The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri on November 10, 1916 · Page 14
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The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri · Page 14

Chillicothe, Missouri
Issue Date:
Friday, November 10, 1916
Page 14
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THE CHILL.IGOTHE DAILY CONSTITUTION, FRIDAY, NOV. 10, 1916 Twelve Great Serials in 1017. Soiue or theso are story-group;; like thobe inimitable stories it t h e olid horns down in Maine In. whicli C. A riieplieno rihrnv^ him-seli: a i n a = - t t r . There w i l l be ^ c r i a U lor girl--;, j-erUr-s ior bo;. -. s-eriEus t h a t hol'i t h e I'apf a i t t n r i a n oi" all rr-:id' r- o. e i t h e r b i - \ u.ul aU n^cs, And i h o fiction is only a u c r n e r oi T!te C o t n p a n ion. I t i s b r i n i t u l j n d r i n i n i n j ? o v e r \\ i t h all manruM" OL good t h i n g ^ There's n o t a bolter S 2 . U U worth, of periodical reading a n y w h e r e . Send f o r t h e rorcc-ifct f o r 1 0 1 7 , which d i s closes some of the d e l i g h t f u l afcro'n of the n o w vo 1 u m e . K"ew s u b s c r i b e r / for 1017 \\-\io ^en^l ? 2 . 0 0 now wilt receive all the i^su^;. ior the r e m a i n i n g - weeks of II) 16 I r e p ; also The C o m p a n i o n Home CaL e-nclar for 1017. By special a r r a n g e m e n t , new sub- be r i ber.-i "o r T he Co m p a u ion c a a have also Me Call's M a g a z i n e for 1917. both p u b l i c a t i o n s for only ?2 10. T h i s Uvo-ar.-one-price oiler in. eludes; 1. The Youth's C o m p a n i o n -- ^ 2 issues in 1917. 2 All r e m a i n i n g N o v e m b e r n n ' I D e c e m b e r K u e s of The C o m p a n i o n f r e e . 2. The C o m p a i u n H o m e C a l e n d a r fat- 1 317 _ 4. McCall's M a g a z i n e -- 1'2 i'ish- ion n u m b e r s in 1017. .". One 15-ccnt McCall Dress Patt e r n -- y o u r choice 1 f r o m y o u r first copy of McCall's--iC you s^ivl a '2- c e n t F f a m p w i t h y o u r P 11 f 1 e t i n n. TUP: YOCTirs C O M P A N I O N . St. P a u l , St.. Boston. Mas^. New S u b s c r i p t i o n ; - Received at t\ii-=. rfllce. YOUNG WOM Need Only Trust to Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound,says Mrs.Kurlzweg. Buffalo, N.Y. -- " ify daughter, whose picture is herewith, was much troubled with pains in her. back ami sides every month a n d t h e y would sometimes be so bad thut il would seem like acute in- P.ammation of some o r g a n . She read your advertisement in the newspapers and tried Lydia Brinkham's V e g e - t a b l e Compound. She praises it highly as she has been relieved of all these pains by its use. I AH mothers should know of this remedy, 1 and all young girls who suffer should try it. "--Mrs. MATILDA. KuKTZWEG, 529 1 High St., Buffalo, N. Y. | Young women who are troubled with f painful Oi- irregular periods, backache, headache, dragging-down sensations, fainting spells or indigestion, should i take Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound. Thousands have been restored to health by this root and herb I remedy. I If yon knoiy of any young"rro~ 1 mcux "who is side and. neocl hclp- ' f u.1 advice, as"k Her to "\vrite to tlic t Jjj-rthi E.