Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on February 23, 1959 · Page 7
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 7

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, February 23, 1959
Page 7
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. UMPA DAM MONDAY, FMrnuAjsv 23,1931 e's Interpreter Ids Some Memory / - •• ** By MBnRlMAN SMITH tiff WWi« Moti«« ft«|M>rtef (OPt) - Back•••Utt* at th« Whit* Hoi!««! On* of W* ptolrttng but unaung h«roe< of President Einenhower'g vlplt iMt week to Acapulco, Mexico, Will tt. Col. Vernon Walters, USA, One of the rnor« accomplished UtiluUU. In l«Je?ftl employ, Wai- WM y«nt along ter. Me the tti§ ^Acapulco airport that .had gardened diplomats talking in urnazement for days later. EJienhower, In response to a warm welcome by Mexican President,, Adolto Lopei Mateoa, apoke at some length and without a trace of a text or even prepared then lUemjjt lo repeat even haif of It In the tame language, He Is one of many unusual tat ent* necessary in letting: up a foreign trip for an American pres! dent, ffor example, the Seore Service had along in Acapulco a namelasa hero who Was an expert In getting the plastic bubble top off and fln Eisenhower's big touring car flown in from Washington 10 BUT T? ONS, ratlopf, te.t MP '"'-" JM^^JIJ le*. teratlopf, Boqtt Stv? (Hion, 1480 " Suttftn hole 11* Umlr ^****^J% *-**-*• -**-*i^*- Ot»AnK'fi WAatt 11 12A S«rvle« I2A MO 4,? service. for machine J4 " "iidio'ub r " * "S4 ilOl N. Sortie there, C&M TELEVISION N; Spmervlilt. Phone MO 4-8611 UNITED TlLlVISION MO 6-P02 are names never get Into print—well rarely. Such men aa Jose Qlor- donna, Jack Cliff, Herman Stroub are experts on seeing that the huge and complicated clutter of the White House staff gels to the right places. They are responsible for such things as electric typewriters for notes. Instead of breaking in!the secretaries — and they carry every few phrases to translate, as spare machines in case one m.pst interpreters do on such pub- breaks down — metal safes He occasions, Walters-stood silent ly. In the hot aim as the Presi dent »poke. Word For Word t»h, MO Anterina Service. New and Used Antenna* for sale. 1117 varnon Drive. 4-4070. RADIO ft tET.BVISJON repair service on ans> make or model. 10 to 80% savings on tubes and parts. Antennas Installed. Fast and reliable, Time payments. Sfontgomery Ward & T Company. Phone HO 4-3251. ~ T H-wklru il? B. Barnes «V TV MO 4-22SJ 36 41 HeuMhoH if «a»^<H»i»»J>* l »»J»-4M'••*>•• SyURNlTURl CO, Newton"Furnltur* Start |jW,, footer. _. t MQ'f-rg?; DON S USEDFURNITURE A Sell used Furniture Phoiis '" ' Whlftlngfon's Fum. Mart Prices Jiiit bon't Happen— 1'h«t» AT* Msif*" • "•- MUM TV latis. Some seta have new picture tubo. All »ets fcre «oid on a guaranteed basis. Convenient budget terms. B, F. Goodrich Store 95 Furfliifcri fS 101 Hwl lifaft t*t §•!• 101 ROOM furnished ftpurtment Hob.ert * ROOM Modern furnished* apartment. Bills paid, J<5 a month, inmilt* Me- Ad.ams.0ans, White peer Tttaa. IT; 11-room fufnl»h«d apart' menl. Bath, bills paid, couple. 704 X. dray. MO 4-8817. 2-ROCTM n!e£fr rWrilzhea, intenni, soft water, hll* paid, adults, 411 N. Somefvllle. .- ,_ Equity in l-b»d>iwni hofn* attach*! «V»|e. hullt-lnfi, ntc* FOR BAB j IJOOn ediiHy In J.bedfodJn M, 1641 Huffed, MO 4-Jfll of " f01 RNl Matt t«r iff* 101! 