The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on July 9, 1923 · Page 14
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 14

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, July 9, 1923
Page 14
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PAGE FOURTEEN. THJb HUTCHINSON NEWS. MONDAY, JULY y, VJ£3 Comfort Low Shoes for Hot Weather Soft Black Kid Straps and Oxfords Black Kid 1-strap and Oxfords, C9 flfi tow rubber heels T 1 Black Kid 2 -strap and Ofcford», JO Jj|) low rubber heeU * 1 Black Kid Z-strap and Oxfords, £{} medium heels, at * 1 Black Dress 1-strap Pumps, f C QE Baby Louis heels, at ^UiOU Same Style in Military Rubber $5.95 heels, at . * 1 Teare & Etzler Shoe Store 19 North Main EPY-TIME TALES MORE TALES OF CUFFY BEAR BYiARTHUR SCOTT BAILEY., CHAPTER XIX. SAYS STUDY OF CLASSICS WILL DEVELOP LEADERSHIP AVaiOiinirtun. July 9.—AnoUmr nrioi- niwtl in Uivt -T of UHI study or dn.ssk 'H In Atii'.-ricuii Ki-iiofilfl la i>ut • forward by J'ir. (!«••nrj.;! 1 H. Imuran, pn.'slilont of the Wii 'iHU .^lnn (.'UisHicul club, who \k .v.: an in "unc-i'il Uio <H.of fs>u- tiiK lottnr: "AH iUi'Mldi -nt at thu WiLsehlnpon ','l.ijiHfriil Hub, I huvo horn asked to convoy to yon tho hnnirty i-onirrait illations of our inwii- luTPhlp cm your ap- jnlntiTH'-.iit iiK prim what stronuoua noviUito which is, of pniirjtp, pr^llnjiuiiry 1o a knowlodRo of the c!:iasif:» ami a full -appreciation of their wonderful 111 wary ami cultural v a !u«. "Here* at the natlcmnl capital wo xrntiibtt ions ot rh »M lftV(l hetin dohi^f our utsuost to ad- eluh to K.anlcy i vaIlt '° tllc ytu ^>' ° r tnt1 classics, as naldwiu, (trout 1 s 'i |l 'hir bodies throughout Iho couu- HrlUin's' nnw i »W -i tr> ' havo b *- HM1 thoinR, and we are niir-r. in Iho follow- 1 Ph^'tdcd to note* from nationwide reports that the pendulum la swlngius hit'.'k and an lnfirnashig tftuily and appreciation of tho classics Is ttvery- \vlu;ro bolng evidenced on tho part of tho Amcricaji unlvorsity student. A Shining Example. "Wo aoa in- your tiloctlon to the ot- fioo of prime minister another and most fihinliiR example of the value of a study of the classless tu the dcvel- ministcr of Croat | npmont of leadership In which tho [Jritain and to tMlj iTnllwl State* now more thau over herein how KratCyins" foro stands In noed. /our eU-ctlou is to. "Wu hopo, should you vlult the us. ' United SUtes, Iba-t we may havo tho 'ti'Mit club nifrftUnp, thp. l,on- j plotusuru of your i-innpauy at ono of n account of your apjMMnt- j our club meetings, and tho honor of ruad jimi thu irtatoinuut that! dlsaomlnutluE to Araorlcan scholars has an equal aftfc<;Uun I your approbation of the classics and and his pipe, aa4 ] their valuo lu our unlvoraity eurrlc- at hoij)»> Jn aiit'ii'nt | uJa," 1'arla' wan re<;''ivi><l j lir. Duncan Is professor of Birypt- upproval and ap- j oloR-y and Assyrlolojjy In tho Amorl- c-jin university, Washington, D. C. "At a (Ion Tin, llHMlt W ;i 'Mr. IVihlwin for thi: clar.HlL'H WliUbl )>». MJ)Oi"'i Athena tlian In with an outburst \t p ]au:>Li. Additional Evidence. "WP HP *- In your rttiiprt ion additional cvidvurc of Hto KV *-At valuo of thu ntudy of Hi" clas.slc.>, fro-in whii :hj AiMcrlc;ni -studi-iits havo bepii dril 't-j tns, with t!u« lucr^asilUK vopiui In tli : ; j ; rountry for I 'Wx'.Uva touvswa. This i elpctivt* fonrscj KyBt ^m (»T oducnt.itm bus resulted In a IiMHnn *^l interest, in til*? classiiH, tlm Htudcut qnHo natur- p.Hy shunning tho dlyelnUnti iuid ROIUO- A Knotty Problem Solved. TXm'fc let your daughter wear "bumpers" at thp dance. Make her oat onions.