The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois on July 10, 1914 · Page 6
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The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois · Page 6

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, July 10, 1914
Page 6
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Page Six THE D E C A i U K H L, » i h, VV Friday Evening, July 10,1914. Speakers of Note Will Be Heard at Shelbyville. Bhelb«llle TnU 10 --The Kev Arthur S Chapman pastor of the First Methodist church \\ ho is to entertain the annual Illinois conference in Seo- tember foi tn» second co7ibecJti\e j ear, has practical!* completed the program which with but IPI chansi- from its present condition v ill so to the printer ·within a fev. das The conference, -v.ith "Pi'hop ^ illiam F McDowell again pre= r'mg will open 'Wednesday ^ept " and contint-e u n t i l Monday Sept 14 Contrnrv to i ustom the opening session v ill he eld W ed ·nesda/ e v c n i r ^ c instead of W e(lnesd-i mo'nin? in order to a f f o i d the preach ers an oppoi-tunit* to i ote in the pil- mari-s Before leivm for Shellnville w h f i e t h e / iM'l i r r i x o V tdncidai afternoon i ]"i Isjtcr th-"- -VMS the case last 3 "a'- NOTABLE SPEAKERS Both t h e Women * Home and "^ omen s Foreign pn=sionar societies w i l l j, ae « TIPC- s p f - i k i r s of natlom! reputation and cle rltetl ·speikcrs ire pn- ·Mdei for other special events througli- c it t n " c o n f f r e n i - i =c«.=l"n ^rnons the^f I, t - e r*\ r - h a i ' e s L Meafl P D of N e w 10'K rn\ -v ho w i l l she n n a1(1-e! eirl- fa\ it t h « ' o'clock hour, fillirsr t h « pla f In -n hich ths Rev M = Fi » then of Pi 1'ith but now of Pe- f o l t Tle2"=c4 o ^plendi 11 la*.t iear rR -iNTmi B \XQUET ^PE VKER Th program for the i n n u o l educational hanqnet 1= parti'-iila'-'v Interest- i n g Dr E M V n t r i m of Decltur, T5«,-mn; Oldhim a r d V c D o w c l l and Dr Mcid are t 1 e epnlvP = w h i l e TJmted ^tate^ ^»^ato r 1 1 S^errmn has been i m i t » l lo STIC ·"= toa«tn - = t e i 4,= w a = tlT» r-is-o li-t \ e a i the Sund a ^ o r n l n ^ ^ r i h i p w i t h se-mon M r h. m ^ u l m ^ bi rp w i l l he held in the a j d i ' i r m it 1 o i r i » p i i K v lw-e 1 jOO penile heard Pi'Iinr M Don o 1 in 1013 ; TO V T T F N D r T* 1 t * ^ c°""e -t'fj io e *od to t hon^ 1 1" t T^Tnl* on Ills be tc- er fro~i n r ^ i i n r r r n c e 17 Companies Rebel Against 10 per cent Increase. ShelbvHle, July 10--As one feature of the agitation 01 er ad\ancing rates the Findlay Mutual Telephone corn- pan ieoresentatlves of seventeen telephone lines m the s d i r o u n d i n g 1 county tr" submit to the 10 cent increase, w h i c h was claimed to be necessary un- uei the r u l i n g of the Public Utilities t_cmmittee Prior to this time the company has I State bank at Findlay, h«» b««n elected I president o£ that Institution ^ Ice jj-hamas Fleming resigned. At the ' stockholders' meeting, directors were elected as follows Thomas Fleming, J. B Snapp, A. C Atkinson, W S. Mlddlesworth F 2s Ethwartz, S D Parr, C. E Pogue, AMI 11am M Pogue and V. B Crult. RBID-TERWILLIGEB Homer C Reid of BhelbyUlle and Miss Belle Terwllllger of Rose township were married at the parsonage of the Moulton MethodHt church at 8 30 Wednesday evening, the \ons being received by the pastor the Rav Fred C Fulford Mr and Mr". Reid will resia« in Shelbyville The brldo Is a daughter of William Tern linger TOVL CAR JUMPS TRAGIC. A coal car in an eastbound Biff Foar freight train Jumped the track in the tore end o' the vards about noon Thuicfla LID the track Cor a distance of sc\ era! oioLhs me lines i» -w u ^ w u » u . * i B *-««»- ^nd f i m l b tnerturned near tho Smith Sup- rnet in comentlon and "voted not | p j y com pa m s factorj Howard G, Weaktej who has been ·visit- ing hia mother Mrs Ann \\eakley £or s\- eral dai s left for Cleveland O to attend the w e d d i n g of h l s brother Dr 4.1 t h u r "neakley and Miss Lillian Terr $20,000 REALTY DEAL A real estate ^transfer involving a con- i r r l O r 1.O tlllS 1111 JO I I ' a W V U I p a i i J uaa fi. i eai v. -- ...»»,_. ......... ..