Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois on October 15, 1930 · Page 14
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Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois · Page 14

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 15, 1930
Page 14
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UECATUR HERALP WEDNESDAY EVENING, OCTOBER 15, IV3U. *· UATUR MtKALU CORN WEAKNESS CARRIES WHEAT TO LOWER LEVEL Cold Wave Throughout the Northwest Strengthens Grains OATS ADVANCE ttttl fiild'il rri-ss I CHICAGO. Oct. 15,- Wlienl on the Bourd ot nnri .'iipS"l nt thn Inn 1 with coin. Strength nt Wlnnlpog an th« upturn nt I,lrarpM! «avo the market n atliiiuUiN that brought In Rood buying. BUi/sud* and anow In Western C«nadfl with the foreeiwu for uoolor woutliDi' in tho Dukotua wcro fAClor*. Corn wan tinsotllct with wheat and lower thtniKh the imfnvcrabto woathor Kft^n the k«t FiorriB Hitpport. Onts were quite firm, rtulstlnij All pramure, At tho clone -wheat wun 1C to hlglior, corn was ] Id ,1'Jc lower nntl -were unchanged to ic higher were steady to sharply i J'lrni lilv*rpool recovered rnplll,v mt! closed on (.ho way up at. ii to lilt higher. Boon OB Aired also wan firm er, 1 to lo hi glim 1 Juwf. beforo noon Trading waa very ncllvn clnrlnff thi morn Inf. Jt won roportod that sov «r*l (octlorw «( Canada lt«l AD mutt a* 10 Inchon of snow, Cash prlcw W«M iinchmnjfiKl to lo higher, Ke Wlptfi wore asvon car*, Corn aoon regained Its lossci to advwncn to w pood fraction »1 iratn by mld-ocftnlon. Tho earl; flrop w»B In nympnthy -with wheat and the llrailng also followed the rise In that grain. Tho prospects fur unuoUlod weather over tho bolt tlutt would delay husktnff nnd linprdo the movement were erne oil rag I tig, nelpto wore much sins Ik r loony, prlcba were i to le hlpKrr. Receipts wen lift «*«». Oat« Vp a Oot Oats «ho*ed a ahnrp advance o( nearly Ic at mid-morning after a ·tMdy op«nlnK. Buying wan cricouv- ttfrcd by the unfavorable weather iri (Janndtt which will sttvloiialy delay' th» Hircshinjf of ooljt «nt) ImpnJr the quality and quantity o( thn product, Short fMverJri(T wfta Jilso n /actor, Catih priced were i to ,'tu higher, Receipt* W8!'« 29 oars, At tho op tin Inn wheat v/aa I to !c lower, corn wa* ic lower to tc ht(rh- (r and out* wore ie lowor. Provision* worn urtovenly anrl oharply hlfthor. Corn r«ncts quickly (mm the dp- Jicewlon when pre«mri reases and Wheat Improves. Tho movement In In cr one Ing atcadily unit arrivals ot Pld corn ore cnlarficnlnff, Already fis tars of now corn have buen. rcceivd CHICAGO FUTURE MARKETS (Bj JAMBA ft BENNET1 * CO.) Open Clot a Oct. 14 Yr, Wit eat: Dec, Mar, May .July TTi-- !l BIS-- B 8!!-: Oats: Mar, May Dic. Mm 1 . SOil DtC. Mar, Mny 381 3» ·IB" BS S5 Tlij J^JL 81 83 _S4j_ ,175 30! 401 B31 83 si TSI--I 835--1 (MI--S SIS 54 S51 701 J 2 *_ 38* SSI __3SK_ ·tsi 791-3 _B2j-- a 37-- 3 ~ 801 81ft ass--s :-- IK] 53 Mi 361 KB 41) ~8T~B~ MS IS5 107) 1121 11* NEW YORK STOCK LIST M( , rw. %Vlil Tllffl l!J1f I't.lHU j i Ani.l A !' ATMTI l^ii'o , , , , tffl'.j Alllll tl Jk N H, , 3'!'i Am itni m m . . MI.; Mini Hni A Of Fin Am sil (.'dimit. list; AIF1 Mll« FtF'f., . IK Ainu '['nli II. , ' . l i r , [ ; Alnh ti'U l' Ann Ci( M IV ill 11 A T «, H HV. , . ! » Mlmitk l l r l . . . S i i i j n I I M l r l i v l u l.nivi. . "' ] . i II ^ IF . . . . . . , XK*+ ItPlHIv A v n , . -^'^ liftll SIWI . . . . Titt I l k l y i l I n i:n». , 1 1 . ) M f i n SUJ (1 Cnl * Arlr, (il» f i f y Citn I'ne .. Himn .t t or nt rnji (! fr (i I! U W i: M HI p # I! *· M \V . i 'hi 1 yd i' . . 