Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on October 28, 1941 · Page 5
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 5

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 28, 1941
Page 5
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Tuesday, October 28, 1941 STERLING DAILY GAZETTE, STERLING. ILLINOIS Page —» Two Evangelists at Church of Brethren To Hold Meetings Sunday School Night Observed at Opening On Monday Night Property Owners Seek Aid in Keeping Alley Open as Thoroughfare d*v pvminE V "*° C:.-:r.':: of t.'" Brrthrpn. R<" sr.:! Mr? R M Rollin.v rvBTtcr'.^v !' n ;>* P'mr'mv nch<x>l msht. n:i-i a ^srs" :r;mb"r of Sunday srhnr! :>• — :.< "" rr ln Attendance. rbKrirT and sn-i!t.< Mrs. .::-.e;tic A <1e- rnnn'i'''fd hv • t m:nr of thf •:r.E MOTY fnr ••• Mr? Rollins, his sermon on -, of .John (!IP >'"r'v >v r Itrrl votiona! .<PM RPV. K, C churrh An chiMrrn wn.s told Mr. Rollins h«5 thf! life nnrt min Baptist Hi* wa.c n vircrv-f;il ministry for n rv.inu?"! "? trfl.'oii.- In the" first plflT. '' ;r> r*°;'If nn d b^n vithout a prrol-f (01 400 vrnrs. and they wrr !v:nerv HP wa.s « man «rn't from G<vi tiho WHS greatly nerdPrl In th'«* day?, as men from Oocl air- n^fripri today. In every rmfrerncv. Oo<i lins 5011 1 a man. Mo,-^. Abraham. I.<.aiah. Jrrc- miah. Paul and other mpn Mirh a* Abraham Lir.roln In more recent jrars-. Only to men ha.< the tn*k of prearlnne bpfti rl-.en John tlie Baptist wn* the kind of man God could ».«r. HP wn- :w;. r . having onlv scanty clothing, the simplest food. and no home It was nolnted o-it that often the poor arp more williiiR to be used of God than nrr the wealthv He wa* young. nbout 30 years of npe It Is Riven to the vcvm« men to *ee visions nnd to the old to dream .dreams. John the Baptist was notably humble, de.vriblnp himself a. 1 ; "onlv ft voice cryhiK In the wlldfir- ness" when he vft-s thought to be Christ or on* of the prophets. He declared* that he was by no nrnn< equal to any of them, and unworthy even to unloose the sandals of Christ. At the appearance of Jesu«, he exclaimed. "Behold, the Lamb of God that Uketh away the. tin of the world. He must Increase, but I must decrease." God can not use an egotifit, but .the humble John the Baptist was the icreatest prophet who ever walked the earth, the evangelist told the audience. John's was a gospel of repentance, as. was also ihe : of Peter. Paul. D. L. Moody and Billy Sunday. Men are not sent , to preach to crowds, but when they preach the Kospel they are blessed ..wltft a hearing. The conversions of Andrew. John and the stubborn Bimon Peter, was pictured by Mr Rollias in an unforgetaJbly clear and Impressive manner, from their first contact with John the Baptist and hi* oreachlng to the actual meettn? of the Christ for whom they were «o eagerly looking, Peter's resistance to the appeal of Jesus, and his ultl- ;, mate conversion, were told. In .'. way. which gripped the children, as well M the adult members of the audience. Service* will be held each evening •t 7:30. Tuesday evening will be . Bible evening, when there will be a display of interesting Bibles, as wel aa a gripping message from the evangelist. All are cordially welcomed. Former Resident Is Improving in Health At Ottawa Sanatorium Manko, who waa former^ -j^ln charge of the U. 8. government >'• radio beacon and weather station Sterling munlcipa airport, writer from the Ottawa /sanatorium where the is gradually improving in health. He greatly appreciate* the cards, letters anc flfta which he ha* received anc MVS they are much appreciated ant enjoyed. He enjoyed reading the recent Student Flier series and the •"Vacant Beat" Item* in The Daily Cjfttttte. Enlists in Air Corps —Earl Baufhman of northi of "Bte'r- ling went to Chicago Monday morn* inf and joined the air corpt of the United States. He was In the list of selective service men who were to leave Tuesday for the Chicago induction center. Wh'en the wind howls and the thermometer dives toward zero, you'll be glad that you ordered Orient Supertherm Stoker Coal. It gives so much heat for ao little money Try a load a,nd enjoy real heating satisfaction. PHONE 58 J. Babul Mr'. N'<"!!f Jonrr. Mr?. VVi TIT 1 " ^'- r i f»'iV .'Onf: rPMflT!'? Of vTi'i r K. P p'i""<rrri brforr th.P r;'V o'.it'r:: >for.rin'.- nflrynoon. ""^k'.nK '^r-'Br.T in XT inns r-T*n sn nli'"-' * 'h' 1 TT,:~ of tl:r;r prnivrf I". Th'v ;^'TT! *;^n* '!l r P;!' 