Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on June 14, 1936 · Page 15
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 15

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 14, 1936
Page 15
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Mt>RNItfG, JUNE 14, 1936 •—-•""•"-?-**<-* ....... • <» .-•*,.- '••-••' • •- THB PAMPA DAILY MfiWS, Pampa, Texas PAGE FIFTEEN 1 News Of Interest From Nearby Towns Students To Pallas Mbte tHart 125 students represented Cblllfigswortll county at the Centennial Sing-Song Saturday, June 13, armpunceth'ents stated today. Twenty-five of the students w?fit from the Wellington Schools and the reiflalhing 100 students come from different school districts over the foUnt'y. To Sponsor Scouts With an enclotisement of the Clarendon. Boy Scout movement by thp LionS club and their voting Tuesday to sponsor the reorganized organha- tion, scout work in Clarendon will take on new life. Wheeler Korteo A two-day rodeo and picnic spoil- scored by the American Legion post, will tie put Oh at Wheeler on June 19 and 20 under the title of American Legion Pioneer celebration, and those in charge ate making preparations to entertain the largest crowd in the history of events sp'on- sored by the active American Lsgion post. Masons Elect Officers At the regular stated meeting of the Miami order A. P. & A. M., No. 805, held Friday night, June 5th, the following officers were elected for the ensuing year: Worshipful Master—R. A. Wyckoff. Senior Warden—C. P. Burnett. Junior Warden—J. T. Cnntrell, Treasurer—J. P. Coffee. Secretary—W. L. Russell. Senior Deacon—J. O. Ramsay. Junior Deacon—Horace Smith. Stewarts — Henry Hoffer, Fred Drum. Chaplain—R. B. Hayncs. Tiler—Tas Cfowson. Mrs. Bennett Dies Mrs. Louise Bennett, wife of Dr. Morris Bennett and daughter of Judge and Mrs. W. L, Helton, died at the Canadian Hospital early Sunday morning, following a few days illness with pneumonia, Seeks Relics Jerome Stocking, of Clarendon, relic chairman for the pioneer Cen- tennlal celebration to be held there July 4th states that the committee is making a wide search for old pictures, relics and curios for display on that day. Celebration Advertised Plans for the Donley County Centennial Celebration and Pioneer Round-TJp to be held at Clarendon July 4, are rapidly Hearing completion. Hat bands and lapel ribbons, advertising the forthcoming event, have been distributed, and a booster trip to neighboring towns will be made soon. Lions Officers Elected Ten, members of the Miami Lions Fleeing From Arabs* Reign of Terror in Holy Land Hundreds of Jewish farmer families, driven from their homes ill outlying areas by the harassing tactics of Arab marauders who roam the countryside to wreak vengeance in their persistent race war, seek sanctuary in Jerusalem. Carrying their few belongings, a group of women and children refugees are - shown on arrival at the Holy City, shepherded by a British soldier. club attended the luncheon held Monday noon at the Miami Survant hotel. Nomination of 01 fleers for the next year was made from the floor as follows: W. L. Russell, president; M. M. Craig, Jr., 1st V. P.; R. L. McDaniel, .2 V. P.; W. M. Byers, secretary-treasurer; Joe E. Boyd, tail twister. Hail Destroys Wheat That ever grim threat to the wheat farmer, a hail storm, claimed a total of from two to three hundred thousand bushels of wheat from Ochiltrcc county wheat farmers last Thursday afternoon. The area covered by the hail storm ranged south and west from Parnsworth, dipped down through the McMillen Section and on into the south central part of the county. The storm tore through the best part of the wheat in the Perryton territory and took out at least a third of the limited crop that will be harvested this year. Canadian Centennial Plans are being made by the Centennial Celebration committee of the Canadian chamber of commerce for a gala day in Canadian for Old Timers on Friday, July 3. The day's program, though not. yet entirely complete, will consist of registery at the City Hall between the hours of 0 and 12 a. m., of all Old Timers having resided here 40 years or more, that is, all persons living here in 1896 or an earlier date. An old fiddlers contest is being- planned and the committee says they are already having letters of inquiry about this feature of the program from many neighboring points. Old fashioned square dances arc planned. Short talks will be given by Old Timers. It is planned to serve a free lunch at noon. Arrangements have been made to have the city decorated for July 2, 3 and 4. Preparations are being made to entertain a large crowd. Members of the committee in charge are L. A. McAdams, Jep Todd and John Isaacs. Bill Broken Bone J. C. Bernson, 7-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Bernson of Canadian is suffering from his sixth broken bone. He fell from a swing Monday afternoon and broke his New Arrivals--Just Unpacked Placed on SALE Tomrorow at Only Sheer Pastels Silk Crepes Navies & Dark Grounds Don'L expect to find just anptjier group' of ordinary $5 Dresses . . . This is; the result of an unusually good "buy" . . . You'll find that every dress is an outstanding accomplishment of style! REMEMBER ... They're all brand new!