The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on July 9, 1923 · Page 8
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 8

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, July 9, 1923
Page 8
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PACE EIGHT •"-'•'•V**--- " rrr~:— THE HUTCHINSON NEWS, MONDAY, JULY 9, 1923 RECEIPTS OVER 100 CARS TODAY RANGE OF OPTIONS AT CHICAGO. Several Cora of Exceptionally High Test Old Wheat Are Received Here. EnlM of dark wheat qimt.i'd un{ranged with fair demand. Salon of hard wheat generally call- I'd unchnugcil quality considered fair demand. Severn! car.-: of Very good quality and tostin-< rath'-r hieh In i>ro- tcin taikl on (Mir market Idrlay. Two earn of N». 2 old wheat trat'.nz from 13.0.X to 1H.20 protein sold at $l:dt; wliiic M cur of No. 3 old wheat, testing 14 pvoteiti I nt SI-'H". and | ri'oV one No. 3 o'd li-.ting 1>.:!2 protein cold ill $l.e7,. Car of .\'o. 2 dark new wheat sold at. 9!>'j,. iirotein test on lliln car i i 32.01. , | _ Future uiaike'^: cerv tdeadv ;ifter the de-line at the opening and tho He]i!e!lllie|- "Iil'nie: elOi'.i lit ;|il,,li; llll- ch; riL('d price;) to a fraction higher. Jt^I 'ortH of bln.-k ru^t continue to ( nine fr • in the N,,rtirvc.-.t spring v.iicat Stat-., and tha wciitb-r In tit'.'e stat, •; is jui: ri);at for the do- Open illgl 1 .0W .T'.ilv. 1 tit l.tM 1 .03'i Kept. l.otl'.j l .Oi! Vi i .o :s D,-c. l.Wt'.-d 1 .0 'j .* 1.01'/j Corn. July. .SI .83 .Si Sunt. .','7 Dec . . tj 'i .tii^> Onto. Jnlv. *>«•». .;::) ,tt' .37, -» .!S», i .94% Rye. Ivfir. • O .'-'i .07 "'. -sr. Sept. -It 7 vi ai7 1, ,C7 ',i .71 .71 .71 )71) Tii'luy 1.03'.j 1.03's 1.00',n Y'Uay 1 (11 l.W'-f, 1.06 Hi .S:I .SU'i .7.M* .02-':« .03 .MW .J !'=Si .S5 .37 ,14 .0. .07'a .07 Vi: .70'h ,7'i T /i PERFECT WEATHER HURT WHEAT PRICE Enlarged Receipts in the Southwest Also Made Difference nt Chicago. AT KANSAS CITY. July. July. Illsh .Itf.'-i .tui »i .6!>*« Coi .sou .73 ti .0O>-i Low • IP, .SI- - !, .119% .95 t he beiua. hot ali 'l 1 li.-trd wliitt -.'•o .-ar.j at !iT 2 hard when! • On* car tit Idi'.'c 11' i :i: It Jl 1)4; • one .71).1 Hi. at I.""; t.-.i a\e, IK, it !Rr, rivn <an) four care at '.'lie W. ; >!'.-• car •.I. nil, old, ir at li .ii;., old. I, V,'. ( lue c at !'7c 71 lh •::<! and M a ll>. K> iieat <• Willi Hi. at 7 11). tit tit !>'•(•, Ui. :n lion it - On- i-:ir 56.2 i. dull' with IKil.'l- ililtehlmitill toil' e r i; |u'- otto hari.-y ;: niile; i -iii!.-i :,t Othe w: on,- kafir wheat olio hlta Iniiiiih NEW YORK STOCKS. -rt'-il lliis aft". :i;t;.;i 'itv James 10. iii 'ii ii M U .Ji Co., V'u Hui p.ULth- Wi fv buiMitiK, by v.iiu lr. ii .\'e\V York J < i" ii Cjdhl. A. 'J'. ;-\r « ( tci \ A\\u-\ ' ' '• n 1 ! i i i • 1 ! 0 7 "i 111'. A ni n, Itit; . M f 1 \ .Ann. • n.l.i t 'oj i- r . . , ....... i! 1 .' 4 -1 Anm. , . lr.'i ' H i.. 1 1 A urn. I • • i • i • :; 4; 11 ! ',' -' l ;:-i :^ IS l Alinit !'' A Mil:' \V! .J; 1:. i •, Alii' ' 11; (' 1 s ^. t A li.n T' '',:! •-'•> ".lit t t;i ! (. A mil 'I'r'i ' i'ailllli it >::I'.: !J J '2 z '• t Anm. t h-r..-, tm 1 : ('••in /. iii " l!' ii<f.-i< 4;t 1 V < j ' 4. lflldH 1 ift! M • <<;•.{•}''U\\ il'l 4-( II! i, 4i;i^ 1 *(!!•• •!>];' r £ ,'i . Anm. ('r . ... 1 * til R, 3 11..'i (rul .:i *.':<•".- f';\j. 1 i il 'i ('u'l-i *.':<•".- f';\j. 4;i W'S A inn. S'.M.-rir , . ^: 2le' A C M n;i- h-n IVi M'l-- Hv ! H i'- 17 1 .7. H.i 'a C.'ru< i! i<' ... 64 1 j K, V. P.;. .... .. .. '. ?S 1 „ 0l i j 1 ; • ; 4i> A inn I"'Wi> -. >. c S2 i stfS ti u i r '* H 72 1^ Cledi-iiil l-ll'-ctrlc . .173 175Ji While KaKl.i (111 .. S4-1i 24Vi (o-.-at NeilhiTii Ky . . 