D in. h Teai 1'eausylva- nia CeutriJ Kaiiroad, to all eajtern citi.-«. \bo, w:Ui OleVeikU 1 A CotuniDud B.n.ilri>a,d to ClrvclanJ, Dmikir*, BuUal >, NiAifmra I'al'B VIA ><•» Y-rk C*-nir*' w\ S-w V- rfc i Krte ita 11 r u i*,*l a lo N«-w Vnrkt afi*1 lti-<;.-:j HtihuQ^ t> uia e c-wt wiil fluU lilia ruulc by tar LJ.c luudl ucsifkblt, both frutu ti>e a^tvanla/u in polci if natAooo, variety aod beauty of the c«aiurj ihnmxfi wh.rh ihe rogvds paJU", HH well an the ICBS fre^,u<-ni .•fjanj-s of ura and the annoyance of re-rl.rckin# batitia.^? requlreU by o tiler rooicB. PacillUes for the transportation bf Prc.,,!.t an-1 Live htock by ibLs rouU- are uuaurLtodbcd. H^tt-j «j !o» »j any other rnatt-, ac^J **tt, .-.jual l\^v»tt.h opposite Trcmoul Iii»uac. Ch:''*^ 1 *' *"<! &l tJ . the Lake ahorc R*Ur a.l. M.J «aokv^, Ly A '. JNO. J IfOtMO.N Oeourai l?T«-i)rM Ajfent. P lul-u, >•;., L) ..1: .. SIM M K K A K. It A N t> fcM l'-N T. F U R JN I T U R E SAL K S . OTJT -A.T OOSiT. NOTES, PLERZHEIM & CO., FURNITURE EVER 0?PBSED IN THIS CITY AT GREAT SACRIFICES, FOK THK NEXT SIXTY DAYS THE STOCK l« III . VV A^i> ill VAT BI1 **OI 218 and 220 East Water Street, apr9-d2mo MISCELLANEOUS. IMC. H. W. SI FORMKRLYOPOIKVKLA.NI'. O , rt9p*ctfulty inff- rms >h^ the citizens of >Ill^»ukr* U»at hiving MI. st.-i| .. iJn* t>l;u-r, hrr ititcDil.t ,>r ,i,-t .r'ntf tua pr'-- feasion. All <li**"t3e4 to fh*- Horit- tft»ie.| ui i ni.".( -•- ent.lic -tylf . an.] ;.-!..- r* .^; fiCtlon *':irr.fci ' .-,J I i. ntrctl'-n <%-i h hut jjr-i tn*e .it- will Prt..K in.. Uncb Tails tti Uif »[,(,'. ivrii ry r. *mi. :[) [tie C'Mifldtru:** 'f I.- f, h*- r>-ft-rH to .h^ fn,!u« ,.. -I Mr K-,ir....v.l times i>rofeHBKinj*.iy in tnc C"urn-- •< ,-K , \r. We feel jnst;rtr.l it .ay:.j< h..: 'i i | r*,-u. ,• nor to ih ^ ^-iicrikl run u( Vrttr^nar, t*r 4,-I. ..n.-, UtLW *>-KKK John C Bn U.^»-i \V [n. .J -n. 1. u. Burr.y, Hryi .« C.. , ^ Win.,i], Btah'.p. Kelly. AnO ^w, Vil.ler.. I K.VMHHi N. A BrM, n , Jamea Voiey W J (lam.,. MBMHIH.1 .f ru & i .!!..* aitlJILt** I >.. J K I'urt » W n Putt, . Mi, l . Tlll.W Aflil K. \V1S4 «»N2S. DRY GOODS, &C SPBiHG AND SUMMER DRY GOODS! ! 7 Ha * i VI .-4 i r r 1 7 -. The Latest Ncveltio ' Utfiee. Kirov's L. v-ry Grial Lnittil i/ u/u/ Efprtt* ri 1JJ t unly Reliable aud ILL RUCT K To THk KAST. >>LTH J. *.«<i No«TB- W ILST, ovrnl tt,t- >jn.y L;ue 'nAij.njf sure Cfdiitrft.ou*. iiAKK**;^ cfi*<:koi ilifju^t. :• ,.r;ij''-jpaJ po.t^U Ou arul after »l OM> A \ , A I* U I I . * .> I h , I ^ .) U, Trajita leav •• l>«t-.i, coiner -.( rinri.]* ac.i h»rciay •;« , U I'MlU * • I 1O:3O A. .Tl. -Einucaa PAA-iO^stJi— arr.v..-.^ at Chi- | (•+*•• at 'I ID r M. | 3*.I6 1*. M. KJira»M a I'I.-BCSO»H- an i v .1.