Denton Journal from Denton, Maryland on March 26, 1898 · Page 2
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Denton Journal from Denton, Maryland · Page 2

Denton, Maryland
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 26, 1898
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M E L V I N , STEELE 4 J O H N S O N . EDITORS AND P R O P R I E T O R S . SATURDAY MORNING, MARCH 26, 1898. BOARD OF TRAEE FOR DENTON. The initial steps for the organization of a. Board of Trade for this town were taken at a meeting- of tlic citizens on Monday night. The interest manifested by those present- cm 1 most enterprising and represcr.- i.-itive men--pives assurance t h a t , appreciating the o p p o r t u n i t i e s and the jjroat work before t h e m , they intend to tackle it \ \ i t l i a (lott-rinina- tion t h a t will merit success, a n d , we believe, will attain it. Few towns on the Eastern Shore are more favorably located t h a n Denton for n i n n u f n c t n r i n g enterprises. W i t h i n three or f o u r hours' r u n , by rail, of MIth d i s t r i b u t i n g centres as B u J i i - inore a n d Philadelphia, whence our manufactures could find an outlet not only to every section of t h i s country, but to foreign countries as well, and with a freight rate as low as the same mileage anywhere, are advantages which speak tor themselves. ' Some of the other advantages will be presented by the Board of Trade, when it has been organized, to all manufacturers seeking location. This much can be said now, on behalf of every public- spirited citizen, that the hand of welcome will be extended to all who come to invest tbeir capital in labor- omploying enterprises, or who come to make a home in our rapidly growing town. The situation, .public buildings and institutions and e u - 'virouments of Denton are unusually good. The location is high and healthy, with good natural drainage; the court house is an ornament to the town and a credit to the county; the schools are supplemented by a'n ·excellent high school; t h o church buiJdiugs completed and in course of erection give choice among the various denominations; · the town ball is suitable for the present public needs; tho hotels enjoy a reputation for excellence in cuisine not surpassed on the peninsula; the mercantile interests are fully represented; the private residences are in the . main neat, comfortable and well- kept, and surrounding (he town in all directions are the farm lands with half-taxed capabilities for the production of grains, fruits, vegetable, etc., awaitingthe willing hand to double, or quadruple, their yield, Denton has felt within the year the o'pening of the Queen Anne's Railroad. It has given an impetus to building, and the growth has just cleverly begun.' By'the well-directed efforts of a p^nd. Board of Trade Denton can be madu 1 to take rapid strides toward the position she ought to occupy among the towns of the Eastern Shore. A SIGNIFICANT CONFERENCE. A dispatch to the New Yorfc Herald Tuesday last said: "An interesting, significant conference took place at the White House today. Upon the invitation of the President Senators Allison, of Iowa*, and Gorman, of Maryland, recognized leaders of the two great parties in (he Senate, called at the Executive -Mansion immediately after the adjournment of the Cabinet. Senator Allison and Senator Gorman were invited .to the White House in order that the- President might inform them of the policy of the administration in dealing with this subject and to invoke the co-operation of the Senate in considering the question with due deliberation. ' The conference lasted nearly an hour, during which the subject was discussed from every .conceivable standpoint. 