The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on July 9, 1923 · Page 9
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 9

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, July 9, 1923
Page 9
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MONDAY, JULY 9, 1923 THE HUTCHINSON NEWS. PAGE NINE. HAS LANGFORD LIVE CLEW IN ' GRUNDY CASE? from a personal Inspection - at Tusko- For tho present, Or. Hinee.satd, the hospital will bo conducted with the (present 8ta.fl ot white doctoru and negro nurses, tout the process ot delect­ ing negro physicians ready to putt them In when a definite policy is decided, will contluue. • —« Sheriff Gone nnd Trend Point* in That Direction. TO NAME REWARD SOON Whole World to be Circularixed in Effort to Bring to Justice Defaulting Banker. NEW RITUAL ADOPTED TO CLOSE HONS CLUB Siipplo Citizenship Statement Comes From Convention at Atlantic City. aod Checking ot tlje affairs of tho Fourth Stnl.o hank continued today hut there woro no now developments In the day except that tho natloit-wldo man-hunt U> on In earnest, Lewie .Wilson, former vice, •president of tho American National Hank hero and now <:hief deputy bank examiner under Carl Peterson cu/mo Saturday evening to Join "Lloyd Hutchinson, deputy examiner who has been In charge of the closed hunk since Wednesday, Grundy Mla .Used J100.0CO, Mr. V/Uson said thle afternoon that more definite Information may bo available within tho next twelve hours, as It was expected liho audit of the bank's a"fi'alrs, which ban boon greatly delayed by frequent interruptions, would bo .somewhat nearly completed tonight. It. now .looks like the sum dissipated by the speculations of Orundy. the absc.c«nid!n£ president of "the bank, will approximate $100,000. Jus-t what the total loss, duo to bad paper will be, cannot yet be told. Two warrants for Grundy's arrest were Issued late Saturday, as^ nd In Saturday's News. One charges mlsnnpi epilation of collateral and the other warrant contains two counts, one chaiKing abstract lug securities and the olhor drawing drafts with Intent to defraud. Immediately following issuance of the warrants Sheriff jISs bangford began telegraphing principal points over Uio comity to bo on the look-out for Grundy. A circular containing picture and description will b-friiroadeustcd. Where I5 Sheriff? Tin! county ciuthoj II less are reticent eoucornlt'g the clew;; they are following as to Grundy's whereabouts. Tho disappearance of"Tiliei Iff .lease L~ing- ford today may or jmty not have something to do with the hunt. Asked where .Sheriff bungi'ord was today, Deputy Sheriff .1. E. Burgess said he was gone to tho country. "When will In* return?" Ilurgesn was KSTiCtl. "I do not know whether he will bo, hack tonight or not," replied the deputy sheriff. I Parries All Questions. "Has his going tuiythlng to do with the Grundy case?" he was asked. "Viiii know .less Is interested In some wheat land and he lias been Intending for some lime to inspect It," parried Mr. Bni'gess. Ho also evaded other questions. Told that such fi.n explanation of tho sheriff's absence right at a time when an important ciue is being handled didn't icrtinil plausible, the officer merely smiled. There is ever yrerunm to believe that Sheriff Langtoril's abseuco Is In some way connected with tho Orundy cane. Total rack of Information on the subject makes it difficult to. say Just how, but. It. is pretty curtain that the "boy bunker" is at lonst not under arrest. Members of the state hanking department denied any knowledge of a warm clew as to Grundy 's whereabouts. Will Offer Reward. A great many reports are current on tho street but the. popular theory still has Grundy fn .Mexico, where