114 TfiiJtr Hewitt 114' l», V, GRACE R«ai fstatt 2-HOOM furnished upstairs aparlrnent, close In. l or t persons, small ha by „accepted, bills paid. J30 ii month, ^v MO, 2-HOOM furnished apiiMrn^nl, private bath. 5092. MO 61J N, Cuyler, MO 6- lfl» S, Cuyler ELECTrilO Clothes dryer, Crp MO <-S rps»matv log K. RugsBlj. M6 i-tlil. McLAUSHCTKTFURNITURE" 400 8, Cuvler Phona MO 4-4901 SHELBY J. RUFF FURNITURE BOUGHT & SOLD 612 8. Cuyler MO S-S?48 J QOOD Used automatic washers. Ofte Firestone and one Phllco. (149.95 each, guaranteed, Flreston* fltore, 117 k Cuyler. POR Several used refrigerator*. Rich Plan. 319V, W. Foster. •The big, strapping Army officer's attention wa« riveted on Eisenhower. When the President finished. Walter* stepped to a micro(l phone stand Inff in the center of a red-carpeted platform. Without a Appliance! — ( TV APPLIANCT&^RVICE"' for i MS 8. Cuyler JJO 4-47-I9 Not all the combined, talents of the White House, however, could clear up the vagaries of ehicu- Cond. CARPETS nnrt life too can be beautiful If you use Blue l,ustre for clean- Ing. F'ampa Hardware. * 69 Miieelloneou* For Sale 69 note or so much as even clearing Jar transportation in Acapulco.; ~--~~The President's son, Maj. John S. Eisenhower, during one motorcade was forced to jump in with press association reporters when! his cur was jammed in the rush.' The DE$ MOORE TIN SHOP Air Conditioning— Payne Heat '" ' Phone MO 4-2721 820 38 Paper Hanging 38 his throat, the lieutenant colonel ever, Mexican security men, how- did i bang up job of pro- j VM .X host, flection In the right places, re-'President l^opez Maleos. In fact, peated Elsenhower's speech In the job was so good that there j 40 Spanish almost word for word. were times when the American Hang'ln* -... .. _ .. AiO 5 F. K. byer, GOO N. Uwight. ^•^., 39 Pointing 39 forcefully, and even with the in- tecting Eisenhower and his Ing, •irip, palming-, taping:, Irxton- eti-. MO 4-tii)47 or JlO 4-2598. FOH "SAL for all. SlflO Alcock. Thompson's United Dent-Alls "We rent most anything" 120 N. SomervilU MO 4-2331 AIR i;uNDiTfONirTa~novers mad"e~to fit any size. Pampa Tent A Awning- Co. 317 H ^irown. MO 4-SB4I. THE AUCTION SALES Price Road MO 4-fi4tl» Transfer |> Storage 4Q FOR SAI-.E: Gibson Otiitar. O.K. Var^ v mini awiieper and TV sntennn, 783 To appreqiate what Walters did Just try listening to any speaker who u«,e.d yo,ur own language and Secret Service agents ,had difftcul- j Pampa Warehouse & Transfer ty getting through police lines. . Moving- with Care Eevrywhere «17 fj. Tying Ph. MO 4-4221 By tht 3rd century A.D., the Romans had built 11 aqueducts to supply water to Rome. These itructwreii brought water from djfT«rei\t sources in the distant hills^up to 50 miles awsy. Ope, 2? miles lon£, brought water Into Rome rr\tre]y to fill a large basin In which sham battles wtre fought to amuse the peo- pl«. Two of the 11 aqueducts are stai in use. _ 9 a.m. If tht Dallr Peadlln* fa ClMllfM Ac|s, pstMfd.»y 'or Hun- 4»y «dUI«n, \'t noaii. Thli d »'so tb,« il ».m. dally »nd t p.m. Saturday Cor ; About F«opl* Ads will b* t»ken up to edition, RATit Sea water contains a small amount of gold, bqt the quantity is so small that no one has been able to extract the metal from the water. However, there is so much ^atcr in ihe oceans that it has been estimated that it contains 10,000,000,000 tons of gold. During the past 450 years, only 61,000 tons have be«n mined in the entire world. 