The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on July 9, 1923 · Page 12
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 12

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, July 9, 1923
Page 12
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PAGE TWELVE. THE HUTCHINSON NEWS. MONDAY, JULY 9, 192 S Ubssnffnedl Ai© IPUM® SB auEidl CJBM far CfeasnlrSfidl AsH D*IJS(L 1 Insertion !.o per word 4 InHertlonn 3c per word 4 to 10 insertions 9ic per word uer ianuo 10 ln*ettlon* 7 (7 |,er vegrd 10 to 25 Snaeritons 7-10c per word per issue 25 Insertions -VAC per wont pur Issue Minimum ehnnte ' 20o KrF.ClAl, PATIC for ndvcrtl?cr .i upiriK 1 or more Inehe-A per day for » month, run.iins the Mime every day or subject to chance, can be obtained nv calling The News Clnselfled Tleparlnw.iu. Ad* umler reKular classification mind ho entered or vlthdratm before it o'clock noon From ISiOO till 3;M I", in., nd« no under "Too I.nto la Clumlfy." riiono ottlete accepted for your i onvenle.iiee, to be Paid uoon presentation or bill A.NSWKKS TO ll'l .INK ADS J -i.r.n- 4 l>'i7 -3 l-.-O-fi- 2 K-C7- 1 I'-tft-•n .11 -OS 1 1 -IH- 1 ,1-01 -1 K-i-.r,--l K-'.^--3 11 -u,; • 1 l'-C.-i 1 K-1,7- S -C8-- i:-cr. • I'-f -s x-o; llo'. i! P05JT|.3N^ WANTED—MALE (Cont'd) IEIsmr\v <3. ISairsMini^ir General Sheet Metal Work and Furnaces rilONK S3.1. iUii North Walnut. Hutchinson, lliuiBas. POR RENT—KES1DSNCES (Cont'd) TIM WORLD MOVES AND BO DO WB Ffcdded vane and suto Iruclce. Pooled cars of household goods and automobiles •hlvped to California and other polnU. We haul anything Anywhere. C54y TiraiiBsfeir AND HTOllALfl-; I'OMPAN'T Phone No. S> 1» Weil Klret, Hutrhlnapn, Kansi.. UP-TO-THI-i-MlNI'TR BRKVif- A Safe IDrafanMt HOME 403 TVeat "7" Street— Put your savings In a ]8W Bast "6" Street— n four room hoiuse with 1IOMB. Either one of ,i v , rooms (almost electric liBlila and B iw. "o^ht ""h n'^Smaln now > b "' n room ' " lc °A very Rood location, amount of cash, t'ho trl 1 lights. One l>look cloae In, near schools, balance. In monthly from car' lino near two , payments not inoro KTado schools. Price 1 rice ,2JO0. you would pay an rent. }1,800. ^1 Ileal tor. 7 4-2 ?t. FOK UK 1ST h'*»« t" responsible Pal- tii>B-*'ni»K5ruble five-room and sh-epIiiK jw.-h, nn-'iiy f uriiiHii *:i.l. hoiua.', fi'KH North Wu IIIM (. Phone ;J7. rVIl KKN*T--S 't7 Ictfy modern, si woum f /ttiis^. I'OJiiiff A ami Kuril. Uc vacant find i .-iSniiny. stM'.M-n \,-ork, an... KC-n^ral rtjiiLitf*. J, Ciuudbruliu, piiuite 'J4I7W KOH RENT- -Good five -room, BLUCCJ biiiiKaiow, stvictly mwlern, to Htiulis. IMJUHU 2217. _2 FOR IlKN'T Otic of the lifflt Idominj; urn] board) nt? huusftS ia Hutchinson. -00 . Must Fir*t. 1 3_n »vANTr.f>-MAl .1! Hfcv deiartm'-iU. ' l ' want t" |,;,: ' > f J!' fXpfcMHl'M. l.J^JitiriHliL.' BOYS BY KHl.l.INO TlU'^ J;;-*^, A !