-Be at MURFEE'S early tomorrow morning . . . Come prer p#reid to at least one . . ".you'll \V;ant .several of them when you see tjhem! 'Tieless Joe' Is Battling Again Olympic Scene DestW To Be Radiator Town BERLIN, June 13 f/P)— Funniest thing in nazl Germany — where things, as a rule, are not so funny- is the radiator situation in Olympic Village, where 3,500 athletes will be quartered next August. The place, unless this observer misses a guess, is destined to be known among members of the American delegation as "Radiator Village" long after its original title has been forgotten. Nobody ever saw' so many radiators before anywhere. barrihg possibly in a factory. Some super-salesman, who must have known somebody of importance. simply sold the village contractors his entire radiator ouput — lock, stock and barrel. And, rather than admit that somebody made a slight miscalculation, the contractor has installed every last one of them. It must have been a task, but he has done it. In all the principal buildings, radiators actually occupy nearly half the wall space in every room and hall. In some rooms there is a generous eight or nine feet between them; in others a scanty four feet. The distance was measured. A visitor to the village first is startled at the ranks of radiators. because the Berlin climate is not so severe, anyway. Then, as the tour continues, it begins to get funny. He asks very leading questions, and the guide simply shrugs and laughs himself. By the time the visitor leaves the place he finds he can't concentrate for worrying about the radiators. There even are radiators in the kitchens at the big dining hall. - «•» If names mean anything one of the naval officers at the Texas Centennial Exposition should go far in his profession. He was christened John Paul and his surname is Roach. He is a lieutenant, junior grade and executive officer of the Texas Bluejacket company. Paris, Texas is his home. "TiclcKs Joe" Tolbcrt, who also might be called tireless, because ho usually is in the thick of tlio fight over delegate seating in Republican national conventions, is shown here as lie arrived in Cleveland, ready for another tussle. Tolbcrt led in his South Cavolinans a.s the advance guard of the contested delegates. His group was unseated in the 1928 conclavi;. left arm. He has previously had fcur arm breaks and a broken collar bone. Oil In Hole Finally succeeding in their efforts l.o shut out water which had been hampering development for some time, drillers at Porter No. 1, Wheeler oil test well 6V4 miles south of Wheeler, uncovered a small deposit of oil Tuesday. A negligible amount of gas was found with the oil, which rose about 500 i'et in the hole. Hail Destructive One of the most devastating hails in the memory of the oldest inhabitant of Hansford county, accompanied 4 inches of rain Thursday of last week, and in less than two hours harvested practically B5 per cent, of the county's potential wheat yield. $300,000 In Upiuls The Adjusted Certificate Bonds for Hall county World War Vete- erans will probably reach Memphis the night of June 15, or the morning of June 16, according to Postmaster J. Henry Read. There will be over $300,000 received in bonds in the county. Dr. Bruno Remembers Dr. Bruno never forgets his friends; five years ago Dr. Bruno came into the LeFors News office, paid to have the paper sent to Bruce Bull, Black Lake, N.,M. Tuesday of this week the Dr. came to the editor and said '/See here, how is Bruce Bull's subscription coming along?" The editor replied, "I think it lias expired.'? Taking n bill from his bill fold the Dr. said, "Get it going again." In this brief conversation we felt the atmosphere of true friendship for both Mr. Bull and the paper. Thanks Dr. Bruno.—LeFors News. 'Master Salesman S. D. Shelburne added to his laurels recently when he started east on No. 66 and picked up a hitch hiker who rode • with him to the county line, and before letting the man out of the car had made an appointment with him for the next day, when he sold him a car. .Read The News Want-Ada. AUTO LOANS 8e Us for Ready Cash to I Refinance. H Buy a new oar. H Reduce payment* • Raise money ,to meet bills. Prompt and Courteous Attention given ay applications. PANHANDLE INSURANCE AGENCY ~ "' Scenic backgrounds on the static of "Cavalcade of Texas," huge spectacular production at the Texas Centennial Exposition in Dallas, are so realistic that the man-made rocks and mountains appear in photographs and under the performance lights as actual landscape. Eleotticity used to illuminate the grounds at the Texas Centennial Exposition is sufficient to supply power for the lighting of the commercial and residential areas of America's busiest