1 Day -• lid p«r lln* a Day • — Jlo p*r tin* p»r fl»» l pay* — J2c p«r lint P«r day 4 Payi f»- UP ptr lln* »tr flay i Days — 19o ptr l!n« pf day • D»,yi -m }7e B«r UP* DM d»» Monthly r»l«t M.7I- Ptr Una Minimum ad: thr«» I- point lln««, Tht Niw» aootptM rtipontlbllUy for srrori on tht first Insertion onjy. ieadlln« for ad cniiof|ii»tions. 1 Car4 of 13 Butiness Oppprtunifies 13 for Qualified Man or Woman To service and i-ollen from 3 JtpOM, private bath, T.V. antenna, wn«her And dryer, N. , . hills pnld. or loorl pick-up or cash, ?J8 w, 'Br'o*n, FOR KENT: 2 room furnlshtd apartment. Bills paid. Couple only, {lee Bfter 5:00. 412 N. Frost. LARUR Furnished il-room aparlrrttnt, tirivnte bath, near Woodrow Vvilson School. »70 a month, hills paid. 424 aloan 8t. 2-KOOM furnlsherl apartment, hath, hills paid. 13fl» E. fVKte 96 Unfurnished ApartmenH 96 REDECORATED 4 room duplex apart ment. 2 lilllB paid, Adllts only, ' pets. Coffee St. MO 4-7460. rt- Ko EXTRA CLKAN~5 room (S bedCoonis)" modern house, lot» of nahlnetg and closets space. Floor fiirfnce, atenna gas and water paid.' No animals. Will accept one or two hahlea. 166 month. Sir! Malone. MO 4-2996. 97 Fufniihtd HOUIAI 97 If j& In /UbeeTfodni h " home, Car plurnhed ftf washer and - M" Win tfjuje Chevrolet op d>wn 8ay_m^n|.. ( ^bedroom hrlok for late model Jt.rd that u oil nt. Call MO 4-1 hrlok home, clean ear for «»» or >*T». ...j^tn-.wtn. "hoii«e. fully furnished, wool rug- on llvinr room, fenced back yard and par***- fiOOO. Phone l»n s.isai 4 BOO Only FOH . oOern house to h« moved. 666. Cafl 4-MJ1. SAL.E: 3-bedroom house on Christine. 2 blocks from Junior High. Carpet, parage and fence. Phone MO 9-96SO for appointment. 3-BKDtlOOM. brick double garage, central heat, air conditioning. |1750 down. New FHA commitment. 601 K. Uth. J. E. Rice Real Estate 712 N. Sortierville Phone MO 4-2301 ;aKo|ji>_ , %, JAMISON, Real Estate 309 N. Faulkner MO t-afll "Btttlsljot, 50*140 ft. Nlc» buy, " front, COO ft. llmitt. PHee ,- --- ir mproved farm, JlO acre* In cultivation, lOfl a.i-re» In grass, 135 acres In Wheat, ill a urea to ne put In row crop, gas well li royalty goes, 14 crop goes. (ISO per acre. |8(),00f) down, good ierrn.». 3 Hoom Houne on CanarfUn^ ibw mnn, payment*. Frame |J,400. A Fine hfome mi N, Hoiiart. C!«sn S- bedroom, metal Idtrhen eablitPiH, Irjis of closets, concrete curb itnd posu (t>r fence, garage, plumbed for washer, SID" (or dryer and range. T"t»l J98SQ. 188.00 per month. Immediate occupancy. Very Nice S-hedroom and den on N. Faulkner, wall to wall carpeting, lots of closets. IU.500 with 116,906 tHA commitment. Finest In town. 3-bedroom with country kitchen, dn Chestnut. Refrlgerat- ed air. central heat. Will take smaller house on trade. |37,pfll). .Tract of I<an4 on Holwrt Street. Heal bargain for commercial. YOUR LISTINGS APPRECIATED Wn Nl*d 8 A. 3-Bedroem LUtlnoi CREE & CO. Realtors Office MO 4-S357 Comhs-Worley Bldg. 116 Auto JUpafr Qara§«i If Toy KILUAN and up. Oon't MQ?