The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on December 1, 1971 · Page 1
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 1

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 1, 1971
Page 1
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WHAT to reocf A NKW GOLF ctwnw In a brand new planed ttwununily in taking (tape ***! of th* Itrarot The vtew above U of tb* Nb. S »«*n, war ibe Varw- Slate Park property. UUf MUi Ve«f No, 23« The family daily paper of Brazorb County [SAMPLE COPY THE BRAZOSPORT FACTS r eta Me ml* r Wednwdajv, December I,1971, Freeporl, Texas Daily 10 Cent* Courf told: no budget, no payroll BvJIMHAKNETT ...... . .. .^^ ™ if ByJIMHAKNUTT County Judge Alton C, Arnold Tuwiay mid a UiMrjti c«orl that Brawls Caunty will be unable |« pay its Mils or m «*t )u Otcemtar payroll if legal fjrw«*dJnR» prevent Tax Atwtwr- lollwier H. A, Thwna* from collKrtjnu tome (ax rrvtiiue (his i ; KVTM KI.WM u apllfr uw4 lo deu-ribe Man-* (Ml, her altitude t«*t4nJ We <ti*J her worts in • tbr JufiW St : Si«> I' <«*••<% »«-<J.» 4M < Arnold, Brworia County'* thief adminUtrative officer fur 17 y*iir*, was the ftrM will*** called TwrwJay to tewify in an in junction (wiring that four Isnjr u*pay w * )„,[*• will block mr* Ui* valuations and D»e Ootwiy'* w* »f«-fjdmg plan Th* procw<lti»K wa» m|Uc*ji*i by Perry McNcrill, J P and Hrtty Jlrj'in, *nd Aw <Jiw*<-ke ** pan of 4 tax nun Tt* group «*ii th« CfJtnmtM»WMt» (iiurt |>e (wrvrWMl ffotti ttdolXiUR the i«ri* valuation* and a w v | Sky and Sea . t'ounly r*wrl to il* l«o valuations «« in being heard »/y vUillng Dl«rlc« Judge John Compum of Houston, Coni|X«n (old The Pacu Tuesday that btcau»e McNeill and the otheri are aiktng a ruling (hat would require a OUtrict Court to tupervlM an action of Commfwioner* Court, much more ID involved in (be cue, •"nii* pmcvfiitnn will move into the qu«(ion of a DUlrici Court'* •upervl«Ki of a Cornrniiikm«» Court ll'» a liule more than a hearing on an injunction." Cotnpton ndid llraiwia Counly'i C<Nnmi»tion«n Coun adopted new tax valuation* and an » » millKwi 1972 tjudne! la« Wedm-wiay dekpiK? a rwaraining order Usued two day» before preventing that atlJon TJial oriiw wa» u*ut*J try Dutnct Jud^e Tltorna* .StctviiJ) of HoiM<tt> S<ovajr* restraining order MH a hearini; on the thsui; for Tuwwiay Monday, J I J liryan, one of the defendant* and a Krecport attorney, filed a document that asks Compton to find the four County Commissioner* m contempt of court. Named arc Pet. 1 Comr Dixie IJrown, f'ct. 2 Comr. John Gayle Jr., Pet. 3 Comr. Henry Jordan and Pet. ^ Comr. Joe Brigance. Judge Arnold voted against adoption of the budget and recorded no vote in the adoption of the new valuations. He is not named in Bryan's r«|w« for mnlfmpt aclifm Judge Compton mu«l Tuesday a command to each commissioner to »hov, i-iiuse *h> he should not I* held in contempt of thcStovall reslraininsordcT. A hearing on this issue has been set for 9 am. Friday. While new tax values and the 1972 budget have been adopted, m official action was taken by Commissioners Court on a new- tax rate. A total rate of »t (6 f*r $ Ifw valuation is recommended in the budget "Hie fjreviouA rait- was a total of SI.35. 'Continuedon Page I5> t •f M«»MI.V « I lit dV *iitj ^ K • I » 5 s? .! j t>»i 1'iv.JittUi:*;! t>J ,.