The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on July 9, 1923 · Page 13
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 13

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, July 9, 1923
Page 13
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MONDAY, JULY 9, 1923 1 '!'*f ' ~~ •in.- THE HUTCHINSON NEWS. rAGE XrllRriliEN. ADMTECJHjyL. w&m AW>W> FOR RENT—WIISCel-UANEOtf* « IPOIl RRNT—Stuft room, modern. 25x110 and fine bnnenient. Heat location for a help yourBelf-Brooary More; one or moro years 1 , lease for $126 a month. Josnph Duncanr Bnllmt, Kin. 12 BUSINESS room for rent, no HVcst First. suitable, tor automobile business, tire or battery or any kind of retail business. Inquire Superior Mntorfl. 12 thfs 7-lllt l-Olt RP.NT—Offlno "room at 24 Last First, Nelson building. M. Welch, 12S-26t VERY desirable offlun ruoms. Curdy Insurance Agency. •u Moia -tit 160-ACRE farm for rent. Inquire at Nelsoii_ Hardware Co. 12 0-1Z FOR IlKNT-Office room* in MeCurdy building. 12 2--' 6 ' FOB SALE—KJiSCBLLANEOUS (Conl'di BARGAIN—Lesvlny elty on 'account of HI health. For sale: six-room house, strictly mo<lern, oak flool 'B, doublo garage, front drive, nice lawn, plenty shade. Also Ford coupe, Chandler louring and two bowling alleys. 726 North Plum. 18 7-Bt POIl BALE—Letterheads, envelopes, wed* ding announcements; cards. Wells Printing- Co., 24 "West First 18 3-4t B&urdey C«nr8<s45<Eisir Km. Ina Klles, phone 2728. 817 East Fourth. >• 2-2" lor cook Move, heating stove, flrepiaoe and furnace. Yaggy Plantation. 1» 13-JH OAltAGK for rent- 070. -8 South Elm. Call i r,.4t GOOD enrage,for rent. m West Fifth. 12 9-n 14 ROOM AND BOARD NlCl'l large sleeping room with lights, Bos and water, furnished or unfurnished, Tor man and wife or couple of working girls tw gentlemen. £07 North Cleveland. 14 5-4t BOARD servee] In family stylo, and room, at 321 West First. 11 S-St BOARD and room.. 305 'West Second. 14tl-25t FOR BALE OR TRADE Beautiful Hyde Park Yumie, modem .to ths minute, anraae, $7,600, terms; con- aider email place, Ootid farm near Burrton; trade for city *.*\juej ty. New, modern, five-room bungalow; consider building site, fi.e mo for rentals or Insurance. 11. C. GUTTER, Realtor, Phono 26a; lies. 177U. North Main. 16 5-4t FOR ft ALU ur trade—Farm seven miles from Hnlchinson; crop ROCS with farm of fi-uit; will lake piece of clty-,prop erty and give long time on balance. Call y*3 North Tfju'ii street, Gjnndvle%v.l5 2-Gt. FOr/ SALll or trndo—160 acres 3H miles from GnodweH, Texas county, Okla.. vnidd consider good car on deal; price $2 ,C0. Ivan S. Perkins, Guymon, Okla. IB 7-9 FOR PALM cheap or trade Tor horses. mulen or cows- 1 loider tractor In goed running older. II. 11. Ltllger, Unhier, Kan. lG7-«t COIKIEIB C®. P OT your coffee. Best grades, /tn-j flavor, fresh ground. Mixed tea for Ice tea from all high-grade teas. Parties wishing up to call on them each week, call or phono 1311, '402 North Main street. Free delivery. , \ 18 4-2ot , J. IS. Sonny WIRING CONTRACTU it AND REPAIR WOItK, 627 East Seventh. Phono a »34, 18 14-7:14 FOHSAUE-jMIMEt.l-ANEOUS <Cont'a)_ Second. IS »-*« FOll SAM— Refrigerator. Phono ^j* 0 ^ 4l NOVICE—M»SCELLANEOU» Vulcanizing. Retreading. Let us toko care of your tire troubles. MM°Sllai4e Tire CaimiipMy United States and Para Bell Tires. Phono 397. •04 South Main. Hutchinson, Kan. Ill 2-25t HOTECE Gas burners raised and adjusted, save 10* on your gas bill. Now Is the' lira* to got your furnace repaired. Alt work guaranteed. Phono 401W. Morris * Elorgan, stove and furnace exports. 13 17-2St Cffiffidl-ISyiB Msij Fever A guaranteed hay fever and catarrh cure for sale by the A. and A. Drug Co. Guarautcod to cure or prico retanded. _ lit 7-» TTiinrtBsIh Y®tj!ir ©wis Wlhesid Huy Hii» new Kaeino 24 -411 separator, In Stood running older; also 13-11. V. steamer, 15-S0 Mogul, all In .good running order, at-bargain prices. N. A. Cassldy, Partridge. Kan., 18 wfm 4-14 Direct from finishing plant to oemotory. Bave 20 lo 30%, agents' and retailers profits. Wo handlo all standard granite and marbie. J. I{. Lynrt, "The Jlonument Man," Nlckcrson, Kan. 10 tusU4-7:2S WII FIT GLASSES THAT FIT Bflat Sherman; ovor Cat«i (SIE@ 0 €. PUCE OptoEnetrJsL fcjycs te»;o[l—Glaasos fitted. 