^ inch 3«rv|c« 1 5-ltOOM furnished house, attached GOOD 2 bedroom .close In on Lincoln 715 W. K ?? ter Ph 4-3641 or 9-5504 garage. Couplt, no p«t«. tfo 4-(548. Fl.'ItNISl-IKD House: 2-bedroom furnished or unfurnished. Children ac- ^fPJted._lnn»lra at the Rocket C|uh. 3" It no it furnished , '. 1116 8. Jlohart. Carper! and . antenna, fiultnlile for couple. Inquire at 1120 N. .Starkweathsr. 4-3701 Street. 11730 down. N. Nelson: SEW 3 liedroom. central heal. Attached garag*. (1,450 down. N. Banks: 2 BEORUOM brick, attached KOI! HHNT: 3 rooni rnotlern furnished attaohed ean IIQUHO. \Vatpr and rae paid. JlB.oniKl Sumnef a month. \'erda Adafr, 33S N. N>l«on! IN ' ^Vmner. , central hiat $1?,2MO. NIC'M 3 BKUBOOM rock, all carpeted, t(auh«d garast. K. Russell $14,400. BUCK'S TKANSKBH & STORAGE Krce Kstmates & Insured 61U 8. (Jlllesiilii - MO 4-7222 _T.)faiie _Pr. MO __4_-72_74. POWKIt Sprayer for sale, almost TiewT James Feed Slore. 522 S. Cuyter. 69A Vacuum Cleaners 69A FOR TIKNT: Clean furnfshed 8 room house, to idultc, no pets- Bills paid _(Jl_ m 51!l_ S LJdP JL2ii!!-. FOR f^BASK: 3-bedroom "furiilihed house. Close to gnhool and church. Blg^ fpnced-ln yard. ,i29 N. Hobart. MO S-.YT43 or MO <--1353. ;F()R RBNT: 2-room mddern furnUhed house. 581 8. Somervlll*. 4QA Hauling Moving 40A Roy's Transfer & Moving Hoy fi'ree—203 B, Tuke 4-8151 Kirhy Vacuum Clean'rn and all other makex. Call us 4-2990. RKCBNTI^V Ilederorated 1 large room fliiultf. MO Red woil nets. 513 Htizel, rear. 98 Unfurnished Houses 98 3 BKUKOOM, large .ulached garage, central heat, c«rpet«d living room 113.200. Chestnut Nice 3 bedroom. I '.4 baths, nlot car- petltii, central heat, fenced yard, petltii, oc J2Q,500. FOR HAI^« or Trade: Will tak* 8 or 4-room house on new I or J-bed- oom hom« Henry tit. room hom« Henry N. Starkweather . !-hedroom and garage, fenced yard. $1360 down C|o»e Ip: Two 2-bedroom houses and two l-roeoi "partments on 100-ft. ' per month Income. 18600. Nlifht Phoned: C!eo N'eef. Jr.- -MO 6-5300 Dale Th'ut—MO 4-fi«04 W. M. LANh REALTY A. \j. Patrick, Associate, MO fi-4080 BOOTH-PATRfCK Real Estate MO 4-8503 Auto Engine Rebuilder _il t 1 ^!!^ , _ MO 5»4«|t f f V'OU '~}>'a"\ : t)"~"iia.Tt«^y fiilure 1 ' 9?5 hsiiecv H(1rttiiv« will reator* |lf» 19 tmir lifin?r}'. S24 Doutett* er eifl f'AiffFA!"" iTMis t of" "a'iVoiP~na"<i't»" t&fi" gan lani.s OIK] hot utu*r t»nks r«* p«lr*rj. Sll ft, Brown. MO A-4JB1 ( 117 Body Shop* 117 111 N. FORD'S eopY SHOP Car Patr'lng—Body Work MO 4-4619 120 Automobiles For Sab 120 SALE or trade f-r »lder can «b Olds Super 4 -door, loaded. JJ346. Sea at jjs >J, Somervllle jfter 8 p.m. _ _ ^ CLYDE " 11? _ MOTb!r"c6.~ — AuthofUed Rambler ward b-MO« REX ROSE Service, Body, Parts, Trim Shop 121 N. BaHard FOR!) 2-door custom" MO 4-68J7 MB *- HOMES BY DUROHOMES Col. Dluk Earless, MO 4-S84S —CONSTRUCTION STARTED— Stlect Your Hornrf Today $8250—FHA $250 DOWN—$60 MONTH 3-Bedroom Homes with attached garage, Sf)xl31-ft. Ijots. In the new Kelster Addition Dunham Const. Co. Oo out S. Barnes to McCullough East to Site MO 5-3332 Day, 11O 9-SS93 Nltes R. A. MACK . 70 Musjcql InstrMments TO 2-BEDROOM brick, SJ4 month. L. P. Hanford. T14 B. eric. MO 4-3991. ^ Ppper Hng, 42j i'Oli Papering, painting, textonlng of any type i:all MO .'i-ii3(ll. BV8» •»Fonnell. 43 ACorpa«ryiee 43 A 35% Discount on Hug cleaning. Dili's (5. All carpets cleaned, work guaranteed. MO 4-gn.Sl. (.:. W. fc'ieldi. 