Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on February 24, 1959 · Page 2
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 2

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 24, 1959
Page 2
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2 THE-PAMPA DAILY NEWS 51st TUteSDAYj FEBRUARY 24, 1058 Year DElRABBY... By Abigail Von Buren DEAR ABBY: Am t foolish for' accepting an engagement ring from ft fellow who came right oiu Snd admilted that H was. the same Una- he gave a girl two years ago. He said they agreed to break the engagement" and that was all. I didn't ask any questions because 1 figured it was none of my bus»- t,*«s. I didn't know this fellow to her so club .caid I was a ninny for accepting the ring he gave her. What is you, ' DEAR ABBY: Our little consists of a few ladies who known each other for years. We have one member who gels vny goal. Whenever she goes to somebody else' "inspection" looks behind to see what's into closets living room until she is .see something" Also is in.tod to it o e ocial Calendar TUESDAY 2:30 -.- Vftrietas Study Club wilh Mrs. H. H. Bratcher, 1328 N. \ Russell. "Fine Arts." 2:30 - Twentieth Century Club with Mrs. H. R. Thompson, 22351 Charles. "The Miracle of F r e. R-j dom." 2:30 - - Twentieth Century Forum Club with Mrs. John McCrery, 1311 Christine. 2:30 ~- Civic Culture Club with; Mrs, Willis While, 1008 Twiford. i 3:00 - Twentieth Century Cul lure Club with Mrs. W. L. Hasse 1701 Christine. 1 :30 Business and Profession al Women's Club. Public Affairs! Banquet with Rev. Wm. E. West, guest speaker, City Club Room. 7:?,(1 • Spanish 2. Adult Educa-j Lovett Memorial Li- ' FNC AORO \ND HAPPY TiPVR FNOACFD: If a man f i t ,vn birds (chick' that f a " L one stone there is nn 1st Nvvin Yon . ve 'g 0t the risfht «m!ude i' think vouv girlfriend nuiiuni.. . Is jealous. ^ nfi-AP APPV- If thev °ave n i the "world's bluest. liar, v'm%uve mv husband 'would win Jf He an automobile sale,man Ind his lob mskps and nis joo - nice, and clean." at all Six o'clock in the morning wuh a woman he sold a car to and he had lhe nerve to Veil me Unit noth- ln~ happened. A man doesn't slay out till six in the morning holding; hands. He said she was married Bnd her husband was along. 1 {mind out she was divorced ami they were alone. He said she paid CASH for the car and I found a contract which said "Terms: Monthly Payments." What would von advise? SALESMAN'S WIKK DEAR WIFE: Tell him if he pulls any more shenanigans like thai he can send his support check in the mail. When he has two rent bills to pay this and yours t the extra-martial activities won't look so good to him. DEAR BEA: Little people are locking for little particles of dust and dirt. It's a sickness. Ignore her remarks and remember her in your players. DEAR ABBV: T wonder do leen- neers realixe thai when they hold up a lelephone line for needless re-hashing of boy friends, clothes and other nonsense, a life may be »i> our telephone circuit.? so completely that it i.s often impossible lo reach a whole section. Please print this. II may save a life. DEAR Nl'RSE: T agree that there is a lot of idle chatter on the wires by both teen-agers and adults, but all one need do in order to put through »» "emergency call" is to ask for the lelephone supervisor. REGISTERED NURSE CONFIDENTIAL TO WORRIED SICK: Have your mother take you lr, a doctor at or.ce. The only thing that's incurable is ignorance. For a personal reply, write ^to ABBV in care of this paper. Enclose a self - addressed, stamped : envelope. Presbyterian Church Circles Continue Study Of Spirit Speaks To The Church Eta Chapter, Beta Phi Sorority, with M r s. f Florence, 607 Powell. WEDNESDAY 9:30 Doris Smith Circle, First Baptist, in the Church. !