Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on February 23, 1959 · Page 8
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 8

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, February 23, 1959
Page 8
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PAMPA DAILY , SfifcRUAttY 23, 1938 51st sustNESS On The Record itosrtt.vt, jr SPRING CLEANING Experienced mechanics, like Gordon Miller, left, and Bill Oler, will restore life to your car by flushing winter deposits from the motor. The Sun Motor Tester, shown here, is one of the many precision instruments in the Culberson Service Department. (Daily News Photo) Culberson Mechanics Will Flush Winter Sludge From Your Motor Winter is on the way out and motorists are flocking to Culberson Chevrolet. Inc., 212 N. Ballard. to have their motors flushed for spring driving. Jtwt a,sk anybody In the Service Department about a W y n n Friction Motor Flushing Job. This treatment frees hydraulic valve lifters and removes the gum and varnish deposits built up through months of winter driving. Once your motor is flushed, you can Change your motor oil. Motor Tune-up Culberson mechanics are aces at motor lune-upa. They know how to keep your motor performing at a peak of power. With their higher compression ratios anc! improved electrical systems, modern motors are more sensitive to usage and operative conditions. Accordingly, mechanics must be trained to restore the standard of economy and p e r- fotmance of which the motor is capable. Seldom is H advisable to attempt an improvement in p e r- formance by correcting only one or two items. Normally you will save time and achieve lasting results by having Culberson's Service Department perform all ad- Zale's Growth Means Dividends A growth pattern by which Zale's Jewelry Company has increased in sine by more than one fourth during the past 12 months is already producing substantial consumer benefits. "During the past year Z a 1 e's grew from 86 stores to 110 stores and the resulting step-up in volume purchasing along with simplified shipping procedures have already produced many economies we can pass along to our customers," Ben Lip.shy, Zale president, told store managers and executives in Dallas last week. Returning from the firm's annual conference was the local Znle's manager. A! Met/.. The year's major development \vas permission for X^le's to purchase rough diamonds from the World Syndicate in London. This gives ZaK'.'s complete control of cutting, polishing, and setting ita gems. i justments. Culberson's does the tune-up in . two parts: | 1. Visual and mechanical ! checks and adjustments. ! 2. An instrument check-out with : modern, compact Sun Tune - up ! equipment. | Service Equipment i Culberson's has the latest auto service equipment for best results and fastest service. The Service Department features Sun Distribu- j tor, Generator and Motor Testing j Machines, the Hunter Wheel Balancer. Merrill Elect) onic Balancer .and Elam True Buff Tire Truer, (iond Men j Perry Franklin, service manag er. is assisted by Harold Me Cleery. There are nine mechanics: j James Schaub, Joe Pate. Floyd Pyeatt, Archie Billiard, Keith Rus- jsell, Bill Oler. Gordon Miller, Joe :Cook and Henry Kolb. ! : Jim Secdig is Body Shop fore-1 man with Joe Cook a.nd E. C, Gol-; den, body men; and Bobby Cul-; : berson. body shop helper. j Melvin Davis is in charge of lubrication and Alvin Sanders, of Porcelanizing your car. Living Costs Up, Says Government By EDWARD COWAN I'liltr-il Press International PUT YOUR MATRESS RENOVATING IN CAREFUL HANDS ACME MATTRiSS CO. WASHINGTON (UPl) i routs crept upward slightly in January but remained below the all-time high, the government has reported. '• Higher prices for