07 Cli V, G-i.cinl Mot.irH .. n% 13Vj Int'l IlaivestiT .. IS VI 7S% llirplilltlea C'oPP' r .. 23 23 12-in ln'.'l Nl-ic-'. .. 12 Vi 23 12-in Ki lly-S|n hinfU-Pl .. 34^, 33 ;v K..liili.ei.l.t Cupjier .. 34".| ;.('-.•: ("n;ne I'tifiper .. lS'-a IS'., 1-ei, .Muruiieit.. Hy .. 41V, 42Vi Mi.lva':.' Stii-1 .. 2:P ''T :-3't. M.i...)3!l r .i'ifie lly .. Ji-:» 1 l s t .M ii. _,url I'liellle lly. Ptil. 32 Marl.uid C.11 . . 3ii 3 : >- 1 Calif. Pi.treleiim . 21'i 2 2 Mhl-K'i.ti>ri (HI .. 71~ 7',i Northcni l'iiclflc Hv . . »7>4 B ? Pi-oilerers i .. 3«V« 37. S T'|!lpq retrnli-iuii . . ^7'.',; 27 '-j Pullman Co ..114 Ill's I 'IITI Ainu. I'l-ti-elciim .. «v. 60 -i ,\n-ni. p.-tieli-iim "11" .. S'Mi r .sT-i,| l-a.-illc Oil 8«t p. :,ii. lly .. 4t'.»S 42'-i .iHlit-; n l; v. . . 3J1J 32", 1 C. 7.1. & Si. P. lly . . 11! U i 1 ',- i 11 e a < 1 i a!' 1v .. 71'» 71'i 1 P..Uii.n'.l I'.v .. 24ij 21': 1 P-pill.lie Pnll t HtCC'l ... .. 44 »i 43 1 I\ S. Jtli'elie. .. 4-: ! i-.-.i;!l,-rn P.e-lli..- lly .. Sriiiii-ikei . . 10 3 1 1 102'= i Slnchiii- nil". .. 24 H 2 1 L * S. il- lie- t.ilelc .. 7314 72 V, I - . S. Kl.-I-l C"ip . . '.It •jm T.-ji.a Ci. .. ti'.i 42\ .. r.H 1,3 1 !.!•m r .u ; lflu Hy '.. • . 17ic; 1.10-H Yneailium Steel .. fin-j 2S\ Amn. \Ve,,;,.„ .. 641 -1 E4 i.V- -IhiBlu-iiifiit Kiiv-trlo . . . . . 1,5 57, StnmWirt nt l"'l .. 114 1.4 65 S"i-.'-!'.y ''ii ,. ... IT', 17-H .-••taiHliipl „f x. J .. »m> i 32 7^ W,il.a»ll i 'f.l "A" ... !7 'i 27 ifl • STaa.h.rd of I '.tlif .. 5P-.1 51 14 U .jMtin In! r,2' ^ r, 21 .'• C"l,.i Sve. n .lllllelSl , . 13 -'-i| 13*4 Ctlp.* Sve.;n)ii]i . . .133 133 i-!:t-» «•<• Pf.l .. «5'j G5M, Co.-111.!. Hul.l.i.i- 2 fi -'"j Willys -I ivr i-lnnil "e f, Ulna f .neuui.-tlvi; .,. 61 u C2 ! 7: It..' .. ii"-» in; i-:.-le r-W» ... H-.; is"\ Miami Coppei- ... 23V, vr\ Maxwell Motei-a "A" ... 41V, 4(1'.. :.l,.sv.-.-ll Muteia -H" ... n\ 12 1 s. c.ri-at N.etiiei-n die . .. 2'7 1 1 2GH r. K lii.iiiurla! AtY ..b!'l . ... 47-\ 47 ! . 1 'aviV 'i -a.-mieal 3? 14 May line- .vflVii .".'.'w 11.. i on i .V. '.'. .'.'.'.' U\ 4,3 11»; Muek Tiu.-k .' 70 '.a KniilcoU-John.-iii ... 67-:i 67 ; 4 Curbs. Stan.liuii of Ky ... 86i-i Sfli.-. 'lai-iia Siiiiuil . . . C'l t',0 I'teale P'i-..- Line (oj 51) P".att-le II . ,c 1 } .... ..." 1 B 1 131 Cat! M-n.-v ... t f 4 7 li. ill,, 401.1W). Chicago, July !).••-Nearly perfect wotUher in all dirocfinnn lid to lower prig*.'!* Eor wlieat today during tlio Ofifly deallnyft^ ItfMdoa, enlarged re- coijita of nov.'ly Juirvostod whtut In th *j southwest hail I;OA \<' bniivlaU ct- foK. On tin J othfrr \K\\A, n reduction in tho luiiount of -.vlu'tit n ocuan pus- PJIKU fallnd to stir uj) any speoial dt>- nutinl he. rt;, and HO loo did an advance in Quotations at Uverpool. The opon- liJ-S, which ranged from %o dotriine lo 4 ad van or, w i til Kepi. $1.03*^ to ?1.03Vi. and Dmiombflr $1.06% to $1.0(» VJ , w :its Jollowod by a juoderaLe setback all around. Su'b^tiuently, ida-k rust complaints Increnscil and ^- tliu poveniment report dun after tlio oloso f^vt-nlna up of , ar-counts brought aliouj,, some ad- van i'f in pricu. For tin- most part, however, grains failed to laht. Tho close was u :uu 'UW-d ut. a range varying" from Mic net decline to ad- vfuieo. Jnlv and September both Jlf'.'i'-j to" $1 .1 )3^ and December SinnllnesB of today's arrivals of com liero gave Htron ^th to eurn anft oata., .\U>T op 'MiIni; '.inehan^ed to %c higher. 