Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on February 15, 1888 · Page 3
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 3

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 15, 1888
Page 3
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.M !', _!', V 0 0 n e A c3- •H 00 0 ' •n o o ' 0 •W fl 3 A Vl 0 4) A E venmg Gazette. adii. Price TWO CKNTK. WKDNKSDAY. FKB. IS, I " o Q 0 •M h IIRKVITIKM. — Abbott's orchestra pave a very pleasant dauce in O. A K. hall last nijjht, which wna well attended. — Mr. W. 15. Price, of Hock Fnlis, sola a house and lot on 8th street to Michael Kelly, of Harmon, yesterday. —Mr. Fayette Dyer lias purchased the W. N. Harrison property on 4th street: a very pretty and attractive residence —' Wednesday; the season of lent hai now begun. The eating of meat will go into disuse for seven weeks and a day. —The Chicapo papers again speak of the bill for a 8100,000 building at Sterling, referring to it and some others as being listed. —Sterling has a dramatic club and there is some talk of its giving a public entertainment before many months shall have passed. —This issue closes the sixth year of the EVENING GAZETTE; tomorrow, six yeare ago (February 10, 1882) the first copy of it was printed. —Another very beautif nl day, which beginning very cold warmed up graciously as the sun climbed to the zenith and held on pleasant after it began its western march and indeed until this writing, 3-.15 p.m. —Married yesterday at Clinton. IH., Mr. John Boyers to MlssEOie M. Stull. both of Sterling. They leave at 1:40 this afternoon for a visit to Chicago. —Give a man confidence in himself and his success in life is fairly .assured. It is the same with a community. That confidence is growing constantly here at Sterling. —If all the rye and oats and corn raised in this region might be ground up as all the wheat is, it wo'uld be a wonderful contribution to the wealth of our section. |; . —The funeral services over the late Mrs. Buelah Giddlnes will take place at the residence of her son, Mr. H. P. Glddlngs tomorrow, Thursday afternoon, beginning at 8 o'clock, her pa»- tor, Kev. Martin Post, officiating. —Miss Kate Ulm, of Jordan, was "surprised" by a sleighing party last night. The pleasures of the drive and the warmth-of their reception made the trip one long to be remembered. —A large number of witnesses were called to Morrison this, afternoon in the Hubbard vs. 0. B. & Q. railroad case, which comes up Immediately after the Bohemian oats case, which is now on hearing, Is disposed of. —A Swede, named John Weedin, is laid up in bed by a strain to one of his legs, while endeavoring to raise a mule which had fallen while hauling bran form Sterling t'o Mr. Sanborn's farm in Jordan. While he was aiding the fallen mule its mate started up, which resulted in Wesdin's hurt, as stated. —Regular meeting to-night in the Council Room in the interest pf the UpporDam project. It is desired that there be a lull attendance, as the committee has report to make. The committee has done a large amount of work, and it looks to encouraging beneficial results from these meetings. —The flouring mill of Fette & Goshert, at Havana, this State, of which Reuben Reigle, formerly of Sterling, was foreman, was burned to the ground last Friday night. Mr. Reigle has not yet decided wehther he will remain, there, or accept one of two offers that have already been^ made to him to take charge of other mills. —Mr. John A. Page and Mr. E. G. Church, representing the paper mills of Sterling and Rock Falls, respectively, are in Chicago in attendance upon the meeting of the Western Wrapping Paper Association, It is prqbable that the association will make an advajiie of one-fourth of'a cant upon the product. 