The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on July 9, 1923 · Page 11
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 11

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, July 9, 1923
Page 11
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MONDAY, JULY 9, 1923 l"HE HUTcillNSON NEWS. PAGE ELKVEN. NEW TREASURER , TOMORROW NOON | Change Will be Macie if Lewis I Bond is Secured—Bcmdinff Co. f Official Here. Pranlt Lewis, for the Tast six lnonths assistant to County Cleric Fred I.ute, will become county treasurer tomorrow tit noon, succeeding L. J. Ad- klnaon tor tho term expiring in October. AdklnBOn resigned last woek because of his admitted negligence In holding up a chock given by the United Water, Gas & Electric Co. lust December, at the request ot officials of the bank. Three bonding companies are on Mr. Adkimion's bond and while alt three have been notified only ono company bad a representative hero today. A. Julian Baghy, of the Fidelity, Trust Co., of.Maryland, came today but was ready to make no comment except that his company would of course make good Its proportionate share of any loss itho county may suffer. He was unprepared to Btate his company's attitude toward Mr. Ad- l„klnson. Nothing Criminal In Action. The .fact that everything points to the fact that Mr. Adklnson wan merely a victim of being too accommodating and that Ihoro is a very good chance of no loss being suffered by the holding of the check probably will result in no prosecution, It is generally holioveil. The county will take no steps in this direction. Mr. Adklnson is offering every possible help to the county alul bonding companios and Toxpotts to have all his affairs shaped up for tha transfer of tho office tomorrow. Ho has no immediate plans for the future. The only thing that, could delay the twnsfer "tomorrow would be Inability t0 \g*»t. matters pertaining to tho now treasurer's bond shaped up. with an enrollment ot 100. A new feature of thla school.will bo the Elimination ot desks in the class room, long conference "tables taking their places. DOBERTY PLANT HERE THE MOST EFFICIENT Employe* Will be Guests of Company at Dinner-Celebrating Good Record. ' Tho 2D employes at tho United Water, Gas and Electric Co. plant, will bo entertained at a banquet which will be served s*4he plant at 6 b'clock tomorrow night. Tho banquet" is being served by the company to celebrate the .breaking <ft all efficiency records at Ihe plant for the month of June. The plant b*re has hold tha record for being the most efficiently operated plant operated by the Henry -L. Doherty Co., treat of tho river. Durln^-the montlh <ot June tho •plant iiroducod kilowatt 'hours of electricity for every gallon.of oil which, was burned. NEW COLORADO RATES CANNOT BE APPLIED Traffic Bureau Geta Notice of I. C. C. Action in Mo. Pac. Effort to Hike Charges. CAMP AT HOME . TO START TRIP Mrs. Martin and Her Tent Man Off for Cooling Breezes— Find Nebraska Hot. smacking sound the tires were making on the damp roads. My "tent man ' said tost was tho vacum cup perforih- ing Us suction act that prevents skidding. The samo processes by whlcn the reducing cup works, which givej nie faith that It will do thu wont It properly applied, since those culpa do a good Job of reducing roads. JH you've ever tried to reduce your weight, by tho vacurii cup process you will appreciate thlc, if not pass it up). See Modern Prairie Schooners. Heard a strange "Whoa Whoa" sound bucket us and a Moon car from By Mrs. Wm. Martin, Missouri took the lead. Having set the time for our vaca- Wo see many oars with canvas tops tlon to begin at 6 P. M. July 2nd there over bows like tho old time moving was nothing to do but begin it. Wo wagon—prairlo schooners on trucks, wqro still at homo but tho vacation Ilan into mud at JLindsborg—long