Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on February 15, 1888 · Page 1
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 1

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 15, 1888
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NEARLY TWO THOUSAND PAGES ' >f tlis chi!e*ii wirki r.f t!m fc«il American nwtT-or* Amnnr ihfl Oropli-t"! NiT'ls which hay* alr»«'*r Af!p«r,r«"i , «•»," "T!i9 I-frvriw." •"!!»§ TPhi-tHng BOOT," "At Anr-hflr," "A I**B4 nf l>r»," "Th<t I'M Mnnnt&ia " , , Mf-m," "Apr** £*«** »f"l Brlw Thorn," •' TM T« L'ott* Brill,'* " Fr-Jtn the punks," "Cfcivjk unr] Ch*?k." etn., »ta. Ths mi*TecriptInii prfr« nf Srt flf th« Miinthli**" !• fctit £V« ft ywtr. a&fl;].>« ranw^r-.r of in f«ntB in flump*. jV!dr*!H I.rrPIKCOTT'S VOLUME 6. STERLING ILLINOIS. WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 15 1888 NUMBER 309 , Bwupn per - . 76—Freight »:45 p.m. WEST. Fai?en[{pr 2:4.'. p.m. 42—Freight 3:45 p.m. ARRIVB FROM F-ART. lARRIVK FROM WKflT. "9— Pa»Mni;t!r...» 3.'>— Piwcngcr 10:31)a.m. 77—Freight 9:40 a.m.141—Freight 1 -.80 p.m. Passenger No. 3R connects with Irftlnn Mst and west on Clinton Branch; with C. K.I & T. K. K. at Bock tslnnd east and west; with GalcsbtirR piMsenifcr at Klo; with main line lor points west Council muffs. Omnha and beyond, find nt Busli^ nell for Kansas Cits' and points beyond. C. & N. W. TIMk TABLE. OOINO RAST. Atlantic Kx ..... 3:»7 a. m. Limited Pass...4:'23 a in. Clinton Pass. ...8:27 a. m. DenverPa»3...10:28 b. m. Passenger ...1:40 p.m. OOINO WR8T Pacino Bx 2:25 a, m. Marshalltown Pansona;pr...l:]3 p m. Denver Pans...4 M p. m. Utlnton Pans.,8:17 p.m. LAKK TOIJULFIJV \VATER, A GREAT WATERWAY THROUGH THE STATE OF ILLINOIS. Whnt Hie Mrn«iire» Now In Con^rem Pro- I».e to I),,—s,,me Friction Hetwfien the Dim-runt Plain—IlKpreientHtlvo T»r«ney Vrry III—A Trip to Florlila—Somn More I-un.l fur Si.tllf.M-Martin "f1Vr>... FREIGHT TRAINS THAT CARRT PABSENOWW. OOIHO IABT. OOIMO W1WT. No. 18— 8.17 p. m. No. nr, _..._7:S7 a, ra. No. 48...__ 6:40 a. m. No. 17 10:28 a. m. IMPROVED FARMS -IN- Lee County, Ills., IOWA & KANSAS FOR SALE On TP.A.DE. TOWN PROPERTY For sale, or trade for stock. '• TWO QOOI> H017HF.M In Rock Falls, for sale. Gall and see what the bargains are. EDWARD C. UNDERWOOD, HEADQUARTERS FOR The Finest CONFECTIONERY Made and the Choicest FRUITS GNWD, constantly on hand at JNO. P. LAWRIE'S. '"A few choice tracts ot land now In the hands of F. B. Hubbard, located In Iowa and Southern Minnesota, with TITLES WARR.OT PERFECT. 'While many of the lands now owned by specu ilators are under a cloud of title. These lauds are sold with FKKFECT ABSTUACTS. HKIOES FHOM SIX TO TEN DOLLARS FEB ACRE. I have also a • TARM WEST of EMPIRE For sale cheap, on which a good property In Sterling or Kock Falls will be taken as part pay. raeut Now la the time to get good bargains. . MAPH AND DKHCBIPTIOlVg Can be had at my office, and cheap tickets' to show western lands. I>elaya are Dangeroao on Theae Bar- F. B. HUBBARD. Land office opposite Hannerchor Hall, Hterllnr. inn FLOATING SOAP THE 'CHIEF Pot the Bath, Toilet mid Laundry. Snow White and Absolutely Pure. If yonr dealer does not keep White Clond Scan, •end 10 cents for sample cake'to the Dialers, JRS. S. KIRK S CO., CHICAGO. WASHINOTON CITY, Feb. 15.—Ore of the rmwt In.poi-iant internal Improvement projects winch In advocated by repreiontatlves of a nuinlKT of wdste-n statas oinoi up for coa^Mnrntion In house and senate committees soon. Ttis Is what Is known as the Illi,.._. nola river improvement scheme. It Is nn Limited Pa.slO:68p.m. out K ro«th of the Hennepin canal movement, but la a more comprehensive plan than the Hennepln canal. The friends of tho Hennepin nie very apprehensive that it imy be the Intention to eliminate Hennepln from the propotod improvement, and for that reason there Is evidently some antagonism to this now project. The plan, which is to be supported by a very powerful delegation from several of the western fitntos, is that which la known as the Illinois river Improvement as rocommnnded by the Peorla convention. Hhns Bupportcrs not only In the western states; but in most, state* in the union, and Is urged BB a national measure The purpose of it is to continue the present line, of Inland navigation from the headwaters of navigation on the Illinois river to Lakn^ Michigan There are practically three parties not In harmony as to details, but agreeing as to the general subject—the Uepnepln canal people, those favoring.the Illinois river scheme who want thu lake outlet to lie tho Chicago river, nnd thoje who prefer the Calumet rivor. The two latter distinctly disclaim any opposition to tho Hennepin scheme. Tho Illinois river men propose to construct an efllHoiil ship canal from Lake Michigan to the Mississippi river, making uio of tho navigable Illinois river and of ths canal as for as Joliot, in the state of Illinois. There would remain to bo constructed only the link botn-eeii Jolit-t and Lake