The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on March 10, 1966 · Page 14
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 14

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 10, 1966
Page 14
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14 Thursday, March 10., 1966 We 1. Lodge Notices 1-A Special Notices •.P.O. ELKS No. IMF. kjr -meetina at S p ^- Thursday. Mercn 10. 1*6*. Jome* F. F«/rei, Exatt«J Ruler Henry I- Satiik Jr.. Secy. STATED MEETING •* Odor Bayou Chaster No. 11. O.E.S., in tne Masonic Hall. Cedar Baton, Thursday, Mcrcn la. 1*64, 7:30 P-m. Ail members urged to ottena. Frances. Parker. W.M. Mrs, Louise Klmes, SecY- STATED CONVOCATION Of Goose Creek Cncpter NO. *S !tA.«A.; Thursday. MCfCft 10. 1966, 7:30 p-m.. In fie Goose Creeic Masoric halt Members W5JM to attend. Soiournins companions cordially Invited. w. H. Engiefcarat. H. P. J. F. AJcosn. Secy. 11. Female Help Wanted f 15. Work Wanted MRS. KARL W OPRYSHEK, CandiOote YOUNCSLOOO'S RESTAURANT is no» »or Position No." 1 In me School Truste* , taking appikntioni for qualified perso"- - invites Interested persora to coll i net to Decome waitresses- waitress ex- - - ! perienee not necessanlv required. Apply far YOt>niGBt-OOO S RESTAURANT art- II a.m.. 100 N. Alexander Drive. NUMBER SSJ-8045. 3. Card of Thanks KAREN ELAIME HEWITT. WAITRESSES WANTED — Apply in person, \3i- S. SrooCwttY. !_A PORTE BOWLING LANES. WAITRESS WANTED — Evening shift, rvocn to S o.m. Apoly CEDAR INK. 401 We wish to lake this means !o express IN. main, CHILD CARE — in mv home, day or night. 602 South Fourth. CH.'LD CASE — in my home, days, one year of ooe or cbove. Phone 532-6102, CANDY CANE NURSERY mfc-Ms to 10 veers. New Nursery. K'iri intelligent loving care. Hot Meals. Preschool instruction. 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. 583- our heortieB tftonXs for the countless actsi of kindness extend**! ot the loss of our • loved one. . , . Your prayers, florol offerings ana food as well os me visits will always be remember ecL i CHILD CARE — In my home, any hours, O!d 8avto*n area. Reasonable weekly or hourly rates; references. 533-5296. 12. Male Help Wanted The W S. Hewitt Fa.'nily'. AUTO MECHANIC — M«t be experienc- 'ed. firsi clcss rrwn. Good references, re- :iable. Satary or commission. Apply Tony Messick at Kemp and Tony's Rambler. Monuments-Lots TWO CHOICE CEMETERY SPACES —In section B of Memory Gardens- Owner moved our of town, -nust sell. 5E2-7121 i 3300 N. Moln. fSovtown. EXPERIENCED AUTO PAINTER — Must be experienced, first class men. WHITE iPACE INCREASES READERSHIP IRONING DONE. PICK. UP AND DELIVER. CALL 1S3-2O96. INTERIOR - EXTERIOR PAINTING — Part - time work. Free estimates. STATED ASSEMBLY ef Goose Creek Council No. 339, n. arai S. M_ in tn* Goose j TBI-CITY MONUMENT CO. —Grani Creek Masonic T e m p i e f ^narfcl*. bronze monuments, grave ma; Thursday. March 10. 1«*6. atjers. Cemetery work. Terrs, no carryinj Good references required and rtlicOSe. ] Call Boo Francis, J2» 6. Aron, Salary or commission. Apply Tony Mes- 532^939, 16. Apartments For Rent NEW APARTMENTS Wickersheimer Manor 510 Wlilioms St. 1 and I (edroom Units Furnished «• Unfurnished Utilities Optional Individual Air/Heat Covered Paved Parking Necr Churcnts, School, Sboppina SSJ-11I7 Stt-UK 28. Pets - Supplies 31. Articles For Sale } 31. Articles For Sale 39. Business Opportunity AKC BEAGLES — 3 Moattts old. Also. Leopard stock does. Cail 532 SSI3, 5-5:30 weekdays. 8-12 Saturdays. SHOULD SELL OUR PRICE 3.0 Fls Hooks per JOO S. 65 Wire Mstaxn Trao S 2,75 Tarr«5 Cotton Trot Line, AKC *eSI$T6RED POODLE POPPIES Five weeks old, fenale, olecK, SSO. Pnone 333-1536. AKC REGISTERED MALE CHIHUAHUA- $55,00 One Wheel Auto Trailers ... PUPPIES — Five weeKs old, S25 each.- Hand Brass Bells s !.? Phone 583-1534. j-^l ii ncnnm'c* CULPtPPER S i . , i f. t Warehouse bhowroom (ASHWORTH-S CORNER GROCERY — (Owner ret:r^c. Suildsna land and flx- tures, 814 w. Main. Price ».»» ... that ; l is al; ... hurry, it won't las: tons. } EOSIE cox, Reoitor. 5»»-n;» or GA1LLARD. No. 10 S. 1SABY LAMBS. 110 each. *_,«_ »-.~i.K^i' Parakeets, all coiors. S1.98. l-ream ro™sn*e. GREENWOOD . s PET SHOP. SPARKY BOND, Realtor 997 S. Meto Dial Nights and Sundews, 5KJ-W7S or SU-7751. 17. Houses For Rent GERMAN SHEPHERD PUPPIES —AKC registered, wormed. 8 weeks, males, 575; females 550. 521-663?. POODLES. — 3 female Miiatoy, AKC registered, btock, 7 weeks. 560. 582-7290. POODLES — Two males, one female, a-weeks old. AKC registered. Bargain, 535 eacn. 11703 Sraila Rd., Crosby after S. ARBOR, 430 — Reef dean. 2-bedroom. . furnished house, coupie only {lease!. Ap-' pooDLE GROOMING it. I sick at Ke-no arxJ Tony's Rcrnsler, 330C t Jj'is wia'n Bav;w.-p. 'GENERAL CARPENTRY — L^i - - - - — -- nanging, flrUsnina aaa pointin ply 422 Arbor. — Outside men for television t aaa poi toos, ornami Ing. Caoinets i CEDAR BAYOU RD., 2Z17 — Jtnnlsche ental Iron, i Addition. 