'Tho President was exceedingly anxious to know just what the sentiment of the Senate is regarding the subject of independence for Cuba, and he asked his visitors if they thought tbe recognition of Cuban independence would bring to an end the distressing state of affairs on the island. He was informed that while a. majority of the.Sen- ate is^ unquestionably in favor of Cuban independence, as was demonstrated by the passage of more than one resolution to that effect, there is a very strong sentimhut in that body in favor of intervention. One of the Senators remarked that .he feared'the case had gone beyond the point where any practical results conJd be derived from tLe recognition of Cuban independence. He went on to say that the whole civilized world seems to be in sympathy with the Uuiled States'for its humanitarian efforts in behalf of the suffering Cubans. All.the world has ,for several years past regarded tbe United States as exercising a friendly and humane protectorate over the Cubans, and it seemed to him that nothing but active intervention will meet the demands of the situation." "It is with sorrow and shame," reports tho committee of tho Society for the Protection of Birds, "that we bare to confess that the fashion of nsing the -plumage of birds for millinjary purposes continues unabated; that in fact, it bad, in 1897, assumed greater proportions than ever.' This can be fully evidenced by studying the catalogues of the firms who sell the freshly imported birds' skins and feathers by public suction. ~The government isgreatly strengthening the defenses of Baltimore. 'The contractors of the fortifications *t Hawkins, and North, Points had full forces of men L^ork Sunday hastening - their cflBPretion. The gang are being 'mounted as fast as the foandat ions are r*»djr. EDITORIAL NOTES. The indications are t h a t a climax i n t h e Spanish-Cuban affair w i l l V o reached in a few days, and Iho worst of the woes of the people of tho stricken isle will soon be over. Three U n i t e d States Senators, who have traveled extensively in Cuba, have described at length in the Senate the horrors of devastation and starvation which stalk abroad. The last of these speeches was delivered by Mr. Thurston on Thursday last, and his portrayal sent fresh t h r i l l s of horror throughout tho country. lie showed that under the policy of Weyler 400,000 non-combatants had been driven from t h e i r homes on the farms, and had been imprisoned, w i t h o u t food and provision, in the barren barracks about the fortified cities. Tlieie tlmy are fetill starving by hundreds, and Spain offers them no relief. A conservative estimate is t h a t 210,000 persons havo already perished from starvation. Such spectacles have been witnessed that the scenes of the Inferno, by Dante, have almost been realized. These facts, having been made k n o w n the world over, the demand is now made in t h u n d e r tones t h a t the merciless and murderous policy of Spain be stopped at once. The voice of h u m a n i t y cries out for it, and the duty falls upon this country, whose p o w e r f u l arm alono can strike the fetters from prostrate Cuba. A bill has been introduced by Senator Westeott, chairman of the Finance Committee, authorizing the Board of Public Works to sell the annuity of $90,000 payable by the Northern Central Railway Company to the Stato of Maryland. It is not to be sold for a sum less than an amount equal to tho capitalization oE the annuity at three and one-half per cent., together with any portion of the quarterly payments which may bo due. Tho bill also provides for the sale of the State's holdings in the capital stock of the Baltimore and Potomac Railroad, valued at about $30,000. The capitalization as proposed would a m o u n t to about $2,572,000. Senator Westeott stated that tbe purpose of disposing of these assests is to use the proceeds towards payment of the State's indebtedness. .The bill was presented after consultation with the State finance officers. The bill for a good roads commission was favorably reported in the Senate on Wednesday last, after be- jng amended so as to provide for the appointment of a road expert instead of a commission. The officer shall give information to county commissioners, prepare plans for' building good roads, and make an examination of suitable material for State road building. Now, if the right man for the position can be found something good ought to be accomplished in road-making. Tbe availability of Hon. John S. Wirt, of Cecil," as a candidate for the Democratic nomination for