The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin on June 16, 1859 · Page 4
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The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin · Page 4

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 16, 1859
Page 4
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- '.." About two o'clocii this!morning a fire broke - on: on the steamer Endeavor, whicn soon com* ; mnnicated to tbe Gazelle, both of wbioh were burned to .the water's ed^e. The. Endeavor is partially Insured. w. • ' . 15.J ^ he was advertised to sail from OktS-«teaay.: ieceipta 435 bas{ shlpmenls none Biles 125 bai choice at 46. " • Beceipts ZBbnj. 8aiisj^lgnta»« foi •. WR TUB EAPHKCOKB of Congtu, J. a Am; I do Botbeeitat* to say ; tbe beet remedy I haj» erw loand for iPoatjta, Hoars«n«e»,Infla«nsa, and tbe ;OT««^tsnt symptoms of aOojfc to yonr ,aypracUt»aadniy flunnyfcr tbTuat fen yoaa ha* shown It to poseur mpe. riot Tlrtnes for th» treatment of tneea KBBH KNIOHT,M.D. jg^sSrS^^«^iii.|p*f^| Jno. B. W«ing, A. Btone, J r, STARK, &- Counwllow Kait Water Mrettt, UUviokcc. alttlnrof BIO* receWab ?, -other. «tcarttle« «u L v. Ihe Canadian authoritieB iiavernade a aa-; tar .il reduction in the tolli or merchandise :.........;! 4M.8804* MBDICHWES. - ... -.myietf and In my nunllr erer „„» JTW.taTTOtwl B, »ndbeB0T» it tae beet medfcln. for its - - - pntjont^ yttb. a bad cold lahoold eoonei Croap> WJooopiar Co***. iB ' . .. .- , _ ..... "B; Losses' idjasten 1 aneVdur. ' Hone. Attorieyfl and Counsellors at Law. Will practice in the Tarioos CoarU of the Sevenlh Jnil- i ? (Sal Otecnit of WlsconsiD, »nd will falOifally attend to i -" Ul tmainesa io,tro«ted to nt, remittances promptly inaoe. i Land Warrant* located In selected lands for \ ltrraewt tSoncwai, BankerJ.m.vent Poloi. J. B. 8»A»fsms, Esq^ MUvanket. Binca, MlliranJtees. atunAjr^Boorn, . •» . ; MATTOOU A Biaaoi, Ohlci^o. •Bon.JP JetfcebestremwlTw* possaii» care of whboptoa «o«hj croup, and the cheat msoasM of children. Weo? yoar rratcmity In the Soath appreciate rear skill, aad .eoBawad Jroor tasdlciii* totwr people. • . [r , ; . HHUJS OOSKL1S, M. D. i!*MW-U«i «*t, Homan, Ix, wrIUe,3d Jan, 1M«: " "»:» .tedlopj.Inflnensa, which conflned me In doorj 5 to* ^maoy medidnee withon* relief; finally S~.-jr-- •?*"?' & «I»adTiee of our clergyman. The tret dose reUored the-eoniMse In my throat and limn; Ma than on* half (be boUl. Btaai m* completely well medlctoM are the ebaapeei a* wril u the best we ; S*rimu f> It . -JOII N KtOM Iho Krii. .,:i.. ., pc ilco nt 11 Mnrkft iqanrc ^f&^«vV >CJNX*** •". - ~~ ^SB« ,,;.;,..,..- t^jSsv^ - ixQumm. ot Phthisic, and BroneUti*. " WOt StlKOEHfllX, Pi_ fib. 4, I860 ^f?™ 1 ft l*?0mun? marrellou. tt hae nlbred emrsl from alnnn , and b now cnrhiK a m»u labored under an affection of the ionzj for tot forty yen*, . HEKRT L. PARKS, MSchan. Morao » »- lo "-'many jrar, . I Jare fb«nd nothing equal to your Cherry Ariiri fo «?™»«aeeaBdjeUaf toconsnmptrre pati«U, or corin * .We might add rolumee ef eTU«a«e, but th* most am. Ttodng proof of the Tlrtiseof tola renedy to found U Its idiisls m«iu UlsJ. ' " .T: do do and not, dm-. , ...;S.:to«>e« .nntdjatod. Supposed to be a the extent ' ' Hone. ...^ *• ther^orenptbeso latc«3•'the:inteHigenoere• 1 celred'bjr tie Earopa at Halifax. -' • . ' • : ->!"i:>' - The Bteamer America Bailed to-day, with op-wards of $400,000 in specie, for Ltverpool. . The U.JS.;frigate Waba?h,with tbie 'British men of-war, fired gnns in tribute to the , memory of £he King'of^iaples.v-Ki :; > -rf;:- r . • ' It is :statedtlrat -Piedmont has recognized theneatrality of the Papal States, with certain conditions. ; GKE«ANT— An extensive French manufao- tnrer, whose eslablishmeat at Hess« Cassel employed 400 hands, has been oompelled to qnit, in consequence of the excitement against the French. '/ ... ... . : • -.'•...• --<' • ipEtrssiA— The terms of the ne«r loan "by the Prns«jian eovernment have been publiahed.