1 V 3 . I:H l fe I iln HUB ) In (I i'« r Ciiiitl I'uni ('''a :, TM H l , '"« a^ ' iii" 4.1 11 b 'j HF't I'jj-H V-'llPt 1) l l l lie (J 11)1 '· It,. n F l-'llm A . . ;ia' C ,4-.I'll:,II . ,'!: Clll.ltll- :SK- i l n l i l l u i . t i , . , . ,1:. (iO'lilrlfll tl I' 1 . lS k l "ii l l n t i H t u n I ' l l . CH'n I t n m i s.until. . H 'i Ktlil.ifln M i r . . -i'a l l i i ] , t i M i r . . . S'V I :tn : i '·', l u l l I n u r l u l l Mi'K.,1 h i l l T K 'J' ' Mull nit ii a K I, IH It M ns'l M i l K I I H TIM . . ll!l M ^ l l l y Wn rll WN S c i v l i M n ti . , "I M j l l UK' I J u 75 M u l l I'll UK \ :;:·' \nt I ty /V't^t ,H $ S n t I ' * I. - . :« N V (' ....... t ilJ 1l NV Ml X- H u r l US .Viirlli .Sui . . . ( a 1 t I'rllli K V, 61 I ' u i i Am fl , . rfSHi 1'Fini t'nli . . . . hH I ' l l - l ' I ' O I ' l f i .:'.."*'', rub Kv, rf N ,f ST'li I'UL'll O1M '1 . . ] SVi i It U f A -MH Un Kcl ftr A . . M'j Hoy 'I'fli It . . . . -li',i ti fiVll T1I Hll ' , , !tUL rii- nil .. SOU ?'4tf Sun H i 1 f i l l i l ' J W Sir! Oil rT ("ill. SFil I I I ! e.f N .!. ! f H nt H V. HI' ,!· \\,.b.. 6 Hi J..1.J M y, liifl ii'ii Tcv l i n F i I l l Tn I ' I d l TV.. . I S Tim llcl ..lli'iir 6S ir (Inilunt K h'. · *" l^nt.l Alivnitt. J:i' Un t ' u r i 3 i I'n lin:i I m i i . - -11 ' H A I'.nlilMir . , I I 1 11 n s i f i ' l , - . - l"i: : nil r ft i A · s t 1 V '""" ' \V '' WanuT l l r n n . . It W I' I ·! 1 STOCKS CLOSE HIGHER; TRADE STEADY, LIGHT Market Rally Carries Over To 'Second Session of Trading MOTORS CLIMB till/ (Jiittnl J'renit.i NHW YORK, Oct. 10- -'ITle slock market Wednesday, Dtagetl a rnlly ot 1 to 4 points and held most of the gain, cloalng higher. It was the first time in morn than a month that a rally ovor Into a eoeond session with any decree of vigor. Trading was light, how over, and tickers cosily kept abroaut market. U. Jit. Steel of Untied Stnto.1 Steel lead Ihrungh- out the dny. It dipped to UTi In curly (fading und (he whole marlu'l followed, Then It tinned about P.IIFI cttr- rlod the marturt up. Steol tnuchKd 1G2, up 31 net. G.ifns runfjnfr tu 4 polnt« n- more wer« scored by Vnnnrtlnm, WMUnn- house Electric, Allied Chornirai, Sinclair Preferred, Lotiw's, flohimblor Carbon. Case, North American and lllettc. tlncc Sept. 22 whlln a year ago the first nnr did not roach rnnrket until Oct. 7. Oats rejralnpd nil losses -when wan ront (it-oil. Trftriinft rulee with tho mnrltet Inditnncnd nl- biout wholly by tho nuUon In ttu CASH GRAIN St, Louis Caeh Grata (n niilcr rtctiininl, Jc red unit H (n 3fl tilMliur on nnnl irhoHtl Mn, t littrd wllrnt, »\e; No 3 hur(1, IDs. fflflN-- In food ili'iumnl. Fiti-nily tn Ir hlifli»r: No. l irlii'c, fi-UfSSH' 1 ; ·Wl\lt», ^^·: Me, H whiip. fie, OA'l'f-- in full 1 1 n in 11 n (i, S I" 1'ii »r: No, l n h l i f , flfUf. S». s wlidi. No, t utiUn. in'ir. Chicago Cash Grain Pti Vnit'it rrnt t l 1 -- NII- t tiiinl, «ov,f. tilitli- UVESTOCK PRICE OF CORN ON LOCAL MARKET DOWN St. Louis Hones and Mules TFlFf inni'FifF In Ilil* 11 Oorn lluolnU'iim- -doml l m* 1 ! No 3. ( u n w H H ;i: Sf', 4 rfilse^L N*, * mlK'il, *5'4f: N". I »I-HIKV. I! y, d, JTFJ^flJIi'; Nfl. 