the governorship is being discussed among the members of the General Assembly. It is said, in his behalf, that he is free from factional differences, and this is much in his favor. Mr. Wirt has a good record. D u r i n g the present war Spain has lost 70,000 soldiers, and conquered none of the rebelious provinces. It takes the Spainard a long time to realize that Cuba is bouud to be free. Important events tending to bring about a climax in the Cuban situation, are expected to occur in rapid succession in Congress next week. The Cruiser Amazonas. recently purchased from th«» Brazilian government by the United States, will be called the New Orleans. Delegate James, of: Baltimore, has introduced a bill designed to prevent smoking in tbe public offices of State and city. It is said that monitors will be sent to Lewes, in case of war, there being no fortifications. Mr. L. W. Nichols, East New Market, Md., states: "We could not say too much in favor of Chamberlain's Cough Remedy. About three years ago one of our children hud an attack of croup and we were afraid that we would loose him. Seeing Charaberlain'sCougbRemedy advertised, we decided to give it a trial. It gave almost instant relief and we believe it saved the child's life. Since then we have not been w i t h o u t a bottle of this remedy in the house and we recommend it to everyone as being an honest Cough Remedy." -For sale by Hugh DuUoy, Hillsboro; R. J. Colston, Ridgely; W. E. Brown, Dentou. '"There is one enjoyment, that we may all alike enjoy," said tho man of moderate means, "and that is the w a r m t h of r e t u r n i n g spring. 1 can always tell when spring has really tome by seeing somebody standing in f r o n t of a building, where he is sheltered from the wind, enjoying the sunshine of the first really gentle day after winter. There is a mellowness about it, a broad, great geniality, that is unmistakable and t h a t we accept with grateful hearts. It pervades us with present comforts and gives us much promise of the future. The glow may last, on the first day, but a little time; it may be chilly before and after. Happy is he who is abroad on this day, and who happens upon a sheltered spot at such an hour as to receive it--the sun's first spring greeting to the ·artfa." WANASIAKER'Sa PH1LADOLMHA, Monday, March 21,189 Spring Dress Fabrics Sorry, but some of the Paris stuffs didn't reach us in time for last week's exhibit. Still, one could hardly have compassed a greater textile display. Enough of last week's favorites have gone to give show room to the new, and so the ever-changing show goes on. No other store in the wide world shows such variety of dress fabrics; no other American retail store gathers elegance with so little of waste. It isn't strange that on matchable goods our prices are least. And it fs equally certain that the absolutely exclusive things are priced in the same common-sense way--cost of direct gathering and fair surplus tor the storekeeping. Crepe Brilliants. A well known dressy fabric, with combinations of bright and quiet colorings and a lustre tliat comes from the mixture of silk and wool. $1 and $1.25 a yard Mohair-and-wool Fancy. Wool poplin ground with neat fancy stripes of lustrous mohair. SI.35 a yard Silk-and-wool Crepon. Two styles, one ·with self-colored bayadere irregular stripes and one two-toned all-over brocaded figure. 81.50 a yard Imported Coverts. Four qualities come to us in a variety of weaves from the best looms in the world. Fifty color mixtures. . * 81, 81.25, 81.50, 81.75 a yard Imported Tweeds. An old-style weave with a newness. Feels almost like men's cloth, but made lighter in weight, especially for tailor-made suits. Four color tones. $1.75 a yard French Poplins. The best poplins are in five pnce grades. Self colors and mixtures. Poplins are leaders in the family of plain woven stuffs for 1893. Over a hundred colorings. $1,81.10,31.25, $1.50andS1.75ayd. All-wool Taffeta. An old-fashioned cloth revived and prized. One of summer's most delightful dress fabrics. Cool as a challis. Plain and mixed colors. ¥1 a yard Imported Sharkskin. A cloth woven to stand all sorts of rough wear, yet stylish, especially for tailor-made gowns. Nine color mixtures. '$1.50 a yard English Cheviots. The old standard twill and colors that are the best. The quality of wool gives them a crisp solid feel. SB inches wide. SI a yard Halcyon Cloth. Lustre and finish of a broadcloth. Two-toned mixtures; very dressy. Seven colors. 