Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on January 6, 1971 · Page 25
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 25

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 6, 1971
Page 25
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Good Thro Sot. Night, Jon. 9, Meat Items Sold As Advertised W«, Rei.rv. Th« Right To limn Quantities This Week... U. S. Choice Copyright 1^71. The Kroger Co, tenderay steak sale U.S.GOV'T GRADED CHOICE KROGER TENDERAY SAVE 20c Drip i ectraperk aperk 59c Vol fas • 1-lb. Kroger • Coffee With this coupon and 55.OO purchase .xcludlng Items prohibited by law. Limit on. coupon per customer. Coupon good thru Sat. Night, Jan. 9, 1971. Subject to applicable "COUPON^ This Coupon Good For SO Extra Top Value Stamp* with purchase of S Ibs. or more WILD BIRD SEED Coupon goad thru Sat. Night, Jan. 9, 1971 04 l'VALUABLE'•^sy- COUPON "' This Coupon Good for 100 Extra Top Value Stamps with purchase of on. 4-lb. lor KROGER PEANUT BUTTTER Coupon good thru Sot. Night, Jon. 9, 1971 102 'COUPON This Coupon Good For 25 Extra Top Value Stamp* with purchase of 1-lb. bag SPOTLIGHT BEAN COFFEE Coupon good thru Sat. Night, Jon. 9, 1971 L COUPON" This Coupon Good For 50 Extra Top Value Stamp* with purchate of one pkg. IISTERINE LOZENGES Coupon good thru Sat. Night, Jan. 9, 1971 !G2 'VALUABLE COUPON This Coupon Good For 25 Extra Top Value Stamps with purchase of any pkg. CUBE STEAKS Coupon good thru Sat. Night, Jan. 9, 1971 VALUABLE 30 COUPON This Coupon Good For 25 Extra Top Value Stamps with purchase of any cut-up TRAY-PAK FRYERS Coupon good thru Sat. Night, Jan. 9, 1971 362 This Coupon Good For 50 Extra Top Value Stamps with purchasa o( any 2 cans KENT CANNED MEAT Coupon good thru Sat. Night, Jan. 9, 1971 Just Wonderful Kroger Kroger Gelatin .... . . "= 49 C 3 12-ct. $e| pkgs. • 3-oi. DC • oka. U Kroger Dill or Kosher Hamburger 32-oz. J[ A* Sliced Pickles 49 C Decorated |fc Jumbo $*| Swansoft Towels .... 0 "!" I Mouthwash Cherry, Lemon, Lime, Orange-Pineapple/ Strawberry, Black Raspberry, Orange, Raspberry, Black Cherry or Fruit Punch Kroger 30-ot. Cottage Cheese ttn> Hamburger, Cheese or Sausage 15-or. Totino Pizza ""' Soft White ft $4 Sylvania Bulbs Q '" | 6O Watt, 75 Wan, or 100 Watt ...3 Listerine . . . *£" 5 303 $f '""I I Kent Chili With BeansS " ™! $ 1 U. S. Choice Tenderay Round Steak Colgate Palmolive Liquid 12-0*. $ bottles 1 Polar Pak Frown Dessert . . 1S'/ 4 -oz. Ground Be.f with BBQ or 12-oz. Corn B..f loaf '/2-gal. ctn. 12-oz. Corn B..f loaf g* 14-ozi <>f Kent Beef Goulash ... Z H I lOe Off label Sweetheart i/j-aal. MfLm Fabric Softener *""W Krogwr 100-ct. bottl. Detergent Oxydol Gain Family Pride Aspirin .. Regular, Drip or Electro Perk - Vac Pac Kroger Coffee Giant Size Mb. Can ^"^•••1^^^ §*t«rgent Bright Heavy Doty White gt. rise 4fc with coupon and $5.00 purchase Silver Platter Quarter Sliced Lb. Pork Loin Silver Platter 4-lh. Pkg. or larger Cffc* Pork Steaks lb 5i c 3-5 lb. Avg. P|* Fresh Spare Ribs ..... lb Sir 10-lb. Can Marhoefer Canned Ham lb. Whole or Portion Kroy Semi-Boneless Ham . . . lb Family Pak 5-lb. pkg. or larger* Pork Neck Bones" Kroger or Oscar Mayor 8-oz. Sliced Lunchmeat pkg - Spiced Luncheon, Old Fashioned, Cooked Salami, Pickle Loaf All" Meat Wieners '" 4S C Serve 'n' Save With Coupon 1-lb. f&$br Sliced Bacon pk9 W Kwlck Krlsp 1-lb. •fR*. Sliced Bacon pk ° IS 2-lb. pkg. $1.49 Kroy Jumbo By The Piece All Meat Bologna ... Chunk Sliced . lb. 69c Avondale ib. Croam Style Golden Corn, Cut Green Boanj, Croon Pry Shell Beans or Sweat Peas No. 303 Cans Campbells "| <j - / No. 1 i SOUP I cans Vegetable or Vegetarian Vegetables Swansoft Bathroom Tissue.... White, Pink, Yellow or Aqua ROM $. Swansoft • • •»• ^ 200- ial Tissue .J boxcs Yellow, White, Pink or Aqua Wesson Oil 24-01. bottle Banquet Pot Pies . . . Chicken, Turkey, Beef or Tuna Shortening n Alton Evening Telegraph Wednesday, January 6, 1971 B-9 U. S. Choice Tenderay 6-8 Lb. Avg. Shank Portion Fresh or Fully Cooked |Lb. Shank Half or Butt Portion lb. 49e Hunter, Kroy or Mayrose Wholo Boneless Ham Half Ham lb. $1.05 — Slkod lb. $1.09 U. S. Choico Tondcray OJ»C Standing Pump Roast.. lb (33 Family Pak 4-lb. Pit!]