^ i. t.i... j <-atrn »i 6 1C p M , n,,j ma- n^ - DETROIT & MILWAUKEE Railway Me am boat Urn ! / ihf «w fl • iiUtifXAii 1.•*'•?* in >?r» t.y ,' at--/ ' i«-Tf/cjFi,y. I.. i^raoU H»v--n, •..' -u. .• • ,• (tra:.d Rap <N 4i.'< ••»• > .: •-»!' - x •- . • - '.'-. I ru- aflor-J-.I •- • w '.;.r- i.--t t 'u. *i-.\ • .(i :.'.- (j"w i K • v t- -j.. ! •.:.- * ,,1. U:»t Lil.c 'rrl^tit»r.leti will. ilr.,.«:([. MI.] »• , w ral^s 'aAsru^ct lr»ui.,eaic M..a». ' a(..J Nnrth U.»t al '>-0<) * M . *n.l 1 :', p n vi r v i.^ i|.rM JN J. T MOi'DV. Master Tr ,^ap. rlat..i •. ^KHi't UP Til ri v --- t', (ir^inl 114.-:. it, 1 h ii». ¥ r , rtf ' rs ' ^ : ~ • '. r ,-,.1 Ra, iluur« of N»I t 11 ti u A H 11 it i» t n si t r «t t ii •». I ,-ai M. . , ....• .- • . « U".>- Hr,- i II .'. • I- 1 - » . A r •, - 11 i. H K" i. 1. 1 •*' • « 'U- A IN .lit CLOTH DtPAK I Mi.N Rates of Freight Reduced Again by .\ru York <V t-iric Kailroad -iM)— .\orllii-rn Trausporlalion (JO.N K X P K 1-1 > S L ' NTH furu.rr r.u'.'.r* '.I - ; . - , . < Ti.m N. » > it. M 'viuft. « !. L.I- 4.1 ' ..... wi jrr ,(H.| Ui. J.l.T-r e.l kl *tortr« . Ut Clau ^1 < infin. •••: L!&«« 4i' > :•».>« 6 .'> C . 5 ."» C . I '< t . . ! .M . Vlcr .f.»nil .- ifil; p^.1 t 7 l . • i'..... • " ' thf .4 : l. I.6t .«;[«- rhsnr- il a! '..' r ' ri -. ri <VTI ' ' : ft <•' n.-; A [• ' < J K C •. A \» > ' L' - . •• ' N • • I i t f • K, . ... j MI IKS, A. . t. .:. lit- . • , . N i IW */ j. •. :. r . r..r ..... H ,. D'.linr -trrvL. \r» V- fk « t ' i \.4a- and *»:» \l-t, u.. L,...- •.„•-„.!.,„> ,..-..- ,, .. - , ,.,.-.. If l->r iht i .1 '-i -.Q nun i«i,»-f> ' fr . . • <• ;:. * com pat, v , l»n( i" iiif.Tn, f ri" « . .., oflii «• i \i>. S W'- oi.-».n ttrctri . • -L.--I April, whf-r- '~,r Irn cas, \>* c'\ t . » I- «t.*titi.-n far autf -r-ii*-.l •-.. .- • . -,*. M the » ar e/'»u*<-3 •• ' •*'• ,•;"•• 1 ' ' " » Kr.-l.'t.i uai.^t-.' i»t.'iLi ..D if; * 'n>t ii M..»aua«. Mar,-h*' 1 •^•>9 i|.-l FAKK K1.1>1 ( I-'.i ) NEW YORK&ERIE RAILROAD! A >r«* York * trio Ra'lr i«l. •, . i - fJ r«. a ..t , i lir » r> JF.H. 313 N ( '. » I A I I '. \ N ^ I U ' > ( K . \\ .. : ' • . .. •. L - , bAUD.Lh.KY HARDWARE — 4^1' — I' .1-1.; *n 1 *. t. *;a- --I ( *• A '.'.-•• OUR JOBBING BEPARTMtNT DRY UOUU3 AND YiNKhE .\UTluM-, < A ^ 011- .. 3OO ' I OKK1C( Of Ul.-iiOr k CO , UoRlrAilH.Hi). la Vufr caji. » ..r .MIL ^ • m, •«.,.. 11 K , Mliwsullre. AprJ -, 1 VM( ) O N » .<^ *flrr A;.r-l Vlt. . I*i9. *nd ant . 'urther an- tue, [10 per»c t, . SL.CU r te.l '... make [nir ( -ha.»rs, nr c< ntrict for n.Ktrr.&i» lor INT Milwaukee »nd Chicago KAI rind wthi'ul * wr ttpn ..r'ler from '.tit andeni.:;- p'! H.ll* w.ll b^ [.*..! rr .t.tlily »n.l afr->un'. w\i n.'', r- (OntTIUC'l »IUi ». ) COUCPTL UiM Drg r. U ' r^I. 'r-r month'; I>ili8 . 