The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois on July 10, 1914 · Page 4
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The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois · Page 4

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, July 10, 1914
Page 4
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Pace foot T H E D E C A T U R R E V I E W Friday Evening, July 10,1914. 1 Danville Beaten by Hard Hitters, 8 to 2. SEVEN IN ONE INNING of alammtng the ball, he will soon overtake Gurtz, the Bloomlngton man who holds the official lead ot the le**ue. and not only that, he will, pujl far away from those below him. Fans wlio saw him in action Thursday were not surprised to read In The Review after the same of hie belne practical;y the league leader. Danville hit in hard luck Thursday. Of the four put outs credited to Biltz, three were -fter mitrhty hard runs, ana in every instance undoubtedly Utpt runs from scoring Scherer and Biltz Star Outer Garden. in Hard h i t t i n g on-1 brilliant fielding behind Ollie Klrmaer set him up to a n o t h e r v i c t o r y Thursday, in which lie i, rrcdltert with 1 olding Billy Neal und hl= F.'i-rvhoaters to five slams. The ' m i l . » ' i n t wa* · to - '°r the f on nmilnrc cnng and seven ol these r u n s t!,c ir.i-.v-. pickled away in tho f i f t h fr,imp I ' u t - i d e " f t t n t inning w i t h 'l.i "\c.Tt'on of one run in the s. i "nil. the Cnmmlfx weren t able to el" any t a l l y i n c SCHERER AND BILTZ. oiiie nn th- mound » a ? n t Quite the puzzle f n r t h a t he was last { . t u r r U v . but Neat's K ns used pool i i r " c m ' i i t . Ttif\ wailopert the hall ihin! . n i l often v i t h '-l«an roaoundlng ST i.-ks hut the ball "Tit somewhere w i t h i n a mllo nf Hcima Blitz 01 ;· h f r e r n n d Hie i c s u i t w a s t'mse field-, n , ,,ie 100 a i d dashes, gratbeft all h i M i s '·' hard one", and received .5P« iirh ipp'Ti^' 1 riunncr th« gamo to rlronn "it -t M n i l t o m n m e n t V good *i Mirp'.-M n t t e r n o u n · rowd witnessed ti t c o m l a t n d the general result was jinnie r n i s " t v happ tars The score. And of the three put outs credited to Scherer, all ware mighty hard chances, two ot them from Manager Seal's bat. "Zlggy" took one of these down far exit on the foul line, the next I c'ose tn behind Manda and the next' almost to the fence. At one time, he end Blitz both made a desperate effort for the hall and the two almost rame together right at the fence. Scherer let Blitz take It, ana the Dutchman pulled it down on the tips oc his fingers. Klrmayer's triple went far past the fence in left center, but Devoy is a fleet-foots! fielder and got the hall n time to hold Ollie at third It looked rather dark for the Commodores in the fourth when with a man on third and one on first and none down, they could not score. All of "Danville's errors went to their enter fielder who played a very ama- mirish game as far as catching anything was concerned. He dropped two risht in his mitts.,- Th« official averages also show H'lnl* Blitz to have scored more runs than any v other player in the league, tnat he has had more put outs to his credit, and is also tied for high hon- rs on two-baggers Eh oot scores and some of th« other high scores follow: TEAM SCORES. Bloomlngton--Crothers, 22; L- W. Stubblefield, 23; D. Rollins, 23; James Gray, 22; G. R. Kelly, 22. Total, 112. Decalur--Roy Moore. 