'I. Jt^^i W B I Vt?i Hmrto trriKfn' wfittii, iis«(n,.; . OA'I'K- W'liim, ;i*ti(p:i:iir-: N" aiio; MO, 4, nit' 1 . Si. Louts Hay HAV-- "R^i h "1pl1 Own iluyjo ^ I i h Fim, ,'i'H- ·1*11 ii i i.c ri iiiTiMhv. 11«p tntt*'!. i rlnvor. 4 n l f n l t i t dint ! (UTIIrk, T»|I Hvml..« vtM^ty unit iKVPtlii^ * ^^f"1 rlplFiilf)'!. ''IFF vhtH(Hi' f L lin)irii Hrn i-li'AhLnLt IIP vnry Fikiw. IX, QuMn: TlhU'Miy'--Ni. I Hi! tti £'. Nn. 1, l t d in t a t : vlnvi-r-nitst'il ··«». t Jit t" 113! NIK }. IIS iii IS'*: i-luvpr- -No, t JS1 tn |5X No. S » I 7 til J i O ; iH'llll-lp--Ni, 1 US «· t!. No. a t l n tti!; ulfnir*--N.. t 10 Vo. f 11? I" »}". jitlM; Tlmfitliy--I cm 1 will- *)« Btnrtfi nt t m . 1 nr iln nt f i n . M i . I viir Wi Bt III, t r*r iln Hi 111. ' ''""i No, il it f f , t Cur itu At ^['.ni^. I rur N'n, f nt " " " 1 f u r «i HI 131. il rum Nn, I n! »M; ^r.mlHCLl -t FHr b'n, 3 klltllt niU^tl ill Mi 3 «nf» iln ill IIS, S fur* S'i. 1 tin M 1*1: nifnlf"-- 5 cm 1 ' im-nrmin MI jrr, I Air \n, 3 Ht ^33. 1 rui* fltlinHAm ut ??!!, I cuf No. I nt t:T- Toledo Cash 5e«d* ttiy Vnitfd I'rtnli.) tiMF^'['(c h c ' t A U ' M K · - I'rtcri* fll(I. lltf.^4: 1'rlnm m-^v. I I B . A P : iirluio rtiuhi'fl. n^w, t t F , R ) ! T^rlHiM ^tlf K*, $lt!.flO: fVt,. DOC , J i t . r j ; t'nV,. M f . D D ; M n r t h , ((*.!( Murrii. IprKF UHiFf iFi'f'Fri.' n I'J-ici' Id 1.1 r i b*1 U'TU 1'v n n M i l button iti N^lLw MorHi 'H/t. ^35 tf» i . 3100 to t!2': MUnd i' ttiolctt I'lnitihH. I'!' 110(1; miilluin In isiiuit rlmnlo. *C" t» f l KoutlHTH luiriicii. .10 t(F S f ' i : full 1 . K n l l V f i Mill* QiinltiNouFi -Llnitl mnli'ii. I f 17 hffrid*. SIM tit 53^113 in]n,' i n i i l i i . i :, 1«.J llStltljl, J I B O tn f l H O : Ml;i:il' Mini".-! iiii'..!i. f»t. uiwil Imlr, K tu SB.J lihii'ln, lir.n jlf'f,. UllttUll lllllJl'K, ItlUl'I'FI, f i t t LtlHIll l l j v l l ' , U.j in IS ii«inl!i, tin tn s i o i miiiii.i. Inut'trt. I'OUHll'lllilr^l, 16 1( i 15-" liiiniln. **J 31:!5; cotloti tiiiil^ii, tniin^. rciii^h.titili-uil, .2 tf 1 Unnilu, $-16 10 $S5l liorati iiinli'n, J l l to t'J! |ioi' lionil IMS rlmu iihovn niintn* UIIIH: fnim miilpfl, limkti. tfixid liiiiio. in." 10 (t luitiilH t L n O tu tl-10: intidunn /nrm in in HH, tn » I O O : (linn m u l ' H Hilll, linir hniltc. I E . 3 tn 10 luimK I*'" in !!"·; niiiull. '[»· St. Llui* Wool, Hides, Etc. WnO(,-.Wr-tli nml Inwn 1 . MliHOIlfl. lllliwll, Wmitlii-ii*! !o«-n I'ml n l I l l V , I3lllvr UlL'llllUn 2 ^ C 11' 'Jilt'. KlllilLt i M t l U i i tu ITc. liriiKlv IHi 1 , liuril bnrry I" 1 . 1 Ht, Wnlii fiFiu l"» i" iti 1 . lu-nvy jiim : 10 )HC. 1,'lluliB WIH.I 14.', Itn tn I!i-, itttlit tHirr!', t(ic, 'Mini I w i i f J . . . (JIUllll!l (Utlt ICStl. (i^-jr 1 Nd. 1. CVWl 1 4.1 pflUMls. Sl-io; Mi. 3, »v«r 4ft (wlltiiK 4!