82.25 a yard The Real N 9 T onl y of real kid- Kidskin skln ' wllic)l of itself 1S r , almost unknown at the UIOVCS price--but of carefully selected, carefully dressed French kidskins, cut and made by the best glove maker in Grenoble, are these gloves now known so well for their sightly goodness-Princess May, $1 a pair In two, three and four buttons; two and three clasps; colors, tans, red-tans, browns, slates, modes, greens, butters, pearls, black and white. Bed ^ SCORE of handsome c * A White Quilts deserve spreads a t e t l i n g of their dean fresh beauty. The refurnishing of the beds for spring has made them uppermost in housekeepers' thoughts. A word of these is timely; but we hint of only three sorts-At SI each--Crocheted Bed Spread^ in choice patterns; full double bed size; ready hemmed. At S1.23 each --Finest Crocheted Bed Spreads in a range of pretty M.irseiiies patterns; ready hemmed. At S1.85 each--Handsome Satin-finish Bed Spreads in new anil choict patterns. This is a recent creation in the spread family and very effective. Wedclinir SAMPLES sent with St^tinnerv P leasill ' e - anti yet stationery _ we c|o not send out one of youi a n n o u n c e m e n t s as a sample. We're sine that is a comfortable statement. Our samples are those of actual work, with suppositious names inserted. Handsomely engraved invitations, 85 a hundred sets. Additional hundreds at «a. Other fine styles on handsomer papers, 87.50, SlO and 812. Additional hundreds at 82.50 to §4. FARM HORSES.-- We use 269 horses in our delivery service. Good animals, but every once-inn-while some of them grow tender footed from traveling on city streets. They are still good for use in the country--and we sell them very cheap. Stables are at 20th and Wharton. John Wanamaker. Road Notice, We, tho undersigned, taxpayers of the Eighth election district of Caroline county, hereby give notice that thirty days lifter this dtito wo intend to petition the County Commissioners to lay down nnd open a new public road beginning at or near Bcachnmp's Bridge, on the road lending from Williston to Concor'd, nnd running through tho lands of Mrs. Elizabeth Bcachamp, Wm. F. Lklen, nnd between the lands of E. M. Garoy and VV. C. Andrew until it intersects the county rood leading from Two Johns to Jones Corner. WM. F. LIDEN, A. HOWARD, W. H. WRIGHT, EDWIN M.GAREY, \V. 0. ANDREW. March 19, 1898. "A LARGE ASSORTMENT --01'-- SPRING® · o · GOODS JUST SEGBITCDI A Well Selected Stock of HATS A N D GAPS. All tlit! Lntcst SUlcs in Derbies iiiul Straw Goods. G-OQDS. All-Wool Serges, from 32c. to 50c. Mohairs suul llenriettns, from 32e to 70c. Novelty Suitings, nil-wool, fr.-m 25c. up. j\ Grout Vnriely in Children's Men's and Women's SHOES. A Good, Solid, Ladies' Shoe for?l. A Large Stock of Men's Youths' and Boys' CLOTHING at Very Low Prices. Furniture, Glass and Queensware. In fact anytliing the public mny need in our lino, nt popular prices. n Special Mixture for Potatoes and Tomatoes, a Rack, Bone and Fish Mixture for Berries. We arc selling the AD1UANCE PLATT Platform Binders, Mowers, Rakes, Etc., which aie Guaranteed in every respect. 1*1. w. ISIUa^LE I3RC)., ANDERSONTOWN. MD. WAII Wall Paper, We have just received a new line of Wall Paper -- all new Spring Stylos -- which we are ottering at Bottom Prices. "We would be pleased to show anyone our styles nnd prices. T for Paper wlien you can pet ns good value in your 'own towji 1 We hrive also received this week n fine line of LADIES' FINE SHOES We stake our reputation on those Shoes, ns all of them bear our nnme. We would be pleased to have you cull nnd exnmitiR them. We claim to lend in · Notions and Gents' Furnishings, Come in nnd look over our stock. MAIN STREET, DENTON, MARYLAND, Our Windows.' With tk Additional Floor and Shelf Space Our customers can more easily make