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The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin · Page 1

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Friday, June 17, 1859
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MORNING, JUNE J. Brundage, Wood County Riporttr, Grand 'no'nloA forever. His place is vacant-veteran ] ' • .4tria.-..^-~ . t, ' ^=-« »% « tj^ 1 - ~i _i.i _c-~_ ' " •"'•' ' :" ' WA'UKEE NEWS. & l.ATfllOl* «t»wt, ***» W *•—^The ! Cpnyentfon organised! * noon Wednenday. \ t j% Ihe President, Col. Bobinson, not havin wived, ihe meeting was oil led to order by Horace Rublee. Secretary, and on motion Prof, floyt, of the Wisconsin Fanner, Wms called to the Chair, , C. L. Shole* r of the frte Democrat, In be half of the frateniity of the city welcomed tha guests in s sliort and appropriate speech, re- TERMBOFDAILTPAPEK. I grelting that some of the older members of the O«u> Paper T6r one year, payable In advance.. *r,oo j Society were absent, but being called away, be ; TEBMSOPTRI-WBEK1.YPAPEK.; jj^ ad "M 0 " 1 " 1 . by imperativeduties, it rtevoljr- """'' ~"*' 'forpncjear,payablelnadTWce.»8^oi*'**P ont ' lo§ ? wno remained; t9 extend •'{•Of* rpAPER j dial greetingtotheirfrien3fftad brother editort i'iW/ taper, juiMmhfcd tvcij- morning, except ilondiy. t..-Wt«kijr Paper, Monday, Ws.1ne»day s ' Wefktjr Paper, W«a y p»per for one year, payable;io«dvanoe..-$1,00.] "**** bah * U * f ** Vityl>rej5a, and\be hoped «XTESqrAi»VEBTESINt*K »AIl.t Ten lines, or less, of Nonpareil stake* square. * 9 ;? re 'iS»y----.-*i,w . 1,60 2,00 8,00 3,50 5,00 <to. » do. 1 do. » do. T- J do. I. do. , I <lo. Sdn Sda.;, 1 «•-•• . 1 sqoare.l month... 1 do. S monthx.. 10,00 1 do. 8monlh«.. 18,001 do. 4 month!.. 16,00 1 do. 6 months.. 16,00 1 do. DtnpntlE... 80,00 '' do- ...J•„: 80,00 ; & A«V» l«a linnriolpli Street, are a-uOiorixed to rt- *fin Aaffrtiiftnente Jpr thie a*d all Die Leading /*«/Tm»M fff fh» T*?'-" **- • --»--• oj them. and are&t mna d Agent, in tt. Korffiwafor a mar4 IN TOWN ANJ> OUT OP IT. M. FOMEROY, Editor tlccnrd, for June 16,'69 4 Cfl., Druppiu. If Spring 54? » S f. For Telegraph and Commercial matteri .vet Fourth Page. community, he extended a general invitation to the Editors, to enjoy themselves anal partake of-the hospitality offered. E. A. Calkins offered the following resolution: Resolved, That Chancellor Barnard, of the State University, 1* invited to alicnd the Sessions of tuts Convention, and ^ake part in th|a same, and that the Secretary IM instructed.IB- forward to fcim a copy of this invitation. * "Which was adopted, i ' " \ M. M. Pomeroy moved that reading the pro- ceedingH of-the last Convention l.e dispensed with. Hu also elated that carriages would be in attendance, in front of the Nowhall, a« two o'clock, to convey the members through tbe city, to the Seventh Ward School, and th« lager beer gardent. S. D. Carpenter suggested that the names of all prt-s-nt bi; registered with a peculiar mark attached, so as to dislincuish c-orrespondenti! from editors, &i-. The subjoined inviuaion WAS then read DETROIT & MIL. li. R , GEJJ'L WBST'N \ AGENCY MIL.. June 16, 1859 ) Hon. C. D Robimon, President of the Editorial Convention, ifilwauke": DEAR Stir:—Tbrough you I hereby George Baruslde, Ripon Time*. John Tapley, Racine Adrocata.' ^ ; , J.W. Strong, Telegraph Heporter at \r.\fBKR 22:{ le * d ? te l the Profession, one of n-or the Aasocf.tion, and, original. son. C. E, Porter, "Ea Claw Free Pn5». W. J. Whipple, Local North Western Dem- oerat, Prescott. * " 0 H. Ltndeuau, Watertown Volks Zletnng. A. fi. Burdiok, Ben Franklin, Milwanfcea. John P. Hume, Chilton Timesr: --Henry A. P«rRns : , 9epoMio, BarabooV W; D. MerriH, Conrler, Pralrle'du Mr. George Hjrerpresent^Jhe memorial of the practical printera of Milwaukee The communication was oo motion of Mr. Hyer, entered on the Journal of, the a&socia. ionanc! re/erred to a committee of three. The chair appointed Messrs. Hyer, .M. M 'omerov and S. Ryan, jr. enohcommittee. Horace Rublee presented « lengthy comrmt- nication from thy State Historical Sooieiy which was read and placed on file. The chair presented a communication as fol, owe : June, 1859. COL. K W. UKNNU .-—Dear Sir :—As J may possibly be absenl from thin city at the me of the meeting of the Editorial Conren on here, neat wei>k, and an address was ex- wctvd of me on that occasion, I venture to re- nest thai you will aot in my stead and enter- lin the fraternity in a much better style >an I could hope to do. I have notified Col. ,-.. i Vice President. Amid interchange r.* HMy* r< * lfn ?». »nd congratulations, and Jhe becoming: festivities' of this happy occasion %J M$f» P««»- Sensible of the great loss whMO the craft, the Association^, and, indeed the«at^.has«nffered. let us pay onr willing and heart-felt tribute to 1 the memory of onr dtt- Fl^tl k 8 2? .*" d bri £ tlM)r " tobu A. Brown, •nd t»k| home to ourselves the leieon and the solemn admonition which so sad a breavment ijedto convey, graphical sketch must necessarily, on , r »oc»slon, hg brief; doubtless, most of you,*re |famiHar witb the leading incidents in th*,lifeof a qen,' Brown, and his professional car er.* (These aw", In part, the history of " ronsin at fat back as: Territorial days, an. _.