*jf; lull Is, N. I, S'-ii 1 : bill I". No. i', £Ki [ " Kid" lil'Jn", S'ic. l'"rj-"HlFit, l l l i n i suited s U m flnli«l iintlt, " W o ; oiiiiH, i'^p; n u l l s , iultml, 'J ^ c ; unuuruil kiltlfii lu l o n M i Nu. I linrii'lilrlKii, nm 110 Knit tnll oil )2,EDi mim.ll mill No, I Hi (1 i,0, nil"! ""'I 1°" V T l d - l l r 'K llUll'll AOr'-^KllIti Hll'1 plK ll'dC ui-tr!!!. HIlKI-il' I'K/.TW · · Km* : iwidl i^lU. 3f»! in 11. s;. inniirii I.I-HH ssu m l)»i!. t u y *'"i't. .IT J Un to Inf. slii'ttrlliiK?! Siu i u liHr, i-llliu. Indianapolis Livestock CSv I'nilnl prcx*. ·tOi}r.' tFiK'tilV^ 1 ' G.600; Ju'tl'^i j f.i, ,1 rluir, inimly SFfci 1 111' li!Klnr; 1 un tu 2 inituul'i, t t i . l v t P L D . U V ) !»» tn 300 punni S1F1 l O ^ I I I . - b l t* tvf H K l f i ' l n d !]n1f:lin ^'.'i: tlO in 16V ynilllrtH. f g . n d l f j l t . l t V : l U H j ^ u pniina", JH.flVftl 1 *, to ^ pni'Vln^ SCWR. l l i n t l l v (T.OO'IM.VS FfuirkErt jiFjrniftl n f U i w oji lm.'t him'i 1 ^: w v . cult tiituln t l V . T i W I 3 . t V : ln*« llKhtivfliilim, ttl.ftFIL rnWH Htl^lnty, hnlk. (.1.611^1 11-FjHl [f4-2t Yntnli'l'M illl'llily Ul fl*,l'0" rt 1 1 ^ HltK^l'^.^nfiolim, SOU; inin h li"t i.|irmli!t; filtn i i n i l Wllli-r Iniut.K I V l . t i O i H . t O ; imcliil m'wtl' 1 M.IIHtC.!l) mail t l i m w o u l i ilnwii tu til.00, Cincinnati Liveitock I ttll ttttitrd f'fcflfl-1 + lllHi*- Ul'i'i'l|ilH, J.IOO. ItldlllMllE 1.110 till I'l'l ; IlI'LllltVLT . I H O i ELIIllvU, T l l l l ^ l F ^ hii^Ui't 1 nn IKIK^ ^^o IIIFUILIIJJ LI[J. M u l i i u i wuLiilitA iitmVL.Lily ulL-uily lu Id 1 ir iiiuru liLKlii't L liiill I't-'Ut;! 1 itrmlu -orj ID :u iiih^inUi', IIO.-IO: IHO Lo \XU LQUnily nudH' tvi'lHlllx. tS."li|l I t t . U V i l i l O to ISO [In III il I ta.ttn: rnw sn'imitli lltituwt'lKtilii, 11)1 one rent, Prices werri [irU'Cii on HIH Uor.tttiir I t w o rente. Wcrlnc.idiiy, price was 80 ;nnt.i. Oats The tents, (ttj HKflw l(lf»ntur Cu.) NViv, Sn. ^ M-tl ni L IniL-il w l i i ' a i . , Now. Nil- 1 w h i m or yullD* corn Mf!W. S"- 'i U ' l l l l t ! ["Ill ............ K C W b«FlFl .S«. a . I.ITKBMMJK i'i., )i:i,«: I't-i-,. l i i n i ) KM'-- TUHuth?, St.'ll Peotia Oih Grain *'O(iN .J'in hliilinr; N'o. 1 i Vs. t ycllDir, Uc; NO. ) ruliew, »!)»(·) . · yilt«, «·«. I I M e t N*. t ml«*i1, Mo. OAtS-1H* hlfhffi No. 1 vtitti. JS^ -- - 4 nit PRODUCE New York Produce (·y f till I'll JVfJJ.l KIT ATORK--M Hi-Wet t«l»t i r^cnn TFtlnnil. fi.floft9.flr; Itthri'pl^: f3.TbO3.4o knrr«1t J bn»k«i. ttWKKT VOTAfOHN--MKrkot uoiilHsrn h*«ktli. k»l. Idrftl.l). ttwH#yn, ii^ftoo: v^^kvnft, ^DIM^ri rewin. llVtlf! ilui'm, JSttltoi diitka. LOIIK (-t- l,ivti i-bui-Tur--«»tk*t rtnu ft na , lfim . Inn I; ·»», t **. l **.| fl ljjjj*j '^WifTo: TMli^ ilokwi : «« Crt*m»ry (Mr*! , i, . l m«rk»l. fc Jt.StT H|QW. ctitKtrn. .K-- ll'-uiHPt*. C'JI] VI"*. Idwor i . } 1 0,50; mini K Irmly L . to fti, flu: Chicago Livestock UO.IO; 1,0.00! built Il)b. h t \ t l f 1311. Jli?3U Chicago tVu Uttllrd ("win, l»'m.'i wtirl ILH*HC: rtui'lta, f*, ijlv; »'gi)4iii'r^ ATV:t-- i IH ti'^c intJi, 1 10-30; floia Hii wtilt*ji 39(^3^0; llic.-. : arrival a 1^3 ^t *bout steady Cftkot* tfAFh« North tilrrn, »l.4«(, tduh Mok*d round whltoi! tl.tbei.tFj; color*. New* was bearlsli, out It wa.i Ignored when the market turnmi aer- ter. Steel production declined 3 per cent., but It hod only momentary effect on th« utMl whnri'fi. milled In the afternoon d«- spltfl a shnrp decline from last year in car loading's Oils were firm In the face of fi rise In BaFiollne atnckn. Iron ARO atotBtnent (hoi. thn d*- presslon in tho automobile bun In ess had been exaggerated helped the motor shares late in the day. U. S. Steel rone sharply in tho late trading, crossing 1112. Internationa) Telephone came out In Ions strings nt rlainp prices, Shorla covered to be tm). of this market over night, U. S. Steel closed at the day's high of A523, up 3i net. Other leaders closed at. or near tho highs. There wf!r(s a few weak Hnols whlnh clid sFiaTM tn the rltic. They included Gen- rttil Motors! Alleghany corporation and Koara Roebuck. Cntl Money held at 2 per cent at day, TftKASURY BA1.ANCK (Ry united prcf-ir,} WASHINGTON, Oct. 