— The loan is to bear 5 per cent, ink-rest r and be ioined by public subscription. • 'The redemption of the loan is to commence ia 1863, by payment of J per cent, annually thereafter until it is called in. . TUKKET— The garrison at Belgrade hag been re-enforced, and its numbers are reported to be te&led. , -The Porte is about to send a strong naval lorce to the Adriatic. Herfieego via was in open revolt. The last intelligence was to the vfiect that s revolt in the whole of European Turkey, was imminent - Bteelpl* '- ? J8nJ *« ; aklp "'' " Receipti ( WOOL-.npply .litfit; Prlera range ffOoi"25®«8 Sale* 200 Ibi X to K blood at SOo. '- -••-•- •••*^~ ! | HIDES— more active but prices nnch»ngfed.:i " | BrTO?R^;ihaaeietier. . Firkin 9®11; roll Uai4J BOGS— better and In demand at B®10c. ; < STRAWBEKKIES— plenty at 10®1S per qnirt, . 8*o*ira8-;-»r If 390bu» irheat; ^a .. .;•;.. Additional hy the Enropa. Tunis, Jane 3.—Garibaldi hag surprised and dftfeated the AnstrianB at V«ffe8e, and that town is again free of the enemy, i '*"/;• ' : Gen. Neil entered Koran on the 1st, after a ahort encounter -with the Austrian outposts *,,-._., -it The .Bmperor arrived the same evening amidst the acclamations of the people. . • The Austrian", attempted to cross the Po at Basaiagnora, bat the inhabitants opposed them firing upon and destroying an Austrian .bark. The Vateline Is In a state of insurrection.. Ti-e town of Sandrie has • proclaimed for King Victor EmanneL The Duke of Parma has an i red in Switzer- i SJdo baYey- »J'"'3o PoU-l to««j J5n)bl»:aonf; M eacki -do; 8 ,c«sk» J)OUfli; 12). loni'iicnpirOn; 400 bnnchei ehlnglei; S^BOl lt« hldeij' 9,E78 do sundries Rconrn fer , ths om^piDT, Indlrlduil b»l»ncc«, undtlBieddlvl: denfli, »nl redemption i,f '', Scrip unMlled/or....... - ToUl UtblllilM ---- "... T8 10,86778 _ 11. The greileit »iount Iniured ia one rtik. »4,000, , of flre r «ki Ii tbe a»o»! l-mlt; but In tome c«se» of •'• i «hortrl«t» 110,000. On ?.»«!» »nd ctrfo«) |15,-i ODD tath' ' ' JNQ. A. SAVAaK, Jl{., Attorney and Counsellor at Law SOS. 9 * to, PHG KNIX BOlLDtN •.< , ..... ........ WJBOOiSBIN , 1-eoo., OMp, Inai»n», 111 ' "' UOommliUoMrforH. ' " uU c'ou . IS. Oro»» tmonnt jot premmmj Ttceired In State of "Wlieobiln for the carrei'i year, endlag February 131 bbta fionr; 400 boi cats; 5,256 do wheat; IT do rye; 28 do corn; 88 do potatoes; C bbis eggt; 1^80 : lht bat- t«5135 do bides; .11,882 do sundries, 1 c.ow. ftiw.-They 'had iriow at NJtjara Fall, on Friday latt; it fell In great large flake*. .""'•'-". ' " ;•• JSP" from RMWOiWK) to 73,000,000 f«t of lumber an rotnofactnred at«t. Anthony enry year. , nr Ihe bntchera iof New Orleans pay to ^he city f250,W» In market fees e«ry year. --•-....- - . • •, £ S*w DoiiiBS.—The iqmof 18,935 In oewly^lned American Collars, was drawn Xrom the U. a. OJranch Mint of jf.T, Sy theirm>of Bolton, Barron * Co. The allverfor this coin was received from the Ucxlean minej, and deposited by the arm, T U money I» to be use* IB tbe China trade, and at present commands 7 •per cent, premium. •• - . . . .\ .. . =a==g-=___ ':_; ';•:, MARINE , RECORD. IS. Tb. market ratae of <u 'lock. .Tbe Compiny ba -no itotUiolderi, the icrip luaed on the Halatl pJintiy IU charier eociitatT* lu capilaltnd tbe T»!n»of scrip 'Tarlei according lo In priority of lime,- J - - - , . ' 14. DiTidend, 7 per cent on Its oaliUndlng icrip. 15. Tne -charter., or act of Incorportion of taldCompa- -nj-. Bentnerewith. "' - --< --- • JAMfe 0. KVAS8, Prudent. A. A. EcmraiBYi,.?eercttr?. STATE OF WISCONSIN, "* »UR6tABT'SflFnOE, I l!il,u,.», M»y XI ,18E9. ( 8atls»ctoi7 ertdence harinc been fura'ihed to me tbkt the matoal Intaraac* Don i>»nj ot Bnfftlo. being ab Itanr-nce Incurporated by :]» State of AewTork, hiving compiled vHb the regnlrcneot of Motion ooe of An Act entitled '-An act t» regn!»t«Inf urujce Comp»- Dlonollnourported by thi (M»teoT Wijconi n," ap- proTed Marco 17, 1S5», an >tav agtita paid -Into the Bute Treasury the »nm of three per eeet. on the grcu amoont of oremlnms recclred h> (he Bt«te of H licon- yin for the year. 1828, >«per report of Hid Company.— Now, therefott, in porsaanre of <he act aforeiald, 1 Uvrid W. Jones, SecreUry of 8»te of tbe State of Wisconsin, do hereby ctttlfy that W. f . B*rd, of MUvaa '«e,lf he be duly atithorfs.d by Hid Company, may take-rtcks, receive premium* >nd traouct the ba-lnesi of an Icunrance Agent for t»Id Compxny In tbU State, from this date, untll'fte first day of Januiry, I860. In wltiea whereof; 1 fi4rj hereunto let my hand \ i > M U K l J TSCH , ATTORNEY AND COUNSELLOR AT OfFIOlt-liaplre lilock, 221 Eut Water >t. mySO KILW^DCEI, ITIBOOJIPII. J. V. V. PLATTO, Attorney & Counsellor at Law. Office In Mitchell's Bank Building, No. 8, Mil- vaakee, Wliconsln. JanlT Probably t» on* renwdy baa rrn teen knows whisk cirad *o many and avcb danferoo* estfssj a* thia. u bnman aid can reach; bat rnn to thae* the ftctoraJ afforo* raliaf ud eomfert. Amoa HOTS*, Ptw FOE« Crrr. March s, la&o DOOME Ana, towiu.