1 '-" llP^ b^*"!! ll^^fl >. P. 'hr>:'"izh'i! " fir more -hsn 20 rp;- >)'!' ffT'^l" ^:'P r,n-> hr;:ic d'" !" I'.'VP ;• Tliry n.rrr irifnrm- ri :!:at fur'. hT information relnti\e n t!' r | r11. t ;" > T]'pd Iflnf! :yi^ in 'i' r for 11 ail'"i. 'ir-.i!!'! !;<• n^prlpf! to ri''t' 1 r- :ne wr:.:!-r:- t;;p rs'v h.nd ,iir. ;-nv - r TI infr'.ptip I' was c-it T Bf<;ifd hnt 'i'. r nttorr.pv who dra/tPf! the lot 'OP ro?-,'a<"!Pd to a«rertain if the ar.ri in que'Mon wa' Included in the o;< whlrh thpv ncquired. or If an l!ey liari b*pn plotted; If nnf wheth- r an pasr-nT'nt claim co-.ild bp mnris n maintain the alirv rlur to thr rntlpd use. of the Innd for that Parking Meters to Be Installed for 6 Month Trial Period Council Acts with View of Solution to Parking Problems Wallace School to tald Its Annual Hallowe'en Frolic Tlie ninth annual Wallac* school lallowe'en frolic will be held on Friday eveninz. October 31. beginning at 7 o'clock. Children are in- ,-ited to come masqueraded. Upon arrival at the building the pupils will go directly to their clans- rooms and the jwrents will assemble n the gymnasium. "Die first feature of the evening will be the "grand march" of the masqueraded pupils hrough the halls and across the stage before the large audience of wrcnts and friends. Following the grand march the pupils will return o the classrooms for and evening of games and stunts under the direc- lon of the teachers. As a special attraction for the pupils the committee has engaged he Wescott dog show, a most in- ercsting and clever entertainment. Mrs. Alice Hills, naturalist at the White Fines State park, will give an illustrated lecture for the par- nl,s In the gymnasium. Tlie Pnr- nt-Teacher association will provide refreshments for the children. An enjoyable evening is anticipated for all. The frolic IK being planned bv the faculty, Dr. J. K. Swain and P. H. Ward. NYA to Move Office to City Halt; Will Assume Rest Room Supervision A proposal of the National Youth Administration to assume responsibility for the supervision of the rest room in the city building providing a portion of the room Is set aside for their use as headquarters, was accepted by the city council Monday. The N. Y. A. authorities agree to keep the room open from 8 a. m. to 5 p. m. eaclvday except Sunday, and to meet any expense of alteration that may be required. .- Within « month or MX w-pk* mo- tori.'ts will pnv pennip* «nd r.l'kp':- for parkins privileges in a lirr.itrd of the buMnp^ district. R< a of the tmanimouT derision of the city council to install 300 or ]r« parking meters for a six-month trial period with a view of alleviating the downtown parkins prob- If the machines are rirrmrd Miccpv;fi!l they will be purcha«pd from the receipts of the meter? for permanent u<e. City Clerk Fred P. Jones has been instructed to prepare the ordinance providing for the installation, location, maintenance am retaliation of the parking meters. Tentative plans call for installation of the meters in a 10-block area, radiating from First avenue and Third street. Consideration aho will be given to establishing one or two free parking spaces at the ends of each block, in which motorists may park for 10 or 13 minutes. These would take care of persons who de- ulre to park for only a few minutes. or those who do not happen to have a penny in their purse. Five cents deposited In the meters entitle t motorist to an hour parking. Twelve minutes parking may be obvalned for a penny. However, the motorist cannot deposit two nickels and park for two hours. Likewise^ the penny. The machines register only one hour or 12 minutes. Provision also Is made whereby at the expiration of the hour or 12- mlnute period, a motorist cannot return and deposit another coin to extend the time of their parking. If a motorist pulls into a parking place where, for Instance, a half hour's parking still remains from the coin deposited he may stay for the remaining half hour without paying. If there Is a green flag on the met< of a parking rpace *Wch is va- i curst the motorist knfrr* he m*y m* !fh!