The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on November 27, 1975 · Page 15
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 15

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 27, 1975
Page 15
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Court turns down JJF phone request DEATHS and FUNERALS Mrs. Laura J. Hill Repeats trf th* Brmorla County United Fund for two additional phone* and an additional county-wide line from the county wan Service* for Mr*. l<aura J. Hill will lie held Friday al 2 not acted upon by Com- P "> «»»the takewwxl Funeral Chapel The Hev Ouaw tnUtioncrt Court Monday Wiy will ofnciate and burial will I* in Keslwood Commii»ioner Joe Cemetery Brigance, wtvo it in charge Mr*. Hill died Tuesday (Nov. 25. mat al Community Hospital ' Arrangements are by FrefporM-akewood Kimerat Home* Angleton to seek lifting of injunction THE BftAZOJPORT FACT* T, TBXAf, THU«OAY, KOVBMSf* », to se// something? Call 233-6351 county building main . iubmltted a M\tr from I'alrick Hawaiian, executive* director of the UK, to the court. Tb* letter rioted UK UK *b*rai its office »jwc« with Hrantria County Visiting Nur*n» AiMwrlatioo and lhat with inrrrsM-d ae tivily of the two ag«»ei«i prtskenl four phone* (wo county wick im*-* wttt laadftfuale The 4«MiUoft«l lm« and phones we*e ttWM-ited for the ttr* t'K otftcv in the ViJla Mot*) txui&ftg to ftctotnirtMtate additional ilaf» (.'timnUMionrr John Gaxle l"Jd <f* ftfuii >w- «*>)*«ttttl (o Mjppjying U* IrtVllltWUl phunr arrvicr Co«imi*tiofiff Hdi) Griffin commenirtl. ' If th#ir Ufcl^rt pmtillii ift er**»l.n# !>«• Ua.fl jl iJwuM Ir Ing rt*<«gh to i#t;vKl«- Parr appeal dismissed Shut- two p/xritx-1 SAN ANTONIO (A!') » An appeal o( the removal formef Duval Cowtly Arthw 1'arr frwn has |j«*n diunUMd routiwly by (he 4ih Court <rf Civil Aw*ab alter |»»rr fulled lo pursue Ihr mjttlrr Parr **» removed from olfttt March 44 by 229th iJuutct O>urt Jixige o I J <'*rrill« (ollowjntf I'arr'* conviction on federal pwjwry fluir^irs Camllo hinin-lf wa« litter »iiiiprtMt<-<J from erf her l'*rr ftouigJil to May In '^(H« inhik ti«r (XTjury tx*i\ iclKMi ami ihf f rmoval Lounge burglarized la:*} in rath x « i Four guns stolen Atllfl. f r Ui'l(.Uf;< (.•>' ' A! * f» J> m in f-.n- !hr !/•*: !•••.«» ->! Nuwi. U^cJ far • t/va! he (rxxx! on She . he Piggy bank stolen JACKSON Manor I '•fern •.*hxrl t,)j l-sk rvjrjH5 !ht r.Vc»c# *t-d ('«• fnxtlct «*« Sbr ctfifi fi!r<J rri»ch<r,r» had 'lie knirtgr al«^. u rrud r. 5 «h.: Marlinrs ioid f-cihce «<(w»rt !h»! 3K pack* til <.'ij{.Wrt;iri a ad WJ m cAUi »•»» miuinc ?rv*n th*( irtxttr^c niacJurw T>«*- juke M<"-:e;i in fhe rath f^si'et •<•*> fx»! (Jtker.. i:rnf».li?v|j !o !,*«• rt^«'if' The t n * • r- » ! s g a U o r. hat rn.!r> to a s I oc a ! Th/i Thonkig/v/ng eott $15.000 (he A)! Orv If*' Ihr j Un- Kvs! i>< ;hr t ctrlsr Ji(ii.<i •» ill tn- jl*:tit J!'> '*' 1 I'D! » * Oir ilsfd-frtu r if viHi a((«s! il F/rjf Thanktglvlng nutritional MM t S>. I'UIST WU <M'i Nutritiirt: ir.iikjni Asncrit Jis« -*auM U- fi»:ht ,i! h*>mr at.« Trunif^iMiit; f«•.