'IS--The CH3ury net balniine on Oct. 13 was (25S,090,430.40. Expenditures for the same day were $12;721,771.0) «nd rus- lorns receipts for the month to that late were $:fl,590,3T8.85 t 4 li Quoin* A. . .41 .01 ,119 .Bt .1H ,1* . las«»i0.iti; re. ta, si · q M i i n l u n t l u r . ; trail" wi'lili I D IIDLLVIU;:; ii^uut Htqu^y fin Uost w j l j j l i i / niinTH. l l n l i l Illulliul $ I J . I U 1 , ^LI i.iiiitl M ;:.0!i; (ii yccirllhKH llulll ii i n r*. O LljH..- K'J HUH. IHJU rHltln nntt warn nntt Missouri Kansas Pipe Line Co. Pioneer In Developing New Fuel The Missouri Ktinsiui Pipe Una compiiny is a holding company or- g»nlznd In 192B to tako over control of ownership of lit oil »nd gan cot' porotlon* in thfl middle welt. Its main BetlvUlftn at* concerned with (he growing Industry of the production distribution and sale of natural pas uml HUlJpticH uiukr lontf turn) ctn tracts many publle utility oor- ]»oratlot»fi, Individual companion and municipalities. contends with 11 10 han (fa* « all!S coromunll le« In rive states and ban u contract for supplying the Anmrinfin Pip* Wn« company up to 12,000,000 cuMo fett c( BOH a day ot micplrta gna. U litis urnier coiwlrucllon a (10,000.000 pip" It no from the Pnnhondl« of Texas' fluids to Indiana wlt«r« it connect* flog Prices Continue Slow Move Toward Top with the Kentucky ilim of the cool- puny. It atoo contracts to supply utilities with Kan In llllnoin ant) MlflNOUrl, The properly Include* BOO mtlea of pi pi lino and control of 410,386 acres of oil urd KM land In seven ataten with l.SOS WC!)N, Net income for the y*ar irtded Mnrr,li 31. 1930 waii fm,7i. There Is no funded dnbl. Capital stock outstanding confiiHts of SIS,- OBO^BIi ot common stock ot tfi per value and 11,098,618 In Clims K common of tn par. In ilistributlon of Msots or dlvldelirirt one nhafa of common cquulu 2(1 shuren of Clunn B ICach haw voting powftr but common el«cin one more fiirector than ClMH R, Tlw llvlden) rale or the fsommon in il per ccnl. qunrlerly and lhal on th« ClnfM B J of 1 pfti' cc»t. As of March 31. JflM, total cur rent **«flla wnre $Sfl.7!)ll,*3H, Cniivnl liabilities amounted to fT70,N21 nml not worlilnjf cnjiltul WAX SM.OU 8.917. Roolt value nppllcatita to the common was I'.'1-OT n sh!\ri! fCopyrlghL 1030 by The Bill Symii ··Hie, l«K.t Iamb* wert tl.OO to IV.76 with » f«w at 18.00 lo city butchers, CI«v*lMd WM Mleudy. PltUbtirith was w*tk to 2Sc lower. Cincinnati w»s mostly ot«»dy. Ea«t tluttilo lamb* wen ntetOy to strong. East 8t Lou I* hud a f«w early aales of lamb* to clly butchers it stc*dy prleti with Indication! steady on tho other*. To)»do was slow. Chicago, 16,000; Cleveland, 200; Pittsburgh. 900; £a»l Buffalo, 300; Cincinnati, 800; Kut St.. Ixnla, I.SOO; Toledo. KM; tot*l. Sl.ftliO. About so per cenl, of lh« than S,OM tractor* In u« In msnia are of Amerlci t m*k-, Hu- TOO LATE TO CLASSIFY DIStRFBUf OR "WANTED For ifri-rttm- HIM! MOj^ioInK ''vun Iihowii |»r)di^ L 4H. *n"lln t ^ CIIONR iHtl Hulled riv.t» . CHICAGO. Oct. JS.