beef, veal a.nd poultry outweighed decreases for ! fresh fruits, pork, coffee, eggs ; and milk, resulting in a slight overall increase for the month. The Labor Department said its , consumer price index, based on 1917-19 price average a« 100, edged up ,t per cent from December. The January index reading of 123.8 was below the record 123.9 posted last July and again in November. Government officials have said living costs now are relatively stable and will continue to show stability in the coming months. ; In the past nine months, living costs have fluctuated within a ; range of .3 per cent. I Ewan Clague, the government's 'No. 1 price expert, said this wan "the longest period of nmiow stability" of Ihe 19 years in which the government has been making Us monthly price report. A factory worker with three de- p c n d e n t s took home *7S 70 last month compared with $7-1.37 a year earlier. But January take- home pay was less than in December because of a seasonal cutback in ho.urs and because of the Jan 1 increase in social security taxes The price report meant n penny an-hour increase for 82,000 air. craft workers. There was no change in the wages of 1,250,000 auto workers, however. ill W. tositer MO * 6021 Clague predicted that the coming month would see no change in the recent pattern of stability. The price index he said, wilt be "up a tenth, down a tenth." Malone Goes To Scholl School James Malone is leaving for Dallas today, to take a one week resident course of study at the Regional School Training School, it was announced today by Frank Smith of Smith's Quality Shoes. The Scholl Training School is a nationally-known course of study under the direct superivsion of Dr. \V'm. H. Scholl, the world - noted foot authority. The course covers many phases of the care of the feet and scientific shoe fitting and i* \v i d e 1 y recognized as one of the most thorough of its kind in tlv j world. It is condensed from the Dr. Scholl Resident Training School in Chicago. «)!' Tl'K.N'S KOHItKIt SOLO, .laVH UJPl. Ex-village chieftain Darsosuwarno has re- reived a 20-month jail sentence for converting a policeman into a robbiM . Authorities said Darsosuwarno, while chief, paid $33 to a < onsta- ble to break into his house to steal the village funds and return them to Darsoauwarno secretly to cover up a shortage. Abraham Lincoln was the first U.S. president to be born outside i the original 13 states. Mrs. ftefttrice Smith, 416 N. D vls T. w. Cohh, McLean Mrs. Kay Tipton, 623 N. Well* C. R. Cavender, Parnpa David Lee Cavcncter. Pampa, H. M.. Fra/.ier Jr., Gruver Debra Kay Rllcy. 524 N. Sumner Deana Johnson, Borger Alma demons, Lefors Mrs. Ruby Booth, Phillips R. K. Thompson, -120 N. Gray Mrs. Betty Trcadwcll, llfit Neel Road Mrs. Betty Kirk. Panhandle Mrs. Margaret Nabors, 1106 E. Browning J. M. Brown. 1229 Charles Glen KilRore, 1537 Coffee Kelley Coodell, 318 Jean S. B. Malone Jr.. Pampa Jack Furnish. Pampa Jim Silcott. 1301 E. Fram-is Dismissals Mrs. Mcllie Richey. 1001 N. Som- crville Mrs. Fay Dellis Adams, 1124 Duncan Mrs. Anna Tubb. White Doer Linda Evans. Electric City James Evans. Electric City Mrs. Pearline Britten, !>17 Carr Mrs. Leona Sim-frill, 212 E. Tuks Mrs. Veta Plaits, Phillips Mrs. Ruth Hedgecoke, Stinnett Mrs. Nora Cla\vson, McLean Mrs. Sue Jolly, Borger H. D. Riley. Lefors Mrs. Willie Mae Moore, Ontario, Canada Ronnie Brancncum. 1607 Duncan E. D. Herlacher, Pampa David Fulton, Lefors Mrs. Evelyn Terry, 612 N. Christy K. C. Messenger, Borger Miss Jerry Wilson, Pampa Mrs. Georgia Hourigan, 1949 N. Sumner Jesse Kaps, Borger Jimmy Nance. 946 E. Malona Roy Lewter, 324 N. Nadia R. "W. Ridfieway. 1909 N. Wells W, A. Harris, Canadian Mrs. Joyce Swope, 1313 N. Sumner Clifton Daniels. 