„ more specially interesting to us because of •his conttononS connection with the newspaper press—ntajdng up a record which it U one of the purposes o» this Association to preserve in an endurfdg.form to grace our annals and perpetuate ••high and worthy example. John 4.. Brown was born in Canandalgua S. Y-, on the 10th of November, 1812. and was emphatically, a self mado man. H« eu- Joyed only tbe ordinary advantages of a oonr n»on school education In what was then a backwortda country. He graduated wh-re so many of ,the ablest, most successful and dl»- tiaguishex) men of onr country have graduated—in [the printing office. Hi* trade was learned In that old school of good practical •printers, fBaHavia—working in David Miller's offices D. Robinson, of tbe Green Bay Advocate, - \* thu President of the Asiociation, ef rt-quest, and commended yon to his kind ho Verj trulv your frinud, ROFUS KING. The report of tbe proceedings of the Editorial Convention excludes ranch other matter ersons wishing a pood boarding house will do well to examine onr new advertisements tbit morning fafe Mr. Richmond'^ sermon on tbe Atonement, this— Fridav— evening St. Paul's Cbnrch. ;,! 8 o'clock, in an invitation to the Editors of thn ciiy and State, now in Convention, to take a trip from Milwaukee to Grand Haven or Grand Rapids and r»turn. No pains will be spared to make jonr trip ont of pleasure and interest, and tbe endeavor will be to land you here after a pleasant ride, safe and in good condition. Steamers leave Milwaukee daily at 12 o'clock noon, and 8 o'clock in the evening. An early DEOWITED .—Yesterday afternoon, a son of N. S. Donaldson, while playing near Oneida street bridge, fell into the river, and before he could be got out, life was extinct. Tbe Good TVmplars have a strawberry festival at Albany Hall next Thursday evening, tbe procewde of which go to furnish their new ball in Bowman's building, near the Post Office. > The ladies bare nearly accomplished tbe purchase of Mount Vernon. They have •paid one hnndred and seventy thousand dollars of the purchase money, and will probably raise the rest in a month or two. Tbe peach growing districts of New Jersey, Deleware and Maryland will furnish a bountiful supply of fruit during the coming season. The strawberry crop has been abundant. Yesterday about noon as some ohil •dren were coming from school, a team came Tunning down Wisconsin street, the wagon titling a little son of Mr. Qalaway, knocking •him against a little girl. The girl was not annoh hurt, but the boy's head was badlj cut and otherwise bruised. It is thought he will recover. Godey's Magazine is just received at She new news depot, corner Main and Wisconsin street, it is a beautiful Dumber, contains the latest fashions for Ihe Kumruer Call and gel a^opy. WM E. TUNIS & Co. FLUID POB EDITORS.—Strickland & Co. have placed OD one table a quart bottle of Butler's Mercantile Fluid, which they are desirous of introducing into general use Having tested it and thus obtained an inkling of its superior merits. w« take pleasure in recom anending it to all business men as lust the smoothest flnid out, except "old rye ;" A CURIOSITY.—In tbe Newhall Bbck, No. 13, GolFf Patent Knitting machine is daily at work, manufacturing stocking? at a rate all the old ladies in Christendom never dreamed of. It will knit a perfect stocking in fifteen minutes—quicker than one could be darned by the old process, end adjust it to the foot in three minuter; more It beats all the inventions yet, and as this is no yam, we advise those wishing a machine, or to purchase the right to manufacture, to call in and see it. reply is solicited. , Yours, truly. H. 0. WILSON Gen'l West'n Ag'i. Pomeroy moved the appointment of a Committee to inquire what time would necessarily be consumed in making tbe trip and to learn other particulars. Motion adopted. Committee— M M. Pomeroy, Blakeslee, and Cover. Tbe committee shortly afterwards made a report iu favor of accepting the very generous offer, which was adopted. Geo Hjer, of the I aditon Patriot offered the following resolution : Retolved, That a committee ol Ihree I>H appointed by the Chair, whose duty it shall be to report at the next, or adjourned, meeting of the Convention, an order of business to govern it« proceedings. And further, that a similar committee be appointed by the Chair to ascertain and report whether a Poem and Address have be-n prepared for this meeting of tbt- Convention ; and that said committee make such recommendations in relation thereto as they may be deemed proper. Resolution adopt** . Committee appointed by the Chair were Messrs Ross, Wheeler and Ryan. The following was offered by A. J. Turner, of the Portage City Record Retolved, That s Committee of Bve be appointed by the chair, to report resolutions of respect for the memory of John A. Brown, deceased, one of the founders and first Vice Presidents of this Association. Rtsolved, That J. M. Doty, of tbe Badger State, be requested to pronounce an eulogy up. on tbe deceased, before the Association. Adopted. D. McBride, of the Sparta Herald, oflVred the following : Retolved, That a committee be appointed to take, record, and report to the Convention the following statistics, viz.- The names, ages, residenc«, length of residence in the 8tat«, and names of newspapers, etc., of the Editors and Publishers who are members of this Association. And that the above report be made at as early a period of the Convention as practicable. Adopted. MILWAUKEE, June 8, 1859. COL. C D. ROBINSON : Dear Sir—A few days since I ntceived ftom Gen. King, of tbe Sentinel, who was just leaving for the casl, the not* herewith enclosed. 