there is no extradition treaty. One story had Grundy joining C. B. Copeland, abi scondhig treasurer of the Iteno county high school together in Mexico. This Is probably wholly without foundation. That a reward will bo offered for apprehension of tho missing banker Is assured. Deputy lOxaminer Lowl3 Wilson I allied with his chief, who is back in Topoka last night and Mr. y Peterson said there would be a reward hut designated no amount. Soino announcement concerning the reward probably will be made withlu 24 'hours. A BOYS' BAND TO BE FORMED Eli Farney and E. A. Mercer Are Busy With Plans for the Youngsters. "1 nm an American citizen;' help mo to do my duty as such The above, ritual for closing of Lions club meetings was employod for the first time n.t today's weekly luncheon, Roy Liimborn delegate of the Hutchinson club to tho lnter-nalional convention' at Atlantic City having Introduced it. The ritual was adopted at the International meeting. Mr. Lamborn gave a very clear, concise statement of tho doings of the Atlantic City convention. He remarked that ho van into extreme heat and high prices. Tho LlonB will have their annual plciiia next month aud President A. H_ Tutllo today named It. H. Hammon, O. J. Comer and I. P. Bailor as tho committee in charge, to report at the next meeting -when a date will be set. Ed 0. Gonzales, representing tho Grotto elrcua was Introduced by E, E. Gallup nnd advised the Lions that tho Grotto show would be one thoy should not miss. Ray Dillon, newlywed cub was called upon to tell ot his honeymoon and *-as prepared with a 'box of cigars. M. r. Mlllor told of his forthcoming trip west". He expects to bo gone about two months. Ho 'has recently sold his Insurance agency here. "I am not retired, just tired," said Mr. Miller. Stcips bolng taken give evidence that there in much Interest In the boys' band being organized In Hutchinson. A meeting Is to he hold- at the band room, northwest corner Main and Avenue A, over the Leader Clothier*, Tjiursday night at 8 o'clock at which an effort to further tho organization will be made. , "1 Relieve Uyiro villi be from 55 to 60 bfiys thero Thursday night," EH Farney said today. "We^aro planning to got about 10O boys together aud form an organ tzntlon that will be worth while for the boys and that will •be Mm means ot forming n band that will be a credit to tho city." E. A. Mercer of tho Jenkins Music company is interested with Mr. Fnrney -and together they are. gr':vg ahead and look after the details of organization. Make It a Success. The success ot Mr. Farney as an Instructor lu band Instruments will make It cortaln that tho boys will get the right sort of a start in their music. A great many hoys have Baxaphones, thole pro!?a:bly being more than 100 of these instruments In Hutchinson since t'hey became so popular. Some of theso boys will tako up other Instruments but It Is passible that a saxa- phone hand will be organized, it there are enough tenors and altos along with tho others to make it well balanced. Anyway a regular brass and reed band Is to be fonned and-the first meeting for this purpose tomorrow night will give the movement a start In the right direction. WESTERN KANSAS MEN , ENLIST IN THE NAVY Three Young Men Will Go to New Naval Training Station at San Diego. Thr«fl «youug mon enlisted in the United Slates Navy at the local re- crulttns oftice at Iho postoffico lodny. They wore Raymond II. Hoss ot ; ^t. John, Max \Y. Ilaukin of Ness City; aiitl»G-eorgo Hay don ot- In man. "A!l the men unllst-lng in -the navy here from now on aro to bo sent to tho new naval utation at San IMego, Calif.," EtuLed T. P. Dunn, the local recruiting officer, who states 'that th?re aro many opportunities for ambitious young men in tho navy. "Those who can qualify ,can enlist as petty officers at $60 and $7.2 -per month. Men who aro physically fit and have a -knuwlcdBe of typewriting, shorthand, pipe fitting, sheot metal work, or electric weUllng, can euUfct a:i petty officers. "The puy is all clear moupy for '.