Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois on October 15, 1930 · Page 12
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Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois · Page 12

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 15, 1930
Page 12
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JECATUR H E R A L D WEDNESDAY EVENING, OCTOBER 15, 1930 utGATUR H F R A f IWt by George Ada upon n Time » Benedict ^^ wandered bnck to th« Love Nttt nnd found Friend Wife rib out *ix Inches nhend of an Epileptic Convulsion, She hnd A vast Assortment of flimsy Duds »prond RCTOM the Beds and drnped over Choirs She wn» A mental Invoice nnd Bin? Smoke Mum i w u u i f pi (ivMi Yf ' Shu hod n Imleful Oiltlor lit Ei' ami the tiliwi wei* elorf«d toll K« n Stocl Tmr nnd shn hu thn j t f n i m l Look o( n, het-up Lad, ·who « n jtut «bout ready to b l t s tiomeom In tho Arm Hubby hnd Camped wllh Hon* 1 long tnouvh to know the Signs Hf ' ouKI ?·(! that Hhr was nursing u fulMilreil Wnoi 'Spring th* Bftd Dlrwtinii tn din Thratei »nd Htoori n«nr no Kxlt HO that hf (OUlcl innko h t Kttertjis by walking And not I unnlns "Oh lr(U nnd ilnin *hn -es elttlmcit "RoK'-Kon*' Don't Blurt anything with mo now nn1««i yoit »re hun|tiy for n Battle huonunn I'm totting you ttinl your I M P rnoiHle I " nmctilor th»in Wflt Hen I'M) you ice that Moss* of W(iul«ifin' To t n u it looks ilk' 8tmothln; lo Wcui "Writ (herd * nothing tn the whole that I r«n put on without the Wide World lhat T am Oortlo, tho lHi(nbnrJwckit BrUlt I might h» well wcu- Hoop Skirl** «nrt (i HiMtlo nncl Witch Vnlvtr ltie Wet Hen Basque with «. Cameo Brooch All th* Stuff I v* bought toi Two Years Is no pood toi anything except to (ear up Into Strips and rub the Furniture with ' Shi* w n i nut entliclv CJt unimatleal but shf- w\» vory dinmatic '!( look Jill ilctit ro me ' anld toYOl)^ MARY* / fMako "Mil It A If (Xi 1" In your blrthdny the hue* houru 1'i you on Ihla (Into «re froni 7 It in. to 8 30 a m (torn noon to 1 l m mid from U |i in to midnight The duiittur periods ar* from 10 a m to H ifi (t rn and fiom 8 p m to B 00 p in Then nr« ninny tlarmmi« ot dun K*r revtmled In tlti Hsliolostiml |OL- lent» foi thin (lute IVid Influencu rt othors «fll not your own nctloni mny ill fent ninny of your pmiiosrs Do not tnke physlcnl rlHk*' Domostlc chan^cj' Trnvel Hkoly but not nrt- vlsahlo Tht) ihIM born on thin Oct IB win KiinittfttLy jini tuc v t i C.IHI! and collcctixt ani you tlo youi best think ing An you me vory undemonstiatlvo In your uffpotlons, you (no often culled u. stoin nntl rnthur unfeeling: being tut you do not deserve the mltlciamji You love with a deep nnd ftront pneston ami you have a vary sttuidy ftnd true loyalty It Is very difficult for ou to «xpre« your denper emotions, anil too often yniir most bentitlfut thoughts and lovolk^t f"cllnf(g nrc kept to your- *cl( n gcriennia l I upon I lion, much warmtl) nt hd«rt nnd wympttthj Morti pmmlio t* shown than pei foitinnn o a* It will wlMh to achieve ItH nnililllon w l t h n n t tun uritu Ii rtfnn or jineiiflcc U H h o n k t i.n ;j 1(14,11 utiod by n snort sdurntlon You hnvti an InlnnKcly piocttenl niittuo nnd Apparently UK lntonsil ·n tin motlonnl nnf thr former !