75% to " TVJC , the corn market s<:ore(I a derided upturn In the July d'divory and rallied Pe.pleinbef and l .trM 'o'ntb-or from an early,decline. liiiying oja the part of commission hounes and shorts led to a material upturn in -price later. The close was firm, to uet hither, Sept. TG "Jrt to 77c. Oats Btarted nnchanged to He higher, Sept. 3r .,'.;C, a-jd held close to the opening mnk'e. A dccMtio in hog values weakened the iirovi&jou market. Th'fty Yaara Ag<v Today The clreulfl t ton ot the News was 1,801. Dally springs, 2% lbs. and over, 18 eta.; rcxisters, 7 cts. DUCKS—Young. 10c; GCMO young 10c; turkeys, hena S% lb. and over 20?, young toma 12 lb. and over 2Uc; old toms IScVij f.iilnaa, 30o each; pls- COIIS , Cc r;ich or 75o a ioz.; Ilelglau Hnrcs Sc. K^ltiS—I'resh, candled loss off, 15 crls. ilo^oa. Hutchinson F'roducs. (Quoted by Sunfl!i-,vcr Produce Co.) POULTRY: Co<l :.4 7etB.; hens 16 cts.; light hems, Mcts.; broilers 23 cts. Leghorns and blacks uudar l'.i lbs., 20 cts. EGGS: 15c dozen. A LIGHT DEMAND FOR INVESTMENTS Sentiment of Stock Market Improves, However! as Rock Bottom is Reachhed. Kansas City Cash Prices. Kan*aa City, Mo.. July 9. —Cash— WllllVr—Kci'.'ipts 259 cars; unchanged to 1c higher; 'Nu. *<lark hard $1.00 f« l.OSJ; No. a dark hard $1.001.08; No. 2 hard »7«i.l .4lfl; No. 8 hard !(6# 1.05; No. 2- red 01'^ 1.02; No. 3 red 90 Ct'i.nii. COHX — DP inivpi-; No. 2 vvlilte SiiV S-lc; No. 3 v.hltp smb3c; No. 2 yet- 3 yellow SOtf85V<.c; low dWis SBo; No .N'o. 2 mi_\ed til'; 1 en, it ilc Kan Kansas City Hay. a; City, Mo., July 0, -HAY Receipts 7a car»; ntnady to $1 lower. ALFALFA. Cholct! |19.r,fl<}V2L0»; Nil 1 JlS.'iOtji lli.OO; Htandard $!S.3vt3> 17 f#; No. 2, ?11.5i:'(fjil0.o0; No. 3, |».00 It'll.'".!. PHA1HIK HA*!' --Now, No. J $12.00(tT l.'l.ln'i; No. 2 $10.0'it(j-ll.fj0; No. 3, ?S.C'd *f ii.fii'. TIMOTHY No. 1 JID.OO; ntnudartl ?!s.ei.i<i is.i,e; No. 2 Slu.f.H'JilT.iU; N'o. 8, Jl.'l.nofi la. IK). CUlVBii. - Mixed lislit HIM® IS.f.O; No. 2 fl3.riutifl7.00. hiyhor; f! Yi -hit'- r 5Sc. 3 mixed No. 2 white ll'(j42c; No. OATH—1 to 2c 42V3 ,; I3i-ic; No. 2 niiveil 42«(M3<;. HXK- <;«« «!>•. 1IAULKV KAF1H —$ 1.57. IHtAN—SOfi fSe. SHOUTS- ?i.32@l.?.7. Chicago Closing Prices., July 9.—-WHBAT—.lulv EEF STEERS ARE 1 STEADY AT K. Heavy Receipts Today at the River Yards— Hog Prices. 25 to 30 Lower. Kansan City, July 9.—CATTLE— Receipts 18,000; calves 3,000; quality very plain, better frradtss ot becE ateeni and yearlmrts fully steady; top steers $10.85; yearling.-) $10.20; other classes of steers and bulk of she-stock weak to 15c lower; better grades cows mostly $4.50fri .('i .0O; *l'ew at $0.C0; balk h«lters ?6.5071-9.00; bulla mostly steady; bulk bolo/Jnsa $4.00@4.50; calves steady; vealer;; largely SS.OOigi 9.00; stojikors and feeders slow and uneven; steady to 15c lower; bulk 4le- sirable kinds 3-l.fiOg 7.1JV; few nt $7.-10; canners and cutters weak to 15c lower, mostly $2.00(83.00. HOGS—Receipts 13,000; very little doing; u few Urn to 220 pound aver- uKiiii to shippers at $7.30, or 2, r rfai30c lower; packers bidding 25@35c on butchers; bulk oi sales J7.15@7.25; top $7.30; packine sows lr^SSc lovv- er; bulk Sfi.OOtffB.lO; top pig* steady; bulk Sti.2506.60. SHEEP—R«c«5ij.ts 12,000; lambs generally 25!ji 50c lowei", some. i\a tlvts off more; Iilahos $; Colo ratios $ 14.S5; top natives $14.75; iiot- ftrrades. sorted natives mostly ter a; Dec. 11.00'i. Sept. 76;<ic; rje- Seiit. 5%c; De. New CloDeil 1)4T 23. 23.07c Cotton Market. York, July 9.—Cotton futures •any. July 8C.H0ff2S.84c; O.:to- altg.273.03c; December 23.C3'ii WALL STREET MARKET. New York, July P.--Block pointed upward cm duD traduiK In the early pari of today's market hut turned Leavv later when the call money rate was marked up to mix per OJ,craters on the long aide ' tl no dl-,i uaition to hupport their r ievt-is. Hules sluires. emit. KhOW' favorit i Hpproxii, Ihe liUhe .il Oi.lll.iithl Ni-iv York, July 9. Prices displayed a firm tone at the upenlnt: of today's stock in.