The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 20, 1956 · Page 19
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 19

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 20, 1956
Page 19
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4-Alg«na He.) Upper tot Mdlne* Tuesday, November 2*0, 1956 Tidbits From Evelyn Why is If some one is always digging uO "facts" which spoil long traditions? Tho latest is j report that Cinderalla's slipper vvas not of glass. Research has found the story was a primitive nature myth. Cinderella was the dawn, the wicked stepmother a tbnnder cloud, and the prince was the sun breaking through and routing the cloud. Phooey! How much more, charming is the prince story, his search for the tiny footed charmer—the "They Lived Happily Ever After" ending. Then one version has it the slipper was gold instead of glass. Well, that wouldn't destroy the tale, but a slipper of "fur" spoils the dainty touch, So as far as I am concerned, the slipper was glass and I'll cling to my childish illusions. * * * I note in Harlan Miller's column he is a stamp collector, among other things. Guess I'll send him the three which were on a recent post card from Sherman and Estelle Little of San Rafael, Calif., who are spending five weeks abroad. The card came from Barcelona and pictures a business'"'street—very lovely with broad, streets on each side with beautiful trees and grass in 'a Center strip—sort of a park and 1 am sure I can see benches and people. How lovely it would be in our cities, but I suppose v/e couldn't, possibly contribute so much ground. Here it would be considered waste. • • • Velma Hagg and 1 long ago decided the weatherman overhears my plans and then sends along bad weather to deter me. So often we have had plans to do things and along conies rain or snow. Such was the case Thursday, so I stayed at home and thought not too. well of the day. November 15 — snow, the first of the-season. All of ye who live in a sunnier clime take note! It maybe the last snow Hazel Lusby will see for .a year at least. She is leaving -Nov. 28 for California to spend six months with her daughter Marguerite. She has rented her apartment to Mr and Mrs George Johnson who will move in December 1. It seems a little low down for one of the "Three Musketeers" to pull freight and leave Lizzie and me, here to face the winter. The sporting thing for Hazel to do would be ..tuck us in her luggage. , , -' * . * • While Mrs Clark Orion was in San Francisco, Calif., during-the sickness of her late mother, Mrs May Harte, she Was visited by Ernest Fosnaugh, .former resident here who, knew Merna's sons Webb in particular. He took Merna to meet his wife and tc see his home. He has a lovely olace, a charming wife, and works -as foreman in a canning factory. * * « Lydift Donovan and her Hille granddaughter, Jacqueline Wittern, called on me the blher afternoon. Jackie is a tiny little girl for her three years, a dainty strawberry blonde. To see her now in perfect health, bright eyes, a reafly smile and plenty of activity, one thinks a little prayer of thankfulness that present day medical science was able to save her from a very rare disease. I don't remember the name but she was at University hospital at Iowa City many weeks and has made a complete recovery. * * • The R.M.A. card party suffered in attendance Wednesday evening. There was so much going on it left too few to make the party really successful, but those who attended had a nice time. 1 am sure the school must have drawn many. A class play is always well attended. Well, I attended by, what shall I call it? Proxy? The proxy was a bonnet which belonged to my grand mother and worn by her back in around 1905. • • • Some day I am going io have Lepta Geigel stop by and see tht phiiadendrort she gave me a few years ago on my birthday. 