* a flict but the lRt*r I* moie o( n pow \ o u i mind In ft i o n t r f t e wntl * nkepilCHl one, i»nd you d dm nnd pioof You hnvo mi «ven tenlpt'i- ·mont nnd votir tny« d i e prMtv well ·jn*nt without w n i i y ir omnttonnl utorni" You iu« sltfrhtlv more of « pen Jim 1st itmn e n m . M m i i l nn t TH ·IVVDVI ii'iiilv fin wlinuvi| U up pi nil --good 01 bad With swind acnic tint! fotul J nlxtncnt at th« throtn« jon »fllom urn Into n dltth Tn tlindt o( Yotl IK v turn ft hand to ( i i | n b l c and cnn u number of things and lo them well You me your head to twvi your hccla nnd you »iie method ntii! tyHtcrrt In your work You cannot he i untied and you me dlow and sine about everything wlilih you do Ynu Imvr ' t i m e f,en#i nnd arc a moat punctual be tnjr You will ntt Hvc without a definite and (omfortinp liorn Oti)liPr IB Albert L niwson-TMnrHst nno n u t h n i -D^ntrtflji Thompson --HC!OI H c t h f i L w t add--nif rthunt una fl U Wtlllnm S A 1 mnk V \ n n t)ct Stutken-- inusli Inn "~iOp"t I'clxoto - artist (Copyright 11130 The Boll Syndicate I n r ) 7}!t!tOtfr ME M/TED r Life Companion 'It would If I came down to Din ner wealing Overshoes and a red ioolle Coat and Boxlnc Glovet you'd think I hod °n a Party Gowr You stand theie and any lo me tin Ihis Junk IK 0 K I^t me tell you lhat HO lai HI Cl 1hc i to wc-ir nr concerned I'm I n t t i n ^ n i [ut thn Eve was the momlng ·ihe me Adam 1 haven't got a Stitch 1 I m stripped down ti NntHn" And I ni juesMng that Adam didn't notice wliothut V,\t wni h o o . c t u]i or buttoned down one Side 'Whiit o t n t f t l tliu viul Rum putt*' 'Listen' And don't pull one o thoatt MUpeiioi Loi d-of-Creutlon Smiles unless you want to b Clowned with an Alarm Clock Yoi know that when Short Skirts am the Boyish Bob arrived I was th first one to stand up and give T h t e Realty Cheers t took one Solprn Oath that I A never again ntcp Int a Skirt that flopped ft round m Ankles nnd If anyone ever caugh me with mv Hair hanging down be twcen the Shoulder Blades I d b willing to go to tho Foolish Houa and stay there And you know a dumb as you tue that I have put u a consistent Flftht against the Con splracy to hide my L*ps and the Nape of my nock Now I have to own up that I nm licked' When did you makn thin Inipor- Unt discovery' 1 "Thld very Afternoon I have boon playing Contract Bridge over at ible's trying to Iny up a few Hon- e»t Dollars I found mydclt entire- y surroundetil by a tot of old Tab- lies who wnre diked up in Circus fegalia They looked as 11 a High Wind had eoine along and blown some Clothes onto them but they wan Cocky, localise they knew they were rigged out In the latest Modes What they did lo youi poor little Wife was a Pier IV They had It all over me like a, Tont 'After getting icveial Dirty Looks and observing t e Elevated Eyebrows I fell to the Fact that T wt» the only Fernaip on the Premises who atill wore n, Shingle and waa Ventilated below the Kn»na Thoie haid-fnced Llzries looked stringy around the Ears and had thcue long Hlckeye or puckered Grain Sackn hanging from tho Floating Rllm all the wny to their Shoes They looked fleioe but they could give me tho Hn-Ha because they wore In Style and I (ens Just Bertha tho Sewing- Maohlnc Gtil. living to make good at the Itlti 'Can you BOP me, nndoavoilng to b* tho Life of the Paity wilh nut one of my Hip* covered and no Fringe in front of my Shlnt'I( «vr a Oal WM In Wrong 1 I beat It *nd came Home In the C*r wflh tho Curtains down and the Robe wrapped around me, "After having a good Cry t hegtn reading up on the Decree* o( FMb- Ion and I learn that I am Jwat Six Months, behind the Parade I figure that the only Thing? for me to do Is go and lock myself In the B»thrown until my Hair growi out *nd the Drc««ma.l!