-c, -- A A charged stockholders 40 cents a month here rat Th£ C deal is one'ln which^oltfelb P for their telephone senlce and n o n - f oerldn sold ICO acres in section 0, oT Wind- stockholdeis SI a m o n t h The first of Jrmar\ the Utilities commission de- cl irecl these *-ates to be a difacrimm- ation, and oid"d a new rate "Now the "·tockliolde^s in contributory lines re- the new rate, and f u s e to aide by tiouble ig on It is likely *lie matter will be gl%en 1 caring before the commission In an ' M o ^ t to adust the matte 1 * to the aat- staction of all parties conce:ned FIXDLAY BAXK ELECTION 1 C rj Pogue, one of the men who recently acquired the stock of Colonel C Smith of Normal In the Farmers sor township to Fred E talker Other trans f ers filed \\Ith County Recorder E E Herron are as fo'lowa John B Hcnr to Homer TV Stilgebour, lots "U and ^1 Mock 2 DolHUie, $600 I v A G o d f t i n to T H Nichols lot 8, block 34 Tower Hill SSW I oonori Banks and George W Banks to veil McDonald lot 4, block 1 Thomas ^een IP ide \vhpr^tn 1hf \ r,~\e -Trrixlat'(1 r v s ^c1l ^ t ti lo . Fn 1 i-i t! 1 "\Eon T* an! TV T- K l S a d d i t i o n to Sheibyxllle *SOOO B TV Korr to Charles Franrh 2-10 acres in section 7 Co'd Spring $50 aO NEW SUITS FILED A new suit filed for the November te-m of the circuit court Is In distress for rent the p l u n t i f r being Dr Guy C Fnker of this citv and the defendant J A Fraker Tlie mfirbers o£ C\ r u s Hall post G A R iTid the Y l o m a n s Relief Corps met w i t h the po-=t commander E H Martin and Mrs Mai tin on the porch o£ their residence TS cd- ne^diy evenm,, and enjoyed a couple 01 \ e n pleaiiint hours to Thf ' 1 and 1 tor ?t tc rlor 1-1 to-i T h e p-ogmi 1 ^" th c r n f ronce w h f f * i he } n Qe-^i'-'n for th i n t \ - n t con« L I \\ear M i l nt, a« f -"-^ TVED\E' ; :D\T ^F 1 ^ -- \ ' t p r n o o n c e"i n j (o--r-on 1 " '·err^ e\ mi i it *rs at I c bv*c a-i c h iir.h 2 *· r i .n p i b\ "V\ ^ Fh 1 p c 5 f0--\nnu»l r imn. *· riTi^n h^ I t \ E L =* etc! =r T m True- - - ic«. 4 Qfi-- \d r * I Ft L M ad Th^me ' T*»e Freact~ r T\ F M N G ^r^-TON 6 45--Sl r «.et p e^c^ us L " i on bv Re^ A C Adam* F J \ i l 7 4 , c o n f i t n ^ t . ^ f c i n n f O Organization t2 - - T i c t il t 1 - n j...^.^ - - . l \ --FIT H -Vorn np: --e'-' : ion g ,n_=;acraTnerT ft T n 1 ·« ^ PPer conduct d l v B '01 A\ F VcDowUl 9 13--Con ^-en 1 se"ion AFTERNOON SE-^ION 1 20--Meeting o^ comm tte = 2 00--· Xinivc^i-j his or c i s^ci^tj Sem 1 - centtnniai se'-n on L J c\ He-ace Deed of De-itu" 4 (o--^('tl 1 ''- 1 - 1 Kf^ L h i r ° s L ^ t a d Them" The Prub err r «,_ \n"ual banquet o* undTsrifiuatc" ·wi'h board o f e x a m m e i c r:\EMNG hL.S'SION C 4j--^t'e^t prei h "p ^CTaor b\ Be\ A K l i r n s of C if 1 o MI 7 4--i_ntcr..a n r r t n to l!_ f r« (.\pcnses 01 con erei c^ T r'D\"i =i] PT 1 -- Tornint, Sessio i 5 j«»-- r on t en e ·= ^nr* ; ro-- V men F en "X i in. 'ocleti ainuersir\ m Chr = i n f l i h !-\ -«ar\ Pre Vr \id socletv \e s i r \ F i = i Mi««lon-m so- clet \idie« M Ei hop TV F O (Jhanl 4 f0 -- A l d r =c o^ ! *· Chjr es I* M"ad Them* R e c l c m p r i f i 5 1 j -- e^/·nth a n n u a ' -d cit ona banquet Toastiiai er s-"3toi L 1 hciman p ob abl O ir Co n-n 'onal B n Pe^ t ^1 Antrin Decatur TV hat tho -chocls Don t Tea h · Rrv Charles L. H^at" Suclcnt \ ol- unteers ' B!s lop ^ F u d n i m W a n t e d Leader* ' Ei c ! on "V\ r "*! Dov el] ft 4"-- c treet preitT ns ^crmon b K»% J ·^ Miller JaCK on^Il e 7 4r -- Joint m t c t r p p-^achcrs ana lavmen r i ^cldre«!