—Now Orleans TimeR-VMcay- une. Whrtn you neefl the <be«t Ford serv- ICP and want gonulno Fonl parts jus-t cull 51*. nay tlino. Rit^and-Klngsley Motor Co. 9-lt Some Queer Question*. That huge 'hoar, Big Foot, waa too fat to run far. Ho aoou grfiW tired. And ho told hlH ,mutea that H wasn't worth while to follow Mr. Bear any longer. "I don 't bellove," he said, "we could, catch Kphrhim until he was almost homo. And If his wife hoard an uproar Juat outRlda liar d .en she'd he sur» to como out." j " I certainly don 't want to fight Mrs. i near" ono of Uig Foot 's companions ; dflduroil. And his frleonda n^rocd ; with him. Thpy auld th«y didn't care 1 to flcht a lady bcr-Auso everybody I knew tbat ladies waro much fiercer fighters than gentlemen. ' "They'd just aa soon scratch you In ! the eye," Big Foot remarked. So tho chase ended. But Curry Boar's father didn 't know that. Not' until ha waa within sight of bla own door did he. atop running, Mr. Bear sought the farthest cor- nor ot the den, wbero he lay down with a deep Klgli. "My goodness, JCphrlam!" cried Mrs. Bear. "How you're panttufi! Yon must havo been running fast.*' 'Must a ItUla oxercisp!" Mr. Bear •wheezed. lie wa.s too tired to talk j much. In a few minutes hp fell nglocp. ] AY hen Cufly came home, some tlino i afterward, Mr. Bear was still in the i Jand of dreams. | "Bo qulotl" Cuffy's motUer eaution- ; ed Win. "Your father ia resting. Ho I sooms to have had a hard day." Cuffy Bear did not tell his mother that he knew all aliuut his father's hard day, bow he had seen. Mr. Boar frolicking with his friends on the opposite side of Blue Mountain, nor how they had had a falilng-out and his father had run away from a fight. At last Mr. Bear woko up and stretched himself. "I feel better," he remarked with a yawn. "'1 had important business to attend to today. And I don't believe I was ever more tired than when 1 roaehed home.' "Did you get tired staudlng oa your head?" Cuffy Inquired, Mr. Bear gave a short laugh. "I ses, my Jad, that you have strange ideas about business,'' ho replied. Now, Cuffy had spied upon his father and bad seen him atandlng on his head, at the "business meeting" which Mr. Bear had attended. But ho didn't dare tell this to his father. "Pa!" Cuffy wont on, "Are you tha fastest runner on Blue Mountain?" "I shouldn't wonder if 1 was," eaid Mr. Bear with an odd smile. He never guessed that Cuffy kn«w how he had run away from trouble. "Does (t take five to make a business nieetiug?" was Cuffy's next In­ quiry. "And do they always break up in a quarrel 1 *" ho added. Mr. Bear's mouth fell open arj he stared at hla eon. Ho couldn't understand how Cuffy happened to ask Mi». Baat-'s mouth fell opan as ft4 atrwtd at bi« .such questions. Ild shook his great* head and gave a grunt of wondur, Copyright 11)23, Metropolitan Newspaper Service, New .York. Tomorrow; Mr. Bear Learns a Few Things About Iliy Son, ;. for Recipes, W E will buy not less than 101 Recipes or suggestions for new uses of Grape-Nuts, paying $50.00 for each one accepted. And in addition— Good Housekeeping Institute, conducted by Good Housekeeping Magazine, will decide an award of $2500.00 for the best four of the 101 new Grape-Nuts Recipes, so purchased: $1,000.00 for the 1st selection $750.00 for the 2nd selection $500.00 for the 3rd selection $250.00 for the 4th selection The conditions of this remarkable offer are so simple and fair that every housewife in the United States has an opportunity to share in its benefits. There Is No Other Food Like Grape-Nuts Practically everybody knows Grape-Nuts as a delicious, nourish- - ing brciikfast food. And while it is common knowledge that Grape- Nuts with milk or cream is a complete food, many housewives do not know of the appetizing and economical dishes that can be prepared with Grape-Nuts. Grape-Nuts lends itself, we believe, tv more uses than any other czreal. Thousands of women are finding varied uses for Grape-Nuts In their home c«;>Vhi;S; and thousumls of ethers wuu'.u be ji'.ad to leurn that Grape-Nuts adds distinctive flavor und nutritive qualities to a gicui variety of dishes. So the thought back of our offer of over $7500.00 for Grape-Nuts Recipes is to bring out the new ways in which this wonderful food is ndding to the health and pleasure of people .everywhere. Ask your grocer, or write to Dept. B, Postuni Cereal Co., Inc., Rattle Creek, Mich., for details o£ the offer of over $7500.00 