24; G. Bobbins, 21; G. Camp, 22; D. Armstrong, 20; Roy Wilson, 18. Total, 105, Mt. Pulaski--Ey, 23; Anderson, 21; Homer, 21. Buckles, 20; Mayer, IS. Total. 102. Lincoln--A. Rimmerman, 21; R Rin- roerman, 1«; J. 'Wofel, 21, Reams, 22; Ronlson, 22. Total, 102.' Jacksonville--Robertson, 21, Knowl- enburs, 20; Seymore, 19. Total, 60. Springfield--Connor, 20 .McCarthy, 19. Total, 39. INDIVIDUAL. Roy Moore, Decatur H W. Cadwallader Decatur Eobertson, Jacksonville Head, Kansas City '... Huntley Amman Fetone Rambo Connors Springfield .. Holtz, Mt Pulaski Rimmei man Robiaon, Peoria ....... Ballou, Chicago Lewis, A u b u r n 142 .141 .140 .140 .139 .189 .139 .138 .132 .180 .130 .130 130 Crum. C. Baien Hlu--Off Crlpe. 8; o f f ' Bedmon, 0; off Ellison. 5. Bases on balls-Off Klllson. I: ott Redmon, 0; off Crlpe. 1. j Struck out--By Reflmon, 2; by Ellison, 4, by Crlpe, 9. STAB PLATS Som« of the features of the gam« were the three bas« hits mado by Crum and Crlpe, and the long run and catch by Crum £npe struck out nine menj Redmon and Allison uruck out six MANY PRIZES AWARDED. After the game a boosters' meet was held with prizes awarded as follows: Fastest time running from home to first base--First prize, one dozen collars, Dr. Ammann; second prize, $1.25 pocket knife, Bowyer, Argenta. Fastest time running from home to second base--First prize, safety cross cut razor, Perkins, Argenta; second prize, 51 SO ball bat, Harris Fastest time running f i o m home to third base--first prize, {1.50 Arrow shirt, Hurt, Kenney; second prize, $1 box fancy groceries, Allison Best time made In circling bases-first prize, one box Wedding Ring cigars, Wray Cramer; second prize, $1 tie clasp, Majors. Argenta. Longest throw--First prlze^plpe and case, Trox.ell, Argenta. second prize, Ed Luckenblll Longest throw by lady (25 contestants)--first prize, $2 50 hammock, Tina Fenton. second prize, Miss Whlttaker Fungo hitting--first .prize, box W h i t e Ash cigars, B Bolen, second prize, silk tie and silk stockings, John Jump Fifty yard ctash for boys under eighteen years--$1 casn, Lorraine Foster, Kenney. BAND CONCERT. The weekly band concert was also given Thursday evening The free "movies ' were again featured and Maroa had one of its largest crowds per Clubs-- Da^pnport . Peoria Springfield . Decatur .... Dubuque .. Qulnc\ Blnomington D a m i l l e ... PROGRESS OF PENNANT RACES THBEE-I "O" TABLE. Won. L6»t. Pet. Win. Lose .645 .579 .575 .347 500 .484 .3T8 .34" .849 .5*4 .581 507 442 382 .335 .630 .571 568 .·538 .433 .420 .368 .342 GAMES SATURDAY. Bloomlngton at Dubuque. Danville at Decatur. Peorls, at Davenport Quinc? ataprlngfleia. THCRSDAY'S KE6CLT8. Dubuque. ft-ll-lr Bloomlngton. 