Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California on May 4, 1993 · Page 10
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Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California · Page 10

Ukiah, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 4, 1993
Page 10
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-THE UKIAH DAILY JOURNAL- TUESDAY, MAY 4, 1993— 11 TV Listings jj _, LU i jj. &•. t j "'•^^^vMwMJx > TUESDAY EVENING 6:00 P.M. (D Married... With Children g (T) GO OD News g ABC World News Tonight g GQMacNeil/Lehrer Newshourg CM) Magnum, P.I. I Hunter ) Cheers g I Roseanne g [Star Trek: The Next Generation g I Movie *** "Peter Ibbetson" (DISCI Invention CFAM) Life Goes On g ) Movie **'/2 .(2:00). Farewell to the What Would You Do? ) Denver, the Last Dinosaur g Movie * 1 /z "Heathcliff: The aovTe"(1:30) (SHOW) (:05) Movie **** Casablanca" (1:42) 6:15 P.M. CMAX) Movie ** "Shaking the Tree" (W) 6:30 P.M. I Murphy Brown g Entertainment Tonight g CD Current Affair g )News Qo) Cosby Show g HP Roseanne g Colsc) Next Step CN?CK) Wild & Crazy Kids CusTfDInosaucers 7:00 P.M. CD Cheers Woody and Sam compete to first kiss Rebecca before midnight. Q) Movie "The Return of Ironside" (1993) Raymond Burr, Don Galloway. Premiere. The murder of Denver's police chief brings Ironside out of retirement to help select a replacement and find a killer. (S) g (2:00) CD Rescue 911 A scuba diver becomes unconscious; a suspect shoots a deputy sheriff; a child becomes caught in an escalator; a woman goes into labor while home alone. (S) g (T) Jeopardy! g (T) Wonder Years Winnie's boyfriend asks Kevin to find out how Winnie really feels about him. (S) g GD Nightly Business Report Scheduled: the Money File. do) Real Stories of the Highway Patrol The California Highway Patrol corners a man wanted for 13 bank robberies. CM) All In the Family Henry Fonda hosts a compilation of the series' most memorable moments. (Part 1 of 2) (To) Roseanne Roseanne's "PMS day" and Dan's birthday are on a collision course. (S) g (44) Star Trek: The Next Generation Believing the Romulans are behind the Klingon civil war, Picard involves Starfleet; a Romulan commander reveals a startling relationship. (S) (Part 2 of 2) g Cjo) News CAJE) Together... Kiri and Andre on Broadway Kiri Te Kanawa and Andre Previn explore the world of jazz. (R) Coisc) Monster: A Portrait of Stalin in Blood "Stalin and the War" Stalin's prewar negotiations with Hitler fall by the wayside and the Soviet leader commits grievous wartime blunders. (Part 1 of 4) CFAtn Waltons The Waltons' family unity is stretched to the breaking point . when Jim-Bob runs away. [NICK) Looney Tunes CusaTQuantum Leap In 1963, Sam-is-a- fasRion photographer trying to prevent a model s overbearing agent from pushing her over the Drink. (S) g 7:30 P.M. CD Love Connection (T) Wheel of Fortune g (T) Full House D.J. is upset when Danny falls for her Spanish teacher, g CD Are You Being Served? The staff is unhappy with Mr. Grace's decision to open the store at 8:30 a.m. Czo) Emergency Call A K-9 unit uncovers drugs during a raid; a domestic dispute; an officer shot by a mentally disturbed gunman; World Trade Center explosion, g CM) Designing Women Prejudice rears its ugly head when Julia and Suzanne are accepted into a very exclusive club. (S)g Cjo) Cheers Carla