2-bedroom furnished house. By I Boardino, stud service. ICLAtR LAC KENNELS. 1300 Clear Lake. Highlands. 42i-335S evenings and weekenas. tons Invited. 1-A James C. «*cCa!eb. T.IJA.J J. F. Alcorn, Secy. 5. Personals ! 582-8153 or CA 7-0595 (Houston Pine> for ' mterview appointment. Spedal Notices ULCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS SANDERS CAKE SHOP — WEDDING SPECIALISTS. Catering service, mano- ora-nmed naok.ns. weddino invitations, bride oooks. Open 9 a.m. to e> p.m.. 1611 Jones Rd.. HiBnlomSs. 42A-2T.». LIKE A ntormation on alcoholism. if you have a drinklna problem, call 533-9700 or 5S3-2723. Lost and Found Sun is tnouafl'- ! LOST — Young white pig, Tuesday, vl- sun IS inouon. ,_._,.. ,„,„ M<jssey Tomoklns Hd. Two SALESMAN WANTED — To s«l nationally advertised brands. SaScry plus commission. Excellent company Deneflfs. Apply in person, WESTERN AUTO. Mr. T. WcJmsley. 623 w. Texos. HOUSE DAY NURSERY — Stale license, working mothers enroll your cniiu now in ocy care nursery. Call 583-2337 for ooointment. MAINTAINER — For teas*, with ooero lor. 19.00 per hoar. 582-3434 days. 5S3-1229 nishts. DEFEE, 201 E. — Partially turnlsred 3- bedroom house, newly decorated. 550. S22-S222; after 6, 522-O241. E. JAMES. 301 — 3 Bedroom unfurnished house, couple only. Call 5S2-6S79. PAINTING. PAPERHANG1NG — Price! ELM, 1611 — 3 rooms and both. Complete nacie. Work guaranteed. "The Bes!! <y redecorated, garage, wasn nous*. S3S Less." SB3-5537- I month. 582-2066. ST'OIicn TO tne oayrcwn awr» i» iiiwu-jsi:-, ——— - ... a —7. fui, tnexoensive and will be apsreciated cinlty !01B M< dov after day. Start your subscription | auction aimer TELEVISION BENCH MEN AND OUTSIDE MEN — Must Know color. Salary. commensurate with ability. Prvone 5E2-J _ SI5S or CA 7-C57S iHouscon line) for inter- SEWING — Specializing In childrens'! FORREST, 500 — Lara* tu-Jvmlshed Iview appoKntmer^ c!orh:nc. Mrs. Jonn CoUins, 1605 Wilbum j bedroom house, near Lamar school, gar- WANTED - Two new car salesmen and! P-'*«e. 533-5326. j age. urtHfy^roorn. fenced yard. 220 wir- crie useo car salesman. Gooa oeoorTi-Tilly j WANTED — Typing In home. Sta!«nents,! . •S on back. 582-4244. LOST — Grandmother bracelet, silver, [ 5 charms. LOST Saturday. Sentimental vat- !ue. 5S2-2177. todav to your favorite serviceman sluaent away at school. J--rst call Thi Sun circulation deaartment. 5S2-8302. ORDER SUN PHOTOS i LOST DOG — Small brown male. Lake- j Place orders tor reprints of pictures i wooe area Looks like CnihuOhyc, an-.j made by Saytown Son »fto;o jrapners by j swers ;- "Sparky." Phone 566-S311. I ca!:ir, B SS2-0!2_or wri.ino^to Ths Sun_aj| STRAYED „.,. _ Largt Iong ^ : Blvd. •or riant mcr>. See -V : r. fAcrym et TH4D FELTON FORD. _ j YOUNG MEN — Ages 16 to 25. free to I travel and assist photographer in adver- j Apply 'AS-W ' Photo Shop. 412 E. Texas.' letters, etc. Experienced. GRANTHAM, tC3 —3-Bedroom, l\1i baths, central heat, beauiiful fence. Cail 5B2- JSJ17. after 5 p.m. S66-7S72. 29. Livestock - Supplies APPALOOSA AT STUD — Guaranteed to color colt. "Hove trailer. Will Travel". 533-3346. BULLS — 2 Registered Poll Bulls, ore 5 years old, one 3 months oid, 5S3-4233. CUB TRACTOR AND EQUIPMENT, JSOO. Phone 533-3822. HORSE — 4-Year old gentle gelding, S.5C. Cell 5S3-2035 after 5 p.m. Chair INSURANCE Farmers Insurance Group cJSn'°R£iste? IS ^giNewTpiec"e""Bedro^rn"'Su":te":"::'s W>5 A K^ multiple line insurance company Losn Kegisier --.-_- . : j.«.iU| New 2-Piece Livlna Room Suite ..S! 19.951 has a limited number o* apefliacn fer s '-"'New Soitd Mode Doooie Dresser . S 79.9S i Buo! ified agents. Age IS-4J. High School Porch ips Clippers JACK HEARD FURNITURE co. 12 W. Defee. Baytown, 532-4962. TROXELL. R. R. — 804 Mossey. Mr. Troxe-X be ovr guest to attend the showing of "Inside Daisy Clover" now showing at the Brunsan Theatre. Present Ihis cd eft me ticket office for your two free admissions. TVS — 17-40. Phileo, J20; portables from S27.4S; others, S2S.9S and up. Shop re- ocirs. WORLD TV SS3-J433. New Taoie Lamps s 5.95 2410 Market NEW-USED FURNITURE TOWN HOUSE THRIFT SHOP Mcpte Bookcase Bed Complete With Mattress cv-d Box Springs S7».y5 Walnut Bookcase Bed Complete With Mattress and Box Springs Three Peice Sectional graduate. 'Excellent career opportunity for qualified applicants. For Information, call or write: HOMER JOBE, 14» Texas Ave.. Texas City. W! 5-7443 or HU »-33I7, Houston. 40. Real Estate Wanted JOHN M. SHEARER AND ASSOCIATES Real Estate. Sales, Rentals, Loans UOS Market, Baytown. 532-6517. S65.WJ «»•»* SPARKY SEZ. - TYPEWRITER — Underwood standard typewriter, stand, cover, 550- Good con-! 3.tio/i. 582-6*32. | TELEVISION — i 23 in, G.H. Console. Like new, S9S.53. ter-ns. I 5&2-7y77 after 6 p.m. Joe Ccles. I 701 N. Highway 144 Formerly Haliaway's Grocery SSI-S2M Picture Frames Custom Crafted to Fit Your Needs or LIST WITH US GET SUPER SERVICE SPARKY BOND. Realtor S. Main 582-82JS 3ftts and Sundays. 