The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin on June 17, 1859 · Page 2
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The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin · Page 2

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Friday, June 17, 1859
Page 2
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&£ th J"> r P t l^'&«*it *" - ' «•"*• * **" -• -••»''--- «»i —••—~* • ighty ffiggw Is the , poUtloalfy and rellgto Freuch Fall ^ced Wheat. At present power, this broad A New Secret Boeletj^-Goln Sure. , The New Tork ..&»*«« IB eHher abld or there '., IB & deep laid $1an to acquire the Island of ' Cuba by oonqnest, through the Aid of a secret association of K. G. C.'s. We have been aware for some time past, that then* was a^oret organization extending thronghont the'lentire "; *&t,' /**»** %§£ potion of the southland east, ;jiariiig for its', object the acquisition of that v;beap« Island, and we have 'been told thk i. therels in that^oity alodgedT'overBereninn drett members, claiming to belong to this wide spreadx)rgan«ation, carefully covering op its real Designs under the broad spreail mantle of charity. Wejiaveno doubt but the ftssooia- tion referred,to ty the Tribune f thing under a different name possibly, for it Bay's: "The general name gfven to this new association la that ol R. Q. C,, or, at full , length, "KrilghtV of the Golden Circle." It ' consists, or is to consist, according to the documents before ns, iof two legions," one now in progress of organization in the'United States the cither in 6, which numeral is employed as a symbol for the country—we presume Cuba —in which the association is intended to operate. Each legion is to consist often'thon- •and men and their offioers,beside8 commissary, sorgioal and oonveyanoa departments." humbly of hii preoio . wju * 008 J )t tt « -«»M. into the Jdngdorft of peace &l entreat my fellow Chris- tuinB to take warning from my fate, and *f4hetomtoti The organization out great inducements to join the expedition, as it informs; its candidates that the object of the association is " not only to cultivate the martial pride of pur people," but "to render substantial aid to weak and oppressed nationalities." But it is not merely the welfare of others that is Bought. " We are soldiers who«s objects are to conquer certain countries, and thereby spread over them the genial influences of our own institutions." " When we look around us, we see thousands of able-bodied, active men] unable to stem the current of poverty, and who are contracting all tbe vices of idleness, burying them on to a grave less honorable than that found at the point of the sword >r the month of the cannon. We shall not ask yon to go to » land of disease and famine, but to a land where nature has emptied every treasure in the lap of the industrious ; where there is health, wealth, and every variety of natural beauty To lands where there are openings for every man in his trade, and where success will reward merit." There have been already some sixteen brigs built and pierced ready for the E.-ivic,., when necessary to be called, hot are now rnnning from various ports as merchantmen. There I hare been blinded by tbe evil passions of onr corrupt nature, and seduced into the greatest of crimes through, ttie.. instigation of the corrupt Bean and the snares of the devil. I at feoUtraately exhort yon to guard against this: andto«eek steadfastly the grace of God, as your only sufficient protection and 1 safeguard. Acknowledge Him in allyonr. ways, live in the fear and love of God j honor His Sabbaths; keep otose to Him In' prayer and' the reading of. His 'word; • and maintain communion with Him In the blessed ordinances of religion. My'Christian friends, I Jeave. this world In charity with all men, and witha heaU felt prayer that God will bless the souls of all my brethren.of the human race. I pray that His kjngdpm.of peace and truth may spread everywhere, and that His will may be done on earth aspnrelyand Universally as v it is in heaven. In these my last momentsvlVarti- J?;^"?*" 11 M? 088 ,Who. have showed me any kindness, especially those who have aided nie during my recent trial, with their counsel and their prayers ; and from my uonl I forgive all those who have done me any wrong or infos. «oe. I beseech yon, my dear, Christian friends pray now for me ; join your prayers with mine that my faith may not feil at this "my last nour ; that DO weakness of the flesh no power of Satan, may separate me from God. Pray that Imay experience His full pardon, and that, believing as 1 do heartily and sincerely in the Lord Jesus Christ, and deeply contrite for my sins, I shall be saved. - , , „ r WM - H - KING. Cobnrg Jail, Jnne 9, 1859. After this was' finished he exclaimed :— THI ENGLISH BiutUD OHAMPIOS AQAinst MioHABiPraiAH.