>oard. clothes, modienl and dental at- i .^ntlon aro furnisho free. 3i>eetly ad* varicenuint can be expected in a person who does Ms work well. Men who eri­ ll M in Uie navy have c. chance to take tho yearly examinations for the naval acatlt-niy, and the records* show t-hat a greater percentage of the enlisted men who lake the examination past* than those who aro appointed by congress. 13uli.Ht applicants must have a liiKl- school education, and have ono yours service, and also t>o under 20 yean* of ut'e." HUNGER STRIK BY PRISONERS AT HALSTEAD Two Men Went ft-om Tuesday to Sunday Without Food, But Inner Man Conquers. Tho. record hunger strike of the Heno county Jail Is ended. Robert Hurry, <i Wichita prisoner who is serving his sentence here broke his fast today and accepted proffered food. He was taken to the reformatory yesterday by the county authorities when he persisted in tearing to pieeoQ the bread served him and throwing It about in the corridor. Darry and Ledford Weaver, alleged auto thief havo been .on a hunger strike since last, Tuesday noon when they caused a big disturbance in the upper bull pen. They objected to certain food and resorted to tactics not approved by sheriff Ltingf-ord who had them placed In cells on a broad and water diet. Doth refused tho bread and water until Sunday, when hunger got the best of young Weaver. Barry was tokon to tho reformatory, a thing ho did not like and which probably caused hlin to change his mind. GERMAN GOVERNMENT ITSEF RESPONSIBLE IU. Acts Made the Depreciation of Mark Possible, Says a Comririttee. HOME RUNS FEATURE BOYS SCHOOL GAMES Homo runs featured the games this .morning In the Sig Moore, boys' school loague. Simon of the Jim Davis- mug­ gers got a pair of circuit fallows and (One was made by each of the followilng: Glenn Colo, Welelion, Cole, Johnson, Hannfcgan and Evvlng. Th« following are the scores: 'IMgors '. 132 10— 7 I J. Stirs 200 24— 8 Batteries — Myers and Holeomb; • Roach and Cole. v D. N. Quicksteps 0 00 08— & J. H, ShiBsers ...3102 20—17 ij Batteries — Cowlo and Lymau; 'Spenser and Johnson. Ironies 250 01— 8 ! Colts 00 8 00— 8 i Batteries—Hannignn and Glbbs; Ellis and Brlfffa. Craft Shop Jr 115 10— 8 Kinkla Hears ...211 20— 0 Batlorius—Rucker and I/artoin; Sal mon and Carter. h'ire i'lles 666 613—37 Wild itjlD 682 0 0—14 • Iiatti'i-les'—Joncs and Martin; Bowman uiid Campbell. THREE DIVORCES ARE GRANTED IN COURT i Three divorces were granted by Judge W. (}. Fitlrohilil in district court this morning. Judgo Fairchlld convened tho final session of court before the September 'term this morning and expects to clean up all 'hold-over court oases from tho April docket this week, prior to leaving for Colorado. Eucla Bunch was granted a divorce from Minerva Bunch on tho ground of abandonment. Roola Parks received a decree" from Olonn Parks on the ground ofr cruelty and her former name was restored. In tho case of Mabel Hill against John A. Hill, a decreo was also granted. This case had boon heard by a referee, whose report was adoptod by Judge Fairchlld. AD CLUBYOIOLD NOONDAY LUNCHEONS (By Ttie Associated Press) London, July 'J.