-. I fed u k doty and > pl«*»ni« totafcrm yon what y»ur Cherry Pectoral ha. don. for m, wjfe. one bad taen flr« meath* laboring tuidor the Jao- «jron»_aynipton» of Cotaujnotion. Bom whleh no aid w. MQIdpnKwnnlurBochraucf. gho was iteadity M- tag, BDttl Dr. foodf, of tola dty, where w. t»« »m« b, ad-rice, ncomm*JHbd • trial ef yonr medkln.. W. bin*. bit klnrtnm, u we do yonr skill; fbr ih. ha> rwwvmd from that day. 8h« I* not yet a* strong as «h. ux-J to be, bet Ii free from her cough, and calls htmlf well Ycrars with natitnd* and ngard, OBLAHDO 8HKLBT, or gaaumuj. Omtumptitu, da not daapalr tffl yon nan crlrt Ana's Couai pHToau. U Is made b; one of ti. b chsmistj In th« world, and 111 rare, all around & _ Offut;No». 30-4, Xickitjan <fr Main Streets. Opposite the Newhall lloosi 3.Q. DOOCU ;.., Janli-day. & CoUiisleHors tu Bvildin-j MUwaialtee./i...r...t:.vjriaiie 15. ARRIVED. "The French engineers had arrived at and were collecting vessels to cross Lake Mag- •giore, with5,000men. -':"•••'-•'''-'f\ - l , '•>..• ^. The French squadron ' in the 'Adriatic had captured 35 Austrian vessels, Talned at £4 000,000. .' LoKj>05, June 4.—A special despatch to the Daily Xewa, dated Twin, Friday night, says that the Anstmns were in fall retreat across theTidno. ' Garibaldi had gained a new victory, and the fnsnrrection in Lombard/ is spreading. VIBOKA, June 1 —The enemy attacked the vanguard of the seventh Austrian corps, but their farther advances was stopped by tbe corps under Gen. Zobel. A very large number are reported to have bsen wounded during the encounter. MU.AH, June 2.—On the 2d inst. Var#se vras cannonaded and taken by Gen. Urban, who reinstated the legal authorities and levied war contributions on the city. GREAT BBITAIH.—No bnainess will hednnn in Parliament until after the delivery of lie Queen's speech, which will be on the 7th inst. * In the Derby races, the stakes were won by Sir Joseph Hawley's horse Muskid. The value pt the stakes was nearly; £7000, and it is rnmoredthat Sir Haw-ley wins £100,000 more on bets. . " r :."". ... ; . •• ' "'- • ""' • It is stated that the prospectus of a new company will be issued in a few days, for l&y- sng^jtelixraplidabfe irom Cornwall to Canada. The proposed capital is £500,000,*i great explosion of saltpetre occurred on board the troopship Eastern Monarch, from Knrrachea, while she was anchored off Spit- head, with 600 return soldiers and their fami-' lies on Board. .The ship -was speedily enveloped in flames, but thrpngh the prompt action of her officers and crew, all but seven person* were aaved. Five out ; pf the -seven lost wer» children, who were Jrilled by ;the explpsipn. "•J •The London Times of Saturday anncaoce* Chicago. U6 bWreraekea, 8 hhd» U«oor,50bbla hlghwinea, l»pkg» Jondrlea, Stmr Cleretand, Doog-sl, Grand Baren. Bmtr Gaielle. Bntlin, T«o Elver., S7 »ag« rags, 1 wagon. Prop roimtaln City, Feck, Chlcsgo. 100 bbU hlghwinea. 8chr Trtomph, Leigh, Manl«t«, 24M«qnare timber. . Prop Young America, Chaoman, Ogdejubnrg, CO t mdt. Srmr.C.ty of Olerelana, Sqnltr, Grand Ba»en, 8toni mdz, CLEAUED. Stmr City of Oleretandi Bonier, Grand Hann. S*J', e lf;; a ^. eeluy>Cnlc ^ !0> 2 ™«acki potatoes €0 hf bbU beer, 4 bhu egga, 8 pkp .undrlee. Prop Jonntato City, Feck,Oellingwcod,«i)o tol »hea^ v kega batter* Stmr G*ze«e, BaUln, Two Riven, 4 bbli flaar. 9 ncki do, 5 bbls whiskey, 5 do b^sf, 18 <Jo •ondrlca, 00 CL.B.] je!4-dlm and affllxed.tht: great seal of the State, at tbe Capliol io iledlson, toll 3ln da; of May, 1S59. . , • J.D.BUOOMS, Ail staut Secretary of State. «o«» w. CIKT OAKY & PKATT. Altorne/B. and f)oan»ellar« ut Oflkte ini.Toung'i Block, Corner BtalnandWU- ; • COQ<ID street, MlLVfAPKEE, feb20-d3m WISCONSIN p.*. J. unu>. W. JE4JUH VI-UA.H A UHAal,l,ti,' atto'.neys at Law and Bolidtori In Chancery, «o. 1 *iicon«ln itreet, Milwaukee. janl-: O U S. EAGLE STEAM FOUNDRY, MACHINE WORKS (/base & Bradley, AND HAGr L>KALh.HS *')8 WEST WAI Kit STREET, MILWAUKEE, [aprtC] w 1-goNSIN a. wnxLant. Tttt row VV tt row & iSEIlcOItTB, Proprleton. rVew. it »B,29ti t 3OO, 3O8 and 3O4 WATEK STRKKT Two K;v»cta below the J-» Crone B. L Prop ronBgiujwica, Chapman, Chieaco. Sehr Morning Light, Hea, Buffalo, ll.uM bu» rtmr Cleveland, :a, Bnffal !, Grand Haven. iwbeaK ir Bor/uo, 12rn AID 18n.