>:,"() -- Genevia Wilson Circle, First Baptist, wilh Mrs. Earl Tarbet. 212-1 N. Sumner. 9:30 -- Sypei'l Circle, First, Baptist, with Mrs. George Mitten, ISIfl N. Sumner. 9:30 -- .laxie Short Circle. First Baptist, with Airs. A. C. Howard, 601 Short. 9:SO -- Betty Bo!in Circle. First Baptist, with Mrs. Margie Crouse. 1321 Williston. 0:30 W-- Kathryn White Circle, First Baptist, with Mrs. Paul Turner, 12") N. Fmilkner. 9:30 -- Mary Ruth Bridges Circle. First ' Baptist, in the Church. 10:00 •-- Bishop Seninon Guild, St.. Matthew's Episcopal Parish. 7:30 --- German. Adult Education Class, Lovett Memorial Libra ry. S:00 - Women of the Moose, Moose Home. : THURSDAY 12:30 -- Morning Duplicate Bridge Club wilh Mrs. E. J. O'Brient. 823. N. Somerville, Master Point Play. 2:30 -- Senior Citizens Center, Kovetl Memorial Library. 7:30 -- Pampa Rebekah Ix>dge, , IOOF Hall. 210 W. Brown. i 7:30 Circle 1, Harrah Methodist WSCS. Fellowship Hall. $.00 — Epsilon Sigma. Alpha Sorority. FRIDAY 6:00 -— Order of the Rainbow for Girls, Masonic Hall. Mrs, John Holt, Marion Osborne Banquet Speakers SKELLYfOWN (Spl) -- The a Lullaby Shower Fetes Mrs. Topper | ^S=^a^M&-f iWtcr. 520 Powcil with M m e n.idrewert in a pink gown. ^ Omer Bybee, Kenneth Ham on.) White coconut tea catteg WHO $ Evart Regard, Evart Goarl a. n d stork inserted in the center Wff* 'Mrs. Lassiter as hostesses. !served with pink punch, pink and of white carnations;while mints. j Attending: or sending gifts were the : Mmes. Charles Bailey, A u b r i n T ty MonOred Newest of the night creams is the one this gift is applying. It does its work lightly and well, restoring moisture to the skin and smoothing away lines. Scott Lnngford, Carrol Goad, Win idle Fuclis, Bill Helton, Ed Cttlber- 'son, Cecil Lancaster, Norman Fla- 'herty. Clyde Wolford, Aland And fSpli — M r .'.iKenneth Rcy Hanion, K e nne Ih grade school cafeteria. The Flag ceremony Was pi'R- MrS. senled by Brownie Scouts, follow-;, A/ . , , ,< < i"-^. Jed by "Johnny Appleseed grace" j With LUllQDy I 6O 'which was sung in unison. | gKEU/VTOWN io f m — » t , ---Kennem nay nainun, .v The banquet tables were deco-iMarvin Fry was recently honoredj^ ofl tan of Roswell. N.M. rated in the Valentine theme. I with a. lullaby tea In the home "f,. - ——- ~,-^—--•=•. Miss Ann Duncan was master i Mrs. A. B. Imel. The lea table of ceremonies. jwas laid with a lace cloth, center-j Speaker for the evening was'ed with an attractive, valentine ar-i Mrs. Martha Holt of Pampa on Irangement. The silver tea service: the topic "Laws and Promises of i was attended by Mrs. Howard; Girl Scouting." i Wedge. Mrs. Fry received lovelyj Mrs. Marian Oiborne. also of'^ r80na A ^If 9 from tlle fa ''" UvV Creams Are Boon To Hove [Valentine Fete By ALTCTA HART NEA Beauty Editor As night creams get better and better, women have real cause to be graleful for the research thai accounts for the vast improvement in these beauty aids. Moisture creams were the first great break-through in restoring and holding moisture in a dry skin. For without moisture, no skin can look smooth or young. But some of the moisture creams were heavy and required