—Tho German government Itself 'ib> responsible for the castaiitrophlc depreciation of Germany's currency, is the finding of the rolchstag's committee of inquiry which Issued Its report today, says a Central News dispatch from Berlin. The reports, adds the message, say •the collapse of the mark was particularly due to extrnslvn purchases of foreign <coaf .by tho railway administration without notifying the re<lchs- bank or other authorities. THE COMMITTEE REPORT FILED (Continued From Page 1.) WILSON DAUGHTER CHOOSES CAREER WITH AD AGENC1 Tito Hutchinson Advertising Club will begin tho new July and August schedule of noon luncheons tomorrow at 12:05 at the Chamber of Commerce The summer meetings are to start promptly and adjourn precisely at. 1 o'clock In order to give every member an opportunity to attend during tho regular lunch hour. Important matters of business will take up tho entire program at tho meeting tomorrow. The specific niat- toro to come up are the membership drive and tho program for the coming year. NOT YET SETTLED. Matter of Negro Doctors at Tuskegee [ Hospital Still Being Considered. Washington, July 9. —Tito futnro policy of the veteran's bureau In regard to tho operation of the Tuskogeo, Ala., veterans' hospital nvtth negro .personnel rests on a determination of whether tho good faith of the federal government la involved through promises made by the whito committee of the treasury department, Direo- Jtor Hijioa said today on returning A Potent Suggestion. Oene Spurrier In tho Oeneseo Journal .-i -lt has bean sugostec! that instead of hiring, a geologist to determine the surest place to drill for oil north of town, that the promoters first employ a phrenologist to pick out the most likely fellows to join in the" Jrojoct, Not Sure Which. We aro now informed that tho savage Igorots ot the Philippines havo almost entiraly abandoned the use at dogs as food, though whether this marks their upward trend in the scale ot civilisation or Is merely a lament- Miss Margaret Woodrow Wilson. Miss Margaret Wilson, daughter of former President Woodrow Wilson, has chosen to embark_^-i 3." business career with a Washington advertising agency. She will continue her social work during sparo hours. CUas. Colladay Is hero from Southern California visiting his relatives. H. B. Davis will leave this evening for a short visit at Augusta, 111. W. T. Clark, Santa Fo ibrakoman, took tho ivork train to Dodge City today. Arthur Chapell is r»ported to be quite sick at his home 1300 North Loraine. J. E. Ludtke, Santa Fo fuel supervisor from Newton, was hero today on business. Tom Holland, Santa Fo operator, who has boon- off duty bocauso of sickness returned to work at Sylvia today. Mr. ar«l Mrs. Bert Kisminger of rural route NO. 1 aro the parents of a little sou born Saturday at St. Bllisu- 'ueth'a hospital. Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Biggs and Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Faublon and their son Forrest, left today by auto for Sa- quache, Colo., to visit Mrs. Biggs daughter, Mr. and 'Mrs. Wilbur Keller. ernor objected in bringing tho matter before the legislature. "Howard Payne was not entitled to any part of the assistant Btate auditor's salary," ttm committee's conclusion reads. "He performed services for the state and might have been legally paid out of the proper fund." Tho report states that Payuo executed no Instruments as assistant auditor, but that what ho did execute were done in the name of Auditor Turner. Other Funds. Tho committee holds that the state Irrigation fund nnd the sand royalty ifund both were "Illegally" deposited lu the Home State Hank ot Russell aud "should be returned to a state depository.' "The irrigation commission has not complied with tho law in the de•position of tho irrigation fund," and "the state executive council exceeded its authority when it directed that the sand fund be deposited -in the Home State Bank of Russell," the report