45Aree 45A TISRK Trimming. Kre'e entWimteti. Call MO 6-4301. Lowell Sutterwhlle . New and Used Pianos Terms AnJ Rental Plan Wilson Piano Salon 1271 Willhron.MO 4 6571 3 Oik*. EoitOt HighlonJ Hutpitol MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS PIANOS ORGANS Complete yard esiaull^hmint. Itqio- tilllnir, sod cutting. Seed.' Top soil. Jk[0 9^U2I1. Leroy Thorn burg. YARD nnd uarden notary Tlj!''iir, luvelintr. sendliiK "nJ toddlug. !''t t * ^stijuat ?*-_jl'«tJ_t««wU_. MO 4-69IU. faril and sarMBti plow'ing, piist~hofei . n , m TiL7» lcv»lll!i R . rnto -Milling.' 'j, Alvln "JlVr M PAMPA TEXAS FOR JIKNT: Unfurnished small modern 4-ropm house, small garden spot. 1321 H. Frederic. 0(JOta pfJHLfoX. N. _. . ,$>«n DOWN x. Wei Freu- i (loublg garage. attached gHrage, i B. E. FERRELL AGENCY jlOfl N. Frost MO 4-4111 or MO 4-7553 iTo-P Farmi f or Rent '' 704 , close In N. Humner ........... »ll,f,oo WILL TAKH lat« model oar as down _ C._C. MEAD Used Cars, fc We buy, sell and servloe all ma'<*e. Trailers and tiv bars for rent. 311 E. Brown. MO 4-4761. CASH PAID FOR CARS MO 5-5743 Boh Bwlnir 1JOO Aloe JOE TA\'LOSl MOTOR CO. We Buy, Sell and Trade 1200 W. Wllka __ Phone MO 4-8922 AUTOMOBiLK FOH _Sa|e: Sell or trade equity In JP.iS Vauxhall Stat- lon Wagon. 40K Baer. ^ _ _ ' __ _ ji'ufbns Home of th« Bd«*l Autonmbilt __.. _ ^ FOR SALK or trade :T:»4? B'iilck 4-do<5f sedan. Dependable, runs goo-). 1941 Xeel Rd. CULBERSON CHEVROLET HlO W. Foster Phone 4-48SS FOR nE.VT: 4 room unfurnished house 75:i W. Wllkn. Call MO 6-S030. i payment on large 1 bedroom North J1750 room N Somer- . . ent on StarkweBther BRDROOM. utility vllle. Room unfurnished home. 1 den attached and drapes N 1,500 Antenna. Plumbed for washer. S. Hobart. Mo'4-7315. FOR niilNT: 3-room house and hath. . \VILL TRADI3 on larger house, north part of town, nice 3 bedroom, carpets and drapes fenced yard Terrace Street. I HAVE buyers for farm land In Car- . sou, Armstrong, Donley, and Gray Counties. List r-ith me for quick sale. 8. K. ROACH. Realtors. Groom, Texas, P.O. Box 148, Phone 3721 TEX EVAN'S BUICK CO. BuicU • <UIC - OPEL - ^'.iwc» 123 Xorih Gray )fO_4;'4«TT WILL SA'CT'.fFirvfi'iuity in S9'Chev- rolet Impala fon\-»rtlble. Call MO 5-42-tS_liefore & p.m. _ 1955 SUuiebaker President SfKlan. Ov- erdrivp, 53 li^enjp, ."fl ».tirkffr V-S motor, tuione rolor. extra clean, low mile.ip<; 3775.00 195S Ford 8 cylinder t"iit'.oiTi!iii». ludor. One owner, low mllease, p.Mra rlean. JI7.VOU 105 Lots 105 FOR SALE: Two 50-foot lots. 710 N. I •19fil Cadillac Sedan. Fully I real cl^nn SHnfi.flfl 11952 Pontinc Catllna Hard 'i'<.i> ciuh Coupe. Standard shift, real bargain Ronorta. JlfiOO. Call MO C, H. MUNDY, MO 4-X761 IPS JJ : Wynni : IT PAYS TO READ 71 Bicycle* 71 VIRGILE'S BIKE of part* SHOP .on* day house. 3-bedropni on K. Locust, $S. r i a month. Quentln W llllRms. MO 4-2513. FOR RKXT: 3-room modern houie. 3J6 K. tiordori. MQ S-iS3a. FOR Itl-fxT: n~ro6ni "unfurnished i house, 11(1 V. Double Karng«. ; TT U B fl ACCICIEI^ A f%C Irlcal for wuto rtiialr iliop nr »lun I rl C I* UAd JI T I C U A L> J paintliiK shop. 52J \V. Fonlpr. \VI|1 j rent hinis* urn! shop together or Hfparatali. Set •'• IV. JUrktt, IS"9 r|iri.«.Hne. MO <-»««.