^.V'ivr., ,<i:v>J I- i.i. nAi:ii iiVt:;-'i\(i. in YOU. Al'l'LV TO MK. t/HA ( UI 'TK '.li j;is IK ii.l now In llv and l»i >' Sail Cil:' ' ( » •b-fo: I u'dl v . Hi.- dual ly, all work S 21-7:111 lo drive car eiUo-.r W'yaii- it.JICud dl'iVl;!'. 5 7 -*t Si:\\'lNU m.'ii'hlno cicaiiini-, ovci hauling; work KUiuiwiU'cd. .1. F. Uaiitnan. pcoue UtV. ii S -35t V'OH l.MASI'r—Modoi n, eitrlit-roonr IIOUHI' furiilahed for rooinera. W-iJS, oar N.'u„. 7 7--T. I't'liNISlU'.n liimae for rein lo ihe first of St'pLcmlH'r. i'a.rty KOIIIK lovjiy. l'hone ISC. 7 7 -It Port ili;.NT -Sir-room cotliLK'/ wllh one acre ot t;roui,d. clilcken liouao and ga- ruKe in Car'-yvlllo. l'holie oS-ilt. 7 5 -tt KOH KK.N'T--\ T ewly d,-coratod. St -ven- room I'f'eideni'c, norlh aide ru-ar Main. I'hon.. 368 .1W. » 5-4t it liOWKST HATE OF tNTKHEST LICKKAn rHEI'AYMECT Ol'TION PBOIWT CLOSIN'O Gee tis before jdooInR your application. Wo may aavo you money. Kstabllaneil 1SS8 RKAXTOKS No. 4 I'itat Shermaa "STAR BRAND SHOES ARE BETTER" Shoe* for Boy* Mid Girls, SKoei for Men and Women, . Shoes for Infants, Shoes for Children. PART PAYMENT DOWN, BALANCE 50c A WEEK. CLOTHING FOR MEN, WOMEN, BOYS AND GIRLS. Part Payment Down, Balance $1.00 a Week. COMER COMMERCE CO. "Star Brand Shott Att Dcttet" . Rix room house, la not now hut Is a Rood hou3ft, wcttl located In south part of town; boxed ftnd elded. Price li,ti60; |100 down, baJance payable at 515 per month ami InteiTHt. Fiva room-houi« on Enst B, 87 foot rrontaff*. Tvico M.700; J400 cash, buJunca $25 vev month, including Interest, Kivi! room house on North Monro* with c«at front. Prle** %2,Z00; 1600 down, hrklttnce $?0 ner month and interests Six i-ouvn. all-modern north end homo, finished In oak-vlth alt built-in, con- (vi-ni*»n*-*CR, full basrimont, frnraprt, etc. win m*k» reasonable ternw. „, Closft in property on Kast S[jcth, eight rooms, E«od location, lot almost worth price of the property, $2,GOQ; $14)0 down, balance call b« paid but at |25 per monU and interest- ESI of a GO'irl f;a0 lo i CAi.l, 3417W and have your house ruoftd or ictnlrud. S/itisfactlon (fuaranifi'd. arpi'iit^r, jihonii I j,-, ( 1( KKN'T or a.-xlt—-Kuiir-inom. inoin .*rn M.m. and 4 p.m. | j.unBnlow; aplcndld teims; -U Kaet U. ITi..i:o 3640. 7 2o -llt to l-'fil 1 . UF.NT—Five and alx-ruom h'.'U .-:i 'M. new oak. floors. JLil) I'hon.- 2S1T. WANTKD-- Lawn and 1 1> man idicin* 3043. CaU ! KOIt llLJN'T-S-'v .Mi -ronm hous'\ pas and 12 -7 :11 'byht.". 117 Kast Fifth; adullH. Phone UWN and Km den work. Call 2^a4J, 7 D 2 ila^l Shtrnian, , ft 17-1', WANTK1) - -Any I 'llOllC hKht. of carpentering, 0 W W»hlii(s plastering or f,'-'tioi mt wink, phr-nrj IfiTO. b 2f>-!i.