1, at tbe time, stated to him my doubts of the propriety of any one outside of the editorial ranks delivering the uddreas before tlie editorial convention ; bnt was aasurvd any scruples were unfounded, and the request was renewed, and compliance asked at a personal favor. A week baa only changed my impression to » conviction. I beg to say that I very res- peolfnlly decline tbe pos tlon whioh was ten dered me through my personal friend, and for whioh one of your profession is more fit than any one of mine. With sincere respect for the craft, and for >ourself personally, I remain yonre truly. E W. DENNIS. MIL»ACKK«, Juu» 16, 1859. To the Prettdtnt of the Editorial Convention : DBAB SIR :—In behalf of the officers and members of the Milwaukee Chamber of Commerce, I have the honor of tendering a cordial invitation to the mcrnbgrs of your body to visit the room of the association, at No. 1, Spring street, beiwe«>n the boors of 12 and i o'clock lo-4ay—tbe time when members assemble for the transaction of business. Very respectfully yours, L L. CROONSE, Secretary Chamber of Commerce. June 16, 1869. To the Chairman of the Edttona' Convention: DEAR SIB :—In b^bali of tbe teachers and students of tbe MHwaok.-e High School, Sev. entb Ward I tender lo you and through you to the ediinri il ,-,,nvention now assembled in this city, a most cor.i'-,! and earnest invitation to visit the Uigb School at your convenience before you adjourn. Your* r-ry rv*» p f if n 11 r J. G McKINDLET. Principal. Mr. M. J. Thomas, D. 8. Marshal, extend an invitation to members to visit tbe Custom House at their convenience. The several communications were accepted. « • , - - -- — - — '"& ••-« ***» r *v» *]*iii(3t office, %h|le Miller was publishing Morgan » famous boo* on Free Masonry, and when fho offic.-> and ilf.hands were threatened with violence from on excited community. In the interviJs of an industrious application as an apprentice to an old fashioned printer, he made himself acquainted with the classic liter- atnre of onr own tongue, and paid Home at- tuntioo to, latin and mathematics In those studious ni«ht« of boyhood, he stored his mind with choice selections of English po«4ry and prose, which bis retentive mc-mory enjoyed to tile hut. At the age of nineteen, be assumed the editorship of tjic Hartford, (Ct.) Jntelligmcipr. Here be was brought into contact with «otne of the leading minds of Amerl can literature at tbat time, and formed friendship which lasted ihrough life. Some time WSB Ibns spenl in a round of g-nial duties, when the love for adventure drove him to sea'. The date of this movement is not now remem- l>eivd. For some two or tbrtv years at Wst, he was well acquainted with tbe changing moods of the great deep In all latitudes and loUiiitudes, and once was one of tbe very f>-w saved from lh«. wreck of tha ship of whliir. he was second officer, ou the coast of South America. H« returned to his owu country shortly after this occurrence, and taking to bis old employment, returned to the then Territory of Michigan in 1837, joining his brother Beriah at Tecumseb, where they published the Democrat, until February, 1838, when he Joiued C. C. Britt al Niles. Here he remained as a partner in Ihe publioalian of the Niles J,itel- liytneer nntil 1841, when he removed to Galena 111., where he puMisbed a paper several' months. This enterprise was unsuccessful and be went to Rockford III , where be published the Rockford PUot until the fall of 1842 when he removed to Chicago and took cbargp of the Daily Drmocrat of that city—its pro prietor having been nominated for Congress. In 1843 he came to Wisconsin, taking op his r«sideno3 in this city and publishing in connection with, or alone, nnlil 1847, Ihe Milwaukee Courier, now the Dally Witconun H* Iht-n went to Washington county and ej tablished a democratic paprr at Port Wash Inglon, which he aubsi-qnently published at Graflon. Thence he removed to Jatw-svill*. where he established the Badytr Statt which be published until bit removal to Madison wb^re h- was engaged with his brother in in.' assert the dignity, independence and poww of tha Press (as b« expressed it with his own peculiar ompbasUind gesture,) by driving ont aod extarminating the pestilent small try politicians, the ignorant, indolent and impudent place-hunters, insatiate leeches who foster upon the publishers of newspapers in a new country, those publishers having, in many cases, Invested all their means in tbcirestablishment' upon the lavish promises of those vagabond who use them as. stepping-stones to office, eat ont their anbstance r and then turn their backs npon them and leave them to starve, unless, from sheer despair or dire necessity, they humbly appeal to the humanity or charity of honest men. The main objects for which tbe Association was instituted, tellow-members, hava already been accomplished. Oar Union is perfected, based not on}y npon mutual interest*, but upon mntaal tespec* and friendly feeling — The Legislature, aroused to a sense of justice by the manly appetl of Luther Hanchett and the eSorta of other capable legislators, haa satisfied our demands To this end. none has labored more diligently, more cheerfully, or to better purpose, than General Brown, and in appreciation of his teal and remembrance of bis good works, let us treasure up bis injunction against fhe class of politician* whom he so cordially detested, and heartily denounced, renew the war and push on our conquests, until they, aad all who affect to depreciate and ''craft" generally, and .'rawing around «a.,h the bond of union and fellowship, it la to b« hoped, while deliberating upon the best means for the accomplishment of suob ends,they will not forget that the working me.o of the craft have nlaims upon iheir generosity, and justice damands that the interest of one must be uj complished by sustaining the other "The lal,or«r is worthy of hij hire," and we hope to see this, con van tioiL gure some expres- Sion as to their views of jastiow In regard to the small pittance now allowed— >0 cents—to Kiimlmui, Thut 3. this association to d he press. setting of the l>gi fl l a i ur .., Inter-st nf th Ailnpt«d. By ilr A Holly Resoliird, Thai III- [hank* be tend-riid to Mr Divv- D n Rynti. ;r '••• r»<]tiM^t.. M:I.