declares. _ — A Legal Deposit. Troasuror Thompson, custodian of the federal vocational educational fund haa handled this fund "in conformity to the provisions of federal statutes and this money is legally deposited In tho Home State Bank," the committee holds, (lov. Davis also charged that state funds In excess of amounts, prescribed by law were toeing leit in stato depositories by the board of treasury examiners. !n Its report the investigating committee says: . Without Authority. "The action of the board of treasury examiners in permitting state depositary .banks to carry deposits of state money in excess of the amount Provided hy law is unwarranted and m violation of law. Prior to enactment of a tew by the last legislature the designating of emergency .statet de- 'PO.sitories has been without authority of law. State money is required by law to be ikept in the stato treasury or deposited in banks duly and legally authorized to receive such deposits. Tho action of the board of treasury examiners under ,da.te ot March 28, 1923, attempting to delegate to the state treasurer authority to approve bonds of depositories and to make changes of securities therein Is unwarranted and wiyioutj authority of law." Designate Banks. The committee recommends to the board, of treasury examiners "the designation ^f tuoh number of banks as stato depositories as "will amply provide for the depositing of all state monoya" and that emergency depositories be used only in tho event of aibsoluto nece^iity." A more detailed and definite recommendation' on this subject will be made later by tho committee, the report adds. Some Recommendations. Tho committee makes the following recommendations: "We recummend the enactment of a law-prohibiting -the employment in any of the departments of the stato government of a member of tho Immediate family of tho head of such department. "Wo recommend that tho legislature enact a law providing penalty for the failure t» keep accurate minutes ot all proceedings of tlho board of treasury examiners and the executive council." The summary of the findings and recommendations conclude thirty large pages reviewing in detail all the matters gone Into by the committee. Tho report Is signed by all seven members ot tho body— Senators James W. Fiuley and John McCoy, republicans and Frank O'Brien, democrat and- Representative* K. M. Geddes, .7. A. Fari-ell, Charles B. Moore, republicans and and E. R.. Sloan, democrat. The Expenses. In the letter of transmittal to the governor, the committee itlmlzes its expenses In the prohe, Bhowiii& a total of Jl.8.15.09 of the $5,000 appropriation spent so far. The committee adjourned late yesterday to convene subject to uho call of tho chairman. Senator Flnley an nouueed thin afternoon that no Local Musicians Want Business Men to Go Along on Second Neighborhood Call. Tho Hutchinson Municipal Band will give the second of its free concerts to the outlying communities tomorrow evening at 8 o'clock at Halstead. The concert will bo held In the beauliful 'Riverside Park ot Halstead aloug the banks of the •Little Arkansas -River. An effort is being made to get a large delegation ol the business and Professional men and their families to drive to llalstead with the band in order to promote the fellowship between the I OWUJ. Ralph Hlnnsan, president of tho Hutchinson Advertising Club, declared today that if ' the -business men would^get behind the band and accompany the- boys to the towns where Ihcy give the concerts, it will do moro to cement, the relations of the penplo of those communities to this city than anything else which could ho done. "Tho Muntcl-pnl Band deserves a great deal of praise for initiating the idea of giving these free concerts to the surrounding towns," slated Mr. HlnmaK-.' "There were mere than 2;Q(>0 people present at the concert which the band gave at bangdon a while back. "The trip to Halstead would be a nice little outing for the Pcoplo of Hutchinson to join on tomorrow evening". HlvemUle Park at Halstead along the banks of tho river is one of the beauty spots of this section of Kansas. 