Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois on October 15, 1930 · Page 13
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Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois · Page 13

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 15, 1930
Page 13
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"fflifflwiiui le I ucCATUR HERALD WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 15, 1930. HERALD sows AUBI ET WTO /w THE rsc«*7- Bur w 4 cot/to , ytef nn*l *»* . ARDEN TheRwh Mid Frank Ellin. *v« T y m f t " nny ruffle* *r«To -^ -.MHe. that dol Vo J"-r or not ankle, J,. 1 instead o f , ,, ' up L»n(tu« Be tj!1 g Anthlng," ,; continued to u with puiaed Lht ' . which Is , Crreese, you ,,,,,,,,, better to be out of put of the Mod. ^ i. h " i "fooid nd Chignon h* Uked themT b * Minute bnhlna thp t the sinme na belnj rnd them, i ° ,i ow It, and f a 7 BO th* other Qlru'i,., he Meantime yo u CS|J Indcpendtnce , Jn in the Pace, 7o u say er of the Revolution a U K ht«r of Evolution, anything to you, 1 Brt a cackle from a nlp tlian to fret It Club. And than, later sthe found IndulKinj- In a He WAS standing In the Floor Razing at * Costume, alias Con-; fUrthcs. nllas tht txi Pish, somewhat fCa'la worn In hi* y "Chic" Sale, of ur- he sputtered, "It I* · small, it ha» been in ls tor five year*, Blame Thing it S«m«. i took a ould never wear the A Dinner Coat le the I Garment Jar Evening I've got to to back hlatorlc Monatrotlty Dress Suit!" why. you poor Nln- the Evening Paper e of Walea has decld- Iny Function attended ly Formal Wear may do Rlgueur," say a word about th» Indenpendonce. Sh* man, She started to ite Tie for the Poor e hundred Pci-«ent nt opulntlon tire Whll* ISN'T TAXI,' r"119MAM MISKT TRACE USTHROUSH A TAXI DRIVER TAKK D9 TO THE HUNA -WC HAVE A OOAT AKSACMANCS-lSMAM IMi AIJ. VET I D£A -THE RE NY®AN6- STGRff OUT AT SEA 1S/T MOW CAN WE SET '-sJLWHENV6i) (DNLY HAVE ONE AaS$ POflTeANOT(CKET9]) CHANCE IN A MILLION,YOU, ATTMS LAST MINl/T*? ft MAVETOTAKE JT-GET IN : J ' QUICK,HPfieTMEYCOM Bobby Thatcher l / J V C L £ VIGGILY RKDTIMK STORY Ity MOWAUD It. MIUH_J "My K'tln«»«; VVhdt In th« world hnvt you lher«*" cried Nurw J»n« Flirty Wuray «« »h« B«W Unct* Wlg- (Hy *nd Hfthy Bunty hopplnf Uw«n! Itw hollow »lurnp bunitftlow, carrx-j Us; wimtlhlnB Itetwoon th«m. "Arr uny of lh» chlldrnn hurt?" nshwl th«| mimmi l»ly hftHxeheopdc. "No honoy," »ftUl Mr, Longoars' vith * »mil». "Oh. do yott think you nhoittd o«H mf horsy?" nnkml Nnr*t Jnn» with i quick look itcotintl "t didn't cull you hon»y!" »i»oke Uncli Wgttny with R iftugh, "You MkH m# 1C w« **r* brln»lnt( hftnat IHII o/ th* children who s»l hull nit) I »irt «o, Monoy. I mean Bnby Sitnty snri ! «nt brlniflnR horn* »omc homy." "Oh, thiit'j rtlffordnl." l»u«h*tl Mufii« Jnno "Whdr« did you got It?" Then ifncld WltrxMy "iltl how ho ini! B«ty Btinty hud found A none? Ifw In thfl woods -n hollow tree whoi* th(i wild b«nn hntl «tornil hon*y thoy mmlv from th« (lowers, tint Ui« (PM WM too hlKh tor Uncle Wl£- Illy to cllmT). "So I tftlrt wall a whll* and wo w»tl»d," «xplaln«d Bunty. "And a ttoii b«nr cam* Along *nd climbed up find got a lot of honey and the tMt ttung him and h* droppo4 some tionty «nd th» b^c «Md w« might Ibvt It. *nd herd It in." "How wonderful!" *quiulccid the mwkrst ludy, "Now w« Khali hav* '·oin'y fttl w)nt«r to Bp^cact on pun- «rt«i. I'll take raw of it." 