->t KrUNlSHlOf* house for r**nt. all modern ext-'ept heat; no childrt*n. Phone 3.'i7H\V. 7 2-tit NU'KIA' furnlsh-ii Ivme for rent, 546 A I'.last. dm fc'lvtf pL'SHf ^sion imnu'diatcly. 1. 120 AVrjst yixleenth Street, ft well built new modern tmng'aJow, fireplace, front drive iiaranir. I'vi'ce very reasonable; easy UTIII.*. 2. 710 Knsl Slit rman, atriet ly. inoOTJTn. oal; floors In. part, oiw bi'droeni down. tWO Up, $r>,l >.M>; ,>;|, ; y temifl. .V. HI Twelfth Wist, otic of IIutoJi!'s be^t hom '*3. Consider smaller home or Rttfjd farm land us part pay. 4. A pretty fix n »imi modern eottase at 320 Kast 101»>venth Street. Consider new bungalow m trad*'. fi. A pretty ticrnrr nt Seventeenth nnd \Vii.«hinpton, larffe ma (do trees about the lot. 'IVrina. r.. ul- N urth .li'clcfinn, six rooms, 1 \i tdoeliij of Fifth and Monro©-; liberal terms; baa bath and toilet; at $2,a00. Kullm WE HAVE SOME LOTS PRICED TO SEL.L E«4 Flrat N»U. Hld». t Eitsl Sheridan J-'EEALTY CO. Realtors Phono 42 'iV A -.;T1':0-- Furniture to r.'.'l llWialstiT. Call 7! rs»*lr. refir.lslh ; vwl r .KNT~-\'iri"-rooni houso, 6 27-Sllt 1 A. Call 10* \V<'.«i Kourlli. • 'io,":!f-'r ^ '.vi'li j j.;;, tiiT-room hooso and barn. "li!;irfr. rhoi),- "OS.'-. lis U an- 3'Jfi Kast 7 :o-i2t :.) Wi-Bt ; 2 !l-10t I'.VI.NTI I 'lK .-ll. WAN limi'l: 1 HANK J :'.'J"(. O-nli-rvl MAirKii:!' Iran .- A'. I • 1.1 I 'm IVI ^13 ar:d docorAllns. 0 4-Hal iVAxriu. -.vii j-.n'iic in:w. kinds of tianh ^AUlluif. i l.l-26t filed it ahop; Went Tlrut. . J--|'li fil'.'XT-.Mcil.rl) flv lOaaf A. Ciii; IS::*. •le. -in 3-]«t r.l'N'-|' SK-ruoiil, modern luono.- LIOWT HOU5EKt£l»ll10 ROOMS 8 HOP.ITION WANTED—FEMALE "sii'iii Cfea&s Hi&ass&itidbiffijl i , o IO-OVI.V . ;.irii. LlaudiT, aU'J :,jil iliul. Pl-oli.i »f,9tV. « 1-Sot | -I 'l '.I .S'i-d - I''.V . ry i..o.i^'.'.vife in', lut.-ht !.H ..t. i L'tnity mvit.-d I., a-o . rilo,- IH.II Mini' i.rol •in,l .'V.M .'.u,i lull' ,'._:;r, of , ;.' ice. 1'^'. SotuU Main, i for f-mail vl: in-. Hi- ri, •'. ui Can 2|i9\V. n3 «saBsSu4cfeiaig Work i-uatant-ed. Mali onleia amove: I'rompUy .1 'reo delivery .^is. .M,:Ho 1U Ealit T'lilh, 10i ,a\V*. Ii.p7- I nisi,,. I I,,i bath; tjaray 1 lit upylair.'". l'ur- •o mis rdinmii Ml J'.ast r -..urt " furniH >f tw u.d 1 - flo •vly paie ••pjn«; i a.Al.ESMfcrj M'.»:.S.SMAKi-JJt —Any kind of jewing „-v.!.<. A 1). C.:;.ia--y, 20o»-i XoiLh Main VI >K ItKNT—Lai-tr-j rouiut* T'.u :d luii'.aelvo-piof-:. Fur a!.'. nu- muMiiittiH for Mra. L'uniap, p:ion< Pt- ItNtSi 11^1' lijrht honsfk.' HUitu tb.-u litit airs also • -all t I'"*-" 1 *' Shci man. 1'boiiu ^OlilW, FiIUST-C'-<A SS 5r ''**9w »ftKjnK; IiuHiji!!tiiij - Uif. Mm. J. 1C tiurrliit, &3u Kial Third, phone 2S&7J. fl L'-2Jt Y ©DB A Hero runt lor miilill < pr- (-or on !l',,~ 1-CS. ci la a 10 it il: for A lllilll-i-.l '.AIW" MA--: KII'.M HA» A SI'I.I'-N'I 'H IN K\.