'I ho pretty grove of gigantic elm and Cottonwood trees makes the park a wonderful place for picnic and camplnfc, parties. "During the concent the pcoplo from Hutchinson could mlnglo with the people of cur neighboring town of Halstead and thus increase tho cordial relations of the ;--vo "omniuuitica." I. W. W. LEADER SOUGHT FREEDOM TOO LATE TO CLA»»l|ry Chicago \ Attorney Lost Habeas Corpus Proceedings Before Judge Fairchild. •Habeas corpus proceedings to free Fred Redman, alleged 1. W. W. organizer from the county Joll where ho is serving a sentence Imposed In pollen court -were being argued this afternoon before- Judge W, O. Fairchild In district court and denied by the Judge. Redman, who was convicted of vagrancy in police court June IS ami fined $10 aud sentenced to 'M) davs in Jail charges in his petition .that he was given no right to consul t counsel and that his plea for a continuance was rejected. He alleRes hi;< present imprisonment is illegal and without autiuiilty. Redman Is represented hy H. W. Mulks, 1. W. W. aitomey from Chicago who has been here before in Vvubbly cases. His presence convince the local authorities that Redman Is an Important cog in the organization force sent to the harvest fiolds to retard work. Redman had a big supply of red cards and liter.i tare when arrested.'' Yv'AXT! Bene i ly.-cl, 1'hono maw. i 9-iil PROFr:RTY te nell or will tradn (or Feid car und part c«j3h, bulancft on monthly rnyincnt .1. CaU In evening, 741 East F. 14 mw »-U Fou SAt.E—Six-ronm bung-alow on East t'nii-.-th. ...*.ah and terms to »uit. Inquire 40fi l-;.-i<,t. K. phono 12U. ' 14 »-lt W.tNTKl! night vv. - An i-xnorionc^l waltr«m; rk. .Anili-rnen No. 1. 1 tl-8t FOR s-'AUi nt u bargain if tnkcsi at ollee - Fiv.--ruem heimi', modern ^xc"}>t fnrnnec; wnn'n h->use< arut |riiro>n, ti'J 1 .-foot I'rutit, liK-titei.1 r -^.l l-'.nst J-hKhth. 7 'J -14 FOR RAl.E cir trade--! hor,>ui-h;>i Jersey main cu.!r ami l.wo--.vhetl tr.ulfr. t'h-nie :i21!ll or. ail 407 \\->nt Fntii. 1S?-U ARE SECURING A JURY IN MISSOURI MOB CASE Two Men Found Who, Under Certain Conditions, Believed in Mob Law. DEATHS AND FUNERALS FANTROY FUNERAL. Services Held This Afternoon for Former Hutchinson Woman. Funeral sorvir.e tor Mrs. KMzabotti Fantroy of (litnlen City v!io died at ht>v homo on Friday were IioM this •at'tfrnoon at !t o'clock from thn Second Baptist church with H'-v r.ariviah iu c^ai'Ke. Interment v/ua in the K;tst- aide cemetery. Mrs. Fantroy ratine tn Hutchinson in 1882 and lived 5)ere for 21 years wlieri Hae i wetu la harden C'Hy ;i:id has since rostdod. She in mirvivpd hy her husband, a daughter, Mr:;. Anna Harding of Hock Island, 111., and a *son. Levi T. Brown, of Hutchinson, also a •broth'. 1 :', J\. J, (Jothard. M.'Vrntfrntli. 4P3 Wvst IS !)- It WA.VTKlv -Man iuu\ wife to kt-n hwse for fjitlwr i '.n.I Apply ha nsi.nrfvcr w:if.*.n, i/mrifi* ^t. uiid and Main. t'J-10 storing" KOU SAT.K—Vosla .... iVrn ust.-tl loss ilifin tiirt'o nii'iiiiis. C»»^\ f'.*r i/iiiLinur.s nix luurlnj; .Milk row and AlrM.-ll.' j.;,p. Witi f»-5) .-): rail tw:» M.H-UK viva aiul f.vo ntirt Wi'list store, Smith f lutoliin^in. fcJoutb. KS or •'OH lac* UK NT -F- tJ"ll, IIIOlIii VOH SALJv-.-lA,."! t'otnmrn-ial hot!v. A. K. Ji »hn .s.i:i, ]5 South WH^hint 'toii. i": S )-«t l"i >H SA i.i; -[-'ivi'-rfioin, nioOt-rn *-Y ecr-t fiirna.