5S3~SS78 or 566-7751 Choose Fro™ Our Big Selection of Ready PHONE 533-5848 •V BELTS AND PULLEYS for refrigerators, air conditioners, pumps, co-npres- _ - - sors, washers attic and window fans. Mace Frames, Aiso, Expert Print and 3000 belts In stock. MASSEV ELECTRIC.! Picture Mountings. 323 S. Pruert. 5S3-7324. ! Home Lumber Co. LISTINGS WANTED! OTIS GRAHAM REALTY SUITE 103 — GRAYSTONE BUILDING JWE WANT YOUR LISTING Coil "Jake ' Ruiter Realty USED GARDEN TRACTOR — With 32- Inch mower o^d electric starter. see at SMALL ENGINE SERVICE, C.'os&y-Huffman Rood, Crosby. Up to SO^ OFF on MUFFLERS Up to 70% OFF on Shock absorcers Spin - on filters, all cars, 51.96 WATSON'S. 3207 Minnesota. 533-3572 5 N Ashbel. Bcvfown, Texas ^S3-4O62 or nigh! 800 E. Texas Avt. 5S2-824! i 31-B Building Material CHATEAU REALTY Mrs. Molone, Realtor. 1601 Narcitle : or 5&6-SMM after 4 p.m. is. Apartments For Rent HUNNICUTT, 109 E. — >bedrooms, re- 'REGISTERED BRAHMAN BULLS—Ready! WANTED — Someoie ALUMINUM SHEETS — 15 In. by Ji-ln. i this area with hl O° craae. .009 In. thickness. Iceal for j , 0 ae mie . mslde. fan, utility porch, pecan j 0n d one mare. trees. 555. SS2-4416. I 6 p.m. from the same negative. Standard sijei in si2e. one *. tor each additional print ore 8X10. SX7, and 3ftX5 Inches. Baytonian Hurt In 2-Car Mishap 523-2111 8. Beauty Culture PERMANENT WAVES Telephone Linemen FOR CONSTRUCTION CREWS APPLY 1? STIMSON TO MR. M. A. TAYLOR Genera! Telephone Co. AN EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EA^PLOYER LATE APPOINTMENTS IDEAL BEAUTY SHOP 10101 BAY AREA BOULEVARD ! Half-way betwe BARKELY SQUARE TOWNHOUSE *_ow Cost Luxury tr"id Convenience Swimming pool; central air. patio, car- oon. dishwasher, refrigerator, disposal, j s carpeting; furnished unfurnished; utill-!^^ ties paid. 12)5 Park a! Decker Dr.. 582-7635. INWOOD DRIVE' 310 — House FOR LEASE; 3 bedrooms. Oaths, central hear and air, Z-car oarage. < j new, $150. SPARKY SOND, 533-4S7S or 546-7751. jMEAT SOLD FOR FREEZER —- Pick, *cur com fed calf from our feed tot. Also! custom slaughterina and cutlinc. SROWN i j SAUSAGE CO.. 818 E. Wallisville Rd., I S26-3S1S. Houston UN 9-3376. BLU6BONNET APARTMENTS Sew I-faedroom furnished apartments, air conditioned, utilities Paid, weekly or .-nonihly rales, Hwy. 146. 532-6917. COUNTRY CLUB MANOR 3500 Decker Drive. Section I FREE RENT BONUS and 2-bedroam furnished and unfurnlsh . - _ . ,..„ „ m ._een LaPorte and Seabrook, |«! aoa.-tments; electric kitchens; air con- 4522 Cedar Bayou Lynchburg Rcf. 566-5051 | j niile west of Highway 146 I d-ticm^ng: draperies and swimming pool. Travel News Vcmon Frank Michalsky ofj g_ 211 W. Jack Was treated ^Of\mmmmmf*mmmmm,^mmfmmmmmmmm^m^^ multiple lacerations of the iace :R1DE waNT6D OR JOIN ^.j POOL _ «md left arm after a Uvocar aC-iTo downtown Houston, Foley area, work- cident at 3:30 p.m. Wednesday j in ° hoons - 8 to 5 - 532 " S652 - 34U ^^ Rd 011 East Texas Avenue near the LaFayetle Drive intersectiort- Michalsky was the driver of Th nthp- r-4r in e otne^ car 10. Help Wanted . j p or . , ime O n driven by Malcolm Leroy \\olfe.j Ph. 556-5634. Both cars were traveling west on Texas Avenue when the accident happened. Wolfe was given a ticket for| changing lanes not in safety. Michalsky received a ticket for exceeding safe speed. BARBER WANTED — Port time and Saturdays, mate or female, j WANTED- JOURNEYMEN WELDERS AND FITTERS for aluminum and steeK Helpers also wanted. New shop. Excellent working con- dittoes, Offenhauser Co. Bey port Division of Shaffer Tool Works Phone 566-S613 FURNISHED 1-Bedroom apartment, water paid, S45 month. BAYTOWN REALTY, 532-2139. HA 4-3241 COUPLE WANTED — To help run fishing camp on Lake Houston. Cabin furnished plus saiarv. Peterson's Fishing Camp, Hwy. 210O north of Crosby. 11. Female Help Wanted BEAUTICIAN WANTED AAARY ELLEN HAIR DESIGNS, La Porte. GA 1-O434. Did You Know? COLORED GIRL — Must be reliable to help wim spring cleaning. Call SS2-6O49. The so - called West Wall was Adolf Hitler's "dragon's teeth," rno3 west of the Biiine. LEGAL NOTICE HOUSEKEEPER — For rooming house, Part time, morning or afternoon. Apply 1226 Harbor between 1 and 3 p.m. only. LVN'S and RN*S — AH shifts, QOQ£ sotary. Apply In person iOJO Red Bluff Rd. SALES LADY WANTED — Combination ctay and night work. App!y in person, 503 SEALED BIDS will b* received by the west Main. No phone calls please. Director of Federal Programs of the Goose Cree* Consolidated independent SAC6SUXDY WANTED — Must be ex School District unlil 10 a.m., Monday, = — -—• »- •—•— •- • -—•March 21. 1?66 for euclo visual and olh- er equipment for rhe EScA Title 1 program. Bids will be opened at 3 p.m., Monday March 27. at which time bidders may &e ore-sent. Specifications and necessary tnforma- iion may be hod &y coning cl the Business Office ir, the School Administration, GAILLARO, 509 N. — Very nice 4-room furnished, air conditioned aDoament. Call 582-4237. 