16% North Main, over J on en Shoe 8to:« . 19 a -23t FOR 6ALl ; :—22-ii.di Huber sepfirator with fmetier, blowor ami lilovatt.r, tn ruitninK order. A. 1«\ Bontvascv, liwiiri, Kim, 18 y-6t KOH KAI,K--Jlr>yB" \ong Pants J3.TiO uy, 1'art priynietit down, l*a*.iince 50a w<ink. Youths' Ions iKinta Suits il week. Corner Cummcrco Co. 17-19 North Walnut. 18 G-H for sale: younpr sins^rs, price $5,»Mrn. J. S. Thorman, 8»& South Main. 18 9-lt YOU HAl.K or trails—Si.x-iooin houH" clcfi' In. Corn- IUKI look It ovt-r. i-'-i North Monroe. 1 'honri 319xW. Hi G-1U VII A ( *T }< 'A I,I, V m:\v K uriKnunn plaii n; wili fiuvfiidor Kooil cur. 312 East Seventh ftftyr 'i JMII. 1£> 'J-l'i VOH HM.M or tr.-uh'— 1 V4-ton HupubHc truck, (.hiss I>oV>rlnnki, rU:vnu, Kan. IT, 3-tit nousr<: an <l wn^on for 1«-(1R SAhI5 H(jlu ear. plt;s or siioata. 901 West X). lt> 7-11 |ir trftiU*—l* of lots tor a In.utile 914 Kunt Third. 1G 7-4t TO TRAOS livu U reiiitl riv .'inu nindti ii or \v\\\ t;i piLf. stot.'k. fixlurt-rt about l .r .nii'ni-i), HTn 'Uir. 17 on live a building '0. Hen V. i? :t--tL FOS BALE—Nrnrly TIDW cash register. BHfftr Motor Exchance. 18 3IJ-7 FOR SA/vK—Ladies' b&.:k kid Oxfords, with military rubber-tap net-Is, for %4, J4.50, J5,&'> lo $6 .r >0, purl iiaymdnt down, balance EOu we«I(. Cutnor Commerce Co., 17-19 North "Walnut. 18 6-4t ITOIl SAJJE—One 16-30 Twin City tractor In good (jomtttlon. One new Bethlehem truck; onn a'x'ond-luind llpihlohem truck, nearly new. At Intrgaln prices. " Chae. 11. Dmmzer, SlerUnir. Kansas. 18 s 2^-3t SECOND-UANIJ Kl ^niGKElATOnS of all klnda at baijialna. Also nnofl furniture, repafrinff and upholhteriogt a Bt 'ffclalty. Ill'yard Kurnhure Co., 510 North MiWn, phono ICS. 13 2-25t Foil SAbE-Two ^small outbuilding. iiapd lumber, tlo/ira, windows, some bath fSxuirea. United IJrethren church, phone 322BJ. 18 7-11 POTt SALK—One MIXNKAPOi;^ ^2-11.1*. STKAM ENOINK. CHEAP. UBN THOMi'SON, iiOX 222, UTAFFOIU), 1CAN. .'.itagLi. t>ce us realtor, t'hfrt^ i<i\ a. xljindy nurt 1 1 sid^ t nt nneir-. ' H <-u \". Lainborn, 17^5. 3 iy..rt. h M ;,in - 37 K;4t KKNi> cmmiy la-rid lo trade for Iluii'hin- ann proi.Mty. Thon« 3S32. I7 3I-25t HOT lilt In HuhJer, Kan., for snic Tin only eatinE plac.» in town; (JMod IUIHI mas re.aeon for selling. Mrs, L. H. Jones, lluliler, Kan,, or inquiru lflU fjouUi Main, Hutchinson. IS 23-lOt GOOO 30 -room hotel In eastern Colorado; diet In £ roam: dedng ff<jo*.l business; romitf always full. J-'or pri-jo and furth«r liiformation, phono 11037J . IS U-'it FO R S AI ,E—r. - H. p. gawol Inn c n K i ne, Mi 'lt»ndld repair; suitable for Irrigation; tinv) to responsible parties if dfstred. Aluj.-r W. L. JJrowri. IS H-2t BOYB EARN EXTRA SPENDING MONEY BY SKIiLINO THti NEWS AFTER 4 P. M. EACH EVKHING. 10c STARTS YOU. APPLY TO MR. GPjiGCI, NEWS OFFICE. 13 19-28t Visltirfg cards, programs, social and commercial printing "for those who care." H'cOa Printing Co., phone 102, 24 West FIrat. 13 3-"t AUTOMOBILES (Csrlt'tf) FOR SALE—Chevrolet coupe In Al condition. See PuiUe Coal Co. 22 5-tit FOP. SALE or trade—1010 special, good shape. 2413. Studebaker , 32 27-10t FOR SAI.K—Auto trailers. 113 South "WS ^nut. I* Ward. 22 6-25t FOR SAIjI5 --Asto trauors. 11B South Walr .ut. J. U War.l, !2 I-lot Psr©sg(edl lP©naII(liry Milk fed, nicely dressed. Phono us your ardor. Sftlft CM? Pr®dlsi(cc Go. 18 Ea«t Third, ahono 779, 13 27-25t KIDS poultry of lice llkft inaglc. Pom's Qolden \Vonder given in drinking water or food few day* doos It. Will not hiirrh fowln, flesh or eggs; help* save baby chlcka; 1,000 treated -easily as one; 60a iind Jl bottles; guarantourt; nt your dealer by mail. 1. A. Fumniier Co., Topoka, Kan. BABY chloka ready July fllti: jA'ghorns, Be; Iteds, lOe. Salt City Hatchery, South Kulchlnson. Phono 1374. 