fears that Boston Celtics forward Kevin McHale is turning into one of the bar bunch, g CM) Golden Girls Rose is tested for AIDS following the revelation that she may have received a tainted transfusion. (S) g CAiiicl Movie ** ''Caribbean" (1952, Adventure) John Payne, Arlene Dahl. Pirates, a heroine and a swashbuckling hero are all part of the action on a Caribbean island in 1728. (1:37) CltpN) Major League Baseball "Teams to Be Announced^' (Live) (NICK) Bullwinkle Cf§s)Movle ** "The Beastmaster" (1982) Marc Singer, Tanya Roberts. In a mythic world of the past, a young man with an unusual command over animals searches for the villain who destroyed his village. (2:30) CDJSN) Zorro The commandant's wife plans to stop Garcia's investigation as to why charcoal has been substituted for gunpowder. (TNT) NBA Basketball Playoffs "Teams to Be Announced" (Live) 8:00 P.M. CD (3D Class of '96 David's loyalty to Jessica is tested when he is assigned to tutor an attractive female athlete; a group of prospective freshman visits campus. (Postponed from an earlier date) (S) g © Movie "Prophet of Evil: The Ervil LeBaron Story" (1993) Brian Dennehy, William Devane. Premiere. An investigator with the Utah District Attorney's Office seeks evidence against a murderous cult leader. (S) g (2:00) (7) GO Full House D.J.'s prom date abandons her after he is elected prom king and his old girlfriend is elected queen. (S) g CD Nova Documents the international effort to learn what life was like for a frozen corpse whose body was discovered in 1991, 5,000 years after the man perished in a storm. (S) g CM) Movie **'/: "Mrs. Softer (1984) Diane Keaton, Mel Gibson. In 1901 Pittsburgh, a prison warden's wife forsakes her respectability when she helps two convicted murderers escape. (2:30) Cap Movie *** "The Blues Brothers" 0980) John Belushi, Dan Aykroyd. Two blues singers must contend with Chicago police, the CIA, neo-Nazis and the U.S. Army to set up an orphanage benefit concert. (2:30) GD Movie **'/2 "National Lampoon's vacation" (1983) Chevy Chase, Beverly D'Angelo. A Chicago family sets out for a two-week road trip to California and encounters everv conceivable mishap along the way. (2:00) E ovle **** "The Big Chill" Tom Berenger, Glenn Close. :ed at a funeral, a group of college friends look back at how their lives nave changed since the turbulent 1960s. (2:00) fj5F) Evening at the Improv Host: Ron Perlman. Comics: Greg wray; Bob Nickman; Mare Price. (R) TUESDAY EVENING 6:00 6:30 7:00 I 7:30 I 8:00 I 8:30 9:00 9:30 110:00110:30111:00 CABLE CHANNELS A&E Biography Cont'd DISC Invention INext Step Monster: Stalin ESPN Stanley Cup Playoffs Cont'd iMajor League Baseball: Teams to Be Announced. FAM Life Goes On LIFE NICK TBS USA Kiri and Andre At the Improv Terra X |Myster- Biography Kiri-Andre Invention. INext Step {Monster: Stalin Human Sportsctr. NBA I Waltons Movie: "Farewell to the King" (1989) You Do ICrazy Looney Major League Baseball Cont'd Young Riders Thirtysomething Bullwinkle Get Smart [Van Dyke" Dragnet |Lucy Father Dowling Unsolved Mysteries Mysteries Paid Movie: "The Beastmaster" (1982), Rip Torn Major League Baseball Cont'd WGN PREMIUM CHANNELS 700 Club M. Moore M. Moore Hitchcock Scare- Paid Movie: "Genesis II" (1973) Denver |Dino- [Quantum Leap [Murder, She Wrote [Boxing: Jorge Castro vs. Reggie Johnson. |MacGyvei