Michigan. Each pbn IIQB a (It-legation here pushing its interest with congress. One of the delegations in tho inwrcgS ot the Illinois river Improvement ask that the lake outlet of the proposed Bhip canal shall be at Calumet -Those who favor this line, of course, flon't Intend to have the canal go to Chicago proper. On the other hind tha citizsns' committee of Chicago has a large delegation here, consisting, among others, of the following persons • Hon. H. B. Kurd, D. L. Bborey, Edwin Leo Rrown^O. W. Guthrle, J. Gambler nnd Mr. King. The citizens' committee desire to hnve the Inke outlet of the canal at the mouth of ihe 'Chicago river, and they bring very strong arguman ti In support of thla proposition. The Chicago river, they show, is now a great artery of commerce, and Is, In fact, already a linlfcnud the northern terminus of the cnnnl to Joliet. • . . The purpose is to deepen and widen the rivor so that it would be suitable for inland ships of war, and conserve commercial purposes as well; and It is claimed that the connection with tho Illinois river improvement could be made easier and at vastly less expense through tho Chicago river than byway of Calumet or along any other route proposed. To the suggestion that has been made that Chicago 1ms a large Interest In having the canal located on this roqte In order that it might provide an outlet for the sowngo of tho cily, the citizens' committee come herewith the answer end the propoiition thnt if the canal Hhould incidentally serve as an aid In the sewnge system of Chicago tho city la prepared to contribute a very large sum to aid the government In the prosecution of this work. Members of the citizens' committee had made propositions of this sort to congressmen, and are dollberatlng now na to the expediency of having such a proposition made directly to concre-a In the t jrm of a bill. CONGRESS CONTINUESTO KILL TIME. Very Little Ilnslness of General Interest in Either House. WASHINGTON CITY, Feb. 15.—The senate Tuesday adopted a resolution requiring the commerce committee to outline the facto on each Item of tha river and harbor bill who i reporting lha same. The alleged Inefficiency of the mall service was again debated without action, Plumb, Platt, Reagan and Man- demon .participating. Hawley opposed the educational bill, the compulsory education of Indian children was discussed without action, and the senate adjourned after a secret session had been held. The bouse appropriated $03,000 for 25,000 copies of the executive document on the subject of cattle and dairy products. The bill to license railway conductors was adversely reported. In committee of the whole the deficiency bill was taken up, but most of the time was devoted to the discussion of the bill requiring subsidized railways to maintain and operate telegraph Hues. COT Introduced » bill for the rcfuudln; of ta,'. J !K,tf)7 to tl.e mayor, aldermen and common council of New York city, being the principal and Int?rest of bonds Issued to defend the city In !S61 and 18Ca The house then adjourned. Plymouth rock up to this dny have been under local control, aud wisely- so. It was a bill to promote medlcancy, to cultivate beg gars;, a bill declaring the failure of local self government In one of the supreme, interest* of tho pwjplo. It falsely declared the bank rnptcy of states which before our very eyes ware rich and growing. The longor, sail Senator Hnwloy, this bill Is thought of, tht weaker it grows, and the nearer to constitn tlonal right and justice the people are com ing, and he was willing to see It defeated by any of the cons! Itutlonal means, whether by the house, by the senate, or by the president. Worrying the Potttofflce Department. WASHINGTON Crrr, Feb. 15.—The only f object of discussion that gave the least lite to the monotony of the proceedings In the senate Tuesday was the alleged bid mail •ervica In the west, of which Plumb said it was Inexcusably and nnprecodontcdly bad, and that the attacks upon It were not partisan, as Democratic papers) wera most severe in their critic! ma. Platt said the same trouble existed In the east, and Reagan insisted that the complaints should l<e made to the department, and not to tha senate, and that the whole matter was brought un for political effect ____^ Kilnonton Talking. WASHIKOTOH Crrr, Feb. 15.—The National Educational association convention opened hero Turadaywlthout about Ofty prominent instructors, representing nearly every state In the union, in attendance, Mr. Charles E. Ham, of Chicago, road a paper on "How and to What. Eitont Can Manual Training Be Engrafted on Our System of Public Schools!" which led to a long discussion. A resolution offered by Mr. W. E. Anderson, of Mllwau- keo, was adopted providing for a committee of seven to report next year the outline of a practical course of instruction in manual training. Couldn't Down Martin of Texiu. WASHINGTON CITY, Feb. 15.