23 &-9 tllNULBT Ban cd Rocks, cockered hcad- InK peus Hired by grand champion at Chicago Coliseum. Ketffi, ^5 -for la; farm flock, 5G.50 i;or 100. All Iloifan tested. C. A. Uoyltt. Burrton, Kan. T3 s 2S-lt)t CIRCUS ON THE TABERNACLELOT This is Where Cyrus Grotto Show Will be Held. COMMITTEEMEN NAMED Next Meeting of the Grotto to be Held on Friday"Night, July 13, at Grotto Hall. w<>ro two gMVe leaders, Josr-ph La- coutrs of the Brockton district, shoe workers union and Mrs. Ncillo Mc- Every cell In the police station wan filled and the prisoners, k 'd by their leaders, sangr "Amarica," There was no dlsortior attending the arrests. SPRINGER HEIRS FIGHT FOR A VAST ESTATE LITHUANIA NAMES NEW PRESIDENT FOIi Thorowghbred Ba-red Koefc *1 setting. FfcoAtt 30oV. 413 Hast A. «3 7~2&t itfttB your chicka dying? Bave them with "Uiarho," Weoanor'n Drug. 23 7-25t FOR SAI,K— Baby each. Phono 135U5, chickens, Z5 cents 23 5)ll-ai)t FOU BALli:—lor hatching. Phono 2506. * 23 2-fiyt DR. JIUJ J L , a foot apcclallat la with Dr. Nichols at 223 East Secorid. Brolton archea treated succeaBfully. Phone 2013 for appointment. 19 *-25t for pickles. X'hano S&QQll, Qardena, South Hutchinson. IS 5-2&t STOPJ Tblnkl-Why throiv away your old furniture when we can make it good aa new? Kef^Llring and upholstering a specialty. Tupeatry ordered. La\Tmn Furniture Co.. 408 North Main sU?et ( phone &7». 1» 27-3tH RilMINGTON Sales and Scrvlco—Kem- lnjjton Typewriter Co., 24 West Fiia:, phono 402. B. A, Kintiel, aaleaman. s^^ 13 4-*6t NOTK'K to real estate dealerR—My house at Uin> Knst Fourth 1H off tho market. Mr. and Atra. J. 13. Pricier, 13 y-ia KYK31CJHT; eohacrvo it. Get tho facta abou t your eyes. Dr. Darla nd, 'M ^ft North Main. 19 16-26t LAVv'N movers Bhurpened; called Cor and delivered. H Wost A, phono 1?D7. 19 G:15-20t jr. H. SHOWERS, clilropodl»t, ISi Earn". A, Phone 202G. IB 3-35t FOR SAt.£—MISCELLANEOUS 18 When you at* sci"(t»ialy ill, whom do yru t-miiioy'.' Wtn-n you need legal adv J c t . • Hrnrli tho beat. When you wish to makf! ti of possibly aH you iiavo cui'itcd uml »tci:uirtuliitert of SfV.Mul years' hard work, whom will you cn , ipu>y ti> sell it? (A saieamnn who knows value and in In the buinnrsa). Phono Jlutchinaon al D:ivy'» expense. 18 6-251 POlt SALE to ladled with small feet— Uood Oxforda 51.1 >l>' and Si, 1)5 pair. Cnrn .M- Cumiitcrce Co., 17-19 North Walnut. IS tl-At KOH SA1.10 — S3 oven -foot McCorm+ck • binder. Also yraiig plow. Kd Annadown, Elmer Station, phono 212 Harlow. m £7-15 PHJ3BMC BALES AfTer-ltrirve.^t ualei. a dated, l-.iirljffit m\1-'n nrv with any r r jiu;ait!i- auctio ei'.ao'to you u,s your phuut talk to ntu williout o now b'jitig boat. 1 work <->;)• and am where you can Uofuren any past ciJHioiiifji Bterlliig my expense. Offiivi jdioiio K. ti. Potter. GOUJDEK WEST MJXTEIIS, MUM, AMB Qolflen Weal C'roalriery, H Kant Fourth. 13 2Q-2St Tuo epecial.bin-gnino for this week: One almost new golden oak, J12&. One extra high grade, extra fine tone, No other store like oura In Kansas. We buy for lens, we .".ell for less. 11. O. PHILIPS i«9 North Walnut. - IS B-4t KOR SALK —Ladtea' black kid 1-tiirap Cnmfort HIipp'-ra for 12.50/ $2.38 and I3..V). Coiner Ooiiiniarcb Co., 17-13 North Walnut.- 13 6-4t POH SALK- -Good Ht -t work liariiesa, practically new; John De^re wii^on; inw nuy rack. Call 1100 North Loraine- 18 5-Ct FOIt SALE—Furntturb. stovca and ruga sold on trRsy payments. Mitchell furniture Co., 423 South Main street. 18 27-aOt Ffrlt SALK—T*'irir« HW.Q WeaifnghouBe nutomatte electric range, perfect condition. 610 East Sherman. IS &-y FOIt SALE—'Star Brand' Shoes for men, women and children, part payment down, balance 50c week. 'Star Brand' Shoes aru better. Comer Commerce Co., 17-19 North Walnut. 