4f. ' —The open winter and ground hog prophets are now poking out their heads a bit and predict a late' Spring and short crops. One of them caught hold of as this morning and offered to give us a dozen unfailing signs that it would so be; but as he stopped us one day and predicted open winter and another day and said the ground hog would settle the matter, we excused ourself and hurried on. —Justices of tho pPFi'-s should be 33 careful in taking sureties on bail bonds ns a bunker in taking signers on a note. "Straw bail" only serves to degrade •luw ia the eyes of the lawless and thug tends to increase lawlessness. —The unusually splendid weather of the pnst two months has resulted in the coming of farmers' to Sterling from longer distances than usual, und the reasonable prices of goods have advertised our merchants most fav- vorably. —Lord, Owen & Co., of Chicago, say that Devlin & Co., ordered wood alcohol of tliem and it was the wood alcohol which they shipped to those parties at Pine Creek, and that caused tbe death, of Myers and illness of others. They add that Devlin & Co., refuse to set them right in the matter. More light shows greater need for investigation and punishment. If Devlin & i.'o., are selling pure and good goods, why refuse to exonerate Lord, Owen & Co? There Is chance for punishment of the guilty parties, as Lord, Owen & Co, will demand it in their own defense. — A gain we must decline We cannot suffer criticisms to bo nude upon the utterances of clergymen in their pulpits, unless what they say is published in the columns of some newspaper. While the church is in some sense a public place, in that air may attend who desire to do so, at the same time there is no compulsory attendance, and one is privileged to leave when the words of the preacher do not please him. Further, there is not one man In an hundred who can repeat word for word what is said, and there is danger of misrepresenting; and finally, the newspaper Is in no sense a judge of what should or what should not be discussed In the pulpit. That is a matter that pertains to the preacher, who is in turn amenable to the official of his church. —An actual occurrence at Sterling within the past'week. N&mes suppressed for feeling's 'Bake. Voung man calls at house of young lady. She darts into pantry-closet as young man enters the room without waiting to be asked by her mother who has opened the door. Young man sits for two mortal hours, to mama's Infinite worry. Finally I'.aks if the young lady is home. Mama answers, No. "Will she be soon?" Mama cannot say. Young man concludes to wait a little longer, anyway. He finally leaves at ten thirty, and the young lady comes out of the dark, cold little pantry, nearly fro/en and with stock of anger to last a month. As the only outlet to the pantry was into the room where the young man was, she couldn't come out without making her presence known. The cruelest part of the affair is that the young lady declares tho dark and cold pantry was infinitely preferable to his company. —The Wednesday Club should certainly feel gratified at the very large audience which gathered la the Academy last night to witness their presentation of the opera of The Chimes of Normandy, It was the largest that has assembled there at any entertainment this winter. The Wednesday Club is a filed institution of this city and last night's work is one which, following the successful presentation of the Mikado insures for the. Club full houses in the future. A long experience teaches us that people's criticisms of amateur preformances are biased necessarily to some extent by the esteem in which they hold the several actor*. At) proof of it today we interviewed or caused to be interviewed some fifty who were present, and while criticism was favorable and pleasing, some gave the palm, of best work to this one and some to that, and some to others. Knowledge absolute that we cannot, therefore criticise individual acting in manner to be endorsed by a majority, even, of those present, we refrain, but add that it ia for that reason solely. The parts throughout were well sustained and reflect credit'upon — Let US help f.-,ir"."-h-.": priors ought to PuptT- -* t ought to be curried fv;t. ought to be a grand one of Sterling. N'PW rnter- i'rnf.flves and The year vs n 'he history for plans kinds of tf tM<*rllDg Hoomlur Call on P. T. VanHornn and speciucatlons for all buildings and cut of same. See the new ad of N. Carpenter & Co. tf ____ You can see a splendid lot of spring styles of woolens of latest designs at Jacob Eisele's. They are regular beauties and no mistake. Be measured for a stylish suit at moderate prices. 