for New Grape-Nuts Recipes, which must bo mailed by August 31,1923. Sold by Grocers everywhere! er&s&Rt A ATTENDING CAMPS FOR. CITIZENS NO OBLIGATION War Department Does Not Require Those Taking Work to Serve Enlistment. Oninhn, N'ehr., .Tilly 9. —The War Department In offering tho freo Ollizona' Military Training Camps tu young men ot the country, <ioes not require them to oblluute Ulemsclves. for ruintary service. The Basic Ked Course, for men with no previous military service, and the Advanced Re<i Course, do not constitute any present or future contract of enlistment tn tho Army of the United States. The White Courso Is for graduates ot the Advanced Itoil Couree, or selected citizens wlio have had military service equivalent thereto, who indicate their •willingness to serve at some future time, a.n enlistment in the Army of the United States. The Blno Course provides training for selected Warrant Officers and Enlisted men of tho Regular Army, National Guard and Enlisted Menjs Reserve Corps, fitting VUeiu for service, as second lieutenants. In signing the application blanks to attend the. rump Iho young man makes no contract which wilt bind him to attendance. It unforeseen circumstances render it advi *;U >le. ho is at perfect liberty to withdraw his application at any time. An early tiling of the application will, however, Insuro his helnp: selected for those freo snnaiier camps. The Camps in tlia Seventh Corps Area will he held from August 1st to August 30th, at Fort SnullliiK. Minn., Fort Dos Moines, la., and Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, Young men between the BKes of 17 and 24 are eli- eil«ib!e and everything is provided free including railroad faro, food, lodging, uniforms and equipment, and medical und dental reatnient. Training, recreation, athletics, and amusements tftro all provided. For full information apply to tho local representative of tho Military Training Camps Association at your railroad station or your post office, or write to Major General George B- Duncan, Commanding; iho Seventh Corps Area, Army Building, Omaha, Nebraska. DECLARES PEOPLE SHOULD KENPER LIQUOR DECISION The Last Week of Our JULY CLEARANCE SALE Ending Saturday, July 14 Men's Three-Piece Suits $30—$35 SUITS $40—$45 SUITS $50—$55 SUITS $23*33*39 Year Around Suits— This is not the Type of Clothing you might expect to find in a sale. If you don't know the prices you would think such suits were our Fall stock in ahead of time. We're ready to forego profits; _ We're entirely disregarding the prices that fine quality suits like these ought to bring, even during sale times— ^You better .hurry. Established 1887 NUSSBAUM'S Sec Our Windows HUTCHINSON GETS HIGH CLASS MILK Bacteria Count i» Low in-the Majority of Testa—Cream u High as 5.4 Per Cent. Geerito Howard Ferguson. The Connofratifos of the Canadian proviuco of Ontario, li.j by Goorgo Ho ward Ferguson, havo Just won an overwhelming victory, virtually wlp ing out the Farmer-Labor party. Tho Conservative platform favored allowing tin. poople to deoido tho liuuor question thoiuselve*. 6PRINKUNQ TAX The SprlnWUig tax Is now payable. This tax may bo paid at the City Clark's office up to August 1st. 1923. H it Is not paid hy that date It will bo certified to the County Olerk as a special assessment to bo placed upon the tax r^Ua. This ufluesuuiont will carry 7 per dent interost. - Hutchinson Is petting sood milk, according to J. A. Schardeln, city dairy inspector. Tests have Just been corn- pitted by Mr. Sehardoln o£ tho local dairies and despite the fact this is tho most! unfavorable time of the year, has found ten dairies with less than 100,000 hacterla and 24 with less than 50.000 bacteria. ' Cream tests of the milk range from 3 nnd a fraction per cent to over 5 per cent. In casifs -whore Clio bacteria count was exceptionally high Mr. Schardeln took second counts and in each instance a great reduction was shown, failure to cleanse a bottle or keep the milk ou Ice could cause tho exceptionally