-Pre|). free State, Botmds; from tOIe-aokte, S.'BTS bbli flaor, 2 caak • aahes, 13 pfcg* raodnea, 41 bbl« rags"; propeller Socket, Kice, «S bbls floor, 6 easki horns. S boxea. oindlea, 28 do preierna, l hf bbli B»n, 1 pkgs enndrtei, 1 hone; Stmr. T*ree Bella, Thompson, Ullsrtakee, 18,439 bni oats. , LIHB BHAJTING, '•Bit BBJTM.O, IJtaaiD Itm.—trof.Gt- le«a,Ste«le, Obreago;'prOp. Mohawk, Pheata, Cbicafo; prop. Orimtal« Brings. Chicago; ee'ir. Zirfock, Pratt, Milwaukee, 4TO tons coal. The steamer \ . *or ChTppewa, on friday lam epmnk. leak, when only a short dtaUnce down as obliged to return to port^-Bvfalo ., . . Tte city anicle in the London News says thatlheratesofdisoonnt are still falling. The London Herald mentions a rntmor that Mr.Brigtit And the radioals in Parliament t*Te beein Joined by the government, by the tiffer : <tf three ft»U in the cabinet. r. ^ PAAKCK.—Tbe recall of the French officers on leave, -has added 130,000 veterans to tbe army, < --= ^"--i--'- '•---> -.The Paris Bourse was advancing, and the qnotations:are higher.. Three pef cent, rente* •Jlosed on the Wnt 63ffor riwnejr.' f = i T - *' • 1 Plat bottomed gna boats are in process .of jeonatnictioa in France,to navigate the Po,and other rivers ofJftj»ljrV*i. - - ^ battalions of foot chasseurs are to* :be; organ- *«4] ''S SAJLG. , STATS OF WIBOONSIH.l - Orcalt Court, MUwaukee Co. f ' - ' ! ' V ,V./;. «;-->:•'." J*mef Eniott, ' •' ---'' " • - ..... ' {Newu • Teassx na Btmop«.— The schooner Eveline Bates, with a cargo of ojk plank and West India •tares, from New Baltimore, Michigan, ps*sed Detroit yesterday bound for Europe. TMWM AoaotBi —The »ttroitfru freu sayi that thBachoonereftalcfcrtepaad TSbeo. P««y were aslwre fn the Sinclair flata on Ifdnday: The t»f» Sed Erlo ana Hamftton Morton were trying to get tbeaj'oB. t*^ Tie *e|>opner Mary Waltun. arrived on Bund»» from falrport, Ohlo.erKh «ke apart and rigglog of **ooner fien. Honrten, which I»u7y went atfaore th Bhe will peoffc a total lo«^Z>rf. fret fre™. ™ :aojt««t»j)tjo*^«4i>».--tliif 8operlatenden« of tbe, Senlt Canfl reports that canal wu opened on th»3d «r «ay r ,rrom »hies.' time «» Jane Ut 1« »»»««•• of all kinds pas/ecJ.mearortni in the aggregate «7,6« tons.— I** 1 , year the eaaal opened on fcelSth of anrtl, bet te tbe close of MayonlrTB ren-It psjjed", with a te)nna»e at 81,965. We tolls coUe»t»d to Jnne lit, thl»year, hare been »2,3»8 *«;!Ia«t yeartbey amo.ntrd t» f IJ9U ' , HOBUPOWCUT RLE O1UTIK0 MAO, BBIDQK, RAILKOAD and aTCAMBOATOABTIHOa, IRON OOLTJMN8, *or Doildingi, aad erery Tariery of Job Work, tn tbe beet manner, and on the uoetUbenl tense. The attention of KHl-owaere and ownen ef Water. Power, is particularly- called to the ^^ WiSKEiL. «nraMe and eec , Bodwav, Auction and Commission Merchanta, LAND AGENTS AND MONET BROKERS, MO. ID W I SCONS 111 TITILL glre particular attention to the aale o( Furnl- ff tore, Bry Oooda and er«ry deac*lj.tlon of Merchandise, at their Sale room or tn eor pan of the Oil? or County. < fe^ Liberal » ranee* on ce r-clgcmeaia, »n u prompt retorni madei B <— Bond*. Notei and Moitgagei DegoUated fET 1 f - nomical Wheel ever toTenttd-not liable to get out of order, net affected by I» or backwater, aad using less waur tn properUon to Ice cu ""^ heel fa fc » market. A descripUve drealar Ibrs warded npon application, free of charge. ^^ * 5°SS« than an j lanXZ-dJrw MIL\VAUKKK BAZAAR. w, OELORME&OUENTIN nRuli, the hijh merit* of IM Tjitaes. — Philadelphia Lalgrr Ayer's Cathartic Pills. npfflB setencee of Chemlstr; and M«dldn« n«Te b«H D J. taxed their utmost to produce tU* bwt, most p.rfect pnrgatrre which Is known to man. Innom.rable proofs! we shown that these Pnu haTO'Tirtn.. which snrpaM in ezeelleBee the ordinaiy medicines, and that they win an- "precedentedly npon the esteem of all m.n. Th«yar..afa and pleasant to take, bat powarfol to cnra. Th.b- pen^ trating properties stlmnlate the tltal aettritlasor the Body, return the obetrncttona of It* organs, pnrify the blixjd, aad expel diseaea. Tbsypnrgeonl thefcolhomors which breed aad grow dfatemper, stlmnlate singglsh or dl*«r deredorgan*Into