•; rjio >> {*•« tTt-4 w*lij «j i' I*" 1 '• <^* tc-e-F^M Af*4 I V * W |» «•» (tafjal I*t«'» I t W> 4 f« -»!*.> W M> f> «1 A S)*fv Wf,SU«ii> »! ', U Hof L/ne Sweeny decor contest rules are announced «,<J rul«> for Ih* annual O«riM»i«» ).;xli ? a- r,() HaJI, nod anyone may «!t»-r l'i>rttci(unU in tii<- o««f5rf tna> have «j) ow «tilr> and that mu?.! tw viwMr ffotn »». ,4rt^t at nlghl A.iy M-,U> pf «-%-K)uilv .>* ^rtJoi a *iw it r»j! ciii iUon •* 1 t)»u! a« w wail fxiTi C«fnmit!t-c i v !/j ftufcf fatal darittorn •*! jucii nttnet ^ing »slj ukr t *l*op on tkv it a-, i yj j, m Ail !;J ».«• rt-iMrjwl In i p m tin l*xr li i/r. K! rai hand crafl«l ion |jx>k xi !hal U)f IN T»iu hij;* TV HOT USt* pevi>ir> j ifl to-rn >U>tfti£» «< vcOMD in Ibr WlstUk. ». 4 H<Mt]«n • twtrt It/or dn mr^s a, (he K«t<J«:!iai cjt<-t;«r> cnc/ i!i<-ui(ic«r4txi<i«jr *t<;« -*iwfc»». Santa irfijl ar«3 tluot *wi<e winciow ar^S ouuWjr Utr A in-* dntjjor. tht» >c*r in 0>ir r«,idm!;AJ ri!t^c,r> «» t>w! of '«VK»« ovriiii t> ; . 15 .'.i!.4» (Vo>r J'teU»> o! thrw- -inning mtnn >Hlr !*V.nv «r>a 4.<>f.j4>«j i! UK- Ch4mr.^t erf Commerce fw IJi «iiJ U- 4 piaqur- »wari!<»j to !)•<• o,' thf ever. dmwtm f'nrra m tb^ oih« cAlt-jxirKn viiH t* li Jjd Man charged in one -slaying 1.1,IS <A|*>-Ol(i(*r» in lino (it V&JSKKi t««d di«Knr-cd » iiui! T>>i-\ iLiiri u .u / n ,. , t A^ (>• 1^*1 t* w^wwirirw * »^uif iii*r> wjo oc4'h « Miu, (fOm^lc^ 3V nh f<«and tody Krtr. *r,<J S. L Pousson: Are they atxwe taw? Cifur.i) Shmtf C '.tit- siull found n !*« tx»J<f Wbittir wat *ccu»r<J of mwrxiff »«th rraiKf tn the thuaittif fi-ot ; <J AiSHI had liocn sd«5!jftr<l i» that cV «V^k-tr WilviBi 13. erf Alvm Hcf »kclc!on «4t locjted KrxU) *i bumm tearcbrd foe addjtuirj! rvidcnct u> the ol Mtw, Abo jljin «rrc Linda Ka>c Suthrriin. *bo d«Mip(«-Jirwl Nov 3 Her body •*•»> fcurxl fcyr djy-s b!« in a ditrh bc«<J* a rural road in Hr*juiru S}>c had killed with a v«.r-, ^ i ujn tVMt Ifir.o-lg f *0 |tt>tn*T.S ft thf f,r-m VI IM Cr4tM/«* frwn Cm cimutt. <vh.o «*> ln;r.(! m »t IN 1 tirrw c^ her NEW DOUBLE MURDER FOUND TVANS I \T\ A I'-' A f '»u* tti) itK-ov«nl the wcorei thvat4r miariln ricw Tf v,»» i it> m 1*0 »rvi» rj.rt\ tcxiav IVSiir »«» iaiirr..«,«! ! .-. j tMrjd iruci, lirm-r »tw> tuJd tncm fir «f«Miwl Ihr t»:4*r» oi !•*,/ >wi*-.s mro ;»(«;<!! two mile-* . Aci,«man. both ISye^rold f«pil» 21 full High SchcuJ in <>alvn4on The bodies «<-rt found ,\ov IT m Turner's lUyau near Texas Cit\ with lurxfa and fe<-t fcwurtd They had U-en tntiiing a day Each »A» shot in the hcJd mth a HejCfc !« tf .-wnxl A n-o Sri! !!w U'Jnr U»-». irt ilvrj rriu<< i4wt4». IhnJ. (K«l tfarj at* aJ».«i- ihr U* jo;) <ml> tlsr filld- jijjn £•*•« In ftil *Us»i> (hr (m*pir (4 (ri-,» »>»ii4() ifnaui.1 sai.r 4 rlotrr k*4i to MV sf arijthum t» fpwif on iiiwirr the utitc tike i»ir **» found twj»r ("«irnp N<f» J Meotjjatnrry C«int> Shctiff G«>c Hr»vr» tj«5 Whittle fjilH A lie tfc-t<vtof tr»t llr » A* held tsmUv m a parked car s Uir <^}srT m a (huh »Un* » fr« l^hir«l tlx- vrtvidc lloih hid tirtrt »iw<( tn !hr head C«(|»C«>T» r*»imi!«-i! the (V-ad turn urrf in thnr 2i» The) did r»t «ifr4ifj rilhrr ortp (uvjtudj it oner The UJ)wtg» »Turr«sj *» officcn of two count in prrnod an <«>n4igjt»o«iritfA(i-<a!'if><-\(T, murder* »mcf lavt June tn thi* fc»mo (tnsrta! vu'tni'.v .iriurvt IkniMiMi and iialvratc.!