(. Clofiified Advertising is on investment, not o cost. }.:i;..i)u 1S50 Chevrolet tu><or. Runs out cood. JlOa.DO 19411 Chevrolet Sedan. Extrii good motor J125.00 Ponhondle Motor Co. SS» W. Foster MO 9-!,96l— MO 4-7»9a. Open Sunday FOH QUICK sale: Equity In 1851 Bulck. Oood condition. MO 5-S39J. 112 Farms, Ranches 112 48 r- *-*•»—•* 8. (JUiler i FOR HUNT: l,*nfurniiih?d ;-b«droom Treci and Shrubbery TRUCE NURSERY^" 48 75 fc Seeds t^argtst and moat cotnplett nursery itoi.k In the CoNten tjpi'*,ic!. ]l! tulles •nutheasl of Pampa uu Farm Road jn tliin urea. I'M to lii'Ji.iti , KlOl or part per month , ..,. , time, miiHt luivs servli-ealilt ''ar. I/ hours H w«ek and JMil'.nd lo |1H75.(HI caBh rei|i|lrtti|. Must l»- wblc in ' . imrnedlately. Write, giving parllrti Igrs, In NatloriBl MfK .V Distributing Company, iiilii Milton, DulUa 6, Tmaa. ~r~rf*-f*-r-r-r ••"* •" *-*~r»f*t~~*r* XQ 13A Business Services 13A Hy Triinmtd. Ccnnpltu »hnib wire, Yards roto-tilleil. levelod, etc. \V._II^MItchell. MO v -3167. Kver Ureenlj, iihrulm, Rose BusTui ~ BUTLER NURSERY 1803 x. liohart FRF.F: (,n lh». All-In-on* Krumhi*« with each booking of UK) Spring Chicks James Feed Store 552 S. Curler MO S-SB51 -ROOM unfurnished houne, ainl seri'lv* porch. I'lumNd for aiitomilie washer. Inuuiro st 417 RnH«. jIpaTlYol i»»ore F»r 5a|e 103 BUY r A~HOMT"FIRST 78 Livestock rnot roKt!«, flowering shrubs, fruit I teas. Ktull'n la>vn and gardin tup- \i\\v-o. Sji \v Foster. Cejs Pooli Tanks 49 JO VKTKttANS. I^xik a't the new hnmtt *~| now under cpntirt4<-'|lon In the Monterrey Addition. On Ka»t on Browning St. »nrt south on l.tlor* St. in lh« site. Th«*e are nice i pcd-• room homes with attached garages,: muhogany cabinet* and doom, forced air healing and ulcntv of closets ' for only HUSO. Total move In coat Full SAhK: \Veinlnfr plst*. whit* Vnrk.-hlrr. .Smu* 3hnat», IIM lo iino poundx. '•» mil*» tf»*l of Ist-lnr* Ranch Road 1321 and on* mile north. f^^^ .^ J ^,^J!,5^-i--r J ^^^ J . J r^ only I^'U), Jfil.Otl a month. ESKIMO Splti, Toy Fox Terrleri-, LARUK ID room hui|«« in Fr»»«r add. ' CovUer». I'eklngeBS, Dachshound. juUnid* for |*rs« fam ly or ^ » iwo ' Chihuahua. Th. Aquarium. Wt Al- MrCOUMICK Farm Kqulpment Store, fNCPMIJ TAX lt«liirn». At-ourate fast Kcrvli-e. J. ". Wai»on. 1032 J-miri^JJrivit. MO 5,8»»3.^ • ^J 4 ^I.^T'I,", t| l »"|,i>m«''coiTiTfi[le<l foT t«r liiternuUoiml pa'rtu" and equtp- ."- 1 - 1 JLr - r4 \"^r'""'.'" *^^ ..' an low aa »8.f»" a bedroom. A- J. »• ' ""•'"• I ' ru ' t ' u " alL M0 _l'i > l' 1 ',15 Instruction 15 I-VM fuiun.i. MO I-UM*.' " 1 \VOIH, p Hlis |n IliaiiU l'iy until) friend* ami t'ii»l(uinn » fur *lri •tll^c n ir "ninut rourieiuiK ani| Irii-iiiiiifUl' clerk. MI'M. Haiti* Hiii'linaii riCliOOL. Bt liome Ir. spur* i 50 llrn». New t«H'» furnlBhed. Dip- i |orn» gw^rdst". I^op mutithlr pay- •^ maats. American School. O«p|. ! T' N. Boj 87' Afhrlllr. Teiaa (i.vir'LK'i'l-' AiOi>KI!N" hvlp . Viuir rhllil in'r<ls KI liii|ii'n>' lii." M-liiiul Building Supplies LWMBE'R Al LIED PAINT M.r MO 84 Office. Store *quipm?rt» 84 ••*-*••**• tl'.Si'in ii.iw.-n ind «>.<um* lil loan, tsn a ni"iiili. LAIICK 3 brdiunin nn.'ir |:lsh »-' Will rs-paint nu lu iiU sivl n-fintsli bei4roon)» to sun I'nier. |H,|i>o, (in. 6.)<i loan rommlltment, } UKIHCiHIM on I'oflit. rarpvltd llv- iiiK room, n!i:i- yard. J731H). Can ri>OV» in lor M.'