thrfr natnral actien, and Impart h«lth, tone with, strength U the whole system. Not only do they cue the rrery-day complaint* of erery body, hot also ibmldab*! and dangeroa* illMase* that bax b»ffl«l the beet of homes skfll. WMe th«y prodnc. pow.rfhl sffecta, they an at the same time, In diminished <k»«s th. aatstt and best physio that- can he employed for child™ Being eogaxMtod. they an pleaaaat to tak.; ud b»l n< purely TegetaMe, are tree frem any risk of harm. Cur., bare been made which surpass belief w.r. they o»t ml. stantlated by men of such exalted porttloa ud chmr«««r *e tefcrbld the snepldon of nntratk M»nr .mloeni olergTmen and physicians h*T» lent th«lr aaiur. to rertif, to the pnbile the reliability of my r.m«iii», whll. othen fcarei cent me the aaamaace of their coe-rtcaoB that mr freparaUons contribute Immensely to th* relief of m, afflicted, snOorlng feDov-oiea. , Tbe Agent belaw nam-rf b pleeeed to rurnl»h grmtli my AmBrirmn Armar«e,amtalnlng dincthini for a.. »od certifies*** of dietr ear**, of the following ! 159 Xoit Water Strtet, NEXT DOOE TO M«S3BB. uconxu axe D-, • »tu:y (rood*, Toy., Wfflow .Ware and Y«ake< Notio AUo.BmbToWeryOooUand Zephjrr Wonud. OO S) RHEBlrr>« BALE. 'BTATI or WJJOOKSIS, i Circuit Court, Mil«anltee County. { Ansonfidrtd, against Benjamin t. Arnold, Nancy C. Arnold, Alonio'L Ksne, Jonath*n Taylor, (Fl.w. Lyman Hmore, Joseph Halm, Peter Knelilcr, John Prlen, Samnel B. Chase, Morgan B.Coleman, Herman L. Page, and John White, Judgment of Voreolotor* and Bale. ^ na .S nr *J* nt " ' I 0 !* 0 " 1 * rendered tn <ald Conn 1 1 tbe above entli fej action dated the ay of J Ci .c. 1S5». I AMU eapot7fo7T.l, '£t SiSj Publlo AneUwi-w Me Post Office in the City of Jlttwao- , (b e 17U> dtiy •! Septem™ J. J. n*oa»TH. , rj»o* WALL PAPER J. J. JIcfcRATII «k < «»., 81 WISCONSIN 9TUCET turomag, wnoutaiu ain urrin. OULIU n Payer Hangings, \Tindow Soadra, 4c. Competent workmen lent to all pan* ef th* City and Country for Decorating and Paper "•°r"'FIn all tu branches,all work warranted. r t b*S FOUR BILLABD TABLf.S FOH SALhl OHKAF. T HEand-nlgned will Ml four Blliar.1 Tables with Balls in t Con, an In good order and quit: n» at a very low J>rice. Bfflco* Complaints, Rh«umAti«m. Dropai Heartbum, Beadach* arlalng from a foul ttomuh NW see, IMIgeetioo, Morbid Inaction of th. Bow.i. .,,,1 p,,,, arising Ihenrram, Flmtniojjej, lam of Appotiu, .11 uir»r ou« and Cstfaneous DiSHH* which raqulri ui .tivnitnl msrilrinf, acrofaU or Eing's ITU. They tlna, by purtfj Ing t»* Wood and stlmojatlnf tb* sy«t».m, cur. miu. eompUinta which it would not b* snppoK-4 th«y or.nld reach, such aa Deafnese, Partial BEUndocx, N«cr»lrfi .n,l fferrons Irritability, Derangements of tb. Livitr and K ul neys, Qoat, and other kindnd eomplaJou ubinir from . low state of th* body or obatrnctioo of It* function.. Do not be pat off by unprincipled dealtn with somo other pffl they mak* mor» profit on. A«k for ATTH'I Rue, end tsk* nothing die No other tiwy ran i*™ 700 eompans with tilj In lie Intrlnlk »»ln« or cnr>ur- pow«». Th* ikk want th* bxt aid th-r» !» tir th«n, and th*f shonld ban It. Prepared by Dr. J. C. A TEE, Practical and Analytical Cnamiat, Lo-well. Miss Pare* U On. raa Box. ITrs Borra rci 1 1. •OLD BT JOBW RICK, Hllwtat». J.H. REED 1 CO., Chicago, sod A-'. x DE. HOOFLAND'S GERMAN BITTERS, AlTD OB. HOOIXASD'S BAUSAMIC COBDIAjL, Tfti- great standard medicines of tnt present age, have acquired their great popularity only through yean of trial. Unbounded satvfac- tion it rendered by them m aU caa; and ike people hmt pronounced Stem varthy. Liver Complaint, Dyspepsia, Jaundice, Debility of tbe Nerrous System, Diseases of the Kidneys, tntd all diseases arisiny from a disordered liver or veotnen of the ttomoeh and digestive organs, art speedily and permanently cured by MsGEBMAN BITTERS. The BalaaznlC Cordial has acquired d reputation surpassing that of any similar preparation extant, ft mil cure, WITHOCT FAIL, the most teaere and Img-ttandiny Cough, Cold, or Hoarseness, BronoiUis, In- flmnxa, Croop, Pneumonia, Incipient Consumption, and has performed the most artoniiAiny cur-.i ever known of Confirmed Consumption. A few doses will also at once ~.herk t'td cure tfu moft severe Dlanhcsa prvcmiin-j from COLD nj THE BOWBT.S. These medicines are prepared b'/ Dr t; VI JACKSON & Co., No. 413 Arch Stntt, Plula delplna. Pa., and art sold by dnqywts 'in,I dealers tn medicines everycher', at To ,--HM per bottle. T lie signature of (' M JICH.JN icM be on the outside wrapper of each bottle In the Almanac published annually ',y •>,! proprietors, called EVEBTBODT'S AL.M.IS\c you will find testimony and commendatory notices from all parts of the country T'Me Almanacs tire giver* aicay by all our aymfi I . II A K ^l N(, I'. I s . .... H, BOSWUXTH t -U ... •Bet.ts for Ho..iTio.i'j German B ir<=.