an examination of the Spring Goods which are being received almost dailv. In the Dry Goods Department Some tine Dress Goods nre now shown, and many styles of cheaper fabrics are in block. Notions and Ladies and Gentlemen's Underwear, More shelf-space than ever be"fore is occupied with Shoes, , the stock being varied; all selected with care, nnd the prices will strike you ns surprisingly low. Recent wholesale purchases also include much that is desirable in tbe line of Carpets, Mattings, (fee, Here are 60 rolls of matting, 'and it is going at 10 to 26 cents per yard. Handsome Ingrain " Carpets now sell nt 27, 30 nnd 40 cents per yard. Workingmen will find here n heavy stock of Farm Clothes, which will at once attract tbcir attention. The figures sell them quickly. J.H. NICHOLS fc SON, DENTON BRIDGE. OK VAT.I7AI1LK Ol' REAL ESTATE, SITITATBD IN ' J H K TOWN OF Denton, Maryland. U NDER AND BY VIRTUE OP A decree of the Circuit Conn for Caroline county, sitting us a Court of Equity, passed on the 25th day ot Febiiia'ry, 1898, in 11 cnuse therein pending wherein George A. Dank} no mid George M. Ru^um, trustees, were complainants, and Enoch George, i n f a n t , , n n d others were respondents, tliu undersigned, ns trui-tees, \ v i l l s e l l by public auction in I r o n t of the Court omo tloor, in tho lu\vn of Denton, Aid., on SATURDAY, APRIL 9th, 1898, [between the hours of 2 nnd 5 o'clock, p. in., the following rcnl estate, to wit . All that Lot. Tract or Parcel of Land, situate mostly in the town of Denton, Caroline County, and Stale of JMurjliind, on the Eust side of the County roml nnd Fifth Strett (or Horsey Ave.), leading from Slain street of said town to "VVilliston, Md., via J, W. Kcrr's, nnd is the same tract or putcp.l of Innd whereon the Into \Vm. G. Horsey died, nnd which lie devised ;o his daughter, the lute .Mrs. Dr. Enoch George, tind which she devised to the said Geoige A. Deukyne and George M. Russum in trust for her son Enoch George, Jr., be the quantity of Innd what it muy. The above tract or parcel of hind will bo sold in building lots, one of which lots is improved by a large two-story dwelling and necessary out-buildings. Sevei-.toen of these lots front on Fifth Street and Horsey Ave, and have a frontage of 50 feet to each lot, except two which have a frontage of Gl feet each and one with a frontage of ICO feet; 7 of the above mentioned lots, have n depth of 200 feet each, nnd ten have n depth ot 150 feet each. There are i!8 lots fronting on Sixth street extended. Lots on East side of this street linve a frontage of 50 feet and a depth of 1DO feet each. Lots on west side side of Sixth street extended have n frontage of 50 feet and vary in 'depth from 100 to 200 feet. There arc '21 lots fronting on Lowe street extended having n frontage of 50 feet each nnd the greater n u m b e r of which hnvo n depth of 190 feet. I B - l o t s front on Seventh street extended and Imvo a frontage of 30 feet and n depth of 190 feet each, 6 lots, front on Kigth stteet extended and are the same size as those fronting on Seventh street. There arc also two 'urge lols East of Kiglith street extended, of sufficient size for trucking and pasturing. Tor title to the above real estate, sec Item 3 of the lust Will and Testament of Eva M. George, Into of Caroline County deceased, and recorded in the Orphan's Court for Caroline County among the Wills Records of said county A plat of tho nbovo tract divided into building lols as the same will be sold, ci\n be Si'en at the office of the Clerk of the Circuit Court for Caroline County, by calling on George A. Deakyne, one of the trustees; said plat will be exhibited on day of snle nnd each lot particularly designated and numbered thereon, and exact dimensions of each lot given. This plat will afterwards bo recorded among the land records of Caroline County for the convenience of the purchasers. TERMS~OF SALE. The terms of sale us prescribed by the Court nre: One-third of tho piirchnse money to be paid in cash on luy of sale, nnd the residue in two equal instalments of 12 nnd 24 months from day of snle (or all cash at the option of ths purchaser); the