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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 1

Pampa, Texas
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Tuesday, February 24, 1959
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Reds Turn Thumbs Down On West Plans fty IffccWV .SHAPIRO t'nHfid Frrnn tnffrmitlonnt MOSCOW fUPI) Soviet PH>- ftlier Niklta. S. Khrushchev turned down today the West's proposals On Berlin and nuclear teal suspension. Speaking at an election rally, Khrushchev flatly rejected last week's Western call for a Big 1 Four foreign ministers conference on Berlin and Germany. He said It would be "unbusinesslike" and "'unacceptable." he called anew for full and for- summit talks to decide the Herman question, nuclear test buns and the whole field of East- West dispute. The speech appeared to blast hopes of a new approach to the Oerman stalemate just when KHnishchJv's "little s u m m 11." talk? with Prime Minister Harold Macmillan of Britain harl created fresh hopes. Khrushchev scored the Western stand at the Geneva nuclear conference. "To accept the Western proposals (on inspection and control) would mert.n full ftsplluiatlonY' h* said. "We regret it but w« sha.ll hav* to continue with our (nuclear) testa too," he added. Want* Summit M*»Hrtjt Khrushchev said a conference ot foreign ministers na suggested by the West to thresh out the problems of Berlin. Germany and overall European security Could last for many months or years. "It would be more expedient if thfi Western powers agreed on a conference of heads of government which could make deci- US Khrushchev objected to th# ex. elusion of Poland and Chechoslo- vakia, which h« described a* "the first victims of German invasion" (In World War Hi and Germany's neighbors from any talks oft Wfertnafi^. He noted that'th* West's latest notes called for East and West Germany to have "consultative votes" at an East - West conference. "Thus they admit the existence of the two states." ho said. Ha ftaid that ont:« thl* is conceded it Is only logical to "admit thei# right to decide their own destinies." The West does not recognize East Germany. Friendly fo Britain The Khrushchev speech, delivered during a one-day recess to his talks with Macmillan. contained a biting personal attack on the United States. He said Soviet police would not have to protect Macmillan to the *ame extent U.S. police had to protect First Deputy Premlef Anastas T. Mikoyan during his re- Cent visit to the United States. "We have no hooligans" lik« those who "tried to throw some ftggs at Comrade Mikoyan," he •aid. Khrushchev's words for Britain, though, were friendly. He proposed a lonf-term non-aggression treaty with the British, an idea one Jxmdon newspaper reported Macmillan himself wanted to discuss. The two men are known to have discussed the German stalemate at their meeting Monday. Khrush- fthev's speech today indicated no prospect of compromise In ftlil* sta's insistence on handing control of West Berlin's to the German Communists. With reference to talk of <Uf« lifts or armed convoys to get sup* plies to the isolated city through a new Red blockade. KhrushchSV "The U.S.S.R. would not stand aside if there emerged a thrertt to the (Red) German Democratic Republic . . . Any aggressive, advances would be opposed. No ftnl would be allowed tr> violate thi (See HEWS, fags S) YOUR FREEDOM NEWSPAPER (Jbe Pampa Daily VOL. 56—NO. 273 Serving The Top o' Texas 51 Years (10 PAGES TODAY) PAMPA, TEXAS, TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 24, 1959 COURTESY CERTIFICATES Mayor Lynn Boyd, center, presents Courtesy Certificates to the winning employees in the recent Daily News contest. The winners, Orville Terry and Mrs. Hattie Hindman, each received $50 from the Daily News for being the friendliest, most courteous employees. (Daily News Photo) City Election Judges Named By Commission City Commissioners this ing selected four polling morn- 'Mrs. R. A. Mack. places; t n oilier business It was decided to advertise im the commis- mcdi.'itely and have the tower re and named 1R election officials to slon acre-pied a pair of rontrarts paired as soon as possible. The manage the April 7 city elections, that would