-^, UiiwaiM'.- ll:,- <l:nlv .ii..I tent ;inU su« '•-• 'ru-V[,.Ti..'ri.-.| I ••led liv nan.'iK'-n. "ll >f Ihc " j r • l -.T. OF THE AGE >i "1 I1E J.1VEH IN V IUOK A ToK . >l>. I rt ONK or th« h^st Pnr now l-cf.jr- ih- puli'-c BY OR. - .\.Sr Kniirt'ly ironi it urn * r ih or l>n*l -iystctr., 'irnithy fl-.w ..f hiie, j;j- "*~ ' 't-f-r^lintf tht- it.iiTi.ifti, ^ -Mi*- Tiff f*-o»J Lo .1 H W--11. funfjftn^ L h t ^'•/•*•*-/, ^yQH t.-- r- jti.J 4 thf ij:yea*4 a r . 4 ,t ,-,[ u t-i ,itbt< k* i 1 *f'nt s • t - in — ) i, v T •- . later, ' -~ -OL; OTr.y , Only V in it* town in tbr Dntted StaUi mhl r -nw Je'lO-dAwtf ¥. BLATZ, City Brewery. ber, 185».- oat Of 8 *. ». cf thM v the . . . av e lowing dawrtbel uio'tgageapremUei, or ,0 nich tt of.winay b* neee>.'ary. 10 ratte- the . - ,. infcwat ana costt, ; tofethtr wlti (he , petLgeJOfstleto wit: '•tot nnmewrp'n •«), in block namber Mrenty- . eeren (77), to Uie WarOi Ward of the City of .Wlwejjkw and state of WUconii»." ~" Dated Baeriff* Office, JHilwaake., Jont 10.1SS8. *""*' i f .. a. J.L4NQWUBIHT, JeU-dSmolntw 1002} StATE OF >T1BCONSIN, i I Court, Milwaukee County. [ •..I'- • *' ' ' .' -lone. Copper ....J,m Iroaorc ...,.4,065 froobtrs 838 i.niennmb»T ot paraeagen car/Jed both waniwai >\40ft '.-" " - ' '' '' * - ' ---^ '••'-'- on'BBttday •jidVanaa/: •'- {Bennd O| drp--«tetjaer North Stir; propellers Yo»ne v fooahoutaa; Mohawk, Driest*!; brig H. M! W4*alMi- Andrewi, . . - «phrmim Mariner, ThomH Keefl, Henboi -A, I*mb, Hiram Vatsier, The Blobe Bank, Ida Jane Lewis, ot- ecator suid Innraim Mariner, and John'J. Orton, ez- •cu tore of tne iwt will ejid testament of Alliion Lewla, deceaaed, Martha. J*wls. Sarah i «*"*,- -««!»*» **»«. 'Ktaoeth WBlIam J. Lewis, ida Jane wwHand Bother unknown . al VT. Holt, W. , B. Hlbb»rdl Wer, Gw?«6«; w. , Crerola.-- s *°' I* 0 **? propellcrj On. of PAPER WAREHOUSE' BlackmarrA t>., ({.ATI HAERISOS, HABrbsc & co.) Connects! witli HAKRI^ON, HANKOKU & co., i MAHW AOTUEKag, FA.LLS, DR. M'LANE'S CELEBRATED VERMIFUGE *fn-J 'll I', b't.ipi'i-ior. No. -U.-I by »]i I'll LIVERPILLS. H AVE opened at S Albany Bloc*, Michtraci ttrtti, OK poalte Mewhall Booie, a large itociTof " Boot, Kftt*, Cmer, Qctond aud **«>>Ltfff«- P<*Pen, flat Polt, LtlUr and Holt Paper,, Which will b« sold Tery low. Constant additions wll be roadetp theatook tc-me«i tbe waou of the trade. B«T*Erlnter«, an* other, are united to csJIandei- amlne onratoek and prlceii. aprl6 and Jacob Kler. J £ - V;^"'."* 1 .?!* 1 ?**' mid .Court, m the abore eatl llthday 61 Ma y , 18». I sh.n expoia at _ Public JUctlon,..t the Po Mllwankee, on Katnr dajr, . of J«Ir.l8S»iatf«e tear of ? r. of the randered ID dated the ii 23d * BlUt Ward, of the Clt, br-MBwaake,, OoanH orMiIsrank«and»utflofWiseon»ln,aaaalio _ piyinffroo this plate '«p : t«ro Hirers aid In termedltta ......We Office, Milwn BovKca * 8r i»ai»B£».»,» A ! K'ffl : AU'y«.- ' ' '' :{• "r JelO-lawSw '..- -; CHARLES It. _ Domestic ; Exchange and Spe«ii-. T HB highest raw paid for all klnd| of Gold and 811- rar Coin and •Bullion. or sale at the lowest prices A« I Bake dealing In Specie anrl Sxehange BIT entire and CTCltulTe b«ln«M,.I am able to^rem, caato! •en an adrantage oTer current fint et. LUit of DTICM •!U be furaished at mj office, ™ pr)ce *' wb. 5« WISCONSIN STREET,' Under th- Baptist Oh«reh, nearly opposite U» ClBCOIT OOUET, V- !. ;-•• Milwaukee Count y.J . • OharJeJ WMOltarfl, HalntlfA ~ • ' »v' Klu ••«. on ll, Christian H. it yer,Otlo Reblag.^J. *r- tJoW, s*; ». eneWohiv ""Vr/derlBk MaeIIerf ; »tie < »»riand, Aoputos B. Wood; DefendaBU. •%£*** « Wl«oon«iiii to the ABE ANGUS SMITH & CO., Storage, Forwarding & Commission MBKOHANTS. Proprietor! of the LAltCE ELEVATOR WAREHOUSE, At the, terminal of the Milwaukee A MlislMlunl and theHn.ftaliee, Watertown * Baraboo V»Ue»KaSroad? TST Uberal adraoces made on prap*rtw in store, or fo»«W1fM»,M*t*A V*mf-~~ 1*.