—On the joint resolution to print 25,000 copies of the document on cattle and dairy products Martin of Texas, who obtained notoriety on his first arrival In Washington In December by being accused in a local .{feper of having blown out the gas in his room on going to bed, made his maiden speech. Although he' was unrecognized by the chair, and the gavel fell all through hi* remarks with great emphasis, he succeeded in stating, amid great applause, that every farmer In the country should have a copy of the document Tilid to Hutrher Her Children. WASHINGTON CUT, Feb. 15.—Irene Parke, 40 years old, colored, while Insane Monday night, tried to kill her two daughters, ogod respectively 9 and 12 years. She first seized a razor, but this was taken from her by her husband. Subsequently he fell asleep, and ohe then procured a hatchet and hacked the children aboui the head, but before she inflicted serious injuries the cries of the children awakened her husband, who secured her. She was sent to the Insane asylum Tuesday. Her Insanity Is of recent development. The President Going to Florida. WASHINGTON Crrr, • Fab. 15.—President Cleveland expecta to leave Washington next Tuesday for a short visit to Florida. He will be accompanied by Mrs. Cleveland, the secretary of the navy and Mrs. Whitney, and Col. and Mrs. Lamont Tho party will go by special train, and ho stops will be made unless it bo an hour at Savannah for a drive through that city. One day will bo spent at Jacksonville and one day at St. Augustine. Mr«. Wollha ICinmoniHurled. WASHINGTON CITY, Feb. ,15.—The last sad uu tr< «' thi pa.* ui Kuvurnmuut ponds as security, Tues day received offers to take the entire surplu if his bill passes. One western firm wants 1 all. ENCOURAGING BALFOUR. A MEMBER OF PARLIAMENT WHO DOTES ON COERCION, And Advliei Ralfour to Pnt It on Thlok— Sanderimn on the Irlih Character— Tr*- velyan'. Crltlolim— Scotch Tenants Want Belief— A London Paper on Dlittno— Bov llan Opprviilon — Prince Frlti. LONDON, Feb. 15. -In the house of commons Tueslny evening Ferguson, under foreign secretary, explain* 1 that in his recent statement to tho house that the government had not plodgod IU»lf to military action in behalf of any European power, he also wished it to be understood that no naval action had been pledged. Beyond the treaties known to tho country, he said none existed. He declined to produce the correspondence which hnd passod between the English government and the other European government* on the ground that be did not deem It advisable to do so. In reply to a question by Labouchere, Ferguson said he could not say at this time whether any enga^emant other than a treaty had been made by the government. Trevelyan, resuming tho'debate on tha addpflwi, dodnred that the conviction of twelve members of the house of common* under the crimes act would do more than anything else to effect a settlement of tho Irish question. The country had seen that Irishmen could be arrested In England for a crime created by the coercion act— a crime which did not exist under English law, and for which an Englishman could not be arrested, nor a foreigner surrendered. Tho Liberal-Unionlste who had formerly advocated local self-government In Ireland were now silent. Maj. Sanderson said that Parnell's attack; upon the government Monday evening was the weakest he had ever made, and could not justify the terrorism against which the government was fighting. The Parnellltes were never a law-abiding; psople, and never would be. Irishmen did not naturally sympathize with the law, and that was one of the defects of tho race, to which he himself belonged. Concluding, he asked whether the moral law of the Gladstones, "Thou shalt not steal, except from, the landlords," was likely to. educate the moral Bonne of the poo- Has just received B car of SPLINT COAL Tks^ z!7z« ^j/wr to It-Am- in YOUI? pie. ear Ruwll, member for South Tyrone, spoke at great length In favor of tho Irish policy of tho government. Ho urged Bolfour to go itralght ahead, pay attention to nothing out- ilde of the low, and abut his eyes to the pestilential notion that commonors and, arieats should rocoive different treatment Irom that given to peasants. Labouchere made a vigorous attack upon ihe govern inont In connection with tho Mltcn- elstown affair, Into which ho .demanded searching inquiry. Anderson, member for Elgin and Nairn, gave notice of bis intention to. move an amendment to the- address favoring the ap- x)lntment a of land commission similar to the Irish commission for Scotland, where, he said, the decline In the price of product* had rendered it impossible for tenants to pay rents unless they were considerably reduced. A BRITISH VIEW OF BLAINE leveland's Closing Reception. WASHINGTON Crrr, Feb. 15,—Mrs. Cleveland gave her last public reception of the season Tuesday night" Tha, White House was jammed from 8 to 11 p. m. Mrs. Cleveland was assisted by all the cabinet ladles except Mrs, Vilaa, who Is still unwell WEiaHT& WILLIAMS, PLDMBERS, GAS & STEW FITTERS. Jobbing and Bepalrlnjc Promptly Attended to. Dealers in Lead and Wrought Iron Pipe, Wood aud Iron Ilunns, of all kind, Ilosc, racking, Bteam and Water Quagea, Valves, Flttliii;* 8e*er 1'kie, &c. lunlmates. made on Plumbing, bteam & Gas Jobs. Mr, B, F, WILLIAMS." Formerly with Wm. McCune & Co.. attends to wood and Iron pump Betting and repairing. Mr. E. M, WRIGHT."' Formerly with tlie Sterling Water Co., gives his personal attention to all plumbing, steam and gaa contracts. OVB, I-A SIP PAI-ACK Is complete with the latest designs In Hanging. HWUd and Bracket Lamps, Iluruers, Chimneys, ??