11 has put forth yards and yards of leaves and has two long streamers which are festooned around •< large mirror. It is quite effective. The reflection malces it seem twice it's already good -proportions. There's an idea for you holisewiVeS who have vines. • * • Rex Post had a logical answer for. me the other day. I called to him and said, "Come here, Rex, I have something' f6r you." As he approached me. I said, "Can you guess what I have for you?" "Something", he answered. Not a question, a statement.. He came -^ with the right , answer all right. In case your curiosity getf •the better of you, it was a sucker he had given me some time ago and which I wns told to accept in order to teach him the arl "of('cheerful giving. What is thai about bread being cast and returning? Which of course in this case was not exactly bread. - » , • « The Ted Herbsts have a happy Thanksgiving,to look forward to. Not only are they having guests, (hey hope to .be,moving into their new home. . Wl-jat a thrill a new home would be. » * •' Women are always on the alert for-,new ideas; inexpensive ones. J saw*f;our huifipty-dump_ty dolls the other day. Doll pillows I should. call them, for they are shaped'like an egg, the upper Science Shrinks Piles New Way Without Surgery Find* Healing Substance That Doe* Both— Relieves Pain—Shrink* Hemorrhoids New Y»rk, N. V. (Special) — For the first time science has found a new healing ivith the astonishing ability to shrink hemorrhoids an A to relieve pain-without surgery. In case after case, while gently relieving pntn, actual reduction (shrinkage) took place. Most anio7in(f of all-results were «• thorough that suffererg mad* astonishing statements like "Piles have ceased to be a ptobleinl" The secret is a new healing substance (Bio-Dyne*) —discovery of • world-famous research institute, This substance is now available in suppository pr ot'ntni«nt form under the nnrtfe Preparation ft.* At your druggist. Money back guarantee. ; *Bfi. u. a. PIL on. part made of itfuslin and features embroidered" thereon, the body of fjrlftt, arms and legs of print find muslin hands and feet. The face' and ' body are stuffed with sponge rubber and the hands and feot slightly stuffed with cotton. Children love them. * • * Mr and Mr* Perry Byam have been visited by friends from abroad. They are Mr and Mr^ Neal Kimm and children Judj arid Jed, who came from London, England. Mr Kimm recently completed 3M: years al the American embassy in Berlin and m> years as first secretary of the American embassy in London. For the next year or two Mr Kimm will be at Washington, D. C where he will take up his duties under Secretary John Fostei Dulles and Herbert Hoover Jr After that he will be assigned tc another European diplomatic post. Mrs Byam v.sited Mr and Mr? Kimm in London last summer while on a tour with her par ents. * « • One frequently hears of husbands who are locked out and awaited for grimly by angry wives after the normal hour 01 arrival home has been passed. And here I might ask, what is the hour considered proper by wives? Maybe 1 have taken my views from the funny papers. Anyhow, it's usually the man who is the late "stayer-outer." In this case it was a woman. She got into a little game, no, not a gambling game-Hus! friendly 500—and the hour wasn't too late around midnight. She had cautioned her husband not to lock the front door and he amicably agreed. The back door was not accessible because of a cement job just outside. But habit is a great force, and when the husband retired, he locked the front door as usual A long ringing of the door bell, shouts and thumpings failed to arouse the sleeping spouse, so wife yelled to an apartmenl dweller, calling her by name repeatedly. The wife was just on the verge of going to friends and phoning home to be let in wher the idea occurred to her, if the door bell didn't arouse anyone, the phone wouldn't either. As a last resort she went around to an outside stairway, mounted the steps with some heat, for after all, it was disgusting to be in such predicament. Luckily the hall door was unlocked and she gained her bedroom, tired but triumphant. To add to the story, in the morning the woman in the apartment said, "I dreamed you were calling me." The husband had even less than that to say. * * * This story is about the man who got locked out. Under hi? wife's window he called loudly "Wife, wife." Since it was r neighbor, summer time and'his voice carried well, I said to him the next day, ''Why do you cal' "wife, wife" when you get lock ed out?" His reply was logical "So that folks will know I hnv< a. right to get into the house." 