-Pinklinm 3Ieilicino Co., I Iiyiiii, Mass. Only women will 1 receive I i c r l r f t e r , and. it will T)O I held iii strictest coniidcnce. IHt HIGH PRICE OF PrtPajtXPUUNED - A D I O B O A H I ) HAS i ' O L ' M ) :-,'y KKASO.V Kt!!. K.VOii.'lOl',-, PKICi'.. vesliniilioii Y-i!l ( i u On, 10. miei Wiiy-., U'iUi licju-int; at AYhicll I'uhli-shers arul ."Uaiui- J'aotin-ci'b \Yfll Tct-til'y OF LOCAL iXTEIICST. You are asked 1 0 invest'gale i t _ Asked to believe a c i t i z e n ' s word To confirm a, c i t i z e n ' s s t a t e m e n t , j Any article t h a t is endorsed at h o m e j Is nioro w o r t h y of c o n f i d e n c e I Than one you know n o t h i n g a b o u t , Endorsed by u n k n o w n p e o p l e ^ [ Joe Fant, contracting p a i n t e r . 1527 j W. IVobster St., Clifllicotlie, s a y s ; [ "At one time when I had t r o u b l e w i t h lumbago and backache, 1 gave D o a n ' s K i d n e y Fills a trial. From the experience I had with them, my o p i n i o n ) iy a good one. Doan's Kidney Pills greatly helped me and f r o m the relief I secured, I can recommend them to others." Price 50c, at all dealers. D o n ' t s i m p l y ask for a k i d n e y remedy--get Doan's Kidney Pills--the same t h a t Mr. Fant had. Foster-Milburn Co., Props., B u f f a l o , N. Y. Not in some faraway place. Some "People AVe K.LIOW, and AVe AVill Pi'jflt by Kearins About Them. This is a purely local event. It took place in Chillicothe. BOMB TKSTEBS OX GROUND TWO IX AEROPLANE Washington, Nov. 9.--Naval Lieu, tenant Luther Welsh and C. K. Brouson were killed at Indian Head, Md., late today by the explosion of an aeroplane bomb -while testing projectiles designed tor use against war vessels. The report of the accident to the IS'avy department from the inspector of ordinance at the naval proving g r o u n d said the bomb detonated immediately beneath the aroplane in ·which the officers were flying. Apparently it struck part of the machine. The aeroplane fell into the Potomac river. When You Have Saved $50 t l i o f|iioiion avisos, k ·] Fo\v s h a l l T mvcsi, i i ? ' ? Tliorc io no "hotter ^vay i l i a n hi n Corl i f i c a t o of Deposit iu The Oitiyons Nalinijal Pnnk of C l i i l l i e o t h o , whoso resources of $Sr,0,000.00 A'ive you assurance of absolute safety ~Htr Cr r l i i u M to*, n f ri. [ j o p i r n r o is- « u t 1 i n s u m s o f ? ~ 0 n n d u p w a r d s . Thi-j ix-ai- mt-Tost t i t t l i p r a t e n f o PIT c.-n r and a r^ r o n o w a b l e at th-" 1 - n - 1 n C t w i - I v o m o n t h ' ; TT -S-IMI \va n t s^ciint v for y o u r sav- i n s « 3 ml a l) s · n c i · of a l l c x p o n e o r \vc r t v [ n c nl on t to m o r t s r r t ^ o ' ' . i K i n ' l * . piocks, eto., i n tins Ftt*oji y b a n k . Tin 1 f t rt i H e a t r-s a i-i" 1 r n ; \ d l l y n o p r o t i - 1 h l ^ a n 1.1 as col I at-" r n l s o c u r i t y a r u \ m o x c r l i o u . Fur t h o p r * \\-]in h a v p savoi^l somp mon H a n d rlesin* a r o ^ u l a r income. f r o i? f r o m t h e a n n o y a n c c a n 1 ·\vnrry of o t h e r f o r m s nf I n v o s t - m o n t. \v o s t r o n g^ y r o c o m m o n 0 o u r Ce r 1 1 ft ca i e of -He posit. THE CITIZENS NATIONAL BANK Member Federal Reserve Bank U. S. DEPOSITARY ' T h e Federal T r a d e C o m m i s s i o n ' s i n v e s t i g a t i o n or p r i n t iJ.ipir prices has thus iivr n o t developed u n y rea, son for the u n p r e c e d e n t e d l i g u r e b to wljicli p u ^ c r luty soareci, says the Kansas Cuy Times. T h i b \ v u s the Statement yesterday of J o s e p h E J J U N iuo, i L i e m b e r oL' thu Ijod.v, M'ho canio here to address the i Ly A s s o c i a t i o n ol' C r e d i t iieu. It is, costing the m a n u i ' a c f u r e r f i no more to m a k e paper t h a n lasl ; e a r , lui d e c l a r e d . Mr. Davies w o u l d not sav m u c h more abotit Hie s i t u a t i o n t h a n was c o n t a i n e d ui t h e c o m i s i o n ' s f ' n i n i u i ' s t a t e m e n t o l X u v e m b e r i , s r i y i i i y I I P prei'eri-ecl t o let the J i u a l r e p o r t of ! the i n v e s t i g a t i o n siiouk L'or N e i i . 