allow tho school board Iowcr in question is at the inter- Poltinj* places and officials inland the county unrestricted use of Action of Hobart and Brown each ward will be: | the city'* tax rolls. The school streets. Ward 1 -City Hall, with jiidjros' board will pay $2100 for the privi- Tuesday morning's meeting DoLca Vicars and Paul Carmich- iege. City Manairer John Koontz opener! with lhe commission dc- ael, and rlcrks Mrs. G. S. Boston did not disclose the county's offer, riding to make a J44.I7S "p a y- and Mrs. .Jim White. ! The rolls are used by both the back" to a number of city de- Ward 2 Kire .sub-station No county and school* lo estimate tax vclopors. The payback is part of 1, with judges .1. R a a n d levies and assessments. ;an old agreement in which devel- Mrs. Hnrol Wrinht, and clerks City Manager Knonlz disclosed , opera did n certain amount of Mrs. G. O. Walstead and Mrs. T to the commission that a bid nc- street paving and the bills for the cepicd last week for rep;iii.i on a job were paid to the city. T h « Demo Attack Brushed Off By Johnson By WILLIAM THKIS Unllpfl Pro** Infornntl'innl WASHINGTON rUPIi - - Senate Democratic Leader Lyndon B. Johnson brushed off a fpllow Democrat's atlack on his leadership tactics today with lhe studied silence of one who has the votes — .and knows it. friends said Johnson, now in Texas suffering a touch of flu, probably would ignore the Senate speech by Sen. William Proxmire (D-Wis.l. who charged lhat typical Democratic senators have "nothing to do" with setting their own party's program. I But there was no doubt that i Proxmire had touched a spot sensitive for many Democrats who have privately complained they have too little to say about Senate affairs. Unhappy Over Appointment* Proxmire conceded he was unhappy because two freshmen Democrats were given prized spots on the finance committee this year, even though he outranked them In seniority. But he naid this was "not principally" the matter which triggered his blast at Johnson. |j "I Just became convinced there was an uneasy feeling on the part fit many Democratic'senators that they were obligated to the leadership so much so that they were! .(isolated." he said. "1 decided that the only way to do anything about' it was to get up and talk about, it." j Tne Wisconsin senator said his next speech, dealing with the effect of senatorial "surrender" on the policy committee, will be made in about two weeks. BulliN t'p .Vlliick Proxmire began the buildup for his atlack on Johnson when lie complained two weeks ago about et-k Days Ml Sunday I5« 35-Hour Work Week Won't Get Answer? LYNDON B. JOHNSON .. . ignores Proxmirr WASHINGTON (UP!)—The AFL-CIO's call for a 35- hour work week appeared unlikely today to get an answer from Congress this year. Even congressional hackers of the proposal conceded that there was little chance of it winning approval in in.iO. But. fhev said that the new CARBON MONOXIDE FUMES Four Roughnecks In Death Escape Police Probe Auto Thefts demands might pave lhe way for action in the future. The. AFL-CIO executive council demanded Monday that Congress revise the Federal Wage andithat involves a pair of stolen Hour Act tn provide a seven-hour' cars, one of which was abandoned day, :>.'>.hour work week for about] hern Monday and another which 2n million workers covered by the was stolen from Pampa later In Police Chief Jim Conner Is *t- templing today to unravel a story • law. j Organized labor the day. Conner reported that early MVm- Four oilfield roughnecks stationed near Miami had « narrow escape from death Sunday when carhon monoxide fumes filled their "doghouse" tool shed. The story came to light Mon- dav afternoon when one of ths CC Members Evaluate New Legislation Ward 3 - - Ward's Cabinet Shop, city water tower will have to be re- city, In turn, agreed to pay part with judges Mrs. Karl Taylor and'advertised. The bid accepted of tha costs back to the conlrac- Mrs. Milton Burns, and c 1 e r k s from Randall H. Sharp of Okla- tors. Mrs. Bill Ridgway and Mrs. I^eon honui City was for $-4,78fi. ' Before adjourning the commi.v Holmes. ! Koont/. said he w;is notified the. s j on decided to begin curb and Ward, 4 - Barnes St. sub-Kta- bid contained "a