—Measures areaow on foot for a great International match at billiards be, tween Roberta, the world-renowaed English ohampfon of thatgame, and Michael PheJaa. By 4he steamer Ails, which arrived here a few oays ago, there came a commissioner direct to Mr Phelw, with authority to address Mm for the 'purposes of an international match, to be Played, if possible, aa early asnext ! fall. Immediately on his arrival in this city, the rmre. santative of Mr. Bobbin sought Mr. ; Ehelan and the result of thii Interview that •followed was, tfljit Mr. Phel»n, without hesitation, agreed to give Mr, Biiberts the meeting he do- siredr For the terms of the meeting he referred to his published statement, as it appeared some months ago in Porter', Spirit o/th, Time*, which has been seen l-y ifr.Eoberts.and which he Mr. Phelan, held himself ready to comply with in every particular. On the inquiry of theagentof the English champion as to what amount of stake Mi Phelan meeting should be made for, promptly that he would pla 810,000 a aide, and morelf J BIO Stove*, " • OIALBRBUJ Sheet lroni*Tih; — AND— ""' ' Hardware, IMPLEMENTS, received « imall tunp«g « he *' d)reet f>om *r»nce, and will recelr 'IXgSSS**'* P«»h«e, will "do well t5 send 1 Jefr-dlw Branch Warehouse. Walker's Point. • < >• pobll9 generally, that they have optned a Store at 806.... ..j... WEST WATER 8TREET.. ... ....206 For U*ia>e or tto above named I articles, tofethe ~ • i. with •And SHEET Stove. pn< ap to ., as veil as all . sorts of AND TINNERS 1 WORK. TB hereby gjren th»t 0. 0. rry ha, withdrawn fro ^h?^"?°« "* y ' Prlor * ro -' h»TlDg«old all hi right and Intertit In slid flrm to Wl llam M. KImbmll 0. O. MURRAY. here * ft e'' >>e conducted ander th ho WU1 " IU<! A. P. PRIOR, J. P. HABBICK, •WM. M. KIM BALL. proposed the he answered 17 for 88,000 or Mr. Roberts so de- " And now, my Christian friends, I bid you all farewell—a long, a last farewell." He then turned round'and warmly embraced Mr Van- derbnrg. and shaking the others on the *oaf. fold by the hands, bade them farewell. ""% ^.£LS aV ~?'? <Ie Hereay-Remark, Secretary of Uu Interior at Ra- -. , • ------------ . - ?t ^ ,. AccordIn S 1 however, to the terms of his^nlletta to the billiard it appeared In Porter', Spirit, Mr I'helan skid he would require Mr. Roberta to < ome here to play him, allowing htm $500 f.rexpenfcs. On the question of the game itself, Mr. Phelan would, of course, have preferred the four tall American game, with 2 8-4 inch Lolls, and Mr. Roberts on his part, would have oh,osen the three-bad Jl l 2 1 i n8 ,?K d ,! 08lnB £ I '" r ' 1 En S 1Ish game, with 2 1-4 inch balls, in English fashion. Mr Phe Ian, therefore, In a spirit of compromise proposed to meet Mr. Robe.ts half-way, and plav him ff^a P»u.n..l, *v^ . i__ 1 1 . _ • M *"*V sN JE| W BOOKS 1 JOBT RKCBI V£D BY STRICKLAND & CO., 188 EAST WATKK ST. 86 KKWAUD--SL.UT LOST A SMALL Black and White Bint, wearing Srth*.T r ""•" " r » p around h«neck, and has her ears cut to a point In the thaSToT :n to the • lozei , wai lo.t on J ° De 4th W "o=ve; will return in street, will receive the above re- W AU. BAREST to Cajhmere. ' 1 AWc »"> d g A journal of lOO l ohn 8 - 1"Ward. Em- Marah'j Bcjencelof Double-Entry Book-keeping, 1 0n 60 • IB also, from the best accounts we can gather, over a million and a half of dollars in the Treasury, subject to the order of the Grand Commander when it becomes necessary to nse it for the purposes intended The Tribune also says " The soldiers who may enlist iu this expedition , are promised eacb a grant o f 8,400 acres of land, also S? a month in specie, and $7 in scrip ; arms, ammunition, uniforms, &o., to be furnisheS by the Board of War before leaving American soil. The men, it is stated, can pnranc their ordinary business till November TI,- oironUrs nrg- great zeal in enlisting men, M,r :, ,,,ark that better attention must be paid u. drillint;, as the arms to I* used are new, and not suited to theTnri.'h or United Stale.- .exercise " We hare ,**!, mformed tbat ordeie from Washington hare hwb l u New York city in the Land, of th- Marsha] I , gome time, to watr-la the moVHrneDts. it, ricinily, and re port at bead-quarter* THe Railroad Agrcomont. The new agreement between the four trunk routes between the east and tlit west is confined to tht. SDl.jaoi of fares and freight*, and in other resp»ot§ l.<av<-* eacL company free to regulate its own bnsinpss in the way it deem? best None of the many restrictions and conditions which were §o often the subject of recrimination under the October compact hav« been ivncwej The new bargain raises pas- evnger fare* to the rates current on the 1st of April last — the highest which have been iu force for some rears — the advance being iu some cases 60, in others 60, iu others 100, in others 110 per oniji. Freight* are advanced, on tli ar-rage, 60 per cent. The old .r'Me rates which were in force before the lau> breach between the roads are restored. No road 1s permitted to «rad<- the spirit of the agreement by granting drawbacks ; nor can any road grant free passes for the purpose of Influencing business, though all are free to grant passes which are not given with this object. The rates agreed upon are as follows : '4th. 44 47 62 . .,»20 ... 