was there also, so wo began enjoying I black rouds stretch be-fore us with two it by making camp In our own home gray threads winding through them town. Our first night out being our whero carB have proceeded us malt- last night In. That is our first night Ing a plgley wlgley trail which we try on tho road being, our last night In to follow. town wo wero uljlo -to Invoice our I Now Use of Word Detour, camp and make mire wo had forgot-j Hero Is a question I refer to the> ten a number of the essentials of home folks as i havo no dictionary, camp life. Having 'been through the what is the meaning of "detour?" We full process of pulling up and leaving have always thought it means, "Lcavo home; saying good byo and being this road and follow the one directed," wished good luck and God-speed by when a bold slirn said "detour" we do- our friends, leaving full istructiona'toured to another town only to learn how to tie the dog and teed tho cat we .when wo get there that it meant 10 decided wo sould do without tho for--,take you to that town. We beat it gotten articles by substituting a back to the main road and the doves butchcrknlfe for the razor and a pa-! bad to fly in high to escape our radiu- per wad for the thermos .bottle cork .tor. rather than leturn and go through the| At Salina we fed the inner man—- pu'ling up process again. j likewise the 'inner woman. Following "What Is there about that "pulling the Midwest highway to iBsnnlngtbn up" proce.-m that makes us dread it,we almost stuck in tho piece of tin.! so? A sort, of clinging of the earth t Solomon valley wo tried to cross. We about our roots and a drooping ot*<JUr learned how to dry up a mud mole — leaves llge the plants. I suppoua it is pour gasoline In it and set it afire, that feeling that gives us the love of Howover this might be like having home and keeps'us from turning Oyp-^iarn and eggs If you had the bam RUFFLES OF LACK TRIM DANCE KKOCK "W. P. Uarrett, claim adjuster for tho Hock Island was in town today on of- 'ficlal business. •Mrs. Henry Toevs of Newton was the gue .3t of licr mother, Mrs. W. J. Chappell over Sunday. Miss Nora Martin was tho guest of \ Miss Anna liukey, and Mrs. W. C. Junius at McPuerson over Sunday. Hay Wagerican, baggageman at the Jtoclt Island :-.t:itlon was operated on today at a local hospital for appendicitis. J. A. Reed, a well known farmer of the Haven nWgiiborhoOd was brought to (ho Methodist hospital seriously ill last week. The Haven chapter of the Eastern RtRV has been granted a dispensation and no meetlti ^s will be held during July and August. Kev. and Mrs. D. C. Shields. .Methodist puRtor at 1-faven has gone on a motor trip to Colorado which will last most of the sumnio" Mrs. Eimnettt Fryo nr .d children are visiting In Great Bend having been called there by the death of Edwin Tyler an old settler. A. I). Johnson, horscshoer for tho Field Artillery returned homo today after a two-weeks furlough. He spent the two wceka at Sylvia. Miss Janet Seheble of Hyde Park has been spending the past week with her cousin, Betty Schoble at tho AVirshing homo in Sterling. Rev. II. L. Oeorge went to Newton today to preach the funeral sermon ot Mrs. ltosino Hessmer who died Friday utter an illness of six years. According to Hay Abbott, manager of a filling station at (Ireat Bend tho tourist travel Is twenty-five per cent less than last year at tills tlmo. Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Jonftings have been In Maeksviilc for several days visiting relatives and looking after the harvest on Mr. Jennings' farms near there. f Mr. and Mrs. Ed Hagnn were voted to have the prettiest yard* in June at St. John by the St. Jolm Luncheon club and were guests at the club at tho meeting last week. , Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Martin and children of Long Beach, Calif., are here for a two months visit with relatives bore and at Sterling. Thoy expect to •visit in Oklahoma before going homo. The Lutheran Ladies Aid socloty of. the Haven church will meet next Wednesday In Hutchinson at the homo of Mrs. Clara Schltekau, 103 Fourteenth avenue oajst With Mrs. Martha Tonn as assisting hostess. Mrs. S. A. Wesley who has hee^j visiting her daughter, M ,-s. M. H. Brown, was taken quite 111 tho last of tbe week and her daughter, Mrs. Will Elevens waB called hero from Great Bend to bo with her mother. Horman Zwlck and daughter, Katie of Sairuan havo applied for passports to Germany expecting to sail In August for Bremen, Germany, They will spend the greater part of their stay with Mr. Zwlck'a parents In another part of Germany, Frederick Stubbs of Sterling wrfo graduated from the KniiBas university this spring has accepted the position of chemist at tbe Arkansas City Mills. He held tho pealtloa previous to returning to school tho lirat of tbe year to get hla degree. Tho -.wonten of the Stafford county courthouse force gave a dinner party iu honor of Miss Anna Beck, the retiring county superintendent of Instruction, and •Invited the rest ot the courthouse officials to eat fried chicken with them. W. II. Mitchell, t'nmnmnder of the Oranil Army, of 4It Bast Seventh. Will leave today for Yopeka to ro- eei »3 official orders to go to Milwaukee, Wis. Inuring the next few weeks lio will mnko several .talks at places |»hore/ he has" been called. 0. W. Mlttendorf of tbe tratrie department of tho Chamber of Commerce received word today from the Interstate Commerce Commission that the case against the 'Missouri Pacific raise In rates hpd been decided In favor of the Hutchinson shippers'. _ On April 10 tho railroad company announced a rate increase on goods sent from .Hutchinson and other central Kansas points to eastern Colorado. The Hutchinson traffic bureau at once filed an objection and at a hearing on 'May 8 at Wichita, the Hutchinson shippers were joined by Wichita" and Sallna Interests In protesting, Tbe finding of tbe commission received here today says that tho Increase was found not to bo justified, the new rates"cancelled and the old raleg restored. It will be two years before the matter can bo brought up again. ^jwiiii \Mi> lUT'irmliiiiiH '<i mil'iiiiii'nili 1 iiii ill IIIIIIIIIIHI HHiin i IIIIII i MM GOSSIP OF THE STREET .fL'ua,mnr.!t i!]ii«aiMiiminiiin:!^i:nisi,v Rims ad agency—Wilson W. Oloni meats, formerly engaged In advertising work here and more recently, manager of the Wichita branch of the Randies Alleuj agency, has gone Into business for himself, buying out the |* Wichita interests of tho Hutchinson firm. He will operate under the name, Clemments Advertising service. Bryn Mawr Students. '" ThllBdoli'hia: Tho Summer School for - Women Workers in Indust-y at ,!Ui'yn Mnwr. College, opened recently Bad check man held—H. J. Hauser wns arrested yesterday by the county authorities ou a" had check complaint. . •—x— Had new windmill—Joseph H. Anderson who comes each year from Hurllngton Junction, Mo., to work in tho haryest, spends his spare time working on windmills and Is now engaged in constructing at tho Twin Tweel windmill plant a largo model of bis latest Invention, a horizontal twin wheel which can be used in either wind or water. Harvesters Move North—There Is a gradual exodus of harvest hands from Hutchlusou as work Is brought to a close in Reno county fields. Most of thoso lnent upon work are uead!