332 N. Wells Laura Moore, Wheeler Mrs. Marjorie Huse, Fritch SITXDAV Admissions Mrs. Wanda Shough, Shamrock M. T. Berry. Pampa L. D. West, Pampa Mrs. Peggy Jo Turner. 505 N. Dwight K. K. Melton, Skellytmm Alvin G. Adams, White Deer S. O. Dunham, Pampa Alvin Randall. .1105 N. Stunner Jason Floyd. 520 Powell Mrs. Lavcrne Burke, 313 Miami Mrs. Beulah Nowlin, Amarillo Mrs. Mae George, 1112 E. Browning W. M. "DtUberner. 1321 N. Starkweather Mrs. Dortha Gobin, 1116 Varnon Drive Mrs. Mildred Castleberry. Alanreed Mrs. Drive Mrs. fois Mrs. Hazel Mrs. town B. M. Bybee Jr.. 309 Ann Mark McPhillips, 1008 S. Nelson Mrs. Margaret Terry, 1416 W. Browning Mrs. Betty Glasscock, W h i t e Deer Dismissals Randy Maness. 131 Mrs. Lessie Frogge, Mrs. Peggy Rogers. THREE FOR THE ROAD Every Vulcanizer is full at Central Tire Works, 618 E. Frederic. Car, truck and tractor tires are given the full treatment to prolong their life on the road. Ward Maddox, working quietly in the background, has the only Cyprus Face To Face With Last Of Its Conquerors Jean Pat ton. 11 14 Varnon Guendoliene Rollins. Le- Elizabeth Manderville, 431 Zelma. Campbell, Skelly- N. Sumner Phillips Amarillo ie Mrs. Peggy Hathaway, Mobeet- Deana Johnson, Borger Mrs. Demple Kemp, Borger Alma demons, Lefors T. W. Cohb. McLean lone Miller, Boiger Parker, 130 \V. Crawford Walker, 8SS S. Sumner Snllie Parker, 220 N. Nel- . Berk. Ailfcn Nel- Mrs. E. K. H. F. Mrs. son S. W. Mrs. snn Mrs. Loui?e Reid, Pa C O. Cavender & David, Pampa Debra La bus, Panhandle Maty Lamer, W) N. West Betty .Smiles. 109 S. Sumner i Margaret Nabors, 1106 E. 10S N. Nelson Cordy, 1837 N. pa (Foreign Ne\\s C'omnienlnry) j Bv 1'IIIL NKWSO.M ] i L'PI Foreign N«'ws Editor i : The man-of-Uin - '.v.-nk: Greek 1 Orthodox Archbishop Makarins of , Cyprus. j The place; London. ' i The quote; "I tun entering the > conference with on open mind iand with the utmost goodwill and j friendliness.' 1 This is an era of an accelerating rush to independence by formerly dependent people?. And in the case of the Mediterranean island of Cyprus, it is a desire for self-rule that goes back almost 4.000 years. : In recent years, that desire hfis been epitomized in the person 01 jMakarios JIT, archbishop and cth- j ' narch or elected national leader; i—of Cyprus. His feelings on the subject have been summed up time and again in the view that '"Cypnis belongs 'to no one but its own people. And that people is demanding t h i right to decide its own future.": It was with that attitude that he arrived in London last wen); 'o take parl in the critical conf'.-r ence on trie future of his country. \o Mood For '.'oinpromlso | The OreeU and Turkish governments had worked out an agree ment In Zurich. Switzerland, tin. week before. Britain endo/sed this plan. i To put HIP fiiiH] seal of approy. Browning i CON'tiKATl LATIONS SATI'KDAY To Mr. and Mi.-!. Troy Smith. 118 N. Davis, on the birth of a son at 2:1$ a.m. weighing 8 Its. 10 !; oz. To Mr. and Mrs. John Tipton, 625 X. Wells, on the birth of a son at in H in. weighing 7 Ib.s. ft 1 .) ox. To Mr and Mrs. J. L. Nabors. 1106 E. Biownins. on the birth of a daughter at 2:20 p.m. weighing 6 Ibs. H'j »•/.. SIMIAY To Mr. and Mis. Cnlude Turner, 50") N Dwight. on the With of H dHiight'-:' at 111:56 a.m. weighing 7 Ibs. 1 oz. To Mr. and Mrs. Bill Sinnigh. Shamnvk. on the birth of a daughter al 3 :,'J2 p in. weighing 6 Ibs. 13 ra. GUARANTEED RE-CAPPED P»,coa fiftolia apply beat only ueeited for turiag. . . . ii Invited Centra! Tire Works MO § 87« Si-itiir« fiiKilly has Ihe ID fiirjjf! cli-,iniiijf. Blue Jyiistre, si iir'.v ilevt'lopiiiflit. is inixeil viih v/.i'er an<l bru.shcd into c-ar- pet or upholstery. H's amazing Ihe way lorgotlen colors spring out. The nap is left