>»! oi .wi vcjf* ,ig«i M>H I'rtW llr>r.nir Mcftorwibl ii< Ihi- fniMTkilv i>( \Ht»< - iwiinrt's S*f«Kil o< Mmnc K«'(Mii'tnir» \H ilh<»il ll»r l>ri\c(it d( lc»l.i> ',1 !*nrnllflc kjum h(*». iKir Aini'rtcAii stH-<-»tiif» MTMH! nicaU (hill prirt'iitwl v.uirl). tidUncr and a natural ahumliiiK c ul \iliiinms nnii iniiK-rals i4n' said T)M- Tli.iniks^nir^ foj*t rrf (776 l.islixl (or !hm" (ii\» m many honxiv »rw said It inrluital lw>h corn MHJJ>, rims! liirVr> with cU-slJiul «tu(finj,; nxiM Mickling |»>J, xfjjcliitiU^. (ncKIrs, ix^n*n (>at>tn<%. J«>))tuiy weak*-. caniiilixijK-. ptuklintf*. pira, fruits arut nut.s Mufflers stolen CLUTK Twomu/n«n. valued al I1SQ, were rcpflftwl stolen from Dir Oty Auto Sales, 902 S Highway 288, it 3:24 p in Wednesday Larry Linscomb reported ttw theft to ('lute police, who have the matter under investigation. Burglary reported DAMON liurglury of the Knnm-ifiic' here was reported to Hraioria County SlK-riff's Department ut 10:40 a.m. Tuesday. Investigating officers said an undetermined amount of money was missing from coin-operiili'd machines. pealed, but the court of appeals turned down Dial rajueU lust April Wednesday'* action by the court wns to turn down tlw appeal of the removal frwrn office Parr, tervini: ume in a federftf |>enitftiliary for jury, did i«M ac n), and it was ANGLETCJN - The City Council thin week instructed the city attorney to inquire Into the possibility of having an injunction lifted so a claim might be filed In hnnkniptryrfHirt ru'.ilnM a former leaw-*-, the Henfro ( .'urutrucUon (M A t«fmpt«-«ry restraining order was served the city- last Augtt&t in t*ehalf of the construction company, which is situated r«j a K> acre tract of the city's Tlw ordw Itad prevented thf city tlR-ri from k-a»ing Ww lam! lo o«e of ftxir tedder*, thf htg)>e*t of which came from the Seven Day Concrete Corporation (or $165,000 over a 20 year perio<l. After his lease with the city had expired la*t April, Cieve W ftenfro'K company had been forced Into involuntary bankruptcy by it* creditors, and prevented him from selling the equipment which was twill in the property City Attorney Dave Monnen ftu^Ki'slPd the council might first try to work out the .situation directly with the firm reprejMtiting Henfro, and fcave the expenMr of hiring a bankruptcy lawyer "Cwildn'i we)u»t file our claim for th* rent 'n-'-<-mtv lost on the property since the restraining order wan (swved) and then find out what's involved with the stay order 1 "' Councilman M I,. "Hank" Fulbright asked, Bomwi said the stay order would probably have to be lifted before a claim could be filed He expected a conference to settle the creditors claims to b«? w?t in January Fulbright made a motion authorizing the attorney to file a claim for whatever money would lx> due the city from the Renfro company The council voted unanimous approval REMEMBER DAD FOR CHRISTMAS! THE LARGEST SELECTION OF THE FINEST BRIAR, MEERSCHAUM & PIPE ACCESSORIES SOUTH OF HOUSTON. THE FINEST IN IMPORTED TABACCOS THE BRIAR SHOP DOWNTOWN I.AKK JAO05ON ' 'I.Of ATKOIN I.AKK JACKSON FI.OWKH A GIFT SHOP) 2J7-3Z13 SPECIAL GROUP STOCKING STUFFER TOYS 10' MEN'S WESTERN BOOTS Mi;.s WORK SHOES SPECIAL GROUPS FAMOUS NAME LADIES SPORTSWEAR WAU f S HAS GIRS FOR EVERY ONE OPEN 9-8 MON THRU 20% Down Holds Your Lay-A-Way Till Xmas IRONSON BUTANE I LIGHTERS r« I PROJECTOR • •* #B C. ; 69 99 BATCHES $099 : 9 J ll" [WATCHES >c ?