^ All the rthrt victim» urro The nude body of Brrtxia June-,. H. vkis found floating face ikiwn m Cialveiton Bay in June She had bwn missing alxnjt a day and had been Mrangled, officers said Officw from all over the two-county are* who conferred Monday agreed that «\ly the Contain and \Vil»on ' deaths were relalt-d Railroads disagree on cause of wreck HOKU) AM) aTATK ,^^* "wnwu A->U aiATr. d) BHIEFS \r i! m |, mc r (hti, hat! 'all nr» Thrsw «h,it o, |p" or l," but r Hie S U Angli-lon IIOtSTUV *AI's Offu-iali at two railroad* (*\c coo dieting testimony Tucida) about what rautfd an (VI 19 train wrrvk and etpltwion which killed one man and in|ur«d 46 more Jamrt H Kittgcrald. auUtanl grtirral in.irujjcr of $ een and Heard H, Tlu-l'AU. .StMIXSof Chile, visit nij} with Uketr duuglncr. MAItliAHKT hl.MD Ht'lWO. exueit* to U- there alwul two Ht.SSO. (he ((.!•,( ucvk in (U-.iumiMit. where Margaret is a student nurw at llaptut Hobpilal ami her husboiid ailcndk l.amur I'nisrrnly Ilinr iiurriAge louk place Nov. U We CJKNK ZWAIIH, I'SMC. and lus Marine buddy. Pfc. Illl. I. SMITH of Austria, veiling m the K. K. XWAIIK twine in Frceport during tla- Thankagiving holidays They arc stationed ut MvmphU, UWK COSUV of Surfsldc. a paticm in Kuijjcr Hot pitttl at Hallctuvillc andicnoduiod for turgery thU weekend, lie IIKI.KN 1'HIIIOIM. daughter of Xlr and Mrs KUOIK . I'HIHUDA of Danburv. and a frx'sJunau at Alvm Junior College. rvcvivinjt excellent ratings in &|)e«ch coinpeiilion at the San Jacinto College Invitational fournamciu OKMSE I'KLTIKH. daughter of Mr. and Mrs W. U J'ELTIKK uf Danbury, and I.INUA MAKSHALI.. daughter of Mr and Mr* jot: MAKSHALL of Liverpool. attending the statewide upeech festival at Soutlm>»! Tcjias Slate Univertity at Sail Marco* Both are freshman tludeou at Alvin Junior C^legc. . . the Santa Ke, cm whow tr»ck> the accuiefil oocuru-d blatoevl the cra'ih im 'impart withm the Ham" Thi» ctwlii h-ivr Uvn cauMxl. hr *-i«l bv iuddcn braking C>rrald HuUmann. ^eiu-ral managrr "( MIMOUII I'avific which wa» <>r«-ralit\t! tlw train IMU| the .ircidenl "J> the renult <rf track iiuitiii^' out ^ Itiw as live train pavM-d over it "We believe there was in sufficient support (or UH- track while j crew was inslalhnx A t«'u switch.' lldl.'Hiann viiii Listening MAILOV Words are inadequutc to express my gratitude to those having a part in convincing me that God has the last word in every situation "HOW BEAUTIFUL UPON THE MOUNTAINS AKE THE FEET OF HIM WHO BRINGS GOOD TIDINGS. WHO PUBLISHES PEACE, WHO BRINGS GOOD TIDINGS OF GOOD, WHO PUBLISHES SALVATION, WHO SAYS TO Z10N, 'YOUR GOD REIGNS.'" - Isaiah 52:7 (R.S.V.) *i t* WXSIHNtiTMN Prtaider.t Nuiiii w.u>.u> to nuke sure that the I'niicd Statis and majw \ScsiiTii alii«-» are moving in .lie Mine (iitHTal direvlion on new international <V\vl»(inuiiiii tx'fore Uvivii\g uti his Moscow and Peking (tips ;uvordmg lo Henry A KisMjigor. the President's srcuril) affairs ItilMK The finance mmiMvnt i>( Krance aixl SVrst licniuiiv repurted today t)iat tlu> I nitt\t States and its major trading partners—the Group of Ten - are moving cluM*r to a settteiuei,! of the international monetary crisis WASIUNUTDN—The Nixon administration has been accused of playing