23 FREIGHT. 1st clan. 2d. gd. Cincinnati, per lufi Ibs ..... 118 84 67 Chicago, " •• ..... 120 ' 90 ffi Bu Louin, " • ..... 165 ji s gj rASIHOIES. - ToBnJTalo' .......... •..tSia'oCincnnaU ...... To Detroit ............. IS To Chicago ......... ToSt-Lonls ............ 80| Cattle freights are 75 cents to Albany from Buffalo. The N. T. Herald says: "It iires- timated that the advance In the cattle rates alone will be worth $1.000 a day to the Hew Tork Central, and as mncli to the Erie; while $25,000 a day would inadequately represent the actual gain to the various roads concerned by the advance of passenger rates." ty The Senate of Connecticut, on the 8th tBBt. voted down the proposition to amend the constitution of that State. The one opening the door to colored voters, and requiring all new electors to be able to read the English Ian- guage, got but five votes in Its favor to sixteen •gainst Tue second, requiring citizens here- aftematuralized to wait one year before they oonld exercise the elector's privilege, received •even votes In its /avor to fourteen against. ty St. John's Grand Lodge dissolved on the 9th instant Thus ends the last obstruction to a full and complete onion of the whole Masonic frAternity .if. the State of New York. The lodges formerly working under St. John's Grand Lodge will, in '» short time, make ap- plioation in a body for dispensation under the Grand Lodge of the State of Jfew York. From tbe Washington Constitution. The observations attributed to tho Hon Jacob Thompsos in notices of bis recent brief speech at Raleigh have excited a good deal of comment, especially in regard to disnniontsta, north and south, and the re-opening of the A.I- rican slave trade. Mnoh interest has, consequently been awakened to know what was actually said. The sketch first given in the southern papers being exceedingly meagre we deem it but just to the Secretary now to present more fully that portion of his remarks wherein he alluded to the subjects In question It will be seen that he-spoke of the movement in his own State, with as much plainness and directness as he used in commenting on the disunion of the north. The President (said Mr. Thompson) has referred in appropriate terms to the steadiness and uniformity with which North Carolina Las ever maintained the Union of the States. While I respond to this sentiment, I must also refer to her temperate firmness in maintaining the rights of the south in their full integrity. A tras devotion to the Union ii not inconsistent with an unflinching advocacy of every righLspoured to the south by the con- stitntion. But I Lope I win not offend in calling your attention to the peculiar phase of public questions as they are now presente-i for public discussion. The era for practical questions seems to have passed. Thti may be characterized as the era of exciting speculative politics. Practical questions no longer excite, no longer produce a sensation: speculative theories hare taken their place, and we are called upon to take our position upon them. A hading politician of the north, who is regarded a great prophat of a great northern party, announces the political dogma that there is an irrepressible conflict between tbe institutions of the north and south; thai the Union cannot endnru with the continued existence of both; that the one or the other must yield; that the constitution adopted by our fathers is insufficient lo secure tbe rights, happiness, and prosperity of all. In plain words this Union i« a failure ; and be is for revolution or disunion. I regard him and his party as disunionists—disanionists prr st— because bis theory oau never be reduced to practice without leading to this inevitable lesult. We will discard this theory with contempt. Thei is also another speculative question arising in I' an opposite direction. In my own State another dags of restless reformers have utarted a movement which demands tly re-opening of the foieign slave trade. Laws which were passed fifty years ago, at the urgent instance J eiod6 ' of the sonihern States, prohibiting tbe slave trade. Lave IH»U discovered to be "unconstitutional, and their longer continuanw on the statute hook in destructive of the progress and prosperity of the sooth In the advocacy of this new theory some ahle men have enlisted ; but I do not believe there is one among them who believes the ends he aims at can ever be accomplished while tbe Union lasts; and God forbid that a movement fraught with such unnumbered curses upon the south should ever succeed ! But suppose the demand is made upon Congress to re-op«n tho slave trade and Congress should refuse to yield to the demand shall the south, taking fire al the refusal' stnte for disunion? For one, I shall oppose the reopening of the foreign slavetrade, In the Union or out of it ; and when that movement i« made, which I fear not, you may run up the stars and stripes. I will rally under that flac In North Carolina, in that day, I do not >- lieve there will be any division. him the French three-ball carom balls 25-10 in diaBH<ter . instead ry 2 3-4 American balls. The agent of Mr. Koberts duly noted these proposals, and promised to present them to his principal, and bring hw answer back by the return trip of the Asia, of which vessel the English cham»i on's agent is an officer. JIe stated brfore leaving however, that he thought Mr. Roberts would close with Mr.Phelan'a terms.and make himself ready, doubtl-,,,, to come over to play the match next falL— Porter', Spirit. THE QEOWIBO CROPS.