1). B. UALL. Qeo'l Agt SI. rt**jr,j aprlfl J. T. SJOODY, Master ,>f Tr»njport»l on ' liAoN'* - HK' 'I'll • .< n.»ji*> M, :, ii , ,.i .n <•••• n i H ,1 - -A4*' J . W -^ -H I . I'' <i ". -,!-,'. TUE TRANSPORTATION COMPANY Will, during the present Seajna, run their well koovc and popular Line of Firat Cla»s Screw Hleamers, Krgnlarljr, between oui>t:Ntitii;Kaj:i A OSWKOO, AM> TIH- I 1»P.F.K I.AKKS ! Forming a S^ml-Weekly me hriwern Ogdenghurifh and Osw^gB, and Chicago, Milwaukee ami IDl<?rmediate orts, conoectlOtf at OgdeDibur^h with the OGDSN8BORGH * VERMONT CENTRAL RAILROA.D ROUTE. Between Ogdeoabur^th, Burltnga-jn, Coficort}, Manchester, Najthoa, Lawrence, Lowell, Wnreciter and Botloo, and at Oswego with th« New Oswepo Line of Thirty Fir it Class Canal Boau on the Enlarged Canal, between O»weffo,QTroy, JAIbuny AL >ew York, Oonoeciing also at Dunkirk with NEW YORK ASD ERIE RAILROAD, And forming a Trl-Weeklj Railroad Line between Dunkirk, Milwaukee & Chicago. Property forwarded by this Une will be subject to but Ope Transhipment. \&~ Merchandise marked "N. T. CO. MX. PRESJt," will be forwartjed from Nrw York by an Krprcu Freight Train over W« Hew Tort <f KH« Railroad, And promptly forwarded from DunkirkJ A-PPL-* TO J. Mrus, Agent N. T. Oo-,lT7 Broadway, Nerr York. J. L. WAUU, Agent N. T. Co., 8 tootles Blip, New York. CHAS. H. TAPPAH, corner 6th and Ohesnul St., Phlla. llovrr i C»A«rrc»&, Oswego N. T. 8. D. Pxu> — If-'-i Agent, Dunkirk, N. Y. CBiMBUtux, CaAWpoaD A Oo , CkcTelanil, O.| JOHJ Hocnso, Agent N. T. Co., 95 State It., Boston. A. CraiMAH, Agent V. 0. Line, 108 State it., Boston J. F. OBuaoH, Agent, Rouse's Point, N. Y. Qto. PASXXB, Agent, Ogdensbargh, N. Y. U J. H1QBT, Ullvaakee, Wls., office LaOrosse A M. R. R. Depot. Office near M. 4 M. R. R. Depot. N. B.— Shippers are requested u see one of the abore agents beforemaklng contracts, as they are prepared u. offer Terj lov fsus, and their connections with the Ogdensbargh and ' Oswego routes) and especlallj with the New Tork * Erie Railroad glTe them onsnrpaued facilities for cheap and speedy transportation. marlS-dom-lMtwlaw BOOTS. iHK OKNUINE ARTICLE MANDPACTORKD BY JOHN PHALEN, T HE octy one aatbortzed to manufacture the abvoe named Boots, at 72 EAST WATER STBEET. The PhaJen Boot U ooe of the moat oniqae fcnd e'e- gsnt coverings /or the teat th»» bu erer been Invented. They ere made of the best of stock and most finished vorknuDihlp, and are warranted to core Corns, Bun- Ions, Swelled Feet, Swelled Uead, Rhuinallsm, Goat, ic. . L Remember that the Salt Agent for these tail Invented Boots In this Olty, Is to be toned at 72 East Water n., where, also, may be fott&d a general assortment of BOOT* & SHOES, GAITERS, &C., For Gentleman and Ladles that there Is In this market* all manufactured under the tapervlslon of the subscriber, [maj25] JOHN PHALKM. Pie Nio & Pleasure Excursions, BKOCKWAY'S tl«fE —or— OMNIBUSSKS SAND HACKS. P ARTIES wlahinK to engaje Backs or Omnibuses for, -tte *pttrpoiV ™TlslUng the 8,*rdenj. or for He Nio Ps*aet!