much massage to do the trick. So even they were not entirely the answer. Now this particular problem has been solved, according to the maker of a new, light moisture cream. This cream, which has just been placed on lhe market, is designed to do ils work quickly and lightly. Yet its lubricating quality can produce an improved skin ;ex- ture. a healthy glow and a younger looking skin, its maker says. This is not an Inexpensive ! LEFORfi (Spl) — Mrs. Harold Sims, gave a Valentine party for Cub Scout Den 1, in the scout house. : The table was laid in a white cloth, decorated in the valentine theme, centered with a heart-shaped cake decorated with a red coconut heart trimmed in silver. The valentine box was decorated in pink, red and silver. Favors of heart - shaped candy cups filled with valentine candy were given. exchanged and Pampa, gave a talk on the high; points of the Girl Scout Roundup j to be held in Colorado Springs, j Colo, from July 1-14, Mrs. Osborne will be one of the leaders for the; Roundup. I Miss Duncan spoke on the prep- i larations that different troopsj I were making In order lo attend; jlhe Roundup this summer. j j Miss Shirley Keaeh gave a re-j 'port on the Girl Scout convention Iheld in Houston. ! Badges were presented by Mrs. j Osborne: Brownie pens were pre- isented by Mrs. Holt. | The speakers' table was decorated with a replica of Pike's Peak, and other points of interest in Colorado, to carry out the ; Roundup theme, Approximately 125 attended the banquet. whel ' e Mr ' Fr ^ iR Basketball coach INCOME TAX SERVICE In Tour Homn or BOB RATLIFF 1534 Hamilton MO S-330S Asthma Formula Prescribed Most By Doctors-Available Now Without Prescription Stop* Attack* in Minute*,.. Relief ta»U for HOUM! Primatene opens bronchial tubes, T..rk, y. Y. <3pMi«!)— The asthma formula prescribed more than any olher by doctors for their private pntienta is now aVHilable to asthma sufferers without prescription. Medical tests proved this formula stops asthma attacks in minutes and pivcs hours of freedom from recurrence of painful asthma spasms. This formula ia so effective that it is the physicians' leading asthma prescription—so safe that now it can be sold — without pracriplion — in tiny tablets called Primatcni®. loosens mucous congestion, relieve! taut nervous tension. All this with* out taking painful injections. The secret is-Primatenecombines 3 medicines (in full prescription strength) found most effective in combination for asthma distress. Each performs a special purpose. So look forward to sleep at niftht and freedom from asthma spasmi ... get Primatene, at any drugltora. Only 98f)-money-back-guarantse. Ol>»*. Whlltlull Pfc«rBin»l Oitattft Mcmbei . s pl . psent wer e Max Cob- Clifford McDaniel. D. D. e ley «jjm». ^ •«'J»". J" ' « Rh oy« Hen , ™" 81ld gues ts. Charles m> Je>mg * ^ Jr *> • ^_ ^ . \ T '*" an " Nol ' man ' alld M ' S ' cream. But there i.s a small which is budget-priced for woman's purse. The Pre^bvterian Church cirrlcs ten memo-is and one Client for lias Eli/.n- iut-of-lown g-ave the HDim ZtLM/H i\r* 1.17 11 'v v.. - • - - j ^ , % ;™r ^ti" fr E£ tf ,r^-;u: »; Krrk Duncan Twelve members an- D. L. Hale will enteitam tn,s en- -"^ ;:,^" ( sr -;--'^:::';: ing in March will be with M r •«• Lloyd Geoffroy, 2317 Rosewood Lane. The home of Mrs. Lcroy Ogden was the meeting place for Cin-le Two. Ten members answered the roll call given by lhe secrft.'iry, Mrs. W. J. Cham