—We are glad to inform onr readers that so Tar as we can ascertain, the prospects for un abundant harvest wer« never better in this portion of the State The marks of the rec- nt frost have almost entirely disappeared, an.l ev*ry green thing looks as good as new. The croaking abont the ravages of the Hessian fly an.l chintz bug tarns out to be unfounded. Th^re are no such 'bugs' in existence in this s«-Uon. Some damage has been done by the rut worm, but it is confined to a few localities The rain on the 9th gave things a fresh start and the soaking showvr on Monday mornina followed by a warm gun, put new life and vigor into th? growing crops Wheat, com and poUtm-s, farmers inform us never looked more promising at this season oi theyear than now. Pumpkin, melon, squash and cucumber vines have generally been replanted in localities where the frost'killed them out. In fact, to borrow the language of a cotem- porary, " With fair ,,ric.- s next fall you will hardly be able to kjock duwn a farmer in any part of the county without finding 8200 in LU pocket, and his farm and newspaper paid for — Albany Timet. S. FAM COO»..OIDIO»a. BOt,U8I«,,CBAaL«ao ClffTOS COON, HOLLI8TEB. & COTTON. Altoruoys and«cllors, NOB. 4, 6, AND 6, PBCE-J1X BOILDINO, (187 East Water Street,) HU.WADKBE Je » WI , Lost or Stolen. A PBOMIFOBT NOTE for |Sfl, p.jahle frelderich Froegel and Maria " i ] Ch. be paid lyable to Barbara e. ElecuteJ bjr oegsl, d.iu-d Mll- everybodj not to BAaBARA D UlKir P Army Life on the Pacific. A Jonlnal of the , Northern Indlansi the tribes „, „,„ Bpokans and Pelouzes, In the summer by Lawrence Kip, of the D. B. Army. Price ^"L&Ba,. W«_.?.' DU £i "". ^P"-"" NOTIChl. IT A¥lNG pnrchaae.1 of M»ble» t Co , ntsfir.^' S° Mt ? t i n , g ° f °'" th>1 01 <" h;n « »^1M ?^ Jt" * ""'"" 10 lhe h "*lne Ih.'r^.lff"^*'"'^'"' *'"" ' I"'«. the Clothing bnslr.ess In all it, branch,. jr 80, 1959 C. R. MABLBY. th e r .lock In nd Oenl, Forat th- =tor e , OEHBB TSD VrBMIFCGE AND UVlfR . fST A slngu'ar; combination, bnt rery «ffectnsl,as the following will show : N*» Yosr, November JO, 1SS2 Knowing, from expsrlenee, theuraluanle qualities of Dr. X*iant'i Vermifugt onofz<«>«r PlUt prepared by , temlng Bros. Pltubuigh, I have for some'tlme back considered It my daty, and made u my bu'slne..., to make those articles known wherever I weB t >m ,,nx my friends. A short time ago I Iwcaaie acquaint,..! »itr. the ca=o o/ a young girl, who s«emed to be Imable.i with worms and Mvar complaint at the sum • time, > n j Tfi ruuijh my ' H A T .-s -AN STRAW «K> PHJ « KN Thau can he CAPS A P *• hail b«en loffcriOK for some two month. pvnuaalon the noe bo'tle of i/Tigc, and one b ,i of / ivtr I'iUn. which th- accordmir to dlrcctio ». r-i,. r. , u | t w»», j| w I < larifi; quantity ,,f w.ims, .n.) t lnk< f i,t o nu , r: : ...«ith. VI ^rJ I city AiNY OTHER HOL.-K |.\ KRCHANT- .:- a.«- of in,.,i«. io;:X t>^f.,r- bu ennvime u,.- -t ti T !..<•*: tlinii ; Hy io.Mlj, .* r , alue, ;\n<l I 'ini flt ,,f I Vi y W (+00 US K ,a, Hlr. WK.-T ymi{. I.I I , took pa<Ki 001 m.ire - f, n,r I'UI, »,|| rcslor . n u r lo j, r 3er name .nd residenc e ciin loledrnaU, oy on E. L. Theall. Dru?jl»t, coiner f Ku <er «n l v ,,m a streets. Purchaser, will be careful to «»k Tor [lit. UELKllHATKl) VKR.yilFUO K mmiui «-rnr of PittHtK.r.r,. p. i;, ,,,h» r 'ecmlfu is In comparison are ivorthles* , r tTL.-in«'i •ennlne Vermlfug.-,al3o his cel-brate.l I iv,-r P ,N. c,,n i.w be had al all respectable 'Iru,.. ,tore^ >ond rnulne tcttAwt Ult tigaaturt of Jel-4-<1iwlm FLe\ll\.> lirjo-1 I .1 »N , J- K l.ic t: :U !-y IX HII This la 4 complaint very ,:omm«>n emales. Uoofltind''t ij hla (llsea't- The or-d tn !ti original • m-Q'th -» ecomes jooil, the splr ts b^ 0 , n , U< >.N N i- )N.N KK >N N I-.K N K; : I M r I- i 1- I K r I 1- I t • , : I I >. , • I IM ,, I 1 M , t rl \ t I M , |- t I \ : V P A ( 1' M \ r-tmltl Bttteri ystem, un.lcr m;mi ynu fe.-l i ale by .IrueinsTn » mil ri- i-tn e fin. •o, III.,,,, ; • ,, medicines < Hal. *»); . llUwaukee, Majr W ". wi House, .h. Garden, u7e' ^r^T^m^S'Anl'nLl,' - ?£™ g 2!!'r',.^! m , onBi r .°. ium<1 fi «. i oo- orth of the ' "' e «'. inion o. the Arabs In Spain 8 75 " 'Vre, or Israel In Bondage, by Her. J Irrmg's Life of Waahlngton, rolume five 1 M AUIbone's Dictionary of Authors 6 60 Life of Kit Carson, 8 00. ' 3TB.IOKHND 4 CO J< ? . _134East Water street. , st In ou. bualnm, N,, 19s Ka« 61 " 1 h ' m '" ° Ur CQ " omer " » I >' 1 lh M'lwsuki-c, May 30, I3S9 Gentlemen's, Mi«ses' & Children 1 Boou, SHOES, SLIPPRKN&: It I It Ii K H s. FIXE BOOTS STAVE TO OkDER. No. 885 Ea.i Water .creel (Opposite Wilkrr Uoujr,; Till .»