-««nMiuppU«<I with; first .clais vehicles on th» ahoHeM^oaee and moit reasonaile term*. A line of i Omftoases will commence running on tho 1st of lone for Sorest Home, leaving Van Cott's corner at 9 A. ». and The Omnibus for W»awatoaa leaves VanOott's . majSO-dlm ., Foot of JUson itreet. I- A I . I . > ) h «.EOtt4.L D» LK A. t «., I 36 I-. AST VVVlt. U - I ii I I I , HJLWjCJiSX, . . IKM, ...v.-,, .V . Si)ITU\\tiLL, JR., Joiner aud f.o \v - uiir>rn pr W OULD relpectfuiiy ano<>unc« '.. ir tfri, that th«y still continue :u -i ami Oest selected ^toclt nf HOO.IJ n v founil in the i*tate, &ou will cuuiiuct 'N Heretofore, with the intention <il ,(* v:i To at many Dew cnatomen ai may Vel OJ a call, we would «ay >ne '^ "ur ;irm Y^rk, and w? ha7e facilities Tor trm pur ufactare of <oo<la that can not be -icri all times ready to talti.- advanLa^e if Kj apd have been enabled w> reduce '.I liin.lj of jfuoda, whicn we «hA.l coai lovest prices In Western V rfteta. W « art; constantly r^cei vln^ i'tj t;.i ;,» i, i 'u r anil will ket-p it so compile? »« i« !>e iMe «L «i) co fll' ' ' -< fr.r anj kind ol ^addien', Carnatte ((tiers' Slock, *nd v 1| i,i *.» a * QCI v.. ,>.»c j^iajiacUon In respect to Duality in-l p We aijo keep an assortment uf Htrnt ^tuiT, k'oies, 8 Felloes, Spokes, Hubs, Ac , Ac., iu.| r.av- .-unat/tn hind, or will mft»c m t. rJer, toy mn-l .f Co»*.ii, rla^e. Wagon or Team Harness. Call and dee for yourselves- ao K E M O V A L »,r» i: r*-?u, UAH v DWELLING 110lSE>, W A K K H 0 r W K S , A: ( ' . .Ith.r W,,.,,, ., B r-,«. n 1r.t :.»,. , tylr . tn ,, „ ..,.,„ J A. B^;M i>i< 41 ANTP4CTI itINi, W . F . B A V L E V . Has removed to hia old *iaQd, NO.J 1SU EAXT VVATEli (NTKEET, tt J. .V. RonetUtl'i iVy limutiskiT,,. And having «uoh sdilltloni to h exei utlnfl h i N t: ir o K 'i ii A i i s : As to snab e him to »»y lo the public with oonflden.v that he is now prepared to furnish them with avery Je slrable style of Picture known to the com i-unity, an, I at such Astounding Low Prices as lo defy competition , for example, Dagiierrotypes tor »-| I.I. SIZE PIIOTOWKAPHS »or only 11,00 the nrst one, »nd 60c for Ihe DuplloMes MELAINEO'IYPES, A.T1MKO«.IIAPHM Atd In fact every other style of Picture, at corresponding low prices. imPERlAL. PHOTOGRAPHS, Colored In either Oil or Water Colors, anil nniahed in the highest «yle of tho ArvJ THE STEKLOTYPE, A new and popular style of Picture, Colored In Oil. which far excels in Accuracy, Boldness and Uenutj .jf nnlab.any other Picture ever offered to the Public.