credit pnyments to bear interest from day of snle, nnd to be secured by tho note or nolos of the purchasers, with sureties thereon to bo approved bv tho said trustees. GEORGE A.'DEAKYNE, GEORGE M KTJSSUM, Trustees. JOHN W. CLARK, Aiict. ASSIGNEE'S SAU --OP-VALUABLE PROPERTY --IN THE-TOWN OF GREENSBOROUGH, Caroline County, Md. By virtue of a power contained in n Mortgage from Augusta A. Edmiston to Leila Way, dated tho 20th 'day of September. A. D., 1893, and recorded among the Land Eecords of Caroline county, aforesaid, in Liber E. C. F., No. 59, folio 61C, c., the undersigned, Assignee of said Mortgage, will sell at public sale at the Court House door, in Denton, Caroline county, Md., on between the hours of 2 o'clock p. m. and 4 o'clock p. m. of that day, the following property, to w i t : All that Parcel, Lots or Tracts of Land situate in the town of Groonsborough.Ciir- olino County, aforesaid, on the mnin rend nnd side street leading toChoptiink Bridge adjoining the hinds of Andrew B Hoc, Dr. J. E. Lobstoin. deccnsod, Nathaniel Horsey and Andrew Biggs, continuing it bout ONE ACRE OF LAND, more or less. The lot is improved by n LARGE DOUBLE DWELLING HOUSE. TERMS Of SALE One-third Fcash ; balance in six and twelve months--or all cash at purchaser's option ; credit payments to bear interest from the day of sale, and to bo scoured to the satisfaction of the Assignee. A deposit of $50 will he required nt time of sale. SAM'L E. HILL, LEWIS WEST, ASSIOKKE. Solicitors. Order Nisi. T Pliny Fisher, Assignee, vs. George W. Euton nnd Sydney Ealoji, his wife. In the Circuit Court for Caroline County. In Equity. Ordered, this 23d day of March, 1808, that the sale of the property mentioned in thcso proceedings, made and reported by T. Pliny Fisher, assignee, be ratified and confirmed, unless cause to tho contrary be shown on or before the 2Cth day of AIny next, provided n copy of this order bo inserted in some newspaper printed find published in Caroline county, onco in each of three successive weeks before the 24th day of April next. The report slntcs the amount of sales to be S95.00. CHARLES W.-HOBBS. Clerk. True copy--Test: CHARLES W. HOBBS, Cler!;. For Sale. Miller Raspberry, tine hard plants, at S2.00 per thousand. Address F. L. STAMBAUGH, Rtdgely, Mdj 3 ET A 9 H OT^ A TPC" iTM M a aTM,-' i» I A I fc_ |ifV C« * » »«» Bw4.^^ * " I | I N THE First Election istrict ef Caroline County, Maryland. By \ i r t u e of n puwei of sile contain oil in n mortgage from John K. Diddle nnd Martha A. Diddle. hU wife, nnd W i l l i a m Bidcllo and Amelia Bridle, his wife, to Andrew Chirk, bearing date tlie 12th day of March, 183.5, nnd ivcorded in Liber III. G., No 'l(i, folios ;!7i), etc., n hnul ico- ord book fur Ciitoline county, Maryland, the u n d o i g i g n c d , :i«^i»iieo of said mort- gagee, w i l l M-ll .it public snlo nt the Court llouse duor, in Denton, Caroline county, Maryland, on TUESDAY, APRIL ffl, 1898, between the hours of 2 o'clock p. in. and 4 o'cloolc p in. of that day, the following propcity. to u i t . All lluis',-tr.icts or parcels of land situated in the First Election Ditlncl ot Caroline county, Maryland, nnd more fully described in n will trom James BUldle to John K.. Bidclle and William Biddlc, it being tlic same land described in mortgage from snid Biddies to Andrew Clark. At the Sign of the Crystal Globe. KTo. 1 contains about 86 Acic-s of Land, more or less, nnd is itnpn vcd \iy n Two Stnry Dwelling and Outbuildings, a small Apple nnd Peach Orchard, nnd ;i small Tenant House. INTO. contains about 51 Acres of Land, moie or less, and is improved by a 'JVo-Story Dwelling and Outbuildings; also an Apple nnd Peach Orchard, etc., and H adjacent to the town of Mnrydcl, so thut it i» convenient to railroad, stoics, school nnd church. Th?so lols will first bu offered separately nnd then as a whole, and will be sold in the way bringing the most money. TERMS CASH. Title papers at expense of purchaser. OSCAR CLARK, J. W. CiiAKK, Ju , Assignee. Auctioneer. J. H. C. LEGG, ATTORXBV-AT-LAW, CENTKEVILLE, MD. OK Til?: VALUABLE FARA\ O K T H E LATH WILLIAM M. DAY, IN TIIK SKCON1) KKCTIOX UISTKICT OF