high counts. "Keeping milk cool at this time of the year Is Juost vital," said Mr. Schardeln. "It should be. cooled to fit) degrees Immediately aftor milking." The Tabulated Record. The following table ' shows the cream tests of milk sold by local grocers, dairymen and cream stations and the bacteria count for the first time: . Cream Llacteria Namo of Dairyman Tost Count Mrs: H. Jones KA Ohas. JV Gordon *.Z I. H. Onagy 4,2 W. 0. Herudon 4.7 Hutch. ConflenBcry 3.2 (l'asteurlzed) J. C. Epperson 3.6 A. 3. Bally Dairy .......4.1 Sand Hill (O. L, Criup)..4.0 T. I. Urowu (Winona). .3.9 Li. M. Wright 4.0 A. Ghappoll Dairy 3.8 II. C. Uloom Dairy 3.0 Hutch. Creamery* , 3.6 G. P. Jones Ss U Doughty ,.4.* A. II. Martin 4.0 Wm. Thurman 4.2 Claude L>resaler 4.8 HlUerest (Shonpard) 4.8 W. A. Shulor 3.2 Vlndale (Geo. Vlncont).6.1 'Myers & Morris f>.» • (l'astourlzod) S\ M. Imel 4.8 Harry Bugler j... ,4v0 •R. W. Shaml .; 4.8 •M. B. Zimruennan 6.2 So. Hutch. Dairy 3.3 Ballard Orouery ...8.4 C. I'. Bnydor B.« Orandv'w (0. B. Child8..4.3 Joe Ijams .4.0 Shady-Nook, (JohiiBDu). .3.6 Plougho'a Dairy SJ Triangle (A. M. Davis).S.8 T. V. Downs '. 4.L O. U Redd l.V Golden West Croamory. .8.8 I. 9, Bchrock 4.4 XX 3. Yodor "... (Cream) Fred McMurrjr ....,.... a „8.S H, B. l\vll .4* V/, R. Crow ....S.t Koloka (Keyuolde) 4.1 J. A. Clinton .. «.T Donald McKay 8.1 Olaverd&le Dairy 8.4 All But One Reduced. Seooud oounU were mad* tn the fol- TEETH The Roofless Plate Restores the original corn tour and expression of the face— Gives your food its Natural Taste Eat corn off the cob on a' Twenty Year Guar ante* B. W. Crabb, D. D. S. UNION DENTISTS 18<4 N. Main HUTCHIN80N, KANSAS Open Evening* by Appointment Phone 1M> 18,000 7,000 17,000 23,000 860,000 050,000 13,000 6,000 22,000 62,000 05,000 85,000 27,000 31(1,000 410,000 78,000 886,00* 8,000 19,000 195,000 9,000 16,000 53,000 27,000 73,000 2,200,000 430,000 1,120,000 12,000 13,000 020,000 82,000 lG,«0fl 81,000 tWO.000 188,000 8S.0OO 120.000 1,360,000 87,000 4,000 6,000 180,000 86,000 74,000 PALMER DENTAL CO. Popular Priced Dentlit 28J N. Main Phone 26S9 Gat for Extraction Hutchinson Liberal FOR SKIN TORTURES Zemo, the Clean, Antiseptic Liquid, Just What You Need, Don't worry about Eczema or other skin troubles. You can hare a olear, healthy skin by using zemo obtained at any drug store lor 8Bo or extra large bottle at 811.00, Zemo generally removes Pimples, Blackheads, Blotchos, Kcxema and Ringworm and makes the skin clear and healthy. Zemo is a clean, pone- tratlng, antlsepUo liquid. It is caBlly apulled and oost« a mere trifle lor each application. It Is always dependable. Rheumatism Cured Quickly, By Blanket I waa all run down pbystnaSr and had very bad spells <5f neural jla and sotatlo rbeunwtl&nj, but the MAONsV OOIL. BIJANKET {has entirely cured Die, also my dauffhtor, Ruti, who was tn a 'bad way wlUi Bright'e disease and high (blood -pressure. The doctors wanted to operate on 'hor K but attar using the MAQNKOOIL, aboat two months, efhe (s entirely well and the (Cloture at healtn after the doctor eati thoro was no ehow without au opera, tton. , I will say that I would not take any amount of money for ray Blanket tt I could not get another one. Yours truly, MRS. MARTHA WHEAT. Box 127A, Sugar Station, Salt Lake City, Utah,NEURALGIA SCIATIC RHEUMATISM BRIGHT'S DISEASE HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE Magnecoil Sales Co. 815 North Adam* Si. Hutchinson. lowing cases vMch showed a reduced Imctorta count: Hutohlnson' Cwndensary, 86,000; J, C. Epperson, 410,0001 O. V, Jonee, 8«y- 000; South HutchlnBon Dairy, US8/>00>| Joe Ilam», 228,000; T. V. Downs, 4V OOOi H. D. Fell, 17,000. In only one oust Aid the second count develop greater amount ot baor terla. That was the 0. Doughty tiftlry if aara tat Mount showed, ^tffcMO on th» aewlWjBjtki-y,:".: £W*%i% v RED GROSS BALL BLUE No Miw Maaeay >< you use *KO CROSS BAIX BLUB. au. ORocmm. ifinf decemUy Is pajrtiot-.nvaraa*,,

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