-'rl-.i-i. American agricultural Chemical pre',.,-n il advanced Ibieo points. Yie.i CM to',', H Stei;l ami Tube advanced t'.vo; IJidiiw iife and Hudson l : i4, ui;d .Sih'.iHe oiorec. atel Granliy Cup. j:e;- on eai.;). U'il i > s-(1 v,'rLin(1 pru- fi-i'.-i I aad Iiilenintlonal llarvesler each t .i ;-.4id about a point. Irulus- tiials , .jiitlrnted their rise to higher liiiuii -i; hut tiiuliiis in ruild wan^- gii I; :-,-.d l :eai -y Uelawaiti and 1 iudi-c.r. canci'Iline, its oai'l.v gain and l .,n::t!ii .;;i I'aidfic hoiling a point below !'.;i-.ini;ty's cloi 5 e. . Gains of a point or niiii'e wore registered by Caltiui ;.i,a l'elrtdetiin eeiunion and prt .'ei t . .1. fan -American 1.1, Ktowtirt- W.iruer. Aiucrlcau Can Owens, Bottle, and Lupoid. P'orelitn exchauj;e opened nteady. iluyiui; of a more confident character ami' into the market durinfr tile morning and prices eontlnuod fhoir upward COUIHH . Gnius of a point or more were (julto common among Uio Iniluiitrlal ehures, United Staten 6 -te.o! coiuntou beinjr the only laggard of nny coutietpienee. lJelav,"aro u ind HudEbii was again noid freely,'hroak- tnii to 95 after having touchtKl B7 -J4, St.o.'l'.i; Sept. 5L03 C.Ol"tN- July S'Jc; ci .'tnhe-, lla'Vc. OATS- Jul}' asvj ceinlicr .17 i^iV PORK— Blank. LAUD Sent. $11.17; October S11.27. J9.22; October J9.12. Kansas City Closing Prices. Kunsa* City, Mo., July 9.— Close— WHEAT- July 05«.c; Sept. 9C%c; Dec. S9i <,e. CORN—July SOVkc; Sept. 73%c; Dee. liOVuc. $1 -I.Oil ft 14.25; common to medium llpthtly sorted, lots $12.25fii 13.50 sheep around 25c lower; Texas woth- ors $7.00©7.fifl; odd lots best lifbt -weie,h.t ewes up to ?fi,50. Cllfcago. •Chicago. July 9.—HOGS—.Receipts 85.000; fairly active ou good kinds; slow, others around 2.jft'40c lower; bulk desirable 180 to 200 pound averages $7.40>iJT.60; top $7.65; few rjf.od and choice weighty butchers around I (By James B. Clews.) Wall .Street, New York, July D.—Tho financial markets, have shown little disposition toward any new trend. First.-of ihemonlh dls-bursemouts. atiftj readjustments of funds, Government withdrawals from banks, continued I uncertainty regarding European prospects, and reluctance on. the part of tho public to make commitments have in some decree offset tho effect of I good crop conditions, excellent freight traffic- and larger domestic demand. The Basis of Business. The essential element in the pres-! ent situation is tho actual position of business. As to tills, there have) been several indications of unusual interest. The Federal Reserve Bank of New York In an extensive survey of general prospects has shown "production and shipment ui goods in heavy volume'—"active distribution of commodities" — a "money market quiet and relatively easy"- — and declines "in the loans of reporting member banks." Another fact of Biirnl- ficanco has been a further rexessiou of I'js points in the general level of wholesale prices of commodities during June. The fact that bank credit demands are amply provided for is well illustrated by the. lessened activity in the turnover of bank deposit credit in New York and other centers. This shows,-that there la no good reason to expect, largo new demands on Ihe banks for the immediate moment tor use in furtherance of commercial requirements. Altogether it seems clear that tho commercial and business world is well financed aud is amply provided with funds, oven without resort to the banks, whilo output is well sustained in most lines and demand unusually cood. In Agriculture the fiirures both of the