|MOM it '|IM in.I r-pn-SHiit nitnn passe contemn the authority and influence of the Press in our still free, though abused and ov-r- burthened Btaie, shall ha^e learned that the power whioh made, can, by the same process and at as .llttU cost, unmake them. At th« Convention heU at Madison in October last, after » full discussion of this subject. it was resolved to appoint a committe« to go Imfoie the Legislature and org» the enactment of laws which would secure fair, living rates of charges for legal pnbKoations, and also an Iborix* the publication of Acts of the Legislature in two papers in each coun'.y This com- mitU«e, as finally constituted, consisted of Charles Holt, John A Brown an.l fl M Bcoth. Accordingly, General Browu viaited Mad:son In the execution of his duty, ou the 2.1 day of February last, with the intention of remaining them two or three weeks, in attendance upon the Legislature. On the second day of his arrival, while at the bouse of his brother, and when lie been in more than usually buoyant spirits hi was smitten with paralysis — struck down in moment — for a coniderable period of time apparently unconscious, and only once recovering bis senses, until, after a lapse of six dars he sank quietly, -erenely to his last sleep _ '. The hour which he had often, with perfect composure, anticipated, had come at !ast,.ard he bore the last great trial with characteristic fortitude. An honest heait, and an upright, blameless life, brought their consolation and recompense to hiui^ lonq-aoffering and enfeebled, rA<rn v when beyond the reach aid. Could those pallid lips, that ongue, have spoken in the, final hour the Printera of the State, and adopt sorn-. mU whereby they can be guided in [a kin K of apprentices, payment by Ihe l.niiO ,-m.s. *i,v, md thm relieve many of tbos« who »re obliy. follow the linsinesg, after y-arn of patient from Ih- rattmij dispositions of many «„ find In Una Sinta We offer tbe following it-solution, lo he r«aJ and j,;t-d upon In your deliberative body Reiolved As Printers, we U-IMVM that the 'laborer U worthy of Im hirv," and hope .in.i aipeot, ami jnstiue dwmandt, that the .-on»-n- tion take *n m » action in r>-«ar] to rtjing Jome standard relatij.i to the appraoiioeship nvrtem. !in»> of Milxi oa elixir ,n inAou..r in which -von heforg th.. m» i'loptf.l The <!onv.-ution Pr".iid..m lo, [|,, r th» for nirn * m«l th* this Convention —is Printers it P of mortal palsied his at old Madison Itemoffat <!• ' emoaral. In 1833 — apoinlwhich be had kept a l oll< titn- ?n view, and where he had determined ti 11 permanent hon»e. He now the Daily Argtn he went to Portage tendants mighl havs U«ard a.n.1 rpjoic^l wilh him in the almost inspired utrain ol one triumphant over death and the grave. " Tell them, Ih -ugh 'Ui a f-arful thing tu Jie, Yrt the dread [.ath one* trod, Ht-aven ] fw -<s rvv. astint; porta;, binri, And b'dj the por^ n hi*rt behold their (i id '" Thus, at the »«- of 46, closed the career of a brave, true man. of refined and g-nerous sentiments, tbe eiemplory citizen, tb* chival. rous champion of tb»Innocent and oppressed, ha- al! who rebuked vic«, dttested meanness, and tine. with a cordial hatred, all falsehood, , dlahoneaey, and all trickery, worked among the world's family as a brother, fulfilling th» law of truth and love He haj fallen at bis poet. His day's work u done, whil» at press on in the turmoil and vain strife of Hie Bat death comes to us all. In tti« language of one ndw within the sound of my voie-, uttered upon a similar occasion — "it is the catastmpu- which makes life a tra«e.iy,«!.ruuding n,-lose in gloom, an<l V>e..i.-wii)^ it with tears Vet it ..) and payment of wages by th- throaqhout the Suite G. H. B»l*ock jr A. Corbitt, Geo. A. Troyswr. John Halloran. Geo. Eddy, Oscar Bardwpll F. Smith, jr., Geo. Wright, E. W. dp-ncT Samuel Ristall. Kdward Keogb, Valentine Ballluff. C. E. Strong, J. R Bryant, Ed Pierrick E S, Tlcknor H. T Drak-. The H U l'»r».l J K Hawlev F Tr-y.^r Eldad ^ iju,n> r J. B. Fit/.ifprni I f U«0. E. ,\lYlr-p"V Thomas U. ilc£ln>)r Chas. Mrtins, jr Chut W Trnni John H T..» .John F >!' <i'i i Willum H M-,in u-o f N-ij.m L)»n'l H.illuran. Hnnrv L. Wili;ani.4 J -N HtoDH, D^nnU Bm-kUy »h «r n.. VlllW- \v. \l ..ik ;iti" lu 3<n.j m— jommltte-, for Ih- ic- M M. Pomeroy suggested that it was a delicate matter to ask,tbe lady members (heir ages, and that a very agreeable committee of "ladies' men" be appointed on such c.mmit- Mr. H.rrison Reed offered « resolntion, which was adopted, as follow* : Rttolved, Tbat Geo Hyer, Dr Hoyt and A. J. Turner, be constituted a committee whose duty it shall b« to procure a Book of Record, and transcribe the proceedings of ibis Association from its organisation, including the annual addresses and correspondence ; and also prepare tbe game for publication, and procure 1,000 copies printed In pamphlet form for the use of the Association. Mr. Bade extended an invitation to members to visit the Orphan Asylum and Cathedral. Mr. S. D. Carpenter offered tbe following bejan hi- work tti-r.- energy of yr.nth— pursing the Ktrer Tmicj u-wspaprr the naeie bich h* changed to that which had b»-- iustala the hnm West m memory sarr^- with the ardor and M resolution : come a favorite and whioh he bad oooie u, regard as his ovm—the Badarr »tatt Continuing its publicalion in I-orapany v. itb Mr Britt,^ his political friends forced upon him in 18V5. '• nfflre o f Post-masi-r— to which he W.L. ,. ,.., .,j,point>.d for fonryears bj President Buchanan in March last, and confirmed by tbe Senate. Although a decided and consistent party man, h» never sought ofl-nceand never solicited the suffrages of the peopl- At timp«, In Convention, Ms friends hAr- brooght forward his name for Stale office atid human l, wl.ile llon lies social ULni pill, Me virtu- Said Alanoin Holl-y, i j s Jealli of the companion ' w-|| .lo we C'-collect iiv. wben »- w-r.3 ac appr-u Western New • ,.rk Tsll. 0113. be wa« -Illi full uf I'he-rfu.' and as «-e l,, 0 )i l,,,.fc ov ^ f an/! ser ih«; lone prou-fi-io rown. !,'>|*-s and fears. tr all the cberinq and ,l-pres a , u< •»•, lo whom wi-4 r-f^rr-1 :h^ memorial of th.