Lenox Time Table from Lenox, Iowa on January 30, 1936 · Page 4
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Lenox Time Table from Lenox, Iowa · Page 4

Lenox, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 30, 1936
Page 4
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THE LENOX TIME TABLE. LENOX. IOWA THURSDAY, JANUARY 30, 1936 OCIETM "Mcctins of G. V. C. Ladies Mrs. Roland Walter v.-a.s hostess at the regular meeting of the G. V. club at her home Tuesday aff.arnoon. Roll call -was Antique Display. Mrs. W. L. Dey Ermand and ;% Mrs. K. U. P.m:i r read report: on "Library Extension" '"The County Library.' 1 Guc.v.s of the ho.stf.'-s 'Mrs. J. J. Y/aUer. Mrs. B' n tcr, Mr;-. Harry Wali.fr, Mi J. Sluss. Mr.-:. H Mr:-. Paul Davis Tyier. FoJlo'.vin:; a pamr-'s of bricU/ Waller iTCPi'.vci Mr.s. Donald T;, club score. Refreshments W.TO ,':' the hostess. Mrs. Herman Huibcn The next meeting, a Valentine party, will be February 14, with Lon'nic Walter, Hugh Wyant and Elmer Miller in charge of the refreshments, and the teacher, Juanita Wyant and pupils furnishin;', the entertainment of the evening. Members present were Mr. I!J !!!-M" and Mr.s. William Bcnnison and 1 ' ' ''' j . - , , . i-- 11r.. 1 Friday, January 31 The Social Union of the Methodist church meets today with Mrs. Mary Lcckliter. A good attendance is desired as there is work to be done. Monday, February 3 Past Matrons Club has Harry postponed its meeting Robert. Mr. and Mr.-. Andy Wai-J clay. Time and place , k?r and GleiuUin. Mr. and Mrs. ; announced later. i Harry Fife and Bobbie, Mr. and i j MI-S. 't-am Au.vtin and Bhcryl, | I VIr. and Mr.;. Klmer Miller, Ei-j i.:i:,e and Dn-:;.-!. Mr. and Mr.-;. | 'i'->i.;:e W..i':ier. Homer Waller' i:..-.i(i V-n..;:;. Mr. and Mr.-;. Ray j Austin and G''n*. . Mr. and Mrs.: Haiokl RunduU for will to- be Mr;-; .•-.-peril 'hostess to the club at: the home of her mother. Mrs. B. H. C'iay- ton, Tuesday afternoon. Fob. 11. "Meeting of Thursday Girls. Mrs. Chas. Boltinghouse was hostess at the meeting of the "Thursday Girls last Thursday afternoon, Mrs. Chas. Ecki^r was assisting hostess. Twelve .members were present, and Mrs. Woodyard was a guest. Devot-ionals were conducted hy the group. Refreshments were served by the hostesses. P, T. A. of Mercer No. 7 The third P. T. A. -.'.-as held Friday evening-, with nil members present. After the business meeting a very enjoyable evening \va.s .-pent with games and contests. Refreshments of sandwiches, ,,;.d Jim Au.'Hin, and the leach- Meeting of JH. S. Club j Mr.s. J. B. Wood was hostess jai; the meeting; of the H. S. Club, Wednesday evening, January 22, at Hotel Lenox. Roll call was "Old Quilts." Guests of the hostess were Mr.s. J. W. Walter, Mrs. W. H. Madden, Mrs. R. E. Poindexter, Mrs. Warren Gaer, Mrs. K. U.. Parker, Mrs. Russell Key, Mrs. H. A. Stcphenson, Mrs. B. F. Wurster, Mrs. Herm Beamer, Mr.s. Thclma Bethka, Mrs. Frank Maharry and Mrs. A. L. Barker. Mrs. Mary Swceley, Mrs. J. G. Lcckliter, Mrs. O. E. Bricker, Mrs. W. C. Lewis, Mrs. Donald Tyler, Mrs. Fred Abernathy, Mrs. Maude Wells, Mrs. H. C. Dougan. Mrs. Claude Dixon, Mrs. T. J. Reimer, Mrs. Mabel Steinwinder, Mrs. Fred Cronkite, Miss Kathleen Poindexter, Sharpsburff John Smith of Diagonal last week here visiting !vr daughter, Mr.s. Clyde Mc- Ai-thur. D. M. McArthur .spent Satur- dav ni'.iht at Cre.slon with his daut'hier, Mrs. Hazel Dunbar and family. Albert and Glenn Fickess .spent Sunday with their parents Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Fickess, near Siam. James Clarke, Bobbie Griffith, Elton Savage a n d Johnny Filbert were among the Bedford shoppers Saturday evening. Will Brown and O. M. Brown trucked a load of stock to St. Joseph, Mo. market Saturday. Bales and Trofbow of Bedford came and got their auto, Sunday, after being snow bound just west of town for about a week. The snow sure blocked roads