3 e of Bnwlness. I would respectfully announce to my numerous friends ftud customers {hat I have transferred my entire interest in all merchandise m which I have been dealing to Mrs. T. W. It. Stambaugh, who will continue the Wall Paper and Window Shade trade at the old stand. For past patronage and favors I return thanks. In behalf of Mrs. Stambaugh would solicit a continuance of your trade. Yours, Respectfully,. 1 Jos W. R. STAMBAUOH. I<otK lorHnle. I will offer for a few days my remaining 4 lots in Park Place at a bargain as 1 want to dispose of them. Call on GEO. W. .CHAMBKRLIN and learn terms and prices. C. GOSHEKT. ,, Htandnrd. The best sewing machine made. No stop and start to shuttle while sewing, but one continuous circular motion. It will make three stitches as often as other machines make two. 2500 stitches per minute. Runs still and easy. Call and see it at L. L. Johnson's 308 The good templars will meet on Wednesday night Feb. 15 at half past 7 o'clock at A.'O. U. W. null over Oliver's drug store to complete their organization. • Slew Rating Ilonne. S. Mann has started a new eating house at No. 300 1st avenue. Meals served at (vll hours, at reasonable rates. ___ 8 KnlBhtn, Attention I Work in 1st, 2d and 3d rank. Grand C. C. of Illinois Jurisdiction is expected. All Knights are requested to be present. By order L. G. SPIES, C. C. You can have made at Jacob Eisele's a fine fitting spring suit from his just received latest spring styles of woolens of all designs. A big stock to choose from. Call at once. i! THE CHILD RECOVERED;—My little girl, aged seven yeai s, was afflicted with a severe cough and cold. She could not sleep but coughed almost Incessantly. I was induced by a friend to try Chamberlain's Cough Remedy and was astonished at the immediate relief it gave her and the cure it produced. I would not be without it in the house for any price. I have tried many remedies for coughs and colds, but this is superior to anything I have ever tried. Prof. J. M. MEHAN, Capitol City Commercial College, DOS Molues, Iowa Sold by Strlckler & Boorse. tf A large stock of watches, clocks and silverware at Clark Giddings & Co's. Also (bey do fine watch repairing... tf Attention! W. B, H.. of P. Will meet at their.Castle Hall for business. No drDl tonight. By' command J. W. R. STAMBATJGU, Commander. Try St. Patrick's Pills and compare their effect with any other Kind made. They contain thn good properties of tho older pr'eparatiou in tbe market combined with th« most valuable medicines discovered In modern times. As a cathartic and liver pill, St. Patrick's are perfection. Sold by Strickler & Boorse. tf The Drummer Boy of Shiloh, Feb. 21. tf More substantial benefit can be obtained from a 60 cent bottle of Dr. B!glow's Positive Cure than a dollar bottle of any other cough remedy. It Is a prompt, safe;and pleasant cure for all throat and lung troubles. For sale by O. A. Oliver. PEOPLE'S COLUMN, «crt throe linen In this col--"K| unm one time for 10 eonta, or lor 40 cents ft week. Earn additional line will be 6 cents a nlnilo Insertion, or ID cents B week. FOR BALK. 1 'HHKK flue colts,—one 8hackelford, one full brother to Newton's trotter, and one Cleveland bay. Enquire of Jicob Elsele, Jr. > New Addition to Kant Hock Falls. LOTS for snle lit a great reduction and on easy-terms. These lots are 63 by 178 feet. Now Is the time to buy. Apply to W. N. . . Haskcll & Co , Exclusive Agents. . |tl T auction, on the W. H. Whlpple farm, on tho 2l»t of February, at noon ; cuttle, horso«, , tools, wagons, and bugles. 3* . hackberry and ash, for sale. 1, dellwred. Leave orders at Frank Cot hran's, or Helen Si Detweller'n, or Kcuben Hamsdell's- 2* C ORD wood. _. _ J4.00 a cord, dellwred. G OOD light bob-sled *nd Enquire at this office a democrat waron. tf A LE Brewery and fixtures for sale. Oeorge K. Kogers, Sterling, Ills. Address, tf KOU JIK.XT. WO dwelling houses: will be vacant March 1. A Apply to J! A UeGroff. 