/. b p . . anil : L-C 1 hy ret*-; .--IK JA ;u,Lhlj i i. A HIV •uv: fit i 14 I -»0 t 1 UKi-, A H •i V it ui i r> t v i !-,\l. ATM VI CITY ADVERTISEMENTS. CJTT COXPTROLLIS'S Ornca, i Uontracl Department, June 1ft, 1859. f proposals will be received at this office, until ay, Jane 25th, at 10 i. > . for doing the '•"•rlbed won m the 8th Ward, of the Cltj rn^i^'^H^'i'cEE^'vr" on*. hiif^wLti"™'-' 1 o "^ g °' &'««'•£ n eel, and the crossing of . V' 1 ^^ * r enues, and thr "i 18 and 19. The > bo re .»-.™-t»f™-bVp.,ilc«-^^ dt ^^fvJ^. V a Sx, price for Oil ,. e or ,„ much ror ,, ot ,, Jt.6-dCl E L'H ..AaDLNtR,Con, P tr,.ller Washington si., with alley crossing In blocks I work will be let a. a whole WAREHOUSE SALE OF Unclaimed Freight and Baggage OK Ml I,. <t LACItOfSSG K. H. W ILL be sold at Bood'sAuct!onBoom.,No.4,B P rln£ St., on Tharaday mornlnu. the SOU, day of June the follow ng lost Freight and Baggige, unless called lor and charge* paid prev'ous to day of sale. I Black Traveling Bag, 8 1 Carpet, 5 Black Bags, 1 Carpet Bag, 2 Blact Bam, 1 Carpet Bag, 1 Black Bag, 2 Carpet Bag, 1 Leather Bag, 1 Carpet Bag, 1 Bundle Clothing, 1 Band lioi, 1 Ruitett Trunk, Mart,. Fred. Ruasell. No mark. R- A. 4 LI I GHKAT .< KNTKAI. AND FINK AUT 171 Eait Wat H AVING secured th, most <• i perls nee.' operator in the W>, kens, (Whose skill In his jf^rtm-ol l> well many of th- <-HI«,.J O r re \ ] , m to offer 10 the public cTu-rj dcsir.Mt st< known to the communuy .t low^r rat In a better manner than o«n t>« joo c tahiUhmect In the VVut IT! East kooms. U 1 1. I F I . Ii K A > ftrrrt. stance ..f i •test and M 1U«- 1 known I,, " prepare.! y I* of Picture* *n<l executed »ny oiher CT- s,,| e ,•, FEED THE HUNGRY," pill« l f,,r '.Ho JOB M ueJ \.-ent, w-.ll , , hy • -lurr, mill L'nr.ed .•' PKo V , t \ *"' •»•• r|lH18 Injunction, JlTine In J. as . duly up.,n us all, fullest client l.j liSSKN i ULTT' C. » ARItlN., !'-.> \v HATHAWAY &. BELDEN, siKKKI d. ffice until Cm L'OHrraoLn'B Orfict, i iraci nepurtuieat, Mil., June IS, ISM. f r Al.KI> pr ,!<,»»!, »ii| i^ r))( . e ived at il, t S. -I,-,,,. June a. 1SJ9, atll A . curl lnt Sqjar,. t,,,d plank ng O.e sidewalks ad o.ninn tl-e ..ame, in the Blh Ward of the C!,v ofMilwaak.e said w,,rk to b, done under the supervise, of the Bt' Commissioners o: said w. r ,l a ,.d tr F plan and specinratlons u( the r'ie.1 Rwuell C M. Prrtl. J. A. Bl«nchard No mark H.O No m un hand .t ih* e'Tt for c»»h HOOD. »uci|,, cordate. wth E. 1/H. GARDINER, Comptroller. ,, „ Cl™ CoxiTBiu^a'i Orrica i Oontracl Department, Mikwauket. June 1C 1M9 ' ( ^EiLED PROPOSALS will be received ., u.l. othr, O until Monday, June 20th, ISM, at 10 i . fur BU Ine the following named lois with earth, ^ffi c , en t u abate the nut.ances thereon, and In accordance with the estimate oi the City EaguMer, on fli. In this omce- aald lou being located In the 8l«h Ward of the O,t?3 ailrwaukee ' Loifi, block 46^ lot », Mock 43; lot 7 block « lot » block 42, lot », block 42, lot 5, block 42, I™! biick «' ot 1, block 42; lol 8, block «; lot 13, block «« l ' ° E»cr br,.Q|rl,l lo Mllwmkr^. Ju«l the tlii J»y pivieuu. Just received Vfrv chrjp f ,r - u |, MA^ON t LOOM i.i. J«l* 2U1 E»,t W»t,, str«?l. Uilvautrt W lot 8, block I* ,o, 6, biock 22; loi 1C, ii. I^'K 11 £ 7 6, 1 4, S, 9, block 11, lou 9, 10, U, 12, 13 14, t 16 t>l ? c . k , 2 ?- E.L-H.'GA'BDlNKHr ' Jel6-d4t OA&DINKB, Oltj-Comptroller. of Dr. .the Btardcrrer, 'Cutmqii,' Dr.' KJng,:«irjnTicted »i Brighton; C. the M bnrg, on theBthof Jane, in the pre»eno9 of fire thpufl»n<i persons. Oniler the g»ilowij-; King read tie folloiri^if titiesgt- Mt FELLOW CHsUSMAji8:_I stand before yon to iJa^in thoffloatawftil position-in "which a hmnan being QM be placed— .convicted of tte mo« dnadTal of *H crimes^ Wrl Mtttehoed oy the Uw« of n»y Country lo pay the penalty « mygaUtjiy *»xrrifiotngjroy ojr ji life. ,jtia »ery h»rd tobe d«prived of lltrin wnnparaMre youth ; [Prom the N.T.Herald.J The Almlghtj. !«sr|rer. The Almighty Nigger ! The beginning the middle, and the end of everything with'the joarnaliBt, the politician, and tbe parson of the United States. To lh« young politioiao a 8tum . Wing block ; to the old, foolisbn es s ; the JU.R- gernant which crushes in its career every thine like an attempt to improve the political or social, or religion* condition of "the whit* el* ment in OUT population;" tbe most ahstrrj.