*V.«. '^ *.«?•-* rn Markets. petiS-dtr OIROUIT OorJKT, 1 County of Colombia. [ John Furlong and Morgan rorlong; .-. . .'•'•.'agalnit - -- JohnB.Vliet, : ' Joseph Bailer, ' Caroline C.VUet, ' Wisconsin Klrtr - Hf- 'dranlio Company-, i Bdward gpsuldlns;,' . •ammonf.—for Boiler .,^. ,,,^r, ..:. ,. : . -...i-;j..-.,. berefcy flmCT«ionwd ; and repaired to innrer beg leave to call the attention of the Trade, and more especially the Physicians of the country, to two of the most popular remedies now before the public. We refer to " Dr. C&a.. M'lane's Celebrated Vermifuge and Live;r Pills. We do not recommend them a< universal Cure-alls, but simply rpi what their name purports, viz.: THE VERMIFUGE, For expelling Worms from the human system. It has also beer administered with the most satisfactory results to various Animals subject to Worms. THE LIVER PILLS, For the cure of LIVER COMPLAINTS, all BILIOUS DERANGEMENTS, SICK HEAD-ACHE, &c. In cases of FEVER AND AGUE,' preparatory to or after taking Quinine, they almost invariably make a speedy and permanent cure. As specifics for the above mentioned diseases, they are Unrivaled and never known to fail when administered in accordance with the directions. Their unprecedented popularity has induced the proprietors, FLEMING BROTHERS, PITTSBURGH, PA. to dispose of their Drug business, inf^hich they have been successfully engaged for the last Twenty iTeab, and they will now give theii uridiyided time and attention tc ihfeiif manufacture. And being de- terhiihed that; Dr. M'Lane's Cele- briit^d Vermifuge and Liver Pills ihaU continue! to occupy the high N K W 1 H A:T M t, N I CouOdential Ncdioal Ailtivt- ! A T the BatTalo Privite H.t^pin, - -HUNI *r ^.j r h cure <if Syphilis SeminAJ \\ *• Infirmities iuS, HulTnJ-, N. V. -* in.l I»r Offic,'. rner .f M* A MOST SCIENTIFIC INVENTION An io5trum«nl for th«; • ar* 1 of (ieD.taJ L/vt property K';o«a ,is 11 1 U 1 rtfi rn .l. k y« »hvn usmj c YOTNli MEN TAKE I'ARTIOL'LAR ?•.,!;. , I>r. AMOd .t Slii.N >«kr plrajure ;. tnnitun, ,., J tn Ih.. . jr- .,.' Hie ;lhov- .liSrJis." ll :..ia W-T ..r JF , :, ... •» test by ihe mn,t eniiu^nl pn.-sicci'i* ,, L..II.I.I i'vr .<, Phil.i.iclpr.ia .ind .N^w V .rK , ii 1^3 .teen I. . ifir- i Horn b) hiii'^> ar »rant, cno».ed t-y ihu --fcrtff ilonars by mail -,t express. A cra>: M haint of y>uih I >|I) Ihe el OS A .•'ON have Jcv.itt.l :'-T ou,uu i, , to this peculiar elm* "f aniia.l.-H. ^n.1 f have Con-tqucntly b-.-eii Ln;ibl«il t., r. a, • w creatures, is fully i~;.n.-.t *tul ^,-f^ used by cmivalescent psinent^ *nil ••t.'i. vin^; in town from all par s ..f io,- o..:iijtfy ess purpove only of cioaullauno*. vrhil.- Ui have been crowned wub. trie OUMI ^i^rial i 1 i, r Til • r i K . i-e cau-i-4 t ( Uid^e .u UIOC.L atmple cooilition and lovi terate,) they •• "'.hllity of their ]>T •• -. M. . wn iblv- h.uii.l UtJ* Ullit n in.I i.T e mist h-i qulriiig n|. danger"'..« taine.l i: . «n,l Ukeu anti i by riced Ui one of the rollowmi; L-ausea ,i:!»n -e ortflect, or Ihe Ul «>Tect» ol unsmllfnl >n.l in,,r..|.,-i Lreaunenl, intretore. Da. Anos * Soa ni» r In alscovortnjf. In the selection of ilielr rem.-«l^.n. . §.ife, etleclual and cautloua coune; omilti. ^ i i ,-.,i,, blniition of reroetiles which bear an t-qulv.,cm. ter, as well as tboae whose premature .Tr lOjuilleioux application misllt b-j prodoctire r f bail c.n.«equenc.-» „, Uie Kanda of private indlvMlnali. In «li .r-. if.,. . lu ,i a . ble end of their remedies 13 Uie lessening .1 i ^re:u msart of human ornery by llie .llleVUILHMI. -.- . I ,n i prevention »f thone ifrlevou.s alMlrtliiM 111*1 *rn : reality Um accrd foes of life, and wh ch, while they ..i extensively surround ua t csjl llnu.l for our iklM mill iaterlenrnce .n their extermination. COUNTRY INVALIDS. Per» n.H in an>- i an of the wnrld may r>.; treatt-ii t>y t correct detail of :l.r:r c.i..e, with .1 remitL.-in.:e for MetJiiMiiea, Ac. Address Or. AMOS * dON, corner Mam «n ! Quny I'RiV K.N ' P;tK.\ L.N f .« IHK .-Cl i-K.