582-9355. 532-SCUi. GRAYWOOD ARMS One and Two-bedroom Apartments Furnished end Unfurnished From 599-50 Utilities Paid FREE USE OF LAUNDRY EQUIPMENT 1305 Memorial Drive SS2-9436 or 532-5235 K1NES, 9Vi — Small furnished garoge apartment with oarage, no bills paid, 535 month, S82-6SS9. NEED MEN Who slncerAly wont to become electricians, maintenance engineers or plumbers. UB to S2.50 per hour while training. } INDIANA, 3117 — Furnished duplex, ex- up to S5 per hour after licensed. Call *— ' -'•— "*• 1 -'~«*« rvn-nn* Mr. Williams, SS3-3124 or CA 7-3384 after 6 p.m. 14. Employnient NOTICE DeslQnatlons as to sex In our Help Want ed end Employment columns ere mac- only (1) to imdicaie txsna fide occupation- aucliflcations far employment whia< an employer regards os reasonably sssary to nonxji operation of his business or enterprise, or (2) as a convenience to our readers to tet them know -vhicH oos'tions the advertiser Be^eves v«)uld be of more Interest !o or*e sex then the other because of the work tnvoivec. Such desianctians shall not be taken to indicate that any advertiser intends or oractices any unlawful preference. Nmita flon, specification or discrimination In employment practices. 15. Work Wanted perienced in ladies ready-to-wear. Appiy i-i person, AAannet's, 330 W. Texas. [ ^^^^^^^^^^•^^^•^^^••••B™™™^TYPIST — Must be accurate with num-JALL KINDS — Carpentry, sheen-ode, r bers. Experience required. Write stating i cabinet worfc. No iob too small. Call qualifications etc. Box 31S4 in care of The Bcyfown Sun. Market Street Rood, Bavto- Tne School District reserves the rignt'. to reject ony end c!I aids or to cccepl' WAITRESS TOP COMMISSION 45 PER CENT Luzier Cosmetics. Hours at your conven- S33-ICM7. e ' os -. lence. port or full tj-ne. Collect CA i£733 i 532-SOrt. A-l PAINTING ANO DECORATING. FREE ESTI-AATES — Plenty P.eferenccs T. T. SHIRLEY, -1- Adults or single. 532-28oO. L'NOBERG, 1409 — Unfurnished 2-bedroom house with garage. 560. Phone 582-9623. MAIN, 3402 N. — One 2-iKdroom well- maintained furnished house. Accept couple wit.i small cnik». 5S3-24JO. NEWCASTLE, 2S02 — l-bedrooms. J baths, den. fenced back yard. SI OS month. Phone 583-3«3. 18. Bedrooms - Board AT CREGER HOTEL and apartments. you gel good beds, gas heat, tub or show- baths; 5S2-2326. , quiet, homelike. No drunks GOOO FOOD SERVED FAMILY STYLE Reasonable Rates TYRSE HOTEL 3301 Minnesota HIGHLANDS — 524 N. Main, bedroom. bath. Gentleman or couple, kitchen available, no pets. 426-2068. SOUTH, 202 — Nice furnished room with private bath and garage, kitchen pirvi- leges. phone 552-5807. 19. Business Rentals ILLINOIS, 3307 1 /* — Furnished remodeled garape apartment, air conditioned, water I OFFICE SPACE paid, aduits. 583-5552 after 5 and weekends. I QN DEFEE AVAILABLE FOR RENT JONE3. 348 N. — Nice large furnished 4-j room duplex, utilities paid, oarage, adults, no pets. Aooly 307 N. Jones. OFFICE SPACE RAYSTONE BUILDING — HO" Decker KENNEDY APARTMENTS — KM Mlcni wiiv _ . San. S32-4Sli. Four-room nicely furnished s,, rv fc e _ App , y Roo ^ cpart.-nent, air conditioned, central heat. • Drive. Ultra - modern In convenience and S32-SZS5. apartment, utilttes paid; SSO month. Phone 53S-3713. [WAREHOUSE FACILITIES AVAILABLE Keysone Realty Co.. SdMll]. NEW JERSEY. 23» — 3-rooms. furnished, garaa*. Adults only. No pets. Apply same. NEW JERSEY, 2MSVi — Furnished coartment, air conditioned, utilities op- '"onol. Couple or sinale. S32^673. OHIO. 3109'^: — Large 3-room garage apartment neatly furnished, oarage. Bills paid, S65. 583-3371. OHIO, 312S — Clean furnished apartment, bills paid. Quiet, sober adults. No pets. SI 2.50 wsek. 582-5771. PRUETT. 310 S. — 4 room furnished apartment, private bath, window fan, ga- rase, ^10 pets, bills paid, 532-7117. EVERGREEN APARTMENTS — 3ZJS Illinois. 3-room furnished apartment, upstairs. All bills paid. 573.00. oPAKK.! Dl-'lNL>, eiect ony cna oil bias or to occepl ! WAITRESS WANTED — Experienced j SAB Y SITTING — any bid cleemtd most advantageous to it. { woman for inside work. Apply in person, ! In my home, dcy or night. 3 months to J 907 S. Main Dial 552-8248 George H. Geniry ' The Malt Shop, 1501 Alexander Drive. 1 4 years o! coe. 532-Su2i, Nights and weekends, 5B3-4S78, 564-7751. Superintendent of Schools ' ^^^•^^^^• HH ^B^^^ M ^^ H OT H M^ HH ^ l ^Pv n ji^^^^«^M^^H^^B^^^^^^^^^^^HHi^HHi^v Hl ^H^Hv |B MMMH^BM |MM Ma^^ MMW BIG SALE THREE MORE DAYS Shop And Sa ve ! 23. Services Offered ADDITIONS, FOUNDATIONS LEVELED. Remodeling. Lifetim* Tediar s I d I n a. Rw estimates, 532-9252, J- R. BELL. CALL US NOW FOR YOUR HOME Mo- derr.iiat.on needs. No down payments. Easy -nontnly terms. IDEAL HOME IMPROVEMENT CO. '04 N. Alexander Dr.. 582-3127 CAN YOU STOP IN TIME? Big or small cialist in complete wheel and braKe worfc. CLARK'S WHEEL S. BRAKE SERVICE, 2400 Market. SB3-M3. Acme Realty New'soddTe". bridleT blanket; Ai^d "credit to" "take"~over~ "pcyrner-ts "on I insuiOTion. rootms. sidins. .25 eacn. Ccn , T- w - W1LKS - REALTOR t Bill Zar.t. 5SM17 after late mode, .Sir^r D«s everv h i«nB. SI 25 !