^ and therefore tbe most favorite, theme for note book of Cockney tourist: the standing dish at Westminster; the bonne bmclie tot the delicate feasts of'reason at Ercter Hall. No wonder the worshippers of the Alnriehty Nigger are the most devoted that evtr bowed to shrine, or cross, or symbol. A smell at a bit of his wool is like a sight of the green torbao of the Prophet to the eyes of the faithful or a reverent touch of the true cross for the devout Catholic. The priests who officiate at tbe shrine of the Almighty Nigger number between one and two hundred thousand. In the south ther worship him because he plants their tobacco picks their cotton, raises their rice, makes their sugar, and above all helps them to become the richest, the happiest, and tha most fashionably indolent people on the face of tbe earth. In the Almighty Jfi K g e r, according to ihe view of the politicians in the sontb are concentrated the rights of tbe south. The flouthAas no right worth speaking of they say, except the right to worship the Almighty Nigger. In the north and west, the Almighty Nigger b worshipped as representing so much political capital. VTitnout Urn the underground railway stock would not be worth a cent jit would be worse even than Erie Where would Se»ard be without tha Almichly Nle- ger? Where Weed, with hlu fife thousand uollars in tree republican Almighty Where Qreeley, wKhthe thousand d._. „„. in his breeches pocket? or what else coujd he find toj>reaob., about in Kansas? Where, ia point of Jact, would the-whol« republican^ar. ly be without the Almighty NjggwJ *^ Ha-is their hope,, their stay, their eternal salvation, their sheet anchor. Without him' they would go to the bottom with tha velocity of»aixty-foor pounder. . , ;., Now, these worshippers «f tbe .Almighty Nigger manage to control the /political 'affitlw ; of the country. They are', co.mtng together next year to make arrangements for theeleo- "" "'- ™- 'trate of ihwlrsect. , H ead lV*taat< *W .«Uu ''A*'j4 »'*' -.:.••• TV, OT10E I. hereby given, that by Tina- and in pur 1.1 nuance of an order of license made by the County ££,"? , D ?, dge ° 0nmy ' BUIe of "'""aaln. on ,^ 23d ,, ' day ol May, Ian p«at, in the matter of the Mtate of Solomon Juneau. deceaaed, Ihe undersigned ad rti^s to r, wll i- OD , i< " 1 2tHh dij " rjui > "«^"'»^ at 2 o clock In the .ftemoon, M the Court Hou.r in U-e Cl y of MNwaukee, Wlsco,..ln, offer for sale at pub Lol. numbered seven (7) and eight (8). In block numbered one I,,. .dre1 and thirty-three ( 18S), In the Firs' Ward, o, , city of Milwaukee, State ol WuMonaln '' placeosa. Dated Ihe I4lh day of Jane, t. n., 1859 NA&CI88E M. JUNKAD, leir-dant UENEr *- WBIrE - tiL-^r 01 ___ ____ Administrators „ , Cirr CO«:ITROLL«'B Ornoi, i Oontr.ct Dep»T tmeol, MUwmnkee, June 14, '59 f B Vr. 0 fwQ 0n "' ' be 0o ' aB '° D °°™cll, adopted June BtrePt Or. ,' Concarrln 8 lc ">« recommendation of the 1 Black 2 Black 1 Chr.l, 3 Black 1 Ru.s«tt " 1 Che.I, I Boi, 1 Ruasett " 1 Black 1 Feather Bed, 4 Black Patchets 1 Carpet Bag, 4 Hat Boxes and H.ta, 1! Bu"die» Clo'.hinir, The abjvs £uod. bate remained t>f the L. Grom .nd *Mw»uketr H over, and will be n\\A without rf*. ililw.ukev, June IU, \yj3. Tlie l>ett assorunent of the flnent IVntclifk. Silver \<«rc, JrMclry ; fo lou I ] STATE OF WISCONSIN, i Circuit Court, llllwiukr, Co. f Jol.n S BfrjU. ) against John W Jones, Sldnrj L. Hood, Ja*per V. Goodrich Phillip, Bristol Brasn «nd } JuojroeDl Clock Company, i . n ,i .n fc i e Alfred G. Peckham, William U Mernll, Dennl. M. Pitch, George A. Allen, .nd Charles E Hale. I N rirtue of and pursuant to . Judgment! rendered In laid Coon in the above entitled! action dated the M day of Jane, 1S59, I shall e!po» f n , «|. ar , d „,, „ Pubic Auction,.! lh. Post Office In Ihe city of Mil waukee, on Hmordar, tbe lOihdarof >OD tentbrr, 1869, at the hour of 2 r n of u'.t dav Ue I lollowlng described moniraued preml.,. or io much thereof as m.jr be reBcss.ry lo raise the amount nf 1.1,1 jndpnent, inUresl and costs, together with lhee»i,rnse, ' of sale, to wit : j •• Allthi.1 piece or parcel ofland, sltu.te in 'he county of Milwaukee and State of Wisconsin! known aad described .. lot six (6), in block eighty-..! (86), in the Third Ward of ihe city of Hllwausee." Dated SherlfTs Office, Milwaukee, June 7 1*59 L>Bi« i QaiBlK, i A. J.LANOWORTHT PITs A H 1 ).. ( BbenffMil.Co . w'|. jeb'dSm oln2w VTI.O arc J.,t rj rrt ,.p[ t sod m'.it c .Ulplett! Itock Family K«fr cxhibitr.I In this .-in re' enuj In ihe .Ne '•••si assoitrd F Y ., K <W !•««•. , rJl- Iitrr.c a aii.l Bo, .,(' A S M prices us ft. &i,;- tn th» tr»*Jf Our progr»n.jrDt? Such tv* pr.c«j I.and and < ollrrlioii •»IIT« UKLI.'N If 1.04 K u • i *'A c/i si.: L , :i f, i J ..-.—_PQJ EJ - S . &c J • o r i s H <) r " M \ A . I I I- U , s.1: Lind* intc fchd .- iU, F.* r I,- * v-«t F r ALBANY RESTAURANT , A hl»c'*r« I * Fu | Lobsirri, Fre»h ,-* Cove UT«t«-r», Cor S2BT- La. Ie.c4-<lly Macombcrg Salad Cr eam H V A '!' M «.AU « I |«s. u ' ffereu 1 u; '.hij city AU KU1.S. TI t>j. H HDTHL -u ountry u <entl«men ol tn.l r... ,tner lanuranc- x >.\i K if l«> . • .r. l,.r, 1 lr.,ra t, /''-' l.l'J .1 1.11 If t«.l it.,. k ,1 ,;, „ V ^ \\ V. .«•• F I I nel|(tib.,ri who Jo . : lr n j or less of their proflti i 'N |> r- I . •/""«)' K M 1. Ihe ' puhllr 1. r, 1C < Call and Examine hef. show O,,, -HI scow c.nnjt.fa. -''' 2 : HKKE. VE WE.ARY TK.\\ » I * \ I .N«. H A It -s NINO S A I. ( i < ) »uk?w A Mississippi pore warm *n.l »uns the small sum of to rent. »o.l the "uppllml w,Ui ihe choicest »•»„ i, ,f ..,„ , <M NT cits »>n «.