bic ernn tion, with judges Mrs. H. H. Boyn- did not iru hide a pair of items (,'ountry Club Heights addition, ton and Mrs. Shirley Nichols, and that would have raised the bid; K. V. Bowman of White House clerks Mrs. Henry Crump a n rl about $2.000, gutter work on Jupiter St. in the Lumber asked the commission that Two Schools Bid For 4-Year Stature By W.ALLV TRj: bully N«'ws Staff Wriler A nine-man panel Monday aired the legislative -news of the t'.S. Chamber of Commerce before an audience of 150 Pampa Chamber member.". Cameron Marsh, chairman of unsung heros of their rescue told of helping the men reach Highland General hospital by automobile Sunday morning. The man. File Captain "B;ae- kie" Skidmore. reported the roughnecks drove as far as the Pampa. fire station. The driver. L. D. West, stumbled our of the car and told Skidmore the men suffered mono.xide poisoning aiM needed a fast escort to the hospital. When the two-car caravan i also is re new- ling a drive to extend coveratv to!day morning a slolen 19.51 Dodg« •eight million moi p workers and lo \va? found parked at 1421 N. Hobart. The car had stolen n r a y was Kelly boost lhe minimum wage from $1 jlo SI.25 per hour. Members of the House Labor two tea- county license plates and traced back to its owner. K. of Elk City, Okla. reached Highland General, West collapsed. Koughneck Tommy Berry of Pampa was unconscious and two others had severe headaches and were near unconsciousness. Committee gave these sons for doubling that Congress Abou , „,„ ljme po]ir , e feU this year would consider shorten- pmb | em was solved „ ,. t ing the work week: !gfven Co|1ner , na( fl car Labor committees of both the to Mrs Jjm Ducker> 719 N House and tho Senate already have a heavy agenda, including labor reform legislation, proposed! amendments to the Taft-Hartley law. the higher minimum wage proposal, and school aid bills. Reductions in working hours Hn . historically take time to achieve. and there is a lot of opposition in Congress now to shortening the! 'work week. , j Other congressional news: | j HmiHlrig: The House Banking! bart. was stolen sometime Monday between 5:.'',n a.m. and 2 p.m. Mrs. Ducker said she had parked the car, a 1950 black Mercury, at the Santa Fe station. Her husband meanwhile, driving from Amarilto to Pampa lhat afternoon, thought he saw a. car exactly like his own headed to(So POLICE, Tag* »( Skidmore said he applied arti- 'Cummillee ca'led up for action a ficial respiration to Bei ry and , housing: bill drafted "brought him around" in about : by a housing subcommittee. The the and local Chamber's National Affairs the seniority system's domination, of Senate committees. Then on the'°> len< ' fl the P'.°f? 1B ™ Valentine weekend of Feb. 11 he shot another barbed arrow In a Legislative Committee. the Febru- Deplored the fact that Southerners dominate Senate committee chairmanships ary membership luncheon with a call to action on business legislation to be considered by the new Congress. Marsh and his panel spent last (Tuesday at a national A i r c a d e I two minutes. Berry and West weie hospitalised and this morning were reported in excellent condition. The two others neither were named weie Heated and released Sunday. Berry said the men were sitting in their doghouse duung lhe early Sunday morning hours. He paid one by one the men began to have headaches Apparently a gas stove in the house was not functioning properly Berry drove to Miami for aspirin, and when lie returned to jSenafp already has approved a S2.fi7S.noo.OOn version. The admin- jisuation's bill carried a St.finO,-' 1000.OdO pi ice tag. The House Com- 1 i m e re e Committee, meanwhile,! Ihnped to complete work on a four-year, 3fi,"i million dollar pio- . gram of federal grants to helpj communities build and expand! airports. j Farm: Sen John J. Williams jiP.-Del.i cited .statistics which he! said showed that major benefits: under the government's price sup-| port progiam have gone to "the! construction begin as soon as P os " mittees and sible. Monroe Moore was commis -Stressed Johnson', personal; feting i"^ 1 ?