-o. 31t WI-HI Thirt(:c:i:h. T! 7-S.4 that elafiftlfidl atla can anything y&a hav« to e-'H, secure utiythiiiB yuu w!sh Xo buy, pL'f v,. u a position or Becure help »-iu ? Any tlnio you are In u«ml ?t any of vhfB** I hlngfl, call mi ?n tier 3, clas«if;»j(.l <l*'i»artnit-rtt. Tl 21-l'ot (.l.AIUNTi;r:i.i it .M .\i!il (ypuwrtterv of nil natkt'rf. W(. do ,-lt>;i!ilng and n-pnirltig. KhiLzel Ty^twriter IvxchanKo. l'hon D Kiii. VOll SAT.K- Nearly new TtooHtcr rabjitrt, n«i» HVilhl iraW vouiii! dinhiK mb)'.\ is.,.\\; .>iin mattress nil rottou, ono SrU .'Uti'I ftljit KpjjllKlJ, twn ruiK i -iX 'linr.H, $J,,>0 iLii.j jft; one thuulv cr-il.-tr • hr.-it, 5','far. Thi.s Is uJl L'ood fm-nlturt'. i'hunci 1070. Tl ;>-u FRIENDS AID WIDOW IN HARVESTING CROP ever been I freshmenta A. Bart-li,! Uiat r.olur.iliifl, "Mo.: July 9.—Hxaralna- tloi>. of prospective Jurors in the trial of George Biii-kwcll, tharBWl wflli murilor in t)io rirnt rteRreo ln««mnec- tlon villi (lie lynchlni; of Jnmoa T. Scott, nocrn, here the morning of April 2!l, p-i>;. under way shortly utter a o'ekfek this mnrnliiR, with Assistant Attorney Genera] Henry Unv-ls, who Is aefliKlini,' Pn>sc('.utlnp Attorney lUihy Kul^n In the oomHiet of the case, (ineRtionitiR the talesmen. Throe of the first flvo rroBpet-tivo Jurors exaiuined declared they did not believe the case against Barkwell, alleged member of tho moh '.vhlch liatiKed Scott, should have lyrosecntecl. One of them, I, a local clothlnr; incoehant, he believt-d Hnrkwell innoecnt, audi had contrlluited to a fund to be uBedl In hl9 defon.-wi. | Two Favored Mob Law. I Only ono of tho taleamun declared | tliat he was neither prejudiced in the easo nor believed mob law Justified. Two of them were frankly In favor ot|y^ mob lav,- under certain conditions. > V The first twelve of the Jury panel will be examined by the state and by tho defense. Judge E. H. Gnatt, of Mexico, who la iireartdiufr, will then rule upon the eligibility <5f each juror. Scott was ItanKod by a mob hero April 20 following hi« arrest on simpleton of having attempted to attack the 14 year old dautiTitor of a Univeraity professor hero. During the last week rumors liavo been current that Ccott waa. Innocently haiiKed by the moh, and that another negro held in Jail at Mexico, Mo., wan tho as.sailaut ot the young white girl. Whether the result ot the Investigation conducted by Prosecuting Attorney M. Jlulc-n, anil special assistant of the state's attorney genenil will havo any bearing on tho Harkwell trial, could not bo learned today na the prosecutor declined to dlticmw this phase of the case. Kill! Rt?XT.. Liberty aviim Tlinniauii. l-'oiir-i-oom hou« '-. Cnrt -j vlile. Si,- Tl 6.U TV PI". WRITER rll>l>an« tur Ml mnk.-.a 0 I t\Pi-u i IU-i -8 Kciity.t-1 TviA'WrUci- I-A- cliaiu;--', 2-1 Wut l-'irKl. rholio 40;. IJOSI. Thursday about fifty men came with their teams and reapers and liar vested ono hundred and thirty acres ' ot wheat for Mrs. I.uey Mullock, of I Vtilley lownshrp. They v.-ere friends of her husband, who died scleral months J ago, and are members of the United : Brethren Pleasant Grove church, of which her husband wa« a menibo'.-. The work was superintended by A. A. Uruwu and Waiter lktkor. ».rel immune. F. .\l. Beam, lilioito J30W or 10l_VV.. ST Sixth. Tl 25 si, HtaH 'CiissEE®!!!! Mw& FacS®iry _ assil Cilssiasaiir,^ Wwliss Hl£<! rug il mub liali-iiii;. Thono 2R.i. t84 Tl 2C-25t Had Dinner Party. .. <Mr. and lira. 