-- Hos; markets contlnuEd tlwlr alow e/lvimTM Wftd- with ttgttl receipts 1h« sUpu- latlnR fuctor. Thnre n K u l n wax good competition lo f u l f i l wan odivc unJ 10 lo 1Bc higher with pocking sows IS to Me. op. The top was $10.10 while the bulk wenl for $0.85 to 110.00 on ISO to ^80 pounds weight*. wax sLoary t.o S5e h(;;hnr. PJttsiburKh ·HIM 10 to lOc higher. East UutCulo w«:i active to all Interests and IS to 25t! higher, Cincinnati wna active and mostly J8c hlRhar, on 800 pounds and over while Hi* weights were unevenly steady to 15c or more up and pacKlns HOW* w«r steady lo atroog. East St, l^oulu was (airly active and 10 to ]!.' higher, pics and packing sown Dislns strong to 36n Dp. Toledo WIIM 10 lo 25ft up. Of the 33,205 Chicago hud 1!,000; Cleveland 1,900: PUWbuwU, 1,800: East Buffalo 1,200;, It.000; East St. Loufsj 10,000; Toledo, 300, Cuttle receipts foiled to uhake off its lethargy "f" 1 l' w '''id* continues slow. Again the light re- around 1 12.511 «iJ Urn around tlS.OO, (.:kv«lund wa.i ntcnd.v PltUbUfffh hnd no early tradlnc Kant 'Buffalo was sluw nntt O(«BI)V. Cincinnati wan slow unti Kenerally stoiidy, Kant St. Louis was Ktow on Ntccrs, KtronK on \vchi.«inn and steady on other clnsnt'ii. To)i'do waa steady. Totola were H.9IO a* folloiva: Chi- caco, 10.000; Cleveland 380; PIltK- ; burfih, 10; Kant IJuJfiili), 2'fi; (.'An- clnnati. 2!X); St. Ltm\x, 4,000; T« Jodo, irx). ; Sheep niarhvlH. 100. wen- K e n f t r n H y i steady tin Jifiht coti-ijiia with trotnt; lhat \VIIK clnprEJtHlnK ti 4131 KtMi-- M CMKMTHJM Fire|»rool Warttutiii MOVfNfl-- I' MOTH priced, (..'hfruiio wtis »nt»i!Jy with nonie Th« bulk of R lufnlis hnld higher.! li't pwe anil wir(her ceipts kept pi'tces titcody but thf slowness wap, general. Chicago, with largely a uteei- Vwn in which weighty offerings predominated, was weak to 25c lower- on heavidH, about steady on yearling;) and mostly Bloody on lh nther elasHes, The best weighty kinds w*r« t12,Ifi early with some held T.IWrty Vint tli Liberty Bonds 112,2; i OS. Is il«hur; Springfield [flu full fit I'ms.) - rii'i'i-i|im 7uu; uui We Believe CORPORATE TRUST SHARES A Most Substantial lnvf»tni*nt nt Prtwnt Allen W iley ail Mllllkln Ititlldlne 1'IIONB a-WJOO - Insurance JUNK! JUNK! JUNK! We pay faighwl price* for everything you don't want. Churche*, Schooli, SororitUt, and other organiiations--it pay* you to accumulate paperi, ragt, magazinei, and other junk. See or Call Us Before You Sell Simon Burstein ff Co. 541 Wabash Ave. Tel. 2-1364 . , -uvsn l;o!KL mill L' i n u n nnU rmnUmn ami ciiitpr. t l . OflirT .QO ; f u L I nml r lllul fOf^ff i;ioil nH4t KC-- lii'i-HjitB I S . O d D j mtlrVilt mosllj' : m.nj;'i lj*.mist in^nlil, Ju^d hiirVifi 1 ; l u r l h i.mWp r » w o niul WOI|I. L T InmliR, f.vli. rmv JR. Od to rJly 'liiitctiuru; nn^Fi liLtnh.1 lii'lil nroi]tiil 18,0ft; white Onll^rA, $H.AO, J.f!T!))!l B^ |IJH, dllWTI ft nil t:lw.k-t 4 , ( T . ^ O ^ G , ^ ^ ; modluin, T.t; nil ivrlghLu, cninmnn, 14. Gft^ i^.^^O'i^'J. ril; Ibff., i;oorl East St. Louii Liveitttck tttu united ?*j-oii.^ OCiS-i; ...... IfltH Id, 000; iiinrttcl f n l r l y Viljrlicr. I I D . O U W I I U O ; 10fl-UO Ilia., t 8.0« U A ' I T T . K -- Kiii-i-lplj) (.000: c n l v c s l.FSHO; iti.'itfl fljuw r \vi.Fjlcrtl flt^urfl sti'iMiK 1 ; vtaildrR. 