.o null new loan. I.AI'.iih: :i lieilrooiii in Kuuii L-onditlun i |...»t i|i. HiK llvliik roolli. dlnlUK Ititiln, rltrprlt'll. PUlilY room, tf^l'- North Crest 3 BEDROOM 3t IATHS BRICK Gl HOMES $451 Total Move-In Cast 'FOR ,«ALK nr Trad* for Pampa prop- ei-ij•; Ibi'-at-re fsrrn. Wheeler Countv. SP» Oli\-er .Ionas or call ,MO !»-S751. After (i:0n and Hiindsv .MO 5-S447. 113 Property to 09 Moved 1 13 _ GIBflON MOTOR CO. Studerhal-sr — Sal»« — Servlot ?00 E. Brown St. MO 4-8411 fc'OK SAL1-:: 1947 Mercury. JJOO J$6 _ FOTt SALR: Country _ ___ TT»~7 Korti S-pa«sei\K»» 1U S. f*aulUn«»» 124 Tirei, Acceiioriei 124 FOR KALK- movtd. 3-h*rtroom houss to b» <-39... __ _ __ __ PfUlPKBT'V TO be movedTT room frame buiMing. 621 N. Kussell or C»ll MO 9-9039 or 4-SS54. l'l4 'Trailer Houses Tl4 Guaranteed Uf*d Tlrts. All tlzes and pric-pR over 2000 In stork, food ssl- election of truck tires. !tall Tlr» Ca TOO \V. Foster. MO 4-S-^l. 125 Boqri & Accps^oriei S.tle: RBNT nr trai)-'<!>. l'o»t ^S_S_ HaJUHfd. _ NE \\~ANT.' t/si:n f r:ATLEn~s r>«iik I.'WP.. BFST TRAILER SALES ~ -«-*,! Ft,n mrihilr »| , <,, I'niiltr >•*!*«, and trailer, with S. Kaulknvr. for <ir K A P in~S 7 ~f no j ' « pa iTaT ~ i"rs si or lif Ui'f.-f'iti hoir.w in ncu'ih fast iii n»ri rf ..'itj. MO 4-349» or Tirov. p . J'.'i. ppr iiionih. All hsllf pair). Out Memorial *»'ONPMM»»T». ....,,..-,. - t - t . 1^4 and up. Foil Granite & II Co. MO 5-56M. r**»-< 2 - 18 l 'iiiiiii-t-lor. ill'i I- 11-7 'ieogtVShops IB ?? f.'O W. Call DR. FIXIT^Today Fo»worth.Galbr,|ith Lbr. <•$, MO 4-7433 . u)-pewrli«r. idiling inuctiiiii' nr iHli-nl.itiir liy iltiv, week or month. Tii-i'ilv liffi._e Machines 2 nfclMttioll h»iiK n.-«r Uinur \« MC i--.ill'*. • ' f •*•*-• * •••-*•• _ 1p ' _ Midi' as Trailer- !.<,.) i *,|Ui'y (, r S;»" Monthly !IOMRS OPKN W I'-ir. par- __ LIKE to iradu pqully In a W trailer for furniture "f hout*. MO S-fina2 l'h. 96A Bgbv 86A g.intKe. fi-med janl. Imillii'liHI r pp»-. A-»HM « t 1 , loan, payments • Things to far 57 , f'rli-u on ft-cil unit S.-c UK IIP f ore MIII luiv i;r»v Cmint) Feed W4 onlv i|T ] HKI ll:i M )M h'.ili >a!n l-mii*. Vrai HMH nn.l IN mm »|.1.:t'iii ' W HK|ll'.utiM $7. -Hi' on |lar(iili un. I'j I| air < miilli Inniuj; 1, 1411 .-oniiniiinrin In i'nl» .-VdiijIKin Jp*«io! Nplicft - - - df »nU • ij-*--!- 1 r." will not"b* i-espon- »lb|e (or any delits, other than those «HI4« • ___ RAWLKrCH C. Wtlkl*. MO i Call H" 'D W«»l HI-FASHION BEAUTY Onainior lino ciane Owenn L 813_Alcock. ' '„'' FHKSli located at Sliop \\-|iitB Jieer. TU 3- CHKY. NKI.b'S wave* |l>.50 and MR- 89 Wg«t«d to Buy If r * *-•» fire- «n4 No. 966 <|p Weil Klnfiinlll Wt4 . f*)>. U. Me 9.1 Study & K^aros. f hur«- Jr*«U. J6. T:»e p.m. fit*ltd Meeting r Mrjsd to _MB*»I' w,_ vv.J| . _________ ___ _ 8TAUFPEB HOJUI Irev demonsu-titlpp. c» liam*. MO |-$6H, n. For l Wil- a PKAUVT jibop where half j IM an ait- Far thu->e who : c»re. T_i)n !•:, Fo»ier._Mi^ 4-7191. I , .., "Tl'Mi:" wrfjl""*"luvely iuft~ea*y to tlo Veniiunsiil .Special. (5.50. City mljecl pl*CM. Bejyu>-_Sh«p. Mo 4-2246. __ _ _72U>N. gjnTJ J1V4'S ppJXL'TV yo».. Cold, wavef-- •'"•'-- J'J.Sil inj up. Jtlhanipoo, ««t and i'v)t included Opiratort Kv| Qil|, Kblan Heruandex and Audry Dlxon. 500 VOGUE BEAUTY SHOP )K.