and made traveling impossible. Richey Bros, had some cat- UNITED PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH NOTES Rev. W. A. Thompson Sabbath School, 10:00 a. m. Preaching, 11 a. m.; 8 p. m. Y. P. C. U. 6:30 The young people from our deal-field church are going to be with our young people this Sabbath evening. A social hour at 5:30 will precede the regular meeting. The leader will be Eunice Morris. THE PREACHER SAYS: Some of the things which count the most on this side of the grave arc tolerance, character and attitudes. Sabbath Sermons Morning, The Immorality of Self Indulgence. Evening, The Compromise. Morality of M. E. CHURCH Thomas Kelly, Pastor Sunday School, 10:00 a.m. Morning Worship, 11:00 a.m Epworth League, 0:30 p.m. Evening Service, 7:30 p.m. At the morning worship service the pastor will preach on The Looking Glass." The subject for the evening sermon will be, "Enemies of the Cross." We extend unto you a cordial invitation to attend our services. If we were to watch ourselves with the same care we do others we might be surprised at what we would learn.—T. K. BIBLE READING. Some very interesting reports arc coming- tie trucked to St. Joseph, Mo. ^ in concerning the Bible reading. Sunday evening. Mr. Lymeges, here for severnl who has been clays visiting K I L ' , JViJOiJ J.i.ll.L.lJl'^^ll i *->ii*Vfi-".'V'-JV-i., ~- — Miss Edna Clark and Miss Ber- | friends, returned to Aclair, Sunku V/ilcke. Eiiuit tables were arranged •ji- the play of bridge. Mrs. pie and forTo* were "served" "by \ Harry Walter and Mrs. Fred the refreshment committee, Mrs. Abernathy drew for the travel- ns prize, and Mrs. Walter won Hugh Wyant and Mrs. William | i < i T- Bennison. Dependable jj <-* . i! bervice AT ALWAYS Send your laundry to us and see ho'.v depend; the service really i.--! Every bundle washed individually—fine linen/- t^iven expert handling. 8HMFV / Mondays, Wednesdays and *j j Fridays. jj i Bill Dey Ermanrt, Agent H Mrs. Warren Gaer received the guest prize. Dainty refreshments were served by the hos- Mr.s. Orval Walter will be hostess at the next meeting, Feb- .niary 7. i Chapter F. W. P. E. O. Mrs. M. J. Sluss was hostess to ' Chapter F. W., P. E. O., Thursday evening, January 23. Twelve members were present. Roll cnll wns "Comments on a Recent Book". Mr:-;. H. C. Dou: : >an gave a review of the book "Spring Came On Forever," by Be.ss Streeter Aldrich. Zvlr.s. W. C. Lewis will be hostess February 6. Move rattle are being fed in Corn Belt and s than last year. western Telephone »»•»»»«»»*» »»»»». . ** -*I« >**... **J.** !JG j —Sell, rent, buy, trade—thru Time Table want ads. FORD SALES AND SERVICE IN NEW LOCATION The Ford Garage has been moved, to the building on Main Street, across from the postoffice. We are now better equipped to handle repair work, parts and storage than we have been before, i Clarjk Taylor is looking after the books and parts in the front end and Art Carmichael is the new mechanic. Come in and get acquainted. DIXON MOTOR CO. C. E. DIXON, Prop. ... , evening. Sunday was a busy clay here, ^armers hauled their stock in o meet the trucks, and on account of no freight service Thursday and Friday and scarcity of coal, as the Saturday freight brought two carloads in the evening, farmers came on Sunday to get coal, as several were out of fuel. Draymen kept busy supplying coal to those who were out of fuel, Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Paul McKay dined Sunday at the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Will McKay. Rev. and Mrs. A. S. Hutchinson are enjoying their vacation in Oklahoma with their daughter and family. Russell McArthur was a Clar- incla businc.vs visitor Monday forenoon. John Taylor was quite ill last week. Mrs. John Newman had the misfortune to fall last week while getting some coal, and bruised' her leg quite badly. Howard Key and Hank Edwards went to