- practical pn.ileM jf \ln»iu- kee, respectfully aep.iRr That the complaints nipr-s^-d morial, are, m the opinion of your well founded, and ar>- «uch aa nail tion of (he convention. Th- meai.iriaii.tla complain, that from the .<yitem now '.n.j ^.Q- erally i>neouri«gM,i throUKhout I!IH riuu-, .1 - . ploying Incompetent workmnn tbn prii-M ,[ composition is so reduoe-l M to JH U V Jon i patent »nd sxperien.^J han.i.i » r'iiir ».i,l '. -( n< return for their labor TLi arises from circumstances our apprentice system prentices to the busiuea ijard to tbeir education in I lions , that such appr-nliCfS ii> not uk^n fur say particular time, and that oo -iv-it-m i» .-i- Htruction is pursued in their appr»nt.cnsh: p hat th-y arn unj-r no obligation to :i.utin.i- ••rvi.'- h«?vond th«-ir own pl-asurH lo »^<" -mploymunt elsewh^r th- re-mlt ,f » », ,-b is, that print-rs unq'ia,irt-.| • , .t,.<[ r , -ti-.n 'o •Iraw wige s . jom- in coota. • w,th -hos- wlm havr ^rv^d full tim- that <u,-h -|,-, ir : l; ,,r i-caloulat-i to rwiu,;- th- price .f printing, '•y -ual.imrf euapluy,.^ t o ,-orup-te for »orit h— I >w i just compensation *a.| th i. ;or •• 4.,,.! w"" ..-u to work std- l.y ji.l- 'ho<^ win. irre«u.'*r iii.J i u.-ouipet-L t. *u.l wK.:-;- q. i. jr -ual.l-n ['.-iu t, h<>uor»l>l- .'Drurjer t; po-ni r-,.- tate . f th- -i^,. ill ^ruwi-i« .ut •>! uys ar^ tak-n t* ip- wthout prop-r r- m-nul lualiiica- LANDS AND WATER POWERS. 19O.OOO 14 Rb* lli'ilf" I'drrjiniiT Juj Piu** ].<iutj>. I . » I: > Wisroasin A.i ) K. 1 ill p r o v I H I- r \ i; i H i r i \ i w u- -s and which had filled our iv.--j, an-1 for Congress ; bat neither pliant, or «coris>n was the worst f l,,s uprightness tee. OP OFFICERS FOR THE G&AITO LODGE OP THS STAT« or Wisconsin.—The ejection of officers for the Grand Lodge of the -.State of Wisconsin, took place on tbe 15th. •The $*»dge ha« ^«»n <„ SO g S 5on in this city for .-A day or two. Y«st*rday afternoon tbey par- ttook of • superb dinner at the Newhall. The •Acer: -..lea were installed into office yesterday. _ Th*;,- are from 100 to 200 members from ont of the city in attendance at the Grand Lodge. I he officers elected are M follows: M. W.—L. M. Tracy, G. M. B- M.—L. M. Strong, G. 8. W. E. W.—A. P. Wood, G. J. W. R. W.— 3. W. Hunt. G. Seo'y. R. W.—S. 8. Daggett, G. Tres. Finance Committee.—J. A. HelfenBtein, A. Alden, J. E. Thomas. UHICIPAL CODM— JtJDO» PoOM Pitt- MBiNo-Jnne- 16th.-Jerry O'Brien, assault and battery on huswife. , Sent to jrfl 80 days. Thos. McQeer, drunk— fined $1 and corti. Ant np to default, ten days. ,Waa. Gray, drunk— fined $1. Allowed to <rnn on execution. .Caroline Cook and Adaline Cook were complained of by John Twitt. and they wereaj. retted on the charge of being disorderly. Tbjg is a kind of family quarrel. The .Cook* allege thata little girl of Twitt'e is in the habit of looking in at their window, and calling ont " Booth," and other bad names 16 tbeir daughter; and Twitt complains tlmt the Cookathrew water OD their little girl. ?hl» occasioned tbe arrest. The Jndge dismissed tbe complaint, on the ground that there was blame on both ,«des,buthe would 1st it go thu time, wanj- ittg them all to keep orderly in the fat are. ' Herring of the stocUudAm oftta iMMl *mA Taledo H. tt. Co. E A. Gal kin) suggested that each editor record tho size of hie family, and how long he had been married. After some unimportant business, theeditora and representatives of the press, registered their names, and the convention adjourned till 9 a. m. yesterday. 'SECOND DAT. ALBANY HAH., Jnne 16, 9 A M. Charles D. Robinson, President, In the Chair. Mr. George Hyer, from the Committee on Business, reported the order of business for the government of tbe Convention. The report was adopted. Tbe same Committee then reported the following recommendation Retolved, That Dr. C. H. Cleveland, editor of the College Journal of Medical Science, Cincinnati, Ohio, be invited to an honorary feat in this-Convention. Mr Harrison Reed enggestwd that th§ time for reading the' Address and Poem be ftxed at a later honr. Mr. 8. D Carpenter moved to insert eleven o'clock Instead of ten. Adopted. The following names were presented as candidates for membewhin, and were elected by a vote of the Convention : Luke C. Redfield, Local New*, Wanpacca A. Emerson—latw of 'the Wankesha-Eepnb. Kcan. E. Enos, Correspondent of the Ednnattonal News, Wankesha. H. Borebsanlus, North Star, Hudson. C. E. SlmonoX Montella Ledger. George H. Bead, Oihkosb Courier. A. V. Thomp*un, Free Demount, kee. ' , ., .. , , •• M. Graham, Milwaukee Wisconsin. FuedlaeiKler, Dmtache ZeHung, Oshkosh. ' - 8 - A; Clawll, Hbdjon North Star. Q. H. Well,, Beaver Dam CiUwo. - Retolved, That his Honor the Mayor, is entitled to our sincere thanks, for the very able, efficient and courteous manner he yesterday discharged tbe honorable duties of Page to the members of this organization, and that the next Poet of this Association be instructed to serve a copy of this resolution on his Honor the Mayor, witb the assurance of the most pro- fonnd personal respect of each member of the Association. Mr. Wells offered the following resolution, which was adopted: Retolved, That tbe thanks of the Press tre due to tbe legislature of the State, for the act which secures to publishers an adequate compensation for the publication of legal notions. Mr. D. McBride presented the following report from the business committee: The committee present herewjth the fallowing resolutions for the consideration