'O VflCli'lUiitM niwi holfcrrt, JD, roK-it. t t . S S i f j l i . J S j tow rlillnrii. MM I'll^ tt* 1.SOQ: Mi'itrlv on nth'-r cldMHiii J^cw cllo I CO l:ut;lis lo r l l y hHlr-litirM, *7, 7 G ip 6. n 0. Pro*- iil'ln hull; lo in ic it ii IT. lT,2r,fj a. 00: f«t flwon, S5.IIH iiii'l i l n n i i . I.Hnilw w Iln. »nfl (Inwn. i;nnit m i l l cltnlcn, JT.HFHi fl.OH; mrttlum. '."·.riuoiy.iJO; i-innjiiFiii, li.ttit!,.CO: tyrm, in- 1F(| Ittfi,, mi'dllmi to rhn1'c, l2.(mHP;.SFj h ' Peoria Livestock l.n^ HOCS-- ·R litlior: tAO 10-aoO It), . !!! i.EUO; nrnrkdt ..^.. v Ibe. vglichta. t»,t6(S(.![i; wnlfhts. tO.K6ftD.9A; H 0-1 JO iiff wwi. OATTJiliN-KocelWS !00; gtO 1 Battle of Music Dance Tonite Two Orchestras Lowry Clark V. S. Metropolitans K. of C. Ballroom A D M I S S I O N 5 0 c Elevator For Sale The underunncd committee twc been *uthorixed by the ·tockholdcn of the Longr Creek Co-operative Grain Company to interview penoni interested in the purchaie of the company** grain elevator and butinen located fix miles etrt of Deeatur on Route 121 and the B. O. R. R. The committee may be interviewed in care of the chairman at Long Creek or poitoffice address R, F. D. No, 8, Decatur, until October 18th. J. W. Bowen, Chairman Grant Bamett R. B, Davis JUNK--POULTRY EGGS--HIDES mt 11.1111 hi At )llftlr«l Crt IMS WAR AM II A V K , I. A. WALUNS COLISEUM IIOU.ER SHATtNTt VMMM Two Si-*(tl«n(B Dally 3 to B, 8:tNI t« ll:m Mnnday nl^blx rrnfrvrd f»r pri- Buy Yow FEEDS Fnr LIVE STOCK POULTRY RABBITS »nd PIGEONS AT LOWEST PRICES OtmplrUt tiltm o( I'dullry tnd Kl'ick ItehiKdlm Hnd foull.ry Kqulpmnnt PROMPT 8RRVICK Joa Schafer ft Son »t Phonn 'i- ALHAMBRA TODAY, 2:15 P.M. M A TIN K 10 CAIRNS BROS. PLAYERS "The Hoodlum" TONIGHT, 8:15 P, M. PRICES: . \9f. Bitlnnor nt ---------- ... ,..Z!tf. Kld» .... .,, _________ _________ tOo PI) on* 2-lttW Cblldrtn'i Bebe Daniels tn rcat^r On*'* "*W» Rlt;t") In 'DIXIANA 1 with BERT WHEELER · llrt ROBT. WOOLSEY itlownt «f "(JuoktH)*") Mighty Di'onm of Two llfn nnd i\ Girl . . . Klmp J n u ti Ni((lil of Fevered Carnival Pli'flMtri'n , . , Amid Mimii ill-ill Kevoli'V . r l'ruv*l Talk ti NOW PLAYING Vltnn'4 Sturl 1 :»·'!; MM :'.! fl:,l1 U:*0 UitJUK ftp RONALD CaMAN A Silk Hat Sinner! A Suave Love Saint RAFFLES R . F K ) i KS, (In 1 cavalier o( crime, 11i4 nioBl fnsclntitinR (In 1 cavalier o( crime, 11i4 nioBl charocler Ronald Colin «n hun played! An amateur crackmnsn-- but an pspert In lovu! C'mcklntf eaf-i nnd hcuvlK with ra.Tf.tref, FMLCB' You'll dcltpht in commuting tn- nnniini icHmfii with Runuld (il- mull In (Ills United Avtlxlj T«1U- Inf pic fur?, with Ronnie'* girl pbycri by KAY FRANCIS "VnH'ro in the Army Now" With Jnnny Biirk* Para mount (*ounrt New* "Sont( Sarvlw" NOW PLAYING Phone MMWO Night ...--......_1_BC-B06| f; nf r*K4MUVHT WVTUHt'H SUN, MON. A rUKti. BRADLEY KINCAID, "THE MOUNTAIN BOY" , IN FEB5ON PROM W--I,-* PUBLIC SALE DATES Oel. n--Ml-* roll W«t»trltHk. undhurif ^^^ "»' . Oct. K-IillBii 'i"t. )«-)!, M. 0,;i, IJ-J. K. r F' i. ^)». r' hunt) Fitly i ' F I-'KIIII, W^r·^t·^, FM 0*1. M-- RMun rimiiM,. * ....... H,, »iki, l.oti MirtiftiR ant) H'H,'lny ....