Clarinda Monday to purchase Edwards a truck. Shari>st>uri>; School Notes T h c Sharpsburg basketball team lost to the fast Maloy tcr-m 1-ist Tue<;d.iy evening by a .score of 03 to V.i. The game between the 7th, ei»hi.h and 9th grades ended with the Sharps hoys ahead, the score being 15 to'13. The Conference game with Nodaway .scheduled for last Friday was postponed because of the snow blocked roads. If you have not joined with the others in this reading it will profit you to do so. Report the number of chapters read to your Sunday School teacher. Only report to the pastor if you do not attend Sunday School. PRISCILLA. The Priscilla Circle will meet Friday afternoon, January 31, at the home ! countries they will study.—Writ- of Mrs. Alice Reynolds. Assist- ten by Betty Cook, ing hostesses are Mrs. Audrey Fleming and Mrs. Marcia Ben- Rural Schools Grant No. 9 When it was nice we: all made a snow-man. The boys, Bobby Ethington, John Riley and Hal Dean Morris are making a snow dog. There were three children that moved away from our school. We have only twelve pupils now. We have had four pupils that have perfect attendance this first semester, Marjorie Morris, Hal Dean Morris, Darlene Short and Lucille Riley. We hope they keep it up. There were five pupils that have perfect spoiling lessons this year. They arc: Virginia Elder, Darlene Short, Hazel Ethington, Doris Jean Elder and Helen Short. In our Good Handwriting Club there are eight pupils that have all three writing stars so far. They arc: Marjorie Morris, John Riley, Bobby Ethington, Virginia Elder. Darlene Short, Hal Dean Morris, Lucille Riley and Helen Short. The second graders are studying about "Nixie Bunny In Manners Land." They have made pictures about him. They also have started a Good Manners contest. It will end February 14. Bobby Ethington is drawing a picture free hand about "Es- kimoes in the Far North". It really is very good as Bobby is a good artist. We have six of our choir songs learned. In geography the seventh graders are studying about China. Those who got average grades above 90 percent this la.st .six weeks are: Bobby Ethington, Helen Short, Lucille Riley and Betty Cook. The sixth grade have been collecting pictures of countries in Europe ready to make a picture roll and stories of all the Los Angeles decided to do a little terrestrial flying. He passed his test for an airplane pilot's license shortly after his 65fch birthday. Alexander Kazoz of Sioux City has advertised a house for rent for several months without success. Maybe his failure to find a tenant is due to economic conditions, but it is more likely to have resulted from the fact that the house bears this sign: "This house for rent; ten- ante must keep the Ten Commandments." Automatic ijicket machines have been installed in Londan the subway stations that not only present a ticket, but correct change when coin is inserted. der. At an age when many are figuring seriously on their chances for acquiring a pair of 1 ' cnances lor acquiring a ptur ui SOCIAL UNION. The Social ce i es tial wings, J. W. Montee of ninn will nififit, with Mrs. Marv ! The Lenox Ike-Table 1 LENOX, IOWA ~~"" -— VERLIN L. SWEEL13Y MARY E. SWEELEY Publishers Entered as second class rnau ter. March 2, 1904, at the post- office in Lenox, Iowa, under thr> act of Congress of March 3, 1379. Subscription price In Town' $1.50 per year in advance; ont-1 side of state, $2.00 per ye; advance. Six month price'one half of foregoing. Single conip" * roHta * ° 5 cents. THURSDAY, JANUARY 30 A report from the Agricultural Economics - i es that a flood of fat cattle \vi!l larger \^ the market in late winter and spring this year. Pleurisy is the inflammation of the pleura , or covering' of the lungs. Pleurisy is caused by | interference,with the nerve supply to the lungs, J! This causes heat to develop between the lay:i; ers of the lungs and then follows