News | Kojak | "How to Break up a Happy Divorce" (D KTVU FOK OM(UND M CB KIW NBC CUWKA Q) KKM me SANFMNCMCO «i (D KPIX C88 tANFMNCIKO 41 0B KVIO cg> BJBBCA (X) KOO WC SANFWNCnCO 41 CD KFWU we rrwwoo <D mxo ns SAN ouncnco N GD Kcto UM Moocmo n 09 KOFY MO tANnWNCKCO 47 (B KICU NO SANJOM 17 (5) KTXl KM (ACfVWBfTO 10 (B) IOHK NO MNFMNCIKO 11 Cg) KFTV NO MNTARDM II 11 <HD AflTtlENTEKTAMMCNT It (SO MCMCANMOVItClAIMCt M GB> CONSUMER N»n AM) (USNEMCHWNa XI (K) CABLE NEW! NFTWOfW 1* OOVEIVMENT CHAWEL i> THE DmCOVEOT CHANNEL M THEDHNEYCHANNB. 40 BiTCTTAt«»MT»»'om«nio<»Mi»itioNETwo«i( 7 • • -!»FtBraM« TEUWKIN •TROToZnT A THE FAMILY CHANNEL (ON) HOMEEOXOFnCE HEADLNENEWS HOME SHOPPERS NETWORK UFETME CNEMAX MUSIC TELEVWON MCXELODEON PUBLIC EDUCATIONAL UU»ERHt»IT HOMESHOPPtO (HOWTME SHOPPNO NETWORK WTM NO ATUNTA THELEARNMQCMAMm TENASHVUENETWOPK Own THE WEATHER CHANNEL UNWSKM (SPANISH) USANETWORK VDEOHITSONE WON NO CHICAGO COMMUNITY BULLETM SOARO DISN HBO Movie: "Taps" (1981), Sean Penn Cont'd MAX "Heathcliff: The Movie" Zorro Movie: "Shaking the Tree" (1991) SHOW Movie: "Casablanca" (1942) Walt Disney Movie: "Amelia Earhart (1976), Jane Wyatt Movie: "Lethal Weapon 3" (1992) Skinheads-Race Movie: "Hear My Song" (1991) Movie: "Gross Anatomy" (1989) "Night Movie: "Liquid Dreams" Movie: "Billy Bathgate" (D CB - tor Ft. Bragg & Mendocino viewers only. 0D €3 CD -for TIA only. C5isc) Terra X The puzzling destruction oTtne Aztec empire in 1521. (R) CFAM) Young Riders Mickok is asked to help defend a town from a band of marauding outlaws; Lou has second thoughts about marriage. (S) g CUFE) Thirtysomething Gary sweats out his tenure review; Ellyn learns that her building is going co-op. Cww) Get Smart Max must obtain a murdered CONTROL agent's information and investigate his death at the same time. (Part I of 2) (usT) Murder, She Wrote A sighting of theghost of a Pilgrim woman accused of witchcraft foreshadows a Cabot Cove murder, g IWGN) News D CDISN) Walt Disney Presents "The Trutn About Mother Goose" Ludwig von Drake looks at the origins of Mother Goose rhymes. (R) (HBO) Movie *** "Lethal Weapon 3" 0952, Drama) Mel Gibson, Danny Glover. An internal affairs investigator joins forces with Riggs and Murtaugh to shut down an ex-cop's guns-for- gangs operation. (S) 'R' g (1:58) (MAX) Movie *** "Hear My Song" M9~91 , Comedy) Adrian Dunbar, Ned Beatty. A conniving promoter tries to revitalize a run-down club by hiring an imposter to pose as a legendary Irish tenor. (S)'R r g (1:44) (SHOW) Movie ** 1 /i "Gross Anatomy" (1 989, Comedy-Drama) Matthew Modine, Daphne Zuniga. A talented but undedicated student learns about discipline and compassion during his first year at med school. (S) 'PG-13' g (1:53) V 8:30 P.M. (T) (T) Roseanne Roseanne and Dan fear a financial crisis when they cannot sell the house they refurbished and their partner skips town. (S) g f3isc) Mysterious World A study of sea serpents, including sightings and the results of scientific investigations. CNJCK) Oick Van Dyke The Petries face a problem when Ritchie is beaten up by a girl. CWGN) Kojak A drug-addicted prostitute holds the key to the men responsible for the murder of her roommate and a crusading television reporter. 