*r8 oan hurry up and give me something I wont be Ulhamed to wear outside of th* House" "Us nothing to worry about" "Says you You mean It'* nothing for You to worry about Why ihould you lose *ny Sleep because, I hav* gone on the Rocks? Who am 17 I'm Just the unfortunate Female yait dragged to the Altar I am facing the CrlBli of my Life and you are straightening your Cravat and try- Ing to laugh It off What » Help you turned out to be'" "You ale making a Mountain out of a Molehill" "When you pay th; Bill* for what I am going to order tomorrow you'll think It's some Molehill Now U you will tell me that every Cloud ho* a The Tabbin ARD! Tht Girt of 31 P«fx »Dd tell «lt in* HtM, Md Mwht,M «y *h«ll put on ^ Ing «f)d how many rum*. 1* ·" *« "'t'' 1 !"* »h« 4, ·how ·n-J wh*thir or not lo i-omiln A Dfc Ik d«Mtr»u«n'" "You w you «r*n ot Ihi Wlf«, of * ,, ' Ih* *nd it wonil*rtul h.d lh» lnt*lllf«nr« lo oc«!»», y H. lo Mr* t th* Woild ttuui out «f T(ou mlKhi M well M y ih* up L»ni{u»i( ( i Anthina" .,i , 0 llhtd them "Holnj T*n Minute '/Muhlonn ID juai in Ten vmrn behind Kiwi i »,,, , Dutch *r,d I know t.. «d i ^ P0n Ing lo buy whul the rth«r Oltl, £,, ucMdnt Jn ih? Mflnntlnn « u (l , «iund th*r* and wlk fttout uu C«ciiir*tinn of ndrprnd*n«t nwn )wu «r» black in th* i-nc* y 0 u ,,, I tim A iMui{t)Ur of ih! ft«vui«tt«u I om D]M) (i J)»u»h if tlitti moflnit *nythlnjt to Silver Unlng and It le alway* Dartt- eit Jutt before Dawn, everything will be cleared up fin* and dandy* I *ek for Sympathy and get a Bromide "Th* Troubt* with you I* that you don't know th« Hatf of It Are you hep to th* Fact that we must jj back to CorieUT Jutt wh*n we !e- gan to enjoy taking t, Pull Breath, we get order* to put on the Armor Plate and »qu*e£e the old Gltzard out of Shape and develop th* gentr- ou* Cutv* Line* of a Bass Viol "They »ay the Skirt* will he Dust- Catohera within a Y*ar Think ot (hat, you poor Trout, If you nave anything left to think with W« are going back to the Dark Age* W* *re all going to be Gtbson Girls wearing Belt Buckle* and Sailor Straw* and kicking up Ten Million Germ* every time w« go t railing up the Street And (he old Bean decorated with Oob* of: Fata Hair and Rat* and a couple of Yard* of Fl*h Netting' All the tough Break* coming at once " "Well. G««h all FiehhookH' It you want to wear a Short Skirt and keep vour Hair Trimmed and hold your own Shape, why do you have to put on Clothe* that drag In the Mud and build a Cupola on top of your Head and mike vour self miserable by lushing yourself Inside of Whale- bonf fltaya T " _ * If I talked to you for a Wfli you wouldn't und*r*lanrl why Plr t becauft you are nothing hut a Mm and *econd, b*«aun* you are a X\\ wit Haven't you been on End: long enough to find out that · Wom an mu*t wear what other Women are wearing or eUe bt hooted rlgh out of Pollt* Society? Hhe can br*a1 on* or all of th* T*n Comm»ndm«t)t and get away with it If nhe looku Ilk* tho*e Plcturm In thf Bnck Pin of Harper · Bmr "If nh« reads Whai Milady I* going to wear thli neaxon, the can cut out Ludwlg, ttomei*«i Maugham, Booth Tarklngton and Edna FVrbcr, end mi! be Invited to th«BeitHou»- e* You can't walk Into a ballroom ot a Ua parlon and hill 'em right where they tit, unle** you are up to th* minute from th* coiffure clear down (o th* h**t* I'm Hi-nit mlnt)«) Mni* ihnn to (tt ii IHWI h* Llwrtry Club Anl ihti, ihni' Onty two -v^nlngn ht» r sh« (owa him up In ih* Rootn ImluUlnt In t E i n l n P i o i m Mt ws« mnnrtlnt in ih» wMr)|i of th» It me ([itiing V t nil mi (_o h nliin tht vnntlono) tmno. f«ur Aft *l K niit«li» worn In h\ Chle" S»l« « ho too it hi* 'h|| telling you Me for the Indoor* until I *how lhc*e Cats that I'm there with ihe