/,, 1 ^ oc9 .V )8uleu '? t C nves - t!ttl1 and »ee<iur LIUI» Giant Lamp aud Kurcka Safety Valve. AJ1 work warranted. Vour orders solicited. Telephone jet. Uuii ilou»e BLUE 3L.IIVH!. UUNNINO THEEE WAGONS Eleven Million Acres for the People, WASHINGTON CITY, Feb. 15.— Tho house committee on Indian affairs has decided to report a bill providing for the division of the Great Sioux reservation of Dakota, Into separate reservations, and the relinquldhment of the Indian title to the remainder. The practical effect of the measure, If it becomes a law, will be to open to settlement 11,000000 acres of the 23,000, 000 acres comprising the Great Bloux reservation in Dakota. The lands to be opened for settlement lie principally between the White ^ and Cheyenne rivers. Provision is made for the sllotmant of lands In severally to Indians In the part reserved for them, under certain restrictions for tho benefit of the Indians, who are to be given agricultural implements and cattle and education in civilized methods. Another Michigan Representative TJL WASHINGTON Crnr, Fab. 15.— Representative Timothy E. Tersoey, of Michigan, is ly. Ing very ill at Providence hospital in this city. While hU physicians do cot Bay that his condition Is dangerous, be ls,knowu to be so ill that his clow friends are not allowed to see him. Mr. Tarsney Is suffering from nervous prostration. His brotbor-iu-law and law partner came 01 from Michigan Monday, but when he called at the hospital he wus not allowed to boo Mr. Tarsnoy. The Michigan members • are very auxious about the condition of their colleague, and regard him us a very sick muu. A Bard-Working Official WASHINGTON Crrr, Feb. 15.—Henry L. Johnson, of tha equipment division, postofflce department, died Tuesday of Bright's-disease. Mr. Johnson was appointed in 1851, and for the last thirty-five^ yean has not taken a day's leave of absence. Crookedness on the Koee Coarse. NKW YOEK, Feb. 15.—A special from Pltto- burg says that CapU Bam Brown.the millionaire turfman, has declared that the bookmakers have practically ruined the sport of racing. He says the crookedness and corruption on both eastern and western tracks is so extensive that unless bookmakers are thrown out the honest men of the turf may have to form a gentlemen's jockey club, and allow the robbers to go it alone. He recommends t bat pool-soiling, lindor perfectly open con» dUIous,bo the only betting allowed on tracks. Seymour Succeeds Moffatt, BADLT STE. MABIK, Mich., Feb. 15.—The election of a successor in congress to tha late Representative Moffatt took place Tuesday. Seymour's election is beyond peradventure. His majority in Marquotte county is 057; Traverse district,. 800; Bruce, 8tf; Norway, 188; Gojeblr, 75. In McMillan Brcon'i majority is 34; Eicanabs, 228. In this town Seymour was given two majority, but the Democrats protest and say that five votes were polled alter 5 p. m. TUe Ohlu Tally-Sheet Case. COLUMBUS, O., Feb. IS.—The state closed Its evidence in the tally-sheet trial Tuesday. Much time was spent In argument as to the propriety of admitting evidence offjred by James D. Foslon, in regard to what Iiaao R. Hill, the man who is said to have tried to bribe Justice &iartin, said to him. Hu was allowed at length to testify, and said that Hill said to him that Mirtln should "be fixed, * and he had the mouuy to do It. The state then rested. IDVEHTISfRS M 4*»rtl»il»J H*ttt wtt ti to 49 !te>*>ij>« Si, tfi» papa;, ,T CISS»«0, l f.« it o Idle ConvlcU Cause a D«fiot«oej. WASHINGTON CITV, Feb. 16. — The socretary of the treasury has aokod cou^rowi to appro- prlat* tUJ.DOO as a doSc-laney appropriation for tho support of Uj*it£d Ht^ttM' prUou$rd. the deficiency having ariam on account of for kindly, In* law prohibiting the employment of coo- ' " vict labor. I.elt His Money far * Hospital. FiTGHBUUo, JJaiM., FDD, 16.— The will of the late Gardner & Buroauk btqueathes a life interest in the great, r pure of his estate to bi» wife, the principal after her death to ba uaod in the eotahluhuieDt of a hospital In this city, wbtre poor p»li*nl« are to J>e "cured for fcindty, withoui .money and without prloa." __ ilswl*)f M ifcu Blair Bill. if»b, 14— H»wJ»y dp the ii*Uu» ia ta wid H ta woki firaM Voter* Must Pujr W»»lr Poll TM. Fob, IS, —The bou*. Tueadar <{•. fwied tuo proponad «m»Uttsttoa»l »ia»o<J- BJWJS tboliahtag liu poll-ter qutti iicnitoa Ttetvete wajJtHlo lot— aat Looks a Good Deal Like Some of the American Specimens. LONDON, Feb. 15.