18 B-4t WANTED--FurnUurs t.c re pa:; or upholster. Call 1419. , refinlsii lit u-aot FOR real {rarbage service, phono Sanitary Garbage Company^ 3910. 19 25-2St IJIOHKST I'hone 7 priced paid tor men'a clothing. T. 13 2-25t ^^POR SAI-IT —CITY PROPERTY a< FOR SALK -Six-room, modern hou3e at 228 liaat Tenth, acrosa irom NonhaiUe school; pipL'less furnace, built-in features, garage, chicken house, garden rca.dy for uso; rose bushes, shrubbery, fruit trees, tfrapes; alno 50-foot Jot in connection with house. AUo 24x5i-fcot store building at 230 East Tenth, leased for one year at numth. Both pvopertU-a JS.iiOO or will sell each separately. Owner leaving town. Call at 2W Kaat Tenth or phone 873W. 24 6-4t Owner has strictly modern, six-room cottage, hardwood floors, built-in features, standing oak in every room, pipc- ICBS furnace, hua nico ahado an<I fruit trees, close to school and close to car line. Uwn'er is leaving the city. Thla is an Idea) Jiuinn or rental property,-Address T-tJ8, eare Newa for full particulars. 24 -i-16 FOR SA t ^K —Btirgaln; Beautiful, fivo- . riKjm, strictly modern bungalow, living room yi'i -oyg front, flrenlace, built -in china closets, bcKikcasoa, kitchlu cabinet, break fust room, largo hasemcmt, laundry, east front, Crescciu Park, 55,300, ensy twms. Phonf; 130t5, 'M l\-it SIX HOOM- -breakfast room, sleeping porch, full basement, lavgts uUle, pip- furnace, garage, weh located, ifi.OW, Tf*rin:i. 7-room modern except furnace, JStiOO. 4-room. 2 lot.s JlOaO, terms. B»o a iimp. J term Co. 5S,Ou0, trems, 2'-\it North Main. Sidney lUalty Co. 24 7-lrt - 24 7-2t WANTED—MISCELLANEOUS 30 BKWLNa machine repair, work; guaranteed; country or city; examination fret; repair a)! maliea. Fa»*iy maflu- facturins hematitcheru a specialty. P»i ine 4'*. J. C. Lynch. 20 t-2bt SiiWINO machine cleaning, overhauling; work Kuaranlee'L J. F. Banman, phone 24iO. 20 li-2it BONFLOWEH PROOUCfi Wo call for poultry-' anywhaie; P*l market price. Phone 2&E2, 713 South Main, 20 2-25t WANTED TO BUY 81 WANTFJ>~Okl false teeth. Wo pay high as ?!0 for full Beta. Doesn't mutter If broken. Western .Metal Company, Blouin- Ingtnn, 111. / 1>1 2-7 WANTED to buy- 3fcon,d-han.a furniture and rugs; bisheJt prices, johnqya FUTnlturo Co.. 113 South Walii. 21 2-25t WANTJ'^D—A chain *broom com seeder and baler. S. A. TUrelkeld, Nickerson, Kan. 2L /B 30-7:21 HIQHKST plc?« paid for men's cast-off clothing and kbocs. Pbonu 11B3J. 21 2-35t WE aell Storm King famous plastic root cement for leaky roofs. L. J. White Lumber Co.. phone (JO. IS 8-25t FOR SALE—Din ins room set, kitchen cabinet, duofold, and other household articles. Phone 2239W. IS 7-U FOR SALI5—One 4ft-to» FlBchar Machine Works ice plant. Inquire of A. A. Appel, Bushton, Kan. 18 11-7:11 BAKCAINS IN SLIGHTLY USED PIANOS Vose and Son 3, mahogany, IOK >ks junl piaya llko new, J!rS5. Merrlfiold player piano, walnut, In elegant condition, $2To. New sampio player piano, beautiful oak caac, reguiar >536 value, priced to wall at $410. Apollo player piano, slightly used but la almost liko new, only~ 1475. Those aro rare biirgains and every one fully f ;uarantend; convenient terms; Hberal'*»i- owance for your old piano. Veatch Bros. Piaiio^louse, 120 North Main. 18 »-4t BEES FOU SALIS Fifty 10-fiame, good, painted beohJVefl, !3 old hives with honey boxes on, $7 each; the new swarms, $5 each; Price la lews than tha empty hive* cost. W. li, Avery, IS 9-10 Cloverdale, Hutchinson, Kan. FOU SALK—Men's good Shoes for J4, 54.50, $4.1*8, $G.E0, 56.&0, $ti.7B to *7.7b. Men'a Oxfords fur $5.50, $5.76, »«.6U. Men'a work Shoes $2,50, and- J3 .&0. Comer Commerce Co., 17-19 North Walnut. . 18 6-4t ROOIFTOS .Blirl'a Art-Craft rooflnff, rnade to aiiply over ula wood BhJngica* ^Boautlful, fturablu and ftreyroof. GUARANTEED • BoW by IL J. WUte Loaiisiilbqsr Co. t'hono (IB. 101 Wost Shannon, 18 30-2St Bul.