3 R H-IDENCK of K. W. Kdson and tho store room under Purwcll Hall. McCuno. Apply to J. A. D ON'T sleco out of doors when you can get a comfortable house for Irom six to seven dollars per munlh, of F. B. Uubbard. tf O FFICES for rent In Bell block, being desirable, and finished In elegant Shape. Apply to J. K. Bell Si Bon. tf WAKTKD. A SUITE of rooms on ground floor r by an el- derl lady. Apply fnr particulars to Mn.J. W. B. Htambaugh, No. 213 1st ave., titerllng. 3 BOYS!! A POINTER FOR THE SKATES! SKATES! SKATES! CUTLERY, GUTJL.EH-Y, HARDWARE & STOVES, At my new store on Third street, opposite Jacob Elsie's Merchant Tuilorlag establishment. 0 * 0 d. « A —The question of an upper dam is not presented at great length each day because we 'have presented it from every conceivable standpoint, and have given our own views, and those of others touching the matter. We are assured that it is getting along all right and that the delay comes only of waiting to get the overflow lands arranged for. Those having the matter in hand tell us that efforts will not be 'made to secure the remainder of the subscription until the overflow land Is arranged for and -then the work of "booming" the upper data will be begun. —The following ladies and gentlemen occupied the boxes at the Academy of Music last night in full dress: Miss 'ennie Hodges and Mr. Roy Wilson, Misa Li. Kilgour and Mr. Clayton Tracy, Miss due Kilgour and Mr. Harry Simigton, Miss Ella Spencer and Mr. jloyd Hawley (Dixon), Miss Mabel Me- :"herran and Mr. Oeue Church, Mrs. Sd. Underwood and Mr. Kd. Underwood, Miss Jo. Crawford and Mr. Arch. Brock, Miss Hattie Hubbard and Mr. John Lawrie. It was a leap-year theatre party. After the opera was over, the couples proceeded to Mrs. J. St John Oreenough's, where the ladlea oi Grace Episcopal Church Guild served them with *a elegant »upp«r. The gen tletaen were then *»et.irt«<i home by th* Uuile*. Mr. Baker the conductor and tbe participants wlth6nt exception. , The Chimes of Normandy Is one of those delightfully pleasing comic operas so popular of late years, and the picturesque costumes, the humorous speech, the plot, and the excellent music and singing* made time pass most entertainingly.' Miss' Celia Plbbs, who Is devoting much time to elocutionary and dramatic work took the well known part of Serpolette, the "Good-for-Nothing," while Miss Ora Sides, daughter of the late J. K. Sides, favorably known, was Uermalne, the Lost Marchioness. Mr. E. H. Clarke, the telephone manager, was Gaspard the miser; Mr. J. F. Cftswell, insurance agent, was Grenicheux, a fisherman; Mr. B. P. Tumbleson, grocer, was the Bailli of Cornevllle; Mr. Cbas. E. Hall,of the,News, was Notary, and Mr. W. A. Baker, manager, took the partof Henri of Qorneville. The following ladies were attired aa Normandy girls, Misses. Bertie Talmer, Cora Burdick, Hattie Mack, Grace Richards, Mamie Eyster, Eva MeBride, Maggie Dillon, -Sophie Cruss, May Zlgler, Grace Cady and Maud. Alexander, and Mes dames G. T. Elliott, F. E. Smith and E. H. Clark. The Normandy sailors were Messrs; E. V. Crumb, Sol Ebersole, J. S. Strlckler, Fred Drlffel, F. E- Smith, Edson Tumbleson, T. S. Beach, iV. F. Pf ulb, Charles Ives, Dr. Beeman and Carl Werntz. Mrg. Geo. L, AVernti and Mrs. J. S. Strickler wero the pian- sts, and Mr. Charles Ives, double bass viol. We cannot leave the subject without congratulating the Wednesday Club upou the marked improvement Us members have made in musical knowledge since its organization, as well as upon the Impulse it has given to the art In- the community generally. Its good taste ia also shown in its selection of operas and in giving them at interval* Just far enough apart to keep up public Interest &ad insure targe The Boston Store is located on Third street, opposite the First National Bank. If It were not cold weather and unpleasant to stand for a moment out on tue street, you cowd tell where it was by pausing a moment to see where the crowd of buyers goes. It is ther« that you get bargains every day in the week,—always something attractive that is sold at a way down bottom figures, besides selling everything in the dry goods line at the lowest prices, the best of goods and the latest styles always in stock. • : 800 Don't forget that. Keeney & Harrison have a few plans for houses and are agents for Asbestos fire proof roof- Lewis D. Wynru CHOICE BRANDS —OF— Very, Very Pretty, Ehcquis BEGINNING WTTH 1 '8 Buds, PS Havana Filled, '8 Silver Ash, DETROIT Free Press. ALL S-CKJfTEKW, Fmr o»J* at Fuller's Book Store, o. jr. Office In Koch Vail*, orer the Office. The huckman, Bonanl, wt!l take partlM lo and from Sterling to Dr. Pollock'* office iree of charge. . $50.000 *° rti ° f 8i(rli '5 *M 8oek fi ' 1 ' \__ perty i,i!d n (lintr Diri! «X 100 Lots in Sterling sold / s && \ I« IS Darn. «S|.