•« n HIKSTO ICE CHEST MOI.IIS ; six $^77 Ul MiliM'IIOSK \MI'|.» IKK 4 < < II \NNKI. >. TK \( K TM'K 1'I.AVKH ^ Ill-it OtiKU -•IV «* \ \|.. l M)KS|I,S . \KKIO \v *> STI-; 50 °° \v i**«t t * ' 1 I t-» * A. t * GIFT SET $C99 &!«», ,„ > * N1 ' M SMITH < OHON \ l>t,SK ( M< n.Mol > ' < « • i i SMJIN II MH DRYER KM, IS fi $ LAMP BASES X HII.I.KI A MAS^ ' KKf, TO $ T1IK ISrilMI' \lt\HI.K PFAFF SEWING MACHINE t ONMDKHKII HV M ANV TO HK T1IK HS|-x SUMIM; MM MINK i\ TIIK woiu.n t Mn|)fJ> Til I IKX^K 5 M\SV UITII KKVT1KKS HH \|i ON SO (ITilKIt BU \M) (If M U HINK J J 4 J 00 UK, i::»oo. i;w« ' . 1 COW 1DZ XMAS JEWELRY \ \l. TU 1 <* \l I. S MUVS f\MIK s S SWEATER VEST M \i w.\i MEN'S DRESS & SPORT SHIRTS U I « I t U 4 . i • Atllxetin /' ID 00 I'lt'A, ««OV' MEN'S LEATHER COATS !(t * to H «n i« r, '37' MEN'S COATS MADE TO SELL FOR UP TO '55* 3S-46 ALSO TALL SIZES WALL'S TO '20* MEN'S LEISURE SUITS MX »a<| HI ISK 11 till MEN'S TIES VAiUtt '« U W J144 1 SOCKS 2/4 00 TURTLENECK » i«tiart io*& vns f. Mi *i MAIL t I H VESTS $129 1 T1IK>K AHK OM V \ of M M I -S K\Kfn U»V\. toW I'KK 49' C UK^VJ JU.I.IKx i oil \St.K . !.» 11C. '** 59' «»U'K OIL C"O< <0<t HMSINS. : 10 «tO !»•! 39 { 01 [» »• ANillHN 49' HI niii.i- HMII 89' \ n«l &tO« 2 COW"* CHID A CX>0 HHKI'l \( I MEN'S SWEATERS I O<,S $159 1 ! I'INT t ASSIM, J\H.s I DO/ 99' TO TIIK MOON HOOK WITH Tivt i.ift in H .» COCOtUT IIA.NMM. H \SKKTS « I C<XO»UM SEO I " VKI.VK.T I'lCTlKK". ! 11 'A R ( O 41 $044 12 O/. A\(l( MVO TUMBLERS 10 nm$ l UhCLC IEHS Hll K & dU\\ • «.•> »to m 3/ s l SVl.AI) IIHKSSINl. "OJCil. B(O Me 79' Ml \ Ml Ks lo llutw SIIOlM'INd osi ^ :i MOHK \\S 111 \M\> \M\S DOOR RINGERS 69* I.IVNT XMAS ll\<;s ftnff.ii fQtt mtiir OOO SMJ.PC 0 OIF Ti IADIES KNEE HI HOSE LADIES' PANTY HOSE f LADIES' COATS »»LO* «Ull»0 lllli IMI GIRLS TIU MH THIMiS 3 KA("Kl» tKlt.l. HV ItlKM „„ v »i 99' BARBIE TEA PARTY SET Bl.l K DKMM RAG DOLL $049 UH(,K PANDA <H 'netH «K» mi. mo HIM TEDDY BEARS .MI I.TI C-OI.OHK.D 99' *ooo» DOU.S M(«Qi or tvi • JVOlUIIOH DOLLS 1 Ol»* OOIK BHKVKIt \NI\I\I ( HK\Tlt)\S HORSE FIGURES • Hi II H 10 i n v*i TVl'O HO (il A(.K TRAIN ACC. TK.ACK •mtlt /X '" JC02 Hlll.DINdS v MKl'IIAMCAI. HHI.DIM.S MKl'UAMfAl. fAKS VAl.l'KS KHO.M '1.29 to U2.00 59' GARLAND CliUi I n .AL GREAT BUYS ON XMAS DECORATIONS XMAS CARDS $119 XMAS ORNAMENTS lU.lK. KKU. (iOI I). SI1.VKK tiKKKN A M1XKH I«)X OK U MKH i B*l.\ OK ii ,MKI). I tut\ OK s i..\m,K. IBOX OK li I.AKUK. 59' U.09 79' 99' HJtr t COT ION Hilt I tO K BOYS SHIRTS »MO«T » LOMB UllVIt ' »"VKAMIl) 1 NBKKAKABt.K. REE ORNAMENTS BOX OK 16 \\-KN VKMH'KS II.IW \ Al. 391 XMAS CARDS »ox or u OEIUXE R CA«OS A t 49' XMAS CARDS BOX OK U I.AHUK CAHUS »l M VAl.. 59' XMAS WRAP PKG of » IOIAL »l u 791

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