Government and of private estimators show conditions of about averasto character, with every reason, lo expect a satisfactory yield at fairly good price;). Readjustment of Values. In theye uircitmstauces prices of securities should show stability instead of the weakness tivat has lately prevailed. Thoy have evidently been out of line with trade conditions. This bus been due to doubt as to- leRisla- tive and other prospective conditions. Revival of Uio bonu.s agitation In an aggravated form, positive slaiements ou the part of federal 'legislators that they will not countenance- efforts to reduce taxation, despite a substantial surplus at the end of the fiscal year cut June 30, and intimations even In unusually conaervative quarters that "iome" reduction of railroad rates can he endured by the lines have been the unfavorable features of the outlook. Tho public clearly wants to" know more about these lonir-ranjre elements $7.35; packing sows mostly $ti .2r, (l.4i); desirable weighty pigs $*;.f,0J 7.00;' heavy weight hogs $»1.63 ft 7.5,5 medium S&OOtfT.gS; light $6.75«7.t:>, ... light Hfrhts $8.75ft 7.00; packing ROIVI j lhe Present levels being in most cases smooth $6.00(317.50; rougi $5.60 ; <j 0.10; i f r ? low as 7Ju"Ked either by probable j bllllnB pigs 1«.25«7.10. """ ; I" tho situation before undertaking , much larger commitments Meantime | the process rf "readjusting" valu j has undoubted!/ been carried very far Hutchinson Flour and Feed. (Quoted by Win. Kelly Milling Co.) WilL'AT—No. 2. new or old, 83c FLOUIt—per 9a lh. sacks $3 15; 48 lb. sacks, $3.20; 24 lb. sacks. $3 30 ->r cvvt., 10-lb. sacka -per cwt„ 10-lb. sacks GRAHAM—r 3.50. CORNMilAX- 3.20. SHORTS—Per Cwt., $1.45 BRAN"—Per cwt. $1.10. SCREENINGS—$1.30. hut It failed to unsettle the rest of the railroad list. -Non-dividend paying eurrierFi were in demand at higher prices with the Investment rails buldlnit firm. Jewel Tea preferred advanced 4%, Duponl 3%, Tidewater Oil 3^; and Goodrich preferred, Railway rHeel flprinc, Pierce Arrow preferred uud Herrmann Corporation 2 to 2L.. Call money opened at 6 percent. New York Money. New York, July 9.—Foreijrn ei- chance Irrofciilar. Quotations In cents: Ureal liritaln demand 4 .60V*; cables 4 .045 'i; 00-day bills ou banks 4.5.3%. France dcimvnd S.SrjVi; ctvbles 6.86. Italy demand 4 .24%; cables 1.26. Relf^iuni demand 4.84; cables 4.85. Germany demand .0003%; cables .0003 1 .' . tiwlizoilnnd demand 17.23. Poland <lcuian4 .0007%. dteeJio -Klnvakla demand 3.02. Call money strong; hl(;U 6; low D; mlinir rate 5; closing bid 0; offered at ti'.j; last loan 0; call loans ugaiiejt necopianeor, 4Vi. Time loans firm; mixed collateral 60-90 days 605Jt; 4-6 months 6©6U; prime commercial paper 5. Liberty Bonds. Final prices Quoted by tfts Mc- Nnghteu Loan company today were; 3>»% '..UOQ.n lm 4T« its. 10 1st 4Vt% 83.11 "^•4 3nil 4 V. 8l'd 4 .(4% BS .u 4th 4%% 88.11 U, S. Governinent 4Vi% Kansas City Produce. Kansas City, Mo., July 9.—BUTTER •—Unchanged; creamery 40S>41c; packing 2Gc. Bl -TTBRFAT— Unchanged, 31c; extra quality 34c. EGGS—Unchanged; firsts 21c; Be- lects 28c. POULTRY—Unchanged; hons 19c' light broilers 25c; heavy broilers 30c; rooater3 10c. Chicago Produce. <3hicago, July S—DlirrEU— Steady; creaonsrry extras 37V4c; standards 87Vic; extra firsts 35M ,@36 %c; firsts 840350; seconds 82t3 1 373 ' r ic. BOGS—Higher; firsts 22t322 %c; ordinary firsts 20i><,@21c; storage .pack extras 25©24^4c; storage pack -firsts 23%c. roULT-RY— AHve; steady; fowls 190 >2Jc; broilers 220i34o; roosters 12c. POTATOES — Stronger; prices slightly higher; United States ghlp- nients, 874 Satunlay; 38 