\SAS WITH lir'l' ANY .rni i:u i•> >.\vI::• i;': IU-;A1"J1'AHTI-:KM --\v ;i: '. i o% • -i / TV :UHK1' I 'll I 'AK I'l'.lll- lli:i!lN Wnl'.K :0" •|-i,i :v AUIIA:.'I:I-:MI-:N '1'^ l -!.l'-.Ti:n. A 1 i i.i I Li-'.HM. s. l-uJll-ANV, 1J..1 iJAVll 17TI1 AM> .MAIN ri'l'S., 1 Mir-'.-o d-KI. WANTl''.!!- s .ilfiiiuan lo j.ll.-s. .Mum I, iV" • nr. in «..ttil>«v»i i«.ii of ha fli ;i. 1 11r11. Km«m.>n : " ' tl a lai 15-1 toiniio •-'."i: ' • lU 'llib- ( 'o., AO'ln :-'M. I'- -a l-'jlXT. A llli 'M.\.\. i. Will.' I :-: \-flr-- 1-'- >'ANTill' - Dr. .Mis. llrri'U, us ooolt In i- A-ldn-« Y - ^niaiiiiiff aod tailoilt '.s. i'lli l'^'bL l ''uui'L'.i, phon- F('U KllNT Tllri"., rooms dou in'.tairs. liallt private entrnlu'e. also two rooms ui'Malr .H. 319 West l-'liat. b i-*i l'"OH UK.NT--Two mor],.rn. fiuin.-ih.-d voon-.a f'-r lisnt. luoiri,koo;oni;. 5,i IHT ucelc. -till l-:a.Hi 'L'ond. sr.-let Cir'-at rtpnori'iiii'.y for you to Own one of the [ fit a tnotb•:.:(•• \ ;•:>•<•: Thin niodcin, up to dsti 1 !>!-•- Klflermh. in 1'lir.i ide.-. th-- r.t-.vt "bound ta.b.- iu:;i Mulrhln.---.on. lh:s 70 it. lut frontage, him*.- stun-;.; tubdne v.-iul.-i. '-U-., ;• !1 romirb-t.-. v\ ith i-em^nt driv }louse v.'ry tasty ir•. an -injit -iiumt. arid i'lnish, nrsl honit's !n IlntehlnRon )n>im\ Piluatt 'd at ^ (l S F.ant up" l'i'Striot. d adfliiion in co t^iriu-e with walhs. re. way and t wu i .! r i-;:i.i'au"- rveryiliini; winded «mt in §2l B ©@@ o (0)@ Easy M<a>n©y There )s over $1,000 profit ^ the huyer ot the hutee we are offering for sitlo at 112 wrist Thirteenth. Here ia a fair valuation of the place: House value Land value, $20 a front foot ..... Fruit and shade trees ..$5,400.00 U0O.00 900.00 Total $7,200.00 We can se» you -this plnco for $5,!H)0 with only $1,000-cash. You cannot beat it. LET US SHOW YOU. -• Forty-nine Years in Hutchineon. No. 12 Sherman East, Ground Floor Office Telephone Slot ritANK PILB.,Manugnr Real Rgtate. Phone III After 6PM The man who sings Home, Sweet Horrfc in a rented flat is kidding himself and serenading his landlord. We have money to lend y-ou to buy your own with. , EOinaftdMnBs®!! BonalldlniEig & L@ai !E Room No. 819 aoruhaugh-Wiloy EMg. Phono 2157 ehddr !i(L want.^ tn i-aro fi.-r day or hour. PbiHo; 1;'.! WANTI-:i»--\Va»:ili my hi' lb'? hour. WASJIIN'O and Ironing. Call Kidhlli or phone 3^74. n by Ui ><;r,. u T • - ii lag and lishtd rooiiia for Miih from. -Itj ' K'.iH r .li.N'T-TwM unfn lih'ht boiisck'-t:plng. a Kabt Heei-nd. ]iMli ltF.NT--Two nictdy furniHlod bRbt lic.u:-eU'''"ldng iooma; no children. 1'hont CB^W. H '--It -•-ot • FOll Kr 'NT- Downstalru la-oiny fur lif?ht htjua'*kfepini?.