^ Tim AHKI.'laiprl I'rnHt. '^ 1 iiV tnnll In JIIUio3r IFI niml i lull i'* in Jjr^nii.r inntn^ lit IIHiHiln uul*l'l« 1,1 luTtta, \ f ,,,'f ' ll liry inn' i f m un D r i i n u ^ j ' HI* nionilii Iii iirnan... . " ' · '·« Tliti't ni'iiiiln in «.|IB,,. · ' ' ' 1 ! ' Wit mi/tllli In M'.ulj,;, ., . ! . , ] " , ' " *:J ri fiji^iifii I . T J U I . I I I P M . . . , h h _ '(..[* Ji^ tlil'll'.]- HclhrJv III h'l I K I I ; , M ti. t'01,1/)';:;, t !·· K . n ' h u« H A, *;»i»l ttt,;un-- I-H, ,,,i,.,,.;i ,, itutta lli-"« flirt! I M a t . , IB til |,l|q )[!.(.. r,, ii,..,, 01!?,till lil'Ju '"' BII rnM... i., ...,,,.. i r . . , Jjii.-ti. ; M j (,, d . . i), j.fnj, H-M'-J. ' »»»«l '·I'lii.F).. '.li^w, y !«;, t » « - t l m t ' i F ' v l B uictiti truck c«(iv»i, (. , !«· imr TIM W l l i . l l / t l t t l r . H i t . A , I , ) . n j| til A. y, it \\, K.IIB, ;.;',n I'KtisiJ-.^ i' K M LI «,,,), j,, » I t H l i l i r i l ' I ' l I . - I CARD OP THANKS A'K IJIi^llic; ' · i-tiniH ',111 tiwitt.i I itnr^i ^iii- vi* A,,|,,I., jmprtr., ( ll"t T F H-rlMI, 4,J|I Of irl, lull M f, f M l||- J»^ P|^^MI In our H ] |. in' ui»i iF^r'nt^Ntrv Fulll", I'flt.l i: J'n, f«.;i. ji|ri. P. ( I TO] IJOM i "':· MIT" 'Hi 1 :F'^ I.','-1H IlirM a..,i ii,,^'ri t f i ,..11 ii,.;.t r i M ^ i u i ',;,fl 1,^^ LOST AND POUND t KAJ!!, rflinn. rm ·I") 1 , llow^iit. i J EMPLOYMENT HELP W*NTED-M*Lt f A,NA»Mt lvX,S'J'lMJ ID t»ii i Unlit »J « iHliil ti* 1 ^n 1A I H'i L Hii;i . Mn*t turtllitl tMt 14 1 1 '"I C««H i|i"|i.i».l 'HI B«*)P lt't*m«l i'M'i['"t. tto f, olicliiijmi. ("111. ill, (*· ''"*" _ tfl^N A M'-C-^ j'lll Fillit |[l»*Hl MfltV K M ' i l » - Hi- ill. '.1 ) » ' l l ' - i n l,.,«l,l UF/K I'lnpv M » l H i u l » I - * * now )·" «» ftlinihi- ..... iiMll'Ii'1 I'liiivl- W'rl'n f ' tirh'--!, n; i. (t'^f*** cnrHhio lit 4 nnint l.ltM 1151-1 in hilt' N 1 1,M1-M A S' W * M " K O . ' ^ X I K K i ' K n HM' 1 V I 1 -' ^i- 'li- I t i ' N i - J ' A i ' M J tKl,IAH),|-: i r n v l y v i a n t " ! Iu fl hiiin iii'iJD'-iFi t'i iwn'iir, (lu iuMMIici). H i ' u l l m i owofiuniiYfif IJ|J| mail. Vl'HIi' «t til"-''. Til" ,i II . W»TMi1H I'flinpnnv. lj. 1,11. M'lniiiiA, HT iHii11liin of Kvii'illin iiutiuriiinli^ to i*J Ik tll^li llnlll 1 rL 'lllllll^hli'il " f II" **'" potrilllk. I'l'l' MfUlllft'T, llHllUfck 11 ' fll** 1 " r K o r IWHIIlili"! wlln ·»» I nnim ciloi I* »W!i fill 1" ·'""· 2-rTv /'^r ftjit?^F»i h iii ^ _ Twir"iiTfN~wa'»l*"l i'"r I 1 *!" (.ni-dl i-fluvl'N, HI Fit t ("Hunt l.t wmV. ll-tiit H'litlrl, "itOCHitWIT ITtMACTin ftwir bo*M It Mttnt; ;»f w, WIIMiun. WIVBCH. K, «- , W.. « rami. TII WIRVIBW PLACE. ulctli fumtihi*' kin. *-t«H KAIK7 t. 4»t-C) ·ivl bull, I) id ui nt. ·r, w, HI--M M in. (INION. ·., lit-- S ·ttlri, nuvntbk. wrr.UAM. w. irt- ROOMS FOR A COST, ·rri. I rwHn KtNtl. W., (H-- f ihlhn lunliUt4, M A l i r K T T J t It,. ttttthmttlt, turn M A I N . W., 411--) rwmt. ·-- i ntth*« fwmt. All Dfvauin Imvlllit flu Nil* i'**'' 1 '! !JJ itHIMt .if SBl)l# (I. WdlKitilf. *lf«'TM' S! n n u r k d nna i'«)U««t«d to *"y^,L ,liir ^rtlftlTCl'i ] V)0 J'l'Onitii If^frt fl* ji»iji ftw :iiiirt nf Wni-nii i.'ouniy, iiHiMlt. fl»w "" JOtli Mmn.'ne, III., will ln li of Afl ...... ·nil- * «»« l , Tlttrly O'.hi-k 1'. H. ·,,,, Hi I tlf i M^I^^AIV^g^j AVON TODAY AND TI1I3IHW** For Htr Kithryn Crawford *»* JBMI Htrtboh tn " Climax ntwnr rhriiuwr MI -wwflf ft»«i*y _ ·win* lEWSPAPESl

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