'Oh, Money! Honwy!" orl«d all the ilhor llttl* rabbit children at NUTBD timk lh« nweet iitulf Into the w "Moy w» have *onn« hon- thorn all n UHI«." *ali Uncle ^ fuch btmny boy nnd girl hud W»f enrroL htw»d spredd with the "wttl bus honoy. Uncle Wi(«(lly had »»"l» « bMK« of boik to carry the J«»P o (lower Juioo home from th* "Put the rest of the honoy away ''tally when tho Httl* rabbtta Iwd f 11 they wimnd, "We may have ^ WK, cold winter," , when Untie .ggtly ,, * t a f tttlnK in hl» b«n(culow. telling · »· strnny boyi antt »lft« a twdtlm* M»y bdoio they went to sleep, all of J ""Wen th«« wa« a knoeh at the there?" atiked Mr. "«»rr CMft* th* i h| Ohf Oh! " BJ, Janpl* an »n- the othsro. be afraid," th« voice «am, ' »« a Jolly bear. I Jtint camo to ?* » you would (rlv» a lltttt of your ^ I'm a jolly heart" MW» «n I utt that you tr* the not *e« you the door." ,.° h ' r m Jolly all right," waa th* to., YOTI «* B un *· "on ·« ^o" ,, (r , m * *»f. Ltalen!" Then th* b«ar ta,;TM d(W) '' *»"(! a aon* about two IOBt tl ' ol to weet. But you don't need to worry, for they're quite «» good to oat. "Oh, now I know you «« a Jolty boor," «ald Uncle WigRlly when th, ionf( waa finished. "Come In an hiivo some honoy. But how did yoi know I had any?" "i followed the «nt«." onld the J bonr, .ihtifflltiK Into the bungalow chuckling Baby Bunty under tlv chin and sitting down In a chair while Numo Jane brought him «omc honoy. "WhHt anifl"" ashed Uncle Wlggily "VVliy," explained ths Jolly bear luufthlntt. "whnn you and Baby Bun ty got «om« honey at the bee tree nml carrlnd It home through the woods in a bark bucket, some ot tlie sweet stuff dribbled out on th ground. The tittle ant bugs in (he 10- So 1 knew yw. must tave ltmty wooJs came out of their nests to ea the honey, I «aw a long prooeeaJon of ants nil tho way from the wood here to your bungalow, Unol Wig Klly, no I know you must have hon ey" "That was very clover of you,' spoke the rabbit. "I'm glad yo stopped In. H(ivo some more honey. And while the Jolly bear was eat Ing It, all of a sudden thnro was an other knock on the door. "Who la there?" ankert Ifnele sily. "Another Jolly bear who want some of your honey," was tho grow Ing answer. And Baby Bunty whin purnti: "Oh, I don't believe he's a Joll betir nt all! I bellove it's the cros bciir tho beos gliing. Auk him to aln a Jolly song, Unkle Wig." "If you are a Jolly bear »lng us jotty song before t let you In! called Wit rabbit through the doo And thoupth tho benr outside tried h wouldn't for tho life of him lng Jolly »onB for ho was crow, So he didn't get In and he had n honpy «nd the Jolly boar chated him awuy. And then all tha little bunt children went to bed and had runn droami about lollypops without an stick*, And it the chocolate cuk Isn't loo proud to bow to the Joat u bread when they pasi around th breakfast tftblo. I'll tell you nex about Uncle Wiftglly's tunny tall. (Copyright, 1030, by Howtrd R Oarln.) TIC.1IT: Troubl* with you Is every tlmt you get your fingers on dollar you have to daah right out an get rid of It, LOOSE: Well, th« longer you kee '«m nowaday* the less they allot you on 'em. · The Light at Cariboo lUDDEMty A FAtMT GLEAM OF DIFFUSED LIGHT APPEARED AMD AS SUOOEML/ VAHICHED HEARING BOBBXfe CRY THE PILOT BANKHD SHARPt-V* TO THE RIGHT AMD TOOK THE INDICATED-" AC Al N* THE LIGHT BECAME VISIBLE BOTH--' TAKING HIS POSlTtOM BV THE LIGHT CARSOK EASED Ht SHIP TO A LAMDtMC Oh( THE RBLO AT CARIBOO VOU AAU9T MAV« *V«« UK»- A CAT TO «AV« «KKM THAT HGHT«»TH« WAV t WAS - SeAO«OWtfD A CRACK«DOP ON IROM MOOMTA»N.... FOO WAS SO THICK \ TRIED TO UCHT A ClGAa ANp COULONT SSE TH« MATCH.