-The Globe devotes a ong loader to discussion of Blalne'8 letter de- llning to permit the use of his name In thn text Republican national convention, and es therein good ground forsusplclon that he sires the nomination, but wants to have it pear that it was forced upon him. The ohe's theory In, following this Una of an gument, that Blaine feels that in the'event his success at the polls as an unwilling ndidata the glory he would achieve and e triumph he would secure over his tracers would be much greater than If he had ight the position, while la the event of his eat the loss of personal prestige he would iur would be much less. "If, however," e Globe continues, "ho li perfectly sincere vhich possibly he may be—be has simply •formed an act of loyalty to his party, and Obably the party will take him at his word. Mr. Blalue has never, with all his ability proved himself a candidate that the Republican party could win with, and the solution of the mystery which has for a long time surrounded Mr. Blalne's aspirations to the presidency is that he^oppreciatos this fact, and perceives the advantage to the party and to himself of declining to be ite figurehead in the next campaign," Rlgh-Randed Russian Proceedings. _ LONDON, Feb. 15.—The expulsion by the Russian government of Austrian subjects from Poland without explanation- or indemnification for the confiscation of their property or abandonment of profitable pursuits , continues and increases rather than diminishes In extent Large numbers of Austrian* had settled in Russian Poland, many of whom had established themselves in lucrative business enterprises and become possessed ot real and personal property of large aggregate value. Of course a small percentage of this property can be taken away by the unfortunates, who are hurried across the border without warning or explanation, and thousands of these people find themselves reduced from comparative affluence to the verge of starvation. • A Little "Shoevo" la Cork. COBK, Feb. 15.—W. J. Lane, m8ra ber for East Cork, who was released from Tullamore jail Tuesday, was welcomed on his arrival here by a large crowd, accompanied by several bands of music, which awaited him at the railway station, and escorted him through the streeta, While the crowd and the bands were returning home after the demonstration stones were thrown by that part of the crowd Immediately behind the musicians at the police. The police charged upon the bead of the procession, smashed the musical Instruments and scattered the musicians In all directions. The crowd rushed 'orward and a fierce fight ensued, during nhich eleven policemen and fourteen civilians received injuries, which, however, were not serious In any case. The Prince's Physicians Dismayed. BAH REHO, Feb. 15.—It Is stated that the crown prince's absolute Inability to sleep donday ulghi has dismayed his physicians, who are unabla to agree upon a course of treatment suitable to the change lu his symptoms. Tho crown prlncn walked about his rooms or L a short time Tuesday evening. He can now ta ke solid food and is able to walk. Ooe Parliament Kuougu for Bright. LONDON. Feb. 15. —Mr. John Bright write* O the press lu support of an argument that he Liberals are not bound to follow their eader. "If." he says, <Hdr. Gladstone's IrUh ills, which er« now univorjally condemned, j»de*d, why doean'1 fag produce a n«w policy for public dlseuwion. I will always M>po«e ttw Idea, of two parUauwnt* In tkw ingdoiu. Fur luxating * Polio* Sergutnt. Coax, .Feb. 14—Tb* mayor of Cork was •eotoaswi br a magistrate Tt»«*d»y ta fuat- Ma day** ImprltonnMue, wltbout hard labor, 1 «C SBfismaJga" nwrtlBg on l*n. It, CRUSHED BY A DERRICK. A C»r<-lm Forxtnnn Cnnivi the Death of Fonr r«r«on. In New York. Nrw YORK, Feb. 15.—A large dorrlck used in the construction of the elovatod railway on Broadway, while lifting a heavy beam Tuesday morning, suddonly broke its stay ropes and fell upon a street car passing under it, smashing the car like an eggshell, and killing three persons, an follows: Thomas Thompson, car driver; Patrick Clarke, laborer; Charles Kerchner. Boeldes those John Freol had his skull fractured, nnd will die, and flvo others were severely Injured. Hardly a penon In the car escaped somo sort of hurt. The coroner was soon on band, and his Investigation developed the fact that tha derrick was unsafe, and was recklessly handled. Consequently the contractors' foreman, Mr. Schaefor, was an-stod ' and hold In $5000 bail, . • Work In the Iowa Leglnliitiire. DES KOINES, Iowa, Feb. 15.