1-8-3 Batteries -- Lamllne and Hammerschmidt; Bluejacket and Keupner. - . . ,, , . ,, . Peoria, 6-14-.") Davenport, 5-12-0. Bat- rtcE-- limmerman ana Yelle, Barnes and MAJOR LEAGUES. Clubs-P h i l a d e l p h i a D e t r n l t Y\ aehlngton Pt Louis .. Bofton Xen York . L^e'and .. Clubs-- Xeu York .. Chicago . .. Bt Lo'jIB C i n c i n n a t i P h i l a d e l p l i i a B r o c t k K n n t t ' l 1.1 gh American. Won 44 44 41 40 41 81 atlonft Won 41 4ft Lost 31 35 m 35 3« 38 44 48 Lost. 28 34 38 .17 35 Pet .587 .557 .554 .533 .532 508 .371 342 Pet .894 .Ml .520 403 .436 .471 404 .429 Clubs- Chicago .... Indianapolis Buffalo Baltimore .. Brooklyn ... Kansas City Pittsburgh . St. Louis ... Federal Won. 43 as 30 35 S3 84 2!) BL Lee*. 34 33 41 Pet. .90(1 .851 .945 .507 .300 .453 .42* .419 GAMC8 FRIDAY. XtUonal. Botton ttt Chicago. Philadelphia at Pittsburgh. New York at St. tools Brooklyn at Cincinnati. American. Chicago at Boston. St. Louis at Washington, Detroit at Philadelphia Cleveland »t New York Baltimore at Brooklyn _ Pittsburgh at ButUlo. MAJOR LEAGUE BEgULTg. American. _. . St. Louis. 1-S-O; Washington, 0-8-1 Bat* terles--Hamilton and Agnew, Shaw, Entei and Henry Chicago, 3-T-2: Boston, 2-7-2. Batteries-- Clcotte and Schalk; R. Collins, Bedl«nt «n4 Carrigan and ThomSf New York. 7-9-?,, Cleveland, *-S~l Bat- teries--Pleh. McHale and Nunamaker. Gregg Morton and o Xcill Second game- New York, 3-8-1, Cleieland, 3-10-3 (10 Innlngi, called on account of darknels) Batteries-Keating and Sweeney; steen «nd Bassler. Detroit, S-8-0 Philadelphia. 3-8-3 Bat- terlei--Covaleskis and stanage. Shawkey. Bressler and Schang Second game Detroit. 3-13-3. Philadelphia. 3-6-2 Batteries --Dubuc and D Baker; TVyckoff, J. Bush anft Lapp and Schang National. St Louis, S-10-1, New York. 4-12-3 CJ3 In- nlngi). Batteries--Perdue, Salle* and Wingo and Bnvder: O Connor. Tesreau, Marquard and Movers and McLean Brooklyn. 6-8-1, Cincinnati, 5-10-2. Bat- terlei--Reulbich, Allen, pfelter an4 Mccarty; Douglass, Tingling", Ro^an and Philadelphia, 1-6-0; Pittsburgh, 0-5-1. Batterlel--Tlncup and K i l l l f e r ; McQuillan, Cooper and Olbson ana Coteman Boston. 8-7-1 · Chicago, I-«-2. Balterlet-- James and G n u d * Vaughn anfl Breanahan Ftdcml. Kansas City. *-8-0; St Louis. 0-4-4. _ - · · · «n4 Saittrly; D«»Mi»ert, ·au ler.oB--Li^uvii KIIU ·»·· Keupper ana Chapmnn. Brooklyn. 5-10-0; B»ltlmor«.S-»-l. Bat- teries--Flnnuan and O»«n«; wllheln , ,1 TM. In«ianioolli, , Battirm--fUndrlx ana *-«-0 (11 Wilsons __ |in and Rusiell. Chicago, 4-10-5; Innings) Battirl_ -- Kalserling and Rariden Euftalo* 2-7-1. Pittsburgh. l-T-2. Batteries--Ford and Blair: Camnltx and Berry* Onn Weil*'* !Uc*r«. Waco, Tex.. July 10.--The Austin club of the T«na« l«agu«, defeated by 11 to 5 here Thursday by Waco, estab. llshed what Is b«li«vtd to be a n«w record of twenty-seven «ons«cutlv« de« feats. Louisvill* of the American ···ocia- tion lost twenty-sli ttralgbt camti la U89. ALLENVILLE. Dr. t. O. A«am« was a builnia vial tor la "David 6f««?t y -waa in Sullivan Monday Ray gpaugh visited at Oayl from 8ltu« day till Monday. . · . , . . i Charles Ryan has returned to hli home In Walloon after a visit with. Forrestt Melieni fivlvan B«ar has r«turn*4 to hii hom« at Bearsdale. after a visit with 8 B. Shlresr aI Mri a H! I k w«rnsln» r«tufn»4 horn. TMM day from a visit with h»f daughMr. »fr§. R ° J 5f« C ,rR°u'o y " .n U d rb SraV. llltek.ll .« «J, flngharn. are visiting thtlr stst«r. Mri. 3, T Ml?.