™' 1 ^^^ 8 ;™ 0 '! control, through his chairmanship ''X'** „*„' : " " "" " of both policy and steering com- the hrni^e. the men were near j I ver large corporate operators. . sumed to set the I wheels in motion. construction , ne majority leadership. included William A Me president of the National Chamber; ami Arch N Booth executive vice president. Members of the Pampa delega- Noted thai seniority wasn't on committee as-, 110 " wer « «»»'ffn«d '"P^* *™ P'™- lentation al the membership lunch- By LLOYD I.MWABKE lHt)»rimtiniial [opment Board off to ( 'tee for moro study. gubcommit- (UPIl - Two state colleges were over a major hurdle in the Texas Legislature in a bid to become four year schools today while Gov. Price Dame] considered, a. setback in his plans to create a new agency and help Texas get a bigger share of the lounst dollar. Arlington Stale College and Tarleton State College at Stephen- villa are trying to become four vear iiuUtuuons. The House State Affairs Committee rammed two bills which will do the job to lhe floor for final acnon during a night meeting Monday. The committee's counterpart in the Sen.tte svvillly approved two similur bills earlier Monday, «.!• though only one the Arlm^V-m .State measure has the blessings of the St-'Jle Commission on Higher Education. While Guv. Daniel and his wife It was M . .^ (h(? a minor setback. Rep. ' Florida Tourists Fill Havana On Tour' followed signments. iUPIi About 1.000 llljllee , , , s|aljon for , he u ^ cf)m HAVANA 0 811Hpend lhc „„„ Hnd Florida tourists poured into Ha- ((>r (ina| van:i Momlay ,„ 0|)en lhe rilv* .bargain-rate "welcome toui " Au- thonties here hope at least four (>n . Hotels here «re holding 2, (KM) double rooms open for toiinsls who take advantage of the offer lodging and action. Tho bill provides for a three- memboc board to be -set up to draft a tourist advertising budget to be fidtiiitii.sterpd by lhe State Highway Depnitmcnt. it would al.-o picpare an advertising budget aimed at attracting new industry. The board would be composed of ihe governor the chairman of i IIP Tf.vis Iiidustiial Commission. and tin- cluiirtmin of the Texas Highvviiv * "oiuniijisiun. J. M ml.-y HcHil. executive director" of tin- Texas Motor Bus Assn.. \v-is one nf three per.-81 ins iippeariii" 1 befoie ilia I'oinrnilli.'e in .support "I the uuM.-jUrr. lit s.ini nine million visitors L.) Texas mil- Livestock Weigh-ins Set Sunday LlvevC'cU. will weigh in Herrpation I'ark .Sunday for •limior Divlsiini of lhe Ti>|> leon Monday. Don Cain. Cray | County Attornev. led off with Tax Reform One-third of ovir income is being taken by dire<:l and indirect taxes, according to Cam. The 1' S. Chamber advocated g tax study commission with public members "To rut taxes, we must cm spending or have deficit fi- that will lead further to I He said the federal government 1 pan) $3,-tOM.OOrt m price supports mi thu'i- hip farm operators in Ar-| kttrisa.y, Mississippi and (,'alifoima in !!I57 ' I liiiiH: Waller S P.olKMlsnn. as-, si.siant secretaiy of state and Far I KHstern policy expert, told a Sen-. If It comes from A hardware'ale disarmament subcommittee »lor« HP lia\t" It. Lewis Hardware.^ (Sec A .N S \V K K, |'HK« Hi ' lir.consi lousnoss He bundled them into his car and sped into Pampa. All four of the men work for tlv* North Central Drilling Co. of Wu-hiU Kails, FIREMEN IN LEFORS BUSY LKFORS i Sph Fir <•men here, worn out from fighting two large grass fires Sunday were really popping their suspenders in, iht'ir best, firehouse fashion today after students in I.e- fors .schools cooperated in a Monday afternoon crhool drill. Top time for clearing a building was 90 seconds, and Fire Chief John Archer said afterwards, "now if we pan get the kids to cooperate as well in ."laying clear of our truck when the fire whistle sounds u-e'll be doing fine." The Sunday fires destroy ed 200 acres on the McCartv- Lister lease and another 2f' acres on the O H. Sand>r= lease. at ' Llvetiluck Show. Weighing U e\|M-<'led to lx» coni(»lelc<i by inflation W A he said Morgan spoke Legislation An example Is the proposed Kennedy Bill, which requires further reports of union ac- his looked :jii, tiie c<>mmUU-e sliutlled lust vc;ir spi-tit wunc $50o bill to create a. Texas Devel- lion, and lhal more luoney would .ii-sui! with fiealion of the board i ln <)Ule! ' a^'""'. Ht'i->- W. T .Oliver of port Ntches piofHj»ed a ;uw ' a:< '"'' lH ''P ' !ia !4liile ' s slr 'f ; of three days' free the stalled tourist trade The $5V50 cost of the three-day lour, open to any traveler from the Florida area, coveis the round- liip air fare, hotel accommodations, a *lght.