8:45 P.M. (oisN) (:50) Disney Channel Salutes the American Teacher g 9:OOP.M. CD G<D Tribeca A young woman who has decided to re-evaluate her relationship with her long-time boyfriend learns a lesson about life when her grandmother moves in. (S) g (T) Dateline Scheduled: the inside story on the great sneaker war and how the big companies get people to buy their shoes. (S) g <T> CD Movie "Murder in the Heartland" (T993) (Part 2 of 2) Tim Roth, Fairuza Balk. Premiere. The deadly rampage ends as Starkweather and Fugate are apprehended and brought to trial. (S) g (2:00) CD Machine That Changed the World This five-part story of the computer age opens with profiles of computer pioneers and the 1946 debut of the first electronic computer. (S) (Part 1 of (ME) Biography Cameras follow Queen Elizabeth for a profile of her working life, including informal moments with her family. (R) (DISC) Invention Franco Sbarro, inventor of a hubless wheel for motorbikes; Thomas Crapper of toilet fame. (R) fpir) Father Dowling Mysteries The author of a 1930s crime novel about Father Dowling and Sister Steve is murdered before writing the last chapter. (S) g (liFE) Unsolved Mysteries CNicR) Dragnet Friday and Gannon investigate the disappearance of two young girls from their mother's front yard. CUSA) Boxing "Jorge Castro vs. Reggie Johnson" WBA Middleweight champion Johnson defends his crown in a scheduled 12-round bout from McNichols Arena in Denver. (Same-day Movie *** "Amelia Earhart" ) Susan Clark, John Forsythe. sed on the personal and professional exploits of the famed pilot who captured America's imagination in the 1930s. Movie ** "Genesis II" (1:30) Skinheads U.S.A.: Soldiers of the Race War g (MAX") Movie **Va "Liquid Dreams" (7^5) Movie *** "Peter Ibbetson" (1935, Drama) Gary Cooper, Ann Harding. A fateful reunion between two childhood sweethearts takes a tragic turn. Based on a novel by George du Maurier. (1:26) (blsc) Next Step The benefits of gene mapping and eventual cure of diseases and disabilities. (R) (TgiciD Lucy Show Lucy and Viv attend trtelr college class reunion. fwoN) Movie **Vz "How to Break up a Happy Divorce" (1976) Barbara Eden, HaiUnden. A woman uses jealousy to try to win back her ex-husband who is involved with someone else. (2:00) 10:00 P.M. ) New* g m Frontline g uo) News Night Court -. A Portrait of Stalin In 1 700 Club I Unsolved Mystsrie* I Mary Tyler Moore g SHOW) Movie *** "Billy Bathgate" "~T (TNT) Inside the NBA 10:30 P.M. (4) Hard Copy g CM) Bob Newhart CM) Wonder Years g (lo) Real Stories of the Highway Patrol Gi) Arsenio Hall g (15) Headline News j Sportscenter COFD Paid Program J Mary Tyler Moore g I Movie **'/2 "Keep the Change" 11:00 P.M. Cheers g Tonight Show g Forever Knight News g (36) News Frontline g Untouchables Married... With Children g HTFE) Paid Program Together... Kiri and Andre on [roadway CMJC) Movie *** "Breakfast at Tiffany's" (1:55) "•pise") Human Animal NBA Today Scarecrow and Mrs. King Alfred Hitchcock Presents 'MacGyver g 'HBO) Movie **Vz "Night Shift" (1:45) 11:30 P.M. Murphy Brown g CD (:35) NlghMlne g [jpflo)CUFE) Paid Program 3D Star Trek: The Next Generation g Montel Williams 'ESPN) Sportscenter Superman *TBsTMovle ** "Never Forget" (2:00) ;wGNj Dura Lube Movie *** 1 /2 "Hello, Dolly!" , j Movie ** 1 /2 "Operation: Paratrooper" (1:31) 12:00 A.M. I M«A'S*H i Late Night With David Letterman i Inside Edition g i 12:05) Wiseguy (1) (12:05) Whoopi Goldberg I Charlie Rose CM) Coisc) CUFE) Paid