of the meeting: Retolved, That a business committee of five be appointed by the Chair, who* dntf it shall be to prepare general business for tb« next annual convention, and that t&« business so prepared lo b« published in the papers of the Slate, at least one month previous to such meeting of the Association. Retolved, That in the preparation of annual addresses, it is advised that there b.) embraced in the subject matter thereof guoh faeis as will form, in tbe series, a complete history of the Press of Wisconsin. The resolutions were adopted. Mr. H. N. Boss, from the committee oo the Poem and Address, snbmiMed a report which set forth the facts of Gra. King being absent, &c., a* statod above. Adopted. Mr. A J. Turner, from the committee appointed for that purpose, reported the follow, ing resolutions in regard to the death of John A. Brown, of the Association, which were nnanimonajy adopted: Whereat, Since the last annual meeting of la •aan«(H»t Mn __ 1 I • . ° , selfish enough lo l.-com- a successful politician and of all localities, \Vi« (politically) for a man fearlessness and entire in There are h. n>, to b- sure, no treat »ud stri king incidents or achievenents in life to diloU, npon, no accessories to command fictitious regard, for Gra. Brown was simpiy and truly what be professed to be — one of tbe great army of xorking men . and for thirty years, as printer nud editor, be stood up to bis work bravely ike* man, fighting his own battle in the "w»r of lite as best he could , at times cieprvased or more than once misfortune had comt> to him, pale-eyed sorrow had crossed his thresh- bold, and a grievous malady bad clung to bim in latter years, but never murmuring, ne»er despairing, and best of all, never envions of the good fortune of other* He was proud of his craft and of the profession, aad whatever opportunity offered he fwizvd eagerly to advance the interests and e«tend the influence of both That the press of our Stou should be reapecUble and therefore respected lhat it should preserve the Integrity and i Hie merry Uuah of his l«yt> distinctly to our .»ar, strance with th- .linr- ,»i .|.-Ath. w,. i cUim—what M life' W),!! ,_., beyond death?'' Un the 12th of r'eLr i*r? « and impressive fnn-ral s-rvi. * j nc* a of a lary- t'Ooroumn, tii.- of John A. Brown, l.nru- by fn-n I tors, were laid in th^ir tini heantlfo! rfm^tery, upon the ••onsin; but hia spirit, fr-v as the that sweep around his riv*r horn-, and chant iheir re-iniem oVr hi« gravn, still liv^ an d moves among as. By as too, fittinc U-uimomaU of rftspect and r-<f»rd arv laid upon th-»lt-r. an.i the last offlco of affection is discharged A lif- and death like this can l)-ar no bitt>-r memories and well will il be. if U shall com- to U- ?aid of us as truly as nf him, "th- end was well as w»s th- lourn-r." Th- l-mcm and the admonition will profit us in Ih- measure thai w« honor the example, emuliu. th- virtues an^ cherish the memory of our departed friend and >'•! -any ,l,v< ' liny y-Hr-. u,,,. . Thl <- r ' ro - '/ r " r " with h.iii. .., ' '••• w •n.nv »n iujii-t .'-..^:--.L.-V. -(..y,,, „, r .,., iv . . u.--- ati.l !i,. p.-.- !h rtv V-M4M. " " r " ''"••' '7 v i' ; v. ,nH »nr. worLm.-ii *i..| lhat an 1 ti,iiin:.h-, ' lini-, ^u.l i,,l,m.(t-,| -•*.•«. u< r-*l, I -j a-i Ihruui-h ill •orn-s r}ontini< v commingling Po!ilnt;»n ly ,-x - -atb; WhatM l--r af.r r-i ;,riit- f. in fi- [.r-*. ll.>r'il r-rn^iD4 Wlll filllj .-in...,t^ t li dt i ne u. 'i ^o ?d -1 a< a ...n.rn-yniau in m i wa^-s tL»t w.irk at prir«t l*.|,jw chat 11,. -aiploy.-r ^h p- r:'orm-<i at rat-< l>n N 111-1 n-ul < r " luru '" r ia<: '' !»tor r--'i,-!,- pi ,-- a I '''"• >'ommuu-e fail tf of th- Wis- >vi:I form t|._ ,„.(,. , n is »' <'* ol iii.n^H -»'.l,nt if- l- '.h- n('.. " • T -'i. fl 4 a p {.• r> n :.<•••< ' i.. *** ' n . 7 J. atlou to 'i-, ,.-:... ;,i.i. »,.,! th-v L>- IdK-n for ^u.-li to (lufh i ra -M.-n-*. t.s th-m to '.h r, r ..i js.oii K-iU— 1 -.h"uM •— -mpiM7 . ..r lo rer—lr- ,,iril-7 no -nipn r— .lion ,| 1, fair ill i ..riu;,- r-it-< tu i uul.i r-fju.r- i^if.or to k *< low i just tU'i r -u..D<tl-,- ll-?- that -in uii.^Ui.f-j ( -, l CITY ADVERT1- n of -inpi v.--< in m.n vr, ol IhM km,I , but th" .-ori.iu t:— w. --,-,, Q i- m-n.l, iu common jastic- a.ik- to iu- -mpiov -r and the euiploy-d, llint in -nira^ :\ t i.ii.or preference I- ifiv-u to <-xi»r:-nit>-.' » r A \ i : I U I f f -X Holly moved that the address be Jone IS. TChe«lereland and' Toledo B.B. rtookboia. «n'nM!ting«*«lib!d4o^ay. The Board of Directors wa.i increased .from 5 to 18 The fcllowinx fcoard Is auanimonsly elected : Jao. ». Wartng,-A. Stone, Jr., Jno. Qar- iiner, Wm. Deerben/tiam'l M. fonac. W Colbnrn,, Henry Ki fc M. II. Vwmily, 4iw Bardalf; W«. WiUJam*. D. Wch OMptamt, T. P, Hardy? *' IB Oh. 0«, MUwtntee See Bote* .AJUwehner, Sheboyg«n Tolksfreand ^ D.M.Lnsk, J A«»o<rfitte Editor North Weit. era Democrat, Prescbtt.' J B Hjrer, Mena«h» OoMermor. M. A. Mapes, and Mrs. JH, O. Ifape*. ' Star v < t. i. Widney, Emigranlen, Madison;. T. T twjr, Albgaj t^ne».' • J. K. AreiiU t ,JPoii»li OWef. L. Wntbrcp Powell, Broadltead Reporter. " B. Hallo, Oo)mnbtw Journal. «I8».«.