\t. STEAM ^AU-NOHV INC. Family bundlgf Individually r-ashet). Wet \va§h. Hough dry. Family fii'r '». h ^ ?. 2 J_£L. Ayd!'*°!b_Jl f L < z 4 J :n i_ r ASliiXU »o" lu. Trolling |j.2a doz»B mljed pj«c«||. Oiiri|nj a( ji •p*ai»lty. WAN'TKD: I.fS«l or i»tlei-j imiof rahiiiil. t'£ll MO l-S«-.'_ \ViU : i,p i.lh'l^ ID huv ustil furniturj of all Und* fall MO 9-84IS riMiin. dnulilt- Jfjirafie, In" ft feni.ed lot \KW J lifi)|-u«uii i,n \. \V»IU, hn-rli uooiluork, largn kid hen. with \\anli- «-i and iliA**!' <'inn»-*'i if*n.-i, air ton- illllOIHT l!im*ll«<l Q<> lUfll, hiy gar*SI. |UO" ilown |iiii tikuini loan 92 Roms MoT-8U« IRt i.NlKn don* In my hom,«, |i.oo tioi- en, mixed pltctt Also baby netting by hour or day |(| B, Locust. WO- 4-43<l3. Sl.UKPI.N'ij Koomi In privat? honif. ."•'» N. We»t. Inquire 6ft «'. Frtncl*. MO Mias. •^urTUr-*^** rvmf*fitm <*r-*~r* **•*•***£#*•*•! L3i i do*»n lirln'i »jivj'ni A j L c4ij^4iM.ji«_N,_\VMrt! MO 4-6151 WANTJsn: Ironinif to do In (I 26 per mixe'l tloz»n, or I _ hom| 95 Pyrnuh»d AparfnifHU <| ****——""" - J ^uj FUKN paid L «»M Ji »"«» S»« Mr, Muslr . «d tip and delivered. Phor\| (-|7(f. 1206 E. Foster. \S'ANTKI': Anl*nng |n*tallatlon and delivery men for furnUuv* »nd »n- pliam-e» MO &-M24. if- - *" ~"^*" * * * * - * * « T --r * 22 Fern0lf Help r -• * • - * v • - ' VVANTKO: Mi) 4-C|.'.l. i ; KWAI'l'^I'R'-f' : Have i,|i(!iiliig for 4 UKl'S. "iJuyler 'l'ui'|Ji-r^ai c ()i-«i'-T» ii (u)l liiur ~i jar! tin)*. To help »lih '-arly --prinj SAVE I 22 "''"' ol;r '* u * Sharopuo* oiacbiue and ' **, do your own, |l i «o )i«y u.nd you (•ROOM modern garag* apartroi-nl. no u«t|. Mo 4-J4I6 § BBlhROOM modern. furnUh«d, iilll» paid. Apply »t TqtR» Plac«. 842 8, Jj'rerlerlo. i-liOOif~furniahid apartment. Call -...MO.*-W<J-,.i'» lane*. In sout\i\»e*t Mi»»ouri. ]> all bottom iund. running • good impronmitits. t^».0(W. 3:0 ACRES KW at Shamnx-k. HS.nui v \ onld »ell to \|lerun.<- l«n ACBBS 8 «l Shamrtx-k All cult. nv»f tOfl fcrff In »oil hank H (in *;r» |0 »i r» cotton jllotmtnt Wilt pay (or lu«lf in !*»» than |fl y«ar«. We Sell, Trade Or 8yy QUENTIN WILLIAMS, ~ 3H Huri't* pi If M<i i H»l«n. Kfljwy i|O 1-TI6I OlorU Hl»ntiui MO J-ll71 Bob Smith !{««. Phoi>-> MO 4-iif« Jl« Dailil —Rf>-'. MO=-:;3»< CO. h*lu W4f.i«tl; Udy with i>*'ii"* «jtp»ii«i.'.i- »vo <1M a. i'y,i«i -, bull., 3 Scp FOR SAtE ?12 N'. Hounton toiit4ii«lny | rooms |Ullil«l|c4, | ui. furnished : SOU Oil. ur,turi ( l<(i<;4 l-ym* it vJM uu. is t i'*liipl,»li: i I4u(i,» »r.J ' Conuct George Oliver Hamltn N. Houtton— MO 4-KM4 MAN 08 WOMAN A New lt«m, Fir»t Tim» Ev«r tiin« without lnt«r<^rine with prt|- the (.mount vf monthly in com» and full Bo,4Unt V' v*r «nd |«(if«v c*»ii. This up(<niliiDi|v will iriyls your Iriv^jit Illrlll 111 « kllUll \«tlf If ipplll'ifllt iap ijualih fiutiiuial ss.-inian- • rvil! !>*• giv^ii In ihf < rnipaiiy f--r fi- |,HI,vtr»n l o A full linit p".'iUan uilh »h*H gkliljl Inrom* Plttlf >n pliont nonjticr in appli' »'">" -4. e a *#.<pp TO BUY TO HIRE TO SELL TO RENT MO 4 2525 by Phone HIGHLAND HOMES LOOK BETTER d BUILT BETTER • IS BETTER MAXIMUM F'H.A. LOANS $400.00 DOWN PLUS CLOSING COST SALES OFFICE & FURNISHED MODEL HOME 21GON, DWIGHT SALESMAN ON DUTY IN MORNINOi AFTERNOONS MO 5-5410 COMBS- V/ORUIY MO 4-3442

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