£,««,« *** eavro.n Sun. 1301 Af.«no. {f £-g Woi{ing To Buy Your Aome i week or S69.9S cash. Free home trail. | . " "' "*• | Wt Neeti your LJstino ALL BUILDING MATERIAL NEEDS J See us fcr ail ycur remoaeiing and DuiicJ. j LIST WITH ins- EstimaTes Free. NOTHING DO.VN. j CTtT\A/ A DT DC A I TY up to 5 years to pay. ; bltWAKI Kt/\L! T BAYTOWN BUILDERS SUPPLY | ,j N Ashbel 5S3-74»7 New Location, 315 W. Narro, Old Gray} -Or. Co- Yard. 53:-763S. ^^^^^^^ Trucks For Rent Eq-jisped with hydraulic lift Bates {We Sell Custom Hitches 13 WH1TEFACE HEIFERS — Some bred' BAYTOWN TRAILER RENTALS, J32-31S some small, S53.50 each. Covin, 42S-3236, Crosby. 30. Articles Wanted WANT TO BUY — Used sheet metat (tin), and used lumber (2x4's and 2x6's). 426-2603. (Next to Kilgore Ready-Mix) WANTED — Lionel Train set. Must be cheep. Phcne SS2-6S51. WANTED. IMPLEMENTS FOR FORD TRACTOR — Wim three point .iiicn. Call 583-2463 or ^53-2943 after 5. 31. Articles For Sale APARTMENT STOVE — Clean and Ii> good condition, 540. Phone 583-2430. after 4:30 p.m. ADDING MACHINES - CASH REGISTERS - TYPEWRITERS. Sales. Rentals. Service. Alt makes, electric and manual. BLOOM SALES, 3305 Market, 583-23Z5. AR1ENS GARDEN TILLERS AND RIDING MOWERS. Reo and Sentry Mowers. LYNCHBURG FEED AND HDW. 1949 Market — 426-3119. AS ALWAYS— You- Supclier of Needle Work and Crafts. Me DONALD NEEDLE ARTS Bab Smith Rood. 533-1272. ACCORDIONS — New S7< up. Used, S35 up. New Guitars. 516.50 up. Accord.on Instruction. Beginner instruments furnished. BAYTOWN ACCORDION CEN., 583-7117. JIRD HOUSES — FOR iALE. S6E AT .00 W. CLEVELAND. DAIRY BOX, Coke Box, Scales, Slicer, ice House, Ice Crusher, Air Compressor. 533-1332. DROP LEAF TABLE — Tweed formica top and 4 chairs, wrought iron legs, 520. 566-59J1. DON'T merely brighten your carpets. . . Blue Lustre them ... eliminate rapid resoiling. Rent electric shampooer SI. BAYTOWN HARDWARE, 3425 Market, 5B3-4052. DRESSES, COATS — Size 7-10 Girls pre- FAVORITE FURNITURE MADE LIKE NEW AGAIN BY KIRKINDALL UPHOLSTERY. HWV. 1<4. Fast, expert service. >iu<3e selection of material. Call 582-7434. 12 Bottle Gorton With 5.00 Purchase or More Excluding: Cigarettes NELESS CHUCK 69 FOREQUARTERS » HINDQUARTERS •- WHOLE & HALVES MEATS FOR YOUR FREEZER Cut & Wrapped FREE! All Weights On Freezer Orders Subject To Cutting Loss! RATHS BREAKFAST SAUSAGE „. 39c ROOFING SPECIALIST — Composition and wood. References furnished. Phone 5E3-1047. ROACHES? —• &-Rooms and garage, S15.00. Also, Commercial. Bonded and Licensed. All types exterminating, cvaranteed. HARVEY'S PEST CONTROL, Ph. S829B86 SHEPHERDS TV For Fast Expert Service Your Zenith Dealer - Car, Radio, TV S32-S456 500 Port TYPEWRITERS — Office machines, cash registers. Sales & Service. Factory trained mechanics. ANDY ANDERSON BUSINESS EQUIPMENT CO., 31/, H. Texas, 583-2722. TREE TRIMMING SERVICE — rree estimates. Phone 5W-5O47. TRACTOR WORK Dirt - work. Post Holes, Mowino-Plowina- Dlscins - Free Estimates. Earl C. Weaver, Hiahkjr.ds. 425-2883. ELECTROLUX VACUUM CLEANERS Sales and Service. Floor polishers, rug shampooer, free demonstrations. John Petrasri, 517 Harvev. FURNITURE — Sell cheap. New living room suite, other furniture. S82-4363. FOLDING WHEELCHAIRS — For sole or rent. HIGHLANDS TRADING POST, 111 N. Main. Highlands. FREEZER — 12 Ft. Coldspot liprif>ht, S&5.00. 532-5S40. 1904 Rosllle. FURNITURE - APPLIANCES WANTED (On My Way With Ca-J)) GRAVES DISCOUNT FURNITURE 319 N. Mam 5B3-232- GO CART — S2S., also model ISO Polaroid camera with leattwr case, S40. Phone 556-8465. GARAGE SALE — Clothes, toys, household goods, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., 708 Oak, Highlands, 426-3350. GAS RANGE Tappan, white, timer VALENTINE SPECIAL! :iean, oil. adiust all makes and models -ewino machines, S1.79. Phone 532-6935. INCOME TAX SERVICE BOOKKEEPING — NOTARY SERVICE Itemized: as low as S10 Non itemized: as low as £4 JAMES DUVALL 1403 OKve 582-7434 Remodel or Build COMMERCIAL . . . RESIDENTIAL • DENS • CABINETS • BATHS • FORMICA • ALUMINUM SIDING • DRIVEWAYS COMPLETE REMODELING SERVICE 5 YEARS TO PAY C. G. "Rocky" Roquemor* I«M Wrioht Blvd. 582-nTV DON'T MOVE- IMPROVE Free planning and decorating tervlc*. 1st line materials. Expert work. Discount jfices. Rooms, kitchens, dens, baths, roofing, siding. MORTON BUILDERS «4-3315 Highlands Electric Motor Repairs JtewiRdi^o. ony kind, size. Modern equipment. Qualified mechanics. MASSEY ELECTRIC, *Z» S. Pru«n, 5M-73S1. clock, 4 burners end over., looks and operates like new. 147 MacArthur. 566-7693. BARGAINS!! USED TELEVISIONS Majestic 2 I-In. . .