Sunday; arrivals 103; on track 214; Oklahoma Kicked Illlss Triumphs and Irish cobblers $3.00 ii .i .25 ; poor, mime heated, low un $2.40; stiles to Jobbors, Kansas saekod, early Chios, No. 1 moatly, $3.00. Hutchinson Butterfat. (Quoted bv Swift & Co.) BUTTER -Creamery, 89®40o. BUTTERFAT— No. 1, 83c; No. X 30 cts. EGOS—Loose, 15 cts. Hutchinson Produce. (Quote <l by Carl Nelson.) " POULTRY— Heus over 4 lbs., 17 cts.; umder 4 lbs. 14 cts.; broilers Hi to 2 lbs. 25 ou.; under 1% 20 c-t*; CATTLE—Receipts 23,000; fairly active, outside demand broad, largely a steer run, market generally steady on better grades, beef steers and yearlings; kind of value to sell at $9.50 and below easier; early top matured steers $11.50; several loads $.11.00 (911 .10; bulk beef steers and yearlings $9.50^:10.75; Bho stock and veal calves generally .steady; bulls active, strong to 13c higher; stockers and feeders proportionately scarce, firm; bulk desirable bologna bulls $4.75©5.00; bulk veal calves to packers $10.50'S>lL "2ri; upward to $12.00 to outsiders; bulk desirable beef heifors $7.F,0@S.60 SHBBP—Receipts 21,000; slow, fat lambs 25(gi50c lower; spots more sorting considered. Good and choice natives around $15.00; culls mo3tly $8.00 @8.50; sheep very scarce, steady few odd lots medium and handy weight ewes $5.00@G.OO; heavies downward to $3.50". tng movement, which had bscn in progress .during the previous govoral weeks, also to- the recognized fact that quotations for most stocks had gotton down to a point at which they wero unmistakably' cheap. As pointed out in recent advices, merit ha3 been entirely Ignored, tho rush to sell stocks having boen duo to a state ot nervousness tor which It is hard to account. Certain It is there was nothing in the trado situation to Justify th» gloomy talk which has recently been going the rounds. The very heavy car loading, allowing quite conclusively that, there has been no particular abatement In trado activity, and while there is some Jiill, which is not unusual nt this season of the year, indications are not lacking that, business in all channels will be sufficient to keep practically everybody employed for a long time to come. One could not ask for ttioro wero it not for the excessive wage demands of labor coupled with exacting working conditions which naturally handicap new construction enterprises. On tho other band, it it) obvious that these demands could not be met if the country at largo were not In a highly prosper ous condition. With respect to tho sharo list, there is good reason for believing that large, financial Interests have been quietly picking up stocks as they have been thrown overboard, •which has reduced the floating supply,' with tho effect that the market is now resting on a sounder foundation. The result Is that sentiment, which, as is well known, has a powerful influence on values, has undergone a change for tho better. This does not necessarily mean, how ever, that the. upward movement will continue without reactions as the buying power Is still insufficient to readily absorb stocks when they aro pressed for sale. Tho most that can bo hoped for, therefore, In the Immediate; future is that the market will present a moro two-sided appearance; hut even this will bo a distinct improvement as compared with conditions which ruled a week ago, when prices were diplng without interruption to new lows. Picking up stocks hereafter when offerot^ai concessions ought to be worth flBtno. Tough Luck. A man who describes hirtiieeir as a brick-layer coiaplulAeu to tho Brooklyn police that he waa robbed of $790 on his own doorstep* It is always tragic to lose a week's pay at one full swoop.