§\ A fewBirgaim «a HiBd./,!11- rfgjaa S^.-9 I till CF.O. W. CHAMBEBLI!S. ACADEMY OF MUSIC, STERLING; ILL. BARGAINS -is.? . 9 M 2 s \ P&*I~ Bargains in Lota. Barge±ni\ Bj in Houses and LoU. \ • ' Jton Biildiifi for bib ui Etttl /The Present Price* will not b* oontlnn»d\ long (ora Boom li approaching. COCHRAN SELLS THE BEST CIGARS —FOB THE— LEAST MONEY BID YOU EVER? Perfectly Lovely I All Grades''of AT LOWEST RATES. INDEPENDENT^ GROCER. THE Our Stock I* too large and most be reduced at once. Warranty with each Instrument. log and metal shingles. Bee samples. Tbe value of though cannot be 'tgld. Just so with the best of. everything. Take Dr. Blglow's Positive Cure for all throat and lung troubles, if you appreciate a speedily and thorough cure. Pleasant to take. 50 cents and 81. For sale by O. A. Oliver. Bnmmtt Place. Only 10 lots yet to sell. Every one who has subscribed for one or more of these lots and not paid their-first payments must do so at once, or we shall feel warranted in selling to some one else. Best bargains ever offered in Sterling. Lots 8100 each; $10 cash and ; the balance at $5 per month, for 18 months, without interest. GEO. W. CHAMBERLIN, Agent. tf Academy of Music. Pay Your Taxes. Tax books for Sterling township are now open at Sterling National -Bank. Parties are requested to pay their per- aonal taxes on or before Feb. 20th. [ will be in the Sterling National Bank, evenings, beginning next week, from 6:80 to 8:80 o'clock. WM. A. CONNELLY, dwtf Collector. "Velvet" and «^7." Two choice brands of cigars. Sold by dealers.- C. n.Seloff,manufacturer. tf |5.00 to 310.00 per Month. CUT KATES CONTINUED. CO., Gait House Bloslt. This is the way the La- dies talk when th&y look< at our superb REE HIVE A/ = ii ~ .' • GROCERY Is the moat Independent Grocery Boom la Starling. We make our price* and Mil GOODS SO LOW Thit prices astonish every one. All good* •old at the lowest llvlug prices; no over-charging. A child can At the BEE HIVK as low as a grown penon Tbelaretst and finest stock to select from ; every thing first-class. A large stock ot FlneCat,Flug MR1NG SUE -OF- WOOLEN GOODS, FOB THE NEXT THIBTY DAYS, Cloaks, (Blankets, Shawls, Underwear, GLOVES & MITTENS, Leggins, Laud KxcnratonB. The O. B. & Q. B. R. will sell round tnp Land Excursion tickets at greatly reduced rates, on Feb. a 1st and March Oth, to points in New Mexico, Texas, Teuumee, Mississippi, Alabama and Louisiana. Tickets limited to sixty days from date ot sale. Special stopover privileges allowed. For further information apply to Ticket Agent C —AND— DRESS GOODS, At a tacrtfioe, to make rcom for big Spring Stock coming in at . LEJSTDMAN'S OOOD* WHMH8L TOBA-CCO'S Bought before the recent advance*. The BBS HIVE customers get tbe benefit of the tow prices before the advance. A torn . stock oJ out Edge At 4S and BO Cents per Gallon. Book Candy Drips, pure white, at 78 Cents pnr Gallon. EOCENE OIL Non explosive; tbe best oil sold In this market, at as low price as InfcrloroUs ore sold elsewhere. Don't be deceived and bujHow teat oils and run the risk of being burned up.. Bemember TM buy the At tbo"BEK HIVK. Snow Flake, Paragou. and Kansaa Wlntnr Wheat: all Kollu . Patunts and all Winter Wheat; makes better and whller ' bread; keep) moist longer than Spring Wheat Flour, A gecuLa* article In Pennsylvania Buckwheat Flour II Ten thoamnd pounds void last season; Blx thounanil pnunda sold so tar thl« »ea- soo. Tills Dour baa no equal In tbls markrt: Is made by tbe Ixtest process; patent hulled; no black spockj. A fine stock o( Canned and @ried California Fruits of all Tbe Genuine Down £ut MAPLE SUGAR! . You can ittTB ten to Srteaa cents oa *T(U? 4* tar«w«rtb you boy at me BKH Hlf M. R. L. KJMBRO,

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