- f'lK ... | expOte 'for «ale and aellat Public lo»1t: »Bmb tbirty^even X8TV1n Tnlrd «f Mllwa»kJe,%BBty of -™ , Joilalt A.rToonsJi, ftter McNabaad Anjier Jackson, ;: % to tt* Oonrt far the. r«flef ^iind- nf.::.3,vfc i ,;.S"" l the Hon. Arthur « hsindred ariaflfty-nlne, in the ft* affloc ot the qierk of the Circuit Oonrt, Oo»qtr of t OolmBjl»,••;«l r ilw OKj of P6rt»«,-to4 to utrt a -MOT of. jov •nirer .to the taw v&mpJUiit oh •abjcrtbcr al Wi offle«, In the Oi* of-'r ' within ninety d«f> ajter the aerrkeToI thli of rach Mtrtc*; . eoroplalpt wlUila the Ume- Ui*ji*ttnttlI.tatUI«>»cSori»lU Aof Bcpehse in procuring t.he Best _ _: Jl-'-L'T* - •* ; • • i • •.-•'•'•».'"- « ' . "•-• ' '.. ^j t ^a.';-^-».ii«-'..^ r -i.i--=;-J. iirest:, material, and con> = >Ad(^ess,all bnders to BE88. .^.-^ ,.„ Broa, wflf 4o j/eJl to street, tralMlo, N. y. O.,i; .HALF.. STATE Of WISCONSIN, I nty. I ja.i7-.Uwly ( [>cw.| OiJcuu Court, Milwaukee Count they now hold among the great; remedies of the : day, they will Cpntiniie to -spare neither time Sidney tfheparJ, Ubrlstiaa Henry Slejrer, aud Margaret, his wife, Junes ». Brown, Darti «t. Power, Edward H»sae, Wiuiau, P. Urn-Ill, Nelson WeDsttr, Charles A. Ko-ffler Delraer ruchbacB, B. Roildis and A. W.QrliwolJ AdmlBlstr«lcr» of Ihe estate of John U. LeRoy, ,le- cfaaed, Ormand T. Crane, Charlei f. Bode, Adminia- trator oTthe iltste of Oharlei &. Sctre'ner, deceased, James W. ArcteJl ami Human I). C. Kemper £N virtue of and pursuant to » Judgment rendered in aaid Court in the above entitlcdactlon v dited FeOroa- 17 8,1S59,1 ihall expose for sale and sell at Public Auction, at'the Post-once, in the City of Milwaukee, on .SataYdaf< (he 9lh day ot Jnlf.lsso it th; hour of 2 r.v-, of Uiat day, the lolloVlnt; <le- scrloed mortgaged prrmUrs or so mach thereof as may be necessary to ralie Ihe amount of aaid judgment, interest and coato) together with ihe expcniea of sale, wit: j3"Lot number ilzteen (16) and tha east half ,.f lot number flrteeo(15), la block forty-avo (43). in the Second Wwrl or the City of Milwaukee being oa Tamarack street, between Fifth und Sinh ureets, all In the County of Mil w,. nice and State of Wisconsin." Dated Sheriff 'i Office, April 3, £859. ' A. J. LAN . WOUTHY. i . i VI V KK !• I II \IAKKKT . 114 M.liMtl ..I' M., M ML ui.-, > " HV U.I. UH ..... |>r l)» li.L l>KLi.(,IM . II V M.L. UHI Ultl.^l. HV AIL ''It I t.i.l^l. ».SU li\ u j \>L* HI ,' j, \M> HY II. I >.M) HV .1 J . SI' l.oc I', ST i.ul !.-< . sT I..M I., ST LOCIS \Nl> i - in;., »M> i,; >. Ii, , II Id , apr8^m-lin2w . gherjlt Milwsokeo Co., Wls. SUEKIf JI'»S SALE I . f 006] 8TATB OF WlSCONSltr, Clronlt Conrt. Mil waul se County . .James'S. Brown, Joshua Hathaway and Thomas L. Og' den, •gainst A. Patterson Smith, and Alfred Edwards. Foreclosure. I N virtue of and pornuant to a ^adgnxnt rendered In saM Court, in lha ab'oTa entliled action, l-tt-d March 17, 1S59, 1 shall expose for sale and sell at Public Auction, actheVoMOdkseL In the city of ililwaukie, on .Saturday, the 2* day of July. 1SS9, at thehourof2p. a. of that day, the following described mortgagfd premi«5,orso oacb f'srrof aaowy twee- Cexiary to raise tha amoant! of laid judgment, Interest and costs, togtlher with tbrezpeose* of sale, lo wit : /• "Bluck number twenty-eight (28), cf Clark's addition, In la« Ctghth Ward, of the ctty. of Mil; : waukea aiwlcoajity of JsIUwankee, ud State ef - -• Wuconjln. .-••....-•. ]. • .: .-- - ' Bat«d SlUfUCt Office. »Iiran»te, April 1a», JM». J . i. A. J.tAJIQWOBTHV, t The Reamrntlve IK ^ it up ,n bnuie-i ;lrne, medium, in.I »i.i:ul; -h- iiiiitii <\.. retails for one .Inllar per o^tt,e-, the least iwrnty per cent, more .n pn>Vmi<- rtttails for two dollars JI.T Fiuttl.i; -|i. .1 W |»er cent, more in propur', in.I 0. J. WOOD t CD . Pr.,,, ri. 11 • Yerk. \.n the ifrem >. Y \v.r« it.til n mil ill Market ».. .it l... U !». >!.. Sold by U. II AllAIM, I'M." And K^ncv t^oods I>»*aleri4. •"».!»«>, S... Uablmhmeti I <„ SI 0 H T AN 11 iOIVULL, Formerly of Toronto, C. W , now-,,» Uhlcjuo, 111 , the At S eminent and skillful <,p«fintnr EKJI AMD EAK Si Randoipn, corner o( l),-.ii hn, ,, «re<jt, worklL-ii mtmclen lo iho nrnv nl realorlnc LOST SIGHT AND r.,,h,,h , ••»« »«n receiredb, Dr. 0. w thin the lam fnu- »eck», many of whom ha»a been blind for mnnthi »n,| r ,.»r.. hare h»u their sight reJtored Instaaily by <i,ti™t» ami •Hfli-vUowtteiu while otner., «ho hei-n ,uir r< . r! , have been miraculously cured by nli.i »nd bDt. The best proof a. to how Dr. U. 1 * ,crv,c« nr« » «.i*dl.,tha«ficUt,| i |||,recelTi n( , ,,.. P « Uen ,, eaiiy received casrj. i or opifllon.i—

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