1 guess he has something there and no one could accuse the wom- f.n of unwifely conduct shouk' she be seen letting a man into the house in the wee small hour: -assuming the neighbors would be peeping. * * * Some more news of 1924 , which might be of interest—back ' in November of that year. Mi and Mrs J. O. Paxson on trip through the east. William Dai married Hertha Schroeder 01 Swea City. Church of the Nazerene purchased Stacy property on east McGregor street Lorris Bartlett and Lottie Sprick married in Portland township LuVerne High Homecoming Draws A lie Attendance LuVern«M«A large attendance was reported at the 4th Annual Homecomihg of . the LuverlSe School 1894 to 195iat the seftdfl auditoriuni Saturday eveftijji| Nov. 10. ' - 'fi' Master of ceremonies MafVin Miner introduced Supt. B. Ei Maf J tin who gave' the-Welcome. The LuVerne Marching Band under direction of Mrs William LittleJohn gave a program. * The basketball game of the evening was the girls team of Aurora high school, which is coached by LeRoy Miller, Elmer Layman, captain of Algona High school football team died. Nikol Maxwell and Isola Parsons married at Blue Earth. Forty candidates initiated in K. C. order. (I beg four pardon-. .These events took place in October 1 ) Will give you November news later. G raduate of the'LuVerne High chool. Aurora won 68 to 58. At the half time 6f the game a physical education derhbf^tra- tion wjfts given 'by, high school bo^s Uhder direction of Claire Champine. Recognition of graduates of LuVerne"high school were 1 : Oeo. Thompson^ Ledyard, Class ol 1904; PhU Lichty, Cora Hof Ross, Humboldt arid Verna Mason Thompson, Lcdyard; Ray Stone, Class 19Q8r!eta Chambers Hof, Class of 1913; Harry Lichty, Class of -1M4;Milo> Miller, Class of-1915f.j Twelve members of 195p clafes wei'e present. They were Kenneth Stripling, Bill Boftnstetter. Vera Hanselman, Eldon Reddel, t)on Baker, Larry Henderson, Lmda ; Sorensen, Suzanne Harper, Jerry Patterson, Monte Oxley, LeRoy Weber and Richard Krause. Alumni of LuVerne high Wh« came from farthest distaftls was Harold LieHty, Blackfoot, Idahd, and Class of 4993. ' . *• '* ' • •• ' Mr and Mrs Gilbert Rowert, Faith Ann and Larry of Garner attended Homecoming 6f Lu- Veffte; High Saturday evening. Born in Hamilton County hospital in Webster City Wfcdftea- daft Nov. 7, a son to Mr and Mrs Lorert Appenzeller of WilHaffl's". their first child. ' NMied Ma*k Duafte. Mrs Appenzeller is'the former Meredith JEngel, daughter of Mr and Mrs Walter Engei Mrs Dennis Carroll and Mff John Voss, Jr. attended a Kossulh County Meeting In Algona f6f Farm Bureau Women Moriddy. The guest speaker 'Was Mr Don Potter, special Educational fiiret- tor of Kossuth County Sch&ok His tdpic was "What is being dofie for the exceptional child in ov& schools?" SUnday guests in the home 6f Mr and Mrs Donald Morrisa and childreri were his parents, Mr and Mrs G; E. Morriss of Scrantofl arid brother Keith Morriss and tWo daughters of Omaha, Neb. Mr and Mrs Gottlieb Hanselman and their houseguests, Mr and Mrs Chris Sdiaper of Mar- Shftlltown Visited' /Monday if, Fairmont, Mifthy with Mrs JoSe,- jphlne Wiel, sjster of Mrs 'Hansel- rfVan, The Schapers returned to their home Tuesday morning. belmer Voss, Iowa IState feol- lege and his friend, Mafgy Afu Jergensen of Eagle Grove Were weekend guests in the parental, Mr and Mrs John Voss; St.. Kdffie. . Mr and Mrs Alleh Blake and family had as weekend feuiists theif parents, Mr ahd MrjfOfal