CAR- OLINE COUXTV, MD. By virtue of n power of snle contained in ft morlgage from William M. Day nnd licbeccn A. D;\y, his wife, to James T. AVood, hearing date tlie 28th day May, 1878, nncl recorded in Liber J. W. T., No 40, folios 182, 183, etc., n land record boak for Caroline county, Maryland, and by mouse assignments assigned to John H. C! Log", on the 3rd day of March. ISfifi, which assignments are duly recorded nt the foot of the said mortgnge, in Liber J. W. T., No. 40, folio 185, one of the hind record books for Caroline county, Maryland, the suid John H. C. Legg, as assignee of the mortgage aforesaid, will sell nt public nuction to the highest bidder, in front of the Hotel, in the town of Greens- borough, Caroline county, Maryland, on SATURDAY, APRIL 9th, J898 between the hours of 3 nnd 4 o'clock p. m., All those tracts, parts of tracts, or parcels of laud situate, lying und being in the Second Election district of Caroline county, Maryland, called "Mason's Hazzard," "Aimer's Park/ 1 "Dobson's Westmoreland," or by whntsovor nnnie or names the same may be known or culled, containing 300 ACRES OF LAND, more or less, lind is ulso better known ns tho farm of the late William M. Iny, of Caroline county, Maryland, and is improved by a good comfortable BRICKDWELL1NGHOUSE good Barn, Carriage House, and Corn House, and other Outbuildings, nnd has a young Peach Orchard on it, in good condition, of 1000 trees, nnd is only about 2 miles from Bridgetown, 4 miles from the town of Goldsboro, about 5 miles from Grponsboroiigh, and about 7 miles frjm Kidgely, so that it is convenient to railroads, stores arid churches, and there is a school within half a mile of the farm, and the Innd ib of good soil, fencing is ( in fair condition, and there is a growing' wheat crop on snid farm. Terras of Sale. One-half of the purchase money in cash on the (Jay of s:ile, nnd the balance in twelve months from the day of sale; or nil cash, at the option of the purchaser or pur- chnsjr* ; the credit payments, if any, to bo secured by notes or bunds of the purchaser or purchasers, bearing interest from the day of sale, payable in bank, and secured to the satisfaction of Ihe undersigned assignee. further particulars made known on day of sale. ' ' JOHN II. C. LEGG, »T. FUANK Sx-w.usft, ASSIOXKK. Auctioneer. N. B.--Arrangements ca:i he made with the undersigned, by which the sum of 81,000 00 of the purchase money cun remain on mortgage, if Iho purehflsor so do- sires. J. B . C . LEGG. Altorncy-at-Iaw, Centreville, Md. Order Nisi, Jesse A. Wright, Mortgagee, James H. Webb :.:·.·! Wife. * In the Circuit Court for Caroline County. In K(|uily. OKPE11ED, this 18th day of March, 1898, Unit tho snle of the property mentioned in these proceedings, made and reported by Jesse A. Wright, Jlortgagee, be ratified and continued, unless cause to the contrary thereof be shown on or before the 21st day of May, next, prmided n copy of this order be printed in Caroline County, once in each of three successive weeks he- fore the 20th clay of April nCxt. The report states the amount of sales to bc?28000. CIIAKLES W. IIOBBS, Cleik. True copy--Test: CIIAKLES AV. IIOBBS, Clerk. Notice to Creditors. DENTON, Slo., JUitcii 18. 1898. Tho creditors of William G. Bradley arc hereby notified thai the said Willinm G. Bradley has applied to the Circuit Court for Caroline county for the benefit of the insolvent laws of tho State of Mary- laiid, and thai proceedings in insolvency in relation to his estate arc now pending, nnd thnt tho creditors of the said Willinm G Bradley arc requested to appear at tho office of the clerk of Ihe Circuit Court for said county on tho 2Gth day of March at 10 o'clock a. in , to choose a permanent trustee for the estate of the said William G. Brodloy. T. PLINY-FISHEB, Preliminary Trustee, GETTING ACQUAINTED ·u WITH "THE GLOBE," Baltimore's wide-awake and progressive Clothiers, Hatters and. Furnishers, wants to make the business acquaintance of every reader of this paper. "Coining events cast their shadows before." A "coming' event" that will interest and instruct you is the issue of the spring and summer edition of THE GLOBE'S ^CATALOGUE!