open and lufty. It's easy to apply. One- half gallon of Blue Lustre-cleans Inree 9xia tugs. Availahle at fa MI pa Hanlwai't! Co.. i'JO North Cuyler I'h. MO 4-2451 A NIAT TRiAT On All Occasion* PAK-A-BURGER HQ. i r <»- I Ph. MO »-866» SH? * Heb»n 1608 N. Hubert Ph MO 9-iflt Phone in Your Order-*And It Will B. Wfitua$ for You I Buy A Remington PORTABLE TYPEWRITER Small down pmt. $500 ONLY $1.50Wk. CROUCH OFFICE EQUIPMENT 115 W. footer Dial .MO 1 6771 SEAT COVER HEADQUARTERS f Ldrgett Stockin Panhandla Factory to You Prlctt § Guaranteed Fit Hall Tire Co. 700 W. F<ut*r Fb- MO i al on the arrangement, Archbishop Makarios, spiritual and political leader of Ihe Greek C''.Miot community, and Dr. K. —.I Kutchuk, head of the Turkish t.'y- priots, were invited \n the British capital. Of these, the views ot Makar^os were the most ciitJcal, He was not in a mood for compromise, and was reported at odds with some aspects of the Zurich arrangement which .sonic Greek C.vpriol circles regarded as a "constitutional monstrosity." But he was satisfied with modifications ' in the plan. For Makarios. there could be only one future -- an independent and sovereign Cyprus stale, without any infringements on that sovereignty. That was the logical culmination of his lon«f fight in a. campaign that saw him defy the might of Britain and wind up in exile, only to he freed sligntly m.ire than a year later and Mien cftrry his fight to the I.'nited Nations and world public opinion. Ma.karios is a crusader, but IIP is not a zealot. He considers his dual role at eccleaia.stic and national leader a temporary one. With independent t> for Cyprus, he has said he will devote all hi;- effoils to his church duties alone. Han Away l-'iom Home He was born of peasant parents In tiit; mountain village of Anri Panayia on Cyprus, and ran «<vny from home rather than become a goatherd. Al 'Art he became bishop of Ki- tium, and two yea is later i< P was elected archbishop of Cyprus and took the title of 'Ma.kanos III. By that time, he had aheady slartod leading the Clre.-k Cypriots of whom there are 1'our for every one Turl;isii Cypri,.it on the island in their latest fight fur independence and apparent desire for onnsis, or union with C.r '(•(,". He took his plea t'i the t.o Athens and to the U. N. all w:ti;«ut success. Then KOKA, the undei <;rouii(l fjieck Cyprioi t • Direct a' 'ion oiganiitalioii. added the eleln-'iil of l<-iior In the p'c- lure. When Mal;,n m.s iefu>i'd to repudiate 1M me!h.->d.s, the Bi)';.-0i denounced liis condoning of violence. \lf \\-n.s accused of "irai toious plotting' 1 and (if l)"ing an acce.«.sury 1.0 conspiracy to mur- shop in the vicinity that can take on Jorjs of this magnitude. Central recaps are one of the best buys you'll ever know. (Daily News Photo) NO THUMPS, NO BUMPS! No Tire To Big For Central Tire Works i Central Tire Works. BIS K. Fred- :cric, has Vulcnnizers big enough to rep.iir holes in any tractor tire. i Central also uses Davis Truck and Tractor Tire Reliners to close trips and weather cracks in tires. You get no thumps, no bumps when you ride on Central recapped tires. Central will lend you a tirp to use while yours is being re- treaded and at no extra cost. Central recaps are guaranteed to run true for 12 months, just like a new tire. i Tires are mounted on a Bal-an- Trti machine to balance the tire 'before new rubber is applied. An I advanced tread building machine puts on a tread that runs straight and true. ; You really ge-t a good retread at Central on any passenger c a r, tier by some Britons. lit* Was Kviled : He \ca.s packed off in exile to the Seychelles Islands in the Indian Ocean, only to be rclea.--Hl 1.'