^E. KUJur and t JL Bloomer, Bad. ger State Monthly.' A'Bw'r«> J ofrteB»dge»«M fc . ' •taw' .f)feM{r»M^ff.Li^l. " * • • this Association, we hare been deprived ot one of onr most highly respected brethren, John A. Brown, late of Portage, one of the founders and £rsl Vice President of the Aisoofatton Ruotvtd, That in his death our fraternity has lost one of its moat worthy.nseful and hon. orable members, society an ornament, and the State one of Its best and most exemplary citi- S6fi8t " : • Rewind, That /ally realising the great be- reavementiof tbe -family and relations of Gen Brown.we tender to them onp warm and heart^ felt sympathies. * Jtetolved, That these resolutions be entered upon the records of this Association, and that • copy of them, signed by its offlcerg.lw trataa- milled to the family of tbe deceased, Mr, J. M. Doty, of the Portage Oily Badger State, was then introduced by the President, and delivered the following •EULOGY. : Prttuknt and Gentlemen of the Attocia- ence. ami mainlain ils aolbority as the "Fourth Estale," more potenl lor Ihe instruction of the world, for the correction of abuses in society and the preservation of law and order than that of Ihe legMative, judicial and -lecutive branches of government, fAij was his hope SD< i care, and be waa ready and willing to labor to this end, however and whenever he might be called. In tbe language of one of his nearest and dearest friends, who prononnced his Fo- neral Eulogy, " he loved bis allotted work He entered on it heartily. He bad for It a noble eutboaiasin. It is a high work." Al this day and iu this country, it in or* of the most solemn poats of duty n mm can fill.— How many prost tute lhat place to bad par- poses, it is not ours to M y. He wields a tremendous power for good'or ill, who holdn that place, even In its humbler walks. H» -stands a public teacher; he «p*aks lo the lar- gesl audience. His words are nol spoken and forever still ; they are in Ihe writfn letters that remain; in the printed letters tbat remain still long-r. They run like the lightning in flje-cara and stoam-driveD ships; they echo in tbe streets of far-away cities; they sound on the lonely mountain side, in the broad desert where the wanderer In fancy turns to home- they ring round all the earth. Wo »o the bid man who uses that place for hia bad ends r— Wo to the liar who uses the mighty engine in hi* bands to spread hia lies! ffo to tbe coward who occupies that posi I Wo to the vile who poisons what should be a river of pure truth •nd good for the earth's refreshing, the river of the world'* printed thoughts, with the poison of hit vilenesa. He felt the responsibility of his place, and whatever means the place gave htm, he sought to use for what he believed the nght and the true. Fearless to a fanlt, out- •poken, somewhat hasty, perhaps he committed errors—what man does not err? Bnt those whom he opposed can bear witness to the honesty of hia opposition; tbos« who, in the language of his profession, called him foe, always found him a manly and a nobU foe. All that shall be forgotten. And, among the men who fill snch posts M he filled, throughout all thli broad State in time to come, he will be remembered as one ofitbe lathers of his noble profes •Ion here, wbdse memory casts honor, and honor only, oo the class of'worker* of whioh be waa one. , When the Call appeared in the Horjoon Ar- «*,:fot ;.» Conviatlon of the Editor, and Pab- lishers in Wisconsin, »t Portage City, on the 10th day of Jttly, 1857, for th5 puma of. or. ^L°f * hi « • 4M ?« ation . «en. Brown lulled with delight,; and entered Into the proj«T h S.^KSSfiv ??&* ?»» e.rtestly,«.d h " met onr third annual toan- ha. fallen upon «, ha. been Jn our mldft, «d the form hereto and enoooraged tu, w« ahillaw uu' be felt ' dicted,tbatthegreatestneedo .. <!*•• remedy evoked;for accumulated evils, ana redress,be found, for great instituted woirifl M, in good tinje, be aooom- ,. .: • ' .-» ti » **• • '"-T'"! •"» »V«UIJJ- pUshed-rnhloh were, mainly, Inf hi. opinion: First, the cultivation of a bettar acqualntanoa and » friendly, social fueling, oetween membew of thecraft., Second, to secure jrut ' qnate compensation for their and labor, etpeelally a* regard* the rates of Pfyawn^ #t I^alpublleaUoM • 'and Third, to brother. Mr. A. placed npon the reconfa of the Association and print-1 witU iw proceedings. Mr. H., in supporting the motion, paid a bri-f but appropri ate tribute to tb* memory nf the deceased as an old personal frtend and companion Mr. Mallo hoped the resolution might be passed nnanimously. He wa 9 well acquainted with Mr. Brown, and the address did him no more than justlc>>.. Mr Harrison Reed add-d his testimony in regard to the many virtues of the deceased, with whom, though a political opponent, he was on terms of personal friendship in Ibe *arly hislory of tbe press of this State. The motion of Mr. Holly was unanimously adopted. Col. Robinson, Ihe Chairman, announced the poem as the neit thin* in order, aud a general search was rua^e for Pomeroy, sonre fears being entertained that he had left the city. M.WWB. Csrpentor, Calkfns and Oove were appointed a committee to hunt bim nr>. As tte committe* left the Hall by one door, Mr. Pomeroy entered by the other, and taking the stand read a poem, at tbe conclusion of which he was heartily applauded. • [Tbe poemwDI appear to morrow.—ED ] 2 O'CLOCK, p. M. The following resolution*, offered by M. M. Pomeray, were adopted : Retolved, That H. O. VTil.oo, Agent for the Detroit 4 Milwaukee Railway, be tend*r»d » vote of thanks for his thoughtful ness and liberality in giving the Convention a free ride to Grand Rapids and r, turn. Rtmlved That George Hyer, oorrmpondina Secretary, i* entitled to, and in hereby tendered a vote of thanks for his trouble In gettine together, and distributing paswj to the different editors in the State. Attained, That the Convention tender a vote of thanks to the different railroads In tbe State for the paise* furnished the editors of the State, to nse on thia occasion. Jtuolted, That the next annual Convention be, held in the city of Green Bay. The last resolution was received witb hearty demonstrations of applause, and all were unanimously adopted. Mr. Fitch offered tha following resolution— unanimously adopted : Resolved, That we cordially appreeiata tha oonrteay and kind new of Hessrs.K«an & Ric«. T ui-n , lhat , full apj .iLc.sL p ,hou,J ,„ ln sisteU upon, and that for the honor nf th- probation, no work should U; p-rform-l is h ,-!, r-'-juires the workm-n to do j-r.