|g for Colby, in northwest. Kansas and Nebraska points. According to 3d Perry, Altesouri Pacific ticket agent moro bands than 'Usual are buying tickets. Travel is heavy on both Rock Island and Missouri Pacific. —x— Legion to Meet. Tho Lyslo Rlsbel Po*»t of the American Legion will hold Its regfllar meeting at 8 o'clock tonight nt tho Chamber of Commerce Tho meeting will he livened up by some special musk! wMch has been arranged by'.tho entertainment cam mitteo. It 'Includes numbers 'by the Legion quartet and the orchestra whffch. has been organized recently. —x— Drove Too Fast: Three alleged speeders were picked up by the motorcycle officers over tho week-end. They wero Ed. W. Lutz of 119 Twolfth avenue east; H. H.' Shellenberger of BOB First avenuo west, and Harry Holmes of 70!) Seventeenth avenue west. L. E. Cole ot "91 Tenth west was arrested Saturday evening for wrong parking. —x— Drunk Resisted Officers: J. A. Beavers of this city was picked up by Officers AHord and Yttdou last night while drunk. He resisted the officers In their efforts to take him tp the ppllco station. Ho Is booked oh tho double charge of being drunk and resisting an officer. J. Q. Little Back Again: J. Q. Little, veteran Hutchinson police court char- actor, was picked up on the streets yesterday evening in company with Thco. Sheppurson of Hollyrood. Kan, Bolh men wore slightly under tho Influence of liquor according to the police, and eight bottles of home brew were found In tha car they drove Into town. —x— Testing Calves—V. S. Orlppen, county agent, went to Plevna today to'help tost tho calves owned by tho calf club menibevs. Moat of the calf club calvoB have been tested.'for tuberculo- Bl8 \and no re-actors havo 'been, fo -md. —x— •Yarbrough Is Held—Walter Yar- brouh, arrested last week for taking a shot at the Stucky brothers who found him stealing gasoline from their (father's farm noar Ntokerson was arraigned today 'before JuBtlce T. P. Cox and bold In default of >1,000 bond pending a preliminary examination. sy right. May wo never lose It The country was green, ami wet, and full of work as we rolled along and we were treated to our first sight of the combined reaper and thresher. Three men doing tho work that formerly required thirty. I coulfln't help thinking what a saving that would be for tho cooks. And I thought of a time when I tried to feed a crew ot hungry men who devoured evory morsel I had prepared'. Only a miracle of a box of oatmeal and a few cans of corn saved my reputation. Me for the combined thresher. Propounds Real Puzzle. Tho machine was coming down a long curve, bulltractor In front, harvester next and wagon behind, In a full trot. My "tent man" said, "How the devil they going to make that turn?" but they made it without missing a straw. Thoy charge two-hits per bushel for the work. Here's a "How-o)d-ls-Ann" problem: If *the farmer pays twenty five conts a bushel for threshing, expenses of planting, taxes or rent as tilo case may be. and seJls fete eighty cents per bushel, how long will it tako htm to pay for a fc'oril"" As we ran along wo saw our first snake of the season run into the grass, by which sign wc are to know that we will not conquer our enemk^s for this year. Then we Kaw another one. but we are not conversant enough with tho signs to know what to expect now. Missed the Heat. Aa we ran along from ono to another of thoso ton-mUe-Per-'hour towns and notlcod how tho tadpoles havo grown into hoptoads we began to realize how tho season is advancing into midsummer though tho scorching heat of July Is absent. We felt Rlmoat ashamed to say we wero headed for the north and cooler weather. I remarked about the. strange Too Much Mud. TVrtlay we cro:-nea the beauty s-pot of Kaunas by way of Randolph and enjoyed t .hn green hills vibrant witli tho call of the hohwhite and his mate, and would have enjoyed the roadsides fragrant with their banks of sweet clover had it not been for the miles of newly made mini. Such fine, modern farm homes, not built onthe old Btyle, but artistic and up to date. We used to say a man was about ready to die when he built a fine home, if there Is any truth in that