-.The bill changing the number of terms of the supreme court from four to three per annum passed both houses Tuesday and is ready for the governor. The senate pussi-d a bill authorizing the employment of Gen. W. W. Belknap to prosecute the claims of the state against the government for raising troops during the war. Robb's prohibition of non-resiilent • aliens hold- Ing land "created a wrangle In In the house and it will come up as unfin- ished'business The house passed the senate bill providing for a board of flve trustees for the Clarin U Insane hoipltal, one of whom may be a woman. One hundred and fifty guosts attended the reception and banquet tendered the legislature by the Des Moines Pr<*s clnb at the Aborn house at night The affair was the most brilliant social event of the season. New York Ilehlnd the Other Cities. NKW YORK, Feb. 15.—At the meeting of the common council Tuesday a report wai presented from tho Committee on lands and places to the effect that the city of New York alone, of all of the prominent cities of the union, is conspicuous by the absence of any shaft or monument In commemoration of the soldiers who lost their lives in the war, and urging that a suitable monument be erected, worthy of the city and of the men to whom It shall be dedicatud. Apian was proposed for the raising of $250,000 for the purpose. Of Intercut to Kulln-ay Men. NEwYonk, Feb. 15.—Judge Bhlpman, in the United Stntos circuit court, rendered a decision Tuesday whl -h is of considerable Importance to railway men. In August, 1880, Mrs. Cora J. Root, while walking in a i!e- tached car of the Catskill Mountain railway at Cairo was thrown violently to the floor and received severe injuries. A suit which she brought resulted in a verdict awarding her $3,000. An appeal was taken on the ground that the woman was personally negligent in entering a detached car, but Judge Shipman decmod to the contrary, and sustained the verdict WHAT OF THE NIGHT The Squabble Over " Probation." BOSTON, Feb. 15.— The trustees of Phillips' academy have filed a bill in equity at Salem against the visitors of Andover Theological academy and all other persons. Tho trustees claim that by tho act of incorporation of Phillips academy the trustees are made sole visitors of all Institutions connected therewith, and are responsible for the teachings therein., This mova Is' in the interest of the professors who were recently pronounced heretical by the board of Andover visitors because they believed in probation laf tor death. . 'Frlsoo Overran by Thieve*. SAW FnANCisoo, Cal., Fab. 15.—For several weeks this city has been overrun with thieves of every description. It is literally at tho mercy of a well organized gang of expert criminals. Within three weeks thero have been not less than seventy-Svn burglaries and robberies, mainly in the Western addition, whore the cracksmen have things their own way. They began operations by robbing tho roaidonoe ot tho chief of police in broad daylight while all the family were at home. The citizous are all going armed now. Ix>ok> Like a Wool'Trusc, NKW YOBK, Feb. 15.—About 150 manufacturers of woollens and worsteds and a few commission merchants met Tuesday and formed the Woollen Goods association. The object of the association Is to place the trade In woollen guuJi generally on a better basis, abolish long credits, and inaugurate several other reforms. • Thomas Dolan, of Philadelphia, was chairman. Over |5D,003,000 capital was represented at, the meeting, and 800 delegates were present. They declared that the association was not a "trust." IlllnoU Vnts at Kucoiupiuont. BPRINUFIKLD, Ills., Fub. 14—Tho IlllnoU encampment, G. A. H,, has brought a large number of veterans to this city. The council of administration met Tuesday evening and worked at auditing accounts and such business. About 400 delegate* bad reported up to Tuesday evening and there was much talk as to who should be elected department commander. The most prominently named for the place are Cols. Bexton, .Diattn, and Cadwallader, aud their friends are bard at work (or them. An Indictment Against Bllllaga. WAVIRLY, la., Feb. 15.—The grand jury Tuesday brought In a verdict of murder In the first degree against Billings for the killing of young Klagaley some weeks ago. The defendant sat unmoved' during the reading of the indictment, aud bis counsel immediately gave notice that be would apply for a change of venue, and ask that the case be tried in some other county than this or the two adjoining. More Evictions of Clgarmakers. Nicw YORK, Feb. 15.—Tha eviction of the tenement uouaa cignrmaken of the flrm of Jacob? & Bookmun for non-payment of rent was begun Tuesday. Seven families, some of whom were sick, were to be dispossessed. Jucoby & Bookman were inexorable, and bad it not been for the more considerate ac~ tlou of Judge Flockman and Marshal Fowler, sick and all would have been put on the sidewalk. 8al« of Custom House "Junk." NKW YORK, Feb. \\ — Tfaasala by auction of Ot9 lota of unclaimed aud abandoned goods in tho public stores was commenced Tuesday by Collector Mogone. The lots comprised a heterogauiout muss ranging from easaa of decayed fruit to tua machinery of a cotton seed oil mill. Broke Up HouMkeeiilug wltb a Tragedy. AX.TOONA, Pa,, Feb. 15.