« fnr the nr»*irpirw1 pfriort wlth- ou paying. Whrn hr. gets out of his r»r h? cftn look at the clock dial PTI the m.rte.r to ft^.crrtRin thf l*nsth of time remaining for frr* use of the parkine span*. If there Is a red flag pxt^nrtine upward from the mrter, this means the spare is able for rmrkir.E by drpo^itme fi coin, or that the cur parked in thf spar* has stnvfd cr.crtirnr The proposition from thf Dml Tarkinc Me?rr Co. fnr the im»a!la- tion of th* 1 rrc'Ts provides for the Installation a:;d maintenance Of them during the six-month trial period without co--t to the cny, and the cif will receive 25 per ettit of the rr\pmip wliich it will rrtam n« a sinklne fund to apply on the purchase price of the meters. $KO each, if it ts decided to make the installation permanent. No cash outlay will be required by the city at any time, but nil of the city's share of the revenue will h* applied on the purchase price until they are paid for. Invite City Council To Meeting of Black Hawk Firefighters Fire Chief Nicol extended an invitation to the members of the city council, in behalf of the Rock Falls firemen, to attend a meeting of the Black Hawk Firefighters association meeting which will be held in Rock Falls on the evening of Nov. 6. A venison dinner will precede the meeting. The council accepted with thanks and will attend the meeting in a body. On Winter Schedule Effective this week the city will make but one collection of garbage each wrek. The fame schedule of collection will be followed on Monday, Tuesday and Wcdnesdday. but no collections will be made the latter part of the week. ^^ QUINTUPLETS ffW|l9VQ HHMVy wt CHEST COLDS Stag Party at Elks Club fifty flve^Elks were In attendance of the-stag" party held in the club rooms Monday night. A. A. Gouldtng entertained with feats of magic. David Stryker favored with several piano selections, and also played accompaniment for group dinging. The entertainment followed a fried chicken dinner. RUBBER BOOTS Come in today. We have a new shipment in Men's Knee Boots, first quality. All sizes. A regular $3.00 value. Lowest Prices in Whiteside County on Rubber Foot- weir for the entire family. SERVICE SHOE STORE 11 EAST THIRD BTBEET IMPORTANT! Too era nffl b*r • N««*i Inr nalr nM-tbirrf do«m. btlinr* in IH ninntht— rour praxni r«r m«» tn<tn, or will j» it fuQ u*<U-ui Tiki*. M •ppj (a* Biff w It is, it delivers 15 to SO sniles oat a gaJloai of §»soline— or w war* as 600 aailea OB • Uakfal—at kifkiway speed! Not eve* Uat year's aeoactioaaJ Naak CM awatek it-i» ecoaoavy, i» aleenaf awd pmrtimg ease, pick-up or nirinraaaiice smile* per fadlw, you'll i»d it's by itr the best bay! The fetuut Nash ever built — deliberately plumed to be the aoost MWfht. SMstoowbile !• Sec your Na*k de«ier today smd drive tkia •soaey-saviiif Oolkr WANT TO evt your driving costs? This "Miilioai Dollar Bevoty" ^11 •bow you how! It's the 1942 Nash, Yo« get Ike aMootkeat ride in Ike loweat.priee field — witk Nash's siew, exclusive Four- wkorl Coil Spri)»|». fttu Two- way BoBetvStretfaii, mew welded body Bad atasate cwsstrartioau ••»!•• -l» ••ILLIAXT M*»BL* U •Utait* i* taw •ecthel ever Amy w*y ?on eamp*n tkis Nanh-sbr rrliability, ride, or Sterling Garage AVENUE A tad W. FOl'KTM STKEET PHONE 41* OB SEE THE NASH DEALER IN YOl'l COMMf K1TY NASH n Hw MM 4 H» MHat Cm run Hw HUt aN IMITI ManMll^^p sBPB HBBBB MRHP •HspJPJ^BBBI PJpjBBB BMP^W HHIm MMi I^H^^B MKHMHHMB ni^Qi wlw aS^^BH ^^Jjla^^ ^^^^H ^^^B a^a^^a^^^^^n ^^^^^W Sears Have The Heating Equipment for Cold Weather Comfort 1 18-inch Cast Iron INDESTRUCTO rt«i m rr»: Wfff, W rfSri •xm« %m- .A;% & ^^Nf :.A': •AVI 1^ n • Guaranteed 20 Years • Automatic Humidifier • $20 UNDERPRICED A.FINE furnace, constructed to highest scientifio standards. Vital parts arc Indcstructo metal— atronger than cast iron—to give you a lifetime of heating satisfaction without repair* or replace* mcnts. -.t*a fffl 'm FW [tf*^ AUTOMATIC STOKER Complclt With Controls HIV* inercaicd comfort, convenient and economy with tbit top-qutlity ttoker! Hu dozen* of proved feature* including •utomitic controlt 'and tbermoitat! Intttllttion ir« ranted. 137 50 Modified Air Conditioner •old en 49 Compact^ effcient, quiet— for nt* with coal, |ai, or oil-fired warm air furnacei. Circulates filtered, clean, warm air to every inch of your home. 4 Section Hercules HOT WATER or STEAM BOILER toM on KMV • 17-Inch Site • Square Jacket New, improved 1 Heavy, uniform parfecl fi«'?< c«it ieetioni for durability. Removable clinker- breakint fratei. For maximum economy. Trouble. iree heating, .initall a Herculei now! HERCULES FURNACE Low First Cost * PtarBurnlMd SaTISFaCTIOH s Lo,w priced Indeed ... yet lt> prrformines la backed by written !• year fuarantee! 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