Program DO) he Breakfast Club" Evening at the Improv (ESPN) Up Close ) Bonanza: The Lost Episodes CNICK) F-Troop Hitchhiker ) Jeffersons g fsHow) Movie ** 1 /i "Two Evil Eyes" 12:30 A.M. ) Best of Love Connection ) Studs ) (:35) Arsenio Hall g fae) ( DISC i CUFE) Paid Program , Perfect Strangers g )ALFg Auto Racing ) Ray Bradbury Theater ON) Bob Newhart (TNT) Movie **Vz "A Life for a Life" 12:45 A.M. CHBO) (:50) Movie ** "Popcorn" (1:33) 1:00 A.M. CD Taxi (T) Entertainment Tonight g CD That's Amore CD (J05) News g CD Public Voice... Governing America [io) Dynasty i Infatuation r«i)(DISC)(TiFE) Paid Program _j Movie ** "King of the Gypsies" H45) .jit) Movie *** "The Savage Innocents" (2:00) (TMC) Movie **'/2 "They Shall Have Music" (1:41) CFAM) Rifleman , Patty Duke Boxing Movie *** "Androcles and the (2:00) (:05) Movie **'/z "High Heels" CUFE) Paid Program (T) (:35) iwovie *** "Green Grow the Mushes" (2:00) ) Hazel CK) Donna Reed ) Some Fun Now ) (:35) Honeymooners 1 2:00 A.M. INewhart g I Later With Bob Costas I Rush Llmbaugh I Instructional Programming I Nlghtowl Theatre I Mr" and Mrs. North I Movie *** "The Brink's Job' CUFE) Paid Program 700 Club ) Get Smart fjlfuOS) All in the Family )JSN) Movie *** "Vincent and Me ) (:05) Movie * "Novel Desires" )'My Favorite Martian ) (:20) Movie *Vz "Body Waves" 2:30 A.M. The Judge g News g () Exile CM) Golden Years of Television (DISCI CUFE) Paid Program C ESPN) Getting Fit CNICK) Dick Van Dyke 035) Headline News CTNT) Our Gang 2:45 A.M. GW) Movie ** 1 /2 "Blood Allev" (1:45) WEDNESDAY MORNING 6:00 A.M. CM) Headline News (1) (T) News g ,„, n ac World News This Morning g CD To Lifel Yoga With Priscilla Patrick CJD Captain N and the Video Jamemasters (3D CUSA) Paid Program (15) 700 Club (IT)Kenneth Copeland CASE) Movie ** "The Royal African Rifles" (1:30) Coisc) Assignment: Discovery (ESPN) Body by Jake CFAM) Today With Marilyn ) thirtysomething J Mr. Wizard's World ) (:05) Little House on the Prairie 7) Mousercise ) Adventure Quest 6:15 A.M. (D A.M. Weather 6:30 A.M. CD Headline News (T) News g )News ) Sit and Be Fit | ) Camp Candy g ) Paid Program ) Adventures of T-Rex s )AgDay ~p Bodyshaping CFAM) James Robison [NICK] Lassie CUSA) First Business CWON) C.O.P.S. (DISN) Music Box CTNT) Jonny Quest 6:45 A.M. CD ABC World News This Morning g j Mornings on Two ) Today g ) This Morning g ) CD Good Morning America g ) Sesame Street g 1 Woody Woodpecker ) 700 Club ) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles g ) DuckTales g ) Robert Tilton ) Movie *** "The Jungle Book" (p\sc) On Top of the World CESPN) Sportscenter "FAM) Augie Doggie & Friends (TJFE) Movie * 1 /£ "False Identity" (2:00) CNlciD Yogi Bear Cgs) (:05) Movie **'/2 "Heroes" (2:00) CUSA) Cartoon Express CWBN) Perry Mason CDISN) Adventures of the Gummi Bears ) Sports Illustrated Swimsuit '92 g fMAx) Movie *** "Executive Suite" ) OWL/TV g CHIPS 7:30 A.M. (20) Jetsons CM) Beetleluice g US Stunt Dawgs (AH) New Wilderness CoTsc) Great Chefs of Chicago j Sportscenter ) Flintstone Kids tn ..*0 Looney Tunes CblfiT) Adventures in Wonderland g SHOW] Henry's Cat g 8:00 A.M. CD Mister Rogers g Czo) Fllntstones ) Paid Program (lo) Alvin and the Chipmunks g CM) James Bond Jr. g CM) This Morning's Business (AtE) Fugitive (5\sc) Low Cholesterol Gourmet CESPN) Fitness Pros ) Inspector Gadget •) Black Beauty ...