$35.00 General Electric, 23-ln $49.95 Philco 21 -in $59.50 Curtis Mathes, 23-ln $99.50 Motorola, 2 I-In. $10.00 Needs Work USED HI FIS Magnavox $65.00 15" Speckers Gene's Hi Fi & Color TV Center 22 E. Texas 582-8158 MOUNTAIN VALLEY WATER JOHN R. MARTIN, 322 E. Jock, 532-88U We Rent Televisions 42. Acreage For Sale EASY TERMS ON ALL REMODELING I LUMBER ANO HARDWARE TO «"^ g-r ' YOUR NEEDS ^~~m^——- - i=ree Estimates and Advice ! APPROXIMATELY — 4 ocres w^ every- SAYOU LUMBER CO ; tfiing but city loxes. 10*= down, terms. Hwv. 146 end Cedar Bavou Rd , 562-SK1 ' SHORTY THARP REALTY. -. 566-7010 HOME REMODELING -ree Estimates. Mew ideas; reitcbie contractcrs. CURBY LUMBER, 532-S2S1. APPROXIMATELY 1 acres in city limits. Half mile off Hiway 146 on .v.abry St., $9000 Call Jim Bailey, 553-3111 or 523-3512. I MAHOGANY PANELING—«X8 Ft. pre- 1 " " fmiihed. ea. 53.37; unfinish-a, ea. 53^5. i FOR SALE — Vi acre lot on East Jomes BRITTON CRAVENS LUMBER CO., | Street. Phone 553-<515 or 5S3-5I33 after Market St., 582-8265. I J P.m. Aluminum Screens j Made to order. Old screens rewired, i GULF COAST BLIND & SCREEN CO. I stos Bcywcy Dr.. Baytown. 544-san Save 30 Per Cent On GARTH ROAD — Edge of Boytown. 2 or more acres. Weil drained ioam soil, law taxes. s;oo DOWN. SASY TERMS. GREAT NEWS — Four - acres across from new hign school. Perfect business suick sole. Cos for TYPES Sheley Lumber Co. 220» Market St. 553-1745 PLYWOOD SINGER WILL TUNE UP YOUR SEWING MACHINE FOR ONLY S3.75 ANY MAKE OR MODEL WE DO NOT SELL OUR MERCHANDISE THROUGH DEALERS IN THE HOUSTON OR BAYTOWN AREA. The Singer Co. 318 W. Texas 583-2400 . SPECIAL Id BEAUTIFUL ACRES LAND — Archer I P.a. Pr.ce S7.800. Cail Eddie. i EDDIE COX. Realtor. S66-7221 or S6A-5060 !SPARKY SEI . . . Interior Exterior) TAKE A TRAMP IN THE WOODS «S — 14 In. slS5)The tramp will have a good time and «8 — V* In. S3.H S3-S5, you'll se* the prettiest »-2S S5.15} 10—ACRE TRACT 14.95 £6.13 { you ever saw. It adioins both Creekwood sS-77 (ond Ridgewood Additions i OFF DEAD END N. PRUETT Jl.H S2.JS! TINS land is imr«strlcted and could have in. Mahooany J!l.B9: a vnriery of uses. Owner hos Briced it *i In. Bircn , .S12.76 , aeiow most larger trocts located fartner L In. Ash sm?;,, u , Terms. V-GROOVE PANELING i C n A n Lf V DOKIPV n Ii 4x8 — u in. Fir unfinished s u71 bPARKY oCJND. Realtor 4x3 — U In. Mahogany Prefinished S 3.5? i ,57 s _ Moin DVal 5x2.2243 «S — Mi In. 4X8 — %« In. . 4x3 — »i In. . IMPERFECT 4x8 — U In. 4X8 — and Sunday SSJ-tS78, 544-7751 4x8 — U In. Birch Prefinished -. s : 4X3 Boxed Enamel Wall Board ...s «.3? Latex Paint. 12 Colors. Gal S 1.25 i SPARKY SEZ . . . Outside White and Colors, Gal s 1.95 j BREAK A LEG Attic Stairway, Heavy Duty . S14.5GJ and you can hop to the- Gulf Coast He*- 1x12 Cedar. Per 100 „ Sll-iO pital from mis strategic Plastic Counter Top, Per Sq. Ft- ..S .25! l'.i ACRES ON GARTH ROAD Ii or 30 La. Felt. Per Roll s l-S5.!deoi for olmost any business use. Reol- j istically priced and on terms. l~"r-^>nnol v-*nann6l . i v Uumoer Tares 1507 s. Main GL 2-7133 i Nights ond weekends, 5S3-O78 or Hi-7751 r-o A nL'v/ n/^vKtr\ r> Ii SPARKY BOND, Realtor 14126 Market CURBY LUMBER SHEETROCK: 4X8-^" Sneetrot* GULF AT COMMERCE j ACRES — ACRES — ACRES I Gcrth Rd., 22 acres, itst mimrtes from Sayfown, .. vijs! HIGHWAY 70 — 7 acres with highway SE2-325! I frontage at Cros&r. M 31-C. Musical Instruments McDonald & Herbert Days ! H3-17M Nights SS3-4S77 ALTO HORN — ISO. Sacrifice price. I Our loss ycur gain. 566-731!, after 6, 566-BiTl. GARAGE SALE — Clothes, knick-Knacks. aishes, etc. March 11-12, Friday and Sat- jrday. 400 Pamela. GRAVES FURNITURE WAREHOUSE Set Bunk Beds and Bunkies S 45,00 j Nice Storkline Baby Bed S 25.00 O'Keefe and Merritt Range J100.00 MORRISON'S GIANT WAREHOUSE SALE [SPiRKY SEZ . ,. ! HOTTEST SPOT IN BAYTOWN i 40 Acres 1,759 Ft. on Garni Road soutti - ! 01 Baker Road. Don't miss it. JUST S10 MONTH RENTAL — On a ne» :! CDA Dl/Y Lower/ Piano rental aosli« to Burcnase i ->r/\t\t\l orice. CHET'S PIANO CO., 200 E. Texas, j W7 S. Main S32-MW | Nishts aid weekends S53-4S7B. S4A-?7S1 32. Articles For Rent j 42-A. Out of Town Prop. 11 TRUCKS FOR RENT I SURLESON COUNTY — 172 acres near Drive yourself. Equipped with hydraulic ; Coliese Ststion. Frontage - two roods; lift cafes (new f-ucksl. Local cna one-wa^ "> taxes; two Darns- baroecve house T,™ »>-,^., t^-rtit ! Cross • fenced for oats. CaB Clem Kovar] I i32-743S or SS2-A7JA. Market, . BAYTOWN RENTALS (Next to Kiloore's Recdy-MJx} NEED IT?? — RENT iT!! Chemical Sprayers UNITED RENT-ALLS Pruett and Pearce. 5E2-3019 FOR "RENT Reducing Equipment I Power Tools, Power Post Hole Diggers i Don't Miss On* of These Values. Mostly Floor So.lders arid Polishers • 1 HULL DAISETTA AREA — 570 Acres. !S!25 on acre. Good marketable timber. j SOB GREENE. Aoent. J26-3157. | HOUSE ON DAT LAKE ; Cell Mrs. W. W. Oates in 43. Business Property below factory cost. Bedrooms 2-Pieca Black Earfy American Trend Bedroom Suite, Bed and Dresser. Coil Bed Sorlnos .1 5.00. Leg Bath Tus $ 12-5CI Originally JZ7?.50 .. .. Now S95.00 Good TV X 29.5013-6acn-Floor Sample, 3 piece Bedroom Two Cushion Couch ... ....... s 27.50 j suites (rslew) 6 Ft. Chest Freezer S 47.50 j Originally 1125.95 Now S75.00 4-Piece Chrome Dinette S 12.50 Good 3-Piece Walnut Bedroom Suite S 35.00 LikeNew G.E. Refrioerotor S13S.OO 214 W. Main OLD PELLY 5KM713 JOINER — 4-!n. Ready to go. S40. !6O4 Elm, 532-6745. iotner, motor, stand. JACK'S PARTS ANO SUPPLY — Auto ports, supplies loots, Jock Russell. Owner. 