—Itrovidence Journal. > .— Foxy. Citizen—"That's my car. A thief is junt fixing a blowout." . Policeman—"All right, I'll go over and arrest lThn," Citizen— "Sh-h-h: Wait till he gets the tiro pumped up."-~Toronto Telegram. The Student Tours. Washington: rdcmhtirship In the student tours, of the Institute of In- terna-tion Kdneatton has been extended to include older students in somo preparatory schools. Heretofore, membership has been reserved for college students and instructors. * * * PRODUCE REVIEW. * ^> _— • ••> By Swift & Co., «• «(r • $ 4> <£ *>«<•! * <f ,t> •$> <5> <?> <$> .«> <$• Cooler weather and general rnlnB have helped pasture conditions con- |TiUlorable, and iwhllo cream receipts usually decrease nt this time of tho year, they are holding up well. The present market Is Influenced a good den! by expected Imports of foreign butter, but on the present basis, consuming demand Is Increasing and it would seem that the markets from now on should possibly show an Improvement, (being lnflueno ed by production. Live hons ars moving In larger quantities than a year ago, Indicating that tho laying ueauon Is -pretty well over. The markets on dressed fowl are influenced considerably by the heavy stocks of frozen poultry In storage and It Is probable that present conditions will exist for Uio next several weeks. Live broilers are hot moving as freelyi as a few Weeks ago, indicating that some of Iho early hatch were lust, due to excessive rains daring tho early setfton. 'Prospects aro for a large late hatch, which naturally will Influence the later markets. * Eggs aro still going Into storage In lars'jr quantities than a year ago, at about the snme values. Receipts in the past, few days hayo shown a material dropping off, and consuming do- mauds has improved, so that the market from nov. ou may be some better. A Perfect Record Spoiled. An aged Kansas convict prefers hii cell to freedom on parolo in tin climate- of California. Let the West Coast vvind-j. miners put that In their horn and blov, !L—St. Louis I' patcb. First Morgages on Real Estate Is the Best Investment. Farnxor City. -ask McNAGHTEN! Chronic Diseases and Piles FREE s England is to -have an en.ormo ;i3 all*, force. John Bull Is a lover of peace, but does not propose to be as trustful in matters of defense its ho waa before ttio great World War took place, i —Washington Star. j Illustrated Literature telling of thousands of satisfied patients treated by Dr. Hover. Don't consult another doctor until you have road every word of this wonderful Non-Surgical, Health Booklet. Just place your address on a postal card and ma IT to— DR. HOOTER HEALTH KSTITOTE Offices 5i/j West First Street, Hutchinson, Kansas. Wichita. Wichita. Kan., July 9.—HOGS—Receipts 800; 30c lower; top 57.15; hulk J7.00@-7.15. CATTLE—Receipts 2200, including 300 calves; steady to strong on good kinds; others slow, steady; beef steers $5.60tjf8.00; beef cows and heifers $3.75©7.50; ftulla $2.50®3.75; veal calves $3.00<g)7.50; stockers annd feeder™ $3.00tgi6.00. of WOULDN'T MAKE ORDER. Judge Didn't Direct Acquittal Morae and Sons. Washington, July 9.—Justice Stafford refused today to direct a verdict o£ acquittal in the case ot Charles W. Morse, his three sons and tour others, who are on trial un indictments charging conspiracy to defraud tho government In connection -with war tlmo ship construction and operation contracts. (By Tho Associated Press) Judet Acquitted. Paris, July 9.