-k c, liulfk 4, uoata, Don, Baxon, Chevrolet 490, Ovirlana, Auburn, Oak' land and Pullman cars. BARNES AUTO 8U7PX.Y CO. Weal Sherman Bt. PftoneOMJ. liT-ttt MILK fed white Wyandottcs: UroIU'rs and fries, alive or druascd. Phone 1953W, Flflcunlh and Plum. 18 3-St FOR SALK— Children'* Play Ojfords for ~ 11.50 and pair. Coiner Commerce Co., 17-10 North Walnut. IS C—It l-'OH SALE—Six dining room elirJra. bahy hnirK>', hlgh«chalr, Phono ZaOGW, 40H East Seventh. , 18 0-tt FClll SALE—NleliolB and Shepavd :0-H.P. single Bleani engine. B. i>. i)lrk.s, Buhlcr, Kan. 18 7-13 WANTED—Two acrea with stood mi- provementa. 503 North Monroe. 21 S-lt WAN Tlin—Mulberries. 720 Kast Sixth. FOR SAl.i:—An extra eood buy In [our- routn houHc, F,G-foot corner lot, t;Lruge, water, light and giti, only Jl.OCO, t ;oo <l terms. Also Home cheap lota for sale or will trade for ear. W. K. SELDK.V Kiono 602. Zi 7-U >100 .DOWN lo good party will make the. fh -Kt payment on a dandy four-room hous#. northeast part, halanre taKy monthly payments, possession August 1. Ben V. l^.mborn, realtor, phone 17o, ^ North i\fj.ln. 24 'j-il FOR by owner-New yubui'ban home, eifcht rooms, p',..-.*jslns pofh. Would eui.Hhler elty I'roiieily or liuin land. Termn ean be arranged. L). I.'. Mitchell, !U- Wutt Kourli-.ettth. 2<;ii-Wt TWO Ktrietly modi rn Glx-rumn buiiKa- lowti, \v<:ll K HTI ted and on (;uod teiot.-*; priced rh/hl; for hiK>' •••]:i*y, re.-ddenees. Beo Ben V, l,andnjrn, n.-ultor, phono 17^E>, 3 North AI:uu. Ill j--lt FOR SAI.t'l or trade Ilutr -hinson- rertl- deneo, eleven rooms, on West Twelfth, strictly modern, up-lo-dalo, will trade for smaller reslderK.-e, Addre.-w F. J. J( ws , 618 Ea-st Eighth street, l^inied, Kan. 24 U-Uot The big circus of Cyru3 Orotto Is to •be held on tho lots used by tins tjilioniacle tor a religious muRtlng lust year, on tho south aldo ot Hocond avfiftuo west, second blo<& west of J Mnln street. ThroiiRh tho ennrtesy of the owners of the lots there tho'Clrmto la to uao these, vacant lots without cost and for which tho officers and executive committee ot the Cirotto are thnnlttul. The dates for the circus are July 2S. Saturday night, and then all of tho nights of the following week, ending Saturday night, Auguat 4, with no show on Sunday. The Band to Play. The hand is to play often, and Cirotto hand Is a repidar affair, osp&'Ia.lly since it has Its great calliopo to help out somewhat. Chairman Bert. Snyder and Secretary Krnlo Gallup aro working all ot tho time to inako a success out of overylhintf. Tho Renoral office of the circus Is in tho 'Midland hotel office. Here are tho chairmen of tho committees named by the Grotto for the work io bo done. The Chairmen. Executive—-Bort Snyder, traveling man. Fluancf!—Buford Haydon,. State Exchange bank. Advortlsing—"Jlrn" Davis, Davla & Child. Tickets—Clint Green, Santa Fo passenger clopartment. Purchasing—Mm cry Colson, proprietor Midland hotel. Concessions—Otto Painter, Kinkel agency. Cashier—Orover Harris, CltiMUS hank. Lot, light, license—Charles B. 7.1m- merman, Houston, Zimmerman Lumber company. Popularity contest—Walter F. Jones, uutyov. brinks—Frank Jackson, ice cream manufacturer, Main show—Eii Fnrncy, director Cirotto btinil. / Side dhow —Art Ward. News. Publicity— Hoy Lamborn, cigar store. Police;—W. E. Long, chief of police. Firo department—Joe liennett, assistant chief fire department. HUNDRED WERE ARRESTED. They Were Charged With Picketing, in a Shot Factory Strike. Brockton, .Mass." July .9—One hundred pickets were arretted today UH the rvstilt of the opinion of City Sollci- lor James 1'). Handrahn that picketing durlnK the shw strike now in progress hero ia illegal. Among thoso urrestcd Say Charles Springer Gave 99- Year Lease Where Wilmington, Dela., Stands. Aleksandrao Stul<;inslias. Aleltsaiidraa Stulglnnltas has SL Louis, Mo..' July 9.