dryness and i; friction and severe pain when the patient ; i breathes and the inflamed surfaces rub togeth- iji er. jj Pleurisy responds very readily to Chiro i] practic adjustments ias the adjustments remove ;•! the pressure from the nerve to the lung and ill the dryness and pain begin to leave almost im- iil mediately. Our records show pleurisy is en;| tircly cured with from one to half dozen adjust- f ' It is unnecessary to tape the patient Chiropractic is being used. \ meats. H when Ch Try Chiropractic first instead of last. :: if The X-Ray locates the position of the ver-1 tebrae. « j: The iNcurocalometer locates the nerve pret sure. The Chiropractor releases the nerve pr.es- jj sure and health follows. X-ray and Neurocalometer Service Your Dealer Call for a -Demonstration The Conway Conference game will be played Friday evening, January 31, the roads permitting. Both first and second teams will play. The Waubonsie Conference basketball tournament at Gravity is scheduled for Febrvyy 6, 7 and 8. The first gmae will be Thursday evening at 7:30 between the Conway girls and Blockton girls. The Sharpsburg boys do not play until Friday evening when they meet the Blockton boys. Many of our high school pupils had planned to attend the Older Boys and Girls Conference at New Market last Thursday but it was postponed due to the heavy snow and drifted roads. Pupils making .100 per celnt in spelling last week were: Grade 8, Richard Croft, Alice Fickess, Walter McMahill, and Mildred Pennebaker. Grade 7, Bernice Blair. Grade 6, Helen Grazier, Junior Selders. Grade 4, Hazel Loraine Edwards, Ruby Fickess, Norma Jean Grazier, Howard John. Grade 3, Howard Brown, Phyllis Grimm, Marilyn Pennetaaker. Grade 2, Doras McKay, Dorothy Mae Selders. Union will meet with Mrs. Mary Leckliter at the Dr. Sluss home on Friday afternoon, January 31. Assisting hostesses will be Mrs. C. E. Gaines and Mrs. Frank Wilson. Owing to the fact that there is work to be clone it is urged of the members that they make a special effort to attend. PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH Rev. L. T. Knotter, pastor Sunday School, 10 a.m. Church, 11 a.m. Sermon Topic, "Light." 0:30—Young People's Society, Leader, Inez Amburn. The Young People will hold a party at the Manse, Saturday veiling, with Rev. and Mrs. L. T. Knotter as hostes. CHURCH OF CHRIST I. G. Randels, pastor 10:15 Church School 11:00 Morning Worship 0:30 Christian Endeavor 7:30 Evening Worship Weather pretty stiff these clays. The temperature the last two Sundays has been from 10 to 20 below. But folks that are well and accessible to the church still find it in their hearts to worship. All services, both morning and evening, no matter the weather. Can you take it? CHIROPRACTOR Office 2 [Mocks West of Telephone Office—Phone 114 NEW UC AND A 6% FINANCE PLAN JEFFERSON'S TEN RULES Ten rules of conduct given below are attributed to Thomas Jefferson. Whether they were Actually formulated by the Sage of Monticello or not, they contain much good advice in a few words. 1. Never put off till tomorrow what you can do today. 2. Never trouble another lor what you can do yourself. 3. Never spend money before you have earned it. 4. Never buy what you don't want because it is cheap. 5. Pride costs more than hunger, thirst and cold. 6. We seldom repent of eating too little. 7. Nothing is troublesome that we do willingly. 8. How much pain the evils have cost us that never have happened. 9. Take things always by the smooth handle. 10. When angry, count ten before you speak; if very angry count one hundred. Read the want ads —Time Table want ads are inexpensive and produce big results. 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The Universal Credit Company has made these plans available through all Ford dealers in the United States. FORD MOTOR COMPANY

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