—On January 1 -Ruwoll Ensign and hi* daughter Lura wont to houstikoejiing in the aaMorii part of thia city. Tuoaday evenlug tin »not bar twica, killing bur Instantly, and then took bis own Ule, H« bad txwo drinking Cor some daya, Wu LouMora* Without Her Huibaad. New YORK, Fob. 15.— Mrs. Dor* Ooki- Urg, aged '-**, committed mioliU Tu«*da» night wltfe carbolic a«kL tiu» had lauei. tmv«i«r, Wo* awiyr (rum THE ANSWER CONKLINQ GAVE TO CHAIRMAN JONES' QUESTION Accompanying » Copy of th» Hlalno I<t- t«l—Mn.Iilalna Alleged to Have Broa ;ht About the Withdrawal—Another Epls- tl« VHilch Wa. Not Printed—Election In The Eleventh Michigan District. ALBANY, N. Y., Feb. !S.—A special from Pew York to The Press and Knickerbocker says: The letter of Mr. Blalna bos not abated ex-Senator Conkllng's belief that the Blaine sped re will stalk and seek resurrection at th» approaching convention. There recently came to the city a certain ex-cabinet officer, whose bmlnem interests In the east are supervised by Mr. Conkling. For a week past he has been a frequent visitor to Mr. Conkling's office. This gentleman has, presumably at the instance of th» author, divulged the tenor of a letler which Mr. Conkling Is said to ba now engaged upon, and which is In reply to an envelope from Chairman Jones, of the Republican national committee, simply enclosing the BUInn clipping and on the marg In writing In loi>l pencil: "Watchman, what of the nlghi ?" '• In his letter Mr. Conkling rehsarsM tha history of the Republican party up to the time of his retirement, and Incidentally discusses the questions of finance and diplomacy In their comparative relations to the two gr-at parties. H« treats of Mr. Claveland's administration almost jocosely.. H» also finds the civil service pretensions of the administration a a source of infinite jest. He declares that since renouncing politics he his found life really worth living, but does not Intimate his future plan. Several times In his letter be wishes the nader to understand that he is simply writing as one, who is Interested In good government He devotes but a short page to tha Blaine letter, which really has called forth this correspondence. Ihe reference to th« Blaine letter Is substantially as follows: "I have read your 'Inclosure, and tndalged In a modicum of reflection, the result of which I have incorporated in this hasty letter, which I fear is faulty, perhaps. In that it combines tho oddities and rough edges that are only overcome by scrutiny and review. I have not the time for this. The latter of the gentleman from abroad is clear, as It kindly informs his countrymen that be bni not wholly forgotten them amid the delights of European travel It also paves the way for the national convention, enabling it, if it sees fit, to select a standard-bearer other than himself; without appearing to]act discourteously. Still, the field of politic! and letter-writing la wide and Inviting to some.and to fashion a letter of the Florene»««haracter is not reprehensible." -. Did It to Fleue Bis Wife. AUOOBTA, Me., Fob. 15.—It is currently reported among Elaine's intimate friends and neighbors that letters have been received from him here to the effect that his formal withdrawal from the presidential race is on account of Mrs. Blaine and their son Emmons. It Is stated that Mrs. Blalno has never recovered from the terrible sorrow into which she WHS plunged last campaign by the scandalous stories which were told, and she made It a special request of her husband not to accept another nomination, as she feared that she could not pass through another such ordeal A Flnnk Movement on McGlynu. YOBK, Fub. 15.-Louis F. Post, rep. resenting the G -orge side in the spUt In the Anti-Poverty society, has filed an application in the (upreme court for the incorporation of the Anti-Poverty society, naming himself, W. T. CrnaBdale, Rev. Hugh O. Pentecost, and other Henry George adherents as the incorporators. If the application Is granted it will leave Dr. McGIynn and his follower! out in the cold, Changed to Suit Senator Sherman. COLUHBUB, O., Feb. 15.—The Republican state central committee has decided to call the itate convention for tha selection of delegates-at-large to Chicago and candidates for state offices, at Dayton, April 18 and 19. May H and 3 was the date . first fixed upon, but upon the announcement that an earlier date •would jujt Mr. Sherman better, it was changed, Bhoda Islam) Extending the Franchise. PROVIDKMOE, R. I, Feb. 15. —The house of representatives Tuesday passed In ooncur- ronco the bill for the submbiion to the electors In April of on amendment to the constitution, extending the franchise, with a few amendments relative to tha hours of voting and notification, of town district meetings. The vote was 54 to 4, with fourteen absent There'll B« No "Hmlllng" There. ITHAOA, Mich., Feb. 15.— Pine River, Wheeler, Arcadia, Ithaca, North Star, and Gothard townships give 1,180 majority for Prohibition, and Qratiot county entire will probably give 3,200 to 2,MX) majority. RKEDCitr, Mich., Feb. 15.