* r ay. Young will t.ach t»« wlnte. M !S V n d M r ? Tneodori'siVder l.d MMh ter Elva, and Mlfs Irma Tahor were caller* at Terre Haut«, int.. TUMday. The East Xelson township Sunaajr school convention will b« hi Id at th« Cel» Baptut 0h Mr. h lrnest 19 G,ov,r and .on Martin, «f Mattoon Usited relative her* thll wwk. Mrs Miry Boyer u on tho lick UM. Rev 1 6 Haverdeld will twaen at th« Methodist church Sunday morning Mr* Claude Winchester Is vis tin* h«J mrents. Mr and Mrs. Robert Hill of nea* \ b R H P O. 1 I m s e j n L'.nch · . il Brian K i r m a ° ' D A ^ ^ 1 L L K -- !"" c-v ( iMon V. ill! · V I l-o. i- ili-J. ('· n i.-tf 5 : 11 o o ; o f i ft n h Sarnf lee f U* V h i t s - -- K i n n a \ « r Faik. 1 1 I -nr '· -NOTES OF THE G4ME. If Du£Sin keep* "P his present clip LDGUL Gil! Argenta Wins, 5 to 3-Many Prizes Awarded. Maroa, J u l y 10--The Maroa Commercial clu'b s first game of the season was played w i t h the Argenta nine Thursday lUuch was Maroa booster day. Thp. i esult was 5 to 3 in favor of the visiting team. The local boys had only practiced Once or twice, on Monday and Tuesday, and there will be a change made in the lineup before the next game which will probably be played Tnursday with "Weldon. The grounds at Nowlm's pasture were in good shape Thursday and a large crowd witnessed the game. TO PLAT ARGENTA AGAIN' A game has been scheduled with the Argenta team for fra-ternal day to be celebrated there Aug. 22. ARGENTA-- A B "h 4 Roy Moore is HigH Marks man of Forty-two. Decatur ranked high among the shooters at the second day ot the lo- ral sun club's tournament Thursday Roy Moore o£ Decatur, an amateur, was high gun among the f o i t j - t w o shooters, breaking 142 birds out at 150 shot at Cadwallader. local professional, was second with 141 broken. In the team shoot, Decatur ranked second, breaking- 105 out of a possible 125 Bloomington was first in that, breaking 113 out of 125. The team Mail Order Price List Jos. Eck Bro., 120 N. Sixth St., Springfield, 111. Wholesale and Retail Liquor Dealers. WE MAKE A SPECIALTY OF MAIL ORDERS BOTTLED IN BOND GOODS Spring Brook. 4 full quarts *3.20 Sargamo Club, 4 full quarts Old Elk. 4 full quarts **·** SUNNY BROOK. 4 full quarts - - |4.^5 Sam Thompson, 4 full quarts, Pennsylvania Rye $4.50 STRAIGHT WHISKEY IN BULK Sam Thompson, pure Pennsylvania rye, 6 Summers old $4.00 Mellwood, 4 years old, per gallon |3.00; 2 gallons $5.50 Nelson, 5 years old, per gallon $3.00; 2 gallons $5.60 Mellwood, 6 years old |3.5 SUNNY BROOK, 4 years old »*·« Old Grand Dad, 6 years old ^-5 Old Elk, 6 years old '. f *·« Old Crow, 8 years old - ·.......... · · ·-55.00 We are agents for the Crown Brewing.Co., Cincinnati Bottled Beer. 10 dozen small bottles, packed in barrel $8.50 Rebate of $2.25 for 10 dozen empties returned. Express Prepaid on all Whiskey orders for $3.00 or more. Joseph Eck Brother 120 N. Sixth St. Springfield, 111. Established 1875. Orders shipped same day received. Totals MAROA-Redmon, 3b,, p -Tiller. Ib R Bolen, ss Ammann, cl C Bolen. If Uowman 2b Crurn cf . Harris. cC, Ellison Bonham 2. Walker. 