__ 20s H. i'-'' 4 '330 IVAJK I p1;"R:ns1ilOT) liou.sebi i-v.fn; i oi-ius "aiTd <i 2-25r | n-.ttwgv. 122 Cuiptnl.T sir-.-.-i. i l-ix W AS'Th. .\-rlh WANTFH rK by day or hi ui No: th I*. 'i ni; lie a I nuraint,'. i'noi!.; 21104, vS'XSlfINO, inminy and ' WA!^THD- Work by Un-. •j H'.d .i. , WANTKU by hour. lu .'ur. Viioni 1 —Work by bour, ;i0e. Ph. una C A-tit | WANTFD—Wuuhiajfa. Phone Vb7W. I V «7-2 &t ' l WANTRD— Waniilntce. Phone 1416. BAIJ pe I n .'ltTALN nyticlnlitu phone XZ'tiVf. WafchliiKa. Fhune 3:<fi7W. « 7- FUKN1SHHO housekeeping Fjuit a. TWO or-'four-room lurnianed a|iai- cheat). 30B West Second. h.arinoiiy and the vt .-ry case of moving aiioul t!o' house, tiie'ui nrnuiE','- mfiil of r iMUis, dooiH, and \\indi-v-.-.s will plea ^i.- you. Six robots' FirMf fbxir JKI.S l.'cj'ii Itvin;* ro^.-rn rlear ar-ross e.'ift end. with fir" pl»«-f, builL in booltens *'.H, op .-ns onto larpi: east portico. l^ir^o rfinlral bail, \iinitif- room, built-in ki'ebcii, butler's pantry and l)iv,au {atit room. Llvinij robins i'.i-ni-'i wan oak, with fancy birch fini-ih. Second floor h.ia large bail with built in linen olosfrls, " bedrooms, bath with built In tub. FuM l -ns^nH 'ii!, over sized furnace, bailment divided Into rouins, with laundry '-'iiiipmi'iit, "Will s.'-Ji on eaiiy term*, nr wil! exchange for Kiaa ^er home, Central Kan;<ns tar IT i Iniid, s-Dbinban traeta, or rml estate mort sagos or con ti acts. Heaiti-r -Loans-—insurors on Main at Si,» i ntan, "In tin; Heart of Hutchinson." ^©©(ffl HuU^esftcsntsiiDil -Sung^©^ftaosis fina ,S@rfJhw®s(l ESfflBDsais Lanadl" No, 1---42S acres \vel\ improved, two miles of Uoclu* City, KariMH. Will consider ejechange at 3l5 .0l> an a*-re. Xo. neren in Onir.t Comity, prlco S1O.0O per pere, easy terms. A'o. have IWa clients iwtminfj tn trnde Ittiid for sttburbatt property. Near tfixvd market. Price Ifi.OO per No. 4~-H.i>'hJ a aalid body, Ofrforjdo. acre, yood t^rrtiH. No. 5-- Choi co level quarter in Hiskell County, JISfHl.fii). Oootl ti-vms -Clioiee hivt.l quarter In Morton County, JloO.J.00, eaay tt -rniH ' -Wo maUo farm and ranch loan* In every county in the stito of Ivo. tl- ivan.*>iuj. J WILL lIXi.-HA.NdE POR HUTCHINSON PHOPBllTY Ff> R KK N'T —11 o u .s e 1; e i- p i r. g E:\al Fifth. FOR BENT -FURNISHED ROOMS -'Ke. I-'Olt RtlNT, reasoiialde--'Ke. cool, Bleeping rnoma oloae In; ear Hue. Or. Dariandy Ml Kaat A, phone ^066IV ur 139. I' V S- 2at -FEMAtr. !t,> ;i . [p-. \VAN'Tt :lJ • 1 • ihiiualnus. i'lio I WANTCl i - Hewluif. Phono 1010. t -iilil., SHul'.TIIANIi Y .'ri '-on uiin !..-•'.. ^> fi,in no FOR RENT— *ES10r£NCF-8 7 V.'M move y.ju anywhere; Jena or almrt tiaiilB make no difference; all worli r4oa''ao;o 'ii. C "ly Tiaimfifr Comji.tny. plume fi» er m». Kaat Sherman. i 13-2it f-room, i .iiifiiruiiiheil 'il Tliliteoiilli. 