'li. M. ftlne entertained a fo friends last eveuinK at their homo TJii First Avenue West. A social evening was enjoyed and da.inty re- i served to Mr. anil Mrs. Clias. Mercer. Mr. and Mrs. Floyd M. Jackson, Mr. aud Mrs. K.l Stall), M^r. and Mrs. Frank Jacl-son, Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Dillon, -Mr. Osborn l-yuch, Miss t.illiau Mercer, Miss Foggy Sluib, M'.ss Frances Jackson and the host and hostess. EiWtN EX'Tl'.A ttl'I'JNUINQ MCNKI ny -sKM.ixu rm-: NKWS AFTIU; 4 P.M. KVIO.SMNO. i*c STARTB YOU. Al'l'I.V TO MIL OKAUll, NKWH Ol-'KK'K. lti 18-J61 W «BSft<8ITBI S6 »l« H®iaffiis & Offiln-c© Cl!<s «miii5i^ <Co. ot, D ANI> M;W wi.x'i 'uwK CI.I::ANBU>. ni:us mm SPECIA'.TV. No mui.t'v If work t.i nut Hiaisfiictury. 1'llONl-: 351. 815 NORTH MAPI.I-;, 11UT01IINSf'N, K.l Tl i-JGt Vi\ r, VfEiVMiiTk t« 'wiSTTor »<«.'r.~i««C 3 -ci- sc .lliiM of t '»n cull'.'iiu in' lnnre. 'i'ii.- .M.-iM'-ii l.:i i .-tinici y I'i. . 4!"-J SmiU, M .<in. J 'l SH^liH pi'U ~SAi.K'."rwif">-.Sn»' 3. 1- VV;.;il, V I tii.u'.li y.V!nu1. Til.-U Cur! Illll. Tyipiewntlfflir IfSnfclfeffliEss nml shti<-ts, 'ilu. G'>iucn '.-riuuri ICaiit. T!mwf-0-2St NOTED WOMAN WELFARE WORKER IN HUTCHINSON Linna Breaette Now Heads the Work of the National Catholic Council. •Miss Llnna Breeette of Topcka l» herrl visiting her aunt, Mr«. Mary Johnson and other relatives Unlay. Later Miss Bresette will return for a longer stay. Possibly no Kansas yoting woman has gone further In welfare work than Miss Brosctte, who taking up the work under the old InduBtrlad board, was later placed under the Industrial court at the head of the Wocnen's Welfare department and here she mode a natne tor herself nationally for her constructive work. Pressure brought to bear on Gov. Allen lost to Kansas th» fine work of Miss Bresette. Scarcely was her state work, OTOT that she was persua4exl to assume a work long offered to her, Blrnllar to her previous work hut of far greater uuu.i^.i uin ui viri novo UIHI u-j j ^.^....u^. ....... «... ... further meetings will beheld until fall [proportions. She was asked to head Evidently She Wasn't. A Now York woman has been con- I Tlcted of murder In the first degree, but Bho may net have been young and »r «tty— Pittsburgh Gazetto-Times. and that the next session will be called to make an Investigation of the sy.Htein of bank supervision used in this state. "The number of hank failures of late shows that there is fcomevhini:- wrong with tho system," he said. "This does not mean that the methods of examination are at fanh, but the conunlttoe will make an investigation and make recommendations to the next legislature with a view to improving uystem." The University of Chicago will offer- more than 700 courses ibis year at Its summer scUool, the department of social work of tho National Catholic Welfare. Council and its such travels all over the United States and visits the schools. Fire at Fair Grounds. Fifteen acres of ijr.'ws on the north part, of the fairgrounds and in the land jirst north were burned off by a fire wnich w-.ts started by some unknown cause - about 2Ah this afternoon. Tho fire department was called and succeeded in putting out the fire. Are yiiii Insured'! the Kinkel agency. If not better see The Thrift Habit Is a Good Habit i Like most good habits, the one of Systematic Saving is a little difficult to acquire. It is easier to spend money than to save it, but it is also easier to save money than to be without it when you need it. Order today, sonic of the Preferred Stock 'of this Company. Pay for it in small monthly payments and Get the Thrift Habit You will be surprised to see how rapidly yovir Savings will accumulate. r Ask About Our Fifteen Payment Plan. United Water, Gas & Electric Co. •i Customer Ownership Department. 'T^' Dnl.lcd Water, dan & Electric Co. Uetitlemon: Please neud mo lutormatioa tvbout jour preferred Block, Maine , *. Address City

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