! months later and enabled to carry on his fight for the self- determination of Cyprus. It is n role historic to the head of the Orthodox Church on I he island, and one which MakanoH summed up once in a sermon on a long ago Sundity to a group of ins followers: "Cyprus lias known many conquerors In the JIH.«!. Now it is fiice in fan- with the laxt of its conqiii'roi.K. Your church lias lire- served the fliinip of te!i';ion and nationalism through all thrse reniuries. It vill lend you to liberty and deliver you from foreign 'rule." 'truck or tractor tire. Besides Its flourishing recap trade. Central maintains a large stock of recaps for any vehicle. All recap rubber is of the highest quality but recaps come to you at low cost. Central will recap a tire for you on the spot or lend you a tire if you're in a rush. With its scientific machinery, Central does a clean job on tube- le?s tires and even white s i d e- walls. Since no heat touches the body of a tire in the Vulcanixer, white sidewalls come through un- scorched and the tire retains all its elasticity. No harm comes to the cord body In the Vulcanizer. Improved section molds repair breaks, bruises and dents in low pressure tires. Adjustable to tire contours, they cannot ^trctch tires out of shape. The new skid resistant recap tread is the latest in tire safety. Its made from live, cold rubber to prevision requirements. Ward Maddox, owner and operator has been in the tire business for ?,-i years. ID of them here in Pampa. Before coming to the Panhandle, he operated a tire shop in r;ik City. Okla. With his son Vernon, M a rl d o x oppiatos a tire shop that is the first in the Panhandle In terms of petting things done and handling tires too big for other shops. There are now more than S'^ million (Jirl Scouts in the U.S. These Include more, than 2'J million girls and almost 800,000 adult members. The total number of troops is l.'iH.OOO. Specializing In: • Body Repair • Auto Painting • Glass Installation Krcc Estimates FORD'S BODY SHOP In Our \cu III X. I'UOST - 1'h. MO'J 4U19 We'll Toks Thoit Cor Worri« OH Your Mind . ,, Drive In! f«ur ye«r cempkte , of mind, iet Ml make ces»ory repoifl BIGHT! A cheek-up in time will keep your driving on *he safe tide. Culberson Chevrolet, Inc. 212 W. 8pHard pfapjM MO 4-466$ setvfce w<ur television repijiimtn *r*i technician! with y«4i» of *peci*i- lied training «nd our »Dop 14 well »<juipDed with th« ut«»t electronic equipment You can rely «lway» on u» f«r prompt dependable «*rv- Pampo's Only Aufhgriied 6$ and RCA Victor narrafVn U)4 W 0i«J I4O 1-4511 Plains Aluminum Dust Stoppers We Build all types of custom built and Special doors and windows for Commercial and Residential use. Our Business is Dust Proofing Let Us Show You How To Live in Comfort For Free Estimate, Call or Write PLAINS ALUMINUM INDUSTRIES (Jfiicnil Office. A: Faclory Miinio collect 'JGiJl or 87«i ilu.v so Panhandle, Teva* Tim Storm \\iudo\v Dial Uoc» \\liat Other* Attempt To Do! THE BEST OF CARE FOR ALL YOUR WEAR We PICK-UP i DELIVER GUNN BROS. STAMPS Service Cleaners 312 S. Cuyler MO 9-9751 Slu>i> For Your Favorite BEVERAGE From Your ( l s»r 0 Complete selection f 1 lie J'ricf it C&C LIQUOR 407 W. Foster Double S&H Green Stamps On All Prescriptions Our Only Quality Standard In filling row doctor 1 * prescription!, *r» u»e only the (re»1ie*t, finest pharmaceutical*,, compounded with projewional precision, checked and double-checked (or ac- ouracy. FREE DEUVERY Dial MO 5-5788 BEST OF ALL Your S&ll Green Stamp Store B & B PHARMACY BAULARD AT BROWNING WE CAN NO WRECK TOO SMALL OR TOO LARGE FREE ESTIMATES PURSUY'S BODY SHOP Body \Vurk--PaiiUiiiK — Installation For Night Wrecker Service Coll CoJvia Fo.Uis 4-7857 101 W BROW* oi— frqok H1.W4T W 4-73 U HO f

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