« bN P \ Tlioiraa ~- Jcholson D D Ne% lo-k Citj (- \da-f* b Pci Charles t, Meid , SATI RDAT 'SEPT 12 -- Mornine EesJlon S 30 -- Conference se c on 3000 -- Jtepoit of commutes on eflucatlon AFTEKNOON SESSION 2 00 -- \nnua me^'ing Preachers A'-* ao- cleu in public librae 2 uO -- The Now F nanelil Plan T B Trimb e Nen iork C i\ 2 o-- \nni\ersar of R o m a n s Horre M »- siona^ sotieti in Prr^bM^ nn rhurch Arldrc=i bs Ke\ char!»3 ^ Mead Thome "Prevention E \ E M N G "E'SION *5 4V- = :treft preaching Ser lion bv Ke-\ G W Fiasco Jack'omlllP 7 4,j-- \mher«a-v Frccdmen R Aid swietv Addre«-s M P v C 1 Dog-in s )o -- Vnni%eTai v Temperance society Ad- drc«s b H T rue "W Non SLNDAT -I-:rT I I 5 00 -- Conference lo e f v a s t led bi Parker 10 "0 -- Mornnc w o c hip ^e'mor bv BI"hop ·W F ·McDowell 2 00 -- Conference ppsion for annual memorial -;emro ^ 0 0 -- Ordination serMre (a Dea'-ons (bl Elders 4 00 -- 4ddre5 b Kt.\ rharlea L Mead Them" Christ 'u'f cient 6 4*i -- S rect preaching ^ermon. by Elev ST M Antrim Dentur 7 ,',-- ^nniver«;ir% Home M "sinnar^ society A-ddress b ^e\ T H Bo^ord Phila^ delphia j, 45 -- Anm\Tsars hoard of ^un^Tv -;choo « Addre^-j b F*\ Fdgar B Tke ChlcTgo MONDA-V. SFPT IS fl 00 -- Tonferonre SP C SIOTI RESINOL HEALS ITCHING ECZEMA TlttEuy Wa 7 to Got R4 of Torment, ing, Uniightir Skin Eruption*. If your ekin itches and burns with eczema or other tormenting, unsightly ·kia trouble, simply wash the Bora places with Kesinol Soap and hot water, dry, and apply a little Reemol Ointment. The itching stops instantly, you no longer hare to dig and scra'teh, sleep becomes possible, and healing begins at once. That 11 because the soothing, ·ntiseptic t Rcsiiiol medication etnkes Tight into the surface, arreats the action of the disease and lets the tortured, inflamed ekm rest, almost always restoring it to perfect health-quickly, easily and at little cost. Eesinol Soap and Besmol Ointment ·re also speedily effective in even eerera met stubborn cases of pimple' bluet' beads, dandruff, Bores and pile-, Pre- Kfibed by doctors for over nineteen years, and sold by practically every druggist For free trial, w rite to Dept. KK, Beamol, Baltimore, Md Don't be deceived, by inferior "substitutes." Have You Ever Worn White Shoes If you have never worn white shoes, at least you have noticed how attractive they loo'k on other women. It still remains for you yourself to experience their coolness and comfort on warm Summer Days. White Colonial pumps--Canvas at $2.50. -4.00 and $5.00; !» A Xubuckat ^^ White tailored pumps---Can- C»O vas at $3.00; Xubuck at «PM. White Trot-Moc Oxford-- fl»/1 Xubuckat 34. White buttoned boots--Nubuck at $4, £4,50 and $5; £O A A r-anvas at if2.50 and .. .«P*J»W Bathing Shoes The newest styles; for men and women. For women in white. fl*1 A A For men in black . «PA»vV l*V 'J/North W*fcrSf CUT PRICE MARKET 150 MERCHANT ST. Bell Phone 3053. Auto Phone 1446. Here is your chance to buy your lard for Summer use, as it will be higher in a short time. Saturday we are offering Danzeisen's pure lard at the low price of lie per pound; any amount; for Saturday only. FRESH MEAT SPECIALS Pure rib beef roast, per pound 12'/zc Native beef steak, per pound IS'/zc Fancy beef boil, per pound 10c Boneless pork roast, per pound 14'/2C Shoulder pork roast, per pound 12Vic Nice fresh pork steak, per pound 15c Fresh spare ribs, 3 pounds for 25c Choice lamb roast, per pound lOc Fresh lamb stew, per pound 7'/zc Sugar cured bacon 3 to 4-lb average, each, per