saying there will bo some busy undertakers up this way, A Ford passed us up. My "tent man" said it was geared four to ono and if he had a car geared five to one he wouldn't let any filing pass him- But»I don't know so well about that. I recall that Hilly Bryan used to be running geared sixteen to one and most every thing that came along passed him. We havo-met cars today from WesI Virginia, Tennessee, Maryland and as the LHtclinuin soys "most all over." It is hot and dry. and dusty here— Bonievhcre near Fremont, Neb. and Horkail.iy says "straight up." I see an ambulance iidvert.lsoment at a railroad crossing. I wonder why, at tho crossing. That's going after bu: ; lnt's,s. don't you think so? Three Doctor Sons. Milwaukee: When bis son Harry graduates from the Medical School of the University of Pennsylvania this year, Herman Schlomovltz, bailiff of tho Federal Court. Milwaukee, Wis., will have three sons in tho medical profession. Many Immigrants. New York—Twelve thousand and twenty six immigrant!! passed through Ellis Island since the new Quota went Into effect Sunday. AS HUSBAND BOASTS UNFAITHFULNESS WIFE SILENCES HIS CHANT WITH LEAD Most ot us »ro sorry for our slns^— but not quite sorry enough to quit sinning.—Atchison Glob*. "Stacy Adams" New Ht-Shoes for Fall Black kid, Belmont last $15.00 Brown kid, Belmont last*-$15.00 Brown hid, Elk lasl - $15.00 Brown kid, sfrntg/ii last $15.00 Brown calf, Belmont last $13.50 Brown calf, Plaza last $13.50 Tan calf, plain toe - $13.50 All combination lasts. £8 North Main 20 rtorth Main lasBHGRaHfsaBMBHiiHmaiiHaiisHS mm a The Pot of Gold and the Rainbow 5 The fairy story about the pet of geld at the foot of the rainbow may well be adapted to a truthful business fact about 2 your plumbing job. g IF YOU LET US INSTALL IT. * There is a pot of gold in Savi.'.g3 and Satisfaction if you n get n good job. • A GOOD JOB costs you a HttJo more on the initial cost— E but will last for years with comporr.tively no ccat for unkecp. • TAKE A TIP FROM "TORCH V" m Make your next job a real one. Kitzmiller Plumbing Co. g Phone 281 • aauBBHaasBEaiEHRn 417 No. Main. KRSBHHFfgKBBHnr.t 1DBI a i nun Chiffon Is s.uch a dainty and satisfactory material ,ut which to. make frorliH and "siteeiallly is It suited to dane.e frock3. It comes in such bewitching shades and lends itself so well to tiny style and needs little trrlmmiiiK to embellish It. Combined with lai-o and ribbon us It is in this simple 'dance frock It is especially al'.uritiir. Tho ruffles of sheer lace tiro applied in ^ uniques way forming an apron effect across Ihe front of the 'kirt. A lontr shoulder lias two ruffles ot the lace forming a short r-icove a charming setting for a fair yutsutf arm. The waist is girdled with a twisted ribbon ending iu '.ou^-loops which hans below tile hem- of tho skirt. Dainty silk roses trim t)i» belt and nestle la the lace ruffles. • Tbe hlnuis perfectly plain except for tile ruffios ou the sleuves and the skirt is gathered simply at the waist to glvo a liffle fullness without taking from 'the straight line effect. A dainty and youthful model. Meats 3 STORES Groceries MARYLAND MAN IS NEW UTILITIES SECRETARY XI. !N. Uoekutt ot FroRtburg, Maryland, "vvlui WIIH formerly Ho -cretary- treanurt-r of the Cum^erhind ami Eastern Post Railway Co., arrived today to tako over his now position aa sec- j retary-lreasun'f of tho United 'Water, j tfi^s and Electric Co. h«re. That; position -vras niado vacant hy the re-: signatron of J. C. Alexander, wTio leuvea tomorrow morning for Ixmis-' etlle, Ky., to become director ot the Intermediate T^tiul Hank thero. Cantaloupe 3 for 25c Thie Week Only 21 Bars Crystal White, 1 Ear Hardwater Castile, 1 Box Sea Foam, , 1 Box Borax Washing Powflgr, MBM ««»iBMm »flauiBaiamBi ,—_______ Pure Cicfer Vinegar Gal, 33c ;Uo 09epApple Butter, 2 cans 35c Prunes, lb laclNo. 