— These Pictures have only to be seen to be admire.l. All who are desirous of saving money ar» respectfully solicited to call and examine Specimens at the Old Stand. Ho 136 Sail Voter ttrtet, XUirauJkef, Witcomrin marl8-d6m W. t. BAVLEY. Aitlst-fe Steam to the Principal Towns in IIV E I* -A. KT 3D . ENGLAND AND SCOTLAND FOB $30. The powerful iron Steamships OIT? Of BALT1MORK, CITY OF WASHINGTON. KAS9AROO, Will sail from New folk for Cork direct and th.n« to Uyerpnol, B»r xrxsr'ALTSRBATB BATUsDAr.^fi The CITY OTMAHOHEETBR anJ VIQO »i» «»" (roln BEiriBT anJ OOsK to New Tors; onca a ilonth. Rate of Passage from Hew York To Cork, Liverpool and the principal towns In IBXLAND, BNQL4ND sjni iCOTLANO : Cabin,..-175 ;.THlrdCl«......|80. *f PasMngen forwarded to Havre. Antwerp, Bre- mJKad HambanrfQ' «?6 in Cabin, *3S Third Olass. TOPAW8(ln_S4h«ir» from Uferpool.) Cabin $85; tholr frleodi^aB obtain BUwaoJtee, Wisconsin. It B.—PuaenK<n br this Une avoid th« risk apd delajoTMUlniit HallfM and Bt. Jotna. mayiffl HAT E3 s, (ap-« and Nraw A r WHOLESALE ANH ,<KTAIL. H. A M 1 \\ VIU.WACIUCH:.. L K H I K r-. r-. 1 . ATLANTIC CABLE FALL vr ITNCLK BKN up to •&,. -.uuia, »ul , !_! Uau if l)'0r«y. L^ ary t L -., for IH5S, on SA 11 KL>A \ A I UI \r O . 1 Q O E a * t Water * l r «• e i lu « 14 B. TH ».).)!• W. B. «Wrrj;ory A to., SSION MF.KCHAN I \1r r.MT WATEU STUKKT. .lui-rit. t'l-. 1 r-.K'.-. PA 1' r-.NT ^ on- Ex plosive 4*.is Lamp. fl^UK public it nu» favon.,1 «ltti ilie DKST, S i »nd most ECONOMIC' »L LK.HT -»-r pru 0<iual if not *uperior lo Uif tx-al Co»l (Jfli*». sdihptml ti> Churches, lloifls, dturrs, K^admtj I Prtvuttt Dvllintjs, liailroad *-'ar». Ac.. A^. ^ tri prove its superiority nv«r *n Portable Linhta use. It Is unlike all other Ljtfnpfl, belni? easily nia brilliant, economical, free from smoke or nme what i« cnoro. entirely «afe frorn all .Ijmger ii jlon. Apply »i JOHN itOODMAN'S, •1ft WIscoOKln stre B. « IfittSTM, •1«8 Agent for Ihe Stato .,< W s J o u a t ii a u i r o u « h , UNDhiKTAKKK sprln.; Nt.,Opv>ostl<u American Haute 51SKP8 OON3TANTLY on han.l -a lar«o «sio,-tmen Jf Mahoganj, BKck. Watout antlotberWoml Oofflns to {ether with risk's Uetallc Burial Casu. The offlcB of the forest Home Cemetery Company Is »tmy place, where 1 havaUin pl»ti of the jroumls 1 Ol always ready to accompany patrons to the Ueme- p-ey to joleet lots or places for burial, »n<l can be found tminy place of bnslness Jay or night. Coffin Trlm- anirsoi all klnJs.foi' nala. «ep2B et to nnln. r K place to boy Groceries is at HPNN A nao> B y ••

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