«eeitig tour of Havana, a street carnival, a paia- chute-diop and water show, night club perfoi maives and open-air concerts. CUBA EXCUTES CRIMINAL NO. 3 HAVANA il'Pli U. Col Lui«| H. (jrao. Cuba's "war criminal' Sunday noon with a tiffing of.tivity but takes no a< r.on on un- fat kterr* and f«t p'g" »*•' t«r wn monopoly power. Moigan fa-_ I ;SO p.m. • vora the Mcf'lellan Bill w h i i hi The judging in the 4 u n I " r Would strengthen sUte cont'ol ofj Show .Mnnda> Will be cllinaxerl labor unions "Let our Congiess- by an K»hlbitor» Baiiqiiet MOII- : men know lhat w« really believe day night. Prlies will be award- ', in labor reform legislation." h* ed at thi» time. The ToT Kotleo j concluded Asocial ion will IH« h««t in all| E. L. Hendei son » topic was exhibitors. parent*, county j Government Controls. Competition voeutional agriciillnral teuctiiT* ami iheir w'lvetn. The l)Uin|iiet will lit- lield at 7 p.m. In the .Sales Arena. Tuesday will see Uiv judKlnj: of KKA li>e»liick und Heri-ford ( altle. at SC.30 «.m.' FfIR MAYOR rV>> !¥»#% 1 wl> igering bii/lgel. His bill svould levy fihng squad in the dry moat ofi aty CXjiinnisiikxier t-d Mjtttt a ft pt;1 . cem gmaa ,- et . e jp l8 t ;lx No. 3," fell before the g LUIS of a| thl» morning (IJed tor niujor l« ;0ri ( lole i s an d motels, and on air- the Cabana Fortress-prison here! the upcoming 4P*"*! ' cit >' elec " , im e passenger tickets. just before midnight Monday tlouft. ti)« BlOUielU Mj*lt U »A» "" st c iw'tf IH:/»U«» i>l tfAtiii hirumbeiiU) li»M- lor «-iimmi*sl..iifr l> " - t ». I Hep. tH»ii.»lilid Bill Hollowell of Orand j«a U> Itfi-iuae ill '^A*S pui.ii..' school te*cnsr» to t»k# tui oath they w'ueve in n prin Supi.-m,- B'-iii* ' He sa'd m-ir.-. .-!•:.)• -nts air i.. ' r 'K ^ubjeiie-d U> athei.>tic infl 7 if |J}« final tiUfl| d*«*. ences. ' i'o . It wa.s a'lnouucej toil.iy aO RaS U«; last Ot tl>« Uaee L,ni.eJ» ae»i.isuj &» Cut/*'* ipal war fruuinau to iifl*s of " > ':,.- M.I.I -|«MU, Snsa H! MI- i'Jipt Pedio Moiejim V*ide* executed earlier tBi< year. th* an.I Imeivi'iition Henderson jn'iint ed out thai if iimre Social Security legislation is passed, "by I960 we will bt- paving twice the taxes we do pay Don Bi'jman called for a Pio- gram of IMiiical Action which 1 p.m. re»pectivr|). J oil: could be sp«>n.soi ed bv the local ,|yaf». ii)lnl>ttT uf the Mary El- |< 'hamber. Sui h a pri^ram would U-ii *t Harvester Church of J be given in nine two hour sessions ClirUl, will »lieuk ut » J p.m.'and would be open lo 12-20 per-j l.ivefttwk Jiidginy Itauquft Ui sons One nuportanl a.sjvect of! lJ)e High School (>t!eU*rla. FII-' practical j»'.itu s \\ould be d i s-i tur» Furmer* will n-ceJve tiieir cussed at each nu-i-ting. I tttv»rd» at the banquet. ' Beaman used a flip chart to put i Tto* Top O" Ti'Jta* UJM! Siorib i aoroan these topics: the individual Plain* Hen-ford Breedero willjin politics, political party organ- hold Ui«4r banquet at 7:50 p.m. sization. political precincts, politi- Tuekday U> U)« FLr*l Methodist cal campaigns, problems of politi- OutLlica^u.cU In 1/wtilivS iJ»J 'Uic insuiince ronjp»a), O# t Oihtr rnemi/eis of tu* d<lcg<iuon (4. 'Icalt With (JUe>tiol!S liad been ; Jujjl«>r IJ\e»t^k and Hertford i aisp.t at the Anca.l* ,>[xa!"-ts| Salej will b« b«ld weie Bill and Bob I.emmons an,l k iBol> N£TH FEDERAL GERMAN REPUBLIC jornt Cz-CCn Huogonor Dgnubc R plont WELDING THE CURTAIN TIGHTER Gradually and quietly, the economies iet bl KJiii. in tuio|>c uic nu< tti« iciJustnal c-xitpMt of all C omniu- ms t countries with Kc^iiu's just -launched Sevrn Year Plan. The newsmap obove illustrates how the production of certain items u divided among East Germany, Po- land, Russia, Czechoslovakia and Bangui y Al'.o how members of the bloc are ics tabs produced, in some fields huvs been worked out der the watchful e>e of the USS.R, whose markets and molenoU th$ satellitt notions or* greatly dependent.

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