11! W. i :t Thirteenth. 7 'J-U I'.K.VT lSr .r.i'. 1 KOH Hi-:N'T --l .aif.'e, oool aleciou;; i ooui, rcasonalile. Cluao in; ear iiuv. t'hoio 2fjue \V, Dr. liarland 'J i'i-^iil MDDI-.r.N l."-droom ^ILh lil'Oiilti.i.' lioteil, la\atory In room. 1* Kaat Si \;li. I'li 'ine Mrai. !.' fnrv ja-lOt MdDKP.N bedroom ^vitli slO'l -in^' ii.o'.'.-h, lavatory in room. 14 I'laal iSUIIi. l'holie 14a6. 'J J -:-10t T \'.-(i nteely furniihet, ino roomy. 113 l-'il-sl, 1'ii •1 'oiH farm e ill tear the very elasest Iiirmeotlon; has a wood s room house. 1 ,'in -i for in head, matiar,- for M veral theuaand btuhvla. new nueblnv and too'" hou-e nrr-U raeliard. 1.0 aer.-.s iiantui-e. IP, acrea alfalfa, the biilanee for wli-at Iiivl-tllK-ate thla If you would own a B-.'Otl farm. _ Ininror Llojd S. Bioiru Realtor 41S North Main Phono 971 -FURNISHED ROOMS (Ccnt.l i looms, per smi-iriN' Kant B. M'ODKUN. cool Bleopini; rooms. utk, 313 9 2-25t 327 West a ^-10t m .'itNlSHED rooms, 111 East ii. Phone FOR RENT—APARTMENTS i'-.iii UI-:NT 1 iWlllM. tli-'* • Nl,'.. lai'(,-o south .Norlh Main. Idione Hli; trees, large lawn, flowera. The. de- Airnli'.o Paetola Apartmeisla. One vacant .piiii,' , (ioWii.staii-B eouth exposure. l'Uone ^33U. IiAl'.fllO windows IO ! etoeolntr r Phono 3VJ9W r-st lorn, two «-u'.h MODERN, Hherrnan. l'Tlll HUNT— I'm 111 linut tiixtti. ale, pinB rooma. Phone :r,5S. 11 Sl-2St FOR RENT—APARTMENTS (Cont'd! Three-poom, furnished apartment, mod em tliroughout; private. Phone 21>.<, fi-! Kutst b'lral. 11 2i*-iM Seventh and Main. Nicely furnish, apartments una sleeping rooms. I''none 840. 11-28-251. Uodfio City L. L. TAYLOR & COMPANY Kunaaa. Hutchinson, Kansaa No. \Vea! Seventh, nix room cottaRe. modern in every way except heat; Rooii coiner lot; house has been re-papered, all up In good shape, nice lawn and good shade. Price "S1 .2S0; some, terms. A beautiful -su-irtlv modern bunira'.ow located In northeast part of Hutchinson. I-'or quick sale at $*,*ti!>. Liorft overlook tills. SEE ^(Biacsr Iiiarl W. Bresslor, Kaaltor. 210 St. Ex. B'.dg. Phone 20BE FOR RHNT~AlMJrT^MENjrSj£^toj)_ IJNFURN'ISIIKIJ three-room apartmenr. Call 217811. " FCiH RKNT—Apartment; light, clean und cool. In mod -rn homo, nicely furnished. Phone 33S1 litter 6 p.m. 11 3-»t FOR EK.NT—Three-room, modern, unrur- nlsheil apartment. McCurdy Insurance AL.encv. n FOR ltli.NT—l-\)ur-rooin. fninluhed aiiari- riicnt. sleeiurife. IKU-CII and aai-.-ii.;e; water, llKhts and (;as furnished; j;s;> moittli. Phone 2l4 *Ri ii v -*t l-'ClR 11KNT--Furnished houselteeplne apartments for respectable people only. ll'Vi Kast First. Phone 11J75. 11 a-HH FOR RENT—Strictly • modern? furnished, three-room apartments, »36 and J*d Phone 3S00. 