1; ^vill be p u b l i » ] i e d t u o n ' There is a p o s s i b i l i t y t h a i i n creased d e m a n d t o r p i i n t paper \villi o u ( a c o r r e s p o n d i n g iiici'iM-p of prod u c t i o n ha^ I j r o u ^ l i t a b o u t ilie sur- I prising rise o!' tile price," he s a i d I "That p h a s e of the s u b j e c t w i l l lie t h o r o u g h l y m^e^tisate-d a n d w i l l l o r m a p : i r t ol the r e p o r t . There ^ H I I be h n a r i i i s s at w h i c h p u b l i s h e r s and j m f t ) n u C a c f . u r e r » may appear b c l o r e ! (lie commi.ssioii to tell t h e i r vie\vs un the b e a r i n g of the lav of supply and ' d e m a n d on the s i t u a t i o n . | "The books ot all paper i n a u u t a c t ' tirers of the U n i t e d S t a t e s and t h o s 1 ''In Can;ir!a. winch could be reachoJ · have b e e n e x a m i n e d by e x p e r t accountants, and it is on their f i n d i n g s j that we base the statement there ir I no i n c r e a s e in the coat or' m a k i n g paper. j "If the commission learns at any p o i n t in its i n q u i r y t h e r e has been collusion on the p a r t of the m a n u - 'faeturers, the wrong will be correct t e d imeindui,tely " Notice (o Bidders. Seo Dr. Prettyman. Every one who finds Ms faculties d u l l and f a i l i n g or his physical power- flashing- from overwork or from other causes, should promptly see Dr. Prettyman. His treatment -will re. move physical ailments and restore Che shattered debilitated system to its n o r m a l condition in a speedy and satisfactory manner. The doctor has made some remarkable cures in this v i c i n i t y . His methods of treating eye. ear, oatarrhal, chronic and ner- iis troubles have been very suc- ressful. You ran always consult him free of charge. His next visit, Leeper Hotel, Chillicotho, Mo_, Monday, Nov. IS. TOO TTT15 1TTTRT . OTJT OP TTER BACK Mrs. Anna Byrd, Tuscumbia, Ala., w r i t e s - "I was down with my bacic so I could not stand up more thas half the time. Foley Kidney Pills took all of the hurt out. "Rheu rustic pain=5. swollen ankles, backache, =Tiff joints and sleep disturbing b l a d d e r ailments indicate disordered kidneys and bladder trouble. Sold everywhere. --TO-MACDONALD FOE OVER 20 YEARS A KNOWN QUANTITY, in the successful correction of DEFECTIVE VISION and Eye Strain. Modern methods. Reliable S e r v i c e . Reasonable Price. A. B. MACDONALD Sealed bids will be received by the u n d e r s i g n e d C i t y A u d i t o r a t t h e o f I flee of the City Clerk of the C i t y of I Chillicothe, Missouri, u n t i l 12 o'clock rtoon of the 13£h day of November, | 1916, for the grading, c u r b i n g , pav- I ing and otherwise i m p r o v i n g C a l h o u n street, in Hie city of Chillicothe, Missouri, from the/east s : -'.e or line of ! Sunset avenue'to tli'j east sirte or line of Granji'vievi' avenue, in accordance with Q^Jfnance N u m b e r 2 0 5 0 of the Ordinances o-fsaid city and the plans and specifications therein referred to, which plans and specifications are now on file in the office of the City Clerk. All of said grading, curbiag, pav- .ng and otherwise improving of said street, including all the cost of bringing said street to the established grade, shall be paid to the contractor in special tax bills issued , against the property liable therefor [according to law, under tie provisions of the Ordinances of this city -'nd Ordinance Number 2050. Passed and approved the 3 0 t h day of October. 