city cf 100,000 population! - ••* More than one hundred head of livestock, including fifty fine saddle horses, are used in the production of "Cavalcade of Texas" at the Centennial Exposition in Dallas. Other animals in the cast include a herd of genuine longhorn steers, prize whiteface cattle, burros and work oxen. Landon Out for 'Constitutional' tlvc leaders have made for them. The platforms are written by a few men. The nominee* either are selected beforehand, or chosen finally at conferences small enough tr be held in hotel bedrooms. Ninety- five per cent of the delegates who have come great distances for the event might as well have stayed at home. Delegates Abroad. Except, of course, that they do havn a wonderful time—measured by the .special standards of enjoyment which apply at national conventions, and nowhere else. They listen enraptured to blaring; bands which, under ordinary circumstances, they would not cross the street to hear. They howl themselves hoarse at oratorical bromides too feeble to stir a town meeting. They rush hither and yon on errands which sound screwy, and usually result in nothing. They whisper meaningless gossip as' they stand propped against one another In teeming hotel lobbies at 'those small hours of the night when, at home, they never would dream of being out of bed. Of course all or this can be explained on the theory that each great party is entitled, once in every four years, to forget its manners and its inhibitions, and go night-club in a big way. Only it does seem a strange moment to choose, in view of the responsibilities of a national convention, for making whoopee. And another strange thing about it is that, by and large, most of these adventures turn out very well. More often than not, capable men nro nominated, and commendable platforms are adopted. That is because the real work has been done in advance, or else in quiet seclusion somewhere nearby after the riot started. Shoulders squared, Gov. Alfred M. Lundon is shown as lie moved with brisk, swinging stride down a shade-dappled strrel in Topeka, liis schedule unvaried by the momentous events at the Republican convention 750 miles away. POLITIC BY BYRON TRICK, Chief of Bureau, The Associated Press, Washington. Time changes all things—except national political conventions. The 1396 model is as unexplainable, as unbelievable, as full of noise and lovely fictions as was its predecessor a generation ago. Those who try to follow convention proceedings from a distance never will know what a sense of unreality hovers over them. Words cannot describe, nor can the ether waves convey, the weird and wholly irrational spirit of the occasion. The republicans have met at Cleveland, marching and cheering. Soon the democrats will meet al Philadelphia, cheering and marching. All to what purpose? Presumably, to perform as solemn and sacred a duty as ever falls to the lot of American citizens—to choose party nominees and lay. down pledges of policy for the highest offices in the land. Actually, to carry oui, with as little solemnity and a.s much ballyhoo and hysteria as possible, lli(> decision the resper- Nicc Tor the Writers. This general system of convention procedure, adhered to year after year by republicans and democrats uniformly, does have the virtue of making things a little easier for the newspaper reporters. After attending a few of the quadrennial parties, any good newspaper man knows" most of the story by heart. He could have written the above about Cleveland or Philadelphia, about 1936 or 1916 or 1956, and had it ready beforehand. He would be familier with the atmosphere, and the decorations, and the trend of events from day to day if he met them in the dark. So far as the Cleveland convention is concerned, it also has followed the well-established republican precedent of developing differences between the old guard and the liberals. How serious this schism will turn out to be in the campaign no one ever knows, and no one knows now. Likewise, Cleveland has reproduced that time-honored bit of republican drama centering around differences over the farm relief plank and a few other parts of the platform. This is according to Hoyle, and a republican convention hardly would be complete. without it. World tin consumption continues to gain steadily, consumption in this country advancing 45 per cent in the last year. Bed Room Suites Nothing is nicer than a nice bedroom suite to make the home more livable, have 32 different patterns to choose from priced from- We $44.50 to $167.50 Make that good wife glad by presenting her with one of these fine suites. Kroehler living Room Suites are also offered by us for your approval. Kroehler, as you know, is the world's largest maker of living room suites. Mohawk Rugs We handle Mohawk Rugs 100 per cent, and remember no one makes better floor covering than MOHAWK. . . . EVERY LADY KNOWS MOHAWK RUGS. 1-3 Of Your Life in Bed ... 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