—A. meeting ot /ho Springer Heirs, Inc., an organization comiprlflinK; ajip'-oximateiy 2 ,000 lineal descendants of Charles Sprlnser, was belnit held hero today In order to establish all claims to tho estate o? Springer, which l« variously estimated a! $500,000,0011. This organ- liatlon was established in Chicago several months afro. The Siirlnser heirs contend that 2,000 ncres in V.», wltore today Iho city .of Wilmington is situated, were (ji-sntorl to Si»rlnRer by Lord lialfitnore during tho pro-ierolution- ary poriod, ami that Springer in turn leased this land for nincty-niuo year';. In addition to this tract, the Sprlnitcr heirs lay claim to valuable jewels which nro said lo ho itojd. for saf» kcoplnrf at Stockholm, Sweden. SEE MANY HUTCHINSON PEOPLE IN COLORADO been elected president of tho struggling young republic of Lithuania. Fred Hennoy -manaKiiu; editor of thu I News who is spending the month In jrwt Colorado with his family at Oreeu ' Sentenced to Death. New York. July 9.-— Mrs. Anna Buzzl today was sentenced to diu in the electric chair during the week of Mountain Falls is n;t'«tlnjj many Hutchinson folks at that, resort. The Rimer Ellsworth and A. G. Mc- Reynoids families have summer cabins near wh^ro the Honneys aro llvlng- And CieoiRo i^lveley anil f!corjrt» JJven- good, former Uutcliinson business August G for tlio murder ot Frederick men have their summer cottages at Schneider, Bronx contractor with Green Mountain Fails, wham oho lived for eight years. • i 'Mr. t-lenney writes that tho roads •— ; aro fine in tho mountains and says Seattle: When the Alaska AgTlcul-. It is cold at night, It being necossary tural College and Sdiool of Minos to sle«p under 'blankets and comforte. startml last fall It had a membership Snow seven foot doe .p on the Inde- of G BtudentB; this number has rapid- pendenco Pasa caused the party to give ly Increased to 30. The college, which , iip tho vii»lt to Buona Vista on tho is lenown as tho "College ot tho Farth-IPourth. Tho Hcnnoy's wtii rottiru est Nortii," Is throo miles from Fairbanks, Alaska. Swings a Mean Club. St. Louis: Though she is past 78 yooj-9 of ago, Mrs. Dorothy Scbulz of St. Louis, is a groat •believer in physical exercise and dally swings Indian ehiba and 'performs on tho 'horizontal bars. the last week In July. Fighting in Florence. Ixmdon—A dispatch from Italy declares tho Fascist! and communist! aro waging tierce battles in Un streets of Florence,. ARKANSAS CITY WINNER. Defeated Wellington and Wlnfleld In i the Tri-City Golf. Arkansas City, Kan., July 9. — Tho I A. C. team ot the. Tri-city golf league, j composed of Wellington, Wlntiold and Arkansas City, defeated Winflold on 1 the local eourse jesterday by nlno to |six points. Arkansas City bas won all three games played. Tho average score id th,t; .sixteen players In the contest yesterday was Til on a part of 70 courses. IMMIGRANTS RUSH ELLIS ISLAND WALL PAPER, PAINTING. ETC. (Con.) IT COSTS no m<ir painted properly. West Ninth. to have your house Roy II. Alurrav, 3123 7-11 t IHJSirffiE Real eState, rentals, loans, hiBurance. Over Central State hank, phone 348-1. 24 eod 1:14-501 Yerkes, it 2-Ct WANTED—Good used household furniture, l'hono 1S40. 21 2 -lit BO YOU WISH TO HELL! List your property with u». . CAJUflY REAL ESTATE INT. CO. 113 N. JUahi, Phono 972. 24 21-35t S-Oil SALE—Hix-rooni hmisi; aeml-mod- erh, 124 East i>\ $1,700, Jioo down, terms at 7%. Call noon, morning or nlaht. 24 6-6L HIGHEST price* paid for men's clothing. Phone 777.' 21 G-261 HIGHEST prices paid for men 's clothing. Phono 717. 21 1-261 AUTOMOBILES A Caur for your summer vacat(on7 Find Juat the' car you aro looking for through the want ads In Tho News. If you cant find It there, a little ad will find It for you. Call number 9, Newa classified department 23J7-26t FOR SAI.E- condltlon, Sherman. -Pathe phonograph in perfeet and 40 reeoa-da. 728 East 18 7-lt FOR BALE—Tomato plants, red and yellow plums. 319 North W*odox6\ 18 14-25t CALL 4108W for all kinds of caUos. picnic, lunches and refreshments orders. 