„..) Joan Rivers CoW) Fraggle Rock g SHOW) Movie **** "Judgment at 'Juremberg" (3:10) CW)Ch.rti.'. ) Sesame Street g Q5) Leave It to Beaver ® Paid Program ^ Investments on the Move ) Teenage Mutant NlnJa Turtles g ) Headline News Coisc) Graham Kerr (ESPN) Getting Fit )Popeye DisN) Welcome to Pooh Corner g CAMC) (:50) Movie ** "Gangway for Tomorrow" (1:09) CMAX) Movie ** "Breakout" (1:36) B:00 A.M. ) Family Feud ) Live -- R»gl» * Kathls Lee E Jessy Raphael House on the Prairie ) Paid Program ,. ^BV» Lucy D O'SarSi U.S. Treasury (DISC) Easy uoes it (ESPN) Bodies in Motion (FAM) Waltons I Moonlighting J Eureeka's Castle K:05) Perry Mason I Geraldo ) Under the Umbrella Tree _j World Entertainment News Report CTNT) Movie **'/2 "The Eddy Duchin Story" (2:45) 9:30 A.M. (T) Whoopi Goldberg CD Barney & Friends g (36) CM) P8\6 Program do) who's the Boss? g C4T) Brady Bunch (pise) Homeworks CESPN) Bodyshaping CDISN) Dumbo's Circus 10:00 A.M. ) Joan Rivers ) Jenny Jones ) Price Is Right ) CjD Home [Reading Rainbow g ) Bonanza ) Simon & Simon I Mama's Family (44) Richard Bey Go) Paid Program i Rockford Files g i Movie *** "Peter Ibbetson" ("Disci Pasquale's Kitchen Express CESPN) Latin Futbol Weekly 700 Club (LIFT) Supermarket Sweep (TBS) (:05) Movie ** "Desperate Voyage" (2:00) CUSA) Murder, She Wrote g [WON] News g CDISN) Mouse Tracks g CHBO) Movie *** "Hot Shots!" (1:25) 10:30 A.M. CD Spaceship Earth: A Global jeography g (3D 227 g dp Headline News (pise) Great Chefs of New Orleans ( ESPN ] Squash CUFE) Shop 'Til You Drop ) Jump, Rattle and Roll I Sessions 11:00 A.M. ) CUSA) Divorce Court ) Classic Concentration j Young and the Restless g I Loving g INewhart g [Instructional Programming ) Cagney & Lacey I Bewitched ! Leave It to Beaver ! Montel Williams i Paid Program ! Movie ** "Assault on the Vayne" (1:30) roTsc) Low Cholesterol Gourmet (ESPN) Amazing Games ( FAM ) Flashback CUFE) Movie ** 1 /i "Slow Burn" (2:00) (NICK) Sharon, Lois & Bram's Elephant Snow (WON) Perry Mason CDISN) Adventures of the Gummi Bears 11:15 A.M. (SHOW) (:25) Movie ** "Black Magic" 11:30 A.M. CD People's Court g CD (T) News g GO Loving g CM) Bewitched CH) Leave It to Beaver i Paid Program (me) Reflections on the Silver Screen: lice Faye [DISC] Graham Kerr j Capped! & Company CUSA) The Judge g CoisKT) Lunch Box CHEST Buy Me That 3! A Kid's Guide to Food Advertising g CMAX) Movie *'/2 "Don't Tell Her It's Hot" (2:00) 1:30 P.M. § jgal Gourmet Movie **** "Dodsworth" (1:41) Anything but Love World of David the Gnome 1:35) Brady Bunch Sale of the Century CMAX) Movie *+** "Kind Hearts and Coronets" (1:44) 1:45 P.M. CHBO) Movie ***'/2 "Arthur" (1:37) 2:00 P.M. ) Beetlejuice g ) Days of Our Lives g ) Guiding Light ) CD Genera! Hospital ) Are You Being Served? ~) Cannon fig) Paid Program (*«) Perfect Strangers g Q||) Mrs. Columbo (ToTsc) Beyond 2000 CESPN) Dream League (FMOZorro g (TIFE) Jane Pratt CNICK) Dennis the Menace Cf§IT(:05) Saved by the Belt g CUSA) Joker's Wild CTNT) CHIPS 2:30 P.M. CD Inspector Gadget CD Wild America g (15) Popeye ) Dennis the Menace CESPN) Inside the PGA Tour ) My Three Sons CNICK) Flipper nisT(:35) Three's Company Cult) New Tic Tac Dough 3:00 P.M. ) CjD Merrie Melodies g } (M) Geraldo ) Jane Whitney )Donahue g CD Who's the Boss? q CJ) MacNeil/Lehrer Newshour g rfo) Magnum, P.I. 3D Highway to Heaven g