politics, with the While House Conference on Aging by using it as a forum lo announce a "headline-clogging" crackdown on substandard nursing twines SAIGON - North Vietnamese forces renewed heavy attacks along the Cambodian Army's northeast trout today and the Prmom Pent) government called for more American and South Vietnamese air suppivt to save 20.000 of its troops tsloated in pocicts along more than JO miles of Highway 6 HA1.TIMORK. Md A federal judge's rulings have cleared the way for the cV'Icn&e to open its case m the bribery-conspiracy trial of Hep John Dowdy. D-Tex KUI.SBlKt;. Tc». ~ The judge m the trial of Charles V Harrelson has refused I4f rant the ddense a mistrial after a prosecution witness mention another offense allegedly commuted by Harrelson SHOPPING PAYS TO CHRISTMAS READ OUR ADS Budget-busting items are cut from tax bill and Senate oan/erct-s have chopped from the Lai bill JI2 billion worth </. lax-relief amendtnenti thai cativcd a priAidi.-nlial veto threat. Ui! Lbe conlerw-s apparently ire at «Jds crvw a profuton to finance pre»idcntiai cam paigns luth ((.-dc-ral imcone Uxcs Trimmed from the bill Tuesday »t-rc what J'ri-s)<k'nt NIXOTJ cjll«l • amendments" pn/Mding for<"i m p«Tx«ial income Un dwJuc tiora and Ui rrcdils for ghetto Ui»ir*iMrs and for par«-ri!j> who pick up the tabs for Ihtr.r chjldrx-ns' college education Ttw-iv. piui th«- campaign financing pbn>. caui«tl tin- White HouKr to announce .Monday that Nixon ur*M re>ect the legislaUcm 11 u reached him with them in it Tbt- only ma)or itetn that rwnairii lo be 3gre«l on by the conferee*. who resume today, is j con- l plan allowing m- lo earraark $1 of their income Sax for prt^itcientia! campaign* The money would go to all fwrUi-i. but U i> wK a* tiadh needed by the Ht-publicans who rt-pccU-d!y ha:c u 540 million Mirpluii ai b\ I/K' Democrats * ho arc said to be Sources sai<i one possible change 'Aooltl niaki.- it harder for nunonl) partitt to share in the (maocing One main objection to the plan LS Iliat it rnjgh! aid the formatjor) fA splinter par!:« Tte ongma! {^/-billion bill, part of Nixon's r,<r* ecutsntnic program, -*as pa^,M.-d b> the H'JUM- in a •. er^irxi reportedly acceptable !o the President Hut Senate DornocraU addtd UK- lax relief and campaign provisions that the While said ballooned the bill •A.I) (Ait of proportion. Dropped by the conference •At/re provisions to increase personal exemptions next year from $750 to $#V). increase the low-income allowance this year from SV«y> to $1,300. allow credits for the cost of higher rduca:ion and provide a credit for rea! estate taxes paid fay the elderlv BP High coach * moved from post Democrats on the com mittce apparvnll) «ant to retain lhis> There wa* talk, howt-ier. of some- modifications '.hat could escape Nixun s veto Yule tree lighting set at Sweeny SHKK.NV The public is united to the annual Christmas tree lighting cvrvrnony to U- la-Id at the downtown Cii> Park Thursday at 6 30 p in Klt-tchcr Daili-y Jr Cits Bcautificaiiun chairman ami t»"*h »'loct«i pn-Mdont of thv Chamber at Coninurcf will deliver Uie pnnci(>al addr^s The invocation and benediction will be offered b> Father Orlando of the .Su<vn\ Catholic Church ami Hubert SantiUT of the .Na/arent- Oiurch Band numbers m kevpmg with the Christmas