18 18-7 :1« FOR SALE—Little girls' 1-strap Slippers for $2.48 and $2.98. Comer Commerce Co., 17-19 North Walnut. IS «-4t FOR BALE—Oak library table, wax finish, Hko new. CaU 1070. 18 ?-l't FOR HALE—Lady's tan trlcoletto suit, Blza as, }8. Phono 1470J. 18 7-4t Pay F©n° Tlh (eEBis ® u v /®s Panyard piston rings will soon pay for themselves In saving of oil and gas. Try our repair work. HARRY flAFER AUTO SERVICE 115 Second, phone 744. 22 6-26t USEU PARTS FOR YOUR CAR ""Wo sell Mutual Oil. 124 East Third. PHONE 2310. 22 7-26t FOR SALT3-.-Bulck Auto, wlU Uko mort- K^ge. contract or equity In small city property. Brown Bros. Realty Co., 16H North Main. Phone 2844. 113 7 -4t FOR SALE by owner—Four-room house, largo rooma, two lots, $l.°u0. small payment down, $i5 Month. Phono "tint. 24 7-4t FOR SALE—Modern six-room houso wilh garage and otiier improvements. Inquire at 616 East Sixth. 24 27--.U $100 DOWN, balance $10 monthly buys 4 room houao and hundred feet ground. Phono 400. > 24-7 -lt SELI» your house. Yon will find buyer by phoning 2378 after 8:30 any forenoon. • 24 11-10*. WALL paper, Ce per aounle roll or bolt and up; 2!>c per bolt for hanging. Phone 12;i3J. 28 7-26t WALL paper, to pel aouole roll or bolt and up; 2ic per bolt lor hanging. I 'hona IZuW-, 2«7-26t PAPER hanging and painting. L*it un show you now Bamplos. Call 2134 W 26 10-2St MESSENGER SERVICE HASTY Messenger Ideal MoEsenat'r. phoni phone 538. 29t,4. FINANCIAL T© LsBffliia on city hom-.-s; long terms on monthly payment plan. Farm loans. THE KINICEL AGENCY Phone 205&. atate Excnaiofo Bank Bldg. 25 2-2SI MONEY to loan on farm and city property; —ask MeNoghteni 23 2-25t MONKY to loan; small amounts. "Welfare Loan Co., 1'tiYz North .Mala, 29 2';-7:U FOR SALE—Five-room, strictly tnoder East Twelfth, $&5. Lincoln S. Davis. 21 5- FARM loans, &To Interest, lew commlo- sion. Newlin-Mannlng Loan Co., lift Noth Main, 2D 2-JSt FARM and city loans, lowest rates and commission; write or cull for fuil details. . J. N. Bailey &. Son. 20 2-25( POR S.VLE—Five-room houso, soml-mod- em, t>y owner. 800 East Seventh. 24 7-11 CITY loans. Newlin-Maiininir Loan Co. 11V4 North Mali.. 29 2-25t FOR SALE—Plve-rdom vacant lot. Phone 2097. bungalow and 24 2S-25t WANT TO SELL YOVJll CAK7 Then list it with us. we sell them; no storage. SUfers Motor Bxchango, opposite Convention Hall. 22 12-25t POR SALK—Ford touring car, good mechanical order., four new tires, for quick SINGER sowing machine, very reasonable. Hi East First. 18 8-4t iroK llKNT-\KUctrn> raeaners. II per day. Phone 2049. 1» z-ltt MAGAZINE subscriptions. Mrs. Ina Klles. »17 East Foyrth, 18 2-J8t FOR HALE—Bulldog pup. 222 East Tenth. Phone 8W0J. 18 9-11 FOR good home made pies call »011J. Mrs. Salmon. 18 7-35t FOR 8AL1S—Carpenter tools, goofl shapo. Phone 282TW. 1» 7 -4t POR SALIC—Ladles' satin 8UpP »rs, patent SUppers, black kid Slippers, brown Slippers, for J4.C0 wilr, it cash, balance 60e week. Comer CommercB Co., 17-19 North Walnut. 1 - U RBOISTKREW Jersey cattls; enUrs herd tor s»le; best M»M Untfei' aisn H*14er, MewUn, KaA. U H-t ill FOR SALS5 —Columbia, graphonola, W East Sixth, 18 7-10 VOH BALE—Largo Phono ili. baby buggy. 18 »-2t EXPERT piano toning. Company, Jenkins Musio 18 S-!5t laLBCTKlO oalUng Ian, CI inch, tot sale. 1 >Phono 4«8. 18 t-«t plaaao- Studlo - Photographs that 1 II I-Ut sslt, $SB. J 'hone 1570 W or dli 201^Es,st Seventeenth. PARTS I tsar them tip and sail makes. A. K. Johnson, lngtnn. ill the parts', all 11 South Wash- 28 18 -2St FOR SALB or trade—One Nash truck with stock and grain body; good mechanical condition. 1817 Hast Eighth. 22 27-10t POR BALE—Ford touring car in good .condition at sacrifice price. Cail at oil atatton at Fifth and Adatn3. 22 8-tt WANTED—A late model Ford coupe priced to sell. CaJl 104 North Poplar after 0 pin. . 