-.ini-: U|' n pv- r y ityle. , „ ,|,., r . ., l!iv r ._ iupplie.1 or:u, irie cholcust W:n^. L....I., L OOATEI) near ihe M 1 . is just the place to u. rU'lJs, fi X D-t>< H, C 0 R U £ $ <•,. CO W o i Or I O C i ,! 1 -N 1 HI NN .* (K, .-J Travelers ill fl nj ; » e.N- W»r •ept 41 the upon r.eai »_a m Lun.-h » R.,».| •cl ,-f -»-rv It,'"' I AVI. r-r.,|.r -t. r >0. 231 .NORTH FR.4>KLI> STREE1 ' W K beg I-.., l« , lac tr&de m ge tt, , lelte Mllil." £"" e K ltree > '° ll " B " en ' h W »rd of the Olty of Milwaukee, be graded and grareled to the established &*v: j a p r£ d ' Md -"« •-*«-. '"••> or agenta of propertj Interested In the above iprovemeDts, are hereby notified to make the »~- l ^S.T!?-£! t £ l0 *S ai1 *^j>» t « > <>' the i j n " r ~™—* ~~ *" fc Dtr*5Ct OoniiQi6flioBi?ri of the said Beren h Ward will c » u . e the same to bt done, and charged u> the respective lot,, part of lou, and parcels of land, according to law. je:6-d«t E. L'H. GARDINER, Comptroller. Orrr Coatmoixn'sOfnoi, , Contract ^>epartmen^ Jane 1*, 1868. I office un- tj BALED propoaali will be re- elved at thl. o O td frld.y, Jane 17, 18t», ct 10 A . H, for SALE. (Vcu-si 1022] SllCKIFf's STATE 0? WISCONSIN, i Circuit Court, Milwaukee County, j Joseph Vlnton, 1 a,alnst ' Judgment <,f Foreclosure Theodore K. Kecller and f and »»le Elizabeth J. Eeciler. j I N virtue of and purinabt to . Judgment rendered u s.1'1 Court, In tue abort emu led action dated Lh, 3d day of Jnne, 1869,1 .hail expose f,,r sale'anS sell a! Public Auction, at the Posl-Offlce, In the Cltv of Mil «Mikee, on fiaiurdaj, (be (O lh day ol September, 1859, at the hour of S p M of that dav. the followllg described mortgaged premises or so maco thereof u may be nece-sary to ra••« ihe amoont of said Judgment, Interest and costs, together with the expenses ol sale, to wit: "All that ple-e or parcel of land situate In the Coanty of M Iwaakee and State of Wlscoo-ln known and described as the north half of lot elevrt [11], In bock one hundred and ninety, eight [1»8], In Boger's Addltlen, In the Writ Ward, of the Cltj of Milwaukee." Dated Shenff 's Office. Milwaukee, June 7 1859 Vrtstll It GaiHiM. | A. J. LANG WORTHY Sh'I. Mil. Co., WIs. • *nnirUGc«? 8fn««rftJ, t-.i n.r a^-ot wli, tw d is pat r.i* our ol.| cutt -rneri a wiUl their ordprt for wlilch, u »l»«j., ,, lacton Thuusaod, our K»!.enee, .re m«de «l, »nd lacilitles nt 1 The E'.enre from - oT he eiecut ,1 lo he e t ,at« tb. ,,l., ch pre.eni. 'h ver ffere.1 by , these *O,K« rfo« r.ot UeftJtfiy nii T tiar,. n ., t I,,, u.,n gained by ,.lu 1 .Hon. the• oine blag that r.thtn car Ihelrn. ». The Cost, .re muc these k-seuce. re put u| , m ,ji «ough for (orty gallons, ,,.,1 rr.mpr.s.n, ,,..t the required Ingrelienls, l.ut alt, U,, ,,,i.. r „. Address letter, to C'AKL ERLKB. Ma,,.,,-. Uhemic»l « arts. Chlcsgo, III , P u Bui Tii-'l ' -her ,» c h ..-•uall> r'ur^— '* ^i f-.r only ill 4— d6m Oli. I) gentl J.«. Newhall H. Pl'lft Atfys. "'[ of Foreclosure Mil wauki-e Proper. Walkeis Point. . lure b»d tine M thlnlt ^i*artlie evil of with to th* tonntato of hetling for, oontritfoB, and to go iBTujtea Stales. Tbe pnfc. qjnestion to b fled-bonttlie^ictor is, wtetber te isa' ently ardent pttfesscMior'thefeltb. If he ' K. L'H. GABDINBB, Olty Comptroller. NOTlOll,. . e beliereswlUi saffioient Jeiyorin tbe iAlmigh'tr tbe wi5SJK.W *if- b , e , 1:r ?< ! - l T«d«tUuteiHce, B». tu Thtrsday, June It, at,10 A.m., for faraUbiniT thi JowlDf named articles for-the nse and retJalrirrtror BrUget, T«, :;iOastJng» p.i'lh;, Bolls and Na£nDertb• Bplkei per Ib; Bsbbet, or OompotlUgn Metal >Vroinrln or Verged Iron per Ibj Steel work per' screws per piece, anrl work r.erda». fltr' it3>-Mt JC.lVJJi """' 1080] SHERIFF'S HTATE OF WISCONSIN, Circuit Court, Milwaukee County. JohnS. Bcyd, against John JennlLgs. Thomas T. Reeve, I Judgment Gilbert W. Hae, j and Sals Percy a. Isham, William i.. Fatten and I Kdward_Q. macs. j I N virtue of and pursuint to ajudgment rendered in said Court, la the »bove entitled adjon, dated the 8d day of Jnne, 1869.1 shall expose for ssj, and sell at Public Auction, at the Post^)mce, In the City of Milwaukee, on Saturday, ttae I Otto dav of SeBteinber, 1859, at tbe hoar of J f. ST.; of that dav the foUowmgdCTChbed'inortgtged premises or so nracl! fT", of « m »7 *>« necessary to raise the amount of •aid Judgmeul, interest, and costs, to«eth«r with the expenses of sale, to wit; "-All that piece or parcel ofland situate K the - County of Milwaukee and State of Wisconsin, known and described •» the south half of lot two m, In block slsty-two [82J, In the SevwnU. Ward v o^the OUy of Hl'waukee " ••"- A ~ waukee, June 7,1859. A. J. LANGWORTHY, fb'ff. MIL Co., WIs. KNAPP tly of N. T., may be consulted at hi, ro.,m N., « Hou.e, Milwaukee, the ftrst of, e« h D< ;' ng NoTrmb « 1". '» regard to all Ju eases, which he treats with Dnprecedente.1 inccess Hi cure, chronic case, or diseases, have b-en pro. noanced incurable by the medical faculty .