Blake of MarshalltdVfl and Mr ahd.Mrs Harold Langbehtt of Green Mountain. Mr and Mrs E. B.Thomas were Sdfldltf' viSltfirs with Mt and Mfs James Durrteil living 7 m :fiti«. ' ' Ji ' ' '' '' . • guests iii the Mf ; aftd Mrs Geoi-ge A. Eggleston were jtheir djmihters the misses Bedlah and fiorjif Eggleston of ''fees Molries. pn Sunday they visited Iii Marquiette, wjth their son ahd Brother, the Alden fegglestoh family. '.,. " "Keith Luther of Omaha visited his cousin Bryce A. Wickett and family Saturday and enjoyed some hunting. Weekend visitors in the Mr and Mrs Bryce A. Wickett home were her mother, M>s Doris Kimzey* her brother, lathes Kimzey, niete, Jeafife Kimz*y q! Milo and her lister, Mr antt'Mrs Charles M"c* Pherson and family of IndianoJd. r Mr and Mrs John Ramus, visited Sunday eveftiftf ift the Mt Md ,MrS Harfy Flferning hoftie at CdN with. •'•'•... £ * • • Listen To RIGA 1 ..-•?' ': j f ? V- pi? I <.;"•' 1600 ON YOU* DIAL EviryDay At 11:59 a.m. For A M«tsag« )' r. - •-*•-. f . .<•? From *^ IPtlWP Pellewlng Alflona N«wt At UtSS a.m. YOUR MILK CHICKS WITH LCD DAIRY SWPLMENTS With good, bright alfalfa or clover hay, feed a mixture of 60Q pounds ground ear corn, 300 pogndt ground o«tt, and 100 pound} FELCO DAIRY SUPPLEMENT. - • If you have rnediym quality hay.fe^da "rnhcmade of '600 pound} ground ear com, 200 pound* ground oats, and 200 pounds FELCO DAIRY SUPPLE* ' With poor hay, corn fodder, or corn silage, feed a mixture of 5&0 pounds of ground ear corn, 200 pounds ground oats, and 300 pounds FELCO DAIRY SUPPLEMENT, FELCO DAIRY SUPPLEMENT is designed to furnish the proteins, minerals and vitamins usually lacking in hay and grains. Stop in this week. Get the lowdown on FELCO DAIRY SUPPLEMENT. Try it. You'll see the difference in youi next milk or cream check. 'V* Tin ftratfi Il*»«tor. Bo4e. &eep*r*t*v* Elevator Co- Swea, City. ~ -- Burt Cooperative Elevator. Burt. West Bend Elevator Co., West Bend. ffnion. ALGONA HOUSEWIVES I JUST LOOK, LOOK AT THIS I I •-. i •'-.'.• ; .•' , . ' ' • ••'«.. I FOR MONTH OF NOVEMBER ONLY Sun-Aire FREE TRIAL Clothes Dryer '/wy//yys/y///r///s//M^^ FORGET ALL THIS "TORTURE" "Why trudge out to a clothelina in nasty/ bitter weather ... to hang up a biftket of wet clothes . . . and io wipe off rusty wires ... WHEN YOU CAN MERELY TOSS THEM INTO A SUN-AIRE AUTOMATIC CLOTHES DRYER'.'. . and read a magazine while your clothes are drying! it's a "SUN-AIRE!" The New 1957 Model - Completely Automatic — Shuts Off Automatically — Turns Clothes Out Fluffy-Dry i N o Money Down Small Payments ON MONTHIY GAS BILL TOTAL PRICE OF NEW 1957 SUN-AIRE GAS CLOTHES DRYER 18995 Try Out a "SUN-AIRE" Automatic Gas Clothes Dryer RIGHT IN YOUR OWN HOME I There is no obligation whatsoever on your part . . . this Special 30-Day Trial Offer of the Sun-Aire Automatic Gas Clothes Dryer is just as it says . . ; just call us and we will bring a new 1957 model dryer right to 'your home and set it up for you to use for thirty days — FREEI We are hopeful, of course, that at the end of 30 days you will not want to part with this marvelous laundry "assistant" — and it is SO EASY to own! BUT — if not, we .will remove the Sun-Aire Dryer and it has not cost you a penny to dry your clothes this automatic easy way for the thirty day period! AND LOOK AT THIS!!!! Just For Trying Out This Clothes Dryer WE GIVE YOU FREE This beautiful VIRGIN WOOL BLANKET YES! Your eyes *r« lell^ng you right. Just for trying out the SUN-AIRE Automatic Gas Clothes Dryer in your home lor .30 day» — WE WIW, GIVE YOU — ABSOLUTELY FREE —ORC, of tbife gSFifus 'Tvtt>o'< iriigin wool blankets — * blanket thai sells in the best stores everywhere for $24-35! Call us — tell u s you'll make the 30-day FREE Trial Offer — and when we bring the Dryfr to your home, w e'll also bring the 30-day FREE Trial Offer — —'yours as a gift fioro'usl " '!..'••.• North Central Public Service Co. Phone H12 YOUR GAS COMPANY Phpne

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