season w ill be preseiutd by one of the jumor lugh groups, directed by Anna Ruth Mickey The hand concert will begin at 6 pin Choir numbers will be presented by choral groups directed b> Nina Kennedy and Mrs Napoleon Higjjins Climaxing the ceretnony, Uie decorated Christmas tree in the park will be lighted. Tl>e Sweeny Civic Club, annual ^jonsorsof the ceremony, lias made candy canes to decorate the park and have further enhanced the park with a manger scene and poinsettias. The club has also donated a casli prize to be used by the City Beautificaiion Committee in its annual Christmas decoration coutest. JOHN I'LAT/.KK Sp«t» Kdilor Jans. A'eldon. head (<wthaU caach a! Brazosport Hig^, Sch^ioi, been reliev f-d of ali coaching duties and reassigned as a full-time teacher effective today ac- cortjjjig So Superintendent of Schi«jl< Kenneth Wilson Weldon, head coach at Hraiosport M.TCO !WJ. has a run tract '*ith the RrazospcT! Independent Sclxiol District through tht- end of the 1^72-73 school year Thf Kxporters have ruid tuo succcisive l-V yean, in football "This comes as a tremendous >urprise to mi- and my coaching ,'-!aff ' U'oldon told T)'<c KacLi t-arl> this morning "I air, disappointed in '.hat we »en- looking tu the future arxi think that the program has impruvt-d greuliy 'The participation m the program has improved and gne» great promise for the futun- Two sears ago we had onlj (wo returning Icttermen ami this past year we had II lettermen with only six seniors. We -Aill luse over 22 returning lettermen next year " Weldon said tliat he was given his choice of requesting the change in assignnu'nts but that "1 jusi want to be honest I think that is belter m the long run "Tin- thing that 1 am most disappointed about is that 1 wasn't given the opportunity (o m«H wi'.h »he kids on the team " U'eldtrt sa;d. ""f1ie> are directly involved in this and they should h~.-.e been the first to know " Wilson's statement read in iota I "Effective Dee. 1. 1971 Mr. Jack Weldon. head football coach at Brazosport High ik-hoo!. will be relieved of all coaching duties and reassigned as a full-time teacher for the remaining period of his contract with the Brazosporl Independent School District "Mr. Weldon s contract expires at the end of the 1972- T school vear " JAfKWKLIKJX Symphony selects familiar music ' Kaimliantv " will be the key word tu describe the music selected to IK- played fur resident* of Brawna Comity and the bi.uo^rt area when , he Houston Symphony performs 8 15 n' ' ' "' ' " w>txjrt "'*" Schuoi auditorium ai --UI of the pieces programmed will be readily recugiiized bv most 01 those it, attendance us symphonic luusic thev have km Tlie orchestra has attempted to select music that in no way pJavsdown to the out-of-Houston audience, but music that at the wnie tune is interesting and enthralling There will be a fully symphony, the very familiar. "Symphony Ktom the New \\orld" by Dvorak and containing the %Iow movement which ha* bcvn sub-tuled "Coin' Home* an overture to "Russian and Ludmtlla"; an orchestral fantasy w the professor Harold Hill, and which has bwo seea on television in, and m the Brazusport Musical Theater 'IV price uf admission is » 50 for adults; $1 for chjldj«« aod

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