- ° r lor 'J<"' Ground Chuck U. S. Choice Tenderay T-Bone Steak lb. Mixed ^^^ ^M Fryer Parts «>• 2 5 C 3 Hindquarters with Back, 3 foruquor- tors with . Back, 3 Wlngj, Giblets Included. DJ S. Choico Rib Steak Family Pak Wholo Fryer Legs or Split Breasts U. '3. Govt. Inspected Whole Fryers Edwards Wholo Hug Pork Sausage 2-lb. pkg- $1-57 Mrs. Foul's Fish Stix pl By The Piuco Krey A/C Braunschweiger ....... Chunk Sliced . lb. 69e Golden Ripo Select 79' 23-ox. >b None Priced Higher Lh. Large Saddles* 88 51*0 Navel Oranges .... Ruby Rod or Whltu Scudluis Grapefruit Florida Zlppor Sklri Swnu/ Tangerines Largo Froih and Crli|,, LUMJO 'J4 Size Iceberg LettiKe Largo Red Vine Ripe Tomatoes Mild Tent/ Yellow Woitorri Goldmi m He<l Delicious A« tloi. lioail 10 79- fur Northern Duking Pineapple adds zest to chicken Now that the holidays are over and everyone is trimming budgets to once again balance the ledger, here's a pineapple tip for doing wonders to inexpensive chicken thighs. It's a bit of flavor wisdom from the far east combined with the convenience of fresh tasting canned pineapple. The subtle deftness of curry, a smidgen of candied ginger and the golden flavor of canned pineapple chunks combine to add an exciting dimension to this chicken dish. The sauce, thickened with comslarch. spreads a clear glaze over the chicken, adding a sparkling lustre. Chicken and pineapple can also be combined to enjoy other international cuisines, such as Polynesian, Carribcan, Chinese, and South American. Whenever you wish to travel via a special dinner, canned pineapple can also be relied upon to add its delicate flavor to enhance the dish. There is a style and size can to fit every meal. INDIAN CURRIKI) CHICKEN 8 chicken thighs 1 i/Jlcaspoons salt 14 teaspoon pepper 2 tablespoons butter or margarine 3 tablespoons chopped onion 1 teaspoon curry powder 1 chicken bouillon cube ^ cup hot water 1 % tablespoons slivered candied ginger 1 (13 y 4 ounce) can pineapple chunks 2 teaspoons constarch 2 teaspoons lemon juice Season chicken with salt and pepper. Melt butter. Add chicken and brown well. Remove chicken from skillet. Add onion and curry powder to skillet and cook for 1 minute. Pour off any excess fat. Return chicken to pan. Dissolve bouillon cube in hot water and add with ginger to chicken. Bring to boil. Reduce heat 1 , cover and cook gently for 20 to 25 minutes or until chicken is tender. Meanwhile, drain pineapple well, saving syrup. Mix cornstarch mixture to liquid In skillet and cook, stirring constantly until sauce thickens. Add pineapple chunks and wine vinegar heat thoroughly. Makes 4 servings. Fruit filled ice wreath centerpiece When you've invited friends over for a buffet supper, this sophisticated fruit-flavored punch with a fruit filled Ice wreath Is decorative enough to use as a centerpiece. Then set, out delicious glazed spareribs and other hearty dishes. Your guests will make the punch bowl the focal point of the evening, and you'll delight in how fast and easy it is to prepare this unusual punch. Here are the recipes for both I he punch and an appetizing platter of glazed spareribs: MANHATTAN FBI) IT PUNCH Ice wreath (see below) :t cups grapefruit or pineapple juice, chilled 1 bottle Holland House manlialtan mix 1 bottle (fifth) Bourbon 1 bottle (2H o/.) gingerale, chilled To prepare itc wreath, overlap thin orange and lemon slices in a ring mold and arrange red and green maraschino cherries around lln'iii. Adrl >X> inch of water and frt'e/.e solid. Add water In fill mold; freeze. At s e r v i n j; time, combine r e m a i n i n g ingredients in uiicli bowl. Kloat ring on top. Makes about 25 servings. (il.A/KDNl'AKKKIRS •1 Ihs. spareribs, cut into serving pieces 1 can (1 lb.) jellied cranberry sauce 2 envelopes instant margarita mix 1 tablespoon soy sauce 1 teaspoon dry mustard Combine margarita mix, cranberry sauce, soy sauce and niust'ird in a saucepan; heat until cranberry sauce melts. Place spareribs Hi a shallow roasting pan and bake in preheated 350 degrees F. oven for 1 hour, turning once. Pour off fat in pan. Brush spareribs with margarita glaze. Bake about 80 minutes longer, basting occasionally with remaining glaze. Makes about 4-G servings.

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