-. c - .'. r t .», than such service is worth. The memoriahstj ask thit tne pric- ,,r ;. :a . pojition be fired at, twenty-five o«ntd p- r 1 i)mj oius—this your commitie« behnv" 10 l,., « ;,. w an tha work can be done by oomp-t-nt ru-n But the real remedy for the -vil ..-omplAiu-l of, your committee h»liere ans-i from our present apprentice system, and th-y woiil.i therefore reared fully P rw)-nt with this report. the following resolution Rtiolvtd, That ihe printing otficr. ihoul.l graduate no one to membership in ihe craft p "' -" ' ' ; 'h.-r to assume th- duties of ih« ' "'- 1 ..,ur leave a .-rwditable imprint upon his work , and-to B och -n.l. we recommend to publishers that they employ .1.. ip- prvnlicea those only who ar- fltt-.l I.? -.ideation and character to take an honorable piac- among the fraternity, anj who are willing to first become printers b-fore claiming th« n«ht t travel and receive journeyman's wa^ea Time of apprenticeship, five T-ary wages per 1,000 ems, 25 cents , per we-k, $10 , proportion of apprentices, OD« lo Tour jours wages of apprentices, agreed to by parti-s , qualification of Jours., 5 years apprenticeship, or card from some Union , ov-rwork should be paid for at the rate of ill cents an hoar GEO. HYER, Chairman Com. F. 0 Brainerd off«i>d he following r-soln- tion. Retolved, That the proprietors of A Than y ' Hall have our thanks for tbe use of th* same. ! Adopted J. W. Hoyt moved ihe following resolution* Retolved, Tbat this convention recommend ! the publication of a volume comprising * history of the periodical press of Wisconsin IIY r- su , t.,.,, .,• ;r ,,. .• and that a committee of threw Ue appointed to I •*-* Jun ' 13 1S;l ' J «PP">< prepare said history and superintend its pub- ' "' """ *"""' "'"*" licatlon. N ' ' 1 1 < b.. i^fi h W»M TMI the r-i. eeliv ,• Loc uacl U-ii^r *.. I. H ciiitUINKl N( )TU 1 K. • nif t. Hn ,T%.IK^- j .u v->'-i----.-•-•;"-.- . . proprietors of the Newhall House, extended to thenlembersoftha Asaociatfoa during its present session j and that the experience of the post tow days confirmed the general and accepted belief that they.con"k««p a hotel"eqnal to any west of New York. Mr. George Hyer presented the following memorial of the Printers: of Milwaukee: • ': • . i HiLWACKM, Jane 15. Wheb«a,a Convention composed of the Editorial fraternity of the State' ot Wisconsin Is now being held in th« city of Milwaukee, for the porpoM of advajwing the Intamt* of th» Retained, That each editor iu the State be, and hereby is solicited to fnrnish a history of the press with which he \e or has been oroo nected In Wisconsin, and forward the samu 10 the committee on publication Which waa adopted. Messrs. Harrison Reed, Beriah Brown and M. Sohceffler were appoint >d such committee. Mr, Harrison Reed offered a resolution u follows, whioh was unanimously adopted j Resolved, That the committee of arrangements and the citixens of Milwaukee generally are emlnentlyentitled to the gratitude of the members of this association for the ampin provisions made for their reception, aod the boun teous ho«pitalities extended during tha-seasion of this convention. The following resolution, by Q. W. MitofaeU, was adopted. RetolveJ, That each member of the convention, who have not .already done so. be requested to pay the Treasurer of the association the sum of $1 00 to defray the expenses of print- Ing tha proceedings and addresses of this aa- s ociation. Mr. 8. Ryan offered the following resolution, whioh waa adopted. Setoluid, Tbat the Legislators of this State owe it to th* people to provide inch a cotnpttn- •atloa for the publication of the laws as will Indnca every paper In WUoomnn to lay th* MOM befow their reader*. By Mr. A. J. Tunm. Ihd .l.r.Ml That th« rccli .if 4 le»iT 4tfi '. il>cil in f' *QCO Tiin ttie esUmaitj jf t ih« Comptr' Her'' Offl^ti, v •at 3; W-*t ^, ,ui J *Q!| ,ot 4, '>( '0« 5; N J^ ,oi 6; lot j; Int *, ti|m •*Dtl •i, block 1$, tot 4, block ftJJ; i I'WnerS of the nt-jvu IescrU)«i| n^t'fleU to »hat ;n rt rmu, aut .y , _^ Jays from ih a dace, >r ih^- Strtfet CiTrir; ciiu«0 iftid vurk to tt« -ion« *ml n,r, «pecil»f lot*, ftoourdiQK to .aw jel?-<Jt B. i 'H (T^flO'NKR, K e<J Ju prnuerty OlTY COMPTROLLJS'^ OyirU CoQCracC Department, Mil.. June V, l^a f|1S£ Common Council by resolution a,lopt 1 13, 18S", approTlnn 'jf the 'ecooiinendaUorj i u le Street Commlailoners of ih.- Ut '.Vard. it >« jrder«,l TB»t the ullej raniiniK ihroa .n bloult list ?. r -t iv, rt j be pm»«J la accor-lsnce w\ h the plan tnd jpecirt,- itioni al IbaOity Envmeer. au ills In th« Comptroller'! ifflce. Owners of property on a,hl alley \r<s fiereby not tl«d to mala uld ImoroTemecti »ithia thirty ,lny s : r .>m th» pmage I)/ the «txiYo revolution, or the Street Corn ml«.l.,ner« ,f thi 1st Wuril. .Hi O»IIK it, e .une to be d.m« »D.| charged to tbe respeotlv., loc,, tccordlnj to i«w. J^'-'H' __ K. L'H »ARD[NE>l. Comptroller. '.-ITT CoMPTmn-Lji-' 1 ! Orric*. i Contract Department, Milwaukee. Juno II. ISSil. [ T HE Common Lounoll by reiululion i.lop t& Jua« IS, ISG9, a\.pro7Vnf[ ol tn« recommandalio- of th» 9cr«eS Oommi!talonerfl of the 3U Ward, onierad That • i«w«r b» coov:ruotf*U through block 16th, J<l Ward, City at Milirauiea. acoordlog to the plan find . peclflcaUoni of Die City Engineer on nlo in the Con Iroller'i oftoe. Owner* of property »ro heroby aollned to conitruat laid «»wer within thirty Jny» from thu t)»te or the Sirett Com-nmloner. of the 3rd W»rd, »tll cauie th» a to b« doce and Jharjetl to the reipeotlre lou ao' ;elT-<i5t law. B. VH. QASDIJfSR, Comptroller.

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