201 East Texas, Phone 582-9441. LUGGAGE TRAILER — One wheel, good condition, complete with lishts and hitches, wo or will trade for electric outboard molor in good condition, 308 Bowie. MOTORS — One 4O-hp. 3-phase. 2M-volt. slip rino motor; one 5-hp, 3-pnase, 220- 4-Piece — Used Oak Bedroom Suite, Bookcase Bed Now stt.OC 3-Piece — Used Vanity Bedroom Suite, Good Shape Now S1S.03 Single or DouWe Beds Vi OFF Some Used Some New 24 Single Size Plastic Covered Headboards While They Last .. Each Sl.CO Living Room New — Modern Sofa, SllsStly Soiled Reg. S17»JO .. Now £65.00 Sewer Cleaning Equipment ; Mowers, Tillers, Edgers, Hedge Trimmers i GRAVES DISCOUNT FURNITURE—3U Tow Bars o."d Car Tops i N. Main, 50X125 ft. lot. Building with • ' — - - living auaoers. good business location for .nost anvtriir.g. price reduced fcr quick Fans, Ladders, Chain Saws Rug Shampoo Machines Televisions Camp Trailers Travel Trailers Utility Trailers ,cie. Bank financing available. Trucks We Rent Most Everything BAYTOWN RENTALS Next to Kilgore Ready Mix 2101 Market — 532-581S 33. Sporting Goods BOAT — 14 ft. Redhead boat with bait volt, slip rinjj motor; one 1-hp. 3-phase. I , choirs" ottoman 120 volt induction motor. Phone Sill Hart-1 same Group New . man at 532-3302 or write Box 90. Baytown. NEW FURNITURE FOR OLD is wtial o Day's Upholstery iob ?ives you; fabric jr plastic. Auto and boat upholstering c specialty. DAY'S UPHOLSTERY. 504 N. .wain, 583-3030. 24. Soil - Fertilizer NELL'S FRAME SHOP I CUSTOM FRAMING - ART GALLERY I Paintings >?y Artists 12 909 N. Commerce 582-4053 S20.00 150.00 Used J-Piece Sectional, Real Good CM-1 wen. little wheel trailer. Sell or trade i«''on .- Now 135.00 see 9106 Wode Rd.. Highlands. New Calif-Asia Rattan, 3-Piece Sectional 1 with Matching Choir, Corner fable, and cocktail table. Reg. S32J.95 Now S1SO, as is Used — 4-piece Living room group. Sofa, CABIN CRUISER — 15 Ft. Chris Craft. See at Stall No. 5. Cedar Bayou Yacht Basin. Must Seil. S1.250. 426-2310, after 5. 426-3307. TOP SOIL — FILL DIRT — SHELL — Baclchoe, Bulldozer, Tracklooder for rent. _ovd Surris. 583-1595. NEW LEFT HANDED GOLF CLUBS — Res B4JO "... "."Each SIS 00 4 Irons. 2 woods, bag. S30m Also, used ^Lorg, CiuD chair. Plastic Covered, Good set, 4 Irons. 3 woods, bog, S20.00. 566-8S35. -• — — TOP SOIL, FILL SAND, SHELL Dump Truck for Rent 281 Avenue K SV-MH 26. Plants - Seeds AZALEAS. CAMELLIAS, SHADE TREES, OAY LILIES — Complete landscaping service. Plant now for spring beauty. Free estimating and delivery. Phone 582-4588, Smith's Nursery, 713 Barrymore. PINK INDIAN HAWTHORNE — Col. cans, £2.79; fruit and pecan trees, S2JO up. Also, good selection of rose bushes in 5-oaL cans. SMITH BARROW GAR- DENs7g802 Thompson Rd. 426-3215. REO TOP PHOTENIA (Fraser's), i cents to *2; Sugar Figs (Celeste). SB cants to S3; Orange, I2JO to $4; Tree WWerla, H to S4; Holly Fern, Sefloom 5nly, "S cents. DAVIS NURSERY, 6311 Decker. SHADE. FRUIT TREES — Thwamh In containers. Flos, Grapes, J. Persimmons. Strawberry, Berry vines. Roses, Cacti, Hedge, Bamboo, Large Citrus and Dwarfs. Pink La. Phlox. Camellias, Azaleas. VI n«, Evergreen and FI. shrubs. Thousands. Let us quote you by tne Doz., 25. 50 and 100 lots. Largest selection In Teicas. Lawn Orhumcnis, Rare Plants, Tropicals. Orchids, Weeping Cherry and Mulberry. Tree Wisterias. Ground covers. Yucc*s. all kinds. Aloe Vera plants. Violets and pecan trees. Channelvlew Nurseries — Florist 'VC5-H Market St. Road, Chonnelvlew 2 Piece — Studio Sofa with Bolsters, 2 each at S10, as is. 1 — 3-Piece Plastic covered green sofa suite. Consists of Rocker, Reciiner, Sofa Bed, AH 3 pieces as is, but in good shape. Originally S22» Now S12S.OO Beautiful 5-Piec* Maple Living Room Group, slightly used has Chair, sofa. Maple arms, and rust tweed coveriuj, 2 step table, 1 cocktail table. Originally J729 S15S.OO Custom GUN REPAIRS Barreled Actions. Douglas or Aoe Imperial Barrels, precision chambered. SO4 E. Jack HUNTER'S DEN Bayfowri. Texc« NOTICE CAMPST6RS — New Thermo Electric refrigerators for vour ccmoer. 