2 A $6 Pair of ·mjr 1T»¥ bummer's too hot to worry over money matters. It IV Eillr you have a small debt that is crowding you. let us at- ~~r~, tend to it. We will loan you on your piano, furniture. f * f t | » I team, trafions. etc.. without removal, making your pay- V^VrV/irf merits any size to suit your income, either weekly or monthly. If ;,ou owe any other loan firm or furniture itore. we will advance you the money to pay them and give you more money it needed. YOUR VACATION TIME is here and perhaps you will need money for a trip. If so call and see us. Remember, we give a liberal rebate on all loans paid before due. ' ' We make loans in all parts of the city and all surrounding towns. Majl or phone applications receive prompt attention. Rooms 7-8 Conklin Bldf. 144 N. Main St. Bell Phone 2041. Auto 1595. Open Saturday Eveningi. LOAN COMPANY with every suit made to your measure at our one, never changing price-$18. We make this remarkable inducement in order to keep our workshops going on full time during the dull period. It is, without question, the best tailoring proposition in town. Every fabric in the house is included and the pants may be selected to match the suit or in a different pattern. The Old Reliable. "One-Price" Tailors. 152 East Main St. D. E. Warren, Manager. $1 DELPARK pure 50c MAN DECATUR ILLINOIS 35c DELPARK fibre silk tub ties The Suits We Offer You In This uinmer Clearance -are identically the same that we've been selling here all season--the same style elegance, the same high character of materials and tailoring--the same splendid patterns with the exception of blues andblacks. STRAW HATS PRICE $22 $15 ZL ··!··· · · · * " · · · · · · * · · · · · n ·· 1C · »».t*" i · I S B I I K I I S S S I S I S S I iillllllltlflKl lllllllllllllll! I:;;;:;::::::::: '^······StBSBIl I M I I S I I I I I I I I ' l l l l l l l l l l l l l The Boys' Wool Suits We're Clearing Them Too Y OUR boy's need for a dependable wool suit won't be many weeks behind this opportunity to buy one at a noteworthy reduction. These" are the finest boys' clothes made; Norfolk and double breasted styles with knicker trousers; attractive fancy patterns; sizes, 6 to 8 years. No rag-tag antiques or garments of uncertain origin, but the finest clothes in land. Nothing different about them except the prices and they have been liberally reduced. That's why men who insist on clothes of refinement and GUARANTEED quality are taking advantage of this dollar saving opportunity. You ought to be among them TOMORROW, SUITS for men and young men are now. SUITS for men and young men are now.... SUITS for men and young men are now...-. SUITS for men and young men are now-SUITS for men and young men are now.... SUITS for men and young men are now...... SUITS for men and young men are now.... SUITS for men young men are now Boys' Manhattan Wash Suits Are Seldom So Radically Reduced E VERY wash suit in the store carries a clearance price, and when you consider that they also carry the MANHATTAN label and the KAUFMAN GUARANTEE you'll recognize this as an opportunity nothing short of extraordinary- Excellent assortments of the favored styles--. all sizes, 2V£ to 8 years. B OYS' WASH SUITS that were $1.50 ;£-! A A choice now «PJ-»\JV B OYS'WASH SUITS that were $2.00; are now ....... |OYS' WASH SUITS that were $2.50 ;j»1 CA choice now .... «JJ A««/" »OYS' WASH SUITS that were 13.00; choice now ......' lEWSPAPERr VSPAPERI

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