10 Poaches 49c Evap. Peaches, lb 15tgDutch Cleanser, 3 cans 25c Evap. Apricots, lb IScgLighthouse Cleanser 05c Two students on a train woro tolling about thoir abilities to sue and hoar. The duo fsaya: "Do you eee that barn over there on tho horizon','" " Yes." "Can you see that fly walking around on tho roof of that ham?" "No, hut I can hear tho idiinglea crack-when ho stops on thom."— Awgwan. Un. Tberc »a Conluni. CHICAGO—la a husband 'signing hla legal death warrant when ho comes hotne t6 Ma -wife and boasts of Ms Infidelity? That question will bs decided In court here when. Mrs. Thoroa Con- turBl goes on trial for the slaying of her husband, Dominic. MrB. Contursi, «cordlne to the police, does not dony the Wiling. According to the' story she has told ^police her husband came homo full of moonshine and ctestineas over Ms "way -with the women." . _' She claims that he became abusive and then boasted to her of his con- quastB Ui the feminine realm. , Mr* Contuxal Is, just twenty-four. Makes Own Clothes. Now York: At tho aso of 100 years, rs. Harriet Hubbard, of New York, contlnuoa to niako all her own clothes. TWICE AS MANY MOTOR CARS AS MILK COWS BlDorado, July 10.—Thoro ore throo tlrnca aa muny cattle ae horuoH in Butler county, according to tho assessors' figures on livestock, prepared by County ArisoRnor Clydo SuwUrrasn. The total number of cattlo at tho time of ;u -.!;oRi3ing this lipring: wan EiS.fiJSG. Oont3 are at tho hottom of the list, c-Tiowinij a tr>t i al of only 20;!. Thero are nearly 3,000 dogu In tho county and -1,451 [duvi>. Thero are nearly twico as mony motor v»h !eloB in^tho county an milk COWH . The number of mot,or vehicles for which licenses havo been Indued hero lneka only 2,000 of equalling the and blurry, ealb-d "pleasure vohieb's," are low, mimbo.riiuf only 3313. There are f >5H trucks In tho county; Tho a:-*;K'iM ;ei .l valuation of ail motor vehicle* W<M $!,4!<> ( M0 at. the time of aH-ae -SKing. The t."t:il value of t-attla in tho finvlnff wan about ?1,G;>(),000. FIVE REFORMATORY INMATES TO LANSING IHvo inmate-i of tho atato Reformatory '.voro taken to the LairdUK HCtto prison today by Asaaatant BuporlnLen- rt.Tit M. 10. Joillffo ami Officer \V. 8. Griffith-In compliance with an order i. ; ;!iuv'd by tho fUnto board of administration at its recent medium h*'r<:. .iafk Pattern, a tailor brought down from Lansing in May to act as an instructor, was anions thoso takon today. Tho iithov four aru Initiates who havo shown a disinclination to etitor horao copulation. Tho lowly carriago' the spirit of reform. Before tile tragedy cast its ahadow upon hor she was regarded by hor nolRhbors as comely, exceedingly no, and fair to look upon. Tho. brazon offrontry of her husband—she loved him, oho told pollco —made her frantic. She alternately pleaded and threatened. He uddod Insult to her already injured feelings. Then came a shot. Tho boastings ceased. The paths of feminine conquest had led tut to the grave. Now it develops upon a court or Justice— a Jury, perhaps, of twelve men and women, husbands and wives —to determine if a husband's boasts of infidelity to his w'fe merits death , at her hands and justifies It, I IN ADDITION to the great personal pride each director has in the successful management of this bank, there is also a soleimn oath taken to faithfully administer the duties resting upon the directors of a National Bank. The directors of this bank _hold weekly meetings, at which time all business • of the bank is discussed freely. ^ ^ ^ , , The Commercial National Bank r OFFICERS AND DIRECTORS 'AUTHOR II. SUTBR, President WM. M. IIUDDICK, Cashier BDWAIU) T. GUYMON, Vice President ROBERT K. STEELE JEFFERSON' C. I'ETRO LINDSAY 8. PBGUE3 CHAfl. H. HUMPHREYS

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