12V - 110 V. STANER TRAILER SALES W. Main, SSZ-iSSi. 43-A. Waterfront Prop. TRINITY BAY AREA — 7T4 miles SOT town, Cnornsers County. Trl - City Beacfi Rd. 2-bedroom. all brick, central heat. jnit air, carpets, terraio. den with real fireo^ace. Ecyfrar--t lot. Shown by oppoint- nent. Houston FA 3-5321, JA 2^243, on weekendi 5&7-4T75. WEEKEND RETREAT! One-half acre of partially wooded, sandy loam land. Near and with access to Lake Houston with . . . nice size (4 ro*m) weekend caofn. Cabin and land total price sl.Wi. Terras. Cail Mrs. McLean SM-87M. 45. Lots For Sale OUTBOARD MOTOR —12 h.p. Bucca. j 2-Ottomcns _ — ... ........... _Both _ New j neer. Six - gallon cruise tank with gauge OXWELD CUTTING TORCH — With hose and gauges, S49.95; Skil saw, S21.9S. MALLIN'S PAWN SHOP, N. Main, SS3- PORTABLE TELEVISION — 11-Inch General Electric. In good condition. Sacrificing ot J2S.OO. 564-8857. PARTIN'S USED FURNITURE Duncan Phyfe Drop Leaf Mahogany Table End Drawers S 25.00 3-Piece Walnut Bedroom Suite ... I 58 00 Unfinished Chest or Dresser Base * 21.50 White and Go:d Plastic Headboard For Double Bed .- s e.50 Ock Baby Pkiy Pen S 5.00 Dressing Table ond Stool S 7.5O Round Plastic Horn Tabie S 4.50 Sturdy Coffee, End, Step Table* Each s 3.95 12 Cu. Ft. Coldspot Rcfrl aerator With Bottom Freezer J 89.95 Clean- Florence Apartment Range * 48.00 424 V/. Moln OLD PELLY S82-5049 PORTABLE DISHWASHER, Like new. J8S.OO. Phone 582.9922. PRINTING DONE QUICKLY, when promised, and done right! Call MATHERNE'S, 583-1711, all your needi. large of stioll. for Quality work. ROAD RACER SET — Permanently mounted on plyboord, 2 ecri, lumping track, electric, 120. 5U-8759. REFRIGERATOR — Will Mil tor «*. See ot 302 Stewart. Shop*, Each 2-Piece Sofa Beef Suit* (Repossessed) Originally 1-New Modem ChoJr Now tse.OO Originally 17?.SO ..... Half Off SSO.OO 5-Piece New Wood Arm Plastic Sofa Group Originally *m ............. Now 199.90 2 — 3-Piece New Modern Living Room Groups, Each ............ Now SSS.OO New — DESK— DESK and More Desks Walnut. Mahogany, Maple A Steal 110— SIS— S2»— S2S Large Group of Early American Vanity, Living Room Lamps Your Choice .„, _______ ...... S100 Also Large group Early American Accessories pioques. Etc Bedroom and Kitchen Choir J2.00 Morrison's Furniture 408 W. Texas Ave. 583-1747 "65 Sinqer Automatic Wont responsible party to assume payments of $4.10 month or pay off balance of (67.00. This machine overcasts, appli- ques, bllndttems, makes buttonholes, sews an buttons. Call Mrs. Bell, sa-eni, osk for Credit Dept. Singer Auto Zig-Zag Us»d only 4 montns. Mokes buttonholes, sews en buttons, many fancy patterns RADIO AND TV EQUIPMENT —Signal Tracer, 130; resistance and capacity ... __ _. .... checker. 125; precision scope ES-150 and-without attachments. 5 year probes, »S; picture tube checker, «S;, JS7.W a»li »r J4.JC pw month, ttfte coddle and tubes. 583^095 alter 4:301 trial, 5*3-M«. fuari Free : onte* home . In perfect running condition. Will tracj? for cortop canoe or seil for $95. Coll 583- PICK UP CAMPER — Fits narrow or wide standard bed. sliding windows, S65 S66-S35S. SPRINGFIELD RIFLE — Model lg»£ col. 45.70, bayonet and seaboard. Ph. 592-6472. .DEAL FOR MOBILE HOME — W X 209 lot (aoprox.l. wooded, all utilities. See weekends Easy ter:ru. .V. cCAN D LESS. 583-1219. LA PORTE — 12S X 125 Ft. lot located in Bayfront Addition. HUGHES REALTY. SS3-Z739 or SJ2-52SO. 35. Good Eating ROBERTS BROASTED CHICKEN HOUSE has food for any occasion, picnics, fishing trips, banquets. For fast service, call 426-4018, Highlands. 36. Insurance HAVING DIFFICULTY IN OBTAINING AUTOMOBILE INSURANCE?? Coll GLENN WHITE INS. AGENCY 582-44S2 39. Business Opportunity ESTATE SIZE HEAVILY WOODED HOMES1TES — C«Jcr Bayou Perk an jiola^der Rood- D aved stnets, utliltlei V.odel [Office af site). JEFF E. -1.EMING, REALTOR, SS2-7222 ar.<3 SSJ X!23. MIRIAM AND YUPON — Two Icrge corner lots. 'or details call SS3-2762. SJOLANDER ROAD—Cedar Bayoo Park. Over y;-ocre wooded corner lot. ceuity buy, owner. 426-2746. LAKEWOOD—Corner lot, heavity wooded. Reasonable Phone E3-5WJ 47. Houses For Sole ADJOINING NEW HIGH SCHOOL — 111 Bellview Drive, o real opportunity to make money. Nice 3-Sedroom home, 1 nice oversljed oxIlolnmB lots. Coll Eddie 3uick, fcr other Information. Priced at S17.9SO, terms. Drive by and tatte a look tor yourself. EDDIE COX, REALTOR, J64-7221 or 5*6-5040. BEAUTIFUL CEDAR BAYOU — 20* Sout* St., fine nelghberhood far the youngster* Just like new Inside, oversized 2 bedroom home. You will like It. Walking distance to school. 100 X 165 ft. lot. Two bearing aecan trees. Price 57,500 with good loan available. EDDIE COX, Realtor, 566-7221 or 566-5060. YOU CAN DO IT! — Make a million dollars in ttils fine business Known as Sim's Repair Shoo, 1705 N. Fifth St.. In the heart of Boytown. Sells many types of famous broads of motors, lawnmow. ers. Complete stock of parts, new an used. Plenty of tools to repair. Oversized workshop. Nice 3-b«Jroom home included. Owner retlllno to his farm. Drive by to- ._ _ . __. ... . „_ doy, take a look. Talk to Mr. Sims orisume payments of S&5 month. 3-Bed. call Eddie for other Information. This I rooms, bath, living room, large kitchen, deal don': last long. EDDIE COX, Real-1screened porch, attached garage, large BARNES, 31* - Wowter. Forced to tell due to military service. No Equity, as- lor, 566-7221 or 566-5060. '• storage room. 5*2-966? after 3:30 p.m.

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