-Derail, •Deh a. Nerrous and Neuralgic Affection^ UtseLe. ol Women all forms of Scrofula, Dyspepsia, Constipation- S, ? M V?' ( - anceron ' « J Tuberculous Affect.on,, including Pulmonary Consumption, Rheumatism Par aJys^, Epilepsy, Remittent and Intermittent Fever. the disease, of Children, 4c. Au. the peril, and most of the sufferings of child-birth are re.noTe.1 by earl, consriitwiuon. J < f A i . I. A .N 1 > K •» r 9 .^ I'. M » 1 I, J. . C A JOBBER I.N D 1 U I 1. 1 ') f it«l AND e e \ o t i <> n t promise , Remember, that the Doctor do all stage, of Diseases. While all disease, are curab |f taken in season, all stages are not. Your ca-e „,».' be curable this weelt, not oeiHo-day, not t,,-morr,,» Hence the danger of delay. sepis fj*^ Dr j Kn »l'P wil1 ^ " "" ^"ms, Ne.hall House from Tuesday noon, July ISth, till Thur..|a» n.-or July 14th. Consultation ra». V a u k STOCJK ALWAYS v I.' a i, •.IlLAi< l-I.Sn. FU Ornca- or THK MIL. 4 M»JISOT» R. R. Co. i Mllwauiee, Jure 6, 1M9. f requested to call an. I axjuul O001JS AND r ,u K. P. CAJJY, Quent,n's Block, n K Water t. I V I ,,t mongsges of the LaC * Milwaukee by R»llr..»d Co NOTICE 'ordered, . ««M. throngh block i()3, ID the BecoSd W«rd"ll j" ClrcnltOonrt. Hans Henry Jorgens, against Daniel E. Cotton. I 10, Uon, at the Court ~ ' tbe Kit) Co. Judgment of foreclosure artd -n-o— -• —^ «.%..u«a c • H%llri>Hd C under fonctosare of which this Company Is oriantii and iwrjon. holding ««ch bond, who have not alread Atfo™ rf i Iiun< "« DoUfll!d '0 Jo •» '•> Person or b Attorney duly anthorlxed tTen ' th " lhe Seerttary of thl. Com rllfle "" 0< ">• >toc * °' ""• Oomp "' ° '^ b0ndl ap °° •'"moder ther the P™^' 101 " «' '"e deed of or thta cimrl,*"? * 1T «.U>« U>e Board of Director, o thL,n Sr^* 1 " J "o»d««n«sseMmenton the stock a tt, r«e of one per cent, for the i urpose of p »y| B g th f ° reclo « ln 8 '"« I'ld mortgage, and o JeT-dtt DWlGHTW.KETM.g.cretary. Olty of Milwaukee, on of Jujfy, 18B*. at «64] , STATE OF WISCONSIN, I Circuit Court. Milwaukee Co f Christian Wlraenrled, Johannes Schmuts Frederick . SchmnU and Christian Schmuts. ' rnaene * , - *= Farmers) A Millers' Bank, Dex«^ «? ri i °?' *• W " Wheelock, Horswe H. Freeman ana Hlaabeth, his wife, Caleb U. Patt-rson and Pkttenon, his wife. ' . Jadgment Fgreclosure. TN Tlrtue of and pursuant ta a judgment ranlered IB *-XS£ Oonrt i ln U» »bo»« eutltled action, dated March 8, MM, I shall expos, for sale and sell at PnhlJc "»«• Uon, at tha Post-Offlceitw the corner of Wisconsin and KS&l%S*£Sf*y3 MU..«kee, on sill JSB9. Cwla \s;iv rpUE NEW AND THK OLD , Or California in.i In.ll, Ji ,n romantic aspects, by G W Palmer, M D Mosaics, by the author of a»lad for the Solitary A Bachelor's Story, by O'lver Bunce. , Llfs wf General UaTelock, by J T lleadley The Conv.le.cenf, by N. P. Willie. i The Sparrowgraas Papers; or, Living In the Country, by F. T. Coiznus. Just Received. For ill. by TKBRT * OLKAVlCR, J e ^* 167 Water St. • 1 t'. h. K II A >i s' A v. T 1 r' 1- N KW U.--., fc . S I ill M O N D S , SOLE PROPRIETOR * MANUFACTURER OF PORK OHIO CATAWBA BRANDY, rilHIS Brantly has been manufactured for several .1. years from the pure jatc« of tha Oatawba Qrape, thus affording additional evidence of the progress al American enterprise and Industry, and of our ability to made by anv produce articles at home equal to those other nasibn. .K *J?', b n BrM '' y Oot only e< l ollja bu « the .best Imported Brandies, In purity and Uavor In fact the best Brandy knowr,. This statement 1 onr It is full, N SWBUH.O. N V . c i received it A T.ILn.N »UOUAiONI. rvcrlv«i si icblj |^ «.Nlilllilj an QN. -«,, , \^ f v»r«9JJ lo-.lity wJU.ME choice V ( SHLMu.N. ,11*1 -o »u>ul, -j HI NN 11. \.\l.-i. nison Hams tt Thewaniof Pura«Bnndy ha»- long been faltiothn conntry, and the Introduction of aa article" ..S, ,o£ 1- ty aa to superscede the sale and use of those vll. compounds hlthesto sold under the name of Brandy.can onT, be regarded i great pufcUc good. Tbe CatawbL Brandy suaejiet all the g»od qn«lltie« claimed for the beat mporteil liquors, and Is of perfect parity and superior flavor, ami a soverlgn and sur. remedy for Dyspeps^, Lo " 8 P' r ">- Oener SM(.>K Kl> C UDIOK Smoke.l Salmon , inaraT . .VI l > N . UUNN s OtlOHllY ' FAlLY SHOULD BE WITHODT IT. Retail Price, 41,23 p» ;r Oottie. _ EecemmendeJ by tha physicians an of the United States. , a.aimmondihai appoint*,! J. P. 1 1. 8. ILSLEY No 11 Kait Water street, sole sgenU for the State of WIs- enniln, wtere dealers and customers will picas* for- «ard their order*. B; c&Utng aa tlie ageau, Uit pabnc will r«alv» asam- le-gr»tnloiuiy. my 18 J USTiOK M ANUrACTDRJCD erprnaly for that pi of IrU o.a.llt» paper. B. TEOKT i** MTskft co 9 -' 011 ' M. MA>'I.K SYKL ! H )la|>lc rtyrup, . > i;HOBBY'S. M. K KCK1VSD by ilrjt noat (rom Buffalo, M •P r7 H0NN s a II. U. JAVA O ? 9U[ierl<.r quiUty, »prT the be.1 in iho ally at Ul,N> i CHOSBi-a. KAMIL.Y N EW Kork UllU slour, cu martl FLo UK. .tantly un BHNN OBOSBT'8.

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