1916. Each bidder shall submit -with his bid a certified check for One Hun. dred ( $ 1 0 0 . 0 0 ) Dollars, parable to the City of Chillicothe, to Insure the making of the contract as provided by Ordinance. The right to reject any and all bids is reserved. JOHN W. WILLIAMS, 4_7t City Auditor. CASTORIA For Infarts and Children In Use For Over 3O Years A. W. CIES LIVE STOCK AtJCTIONTSER Office Rooms 19.2O Wallbrunn Builrlins; TERMS REASONABLE ice Hoiu-s: 9:OO a.m. to 3-.OO p.m. Ohillicothe, Mo. Chillicothe Lodge CHIIjljICOTHE PEOPLE GET INSTANT ACTION Those who have used it in Chillicothe are astonished at the INSTANT action of simple buckthorn b a r k , glycerine, etc., as mixed in Adler-i-ka Because it acts on BOTH lower and upper bowel, ONE SPOONFUL. Adler-i-ka relieves almost ANY CASE constipation, sour stomach or gas. it removes such surprising f o u l matter t h a t a few doses o f t e n relieve or prevent appendicitis. A short treatment -»s chronic stomach trouble Clark's Pharmacy. A lazy liver leads to chronic dys- er-sia and constipation---weakens tho .^^IO system. Doan's Regulets ( 2 5 o ft- b o x ) act m i l d l y on the liver and iwels. At all drug stores Cry for Fletcher's MEETS EVEBT MONDAY NIGHT Children Cry FOR FLETCHER S C A S T O R P A Try a Constitution Want ad. w ant The Kind You Have Always Bought, and which has been in vne Ior over SO years, has borne the sip-nature ol . and has been made Under his pcr- '-v-- sonal supervision since its infancy. «3«_ Allow no one to deceive you in this. --Is, .Imitations aud " Just-as-jjood " are but .^'^.iiui^i...^ that trifle \ritli and endanger tlie health ot Infants and Children---Experience against T AJ1 What Is C ASTORIA Castoria is a harmless substitute for Castor OH, Pare* goric., Drops ami Soothinj? Syrnps. It is pleasant. It contains neither- Opium, Morjjhino nor other .Narcotics substance. Its ogre Is its guarantee. It destroys AVorma and allays Pevcx-ishness. Tor more than thirty.-years it hag been in constant xtse for. the rc,lie£ of Constipation, Flatulency, ATlnd Colic, all Teething Troiibles and Xiarrhoca. it. regulates the Stomach and Bowels, assimilates the Food, giving- healthy and natural sleep. The Children's Panacea--The Mother's Friend. iENUINE CASTORIA ALWAYS »Bears the Signature of WANTED WAN-TED" TO FEED FOR WINTE --Plenty of grass, good wiud-m water and good s t a l k pasture. Pho :'OF12 or see .las, Barnes or Mi Blue · 2 G _ " \VA.\TJiD--A girl for general h u i work. Apply to Mrs. W. W. E crton, cor. Locust and Polk Sts., I^hona 30:j. 2^ W A N T E D STRAW Will pay H a ton, stack r u n , in car. Will ceive it at Wheeling, Cream Ilic Pampsel, Lock Springs, Bcdti F o u n t a i n Grove, Utica and Ch cotoe^ Vi'iH also buy your hay. oldS-vvl T. S. B i s h o p i'OU liji.XT--l'urniaheJ r u o m , sir ly modern, 015 Vine. J-'OK Kl^Xi'--G ruom hous"^ pa" niotieru, at 333 ilaQsur St. Cal l-Ji! Vino St. or p h o u e S U l . W . t ' U K ILK.