* which will be published and ready for distribution about the latter part of March (perhaps sooner.) When you've carefully read the catalogue you'll be lots wiser. We think you'll like "THE GLOBE'S" way of transacting business 'cause its a fair, square and honest way, so different from some stores. All we want you to do is to SEND US YOUR NAME AND ADDRESS AND WE WILL MAIL COPY OF OUR CATALOGUE TO YOU AS SOON AS IT'S READY. 8 West Baltimore Street, three doors from Charles, BALTIMORE, MD. Peerless Machine Shops, EASTOItf, MD. PEERLESS TRACTION ENGIIvfcS, PEERLESS EPARATORS, PEERLESS SELF-FttDE"S, PEERLESS WEIGHERS AND BAGGERS, PEERLESS SAW MILLS, PEERLESS PORTABLE, DOMESTIC AND STATION RAY , ENGINES AND BOILERS. -* · OUR GUARANTEE: We will guarantee our Peerless Threshing RigsVill do more work and letter wotx than any other make of machine on the mark"'. · · ···· · vl rri them side and side and take the best f · · . · ., i · ·. A so Imperial Stackers by the carload. Repair.n · .n r.U b.-anciies. Bic,cles repaired, re-enameled and nicklc-^.u^d .r RL-asuaable prices;. For particulars call on oraddreF-, u. r c~:.niogue. G. Telephone call No. 35. Near P. W. B. R. R. Depot. CARRIAGES! BINDERS, RAKESI H AVING just completed a large warehouse, I have on hand a complete stock of Carriages, Spindle Buggies, Day tons, Speed Carts, Farm Wagons--one and two horse. THE QUEEN OF THE HARVEST FIELDjs the OSBO1SNE COLUMBIA BINDER and beyond nn doubt stands without n peer. The No. 4 Mower is the lightest draft. All-Steel Hay Rakes and Stay Tedders, with bicycle and interchangeable wheels; Disc Harrows; Spring-Tooth Harrows. The'machine's and implements are all in stock now. And don't forget thnt Osborno Implements succeed where others fail. I am in a position to quote you the very lowest prices on everything I handle. Am HEADqUJAR-FERft FOR BINDER 3WINE. Give me fi call, nnd let me give you a few points on prices. H. M. THOMPSON, - - HILLSBORO; MD. FOR SIXTY-SEVEN YEARS; HA VE BEEN MANUFACTURED. Year "by Year they have been Improved. They are better now than ever before. Indeed, they are as near perfection as a machine can be made. Hence the great demand. Call on the agant, Jonathan Evitts,' DEXTTO1T, Dividend Notice. This K to give notice that Burton W. Parker, by n decree of the Orphans' Court for Caroline county, sitting in Equity, wr.s iippointcd trustee to make sale of the real estate of John Prattis, deceased; that the snid trustee hus made sale of said real es- tiite. and reported the same to the snid court, and that the said sale has been duly ratified and continued, nnd the said court, by its order, is about to declare a dividend on tint proceeds arising therefrom, now in the said trustee's hands. .All persons having claims against the said deceased are hereby warned to file the same, for audit, with the Hcgisterof Wills for Caroline county, with the vouchers thereof legally luithenlii'ated, on or before tho 28th u~Hy of April, 1898, or they may otherwise, by law, be excluded from all benefit from snid funds. By order of ttic said court this 22d day of Mnrch, 1898. Test:--ROB'T J. JUMP, Register of Wills forCm-oline.county. mar2C-3t. , Money to Loan. I have money to loan on first mortgage on renl estate, "in sums to suit borrowers. OSCAR CLARK, Dcmton, Hd. Seeds and Plants For Sale, CANTALOUPE SEED: A n n e Anindel, (Early.) Improved Jenny Lind, Norris, (Late.) . ' · RED KASPBEK11Y PLANTS; M illcr, Cuthbert, Brnndywine. LUCRETIA DEWBERKY PLANTS. STRAWBERRY PLANTS: Glen, Mary, Clyde, Enormous, Lloyd's Favorite, Brnndywine, Michel's Enrly.Greenville.Lady Thompson, Tennessee Prolific, Gundy, Bubnch. AT KKASONAHLTJ TKIIMS. KICIIARD T. CARTER. REMEMBER! REMEMBERF Remember, and in placing your order- for Strawberry Plants, don't forget that I have nil lb leading standard and new varieties for sn'c, nt prices thut will attract, you. Call mid see me or drop me a card of your wants, when I will namei yon pTic*e_ I can also supply }ou with Miller Raspberries and Liicretin Dewberries. GEO. E. SAULBUET, 8-l9-8t. Denton, Md. MEWSPAPKJRl

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