Mess. Mrs. Hun- aid Hubbard's mother. Mrs. Fred Harding wan a guest, Mrs. Lynn Odder assisted the hostess in serving rolls and coffee. The Bible study was given by Mrs. H. L- Mea'dor. Mrs. Warren Ha.sse guided the social study discussion. Mrs R. E. Dobbin, I SOW Mary Ellen, will be hostess for the March meeting. At the Circle Three meeting Mrs. Carl Hills was hostess. Mrs. R. S. Rugeley presided in the absence of the chaiirnan and laugh! the Bible study. Mrs. Bill Uelhir.g direcled the social study dismis- sion. Eight regular members were in attendance ind also three potential members. The home of Mrs. W. M. Lemmons, IS in VVii- lislon, will be the March meeting Bile. Sixteen members of Circle Four met. in the home of Mrs. Clyde Katheree. and two guests w <• r e present. Mrs. R. F. Dirksen taught the Bible Study. ••Kvrtwidi-niiv.j Circle" study was by Mrs. K. A. Sorcii/uii. Mrs. ,J. 1'. Merchant. -- 17 Charles "'ill entertain the circle in March Mrs. W. S. Di.xon wa.s hust»-!>.s to DRESS UP PATTIES In preparing barn patties or lamb patties llu> next time, ad'! a touch of culor by topping "'cm with a niarasvhino cherry roundeil by 2 piiv os of pineapple. For pnu-:ip|-lf pi"'-'-*, simply cut a pineapple slice into quarters. lletul The News Classified Ads. fl T T H Er- &** 421 EAST FREDERIC OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK Grocery PHONE MO 4-8531 Prices Effective: Tuesday - Wednesday -Thursday Campbells Reg. Can fl M Pinfo Beans From— j HAZLEWOOD'S j Form Doiry { Pasteurized - Homogenized Pure - Whole MILK 'Nothing Removed' OPEN IMS KXDSTOXKiHT TONY GlifiTIS-SIDNEY POITIEB Starts THIS THEATRE IS PROUD TO HAVE BEEN SELECTED AS ONE OP THE 4OO THEATRES IN THE EXCITING 5 Lb. fflF£FF IU5TLL fiohl .Mcilal FLOUR 10 Lb. Dixie Belle CRACKERS Lfc^Box Fresh Pork STEAK Wilson All Meat Vienna Sousage 2 cans Decker—12-Oz. Can Luncheon Neat Swam Down — Butterscotch, Devil Food. Golden. White Cake Nix 4 boxes Large Box KLEENEX Ut-cl Potatoes 25 Ibs. I'ick () .Morn—Cln. Tomatoes Yellow Onions 5-ib. bag Calif. Navel Oranges U's, FUIT'S, , Ideal I $ H, Store Crater e's C'uuwtry hi ore OI'KX U:J5 — LAST 3 FKATMiKS -\\iil,N JIEIi- Ctidahy Thick sliced BACON 2 Ib 79c End Cut PORK CHOPS Ib45c Fresh f or Pork LIVER Cudahy Ready to Eat ^\ Picnic Hams ^ Lb.*y Fresh Ground Beef I Ibs, 1 $100 Short Ribs S" Ib 39c WHITE'S if you can buy it anywhere else in the Wot&l/ for Less! FAST, FREE USE OUR PERSONALIZED CREDIT TERMS! Giant 12-cu.-ft. CATALINA 2-door REFRIGERATOR * LARGE TWIN VEGETABLE CRISPERS * HANDY REMOVABLE EGG TRAYS •* COMPLETELY NON-RUST SHELVES * EXTRA-ROOMY DOOR RACKS A wonderful refrigerator-Freezer combination that gives you SUPER-COLD freezing and low-tempera- tyre foodkeeping in one modem, square-look unit. The freezer keeps even ice cream "drugstore" bard during defrosting. Beautiful porcelain enamel finish. Complete with a full 5-year warranty. SYMPHONIC PORTABLE STEREO RECORD PLAYER dual (hannel amplifier for fop Compare with others priced at $149.95 Complete for only 99 95 Complete selection of and console model Stereo end HI-FI! NOWl You can gef the miracle of stereophonic sound in a portable player. This 4-speed, automatic-changing machine has big multiple speakers to give you the ultimate in stereo sound reproduction. Player and separate speaker both in deluxe matching washable cabinets. P4t 4MY AMOUNT DOWN YOU AS YOU Pampq MO 4-3368

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