pound. .IS'/jc Choice salt pork, per pound lOc Choice corned beef, per pound 12'/zc Home dressed chickens, per pound There Has Been a Big Rush AU Week For The | Sensational Furniture Bargains Offered In This Gigantic Year-End Furniture Sale T HERE'LL be a still bigger rush tomorrow, for, in addition to the wonderful values previously advertised, scores of greater ones have been added. This is a GENUINE clearance; radical price cuts in every line to effect a quick disposal before invoicing--a 30-day whirlwind of under-pricing that sets new standards of value giving m Decatur. Not a sale of close-outs and odds and ends, but of new, artistic, desirable furniture and house furnishings on which prices have been reduced 20 to 50 per cent. Can you beat it? You can't!--not in a decade. Come tmorrow and see what a very little money will do. You can buy for either cash or credit during this sale. Why not open an account? The Greatest Bargain Ever Offered in a Pullman Style Revolving Bed Davenport $22.95 A beautiful davenport m day time One motion comerts into a comfortable bed. The finest bed da\cnnort m tlie srorld Worth $30. Our special sale price All Porch Furniture 20% Off If you're foresighted you'll buy porch furniture right now. The finest stock in the city offered in this sale--genuine sea grass furniture, porch swings, couch hammocks, lawn swings, etc. All at choice, 20% off. $18 Dining Table An all-oak pedestal dining table in rich quarteicd oak f i n i s h , extends 6 fee' Has a 15- inch top \ splendid 318 dmmg table, in this sile for l?ll 95. $2.50 Porch Swing $1.48 100 of these dandy porch swings on sale Saturday. 4 feet long; all solid oak. bolt construction. Actual C1 £9 S250 values Library Tables $9 Values $6.85 A limitless variety of fine «ll-oak library tables, newest most artistic designs all popular finishes be sure and see the extraordt- n a r j 19 00 value we offer at . ... $6 Cabinet 29 Cents --for this handsome stand table In mission finish 30 Inches high, round or he\ son top ~oc \ i l u e $10.00 Oak Dresser $5.85 An elegant all-oak dresser at a marvelous price. Is all solid oak throughout in a rich golden finish, has large French be\el plat mirror and three large room} drawers A dresser that can't be equaled anj- for 510--our sale price, $5 85. All solid oak flour bins, 4 drawers and large top and cabinet with 2 bread board; value at only $398. wonderful Yours now for $1.50 Oil Mop Outfit Just exactly what ou want for floors and Tvoodviork. Set consists of 1 oil mop, 1 polishing rag and can of oil. A regular 81.50 outfit, Saturday, 79c. $7 Gro-Cart $3.95 Full collapsible go-carts dependably made nicely finished; leatherette hood. $7.00 eq oc %alue 9O.8P Universal Food Chopper Think of it! a genuine Uni- \ersal f o o d chopper with 3 ets of gears for cutting UD meats, fruits, etc Standard SI 25 values, Saturday, for 73c. 79c Refrigerators 20% Off 432-450 NORTH WATER STREET Clocks Alarm Cloctu with strong:, vigorous alarms, guaranteed 4Qf* for 1 year «t»B TVatcbei, guaranteed to keep good time tor one year FREE Seven-piece crystal glass fruit set with one pound can Baking Powder Set of six tlnn tumblers, or set of six china pie plates with 1 pound tea. SUGAR 25-pound cloth bags, pure cane $1.15 10 pounds, cloth bags 50c 5 pounds, cloth bags ? -_. : .. .25c The Union Pacific Tea Co. Both Phones. U6 E. Prairie St. USED CARS AT A BARGAIN ONE 1914 Runabout--demonstrator--as good as new; used thirty days. --ALSO-- ' One Studebaker Touring Car. One Overland Touring Car. One Ford Runabout. All cars in good running condition. Come and see J. G. Starr Son Lincoln Square, Decatnr, 10. 1EWSP4PERS nFWSPAPFRI

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