-, r--13^ acre f a r m , upla located 7 1-2 m i l e s south oi' C .icolhc, u n the Air Line road. G i m i i r o v o n i e i H a . See or write J. il. i \varrls, D.lwji, Mo. 7 _ 6 S fee For Over 30 Years Kind You Have Always Bought THE QUESTION THAT IS AGITATING THS PUBLIC MIND IS, "TO BE" OR NOT TO BE." TTc know that the farmers must be prepared in order to raise a crop. AVe Lave been preparing them for the last 28 years and are still at the old stand waiting for more. OUR PRICES. QUA LIT l r OF GOODS and COURTESY 0V TKBATMENT SPEAK FOR THEMSELAT3S. "CASH" is our slogan. AVe talk it and believe in it. Tlie merchant that sells on time to Tom. Dick and Harry is compelled to add to the price in order to take care of the losses. Our Lines of SEEDS, BUGGIES and FARM MACHINERY AEE THE BEST THE MARKET CAN PRODUCE and OUR PRICES--WELL COME IN AND SEE, .UI.COMPANY I'Ult K.h.\r--Sloru rooiiL w nil i sized barmen! at corner Oi L. a i n l W e b - l e r , fine location for groc ios or f e e d . Ch;is. II Grace. FOR rr^XT^^"roonrresIdeiice7TT arid barn on norLh side of Juclu ,tn:et and west of Dickcnson St. j S O - t £ J. B. \\MtklD j FOR liEXT--S room "modern "hbu j B a t h ; full basement, furnace, p, i ed street, S lots, garage. Rent j y e a r . Address Marlow Bros., Chu , Mo. 2? i ^OR REKT--Storage space. Hend son Son. 10- .-'OR SALE--Overland Touring c. good as new, only 4. months oli Phone 21. 2_ti FOR SALE--Brass bed, mattress a I springs, a a bargain. 615 Vine I 'Phone 509. 7-6 l i J - U K SALE--Four room cottage ! pavc-d street, electric lights, water in yard. $1200. Gill Rj FOR SALE OR REXT--5 room b galow, new, cueap if taken unce. I n q u i r e 43"3 E. Jockson. "lephone 732. 2!j-tJ Public Sale! I will sell at Public Auction at Clover Dale farm one and one- half miles north and 7 miles west of Chillicothe, and one- and three-fourth uiilesnorth of Sampsel, Mo. Wednesday, Nov. 15 H RENT--.Moderi, u u r b a n property, 10 room hi .vith 5 acres of ground. For oar- lars phone 1454.J. 10-tf . 'OK SALE--1 hard coal stove, 300 Art Garland, 1 soft coal st Phone 1443-M. 819 Polk St. i-'Oll SAL.K--2 houses and lots, blocks from square. Call at office for f u r t h e r information. · .R'SALB--Encyclopedia Brittar 25 volumes, fine binding, gooa new, $20; 1 set McCauley's Hlsti of England, 5 volumes, |3; 1 vacu sweeper, Argyle, almost new, $5; green velvet Davenport-bed, $20 ' 'r-athcr covered offlcs or libr: chair. Telephone 246. 10--SHORTHORN BULLS--10 25--Shropshire £we Lambs--25 These bulls were bred on ClovcrDaleStock Pa/ni, aud car ry some of the best Shorthorn blood to be found. [f yon want new blood on your farm a;ct one oC these vouns? bulls. THREE rOUNG JACKS AVILL BE SOL ' ?!^VATK , T Terms Made Krown Day of Sale. Sale at 1 O'clock Sharp Ladies Aid Society of Mt. Olive Church will '"rve Lu ::" Iron and Steel Work I am now prepared to do a kinds of IRON and STEE WORK--such as Steel Stii ways, Fire Escapes, Sid Walk Grates, Truss Bod; Steel Road Drags, doublt single or tripple, Boiler, ED gine, Machine Work L. D. ASHER General Blacksmithina; and Repair Estimates Cheerfully Givei 411 South Locust Stree J. E. RAU COL. A. W. CIES, Auct. W. P. IIINNICK, Clerk CHAPEL PEEE--NIGHT PHON^ 44 ?,tr " rt97 F. A. MEINERSHAGEN SON UNDERTAKERS and FUNERAL DIRECTORS H. L. KECKE, Licensed B abal^"r. ^IIAR. ^~"^. Asst. Mr. F. F. Cooper, representing the Troy Laundry M i - 'chiiiery Co., o£ Chicago w h l l r in town last week visiting th S h i F E R Jj A U K T) H ' said, "This is the most up.' date Laundry, doins the T i V ' - , ^ «/ noarly perfect work" / have seen in many davs." ~~ Mr. Cooper was in th laundry business himself n Chicago for a number o years.--Adv_ j M. W. LITTON j EXCLUSIVE FUNERAL tTVET , | Special Call m!ae for -Parties : .J Bnllg. Phone .143. - iN£WSPAP£r SPAPERf

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