—(Ernest Judet, charged with conspiracy with the enemy during the war was acquitted today after only ten minutes deliberation by the Jury. All of Them This Year. Nlnetoon twentty^tliree will be remarkable for politics and other pests, candidates and tent caterpillars and the tariff and seventeen-year locusts. —Louisville Courier-Journal. Too Many of Them. Too many ot those who come here proteanedly aoeklng liberty take Mb- •rty with it,—Washington Poet, business conditions or investment yields, There seems now no reason to doubt the continuance of good trade demand for a long time to come, and witii normal crop yields the state ot buainesi) should be such us to offset the elements of doubt already rc- . fjy *rred to; but, as many times noted, i (here is likely to be some dullness and : hesitation during tha mid-summer period awaiting further Information and evidence as to prospects. Foreign Trade Problems. Foreign trade problems continue an important factor affecting domestic business and financial conditions. A series of four successive months with unfavorable merchandise balances leaves us at the eiul o fthe half year with a balance of imports over cxporta not less probably than $lbO,OWI,000 and possibly $30,000,000 more than that. This la at the rale of $45,000,000 to $500,000,000 per annum should conditions obtaining for four months past be maintained. For the past half year foreign financing .here hua amounted to about $185,000,000, while foreigners have Bent ua something like $100,000,000 of specie. Due to the reversal ot the merchandise balance, j the sharp decline in the amount of j securities sold here by foreign countries has not preventod them from maintaining a balance here about equal to that of last year. Some current statistics accordingly indicate the existence of a balance of about $450,000,000 in ravor of foreign 'countries on the books of our banka. At present our merchandise exports may be figured at about 20 per cent below normal level, while imporla are about 25 per cent above that level. Thin con. dition of affairs is partly responsible for the reaction in wholesale prices ot commodities and needs to bo rectified. Financial Conditions. It Is evident that the financial f markets will not lack Banking and 'credit support during the current season. Recession In brokers' loans continues. During' the past few days reports have shown that loans by the Reserve Bank of New York to member banks were at low, level for tho year. This situation coincides with tho existence of a gold reserve ot practically record amount, whilo unfavorable morchandis'o balances have not reduced our specie stock; It having, in fact, been materially enlarged In the meanwhile. So far as the financial situation is concerned, it has been free from tho effect of stringency, there being plenty ot funds at all times to meet requirements at reasonable rates. Market Review and Outlook. The market during tho past week fcaa presented a aaner appearance due to a cessation of the heavy sell- Notice to Wheat Raisers We are now in position to handle your wagon wheat.—Get Our Prices Before Selling. LARABEE FLOUR MILLS CORP. Phone 1635 Will Call for Poultry and Eggs Anywhere CALL AT OUR EXPENSE FOR PRICES Sunflower Produce Co. Phone 2522 v - 713 S. Main ^itfjiiimmiiiiniuiiiiitiiuiiiiitiMiiiiiiiiniiitiHtiiuiuiiitiiiiiitniiiiiiiiiiniiiiiit^ | Camping—Fishing /| 1 Coleman Camp Stove jj S One of tho Greatest Cook Stoves on the market. ~ =2 Gold Medal Camp Cots. Coleman Lanterns to light your way. == = Fishing Tackle. Steel and Bamboo Fishing Rods. Every ~ == kind of Hook. Artificial Bait. Minnow Nets. Esj =—: Everything to camp and have a nice trip. S J. C O'DONNELL, HDWE. 1 = 4th and Main Phone 3250

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