13 B-4t FOR SALK—REAL ESTATE - W@sd©tnm LaiEidl WB HAVE ANYTHING TO OFFER YOU IN WESTERN KANSAS THAT XOV MAY BE. LOOICLNG FOR. ANYTHING from 80 ACHES to 1,000 ACHES. IP YOU ARE ON THE MARKET FOR WESTERN LAND. ADDRESS K-88, CARE NEWS AND LET US TELL YOU WHAT WB HAVE. 25 28-9 FOR 8ALB—160-acr6, well improved farm In Beward county, Kan., five miles to town, price $6,000. For further information, WT U O or BOO owner, Jacob Tbtmm, Plains, Kan. . 25 3-ot FOR SALE—Relinquishment on !40-acre improved homestead within three miles of town. Would consider Ford' car oi trunk at cash value. Wrlto Lester \v Huston, Cadi-oa, Ooio. J6 7-8t TWO quarter sections good land in Grant county at 118 per acre, eight miles ' railroad. CSJ lor writo to J. Ulysses, Kansas. R. Lyio, 25 Let FOR SALE—Ford touring body windshield, cushions,' top. $84 Osboru il i-il FOR bargains' tn used cars, go to SUfers Motor Kxchungs, opposite Convention HaU. sau -KM FOR SALK or trade—Hudson special racing .car, Fred Lenta, 2tn East B. S81-1B IfOB- SALOii-^laraEe, mil Bojith Main; also tiuyk bed. L. H. Jones, its 3J-1IH MONBY to loan UoNsghtent on real estate ; -—ask 25 2-25 WALL PAPER, PAINTINO, ETC. tl eleaning wanted. Call S44W or Duyal) pharmacy #4, Work guaranteed. 26 B-J:E N0\V la the tlnw t _ .. . . ^ ... .., paln|«a by Roy Jt Murray, stalest to have your houso .A ~ It T-U .LOST, STRAYED OR STOLEN 30 VALUABLE possessions easily and quickly returned to losers. Lost and found column Is most efficient mediuu. for return ot lost properly. Use News lost and found column. Lucky Immigrant*, who arrived before quotas were filled, running (low* anngplank al Ellis Island, wh'ch leads to "land of nromiHc." Hundreds of immigrant!! found a "pot of gold" on their arrival at B I H B Island recently. Others found only disappointment, Tiio itieity ones WCTO thoso to arrive before tho qiiutan from their ritHpui-tlve countries' wero filled. The others will be alili>ped back to their revpectlvo ountrles. STRAYED- Tl-.reo mulo liorse. $20 reward, phone 31F31. colts, J. a. one bay Mackhn, 20 9-14 LOST-lJruwn and white spotted dot;. Can 31H East P, afternoon, lor reward 30 7-1 1 LOST—Child's tricycle between Stxtli and Second avenue. Call 2179. SO 9-4t BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY WouUl you Uko to have tho opportunity ot fcStabUslilns a buainisBa that pay« ytjii 0XQGB3 prodtu? Wo havo an jpinutunity for tlu' right party to establish a auod, paying bUKinoaB Jn a Kiowlng; town; excellent opiioi tunity for a hustler; mtmt havo flmuii capttul ana be a rea.1 V>uatnea» man. For full particulars, adtlrta« J-Sit, cart* Nuws. 82 6-X7 FAIR FOOD PRICES 12 lbs. Pure Cane Sugar for $1.00 On O-iers of 18 .00 or Over For Groccrlss or Meats Othsr Than Flour. 48-lb. Sack Guaranteed Flour for. . . .SI.35 10c Fly.Swatters, each 05c 10c Can Rubbers, each . .05c 10c Can Pork and Beans for C5c 50c Grade Ice Tea Blend, lb.. . Steel Cut Coffee, per lb Eagle Brand Milk, per can.... ... No. 10 Can Pitted Cherries for. No. 10 Can Bartlett Pears. No. 10 Can Table Peaches.... . .35c .ZZlc , ,20c . .GOc . .58c . . 49c BUSINESS PHOPERTY Good Brooms, each ,....... . .,.,.,«„... 50c "jj [Good Sugar Corn, per can. ,. „ Ifk HOTKLS—-110 rooms, rent $62£, 6 year lease, $20,000, 22 rooma new mortem, $6,000 JS rflomrt $8,1.00. 20 ruoiiis. Ili.'JUO. 20 rooms, $12,0OV, Cafeiv, cafetorlat, froin $5 up. B. COLTRA.N'E, Hotel Brwlter NoiUi Main. (S 7-2t FOR SAL15- Bakery and soda fountain in best Uttli town in state; wonflerful opportunity for right parties. Address ,-58, care News.' FOB first-class Bspsr hanging ana paper, .... . prlcr" " ... - „ - n« ana , reasonable .Jfflceji, 04I1 J. A, Wster, term leases; -i, pbons I2S2J, lJlS East Eievonth, 18 2-a*i LbiaUcual bwlld!ui>. BUlLDINOa, lots, i'ommn'..:.,i term leases; --unit alcAagate if,r.^- Crackers, fresh from the oven, lb Jit'c Phone 2293 or 2746 and Get Your Goods Delivered Free of Charge. It ercanme Groceries and Meat C. O. MAM MEL, Uv.-.-...-.\ (A^c U<t. t—Slfi Mcrtii 111*10. tin, 4--, U

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