1-T',U Hi:NT-Two or four-room iiiarrt- meM uiifurnlslied. Phone 3*70. 11 23-10t If It's a Loan You Need IF a^am ©r Qfty Sea ©ay Siwesfi!ffii®ifflft C®. 1st. Nat'l. Bldg. Hutchinson, Ks. Farm JUortgaga Bankers. I'OR UKNT—Two-room. niod«rn, furnished apartment. J23 East A. 11 7-tlt Hl-.'it-'lTr-HJIi, now Uitehenette apal't- ni"iit; Imllt-in features; ffround floor, private entrance, 8U* Kast Sherman. I-nollc 5*3W. • 11 12-- st FOR Ri:NT—Strictly modern, furnished numraiow apartment in Bungalow Court 215 llast First. I'hone il'AiiVJ or COMV. 11 z-itl MUDEUN, unfurnished, rive-room apurt- menl. tall 21S8W or 1112. U 1-251 FOR HUNT-Furnished or unfurnlBhed' lUmruneut. Theme 3308. 11 27-28t uround floor, private entrance, |;ood .shape. 2132.1, SOI Kast Sherman. 11 5-llK Nii'KLY furnished, two-room, riivmnd-; . . . f'.oor aiiartment, i>rivato entrance oiiu ; No. 3 Stewart A|Jitrtmcnt« for rent, baih. 226 West First. 117-otl Phone 21788, • 11 »-Ht BKAIITrFllL. new hitchoiiette apartment ! FOUR-room, unfurnished apartment. Call • "— - ' •' JS27.I, 208 F.ast Fourth. 11 5-S F (7 R ~ Iti-IN-T— Modern, furnished apartment; adults. 212 West Seventh ©rifflI5ffi©Eilft IE @EBDIIS Deposited here ^ i ^yQ -Jm(l <Bir(B84 your cash la • safe and available Solid Cnfty lBniiaDdlnimg B Depoait your bonus with Thn Satt City Building, IiOan and Savings Ass'n Lloyd Brown, Sec'y, 413 North Main. Phone 972. • mim j_. .. . " 1 ... ..- -SP WANTED TO RENT 13 WAN TIC D to rent—Four or t|ve-room. furnished house, modern, with Barafie; must he reasonable. Phone 1602. 13 ii-*t WANTED to rent—A farm In good neighborhood. Reference* exchanged. Write, WU, care New*. 13 li-ut and lyi'h ! s 1-E 1'Ut I .H -lut« vaiili. N.ili oi.-.l n.hv,. oi; Uli.ii thaiid, 401 ,il ilo KWMBJ* I. a nil i IlldiV. * 'J--j' j I l.lctltl!' i'lila Bin iiifcT d.''liai'Vo .'olii WANTI:I ' iiiiwn r. fn.mfortal-l.i **.76, i*-n. JH'.To bllbiioii Jl T .-n k. (J 17 -11' North Walnut The Doo Dads—The Mosquito and the Balloon. By Arch Dale • Wo ji*-L lull • i, by u -di;;; < ,d our aiic<o Om-y b- 1JKU' ward'-d hciuewjves to that (lu-y buy neorrd !<•«.. H- j full niformatlon. 9tt0. Wanted—-l.adica to !"•>• llMU lilllt m '/ratlTH to; $3-75, S4 .vr., >'>.•;&, part l.a!unc rM L ; Wi -cli. C."tn- niV-i'-J Norlh Wnlnul. Hunhi lit in il- WA N'i'IO ; j - l-:x pel ionecd r ; 1 A pply c'iiiid> iiind LIi'iil 't-etiMni .-ry. \V A ,N'!"'K|> -<Jirl for ^tMi 'Tr.) beusnwn Tdrs. Conard, 118 Kujd Cl-venlJi, 4 1-O f. ITICL' V/AN7L- t>-~MALI; S \VA.NT!.i>-To ulmrp.'P and i"p;ir J&wn inowei B , suns, f urn it ui sewing ma* ehluea, locks »«d key .H. biey^k.-*. daws, scl.xior«, knlvea. all kinds touln. Blown Uleyclc Stoic, phoua ^470. ' 6 lS-USt

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