Ship 'n Dale Rescue Rangers g Rockford Files g £jsc) Mother Nature ESPN) Max Out FAMlLlttles tiPt) Supermarket Sweep •NICK) Yogi Bear TBf)(:05) Happy Days "USA) Press Your Luck 'wlfn 010) Tenth Inning oTsN) Fraggle Rock g (:05) Movie ** "He's My Girt" dRi/Bugs Bunny & Pals 3:15 P.M. CMAX) Movie *** "Our Man in Havana" (1:4 11:45 A.M. CTNT) Movie *** "Abandon Ship!" 12:00 P.M. CD CD News g (7) Scrabble ) All My Children g ftarlie Rose ) Perry Mason I Family Feud ) Andy Griffith I Movie ** 1 /2 "The Family Jewels" (so) Who's the Boss? g CAMC) Movie *** "Rose of Washington quare" (1:26) (DISC) Easy Does It CESPN) Indy 500: A Race for Heroes j Paid Program I (:05) Tom & Jerry's Funhouse I The Judge g ) Lead-Off Man ) (:10) Major League Baseball ) Walt Disney Presents i Movie *** "Murder by Death" 12:30 P.M. ) People's Court ) Scattergories I Bold and the Beautiful g ) CFAM) Paid Program ) Andy Griffith ) Mr. Belvedere g ~l New Wilderness (DISC) Homeworks (ESPN) Goals! CNJCK) Mowgli's Brothers ) (:35) Flintstones (USA) Superior Court 1:00 P.M. ) Jerry Springer ) Another World g ) As the World Turns ) CD One Life to Live g J Adventure & Discovery: Empire of fie Sands 20) fa) Streets of San Francisco M) Movie *** "A Love Affair: The -leaner and Lou Gehrig Story" (2:00) do) Movie *'/2 "Haunted Honeymoon" Fugitive America Coast to Coast Wrestling Bonanza: The Lost Episode* Anything but Love D Muppet Babies ) (:05) Jetsons ) Hollywood Squares n Movie **'/« ''Once I Movie **V4 ''Once Upon a JroTners Grimm" (2:00) (SHOW) Movie ***tt "Some Like It Cjg) Tom and Jerry Kids g V _ J Growing Pains (IT) Tale Spin g ^~) This Is Your Life ) Wildlife Chronicles j Up Close ) Super Mario Bros. ) Shop Til You Drop j Looney Tunes ) (:35) Andy Griffith ) Scrabble I Partridge Family ) Adventures in Wonderland g ) Baby-sitters Club g 1 Captain Planet and the Taneteers 4:00 P.M. (T) Qo) Tiny Toon Adventures g ) Maury Povich g ) Golden Girls g ) Oprah Winfrey g 10) (worn Designing Women g (T) Barney & Friends g (lo) In the Heat of the Night g (x) Matlock g j Darkwing Duck g (so) Joan Rivers CA&E) In Search Of... .....) Movie *** "The House of even Gables" (1:29) ,j"itc) Human Animal CffpN) Sportscenter i FAM ) Popeye I Unsolved Mysteries CNTCK) Underdog CW005) Beverly HillbiWes g ) $25,000 Pyramid fpisiT) Care Bears g CnSoj Movie *** 1 /i "China Syndrome 2) ) Jetsons 4:30 P.M. (2) (M) Batman g ) Inside Edition g ) Golden Girts g ) Sesame Street g YOoof Troop g CESPN) Major League Baseball ) inspector Gadget CNICK) Muppet Babies (TglT(:35) Sanford and Son (USA) $100,000 Pyramid CWGN) Jeffersons g J Quack Attack g ) Bugs Bunny* Pals CD Saved by the Ball'g* Q) © CD News g People's Court g CM) Charlie's Angels (News ) Star Trek: The Next OwMraHon g ) Full House g I M'A'S'H ) Our Century ) Arabia: Sand, Sea ami Sky ) Rin Tin Tin K-9 Cop g i L.A. Law 5 Hey Dude I (:05) Movie *** "Dr. No" (2:25) I American Gladiators I Movie *** "Rocky III" (2:00) j Kids Incorporated g ) Movie *** "Support Your Local heriff!"(1:33) (SHOW) Chris Cross g (TN7TNBA Basketball Ptayoffs 5:30 P.M. Mama's Family NBC Nightly News g ) CBS Evening New ) ABC World New* TonioMg Where In the Worid to Carman ndiego? g Wonder Years g Growing Paint Reflections on KM Wv*r tcrwn: MacLaine orro g Fifteen X: I •*.*!

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