—Oceola county gives 800 majority for Pronlbitloa. There was no excitement at the polla Another £«tt«r Rumored* WASHINOTOK Cmr, Fub. 15.— Tha statement is madu very positively by friends of Blaine that the latter wrote another letter of declination, no time being fixed for its publication, but that upon tho appearance of the message of Cleveland on the tariff a cable dispatch was received to withhold It In tha Hands of His Frlonds. TATLORVILIJC, Ills., Fsb, 15.—Judge Jest] J. Phillips, of Hlllsboro, is frequently mentioned here as a splendid candidate for the Democracy for governor next fall "I am not d candidate In the tense of soliciting the nomination," said he, when approached regarding the matter, "but if the members of the state convention thought that the party's interest could best be served by placing me at the bead of the ticket, I am too loyal to reject the honov thus placed upon me." ^The Miner* Going to Work. READING, Pa., Feb. 15.—The report* received Tuesday from the coal regions indicate that the resumption of mining operations is gradual but sure. Eleven collieries of the Philadelphia & Reading Coal aud Iron company are In operation, e*ch'with an Increased force, and the policy will be pursued of only starting up mob coUicrlua where the minors show a disposition to abandon the strike. The Hay Stat* Borgia Prostrated, Bosroa. Fob. 15.— Mrs. Robinson, sine* her conviction, has declined to leave hat bed In the Jill at Eist Cambridge or partake of food. She seumi utterly prostrated. She is not coi>.uto4 in & cell, but txas a spacious and comfortable apartment In the building mod for a workshop for women. The warden ot the prison, it it stated, has alway* inclined to tha belief of her ia put wjp /?ffilobfioTp& 7?emed<e.s are sold fcv 'alldruqqisTiA Send pcenfs for the beeJuTiful rolorec/bitturSjffie > ask your roUllcr for thn Orluiiml Ba Beware of Imltntluni. IfeMGennlnennlrni b<-nrlu K tb;aStamp JAMES MEANS' 838HOE. •- ~DurabUtly,C<mfort and Jo. ptarance. A T*T*ttMc«r*»*.*t . 5ouswmb«uirjrou!aform«. tlon how to tret thn She* -Inanr Btntour Torrflorj .Meass&Co," 41 tJnco'n St. 1BUTTON Jhls ibne stands Munrr In p-rtlmnmi M n » w-rE ThSfJSriS iortasonUj-on oak UuunT J. R. BELLA SOW Will soil them to yon If yon wfll tfvu tbeaT •„ eh»no9, MweUaBg »"••«»».• FINE CLOTHING. 4 i? BW . an 2. <le8lrabIe • to< * of which they have ok hand. Den't think of going «nywhere tS», as no one else In the city kaepi The James Means Shoe Or as One and EUEOABTT - ' As they do THE CHICAGO «•» ORTH- \PSTERN 11 • RAILWAY. Pe»etnrte» the Centre, of r« D «u. [Uon IB] ILLINOIS, IOWA, WISCONSIN, MICHIGAN, ' MINNESOTA, DAKOTA, NEBRASKA AND WYOMING, Its TRAIN 8F.KVICK In earefvllv arranged to meet requirements of local travel, aa well as to furnish the most attractive Boutei or through travel between Important TRADE CENTRES^ *ra KOBIPMKJrT of Day and F«< lor Cars, LJluing and Palace Bleeping Can without rival. ITS ROAD-BKD stone-ballasted steel.. IB pcrfenttan • •The North-Wesjtorn In -the favorite rpote for the Commercial Travel, the Tourist and E" » eeken &tter new homes In the Golden Northwest. Detailed Information cheerfully furnished by TV. A Acent, J. M. WHITMAjr, H.C.WICJKE*. Vice-Pros, ft Qen. Mangr. Traffic Manager, . IP. IIUOB, finl Fusupr A«ul CONSTIPATION TS called the "Father of Diseases," because 1 there Is no medium through which disease so often attacks the system as by the absorption of polsonou» gases In the retention of decayed and eflete matter In the stomach and bowels. It U caused by a Torpid I iver, not enoush bile belnK excteted from the blood tojiroduceNature's own catnartlc, and la generally accompanied with Loss of Appetite* Sick Headache, Bad Breath, etc. 'The treatment of Constipation does not cons stmerely in unloading the bowel*. The medl- cine must not only act as a purgative, but be a tonln as well, and not produce alter Its use greater cottlveness. To secure a regular hsblt of body without changing the diet or disorganizing the system " My attention, after suffering with Constlna- tlon lor two or three yearn, wai ciUledto sfn> moils Livar Itcgulutor, and, having tried almost everything Hae, concluded to try It. 1 flrst took a wiueglassful »nd afterwards r«iu -ed the dose tpauaspoonful. as per directions, after eaeli meal. I fouud that It had done me aomueh inxid not experienced any difflc-uity I keep It m my house and w mid not be without It butSwe no use for ltlt havin cured use for lt,lt having cured me. W. MIMB, Ass'L Clerk Suj*r,lur Court, BlboCoV vtGorjift, Tafee only the Gexmino* Which has oa the Wrapper toe, red 25 mark and signature of J. St. SEU.IH & CO. LADIES! Do Your Own Byalng.« Ham, witfc PEER LESS DYES th» Blood j tleport Croon Kiuuw. . Feb. 16. —It l» report*} that c«Quty-iw*t war at Laoil, Kan., hu out afnsits, and It** ta A fc«t- U» Ta«day nigbt *»v«r«i QWO «**•« kill*!. l*oU to w»«r*l iiiliM trout g> feicgrKftfe dtt. tuna, a»d it in tejxwvUtia to T«rS*y Uw, mttuft, M *« ^

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