whale en*emble" "All of whtch I* a *ad commentaiy on American womanhood, ' said the wl*e hu»b»nd ' You ar* a daunhtci j of the American Revolution but ynu are still taking order* from the O14 World Didn't you iver heat of tl)i Declaration ot Independence* Huh* Are you going to let *om* Frog with V-ihiped whliptr* *lt tn his perfumed entabtlfthmem on th* Rue de the Camphor Butli for Flv* y«n. tt I *«t into iho Bltmt Thlnj U will hunt At the Stum* I look * Vow ihat I would n«v*r *w tin Thing *««in A Dlnnrr Cett (i ttM only Eon «l bit Otrmint for Ey*nint w*«r And now 1'vt fot t« f« btdt lo the prthltwrlc MMI»IM«|IJ known t* th* DNIR Suit'" "Why"' ' I ( J Mi you why jou poor Wn ny K MV« In th* Rv*nlnc that th* Print* of W»!e« hti H thai at any Function ittmdtt b) LndlrvR, only Formal W*tr wn 1 9h« did not *ay a word ftbout (h* wom*n Nh» nieriid u hunt up a Wtilli Tl* for th* PM Worm MORAL the TetBl On* Populntlon Wblti POP Rustic Repartee IS THAT THE ROAD TO NEW VOPK * AINT NONE OF NEVER BEEN THBPE By J. Millar Watt 7M5 tSNT AN ses/oes. TMS sffffl's EXHIBITION! TAILSP1N' TOMMY AMD SKEETER REPLYING TO LOS ANGELES IN A NEW, LIGHT " ' WHATS THE IDEA THE MOTOR. SIZ£~. WILLYOUf YOU HAVE 1 TO THIS /V? GOT owe? OF /V TH/S STUFF. ARE YOU? TWO PLACE' SPORT PLANE j JUST COMPLETED IM LAW A BUMP THE THREE-POlHr FACTORY, WHICH THEY ARE 1 TD AT THE ALL-YEAR AERIAL MEET ! S KEETER. IS DOING MOST* PILOTING ON THE 1 TRIR, SINCE TOMMY HAS NOT YET FULLY RECOVERED FROM HIS WOUNDS RECEIVED IN THE FIGHT WITH PIRATES' WITHOUT SITTING ON A CACTUS t V/S Stiff* HAS AH UWSUAL SAFETY. FACTOfl- WATCH #£" --^ THOUGHT OF \ THAT! BurwA I COt/HO / PUT TMS A8Y By Gl«nn Chaffin and Hal Forreit Sherlock Holmes of money !·*· W»» leld on S i l v e r Hue," Holme* Mid, "Md ob- tt»f« ere m*ny peep* wim Hi* rtfeng- ·t* witereri in prevent- Silver Mete from boiM there *t ih* fl«9 neit Tu»td*y, At th* trWiIng i t e b l * ·very pr*ce«t)aii wet tel»n to fuerd th* fevorit*, Th* John Striker, w«* e former jo«i»|f vh* feed ierv*4 CO|OA*| fteu * diner* y*in «nd «hewn Mmwtf f« Strettt !«·» tteble*. H* «M ownM, epd Uf* ·»» ««· "Umtor Slretar «*f» three tMi, iw the *tt*MiKm*il led* i*t *» *Mh ntfht In *· tteMe «.hfl» *h« elhen dept tn Ih* Mr. Al three «l *h* roi*fl(te»t ber* UM AMI *·« «4*« r*» »*· e*t*MiHm««* Silvei Blaze Heavy Betting By Sir Arthur Conan Doyle 'V«j h«v* fofuwd * th*o*y?' ' »Vel H«lm*i, 'At leett I h*ve n . I th«llenum*r«t* v for nothing el*ert up e cat* 10 much it tr«tiri9 it to enetti*r pw»n" S» Hotm.i kcqir* to il.trh tti*. Mnh ihef W led lo our jouri»«y A 81.001 IfHSDOi MAI POF XTTHaTL BRDTI MOWA "My gootlnei* hav* you there rutty Wunry 01 r ily and Baby E th* hollow itui Ing ·ometblng any «t th* chlk muiHmt lady t) "No hon*r" with a *mtl* "Oh, do you me honeyT" a* a quick look a "I didn't c*.l Uncle Wlgglly aihed me If wi on* of the ct and t atld No Bunty and t at henty." "Oh, that'* Hun* Jane, "\ Tarn Uncle and Baby Bun tree In the i wh*r* the wlk *y they mart* the tree was ti (lly to climb "Bo I tald vtlttd," wtplai ·KM bear eai up and (ot a MM abinr hln honey and th b»v* it, uid h "Hew wond mu*krmt lady honey til) win eaKei Til taki "Oh, Honey other IHU* r* Jan* took th bungalow "M "Glv( them Wittily N) each bu wmt carrot »we*t bee hoi «»4* a bMki hima or now* »** IN« in tt "Put the r orttully, No Wl(gily wh«t Ml they «rn n MM eold wli Tli« «venli *«n lilting I *· bunny bt ·lory before t * *u44m thi Uu Hrt "* bearr ·***. "0h! Oht * |M w» a Joll *" if you wi 01 wh ·»»· tbtl E W S P A P t R

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