-- WAS you SCA«_ BUO? r ftUPVWA«l * I WAS APKA19 W WOOUOWV OBT^ '"MCH IWOMJ THE NEBBS Her Secret MUS. KJE66, 1 SOT A SECRET t ~\ ' OUST MUST TELL ^OME BOOV ^ .AMD 1 XU£W ^CX» VJOKJT BREATWC IT TD A ,5001 WOT EV«J /0-/S «O«W» TO MAve A LOPC - OOKTT NOD TUHsJ* TMATS QOMAWTIC ?- t WA» A uTTUB OP AW SWPeMSWT MA(*RIA»e NOVJ IT'S COMC TO TO SLOPS UWTIL I COKV(WCEO H(i-t IT WAS THE MO»T e OF MATfttMOMV AMD we oonrs AMD i TO ee MAH»ieo_ we JUST SKT THE A PRCTTV HOutte AWO OUST SOON AS rrs ARE. eoiws tt BE GAS BUGGIES Whereby Hem Becomes Horn A THOROUGH GRILLING BY A PRIVATE SECRETARY, H6M LANOS THE CONFIDENTIAL JOB OF IMPERSONATING TH£ NATIONALS PROMINENT FINANCIER WHO ABHORS PUBLICITY, AND MAKING PUBLIC APPEARANCES FOR HIM. HEM 15 NOW WAITING TO MEET HIS EMPLOYER. AH , GOOD MORNING, StR.-- THIS IS THE GENTLEMAN FOR THE CONFIDENTIAL POSITION , MR HOPN , YOU SAV ^^m THIS MILLIONAIRE^ RESEMBLES ME , AND HAS NEV^R ALLOWED HIS PICTUHE TO BE PUBLISHED? HE'LL DO,SMITH. GET DOWN TO BUSINESS, /YOU THOROUGHLY UNDERSTAND THE SITUATION... I WISH TO REMAIN IN 5ECLUSION...rOU APE TO A5SUM6 MY NAME AND IDENTITY, AND DISCHARGE MY SOCIAL OBLIGATIONS ONLY-- I ILL HANDLS ALL BUSINESS MATTERS. OKAY MR. HORN, AND LET. ME ASSURI YOU. ONE OTHER THINft... X UNDERSTAND VOU ARC MfE(.L,I AM A PACHKLOft. YOUR WIFE, THBREFOB6, WICl MAVC TO REMAIN OUT OF TH« P»CT YOUR SALARY M*/ILL Bf A THOUSAND A VftP AND AiL KXPCNSE». DO YOU WANT NO. OR , WHY., r l.i».. UH. .» MV»j WM. ..IK. YCS. a^ m i,. TOOTS and CASPER The Cheer Leader By Jimmy Murphy I PONT HICM Rtxrr Fen, COLONEL HOOFER ME^SO^ THAT TPACTWVyiUWtN, AND HOPIN6 THAT ASAPAeATEC SSP 1 -/ ^^.«* OUTANI AW7WM BRINGING UP FATHER The Second Lesson By MaManus \ TOLOtOOR VOO SEKTT ME TO QWE MIM ^ UE^SON )W ITAUftM AMD HE. WRECKED THE PLACE. (NCuUO- tMC ME LOOK AT VOOiiO R\qwT BACK- ItM^lST UPOM HIM LEARN) Ir40. TO 6PCAK f ITAUATO- IT *OOND4 A,-b (P THE HOMEVMOOW I'S/C JU«aT SEEM AiKJO VJ£ BOTH AQREED THAT TOU ARE TO T*KE A MEMT- t'LU GO SEE TOUMlMTOAJWM HIGH LIGHTS of HISTORY No. 2\ George Rogers Clarlt- Th« F?'- of Kaskaskia By J. Carroll CAPTURE Of F^RT WASKASKIA 8V QoOtf RoJeftS CtACx ow7wc-M;i' T Oifautv 4,1178. i* MMOWH TO evetty scMoUHtLp. -Wow we CrAiwef A-- H«T*t4C6 TbTHC fOKT THQCUSMTHf Po4TBRM-(iATeOVTMR Br*EQ,-HewHe FaOMTKE OAflRISCVI PANCISKS AMP MAklWfi M£r?I3V,-AkirHoWHEaWTtRS TH5 BW-'-ROOM AWNE- AMfr TOO? TWfr STAOTIC^ Rweuess TO weep ow DAMCIMS, BUT TO ftEMftMBMt 1HAT THEY MOW frANOP UMPW VWaiMIA JMSffiAJ? «^G«e*rT SWTA«J,-.flARK,H6WCVER, MEMTtOUS N6UE OFTHW^MCIpEMTS IM .wis ACCOUNT ^^^ 8JMMA AS WLWWi · AMp ^MRig^ Mi* MEM ACROSS THE RlVfiR ,OWTW*^£5Tft*UK HE TO ENTCQ TME70WM WE HIMSELF LEt» 1H6 TUlRO TO WCNT ABOUT w*RNtM« emicws TO RgMAtM INtWOaS AS *MV MAM J»W OM7M* iQtuQK'f DTMCMHWr WUMMIMI^ N* MMfUHCf AM»QUI«W «C(UWfr IM rMtr.r KMJN " T W A ' COMPIBTC MMWSWM AN^WtOV MfNUtt

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